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2/24/11 11:24 A

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1) I'm training for my first ever half marathon (5/1/2011)1
2) I have an irrational (clinical!) phobia of clowns and elaborately costumed things.
3) I've lost over 35 pounds on Spark People!
4) I knit.
5) My favorite meal at the moment is chicken tikka masala with garlic naan and basmati rice (but it's so so unhealthy!).
6) I've moved 5 times since the summer of 2008 for work.
7) I am a carbaholic. Ice cream, Nutella, and freshly-baked cookies are my guiltiest pleasures!
8) I am dying to buy a puppy, but unfortunately I can't because it's against my apartment lease terms.
9) Both my boyfriend and I are Engineers, so we have possibly the dorkiest apartment you'll ever find.
10) I'm a Jewish Puerto Rican... I'd love to meet another! Haha.

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2/19/11 4:27 P

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1. I've been running on and off for 5 years now. The off being every winter, but this year I kept at it!
2. I'm training for my first Half-Marathon in April and tomorrow will be my first 10 mile run :)
3. I'm attend college, but I am still unsure what for, depends on what college I can afford after community college :)
4. I work full-time and take night classes.
5. I love running, hiking, and road trips.
6. I'm almost 22 years old.
7. I have a great boy-friend, who is my biggest supporter.
8. I'm an avid reader. All sorts from Sci-Fi to Romance to Horror.
9. I love to eat, so I run a lot. ;)
10.I miss running outside and can't wait for spring, although I do brave the cold as long as it's above 20 degrees out. Brr! Nice hot shower after!

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2/17/11 6:42 A

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1) I am planning on running a marathon this September
2) my favorite race distance in a half M.
3) I enjoy the peace of a run in the morning with the sun coming up
4) cold weather runs are more enjoyable than warm weather runs
5) I am a cross trainer
6) I did a sprint Tri a few years back and love it
7) I competed and won a few powerlifting competitions
8) I love Sparkpeople
9) I chose to be happy
10) My family is very important to me

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2/16/11 10:19 A

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1) My main goal is to run more 5 k's.
2) Running is my main cardio
3) I like the team cocept and believe in its power.
4) I was in the USMC - ran a lot there
5) Married for 22 years
6) Family of 3 plus one dog
7) I love my new balance shoes for running, but may try saucony (my wifes favorite)
8) I like to run with music can can go without it when neccesary
9) Spark has been great for me.
10) I like to run inside on the treadmill and outside also.

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2/15/11 9:22 A

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1.) Starting running in 2009 and stopped at the end of that year with recurring injuries.
2.) Started running again in 2010 but changed my gait and have kept running since.
3.) I'm really a lazy person, perfectly happy to sit on my butt at the computer all day.
4.) Training my dog to run with me. Some days he's good and others, well, he is a dog.
5.) Been married 5.5 years (together for 9) to my best friend/coach who runs marathons.
6.) Even if I don't have my mp3 player, there is always music playing in my head when I run. And most every other time as well.
7.) I'm an Army wife! Hooah!
8.) I'm training to walk the Bataan Death March (light division) at the end of March.
9.) The hubs and I bought road bikes last year and want to train up to a sprint triathlon.
10.) My farthest running distance so far is a 10K.


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2/13/11 5:32 P

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1) new to marathons,
2) training for my first full marathon in Sept. 2011
3) Planning on doing 1/2 marathon in May 2011
4) Currently running 30+ miles a week, on 17 week training program on week 8
5) Long run is now 11+ miles
6) Start actual training 1-Jan 2011 (I'm real rookie at this)
7) Old guy 50+, family kid all that stuff.
8) Goal for Marathon .. Finish! 2nd goal under 4hrs.
9) Currently do all my running on treadmill (real wimp when it comes to cold weather)
10) Hardest part of the training learn how to eat more.

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2/11/11 9:24 A

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1)Have 3 kids,youngest is 7 and she has a Pony Named Foxylady.
2)Im 42 and have lost 35 pounds since joining SP
3)My ex-husband Greg is the love of my life Again!
4)I starting running Jan 1st 2011 and really want to do the Sun Run!
5)Would love to do a HM but for now just a Volunteer at the Whistler Half Marathon
6)I live in Ladner B.C. Canada
7)Going back to school to be a Social Worker
8)I love my Step Classes at the Gym
9)Not a passionate runner but its exercise I can do at anytime I Choose
10)Love going on Bike Rides on the Gulf Islands with Greggie.

