SparkPeople Newly Weds! Team Messageboard All who consider themselves a newlywed, whether it's been 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, or more. Join us! Here we will share fun ways to be healthy and achieve our goals! SparkPeople Newly Weds! Team Messageboard Is there anybody out there? I see this group is inactive. Is anyone interested in rejuvenating it with me? Fri, 15 Nov 2013 11:46:53 EST I made it through Day 1! I made it through Day 1! I have started Day 1 of x -diet, y-diet or z-diet soooo many times before...but I need this time to be different for so many reasons! I am hoping that the support I'm seeing on this site will be the missing piece of the puzzle...and the first step towards the LIFE that I want. Tonight I go to bed proud of myselft because I don't have the guilt of eating the wrong foods - or too much of them, and I feel energized (and relaxed) by exercise and spending 45 minutes on... Mon, 25 Jul 2011 23:19:55 EST Dress? What did you do with your wedding dress? Sell it on ebay? Store it? <BR> <BR> Seriously, mine is still hanging on the door to our "man cave" cuz we never have to shut it. Mon, 21 Feb 2011 00:41:31 EST How was your wedding, REALLY? Ours was crazy!!! <BR> My family went nuts on me and eventually just took over the reception (I didn't even know what we were having at the reception until we were served!) <BR> I was told that my decorations weren't good enough and my aunt re-decorated EVERYTHING. <BR> My father didn't like my venue and pestered me until I finally changed it just to get him off my back. <BR> My best friends refused to wear the bridesmaid dress, refused to get her nails done with us, refused to wear make-... Wed, 19 Jan 2011 11:04:05 EST Husbands that sabotage your weight loss Please help. I have the most wonderful husband in the world. He is my soulmate and the love of my life. I lost 60 lbs before I met him and kept it off for 2 years. Then we started dating and I slowly started gaining it back. My husband will not eat healthy unless I fix it. When I am not around, he eats whatever he wants to and doesn't care that he has gained weight. Now his weight gain is not an issue because I still find him as attractive as I did when we first started dating. I have... Sun, 10 Oct 2010 18:30:11 EST Pictures? How long did it take you guys to get your pictures from your wedding? It's been two months and we haven't seen a thing!!! Mon, 20 Sep 2010 19:10:35 EST Still newlyweds.. really .. Our first anniversary is coming up in November, so my hubby and I are most definitely still newlyweds. Thing is with our yours/mine/ours family we are more often than not stuck in the trudge of the kids and daily responsibilities so most often we don't remember that we are still newlyweds. <BR> <BR> Last week I had an outpatient procedure done. I was rather miffed to see my hubby didn't really do much to make me feel like he appreciated and understood what I'd gone through. He took care of... Mon, 20 Sep 2010 07:24:15 EST Hello from a newly wed in Europe! Hello fellow newly-weds! <BR> <BR> I married the love of my life 12 weeks ago on June 7 but we have been on a "honeymoon" since November. In November we moved to Germany for work and it has been an exciting, stressful, travel-filled adventure ever since. I was at my "happy weight" last July when he proposed but when we decided to move out of the country, we made the rounds to visit family and friends, eating out and celebrating at every stop. Then we lived in a hotel for over 6 weeks whil... Sun, 29 Aug 2010 04:11:42 EST New to Newlyweds. Hello all! Just got married May 22nd, have been on Brides 2010 for quite sometime and wasnt sure if I should stay there or move on. <BR> So here I am. <BR> Thu, 24 Jun 2010 13:44:06 EST NEWLYWED Hi guys. I am Amanda and i just got married in October of last year... I am not gonna lie i have gained so much weight not just since we got married but since we started dating! I have gain almost 50 pounds in 5 years... ugh makes me sick to even think about it. I felt overweight even b4 we started dating. Anywho i have decided it is time to stop gaining and start losing. I joined sparks in 2008 and kind of stopped getting on after a few weeks, I have promised myself i will not do that again.... Tue, 6 Apr 2010 00:21:24 EST Hello from a VERY HAPPY NEWLYWED !!!!!!!! My picture is the ONLY picture from our wedding. We eloped to VEGAS BABY and I got so excited I accidentally erased the wedding pictures.(Why does it say format instead of delete?) My husband and I have been married for almost 2 years. We were just told today that we were more than 10 feet from each other for the first time ever! This is really true. We cannot get enough of each other. We hold hands, sit really close and I have the luxury of going with him on alot of his work errands. ... Sun, 21 Mar 2010 21:23:05 EST Another Newlywed Hello All, <BR> <BR> I am really trying to be 100% dedicated to getting back to my pre-engagement weight. There are several challenges that prevent me from doing that right now, although with enough determination, I think i can do it! <BR> Before I got engaged, I lived by myself which allowed for a gym visit almost every day after work as well as a simple low cal dinner when I got home. At my best, I was 132 lbs. When I got married, I was about 148lbs, and now, 6 months after my wedding, ... Thu, 25 Feb 2010 13:53:43 EST hi there hi i am new, <BR> i am 33 yrs old and got married in august last year. <BR> i was making progress before the wedding after having my baby only 5 months earlier. after the wedding though i ate and ate and ate and did not exersise at all. so now i am really unhappy with my looks and have decided to get on the right track again with the help of sparkpeople, <BR> happy to have joined your team <BR> kanina11 Fri, 22 Jan 2010 07:39:29 EST Hello I'm Jackie. I'm also new to SP and a new wife (as of January 3). I guess I don't know what all else to say! What else does anyone want to know, I guess? lol :D Wed, 20 Jan 2010 11:22:21 EST hi Hi i got married may 17 2009! I gained my weight back that loss before the wedding and want to lose more. im from kentucky! hope to meet my goals and make some friends add me email me:) Tue, 12 Jan 2010 13:03:01 EST The little things... I'd love some ideas from you all on the little things you do to keep the *spark* haha.. going in your marriage. Yes we are all newlyweds..but in my case my hubby and I have lived together for two years (been married 2 months now)... We are older-ish (late 30's and early 40's) with motley crue of his hers and ours when it comes to kiddos (5 total, 4 live here).. Life stressors are high.. <BR> <BR> We text daily, little I love yous.. Today I stopped and got us coffee on the way home from d... Tue, 12 Jan 2010 08:47:19 EST New newlywed! Hi everyone! I am new to the team - we got married on 12/12 and I joined a couple weeks later. We went on a cruise for our honeymoon and I gained 8 lbs! I also recently started a medication for migraine headaches that is causing me to gain weight, and I've gained 3 more lbs since we got back (!!). We've been doing the Couch to 5K program together since we got home, and I've slowly been getting my healthy eating habits back in line. It feels wonderful to be married and I'm looking forward to g... Tue, 5 Jan 2010 10:27:03 EST Tips for Becoming and Early Riser? Hi all- the best time that I can find to workout is in the morning, but this means I have to wake-up early like around 530am! I usually find myself sleeping until the absolute last possible second that will allow me to get to work on time, leaving no time to workout or even dry my hair. I've been setting my alarm for the right time, but I just can't seem to stop hitting the snooze button with excuse after excuse. