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10/29/16 10:46 A

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good advice here, I'm terrible at tracking what I eat. I hate doing it. It's hard to know what's in many of the foods we eat. Casseroles are a pain to figure. I am just lazy I guess. But I know it's the best way. It seems we eat on the run and don't have time to write it down but there are ways around that too. Thanks for the inspiration! I need to lose over 60 pounds and am overwhelmed so I have set a 10 pound goal. Just need to get started!


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10/28/16 10:47 P

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Thank you for the encouraging words. In all of my successful diets in the past I have faithfully tracked my food which includes measuring everything I put in my mouth. When I stop tracking I rapidly regain the weight. My experience with how many calories I consume each day is confusing. I do not know what the minimum number of calories I should be eating to lose weight. I hope I can find that number through this program. I don't know about others, but I actually have to experience either a physical or a psychological change in which I lose the feeling of deprivation and can stay on a lower calorie diet for a long time. In my last successful diet I was on it for 8 months and lost 45 lbs. When I got to my goal weight I felt that I could keep it off this time because I was still in the weight loss mode. However, once I started increasing my caloric intake, I lost that diet feeling and let my hunger reassert itself. I know it is suggested one can lose weight if you stay on the lower calories for 80% of the time, but my past experience tells me that won't work for me.

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10/28/16 10:24 P

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Tracking has made a big difference for me. Caution: only lower your calories if you are above your recommended calorie intake for weight loss.

I say that because I found out by tracking that I was only eating about 800 calories a day. My calorie range for weight loss is 1200-1500. Now, I always make sure that I hit the 1200. Eating less than a healthy amount caused my body to store fat and slowed my metabolism.

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10/28/16 9:34 P

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Take it slow. Exercise, track your calories. First just track what you eat for a week and see where you are in your normal calorie intake. Then lower it a bit and see what you are comfortable eating without feeling too hungry. Too hungry and you might binge eat or drop it completely. Try and make substitutions that you don't notice too much at first. A lower calories hamburger bun for two slices of bread. If you take it slow, and change things that you can do long term, you should loose the weight slowly, but be able to maintain it.

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10/28/16 8:11 P

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I have started many diets in my 68 years and many of them were successful over the short term, but like many other dieters, I always have gained back the weight and more. In the last year I tried to lose weight multiple times, but was unsuccessful. As I've gotten older, the weight does not come off like it used to. I exercise every day, but that isn't enough. I hope trying this new site will help, although the thought of losing 45 pounds is very daunting. 5 years ago I successfully lost 45 pounds, but now I'm back up heavier than ever. I know others face the same problem. I hope I'll stick with it this time.

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