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2/10/11 5:52 P

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1.I am 27
2. Its hard to motivate myself to run
3. I was in the military for 5 years
4. Ive lived in Japan
5. My dog Bella is awesome
6. Someday I would like to be married
7. Food is an addiction for me
8. I enjoy being alone
9. I would love to be more social
10. I am not sure about Texas (Thats where I currently live)

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2/9/11 2:16 P

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10 things about me
1. I will be turning 40 this summer (July)
2. I am registered to run first marathon this spring (Abbotsford, BC, May 29)
3. I started running in the spring of 2009
4. I married my best friend on September 4th, 2010
5. I hate starting a run but once I find my groove I just love it
6. I want to be a motivational/inspiration speaker when I "grow up"
7. I am an animal lover, I have 2 cats, a dog and a hedgehog...if there was room I would have more.
8. I participated in the Northern Alberta 5 Peaks Trail Running Series in 2010 and got a 2nd and 3rd place finish in my category.
9. I prefer to run at night
10. I will run the Boston marathon before I turn 50.

On May 29th I will participate in my first Full Marathon!

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2/1/11 3:32 P

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1) 55 (soon)
2) Been running on and off since 1970
3) Best Race RI marathon in 2:58 (Nov. 1986)
4) I do not look like a runner - 5' 10" -210lbs - 175 when I ran marathon
5) Most fun event Hood to Coast Relay - every should find 12 friends and do this once or 6 times
6) Joined Sparks peolpe to help me lose 40 pounds need/want to be under 175
7) with 2 seconds per mile time saved I altimately want to be able to do a sub 18 5K
8) Now for real important stuff - Married 29 years and counting
9) three great kids 23, 20, and 15
10) favorite time to run - 80 degree and raining hard

"I can feel the wind go by when I run. It feels good. It feels fast."

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2/1/11 12:19 P

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1.I live in the Northeast and love it.
2.I am a major Boston sports fan, especially the Red Sox.
3. After not running since high school and college (about ten years ago) I did C25k, ran a few 5ks and then fell off the wagon and am back again.
4. I have a degree in history and love it but am back to school for medical coding.
5. I knit and crochet.
6. I love to travel.
7. I love to shop but only if I am finding bargains.
8. I love wine.
9. I love to read but never have time.
10. I have run for office and lost. Am burned out from politics but am looking for charities to volunteer for. Giving back to the community is important to me.

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1/30/11 5:07 A

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1-I love running even though I've only done it for a year
2-I did my first 5k last year in 33 mins
3-I have signed up for a 10k and a half marathon this year
4-My ultimate goal in life is to run a full marathon
5-I'm from the UK
6-I teach
7-My students think I'm mad for running
8-I think they're mad for not running
9-I love purple
10-And Sushi...mmmm sushi

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1/25/11 2:38 P

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1. I've been running off and on for over a decade.
2. I came in dead last in the first 5K I ran!
3. A rest of my life goal is to run 2 half's a year. Did Philly last fall & looking at the Iron Girl in Clearwater for April.
4. I've done RAGBRAI (bike ride across Iowa) for 8 years now and took both my sons with on the last one.
5. I'm a computer geek.
6. I'm the heaviest I've been in 15 years. :( Perimenopause sucks!!
7. But a trip to Florida in 11 weeks is great motivation!
8. I love meeting new people.
9. My favorite color is red. Like it so much that I went from a blonde to a red head.
10. I have two cats Maggie and Asher.