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there anyone on the team that is successf... Wed, 30 Dec 2009 13:27:06 EST 2010 Goals for the Year! Place your 2010 goals here for the year! Let's get them down on paper to come back to and see all that we accomplished. Mon, 28 Dec 2009 14:18:03 EST January 2010 Goals! Please state your goals for the month of January. Let's help keep each other accountable. Mon, 28 Dec 2009 14:16:55 EST Newbie! Hello! I am new to this group and have been married for about 2 months. I would love to talk about my experiences and how I am dealing with weightloss and marriage at the same time. :) Thu, 3 Dec 2009 18:36:48 EST December Goals! This is where we are going to put our goals for the month! <BR> <BR> I am going to check back each week to see how your goals are going! Wed, 2 Dec 2009 12:03:00 EST I need to cut out 500 calories/day... I am overeating by ~500 calories per day. Can someone take a look at my nutrition tracker - it has about 5 days of data (you may have to skip through) and give me some honest feedback! I have a good sense of where I need to cut back, but it would be great to have an objective view. Thanks!!! PS Team Leaders, your constant support as I have just rejoined has been amazingly appreciated. Tue, 24 Nov 2009 21:20:41 EST Hello There! Hi my name is Kristen. I just got married on August 1st to my wonderful husband Jeff. I joined spark to lose some weight for the wedding (and succeded!) and now I'm inspired to continue and become even more healthy for my future. I also have 2 wonderful dogs, Max and Payton. Max is an english bulldog and Payton is an english mastiff. These three boys make up my world. :) Mon, 7 Sep 2009 11:21:57 EST September Checklist! - Go on a hike with your SO <BR> - Spend one evening outside with your SO <BR> - Get up 30 mins early for some relaxing time in the morning <BR> - Take 15 minutes before bed to relax and do Yoga Mon, 31 Aug 2009 11:46:14 EST Baseball Challenge! This month we are going to have a baseball theme challenge. (Thanks Kellie) <BR> <BR> The goal this month is to get as many homeruns as possible. The team member who accomplishes the highest number of homeruns will be congratulated with a new recipe book. <BR> <BR> How do you get runs? <BR> Running: 3 miles = 1 base = 12 miles for 1 homerun <BR> biking: 5 miles = 1 base = 20 miles for 1 homerun <BR> swimming: 4 laps = 1 base = 16 laps for 1 homerun <BR> DVD: 2 hours = 1 base = 8 hours for... Mon, 31 Aug 2009 11:34:29 EST Question of the Day To get to know each other better I thought I would start a question of the day. Check back daily for new questions! Wed, 26 Aug 2009 07:06:16 EST September Goals: Alright I am posting this a little early so everyone can really think about the goals for September. Let's really push ourselves this month is ALL aspects of our life. Fri, 21 Aug 2009 15:11:27 EST Hello All! Hey everyone! I was married this past January. This team looks like fun. Mon, 10 Aug 2009 13:27:57 EST August Goals! Here is where you put your Goals for the month to keep each other accountable. Mon, 3 Aug 2009 12:02:41 EST hi everyoneeeeeeeee i am marjan and nice to see you here,please come to see my sp page and keep in touch with me,thanks Mon, 3 Aug 2009 04:50:30 EST June Goals Put your june goals here to keep track Sun, 31 May 2009 22:07:40 EST May Goals! Here is where you put your monthy or weekly goals for the month of May. Let's make it a great month! Wed, 29 Apr 2009 11:53:55 EST Anyone out there ???? ......... ......... Hi!!! I was married valentine's Day to the love of my life !!! I can't believe their is 317 members in this group. I joined about 2 weeks ago , and not a word until now. You guys got to get moving . . . Are your husbands keeeping you that busy !!!? lol karen Wed, 1 Apr 2009 13:32:16 EST April Checklist! April Checklist: <BR> - Have a picnic inside <BR> - Give your hubby a message <BR> - Do something nice for your in-laws <BR> - Do something nice for your hubby <BR> - Take a day for yourself <BR> - Help a stranger <BR> - Finish something you have been meaning to <BR> Wed, 1 Apr 2009 08:31:07 EST April Goals!!!! You know the drill Wed, 1 Apr 2009 08:28:03 EST March Goals!!! March is just around the corner, please put your goals here. Tue, 24 Feb 2009 11:21:28 EST Christina from Dallas I married Kevin Oct 25th, 2008 and have gained weight before and after the wedding. My biggest struggle is that I give up if I don't see results immediately! I have lost over 40 lbs before and I'm not sure how I did that! I would like to start slowly this time losing just 1lb a week and increasing my endurance level. Any tips for saying no to sugar? Tue, 17 Feb 2009 13:33:59 EST Valentine's Day-What's your strategy?? I'm curious to see how everyone is celebrating V-day, are you sticking with your goals or just blowing it completely?? Wed, 4 Feb 2009 15:31:07 EST February Goals!!!!!!! Here is where you put your feb goals! Mon, 2 Feb 2009 08:18:29 EST Best Life Series Have any of you seen the Oprah's best life series. I watched a webcast last night with her and Bob Greene about falling of the wagon(of dieting). It was an awesome webcast if you want to see it go to Also she is having a webcast every night this week at 9 p.m. eastern each night is a different subject on how to live the best life ever. These webcasts are live!! TOnight she is doing one with Dr. Oz He has an Ultimate Health Checklist. I will be tuning in any one want to join me?? Tue, 13 Jan 2009 08:57:19 EST January Checklist January Checklist: <BR> - Clear out all the holiday clutter <BR> - Go through your closet and get rid of anything you don’t want or need <BR> - Have one night of no TV <BR> - Send a card to a relative <BR> - Find a healthy snack share in the Recipe Thread <BR> - Set goals for the year <BR> - Try one new recipe <BR> Sun, 28 Dec 2008 20:30:15 EST January Jumpstart Challenge January Jumpstart Challenge <BR> <BR> This is a challenge to set a game plan in action that will last the rest of the year. <BR> <BR> Nutrition: <BR> 8 glasses of water daily <BR> 3 servings of fruits and veggies <BR> Plan meals weekly <BR> Try 2 new recipes <BR> <BR> Fitness: <BR> 27 days of at least 30 mins of cardio <BR> 10 days of ST at least 5 reps <BR> 3100 crunches with 5 different types of crunches (100 a day) <BR> <BR> This is really about going back to the basics. As this is th... Sun, 28 Dec 2008 20:14:14 EST 2009 Goals! This is where to put your 2009 Goals for the year! Mon, 22 Dec 2008 08:50:43 EST January Goals!!!!!!!! Here is where you put your January 2009 goals! Mon, 22 Dec 2008 08:50:11 EST December Goals!!!!!! Here is the place to write your december goals. Sun, 23 Nov 2008 21:16:18 EST Moving On Greetings Team! <BR> <BR> This group was originally created several years ago by Jen & I. We never intended for it to just take off and grow to 309 members. Jen moved on about a year ago when they started a family. However, I had a difficult time letting go because