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5/11/11 1:09 P

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emoticon ... good for you, doing the best you can with the situation :)

I put our family on a routine for just about everything. We have 8 children (4 boy 4 girls) 23b, 19b, 18b, 17g, 15g, 12g, 10b, 8g ... DS23 just graduated college, DS19 has graduated but hasn't decided what to do yet (was talking about joining AF like his younger brother), DS18 is about to graduated high school and will go into the Air Force July 5th, DD17 decided to go back to homeschooling last year, but is back in public high school, DD15 decided to go to high school because it has a really great drama and choral department (she wants to be a high school chorus teacher when she grows up), DD12, DS10, and DD8 are homeschooled and very heavily involved in sports and 4H activities while all the children are very involved in Church activities.

So as you can imagine making those routines were my lifesavers as they will be yours as well! Meal times are just about set times, chore routines are in place, and while we are quite flexible with our days there is a rythym and routine to them no matter where we go and what we're doing.

As for the schooling ~ we were quite eclectic until I went back to school myself ... now I have a curriculum that is laid out for me that makes my life a little easier now that I don't have nearly the amount of time I did before to make lesson plans and there is little pre-preparation. I miss our totally eclectic time period but for now this is what we need. Plus I still get to be eclectic in a way cause things like art, music, religion, health, foreign language, etc are all on me. So be prepared to change as your family's needs change :)

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4/22/11 9:39 P

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emoticon to the team!


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4/20/11 11:17 A

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emoticon emoticon

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4/19/11 9:21 P

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emoticon and emoticon . I don't have winter workout issues, but I face a similar problem with our summers down here on the Mexican border. When it's 120F (~49C) out, 90F (~32C) by 7am, well I just won't be going outside to to sweat, Today's high was 90F and that is well within our norm for this time of year, if that gives you an indication (I DID walk outside today, by the way). Anyway, there is plenty that we can do inside with little to no equipment needed to purchase. A favorite of mine is to walk/jog/dance in place while watching Netflix. Since it's my "workout time" I don't feel too guilty about wasting time watching old TV shows or movies (I'm loving the BBC Robin Hood series right now, they don't even try to be historically accurate in it, with characters even wearing modern combat boots and other fun inaccuracies to spot).

Anyway, in many regards I found the routines and getting things done and all that hardest when I only had three, ages 7, 4, and 1. Now that I have 5 (14, 12, 8, 6, and 4) it is easier in many ways as everyone is at least mostly capable of self-care and my biggers are quite helpful, including making dinner once a week each (or some weeks even more often).

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4/19/11 5:29 P

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I am a Mom of four - 10(b), 5(g), 3(b), 1(b). I am 130 lbs more than I was when I got pregnant with the first. I plan to shed a whole person, but for now it is 12lbs by June 1 that I am aiming for...

My oldest goes to a Catholic school because his bio-dad refuses to allow homeschooling, but the others are, and will be homeschooled. We are eclectic in our style, and much less formal than a lot of homeschooling families we know - but our children are young...

My biggest challenge I think is routines - such as meal planning - that help eating to be less chaotic. Add to that the fact that I am an emotional eater, and I have a lot of overcome. On top of that I am in Canada, and I am not a lover of winter or winter sports - a HUGE obstacle to getting exercise for have the year. To illustrate my point it is pouring rain, REALLY windy, and 4C...

In the past I have been very subtle and private in my efforts, lest I fail, so joining this site, and getting involved in communities here is a BIG leap.

I am looking forward to getting to know people!

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