I am a runner because I run. Not because I run fast. Not because I run far. I am a runner because I say I am. And no one can tell me I'm not. ~ John "The Penguin" Bingham

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1/23/11 6:37 P

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1. 25, healthiest ive ever been.
2. started running april 2010
3. did 2 5ks last year
4. training for a half that I thought I wouldnt do until next year.
5. like my treadmill in front of the tv
6. prefer running outside
7. wish my dogs could run with me
8. dont like to run with music
9. love panera bread
10. need chocolate daily

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1/23/11 8:49 A

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1. I live in NC.
2. I grew up in Eastern Canada.
3. I am married with 2 boys.
4. I have completed 3 full marathons, last being 12/2009-Kiawah.
5. I LOVE to eat.
6. I really like wine.
7. I work in healthcare.
8. I love to laugh, mostly at myself and my vivid imagination.
9. I love campfires.
10. I really like the word fruition. So, hopefully, it will happen with all of your help:)

1/21/11 12:46 A

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1. newbie runner
2. live in NC
3. attorney
4. bellydancer
5. amature healthy cook (specialize in vegan meals)
6. favorite color is purple
7. favorite scent is lavendar
8. grey's anatomy addict
9. always have something apple on my person (raw apple, apple sauce, apple juice)
10. needs the consistent support of a group to meet my fitness goals

anyone else in NC? or running a race n NC this year?

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1/20/11 9:50 A

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1. I signed up for spark over a year ago & never followed through.. rediscovered it 12/27/10 WOW! It's great
2. Divorced mother of a 12 yr old daughter & 11 yr old son
3. Recently laid off, looking for employment
4. Ran for the first time in my life 2/10 5K
5. Hooked on running now to clear my mind - it gives me peace & serenity
6. Live in sunny So Florida so I can run outside anytime!
7. I run with my 4yr old Brittney Spaniel Radar
8. Can't run without my shuffle
9. I'm a native Floridian
10. I enjoy all outdoor, watersports :-D

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1/19/11 9:05 P

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1. I discovered Sparkpeople in March of last year, and this is my second real attempt to make it happen.
2. I'm from the Northeast.
3. I love dogs.
4. I don't like living in the city (which I do now).
5. My room mate does not do a very good job of helping me keep my goals.
6. I teach music.
7. I hate when things are left on and there is no one using them (i.e. lights, TV, radio, etc)
8. I definitely prefer red wine over white.
9. I am teaching myself guitar.
10. I am a Gleek.

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1/19/11 7:48 A

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1. Started really running last Feb, and completed my first 10K and my first half marathon in 2010.
2. I have a crazy work schedule
3. I love to cook
4. I'm 36, live-in BF of 6 years, no kids, no pets
5. I'm super organized
6. Have lived in NJ all my life, but I'm not the typical Jersey Girl
7. I'm a Behavior Analyst, surely I can start to manage my own behavior right? (sort of like giving yourself a haircut)
8. I'm allergic to nuts
9. I have asthma
10. I'm interested in voluntary simplicity, its an ongoing process to find the right balance.


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1/18/11 10:04 P

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1. Married almost 3 years
2. Born in the Phillippines
3. Raised in Texas
4. Did my first, second and third 5k in Oct, Nov and Dec of last year
5. Dreading my high school t-minus 9 months!!!!!! Go Class 2001 ~
6. One day I want to be a Christian Novelist
7. I have an awful, awful diet soda addiction
8. I've been to 26 states (back when gas was an awesome $1/gallon)
9. Audrey Hepburn is my favorite all-time actress
10. I'm currently doing a Masters of Public Health-Certificate at U of Florida

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1/18/11 12:42 P

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How fun :)

1. I have a boxer named Pumpkin
2. I have a 3.5 year old son
3. I'm an attorney for a public interest organization
4. I'm from Seattle
5. I have lived in WA, OR, MA, FL and CA (I like the coasts apparently lol)
6. I used to run 2 3k's per month. It has been about 8 years since I ran competitively
7. I love Hello Kitty
8. My favorite TV show is the First 48
9. I once got an alligator in my pool in a house I rented in FL near the Everglades National Park
10. I have 70 pounds to lose


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1/15/11 1:02 P

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What a great idea. I really enjoyed reading them.