it was something I had started. Obviously, over the past year I have barely had the time to log my nutrition and fitness. Ashley did a marvelou job of jumping in, organizing the SparkTeam, and truly keeping the motivation going. ... Sun, 23 Nov 2008 13:28:26 EST Newlywed Newbie Just wanted to say hello and just mention that I'm so excited to join a new group and see so many familiar faces! I'm excited to see what kinds of things we'll discuss since our big day has come and gone! What's everyone doing with their time now? Mon, 3 Nov 2008 16:19:06 EST November Goals! Here is where you put your November goals to keep yourself on track. Thu, 30 Oct 2008 12:39:00 EST Help! Hi everyone! I have been married 3 months now (7/5/08)... Getting into a post-wedding exercise routine has been incredibly difficult for me, so I'm rejoining SparkPeople to try and find that motivation! I'm hoping to find something to light that fire in me to really make a difference in my life :) Mon, 6 Oct 2008 09:52:32 EST New group I thought you all would like Hello everyone i just wanted to let you know I just started a new group called "Fireproof" your Marriage. It is a group I started after seeing the movie "Fireproof" it is a group about helping each other make our marriages happy and fulfilling even in the hardest of times. I would love to have all of you please come and join. Thanks Tue, 30 Sep 2008 23:16:09 EST Our engagement Story So I just did two surveys and it asked about my engagement but one or two lines doesn't do it justice so here is the full story: <BR> <BR> WHEN WE GOT ENGAGED <BR> <BR> September 8, 2007 <BR> <BR> HOW IT HAPPENED <BR> <BR> Well it was a surprise for me at Anton's going away picnic as congratulations from leaving his place of worship at Madison Heights and switching over to Pontiac Spanish. <BR> He did tell me all week that we were going to have a great weekend. I had to pick up some f... Tue, 30 Sep 2008 12:28:32 EST October Goals Here is a place where you can put your October goals, and we can keep each other accountable. Mon, 29 Sep 2008 16:22:50 EST Marriage Survey <BR> When were you marri &#8203;ed?&#8203;&#8203; <BR> May 30, 2008 <BR> <BR> Where &#8203; did he ask you? <BR> At our friend Sonny's old apartment <BR> <BR> Where &#8203; did you honey &#8203;moon? &#8203; <BR> Galveston, TX <BR> <BR> <BR> Can you still &#8203; fit in your dress &#8203;?&#8203;&#8203; <BR> yes <BR> <BR> What was the worst &#8203; gift you got? <BR> Wow, I think a wok b/c we never use it. <BR> <BR> What flavo &#8203;r was your weddi &#8203;ng cake? &#8203;&#8203; <BR>... Fri, 19 Sep 2008 15:49:17 EST September Goals This is where you put your goals for September. Sat, 30 Aug 2008 09:25:04 EST September Checklist September Checklist: <BR> <BR> - Try a new recipe <BR> - Do something thoughtful and unexpected for your in-laws <BR> - Go and dance (whether in your house or with your hubby) <BR> - Make your favorite recipe <BR> - Have an EXTRA 32oz of water <BR> - Go for a nice long walk <BR> - Have a no chores day <BR> Sat, 30 Aug 2008 09:24:17 EST September Monthly Challenge September Breathing in the Fresh Air Challenge <BR> <BR> This challenge is all about walking outside (or running/jogging). Sometimes it does us wonders to just get outside and walk. Enjoy the birds, fresh air and the sun. This challenge is for you to get outside and walk at least 4 days a week. It can be anywhere from 15 minutes to hours if you want. It can be on a path or not. For at least 15 minutes I want you to not listen to music and try to listen to the sounds that are all around... Sat, 30 Aug 2008 09:22:58 EST Pray Hi,I'm down in my back so I can't work out for a few, But after that I can start back with some stretches. thank you. Just me the Min. Mon, 11 Aug 2008 15:54:28 EST August Minutes Exercise Challenge August Minutes Challenge <BR> <BR> This challenge is to challenge yourself with how many minutes you exercise in a month. For example, if you normally exercise 16 hours a month then this month you are going to push yourself to exercise 18 hours a month. You need to set something that is challenging to yourself as we are all at different levels. <BR> <BR> As each week goes by I challenge you to add one or more reps of Strength training. In doing this you will be challenging your body t... Tue, 29 Jul 2008 10:53:04 EST August Checklist! August Checklist: <BR> <BR> - Help out a stranger <BR> - Take a day for yourself <BR> - Wash your car <BR> - Find a local park or trail and walk for at least 30 minutes <BR> - Have a caffeine- free day <BR> - Send a card to a friend <BR> - Have a vegetarian day <BR> Tue, 29 Jul 2008 10:52:35 EST August Goals Here is where you post your August Goals. Tue, 29 Jul 2008 10:52:04 EST What are you listening to? I was wondering what music/songs do you listen to get you motivated, pumped up, and ready to fight off the flubber as I would say!? Sun, 27 Jul 2008 22:51:31 EST Fears of weighing in the morning after.. Y'know when you have those days when you eat perfectly? It's so easy to weigh in the day after, b/c you *know* you've done the right thing. <BR> <BR> My biggest challenge to date is the fact that I avoid weigh in if I've eaten poorly the night before. Take last night for example--I ate two large oatmeal cookies in the evening and went over my calorie/nurtition range. This morning, I woke up and didn't even consider stepping onto the scale. This whole thing seems silly to me, but I'm wond... Tue, 15 Jul 2008 06:59:20 EST Helpful way to track water I learned a little secret to make sure your getting in daily needed water! Put 8 rubber bands around your water bottle, so every time you finish a bottle you take one off! Simple way to track, plus it makes you feel like your accomplishing a goal by seeing the rubber bands disappear! Mon, 14 Jul 2008 08:28:57 EST My Introduction My name is Brittany, and I was married June 3rd of 2006! Before I got married I lost about 20lbs, but soon after tying the knot I started to slowly gain back all 20lbs! My hubby a runner and eats wonderful, but unfortunately I do not have that same dedication! My mom and I are starting to lose the weight and trying to have fun doing it! Fri, 11 Jul 2008 11:17:30 EST my weekly meal plan 7/6 2 waffles/syrup yogurt and oj <BR> romaine lettuce w/cheese Italian salad dressing cranberries almonds and prezzles <BR> chicken with rice and salad <BR> grapes and oatmeal <BR> 7/7 oatmeal w/brown sugar <BR> green beans/salad and dinner roll <BR> chicken/spaghetti and salad <BR> prezzles and fruit <BR> 7/8 cheerios/milk and English muffin w/butter and jam <BR> salad same as above <BR> BBQ pork w/corn and salad <BR> crackers w/ jam and fruit <BR> 7/9 shredded wheat w/milk toast&jam <B... Sat, 5 Jul 2008 22:29:26 EST Intro Hi all! I used SparkPeople before my wedding (12/29/07) and it worked great. I'm needing that "boost" again....I honestly am not sure I could fit in my wedding dress if I tried it on today! My exercise and eating right have gone out the window since the wedding! Tue, 1 Jul 2008 09:28:26 EST June Bride I lost about 20 pounds for my wedding, and I want to make sure it doesn't creep back on again. I'm looking forward to getting to know y'all! Thu, 26 Jun 2008 18:21:51 EST may 2008 bride Hi, everyone! I got married may 17th - its been a little over a month and so far, its been wonderful! My new husband and I have made