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1/14/08 11:01 A

thanks, I'll do that.

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1/14/08 9:18 A

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One thing no one has mentioned that you may not have done yet is to set your current weight and your goal weight to the same number in your diet goals, and SparkPeople will readjust your calorie range for you, to give you a good idea of your long-term maintenance range.

Then you can up your calories slowly, as others have mentioned. You may find that you can still maintain on less than what the site recommends (because everyone is different), but it's good to have an idea of what your new range can be. :D

You might still lose a couple pounds as you adjust, I know I lost another 7 or 8 once I hit goal (was 155), and I have stayed around there for the last 8 months. I've basically kept up the same exercise routine, because it fits in with my schedule, though I sometimes slack on the Sundays. However, my husband, who is also Sparking, kind of coasted the last year, and maintained... now he's getting back on track, so that's helping me slack less on the Sundays. LOL!

Good luck!

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KEENCO Posts: 2,809
1/13/08 9:21 P

My plan for exercise is to do strength training three days a week and cardio four days a week. I have a cardio glide machine at home and I use it for about 30 minutes plus I usually walk 20-50 minutes at work. The cardio glide is more intense than the walking. I usually burn about 2000 calories a week in exercise, cutting back will mean I burn about 1600.

I have been eating about 100 calories more the last two days and it is amazing how much more food that feels like. I guess I'll get used to it, though. I did have wine with dinner last night, which I really enjoyed.

"You can never get enough of what you don't need to make you happy." - Eric Hoffer

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1/13/08 7:09 P

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Welcome to the group, KEENCO! I've seen you in the cat group and I'm glad you're joining us here :D

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1/13/08 1:39 P

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I agree with the advice given so far, gradually increase the calories until your weight stabilizes. Do you want to cut back on exercise, or just give yourself more flexibility with your program? I think 4 days of exercise would work, as long as there is some intesity there, and are you talking about cardio, strentgth training or both? I've had no problem maintaining on 2x's a week strength training and 3 x's a week cardio, but I usually do more. I like to have minimums, and try to get at least that much in, but some weeks are easier than others to get to the gym, and some are worse. I think it all depends on what is going on at the time. Currently I'm upping my ST trying to lower my body fat %, but you can always adjust to get to different goals you have outside of weight loss.

Congrats to both of you on reaching your goals, and good luck with staying here! I know you can do it!

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1/13/08 12:38 P

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1/13/08 12:36 P

emoticon Keenco - I think it is fantastic and I always enjoy reading your posts. Most of us at maintenance find a 5 pound range works for us and we sort of bounce around that. I adjust my calories according to my workouts - intense workouts = more calories, less intense workout days = less calories. As for exercising 4 days as opposed to 5 - you are in the driver's seat - this is a plan meant for enjoyment! If you enjoy working out 4 days a week and can still keep in your range then way to go - if not you will soon find that out and adjust accordingly.

Again - emoticon

Jenna (still on holidays in Maui but peeking in every once in awhile).

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The most important story we will ever write in life is our own - not with ink, but with our daily choices!
1/13/08 10:10 A

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Hi Keenco! I'm new to maintenance too, so I'm feeling this new journey out myself :)

My plan for adjusting calories is to bump my current daily range up by about a hundred, and stick with that for a couple of weeks. If I'm still losing, I'll bump up again. I think it really is a matter of working it out for ourselves.

I can't answer the exercise questions, but maybe someone who's been in maintenance a while can offer some input. I plan to keep my daily exercise about where it is currently. I'm scared to change more than one thing at a time, kwim?

Best of luck!

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1/13/08 10:06 A

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CONGRATS on hitting your goal weight! Maintenance is a learning phase. I always found that I had figured out how many calories/points it needed in a day and then the next week it would throw me off. I don't think dropping your exercising back to 4 days a week is going to hurt you, just watch your point intake and make adjustments that way.
I've actually started working out more & harder and am having to go to the higher end of my points/calories each day. It has been a learning curve but a lot of fun!!!

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KEENCO Posts: 2,809
1/13/08 9:36 A

Hello to all you maintainers. I hit my goal yesterday and am determined to live this healthful lifestyle and never diet again. I need all the advice I can get.

How did you adjust your daily calories? Is it just sort of working it out for yourself, what is the right range to keep you at your goal weight?

I also adjusted my exercise goals to four days a week instead of five. Is that bad?

Thanks for help.

"You can never get enough of what you don't need to make you happy." - Eric Hoffer

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