1. Have a boxer named Nottingham
2. Born and raised in Texas, moved away 14 years ago
3. Started running 4 years ago (when I was much thinner and I really miss it!)
4. 48 years old and started college last year
5. love photography
6. have traveled extensively throughout the US and several countries
7. Loves Ben and Jerry Crunchy Monkey ice cream
8. See above hence the gaining weight
9. Once get on a roll =-= becomes a gym rat
10. Addicted to True Blood


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1/15/11 11:24 A

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fun idea! i love reading these.
1)I have a 4 year old son
2)work part-time, grad school full-time to get my masters in public accounting
3)will be attempting the CPA exam this year (yikes)
4)ran cross country in high school, then quit running, and started up again when I was about 22
5)I am a competitive treadmill runner. At the gym, i always have "races" with the people around me (unbeknownst to them, i hope)
6)would like to do some 5ks and maybe a 10k this year for motivation
7)am hoping to have another kid this year or next
8)i love running with my greyhound-lab mix Jasmine (she is the perfect dog! love her)
9)once when I was running with jasmine, I thought about how cool it would be to start a running-with-your-dog group, and get together to run with people and their dogs. At that very moment, I tripped over my dog and totally fell in the street. I have never done that before or since in the 6 years I have run with her, but it killed that idea for me :)
10)i am hoping to find some people in the milwaukee are that run so I can get more motivated!

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1/14/11 5:37 A

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1. I work full time and do grad school part time
2. My favorite running partner is my almost 2 year old standard poodle.
3. I always run road in either Nike Frees or Vibram Fivefingers (Inov-8s for trail)
4. I'm Canadian living in the US.
5. I stress fractured my leg 15km into a 50km race and finished the race
6. My favorite distance is the half marathon
7. I was a competitive rower in high school and college
8. Running always makes me want to eat better.
9. My husband runs ultramarathons regularly
10. I hope to get back to 50k ultras again.

Doing 12 races in 2012

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1/14/11 2:32 A

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1. I haven't been on Sparkpeople since2009
2. I lost 20 pounds in 2009
3. I love the way I feel after a run
4. I forget #3 and inconsistent runner
5. My first race was Bloomsday (10K) in Spokane WA
6. Have done Bloomsday every year for 23 years
7. Married to an active athletic guy who doesn't like to run
8. Have one son and daughter, also athletic, also don't like to run
9. Every year my goal is to do a half marathon and it's my goal again this year 10. Maintained my weight in 2010 but want to lose 30 lbs this year

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1/13/11 10:44 P

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1. Canadian
2. Married with 3 grown children - boy and girl twins
and a younger boy
3. Grandma of two beautiful boys 2 yrs. and 13 days old
4. Hubby is a runner :)
5. Love the Biggest Loser
6. Quit smoking last October
7. Don't care for phoneys or cliques
8. Feel free when I run
9. Am an RN
10.Family comes before anything else in life

Santa Shuffle 5k Dec. 4/10
Around the Bay Road Race 5k Mar. 27/11
Bayshore Race 10k Aug. 28/11
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1/10/11 6:30 P

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1. Love to run
2. Devoted STEELER FAN
3. Love to relax
4. Never ran a race
5. I am a twin
6. Love to laugh
7. Quiet, silent type
8. Miss my pasta
9. Nothing like retail therapy, love to shop
10. favorite quote, "JUST DO IT."

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1/9/11 11:15 A

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1. I want to complete a marathon- I have tried previously but injuries get in the way
2.I have a dog, named Niko
3. I am a history buff.
4. I love the Boston Red Sox, Gators and Bucs.
5. I have a wonderful family
6. I love running and enjoy doing it outdoors
7. I enjoy watching baseball, football, and hockey.
8. I hate eating healthy.
9. I enjoy shopping and will reward myself with new clothes when I meet my goal
10. I love riding atvs

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1/7/11 11:33 A

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Hi All!
I've enjoyed reading the posted introductions.
Here are my ten facts/opinions:
1) 40 is an age I only see in my rear view mirror
2) I really don't like to run!
3) ... but I run anyway because 40 is an age I only see in my rear view mirror!
4) I am a wife and mom but appreciate doing things outside of these roles
5) One of the things I do only for myself is run (with really loud angry music playing on my mp3 player -- I mean really loud -- people practically put their hands over their ears as I go by).
6) I'm pretty sure my hearing is going (see above).
7) I started running in college and it has been one of the few constants in my life.
8) As an Air Force brat, then an Air Force officer and then married to Air Force, I have more plastic bins to store things than anyone has a right to possess.
9) I ran my first 36-hour long distance relay race last year (Ragnar DC) and although we were supposed to have 12 people on our team, we wound up with only 8 and everyone had to run at least one extra leg.
10) How I felt on my last unexpected leg of the Ragnar DC relay race (NOT good) is what is forcing me to train for my next relay race (April 29/30) especially hard. I don't want to feel that poorly again!

