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11/10/09 9:06 A

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The first and best thing you can do for yourself is to completely cut out fast food of any kind. This alone helped me a lot. If you eat your own prepared foods at home then you not only know exactly what your eating but also what's in it.

As far as eating healthy on a budget, it's very doable. Rely heavily on fresh salads, and inexpensive but healthy vegetables. I buy broccoli, turnips and greens, zucchini, yellow squash, sweet potatoes, onions and a lot of fruits. Just add a grilled chicken breast or a piece of baked fish to this and there you go. Also, beans are a fantastic source of protein and super cheap.

Another great tip that will help a lot is not to eat anything after dinner. Once you've had dinner, then that's it for the evening. It's hard to start but it gets easier as your stomach shrinks. If you find yourself hungry in the evening drink a big glass of water or if you have to eat something choose a piece of fruit or a small handful of nuts.

If your pressed for time during the week, make Sunday the day to cook. Roast a whole ton of vegetables and grill up some chicken for about three days worth of eating. If you prefer to be more varied in your meals, have the grilled chicken and vegetables for dinner one night, turn the veggies and chicken into a soup the next night and make it into a stir fry the third night.

A can of tuna is also a super fast easy protein if you are pressed for time.

Good luck! I wish you all the best and keep up the good work!

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11/10/09 8:37 A

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hi, thanks for the topic,it came at the right time.
I am also struggling with staying motivated. It seems as if as soon as I loose a few pounds, i get relax and i gain it all back. It is very frustrating, and now i can't seem to get back to exercising and eating right. Last week i exercised for 3days and i tracked my food intake for 4 days. I know that it is better than not exercising or traking at all, BUT, during the weekend I ate every pastry, and fast food I could find. Maybe it's not my lack of motivation, maybe I am just sabotaging myself, HELP!!, I need to get off this cycle.

i have been blessed, and it feels like i have found my way, i thank God for all i have been given, every hour of every day!

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11/10/09 6:50 A

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I do feel your pain and I understand because I myself posted one just like yours.

The good thing about sp is that even if you don't have the right stuff you can still count calories and buy one or two good stuff here and there when you can afford it.

still eat portions and count your calories, somedays like yesterday I had no more fruits and could not afford it at least not until weekend but I still logged what I had, I read the portion per serving because when I got depressed and posted like you are doing, I realize that I am still going to be gain weight weather I eat the good or bad it is all about portion or serving.

Still do your exercises, and I know its hard, just keep trying you will eventually get it together at least that what I am telling my self.


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11/10/09 2:49 A

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You need to make you a priority. Tracking your food and fitness is a part of that. The tools here do work, but you need to use them. You are worth the time and effort. Once you believe that, you will find the time to do this.

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11/9/09 10:57 P

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I need some motivation besides the obvious but, I start out for a few days logging and now this is the first time I have been on in a month. I am on such a tight budget that I feel like I can't afford to eat right but I know that even if I can get back into the habit of logging my food. I know that when I eat right I feel better and have so much energy but now I can't make myself doing anything during the week once I get off work. I know I'm not the only one that struggles with this so any suggestions would be great.

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