a pact to be healthy and strong for the many years ahead. I'm looking forward to sharing my story and looking at how everyone else handles life's new stresses and learn from it. I can't wait to get started on this challenge and I'm proud of myself for even starting! Good luck on everyone's goals and challenges! Here's to our future success!!! Tue, 24 Jun 2008 02:20:57 EST JULY CHALLENGE <BR> July Daily Challenge <BR> <BR> This is a challenge that will require you to do daily mini challenges for yourself. It is perfect for you to get in that extra bit of fitness and nutrition push for each day. You can do them in any order, but you must do one a day and you need to be accountable for your actions. <BR> <BR> -Get in an EXTRA 15 minutes of exercise <BR> -Walk for 20 minutes <BR> -Pick one SP video and do it on top of your already planned workout <BR> -Get a sweaty morning ... Wed, 18 Jun 2008 14:45:20 EST JULY CHECKLIST July Checklist: <BR> <BR> - Get rid of any clutter that has been bothering you <BR> - Go through your closet and get rid of any clothes that do not fit <BR> - Go out to lunch with your hubby <BR> - Have one night of no TV <BR> - Have at least one active date <BR> - Treat yourself to something nice <BR> - Go to bed 30-60 minutes early <BR> <BR> Yep it is back. Please check off throughout the month of what you have completed. Lets really try and get all 7 of them done. Wed, 18 Jun 2008 14:43:59 EST JULY GOALS You know the drill: Here is where you put your July goals and what you would like to have accomplished by the end of July. Wed, 18 Jun 2008 14:42:54 EST June Challenge Yourself Month! This month I want you to really dig deep and set a challenge for yourself. I know we all are a different points in our weight loss. I want you to challenge yourself both in fitness and in Nutrition. <BR> <BR> We will post here to keep each other accountable. Sat, 31 May 2008 09:52:22 EST Survey copy and paste Marriage Survey <BR> 1. What is your spouse's name? joe <BR> <BR> 2. How long have you been married? 1 week <BR> <BR> 3. How long were you together before you got married? 3 years <BR> <BR> 4. Where did you get married? naples country club <BR> <BR> 5. Where did you propose or were proposed to? on the beach with champagne and Chocolate <BR> <BR> 6. Have you ever been married before your current marriage? no <BR> <BR> 7. Who "wears the pants" in the house? joe <BR> <BR> 8. Who i... Fri, 23 May 2008 12:46:36 EST jobs HI i know that this is for weight loss but am doing ok on that end <BR> i was wondering if any of you had any job that you do from home i need to make some money to help pay bills and do not want to go back to work since i just came home to be with the kids and i can't work and afford daycare at the same time if you know what i mean <BR> Wed, 21 May 2008 13:25:09 EST June Goals Here is where you can put your June Goals Tue, 20 May 2008 21:42:42 EST 2nd Half of 2008 Goals Here is a place for you to write down what you want to have accomplished by the end of this year. Tue, 20 May 2008 21:41:47 EST May Bathing Suit Challenge May Swimsuit Challenge <BR> <BR> Upper Body: MWF <BR> Bicep curls- 2 sets of 15 <BR> Hammer curls- 2 sets of 15 <BR> Tricep kickbacks- 2 sets of 15 <BR> Dumbbell rows- 2 sets of 15 <BR> Lateral Raises- 2 sets of 15 <BR> Front Raises- 2 sets of 15 <BR> Shoulder press- 2 sets of 15 <BR> Tricep Extensions- 2 sets of 15 <BR> Chest Press- 2 sets of 15 <BR> Chest Flys- 2 sets of 15 <BR> <BR> Lower Body: TRS <BR> Front lunges- 2 sets of 15 each legs <BR> Back lunges- 2 sets of 15 each leg <BR> Pen... Mon, 28 Apr 2008 22:28:21 EST MAY GOALS!!!! Here is where you put your May goals! Really think about what habits and life you want to have at the end of May Mon, 28 Apr 2008 15:18:10 EST newlywed here! Hi everyone! <BR> <BR> Just thought I would drop in and see how folks are doing? <BR> <BR> Looking forward to connecting with others! Sun, 20 Apr 2008 18:15:47 EST 10 months and counting... I'm on month 10 of blissful marriage but 20 lbs heavier than at the wedding! <BR> <BR> PS. Why do so many of us gain weight after the wedding?!!! :) <BR> Look forward to discussions in this group! Wed, 26 Mar 2008 22:08:07 EST DAILY CHALLENGES 4/1-4/13 April 1 <BR> <BR> Get in at least 30 minutes of cardio <BR> <BR> April 2 <BR> <BR> Get in at least 10 reps of Upper Body Strength Training <BR> <BR> April 3 <BR> <BR> Make sure that you get all of your water in today <BR> <BR> April 4 <BR> <BR> Get in at least 10 reps of Lower Body Strength Training <BR> <BR> April 5 <BR> <BR> Get in all of your Fiber today <BR> <BR> April 6 <BR> <BR> Get in at least 4 servings of Fruit <BR> <BR> April 7 <BR> <BR> Get in at least 4 servings of Ve... Wed, 26 Mar 2008 09:58:02 EST APRIL GOALS! Here is where your April goals go! Wed, 26 Mar 2008 09:51:58 EST APRIL TRACKING CHALLENGE!!! April Tracking Challenge <BR> <BR> This challenge is all about tracking. Each week we are going to track a different nutrient, vitamin, or mineral to ensure that we are in the correct range for ourselves. <BR> <BR> Week 1: Fiber <BR> Week 2: Fat <BR> Week 3: Iron <BR> Week 4: Magnesium <BR> Wed, 26 Mar 2008 09:51:34 EST DAILY CHALLENGS FOR 3/17-3/31 March 17 <BR> <BR> Try a new type of cardio <BR> <BR> March 18 <BR> <BR> Get in at least 3 servings of fruits <BR> <BR> March 19 <BR> <BR> Try a new recipe <BR> <BR> March 20 <BR> <BR> Get in at least 3 servings of veggies <BR> <BR> March 21 <BR> <BR> Respond or comment on another team member sparkpage <BR> <BR> March 22 <BR> <BR> Get in at least 40 minutes of cardio in today <BR> <BR> March 23 <BR> <BR> Relax and spend time with your hubbys <BR> <BR> March 24 <BR> <BR> Plan fo... Mon, 17 Mar 2008 12:42:42 EST DAILY CHALLENGES 3/2- 3/9 March 3 <BR> <BR> Try a new recipe today <BR> <BR> March 4 <BR> <BR> Track a vitamin that you would like <BR> <BR> March 5 <BR> <BR> Take the night off <BR> <BR> March 6 <BR> <BR> Try a new food <BR> <BR> March 7 <BR> <BR> Stay on the low end of calorie range <BR> <BR> March 8 <BR> <BR> Get in at least 30 minutes of cardio <BR> <BR> March 9 <BR> <BR> Plan your dinners for the week <BR> Mon, 3 Mar 2008 14:36:13 EST MARCH GOALS This is the thread that helps you have your goals written down for the month. Please tell us your goals. Tue, 26 Feb 2008 14:19:57 EST MARCH 4 WEEKS OF FUN CHALLENGE!!! March Fours weeks of Fun Challenge <BR> <BR> For this month each week we will either give something up or add something in to our daily lives. We are going to report back here daily or every couple of days our progress. <BR> <BR> Week 1: No sweets or No salty (This includes all types of sweets with the exception of fruits and all unhealthy salts like chips, pretzels, snacky type of things) You may choose either one because I know some people are sweets people (like me) and some are salty.... Tue, 26 Feb 2008 14:19:20 EST DAILY CHALLENGES 2/24-3/2 February 25 <BR> <BR> No candy <BR> <BR> February 26 <BR> <BR> Get in your range for Fiber <BR> <BR> February 27 <BR> <BR> Get in at least 16 reps of Upper Body Strength Training <BR> <BR> February 28 <BR> <BR> Get in at least 16 reps of Lower Body Strength Training <BR> <BR> February 29 <BR> <BR> Get in at least 2 30 minute session or a total of 60 minutes of cardio <BR> <BR> March 1 <BR> <BR> At least 100 crunches today <BR> <BR> March 2 <BR> <BR> Get in an extra 8 oz of water ... Tue, 26 Feb 2008 14:16:04 