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Goal Weight - 119 lbs

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1/5/11 3:37 P

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10. I will celebrate 8 years of marriage this coming July
9. I'm a mom of two
8. I live in Florida
7. I enjoy food and trying new things.
6. I completed a 3 part race series last August called the Tour De Pain (4mi run, 5K, 1mi all in 24 hrs)
5. Nov '10 completed my second 1/2 marathon
4. Wants to be a faster runner
3. I want the experience of living outside of Florida
2. I have to run with gum
1. I'm lacking motivation to run lately.

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12/31/10 7:25 P

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1) My name is Jacqui.
2) I am 19 years old.
3) I am in my 2nd year of university, studying mathematics.
4) I want to become an actuary.
5) I have an 8 month old Weimaraner, who is my life.
6) I used to be an avid runner, but haven't ran consistently in a very long time, so I am technically just beginning again.
7) I plan to run my first 10K in May (I've only ever ran 5K's before).
8) I'm really bad at thinking of things to share about myself...
9) I was a varsity cheerleader all through high school, and team captain my junior and senior year.
10) I was on the crew team of my university last year, which I loved, but it was starting to negatively affect my academic performance so I decided to quit.

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Upcoming Events:
May 7, 2011 - 10K Salmon Run

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12/31/10 10:11 A

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1) I recently completed my first Ironman
2) I have been running since 1999 and tri-ing since 2001
3) In highschool I was on the cross country team and finished last in all of my races
4) I was also on the swim team and definitely have more natural talent in the water
5) I'm a carb-oholic and use my excersize habit to justify my carb habit. I think something has to give though.
6) I work as an environmental engineer and work life balance can often be difficult for me.
7) My 2011 goals include a half ironman and half marathon personal best
8) 4 years ago, I lost a good amount of weight on weightwatchers, but gained it back.
9) I have a wonderful husband and a cat. We hope to start a family sometime in 1-2 years from now.
10) My proudest accomplishments are my masters degree and my ironman.

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12/29/10 8:11 P

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1) I was a tennis player in high school and college.
2) My first-ever experience with running that didn't involve the lines of the tennis court was in college. I took a class called "Health Related Fitness" and my mid-term was a 5K and my final was a 10K.
3) I've been a "runner" since October 2006 when I ran my first 5K since college.
4) I love to cook, dream about traveling, and read.
5) I'm planning a 3 week trip to Germany and Austria for my 40th birthday (in 2012).
6) I wish I had a running partner (other than my husband).
7) I have started training twice for a marathon and never been able to actually run one.
8) My family moved into a new house a couple of months ago after we got an offer to "swap" houses...we bought theirs and they bought ours! It was the deal of a lifetime!
9) My husband and I surprised our kids with a trip to Disneyworld last July. We are going back (no surprise this time) in June.
10) I would like to be able to run consistently at a pace under 10 minutes per mile.

Do the Work! No Excuses!


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12/28/10 9:41 A

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I'm Roxanne and here are my 10:

1)I began running in January 2010 following the C25K Program.
2)I ran my first 5K race in March 2010 - 2 days before turning 53.
3)I have two grown children and 1 grandchild.
4)I own a company that runs drama and enrichment camps each summer in Southern California
5)Hubby and I are full time RV'ers since May 2009 and LOVE it!
6)My walking and sometimes running partner is a furry sheepdog/wolfhound mix named Hamlet.
7)I have struggled with being overweight/obese most of my life and I am now 4 pounds away from not being obese!
8)I never thought I would be planning a race calendar for myself!
9)I ran 3 5K's in 3 weeks Nov/Dec 2010!
10)I love winter!

Full-time Rv'er - Currently in Arkansas

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12/28/10 2:19 A

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1. I am the Director of a nonprofit that provides shelter and housing to homeless women. I have worked for this agency for over 7 years and have worked in the nonprofit sector for 19 years.

2. I am a foster for a dog rescue and have had up to seven dogs in my house at one time.

3. I trained for a triathalon in 2009 but could not swim confidently enough to go to the race. Instead, I participated in a 5K, 10K and half marathon.

4. Bicycling is a passion of mine. I rode my bicycle down the Oregon coast twice--once as a solo trip--and camped along the way.

