SparkPeople Members Unite to Help America Get Healthier!

Use SparkAmerica in conjunction with SparkPeople for fun, motivation and more.

What is SparkAmerica?

SparkAmerica is a national campaign and new website created by SparkPeople that’s designed to help Americans get more exercise, eat healthier foods, and enjoy active, healthy lives.

The new website doesn’t have SparkPeople’s full array of tools, but it does allow people to track fitness, fruits and vegetables, cups of water, and one extra goal of their choice. was designed to be quick, easy and motivational—to capture the attention of Americans who would use and benefit from a “lighter” version of We envision it as a national movement that could help millions of Americans can become healthier and lead fuller lives.

At SparkAmerica, we are uniting SparkPeople members like you– along with schools, government officials, non-profits, and other companies who support our mission. We see SparkAmerica as a hub of encouragement for people to adopt simple, healthy habits, and we hope that everyone involved tells others to join the movement.

As a current member of, we invite you to participate and to spread the word about SparkAmerica to others. Members like you who are committed to health and fitness can inspire more people to get healthier, which will help you stay motivated and accountable in return. In addition to sharing SparkAmerica with your family and friends, you can also join in the fun at yourself!

How is Different from

SparkAmerica is like a simplified version of that allows users to track simple health, nutrition and fitness goals (mentioned above), whereas SparkPeople offers several detailed trackers along with a weight-loss program, workout plans, meal plans and robust community features. SparkAmerica is a perfect for people who might feel overwhelmed with all that has to offer since focusing on these small goals is a great—and easy—way to start a healthy lifestyle. But it's also a good fit for individuals who are interested in fitness and healthy living but might not want the weight-loss program or detailed trackers available at

SparkAmerica does not offer additional features that you can't already find on SparkPeople. However, it does offer a special tracker for parents and/or teachers who want to track their kids' fitness minutes, fruit and vegetable intake and water consumption.

In contrast to, SparkAmerica will also focus more on individual-to-individual, city-to-city and Team-to-Team competitions for SparkPoints and exercise minutes. We'll be promoting motivational challenges on SparkAmerica to engage people in various cities, states—and countries—to compete against one another for various titles and prizes.

How Does SparkAmerica Work?

You can log in to with your SparkPeople username and password, but you can also access SparkAmerica from your account. When logged in to SparkPeople, all of the fitness minutes and SparkPoints you track will automatically feed into your SparkAmerica totals (and vice versa). By tracking these small goals on either site, you’ll be contributing to the SparkAmerica mission.

And if you’ve set an annual fitness-minute goal at SparkPeople, we encourage you to re-visit that goal (or set one today) and really strive to reach it! The more you track, the more you’ll help the SparkAmerica mission.

The SparkPoints you earn and goals you track will show up on the SparkAmerica leaderboards , which are broken down by individuals and SparkTeams (cities, states, countries, companies, and more). These leaderboards are designed to encourage friendly competition, such as New York Mets fans vs. New York Yankees fans or Cincinnati vs. Chicago. Make your fitness minutes and SparkPoints count by joining your favorite Teams today and moving up on the leaderboards! Individuals and Teams can compete in challenges and win prizes, too!

Why Should I Use SparkAmerica

We believe that SparkAmerica has widespread appeal for everyone, from fitness buffs to people just starting out on a healthy journey. Whether you choose to track these simple goals on (which feeds into your SparkAmerica account) or directly on the SparkAmerica website, there are a few reasons we believe all our members can benefit from SparkAmerica:

  1. Its fun! We will be featuring new and different challenges, leaderboards, and prizes on SparkAmerica.
  2. Be part of something big. We believe this is something that can change the health and lives of all Americans.
  3. Improve your fitness. We’ve found that when members make fitness fun and motivational, they stick to their programs more consistently. This is one of the most important steps you can take to make a healthy lifestyle change and reach your goals. SparkAmerica adds another level of motivation, rewards and friendly competition to help make this happen.
  4. Keep your momentum going. Sometimes a change is good to refresh your commitment, and focus. SparkAmerica is a great option for those who may want a fresh new way to focus on their goals, deepen their commitment to the basics of the SparkPeople program, or set new goals altogether.
  5. Become a “SparkAmerica Champion.” We will be featuring members, SparkTeams, and cities on the site and sharing their stories with our media partners! You can make a difference in your own health while inspiring others!

We are very proud that our community and members have helped become the biggest weight-loss and fitness site in America, but we believe we are only at the beginning of reaching our mission and touching people’s lives. Through SparkAmerica, we can reach millions and millions more people and help more Americans live healthier lives and reach their goals, too. We hope you will help us in this new goal!

If you’d like to read even more about SparkAmerica, we encourage to read this blog post from our founder and CEO Chris “SparkGuy” Downie. And of course, visit today!

Visit SparkAmerica Now!
Visit SparkAmerica Now!