EST DAILY CHALLENGES 2/18- 2/23 February 18 <BR> <BR> Get in at least 14 reps of Upper Body Strength Training <BR> <BR> February 19 <BR> <BR> Get in at least 4 servings of Fruit <BR> <BR> February 20 <BR> <BR> Get in at least 14 reps of Lower Body Strength Training <BR> <BR> February 21 <BR> <BR> Get in at least 4 servings of Veggies <BR> <BR> February 22 <BR> <BR> Get in 2 30 minute session of cardio today or a total of 60 minutes <BR> <BR> February 23 <BR> <BR> Make sure that you get all of your water in today... Tue, 19 Feb 2008 09:43:43 EST Cleaning?! Hi, <BR> <BR> I was curious as to how everyone shares chores and cleaning around the house. <BR> <BR> My hubby and I both work Mon-Fri 9-5. He cooks dinner and I get breakfast and lunch ready for us. Since I have a bad back he said I only need to wash dishes twice a week (yahoo!) and he'll take care of the rest of the days. On the weekends, I do the major cleaning of the bathroom, kitchen, mop and dust and he vaccums for me (again bad back). For laundry we have to go down to the laundry ro... Wed, 13 Feb 2008 15:40:17 EST Help motivating my Hubby! I was recently married in August and though it's been such a great experience so far I'm starting to worry about my husband. Both of us put on weight after our wedding. My husband had a high blood pressure and I'm worried about him. There is also a history of heart problems in his family, which doesn't make me feel any better either. I was just wondering if you guys had any suggestions on how to get him motivated to work out with me. I've tried talking to him about it but it just makes h... Mon, 11 Feb 2008 10:06:39 EST DAILY CHALLENGES 2/11- 2/17 February 11 <BR> <BR> Get in at least 12 reps of Upper Body Strength Training <BR> <BR> February 12 <BR> <BR> Make sure to get in all of your water today <BR> <BR> February 13 <BR> <BR> Get in at least 12 reps of Lower Body Strength Training <BR> <BR> February 14 <BR> <BR> Stay within your calorie range today <BR> <BR> February 15 <BR> <BR> Get in as little sodium as possible <BR> <BR> February 16 <BR> <BR> Get it at least 50 minutes of cardio in <BR> <BR> February 17 <BR> <BR> ... Mon, 11 Feb 2008 09:21:08 EST DAILY CHALLENGES 2/4-2/10 February 4 <BR> <BR> Get in at least 10 reps of Lower Body Strength Training <BR> <BR> February 5 <BR> <BR> Get in all of your Fiber today <BR> <BR> February 6 <BR> <BR> Get in at least 4 servings of Fruit <BR> <BR> February 7 <BR> <BR> Get in at least 4 servings of Veggies <BR> <BR> February 8 <BR> <BR> Get in at least 40 minutes of cardio today <BR> <BR> February 9 <BR> <BR> Make sure that you are within your fat range today <BR> <BR> February 10 <BR> <BR> Stay on the low end o... Mon, 4 Feb 2008 10:06:14 EST Bye and good luck! Hi everyone, <BR> <BR> Just to let you know that I need to prioritise my time a bit better. So I've decided to focus on just a few of my other spark teams. <BR> <BR> Thanks for your support and advice over the past 7 months. Good luck with all your goals and I hope to hear how you're getting on via your blogs. <BR> <BR> <em>253</em> <BR> <BR> Paddington Fri, 1 Feb 2008 08:57:19 EST FEBRUARY GOALS!!!! This is where you put your February Goals! Thu, 31 Jan 2008 14:05:39 EST FEBRUARY STREAK CHALLENGE!!! February Streak Challenge <BR> <BR> It only takes 21 days to make a habit. What habits do you want at the end of February that you don’t have now? <BR> <BR> This challenge is perfect to create habits that you would like to have. <BR> <BR> The person who streaks the longest will receive a cookbook as a prize for having the most amount of days streaked at one time. <BR> <BR> Make sure that it is something that is challenging and not something that is already do! Please be honest with us a... Wed, 23 Jan 2008 11:43:57 EST I'm Ending My One Year Binge!!!! I'm not proud of where I have ended up in this past year. I managed to get into my wedding dress for my wedding on Christmas Eve 2006. That was no easy task. My wedding was in my home and after the ceremony, I took off the dress and slipped into jeans and we opened gifts and ate...and ate....and ate. I haven't stopped since. I have been a food addict!!! Well, it stopped yesterday. I am tired and sluggish and depressed about it all and it's time to be back in control. So, it's back to ... Wed, 2 Jan 2008 12:40:10 EST Good article from MSN Found this article on MSN this morning & thought I would share. <BR> <BR> <link><BR>-women/articlepage.aspx?cp-documentid=<BR>100185362&page=4 </link> Wed, 2 Jan 2008 07:19:00 EST January Checklist -Stay one night in and just relax <BR> -Stay on the low range of your calories for 1 full week <BR> -Do 6 out of 7 days of at least 30 mins of cardio <BR> -Do something nice for a stranger <BR> -Send a card to an old friend just to say "hi" <BR> -Complete one week of Daily Challenges Mon, 31 Dec 2007 13:29:20 EST January Goals! Here is the place where you post your goals for the month so that you are able to work towards them! Mon, 31 Dec 2007 13:24:17 EST New to the team.... Married 9/29/07, now re-committed to losing weight. Didn't do as well as I would have liked for my wedding day, but the day was still perfect! <BR> <BR> Trying to get back on the wagon now that the wedding is over. Wed, 19 Dec 2007 07:53:52 EST How do you work out together? My husband and I recently started working out together but we don't know what kind of exercises we can do together. Does anyone know any stretches or cardio or strength exercises you can do with a partner? Mon, 17 Dec 2007 14:00:29 EST 4 months down, lifetime to go! ;c) 2 days ago, we've been married 4 months! crazy how fast it's gone. some good days, some bad days (with the marriage i mean, not with weight). being a newlywed is HARD!! or am i the only one who thinks so? haha! i read a lot about how people are so blissful as newlyweds, but man! we fight about nonsense crap! haha, i guess we're still getting used to actually being with each other 24/7 and living in a confined space together. it's getting better, tho. :c) <BR> <BR> anyway! i want to lose jus... Thu, 13 Dec 2007 14:25:18 EST Just married 11/16! Hi all! Feeling great being a newlywed. I had goals to be a certain weight before the wedding but unfortunately didn't reach them. It's been almost two weeks since my husband and I have been back from our honeymoon and we are back to trying to reach our weightloss goals! I gained 5 lbs on the honeymoon but have already managed to take 4 lbs of it off.... very happy about that! So looking forward to chatting with and being inspired by all of you. Good luck! Wed, 12 Dec 2007 09:31:37 EST Decemeber Monthly Challenge!!! This month we are going to have a monthly challenge to help keep us going through the holiday season. <BR> <BR> The challenge is going to see who can surpass the goals the most. <BR> <BR> The Goals for the month <BR> Water: 2,000 oz= 64oz a day <BR> Cardio mins:675 mins= 45 mins for 15 days <BR> Calories: Track how many days you can stay within your calorie range. The person with the most wins! <BR> <BR> Let's really push ourselves to surpass these goals. I know some of us it will be eas... Wed, 28 Nov 2007 16:22:44 EST 31 days of Holiday Tips This is where I will be posting a tip for ever day during December. These are going to help you stay healthy throughout the holiday season! Wed, 28 Nov 2007 15:38:38 EST Need Help: Crystal Light Drink Recipes Has