5. My most memorable fitness day was running 14 miles and bicycling 14 miles. I felt like an athlete.

6. In fall of 2009, I decided to get a Nonprofit Management Certificate in night classes while working full-time. My life had no balance, and exercise was put on the shelf.

7. I am super-excited to return to running, and look forward to hearing others' tips and success stories.

8. My goal is to run a half marathon in September 2011, then work my endurance up to run a marathon.

9. I love goats. Since I live in the city and cannot keep a herd, my three dogs are named Goat, Capralina ("Little Goat" in Italian) and Yagi ("Goat" in Japanese).

10. Reading and making quilts are two of my favorite sit-still-and-be-present activities.

12/26/10 9:22 P

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1.) I ran the SpringMaid half marathon in 1999 in 1:46, the Myrtle Beach in 2010 in 2:11:37 and I'm registered for the MB marathon but may not get to run it due to injury :(

2.) I'm a horse lover. I have ridden gaited horses my whole life - and still do!

3.) I play hammered dulcimer and "some" fiddle. I play mostly for fun, but I've produced three CDs, play for weddings, dinners, and teach at camps. I give lessons and love sharing what I do.

4.) I love olive oil, garlic, basil and red wine - I think I was supposed to be born in Italy.

5.) I love doing anything outside: walking, jogging, hiking, horseback riding, even yard work is stimulating to me! I like getting all sweaty and dirty and then basking in that tired, but satisfied feeling that comes afterward...

6.) I was a vegetarian for 15 years. I now eat chicken and fish, but I have never eaten a steak.

7.) I won three bench press trophies in 2000-2002 in a small local contest and my nickname was "China"!

8.) I have a masters degree in structural engineering - go figure.

9.) I study and sing a cappella Appalachian ballads. I go to the "sources" in western NC - older generation ballad singers and sit at their feet... then carry the treasure to those that might never hear it....

10.) I've held the same job (college instructor) for 24+ years. I love teaching.

Edited by: RUNNINGGRRL at: 12/27/2010 (07:20)
"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." ~ Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965)

"The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it". ~ Michelangelo (1475 - 1564)
CB350GIRL's Photo CB350GIRL Posts: 114
12/14/10 9:05 P

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10 things about me

1) I live in Virginia
2) I have completed the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in VA Beach twice.
3) My current pace is about a 15 minute mile (so I'm not quite at a run yet, but I bounce while moving and I count that!)
4) One of my long term goals is to be able to run a 10 minute mile over 3 miles so I can run with our local group and not slow them down.
5) I have 1 husband, 1 daughter and 1 cat :)
6) If you would have told me in HS I would be doing this I would have laughed and said you had the wrong person.
7) My first and current running goal is 276 miles.
8) I have completed through mile 15 and expect this to take 92 days
9) As of this morning, the coldest temperature I have jogged in is 16 degrees.
10) I love to cook and eat good food and think,for this reason, running is a good hobby to cultivate


Love is a self renewing energy source!

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12/13/10 5:53 P

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Hi! here are my ten...
1. I'm 28, female, single, busy
2. I'm an attorney
3. I recently applied to the US Army JAG Corps.
4. I just started running in August, 2010.
5. I ran my first 5k this past Saturday, and I am running another one 1/1/11 at 00:00 hrs., great way to start the new year.
6. I'm training for my first half marathon in March 2011, fundraiser for NYRR's Team for KIDS...
7. I really enjoyed reading these introductions...all of you are great motivators!
8. I've lost quite a bit of weight (45 lbs) using sparkpeople, and even though I have a long way to go, I've learned so much, and have a completely different (and healthier) lifestyle today!
9. I'm looking for suggestions on how to still run effectively in the cold...all help is greatly appreciated.
10. I just joined this team today...I have the feeling it was a good idea!

 Pounds lost: 40.4 
AIMLESS07's Photo AIMLESS07 SparkPoints: (22,886)
Fitness Minutes: (32,244)
Posts: 747
12/12/10 2:35 P

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I'm Amy

1. 3 years ago I couldn't run a mile and htanks to the Couch to 5K and the local running club, I completed a half marathon last Feburary and my first marathon last week.

