SparkPeople Goodies Team Messageboard We give lots of encouragement for everyone to be their best. Every day is a gift... so make the most of it. Spread a smile.... they are contagious. SparkPeople Goodies Team Messageboard Hi everyone! My name is Heather and I am a 34 year old mom of 1. My son is 7 and has aspergers syndrome, my husband is a truck driver and is out 2 weeks at a time, and my mom (who lives with us) was just recently diagnosed with cancer. Life around here is pretty stressful right now and I don't get alot of time to focus on working on me. When I'm not stressing out about everyone else I like to play video games, mostly sim type games or tycoon games.I am also going back to school to get my high school diplo... Tue, 20 Jan 2015 02:43:26 EST re start again <BR> christmas has not been good to me this year! <BR> i have put on 4 pounds in a week... clever huh <BR> so i am now right back to square one weight wise <BR> i am more toned and i look slimmer but i know i am not <BR> so back to trackers i guess <BR> and back to planned work outs too <BR> here we go again .... Sun, 28 Dec 2014 04:52:50 EST Ideas for healthy and exciting pack lunches Hi I need ideas for a pack lunch to take to work so i don't buy junk .. i work in a supermarket so junk is easy to come by <BR> i also need some snack that are quick to eat <BR> my work hours are being extended to finish at 8:30pm instead of 7:30pm so dinner (main meal) won't be until almost 9:30pm so think i will need a snack to keep me going between lunch and dinner Sun, 16 Nov 2014 05:10:22 EST Team Check in come in and chat about anything .. <BR> say hi <BR> leave an emoticon <em>524</em> <BR> let us know how you are doing.... <BR> Sun, 10 Aug 2014 06:58:40 EST How many calories have you logged today? Post a comment or just a number but admit how much you have eaten to yourself and the team. <BR> If you log you have to log honestly or you are only lying to yourself and you KNOW what you ate. <BR> So has today been a good day? A bad day? Or a fairly normal one? Mon, 28 Jul 2014 18:05:24 EST