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5/7/09 8:19 A

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Ok, here's what I've learned: Being really heavy, and doing cardio exercise, is also doing strength exercises (because you're carrying so much weight). When you begin to build muscle (or turn fat into muscle, probably what you're doing) you won't notice much on the scales, because muscle is heavy. If you're feeling it in your clothes, that's a very good thing, I wouldn't worry. When you see those numbers on the scale going up, or the clothes fitting tighter, then you might want to consider making changes. You're ok, hang in there, and if there's anything I can do to help, let me know!

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5/7/09 8:17 A

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A few things.

Welcome to the journey, sometimes it will be long and hard, and at other times it will be fun and a breeze. No matter what though, it will take time and the end result will be worth more than you can know.

As far as the weight coming off. If you are exercising a lot you could be building up muscle, which is heavier than fat. Don't worry, the muscle will help burn the fat more rapidly and as time goes on you will see it. In addition to measuring weight lost, also try measuring inches lost. If you are building muscle the scale may move slower than the inches. It will take time but with hard work the scale will continue to move down.

I also notice that you said that you have cut back on your eating. Make sure you are getting between 1600 and 2000 calories a day or your body may feel like it is starving and it will begin to store the fat. Pack your meals with a lot of lean protein and fruits and veggies and drink plenty of water while striving for 1600-2000 calories and you should have steady gains (er...loses, but gains towards your weight lose lol).

You will most likely only lose 2 pounds a week, which is normal, but by the time the wedding rolls around, the bride won't be the only breath taking woman at the party.

Do not give up. Do not get discouraged. Keep going to the you that you have always dreamed about!

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5/6/09 10:48 P

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Happy almost birthday! Don't focus so much on the numbers on the scale...there is so much going on inside your body every time you make a good decision...unfortunately, it is much easier (and more fun) to put on weight than take it off. The biggest piece of advice I have been give is that you didn't get to 300 lbs overnight, so don't expect to get to 200 that quick either. Everyone with 100lbs+ has a long journey ahead of him/her - at least a year (when you figure 2 lbs a week). Don't get so overwhelmed...EVERY decision will pay off in the long run...everytime you pick a salad instead of a big mac, when drink water instead of pop, and everytime you pass a drive thru, you will want to keep going because of how far you have come. Good luck!!!


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5/6/09 10:28 P

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I am 26 (May26) and I am a diabetic and about a month ago I reached my highest weight ever, 303lbs. My doctor told me I needed to lose at least 100lbs. I am 5'7", and I know I won't look right losing more than 100 pounds. I just want to be able to wear a size 10 and shop in Charlotte Russe. I think this will build my self esteem as well, because my love life is non existent and I am tired of seeing my friends get married and have kids. Also, I am another bridesmaid, and I don't want to look like a giant whale next summer!
I am frustrated because I have been exercising like crazy and I am only 298,3 pounds. And I have cut back on my eating. I feel it in my clothes why am I not seeing it on the scales? emoticon

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