2. I teach elementary gym and have an after school running club with over 100 kids involved.

3. I am married to cop/triathlete/runner and my 2 children are Kenny and Abe, my precious cocker spaniels.

4. I don't want to have children.

5. I love my job most of the time.

6. Sitting on my hiney watching TV is my favorite thing to do.

7. I hope to retire to Colorado one day. I have family up there and I love the healthier/outdoor lifestyle that I see there.

8. I never underestimate my students. Eight brave kiddos did the 4 mile cross country race from hell yesterday and I oculdn't have been more proud.

9. I don't deal well with whiners and criers and I can't stand lack of effort and excuses.

10. I feel blessed by God for spouse, family, and job. Sometimes I wonder why I deserve it.

Amy "Aims "

Momma to Houston and Kenny the cocker spaniels.

Wife to Jay, the police officer.

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12/12/10 12:08 P

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1.My name is Sarah
2.Joined this team so I won't forget that getting back to running is one of my goals-not quite ready yet
3.I ran a few 5k's in the past 10 yrs. & love the feeling of running
4.I love films from sophisticated to slapstick
5.I want to go snowshoe-ing for my birthday in 2 months
6.I want to travel to India just for the food!!
7.I love my cat
8.I love to travel
9.As a kid my friends & I used to race each other all the time doing sprints
10.I stopped running when I hit puberty :(

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12/11/10 4:23 P

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I'm Lisa. I've been running for years, but I've been away from SP for 2.5 years. I just wanted to reintroduce myself.

1. I'm turning 40 in Feb.
2. I'm training for a half marathon I signed up for in Ft. Myers in March.
3. I live in Chicago.
4. I love animals of all kind. Really any living being - bugs, spiders, etc.
5. I have a great boyfriend.
6. I have a great sense of humor.
7. I'm unemployed right now. :-(
8. I'm at the gym right now on the computers hoping noone's reading over my shoulder.
9. I love strength training.
10. I recently gained like 20+ pounds and need to lose it.

CW: 126.4
CBF: All the scale tells me is: FAT
Current workout: Weights & Running
Mini Goal 1: Stop eating after 7 pm
Mini Goal 2: Lose 5 pounds by 2/15/2014
MIni Goal 3: Lose 10 pounds by 3/15/2014
Mini Goal 4: Firm up

 current weight: 124.6 
12/6/10 12:50 P

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Im Tiffany and these are my 10 things!!

1- I just started running yesterday (12-5-10)
2- Im married
3- Im 26
4- I have 2 kiddos (5 and 1)
5- My husband just joined the army and leaves for basic in April
6- I lost 70lbs in 2009
7- Im a SAHM
8- I want to become a personal trainer
9- I LOVE fitness!!
10- I want to complete some kind of marathon type run

 current weight: 148.0 
12/2/10 9:18 A

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Hi, I'm Kelly and here are my ten things:
1. I joined this team yesterday and have learned a lot from the message boards!
2. I used to run track (sprints) in high school (10 yrs ago).
3. I've recently taken up running in addition to ST and cardio and LOVE IT.
4. Accountant
5. In a long term relationship with BF.
6. Have both BS and MS.
7. Currently remodeling my house.
8. Became a landlord at 24.
9. Ran my first race Thanksgiving 2010 (4-miler charity run).
10. Started my training for a HM in March 2011!

Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit.
- Vince Lombardi

Most men stop when they begin to tire.
Good men go until they think they are going to collapse.
But the very best know the mind tires before the body and push themselves further and further, beyond all limits.
Only when their limits are shattered can the attainable be reached.
- Mark Mysnyk

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11/10/10 9:03 P

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Hi, Iím Bill and here are ten things about me:
1. I am married to a wonderful woman, have a grown son (and grandson) and a preteen daughter.
2. I have been running for over twenty years.
3. I have completed five marathons including the Equinox in Fairbanks, Alaska and the Wild West in Lone Pine, CA.
4. I have completed over a dozen triathlons.
5. A foot injury (Mortonís neuroma) made running difficult, I cut way back and gained lots of weight.
6. My return to running is recent and is a planned combination of running and walking Ė so far.
7. I am Chair of a large business department at a west coast university.
8. Running and painting are my hobbies.
9. At one time, my bike was worth more than my car.
10. Any day I can get outside and have a run is a good day.

