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Diet Action Steps

Exercise entirely in 10-15 minute blocks of time this week

While physical in nature, this Action Step is designed for your head as well. By only exercising in small time segments this week, you will realize how easily fitness can fit into your life. All exercise does not require 90-minute weight lifting sessions, 20-mile bike rides or all-day hikes. In actuality, it can even be spontaneous. This week’s healthy habit is about taking advantage of unexpected opportunities, chances to get healthy that can happen at any time or on the spur of the moment. These 10-15 minute exercise sessions are timely ways to practice finding those unexpected moments.

Think ahead about when you might find possible time blocks this week. Go about your normal day and keep an eye out for chunks of free time. They could appear while waiting for your son’s baseball practice to end, or while dinner is simmering on the stove. Training your mind and body to look for small bits of time is a skill and takes practice. Before you know it, you’ll be asking "how can I sneak in fitness now?" at the first sign of idle time.

The best part of this Action Step, and of finding unexpected opportunities, is that it frees up time for other things. By finding a few 15-minute blocks for fitness each day, your trip to the gym may not be necessary. Enjoy some time for yourself. Play with your kids. Read a book. Whatever your passion is, take this time to fit it in your life.

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