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3/14/11 6:46 A

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I can empathize with all of you, but I also feel a bit better about how many tricks I've found to cook for one. I was an only child and have been single for a long time. I wouldn't know what to do to feed more than 4 people at one time! One thing I do big time is divide prepared food into containers that will hold one serving each. I do this BEFORE I sit down to eat. Same thing with anything I eat at a restaurant. I ask for the doggie bag immediately and remove the extra food from my plate so I'm not tempted to continue munching.

I haven't seen people here mention using a microwave. I almost never purchase frozen or canned veggies. Fresh is better and contains way less salt. When asparagus is on sale, I put one serving worth in a small glass dish, sprinkle a little granulated bullion or maybe lemon, then cover and zap it in the microwave. I find the microwave revives the freshness in food when it's leftovers. I always can buy one carrot, one bunch of green onions, a handful of brussels sprouts or several mushrooms and prepare them the same way.

I often buy a rotisserie chicken because I can get 4 or 5 different meals from it. It's scrumptious plain (reheated leg and wing along with a veggie and small salad). I slice the breast and make sandwiches. There are these new kind of bread that are much thinner than regular bread, but stand up to a sandwich without crumbling. If I don't have one of those, I'll often make a open-faced sandwich, top it off with a sprinkle of cheddar shredded, and zap it in the microwave.

Another quick way to make meat taste a little different is to use a fat-free salad dressing and dip the bite of chicken in it before getting it in your mouth. Finally, at the end of the chicken's life, I clean off the carcas and make chicken salad. That night I usually put it on top of a small salad and I'm set. I try to skimp on the low fat mayo and include things like raisins and sliced nuts in it.

Since I have a hard time keeping enough leafy greens and fruit in my diet (before it spoils), I have decided to have one small salad per day. I have lots of things to throw in - sliced almonds, green onions, tomato, maybe some shredded carrot. That's the only way I can eat an entire package of pre-cut mixed lettuce before it goes bad. Works the same if I just buy one head of red leaf lettuce. I have one shelf in my refrigerator door that has about 10 different dipping sauces or salad dressings that all taste different and are fat free.

Sometimes I miss having a real cooked meal from a recipe. Recently I cooked up a multi portion of chicken stew and acorn squash and apple soup. I froze them all in one-serving containers. I date them and name them so I don't forget what they are. I've yet to see how well this last strategy works. These things sometimes taste bland to me because I haven't learned how to doctor things up with whatever spice or herb it needs.

A big thing I've discovered is control of portion sizes. I expect some of you were aghast at dividing one of those small rotisserie chickens into 4 or 5 meals. I have the perfect small-sized bowls for a small salad. Found out when a friend of mine said she eats a salad, she means a very large container -- way more than I could eat in one sitting.

I've always meant to try making my own small pizza. There are several types of prepared dough I can buy, then put whatever I want as toppings, and cook it up. I used to buy the frozen single-serving pizzas. Yum Yum but WAY TOO MUCH calories for me.

Hope this helps.


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3/11/11 2:39 A

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3/8/11 8:37 P

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First, emoticon ! I totally understand your frustration. I recently gave up frozen dinners and am trying to do less processed foods and I'm single. And, it's kind of weird to cook for one, especially since I don't really like to freeze non-meats.

So, there is a thread in the Ideas forum, called Meal ideas. These are necessarily recipes but quick meal ideas for one or two. That's the other thing. It doesn't all have to be "scratch." Meats can be cooked and frozen and paired with frozen veggies or salad. Don't forget about breakfast (last night's dinner for me was a home made egg mcmuffin). Basically, I'm learning to think non-traditional. Also, check out the Recipe forum and the team links (look to the right below the scrolling list) and you'll find a link to the team cookbook. Most recipes are for 4 or less servings.

Good luck!

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3/8/11 3:51 P

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Welcome. I am a non-cooker typically and am starting again. I look for quick and very easy. I was surprised to find Spark recipe "No Effort Italian chicken" (the easiest) & both my man & I liked it a lot. We too have different taste. I would also suggest "Crock Pot Corn Chowder", " Roasted Red Potato Casserole", "Stromboli" (taste just like pizza but better) and "5 Bean Salad" (super easy, healthy and good). I have done some other super easy crock pot recipes too.



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3/8/11 2:23 P

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Welcome to the team!

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3/8/11 10:36 A

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I understand the frustration of trying to cook for just one or two. It would be a lot easier if we could buy food in smaller portions. One thing to try is separating out things like meat and poultry into smaller portions and freezing them for use later. Fresh veggies are one of my worst struggles. I love them but sometimes there's just too much leftover. They don't always do well when warmed up again.

I will make things that I know I can eat over and over again in the same week instead of a new meal each night. That way I don't have a lot of food begging to be eaten before it goes bad.

My store has a section in fresh produce that has pre-cut veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, etc., that one can buy for salads and stir fry but I always wonder how long they've been sitting there and who's been touching them.

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3/8/11 9:57 A

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Welcome! emoticon

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3/8/11 1:28 A

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Welcome aboard!

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3/8/11 12:41 A

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emoticon emoticon

well you've come to the right place. you've joined a great team who are here to help you in your health journey.

everyones chemistry is different. people who can eat anything and not gain weight have no concept of what we go through. so try this,

first throw out all the junk food in your house.

then Use the food tracker. input everything that goes into your mouth. stay within your calorie range. watch portion size, keep healthy snacks on hand. apple, celery, etc. exercise. you must burn more calories than you eat.

exercising is key. I hope this helps.


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3/8/11 12:36 A

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I'm sure you'll find recipes and the support you need on the site. Good luck and happy cooking.

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3/8/11 12:11 A

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Briefly looking through COT( Cooking for One or Two) I did not see any one with my handicap, bing of the mail gender.
I'm from Iowa
Born in I raised in MO then moved back to IA
I'm married 36 years with 2 kids twin girls now in there early 30 & 1 grandchild
No pets not that I don't like them I do
Hobbies one was woodworking but not after we moved into a one bedroom apartment, then I took up cooking as a hobby but every thing I like to cook feeds a bunch. Now I like it when we don't have leftovers I ether over eat or waist food my wife does not tend to like them.
I have been a Sparkly for 1 1/2 weeks now
I cook for 2 my wife is disabled cooking falls on me
How can the team help me, I am learning to cook for 2 or some times 1 X 2 my wife does not always like what I like and I'm kinda a little soured on cooking right now. and getting tired of frozen pizza.
I don't have the same Hobbes as I did in the past, I do like studying the Bible and small hobbies I can do in a small apartment

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