anyone seen these? I saw them as pull out cards in last month's cosmo and I meant to keep the cards but the magazine was thrown out before I could get them. Does anyone have any idea where to find these alcoholic drink recipes with crystal light?? <BR> <BR> TIA! <em>33</em> <BR> <BR> (XP) Sun, 25 Nov 2007 21:00:27 EST DECEMBER CHECKLIST! Here is the checklist for December Let's really try and complete everything on it: <BR> <BR> -Dedicate yourself to a cafine free day <BR> -Park as far away from the mall <BR> -Do something thoughtful for a stranger <BR> -Relax and Recoop for 30 mins <BR> -Plan a night out with the family <BR> -Do something thoughtful and unexpected for your hubby <BR> -One weekend where you are in calorie range Sun, 25 Nov 2007 09:16:45 EST DECEMBER GOALS!!! With the end of Novemeber here I would love to know what your December Goals. At the end of your goals please state where you will be weight wise on December 31st. Sat, 24 Nov 2007 13:32:12 EST Household clutter Hello everyone, <BR> <BR> You might be interested in this website: <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> Lots of tips and ideas here about getting organised at home. <BR> <BR> Paddington Thu, 8 Nov 2007 06:41:20 EST High Protein Foods One of my goals is to eat a high protein breakfast. I don't think I know what is considered high protein for breakfast. <BR> <BR> But what are some other high protein, low calorie, low fat foods. Mon, 5 Nov 2007 12:21:52 EST November Checklist! -It is that time for a new checklist. So here it is: <BR> -Try a fun hobby that you used to enjoy <BR> -Pick a room & de Clutter it <BR> -Walk a dog (yours or a friend) <BR> -Donate at least 1 item of clothing <BR> -Treat yourself to Something nice <BR> -Go to bed 30-60 mins early <BR> -Try a new healthy item for Thanksgiving (if not US for dinner) <BR> Mon, 29 Oct 2007 11:29:01 EST Monday Weigh-In Hi , I couldn't find anywhere to post this, so I started a new one. Hope you don't mind. <BR> <BR> As for me, I am doing alright down to 66.4kg from 67.4kg. I am pleased. 1kg is a good start. <BR> <em>9</em> Mon, 29 Oct 2007 08:18:27 EST November Goals!!! Now that we are less than a week from November what are your November goals? Sat, 27 Oct 2007 09:56:59 EST Oct 27~Nov 2 (1wk challenge) Hi, I am new and need extra motivation to get started. I thought I would post my goals for the week and invite you to do the same. If we share our goals we will have accountability. <BR> <BR> My Week Goals: <BR> 8 glasses of water <BR> exercise at the gym 3 days <BR> stop eating chocolate <BR> stay in my calorie range <BR> drink green tea instead of juice at work <BR> cook dinner, no eating out <BR> <BR> Ok, that sounds like enough to start my first week. Please join in and share your go... Sat, 27 Oct 2007 01:18:32 EST Hey all... Married on Aug 4th 07 :) I was recently married on aug 4th 2007. I've gained 15 pounds since working at my job and some of it was before my wedding. I originally joined spark people before the wedding, but didn't pull through with it, now i'm back and I'm ready to kick my own butt into gear. I love getting easy quick healthy recipies so if you have any, please send them my way!! I'm stuck at a desk all day, so I'm on a lot! <em>86</em> Wed, 17 Oct 2007 11:37:13 EST Hey, who else got married 11/12? This is fate, had to join this newlywed team that began on 11/12--I got married in Maui on that date! <BR> <BR> I lost a ton of weight (60+) in the six months before the wedding, and have now (sadly, cue the violins) put almost all of it back on. <BR> <BR> Hoping to get the Spark back and get that scale moving in the right direction again. <BR> <BR> Would be happy to provide and/or receive support from any other newlywed in the same boat. <BR> <BR> Congrats to all the recent brides (an ... Tue, 2 Oct 2007 15:25:46 EST DAILY CHALLENGES! 10/2 <BR> <BR> Get in 8 oz more water than you normally do. Report back here tomorrow. Tue, 2 Oct 2007 11:30:17 EST REVIEW IT! What books, Movies, TV Shows, Articles, Speakers that have moved you or you hated. Please share with us. Tue, 2 Oct 2007 11:26:31 EST WEIGH IN! Here is where we will weigh in and have accountablity. I weigh in on Friday's now. SO you will be seeing me fridays. <BR> <BR> What day do you weigh in? Tue, 2 Oct 2007 11:01:39 EST WEEKEND HELP!!!! This is a thread for Weekend Help! <BR> <BR> How did you do this weekend? Mon, 1 Oct 2007 10:33:58 EST QUESTIONS Here is the thread for you to ask any question you have. Whether it is about marriage or about weight loss or whatever you may have. Mon, 1 Oct 2007 10:26:46 EST MOTIVATION This is where we post where our motivation come from or if we need help with the motivation part! Mon, 1 Oct 2007 10:24:41 EST Vitamins Do you take a daily vitamin? If so, which one? And while we are on the topic of pills, does anyone take diet pills? I am on the fence about them and would like to hear your thoughts. Fri, 28 Sep 2007 10:53:44 EST SO IT IS OFFICIAL!!!! So I am officially the new team leader. I wanted to let you know that there is going to be some changes happening over the next couple of days, so bear with me. I hope that these changes will further Motivate and support you through your weight loss journey! I am going to be working on this team and perfecting it for a fresh start in October. Hopefully everyone has written there goals in the October Goals. <BR> <BR> To be continued! Thu, 27 Sep 2007 11:50:27 EST OCTOBER GOALS! Now that it is the last week of September it is time to think about our goals for October. Please post your individual goals for the month of October. (The Checklist is a different thread!) <BR> Thu, 27 Sep 2007 11:40:11 EST OCTOBER CHECKLIST Here is the October Checklist. Thank you to all the had input in it. <BR> <BR> -Try a new Exercise (class, machine, DVD) <BR> -Relax & meditate 30 mins <BR> -Exercise with a friend <BR> -Go to Pumpkin Patch <BR> -Drink extra 32 oz <BR> -Start 1 morning w/ 15 min Stretch <BR> -Plan an active date <BR> -Do 1 extra lap around the mall/store <BR> -Invite Friends for healthy dinner: Teach them what makes this dinner healthier than the average dinner. <BR> <BR> When you have completed 1... Thu, 27 Sep 2007 11:39:04 EST Another newlywed! Hey y'all! I came across your team this morning and knew I had to seems perfect for me. My name is Shannon, I'm 22 and I live in Huntsville, Alabama. I married my sweetie on July 7 (one of those 7/7/07 brides) and since then, decided it's time to get this weight thing under control. It seems like I haven't had a good opportunity to get serious about it -- I was in college, then living with my parents for a few months before the wedding. I couldn't get control of my situation. But no... Wed, 26 Sep 2007 09:07:23 EST ARTICLES This is a thread that will have different articles in it about health, motivation, love, marriage, anything. If you have one that you particularly like post it here with a discussion question! Tue, 25 Sep 2007 10:02:48 EST Hello all Hi everyone My name is Patricia and my husband Wayne and I just got married in April. We have been together almost four years though. We have four beautiful children. The twins are 7(Hannah and Jennifer), The two year old is wild(Sarah), and the four month old is spoiled(Caleb). We love each other very much but we do have our days. Tue, 25 Sep 2007 01:33:08 EST OCTOBER CHECKLIST Here is the October