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8/16/08 1:19 P

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What keeps me motivated these days is seeing how my lifestyle changes have effected those around me. My family has made great improvements in their diets as well. Knowing that what I'm doing is setting an example for them makes me feel wonderful.


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8/16/08 4:43 A

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I also keep myself motivated by fitness challenges here and on the WW message boards. I usually don't have trouble getting my exercise in, but on the rare days, the challenges motivate me, even if I don't feel like it, it's a little extra push, and keeps me accountable to the group. I find them very helpful for me.

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8/15/08 6:05 P

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I kept myself fired up by totally throwing myself into my fitness challenges. And just seeing how much fun I can have now that I'm at a healthy place. I mean what did I do it for if not so I could have lots of fun?

I love the idea of rewards for maintenance. I'd never thought about that before.

Oh and Welcome to the Team; congratulations.

I also love coach Dean's quote in my tag line, it's my motto these days.

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"Motivation is not something you find or lose, have or don't have. It is the product of how you see yourself in the world: active or passive, effective or ineffective, powerful or victimized, normal or pathological."
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8/15/08 5:38 P

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emoticon , I'm at the same stage as you and just learning how to maintain. The only thing that I have concentrated on is actually staying within goal range so I have set that as a goal for the end of the year. As has been said before it is basically the same as losing the weight, stay with the lifestyle, the same eating habits, same exercise habits but a tiny bit more relaxed about it. I still haven't learnt the relaxed bit though, LOL.


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8/15/08 3:02 P

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I agree that once you reach your weight loss goal, it's really important to start setting goals in other related areas to keep you on track.

And don't forget to recognize that staying in your maintenance range is a goal all of itself! You can help emphasize this point by giving yourself regular rewards for staying in your range. Maybe a spa day every three months or putting $10-20 in a jar for every month you stay in range all month to save towards a big reward. Heck, put in even more if you can afford it, and save for a vacation!

And make sure that you're allowing yourself occasional indulgences... ones that fit into your overall plan for nutrition. Hopefully, you did this throughout your weight loss, which will make it easier now. But if not, now's the perfect time to learn to indulge without overindulging.

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8/15/08 1:37 P

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I agree - Nothing much changes once you're on maintenance as far as eating and exercise go. You continue on with the good habits you've developed. You get to add a few calories to your daily range, so it's even a good thing to keep on tracking for awhile as you adjust to that. Some people continue to track, well, forever, I guess.

I also think the key is to set some new goals for yourself. I ran an 8K last May just to have a target to motivate myself. It was great fun and I also met some nice people, although I was one of the last ones over the finish line. I'm looking at a 10K in September now.

Another goal I'm working toward, now that most of the "body clutter" is gone, is decluttering my apartment and organizing my home work area.

BWTG on your success!!! and welcome to the team!!!

Blessings, Michelle

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8/15/08 12:02 P

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Way to go on reaching your goal weight! Now the hard part begins, right?

I am fortunate enough to love exercise, so I have been able to stay motivated by setting exercise goals for myself. I started running in the Spring, but I was also using the elliptical crosstrainer. So I set mileage goals or time goals, as I will never be a very fast runner.

I'm thinking of running a 10k next June, so I am counting on that to keep me motivated over the winter months and holidays. Not only will I have to maintain some level of cardio and strength training, but I will also have to keep my nutrition at an optimal level, as most athletes do in the "off season".

Hey, get that -- I'm an athlete! LOL!

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8/15/08 11:21 A

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Hi all,
I just joined the team today - Met my WW goal in June, and my personal (lower) goal this August! I'm looking to learn how to maintain.

How do you stay motivated when there isn't the big goal to reach? I'm now tempted by every potato chip that crosses my path! I know I can't go back to those old habits or I'll go right back to over 200 lbs.

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