 Pounds lost: 5.2 
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11/9/10 10:29 A

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Hi I'm Sarah.
1. I'm a single mom to a beautiful soon to be 6 yo girl.
2. I've also got a very demanding career which takes much of my time and energy.
3. I'm also a Type A personality so I'm very much involved with fundraising for my daughter's school which takes up even more time and energy. But this makes me happy.
4. I love my daughter more than life itself and want to set a great example by leading a healthy and happy lifestyle.
5. I also love food, eating, cooking, baking, and just everything about food.
6. I ran 2 marathons in my mid 20's, before baby, before understanding how to live a balanced healthy lifestyle. I believe I can improve that time now if I ran another one.
7. I love races. I love seeing the people cheer you on. I love the camaraderie. I love the groupd of people who get together for the love of running.
8. I don't sometimes love running, but I always LOVE the euphoria after I've ran.
9. My time has greatly improved in my mid 30's, my stamina, energy, all so much better than when I was 25. I'm proof life begins at 30!
10. I wish my joints didn't hurt so bad after long runs...

 Pounds lost: 32.0 
11/8/10 4:32 P

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1. I am a vet student, it pretty much defines me.
2. I have a love/hate relationship with running.
3. I registered for my first marathon in February of next year.
4. I can't wait to be able to take my puppy running with me.
6. I also have a shopping problem.
7. Reading and baking keeps me sane.
8. If I don't have "me time" and escape vet school for a little while I really will go nuts.
9. I am constantly looking for motivation, be it blogs, books, or just people I know.
10. I love meeting people and talking to people with goals like mine.

2011 Zooma Austin Half
2011 Tyler Rose Marathon

2011 Austin Marathon - 4:44:53!
2010 Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot 8 miler - 1:11:51
Blue Bell 10K - 53:09
2010 Armadillo Dash Half

 current weight: 149.2 
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11/5/10 1:59 P

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1-My past doesn't predict my future
2-Some days I struggle to stay positive
3-Some days I don't want to exercise but do
4-I learned to cook healthy and love cooking now
5-Ran my first half marathon in May and ran two since
6-Puts family first
7-Set time aside for me
8-Try to respect others perspective even if I don't share the same thoughts
9-Enjoy running outside and hate the treadmill
10-I love me which took awhile to get here

- - - - - - - -
2007-quit smoking
2008-started exercising but wasn't committed
2009-made working out a habit
2010-learned to cook healthy
2011-on a destroy saddlebags mission!
- - - - - - - -
I ran four half marathons and my best time is 2hr 9min.
- - - - - - - -
CALLUNA11's Photo CALLUNA11 Posts: 3
11/4/10 9:16 P

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Hi! I'm Heather and...

1. I'm nearing 32
2. I live in Milwaukee
3. I am happily single and child-free
4. I have an amazing dog and 2 cats
5. I am vegetarian
6. I hate to cook, but make myself do it anyway
7. I love to run & have done 2 HMs. My first Full will be in May 2011 (Bring on the Pig!).
8. I love to hike, do yoga, and generally stay active.
9. I knit
10. I love (LOVE) Indian food.

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11/2/10 10:56 A

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Hi, my name is Adrienne
1. I am 33
2. I'm married and I have 3 kids.
3. I have an AAS in culinary arts and a BA in English
4. My favorite things are cooking, reading, running, travel, movies, and spending time with family and friends.
5. I've lived in 4 states.
6. I've done 6 half marathons and several smaller races too.
7. I want to run a full marathon when my kids are a little bit older.
8. I work part time at a local gym.
9. I teach cooking classes and I love it.
10. I'm a people person. I love to hang out with my girlfriends.

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11/1/10 10:14 A

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Hi! My name is Jen and here are 10 things about me

1. I spent 14 years in the Marines
2. My children are the best part of me
3. I love to bake, but I don't eat sweets
4. I sew, alot, I have more fabric than I do clothes :)
5. I have been married 17 years
6. I am 5 feet tall
7.I am afraid of flying
8. I love music, any kind. I rarely watch tv because my Ipod is always on. the music can set my pace for the whole day
9. I started running by accident. I started off walking and one day I realized I wanted to go faster so off I went
10. I am orginaly from Atlantic City NJ. I am a diehard Philadelphia Eagles and Phillies fan!!

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