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2/10/10 2:19 P

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emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Glad to have you part of our team.
Hope you enjoy all the great team members.

Hugs, Nancy, Just one of the leaders.

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2/10/10 7:57 A

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emoticon to the team and enjoy the fun and challenges.


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2/9/10 3:31 P

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My calories are around 1800 if I don't exercise and I have been able to stay within my range since July.

I agree with the others, don't worry - stressing is counterproductive.

Try the range suggested and if you go up, lower it by 100. If you go down, add 100.

You can do it!

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2/9/10 3:01 P

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keep tracking your food and walking works and since you've been so active, you'll probably miss the exercise so at least walking keeps you moving.

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2/9/10 1:04 P

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emoticon emoticon to the Team!

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2/9/10 11:49 A

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I will just say "welcome!", as you have received good advice already. I will affirm that walking is a great exercise that can rev up your heart rate, especially if you do interval walking.

--Anne from Idaho
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2/9/10 11:14 A

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emoticon and congrats on your weight loss! I would try eating at the lower end of your range while exercise restricted and walk when you can. See how that works and adjust accordingly! I also am wish you a speedy recovery! emoticon

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2/9/10 10:52 A

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Congratulations! I've been at goal for most of 39 years. Like Bberkeley says, exercise might make weight loss and maintenance easier, but it isn't necessary. When I lost my weight in 1970 on Weight Watchers, no one even talked about exercise; we did it only with calorie restriction. And we didn't count calories. WW had the Plan and we stuck to it. I found that the more I was able to enjoy food in the Plan life, the easier it was to keep weight off.

I can attest that it is possible to keep weight off primarily with calorie restriction. I have never "exercised" formally. I do, however, walk around a lot. I carry things around the house one at a time. I do my own housework. Hauling buckets and vacuums and laundry up and down steps isn't "exercise", it doesn't trim the waist and improve the hips, but it helps keep weight down. And lately I've been shovelling a lot of snow, with more to come tomorrow.

Your scale is your tool now, not your judge, and my scale has been my best friend for years. I weigh every day and adjust my day accordingly. Today I can't have bread with dinner, maybe tomorrow I can. I have wonderful menus for either scenario. I would rather obsess over recipes than weight.

Welcome to the adventure of maintenance!

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2/9/10 9:47 A

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As others have said, congratulations and welcome to maintenance.

Anecdotally I can attest to what the others have said - I started maintenance in April - but from September until yesterday I haven't been able to exercise; I have been eating "mindfully" but at top end of maintenace range (or over).

From September, through Christmas and into January, it didn't seem to matter that I wasn't exercising and that I was eating more than when I was losing - the scale did not budge. The small things - parking the car farther away, activities with my kids etc. helped - and the fact that I wasn't trying to go down.

Don't forget - higher calorie range doesn't mean all rules are off; and your break from exercise isn't a stop forever - view it as a hiatus or interruption.

(Full was a bit out of whack last two weeks and the needle did just start to budge, ... but I am back to exercise too - so I think it remains under control).

Good have come so far and accomplished so much, this is just a (tiny) bump on the road!

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2/9/10 9:42 A

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If nothing else walk walk walk and you should be able to maintain your weight-loss. Measure and weigh your portions so you aren't increasing your intake.

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2/9/10 9:05 A

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First emoticon on your weight loss.
Second, isn't it great you can get such great advice as BBerkeley's?
Third, you look fabulous!
Hope you don't worry.

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2/9/10 7:42 A

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I don't think you should worry that much. I'm a doctor who specializes in weight loss and my particular interest is maintenance. While most successful maintainers do exercise, there have been studies that have shown that you can maintain even without the exercise component. In particular, I have one patient who has maintained most of a 100 pound weight loss for almost 10 years without exercise. But, of course, you have to be tougher about food choice and calories if you don't have the exercise piece. In the National Weight Control Registry, most successful maintainers do the equivalent of walking 4 miles per day. If you can still walk, you can try to get closer to that goal. Don't be concerned about not having the weight training. I personally maintain my own weight without resistance training. My one caution would be this: right after a large weight loss, your metabolism is at its lowest ebb. NWCR data has also suggested that metabolism gets back to normal (for your new weight)more consistently in those who exercise. So do try to do something, whatever you can that is safe and does not cause further injury. Good luck!!

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2/9/10 7:39 A

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I am sure you will be able to maintain just fine. My calories are set at 1500-1900 and even when I do go over on the weekends I don't gain a pound. I work out one hour everyday combination cardio and strength. I rarely get less than 1800 calories a day and still weigh 122, so don't think that your calories are set too high. It's awesome that you're still able to exersize...that will keep you motivated and energized. Don't forget the water! Good luck and we're here for you.

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2/9/10 6:58 A

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Hello all!
I was only one pound from the goal weight my family Doctor suggested when I broke my elbow! Yikes! I went from two hours exercise, one of it really heavy every single day to just walking and my elliptical (not being able to use the arms makes it hard for my balance and on my left arm holding on). So no strength training and no heavy exercise because my elbow is not in a cast and I can't jar it and have to avoid tensing it up. So I set my goal to maintenance with no exercise (walking just isn't enough to get my heart rate up) and was shocked at the calorie setting, higher than when I was losing at 1440-1790. So immediately I am in worry mode will I start gaining the weight back not being able to do exercise that gets my heart rate up? I also have severe RA and concerns that overworking my left hand and arm will cause a flare up as its sore already doing absolutely everything and its only been a week! Glad to be here, wish I could be celebrating it with a little more gusto!!!

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