Checklist. Thank you to all the had input in it. <BR> <BR> -Try a new Exercise (class, machine, DVD) <BR> -Relax & meditate 30 mins <BR> -Exercise with a friend <BR> -Go to Pumpkin Patch <BR> -Drink extra 32 oz <BR> -Start 1 morning w/ 15 min Stretch <BR> -Plan an active date <BR> -Do 1 extra lap around the mall/store <BR> -Invite Friends for healthy dinner: Teach them what makes this dinner healthier than the average dinner. <BR> <BR> When you have completed 1 of the t... Mon, 24 Sep 2007 12:12:33 EST OCTOBER GOALS Now that it is the last week of September it is time to think about our goals for October. Please post your individual goals for the month of October. (The Checklist is a different thread!) Mon, 24 Sep 2007 12:09:14 EST We got a place!!! AHHH!!! Oh my Goodness. I am so excited. <BR> <BR> Just a run down for some of you.. I'm Krystal (24) married to Kevin (29) and mommy to Noah (2). My husband and I have been together since Nov 02 and married since March 2nd 2007 (about 7 months).. <BR> <BR> We got our first place when our son was almost 2mos old. We lived on our own close to a year and then lost everything due to my husbands poor (VERY POOR) choices. We ended up with my mom and sister for a while and then with my husbands parents f... Sun, 23 Sep 2007 15:17:27 EST This fat bride wants to be a skinny wife Hey all! My name's Melissa. I got married on June 30, 07. I'd been dating my husband for almost 6 years, and I always said that when we got engaged, I'd lose weight for the wedding. Well, we got engaged on April 22, 07 - yep, 2 months, 1 week, and 1 day before the wedding. Needless to say, trying to diet on top of everything else was the last thing I needed. <BR> I told my husband that I would be 20 pounds lighter by our 1st anniversary, and I'm 7 lbs. heavier now than I was in May, mostly du... Sat, 22 Sep 2007 13:48:21 EST October Challenge Checklist Ok so the girls that have been on here know about the checklist. What would you like to have on it for the month of October? <BR> <BR> I am also thinking about having an ongoing challenge throughout the month. What would you suggest? What would help you get motivated? Thu, 20 Sep 2007 21:02:41 EST What do you think? I have a question for the girls of the group. As you know I have been trying to get more activity on this team to really start building a strong team. The team leader has be MIA for a while now- I have tried to contact her many times to have her add me on as a co-leader so that I can help out when she is gone, but no response. Do you think that I should try and become a co-leader or should I wait to here from the team leader? <BR> <BR> I am asking you because I don't want to step on anyon... Thu, 20 Sep 2007 20:49:10 EST How often should I.... Weigh myself? I don't want to do it too often because I know I will get discouraged if I am not losing like I think I should. What do you do? <em>192</em> Thu, 20 Sep 2007 11:50:17 EST What are you proud of? Today I am proud that I did my 45 min workout even though I was hurting! <BR> <BR> So what are you proud of today? Tomorrow? <BR> <BR> The idea is that we work so hard that each day it is nice to think about what we are proud of. Some day sit may be as little as I got to work, and other days it could be as big as I lost pounds!!! Wed, 19 Sep 2007 16:28:33 EST hi newly weds! Hi All! I got married on July 7th and it was just perfect. Spark people helped me to lose 30lbs for my wedding. I have gained 8 lbs since the honeymoon and need to get on track. Mon, 17 Sep 2007 18:20:42 EST do you celebrate? since being married husband and i celebrate our calendar date '17th' every month. <BR> usually something like flowers and going out to dinner. <BR> this month we are seeing a show (mr. last vegas, wayne newton) and im getting a new oven for fall baking (whee!) <BR> i have to wonder if this will last past our 1 year. <BR> <BR> anyone else? <BR> everyone i work with gags when i tell 'em our happy mini-versary stories. Sun, 16 Sep 2007 12:40:15 EST Newly Weds! Lets burn Calories!!! Today I searched for a Calorie Burning spark team and I couldn't find one. So either there wasn't any or SP wasn't showing them to me. <BR> <BR> So I decided to make one. I know there has to be people out there that need to talk about Burning calories and how to do so. <BR> <BR> I have got forums up and even a post in each one. But I haven't gotten a picture up yet so bare with me on that one. <BR> <BR> Anyway, Id really love it if you all would join my spark team. I know we could all h... Sat, 15 Sep 2007 17:08:46 EST My wedding report Wedding report for June 30th 2007 <BR> <BR> You'll notice this is a bit belated so sorry about that! It's been a busy summer at home and work! <BR> <BR> -------- <BR> <BR> <BR> The Wednesday before our wedding: <BR> <BR> I'm printing off the last batch out of 150 Orders of Service (including some for the choir). One of our female ushers comes over to help me and is an absolute star bringing lunch and home-baking and then spending two hours stapling OOSs. We've had a 70% acceptance rate ... Fri, 14 Sep 2007 16:31:26 EST SEPTEMBER CHALLENGE! This is going to be for accountability: <BR> <BR> Everyday please report: <BR> Calories <BR> Cardio in mins <BR> water in oz <BR> strength training- how many reps of 12-15 did you do <BR> <BR> This is to help bring more activity to the board and it is to help keep each other accountable. <BR> <BR> I will continue the Monthly checklist like TKTEACH did starting October! Fri, 7 Sep 2007 11:33:13 EST SEPTEMBER GOALS! What are you goals for this month? How do you want to accomplish those goals? What is your game plan? Fri, 7 Sep 2007 11:28:16 EST MONEY MATTERS! This thread is going to be about Money and how we can budget for the wonderful food we will be eating! Fri, 7 Sep 2007 11:26:19 EST The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands I was impressed by this book review so thought that I would pass it on. Has anyone on here read the actual book? <BR> <BR> Review taken from:<BR>/082915.php <BR> <BR> REVIEW <BR> Ten Things to Take From The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands <BR> Review written by Kieran Dickinson <BR> Published April 26, 2004 <BR> <BR> Dr. Laura Schlessinger has written another book that deserves a place on the best seller list with six of her other books, such as... Fri, 7 Sep 2007 10:55:39 EST Has anything surprised you about marriage? Is married life how you expected it to be? Fri, 7 Sep 2007 08:20:28 EST Ok so who is all still here?! Lately I have noticed that the message board is lacking on this team. I loved talking with you girls and I think that it would be a wonderful support. So please take a minute and hop on the boards to talk. Thu, 6 Sep 2007 09:54:27 EST Hello from Iowa I just moved to Iowa in February and then married June 16. My husband and I are both trying to lose weight. I just found spark last month and it has been a big help. It is nice to know that there are other newlyweds on the weightloss trip as well. Fri, 31 Aug 2007 08:13:52 EST Hello!! Hi there! I'm Sarah from Texas. I'm 27 years old and recently married to Keith. I work for an insurance company dealing with ancillary benefits (dental, vision, life and disability). We have a dauchsund/German shepherd mix puppy. <BR> <BR> Looking forward to getting to know more people on the site. Mon, 20 Aug 2007 22:12:09 