SparkPeople Words of Wisdom on Winning the Losing Game Team Messageboard On our transition toward terrific health, we all improve as we go. We may fall, but we get up; we make mistakes, but we learn. Please share your advice, tips, or war stories as we WIN THE LOSING GAME! SparkPeople Words of Wisdom on Winning the Losing Game Team Messageboard coming back with good news . Hi I have been dipping in and out of spark people for some years. 10 months ago I was 16.10 and finally gave in and accepted that this was really my last try. <BR> I had enough of myself and just used <BR> what I had learned from spark people over these years. I am back for the final 1.7 (10.7 is the goal) which will see me no longer obese but just a little overweight. At 70 years old perhaps "better late than never" seems appropriate! Skylark69 <BR> Sun, 16 Feb 2014 18:20:06 EST Hello Hi <BR> I'm Jenn. I have been on this quest for so long sometimes it seems silly to keep trying, but I Last year I lost about 25 pounds and then got sick. I eventually had to have my gall bladder taken out and now I feel much better. I have managed to keep off those pounds which...yea me!!! hasn't happened before when I quit dieting. Since I started again I am down about 10 pounds and want to be part of a group that is supportive. Have a great day spark minions hehehe! Thu, 30 Jan 2014 14:43:16 EST DAILY CHATTERBOX Just wanted to say hello and I look forward to getting to know you and cheering you on. Sat, 15 Sep 2012 13:16:38 EST Hi from Florida I'm a 56 year old woman that has about 60 or so pounds to lose but losing weight for me is extremely slow, so can use all the added support I can get. I'm just getting back into regular exercise after the all clear from breaking my wrist 6 weeks ago and having to get 3 plates and 8 screws in it. Still have to do the PT on it, but I can go full speed with what I need to do to get my weight down. <BR> Sat, 15 Sep 2012 13:14:30 EST May I Help? It has been about 6 years since I logged into Spark. To be honest I thought I would fall back into all my life threatening habits. <BR> <BR> I am happy to report that I have not. I gained 10 pounds over the last year due to lack of activity caused by a sports injury. I am on my way back, power walking, lifting weights and other cardio. I am putting my passion of running for a little while longer. Extra weight is not your friend when running. <BR> <BR> I would seriously like to help ... Tue, 6 Mar 2012 13:25:12 EST Giving it a shot! I opened this account about this time last year ( I think???), but haven't been motivated enough to actually use it regularly. I'm moving from my beautiful home in the Seattle area, to the hot dry region of the Arizona desert. This isn't a move that I'm looking forward to, but one that is necessary for financial and medical reasons (my finances, and my mothers health). <BR> <BR> When I arrive next week, I will be without regular computer access for a time, but will attempt to track on pape... Sun, 6 Nov 2011 21:39:18 EST New to sparkpeople and so grateful! hi everyone! <BR> <BR> I am new to sparkpeople and I am using the trackers and seeing great results! <BR> <BR> Thanks for all your support and advice! Sat, 24 Sep 2011 20:40:06 EST Another newbie Hello everyone <BR> I'm a newbie to this team & looking forward to words of wisdom from others to help me on my journey. I have a long way to go but am so glad I found this site which is helping me change my mind set like it has done for thousands of others. One day I might be able to add a view words of wisdom on winning the losing game that time will come I know. <BR> <BR> <em>252</em> Mon, 27 Sep 2010 09:08:37 EST SHARE YOUR LOG-IN POINTS TODAY and HAVE FUN! <em>182</em> <em>182</em> <em>182</em> <em>182</em> <em>182</em> Tue, 19 Jan 2010 10:59:28 EST Newbie Here! <em>213</em> everyone! My name is Cheryl and I'm a 49-year old Mom! I've hit my goal weight -- but I'm loving the healthy way of living again and so glad to be part of this Team! Sat, 9 Jan 2010 19:55:04 EST 7 Words of Wisdom Buy healthy groceries and cook more often. <BR> <BR> _______________________________ <BR> <BR> Here's the rules - post exactly 7 words of wisdom on winning the losing game. It can be anything that has worked or not worked for you. Pass your wisdom to others in 7 words. Post as often as you want. <BR> Sat, 9 Jan 2010 18:50:06 EST Joining to Win Hi. How cool. I found a team that has the motto I chose for my username and for my plan. I'm a winner! <BR> Check out my page and blogs - I'm a newbie here - for my words of wisdom so far and my successful losing already to win. I found your site and immediately felt like I must belong!!!! May we all win by losing!!!! <em>104</em> Sun, 3 Jan 2010 02:14:53 EST GOT MOVING So how about just posting the little successes you've had this month in getting moving? I just returned to fulltime walking Sunday... so far, so good... got a streak of 3 going!!!! <em>20</em> <BR> <BR> Now I know somebody on our team is moving SOMETHING... Tue, 10 Feb 2009 14:47:37 EST Daily Inspirational Message If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. <BR> <BR> ~Wayne Dyer <BR> <BR> <em>3</em> Wed, 3 Dec 2008 17:17:17 EST Anyone Up for a Get Moving Challenge for December? Two ways to get healthy, and both are required for it to happen: eat right, and move more. I checked our team minutes, and they are saaaaad. Anybody up to join me in a challenge to move more the rest of the month? I strive for 60 minutes a day minimum aerobic... when I first started moving more, I could only do 30 minutes at a time, then I built up. Now I can actually do about 90 without stopping but I'm taking it easy because of a reinjury of an old owie on my right ankle. Since the w... Wed, 3 Dec 2008 15:01:41 EST returning! I have decided to recommit to the healthy choices I made over two years ago. I was 58 kg when I stopped visiting the site, daily- over a year ago- and now I am 64kg. I promise to take the steps necessary to return to 58kg, as I know I can do it! <BR> I am actually choosing to focus on the positives of this. <BR> Gabriel Thu, 13 Mar 2008 10:13:59 EST Words of Wisdom on Winning the Losing Game Group F This topic was automatically created when the SparkPoints Group "Words of Wisdom on Winning the Losing Game" was started. Here is the description for this Group: <BR> <BR> On our transition toward terrific health, we all improve as we go. We may fall, but we get up; we make mistakes, but we learn. Please share your advice, tips, or war stories as we WIN THE LOSING GAME! Fri, 28 Apr 2006 09:33:58 EST