EST Time to move on Hey everyone. I just got married on July 8th. After hanging around the brides to be team for a few weeks, I decided it was time to move on to the newlywed team. So here I am! I was very close to reaching my wedding day goal and then I packed soem on in the past few weeks so as it is today I have about 10 lbs left to loose. Mon, 30 Jul 2007 17:05:38 EST Hi Hello! My name is Amanda. I got married on Feb. 10, 2007! I love married life. Im looking forward to meeting oether newlyweds! Wed, 25 Jul 2007 14:48:57 EST Just joined your team Hello, <BR> <BR> Being a newly wed as of June I've just joined your team. Looking forward to getting to know you all. <BR> <BR> Paddington Fri, 20 Jul 2007 10:22:29 EST How to.... get my husband running again? <BR> <BR> We use to run together all the time. During our engagement we trained for the Disney Half-Marathon and completed it together after our honeymoon. I recently registered for a 13k in October alone because my husband "no longer enjoys running." <BR> <BR> Do you think this may be because I joined his sport? How can I motivate him? I bought him new asics for the holidays (yup back in December) and they reside in the closet. He's mentioned an IPOD but tha... Tue, 5 Jun 2007 09:47:48 EST What's your engagement story? <em>129</em> Tue, 5 Jun 2007 09:44:25 EST June Challenge Checklist Calling for out for ideas for the June checklist! I would love to post it by Sunday evening. Selfishly I want to leave the car washing on the list for another month. Yes... I'm still driving around in a filthy car. What are some other ideas out there? Fri, 1 Jun 2007 12:53:39 EST May Challenge Checklist Greetings! <BR> <BR> This month I thought it might be fun to create a May Challenge Checklist. A list of healthy and fun activities to complete throughout the month. I would also like people to add suggestions to the list prior to Sunday, May 6th. Oh and if some ideas are not practical please let me know. I want this to be fun and something everyone will enjoy. I'll post the final checklist next Sunday evening. You can start working on some of these items already and repeat as often as you ... Tue, 1 May 2007 18:53:58 EST Hi everyone My name is Angi. I'm 28. I've been married since October 2006. I'm currently finishing up my first year of law school. Within the past year, I've gotten married, started law school, seen my father-in-law die, and gained at least 20 pounds. Even though I only weigh 125 pounds, I'm only 5 feet and have a small frame. I'm hoping to start exercising on a regular basis and maintaining better eating habits. Hopefully, I'll lose some weight too. I look forward to having someone to help keep ... Mon, 30 Apr 2007 17:01:19 EST Read any good books lately? Okay... I am completely addicted to Jodi Picoult at the moment. When I buy one of her books I have to read it straight through. This month (last month/March) I read Tenth Circle and My Sister's Keeper. I'm now onto Salem Falls which is starting a little slower than her other novels. Anyone else love this author? Other great suggestions? Thu, 5 Apr 2007 07:52:39 EST April Challenge The April challenge is going to be to each complete 560 minutes of cardio this month and drink 8 glasses of water a day. If you will post once a week your cardio minutes completed and how many days you consumed 8 glasses of water I will create a leaderboard. I certainly hope you like this idea. Tue, 3 Apr 2007 18:56:59 EST An idea Greetings! I'm trying to think of ways to get this board moving. Here are a few of my ideas... Feedback is greatly appreciated!!! <BR> <BR> 1. A monthly challenge for example April could be cardio or water tracking. We could create a leaderboard and keep it update. I will be happy to help out here! <BR> <BR> 2. A recipe exchange board. I know that I've tried recipes on both SP and The Nest and it's really hit or miss. Sometimes I wish someone had warned me that Zesty Lemon Chicken would tas... Fri, 23 Mar 2007 18:12:16 EST Romantic Foods without the calories I'm going away with my DH next weekend and other then Strawberries and chocolate I couldn't think of anything healthy that fits into the romantic catagory. Any Ideas TIA Fri, 2 Mar 2007 13:17:46 EST Favorite Exercise to work your back: What is your favorite way to work your back?? Mine would be: Back Extension with Ball. Here's the link:<BR>cises.asp?ID=17 <BR> <BR> It is hard at first to get the form down but one you do, it REALLY works the lower back. You can feel lit the next day but not so much you can't move. :) <BR> <BR> Care to share your favorite so we can all learn from each other? It can be any part of the back. Mon, 29 Jan 2007 13:43:30 EST How do you get past winter blues? Okay, we've had a pretty mild winter here in Chicago until yesterday and today I realized that if I don't do something different, I will not be doing well for the rest of the winter! <BR> <BR> So, my boss' birthday today so he put TONS of junk food on my desk to celebrate... I was supposed to share but ended up eating "alittle" before realizing it was unhealthy... Eating carrots to soothe my emotional eating isn't helping... ideas on things healthy to cook as well as indoor workouts? Or jo... Wed, 17 Jan 2007 11:51:11 EST Post Wedding Blahs Are Making Me Fat My Wedding this past September was amazing!! Loads of planning and some weight loss really paid off. The pictures are beautiful and our Honeymoon in Maui was a blast. Pre-Wedding I had so much motivation and since the wedding I've become a total glutten sloth I've put on about 18lbs in these recent months and like many of you never reached my goal weight even before the wedding. Food and alcohol are the culprits, but bring the most immediate satisfaction to escape or numb out. I do enjoy wor... Tue, 2 Jan 2007 18:43:08 EST Post-Wedding Blahs Are Making Me Fat <em>4</em> <BR> My Wedding this past September was amazing!! Loads of planning and some weight loss really paid off. The pictures are beautiful and our Honeymoon in Maui was a blast. Pre-Wedding I had so much motivation and since the wedding I've become a total glutten sloth <em>29</em> I've put on about 18lbs in these recent months and like many of you never reached my goal weight even before the wedding. Food and alcohol are the culprits, but bring the most immediate satisfaction to esc... Tue, 2 Jan 2007 17:33:30 EST Message Removed Message Removed Fri, 29 Dec 2006 13:36:46 EST Budget Questions Okay, I'm working on the budget tonite and thought I'd get some opinion. For 1 month, I put $40 into going out to coffee (mostly for my husband as he's a student) and $40 into going on dates. <BR> <BR> Is that too much? What do you guys spend (if you don't mind my asking) <BR> <BR> I was married pretty young and never really had to have a budget until I got married and now I have so many questions because I don't want to waste money because we're saving so that we won't go into debt becaus... Sun, 17 Dec 2006 20:45:39 EST Need to drop post wedding poundage!! Hi Everyone! <BR> I am so excited about this board. I just got married in August and have strapped on 15 pounds since the big day. I never truly achieved my goal weight for my wedding so I would like to lose a total of 35 pounds and weigh 130. I just joined sparkpeople today and hope that it will be a great vice to help me FINALLY reach my goal! <BR> <em>213</em> Mon, 11 Dec 2006 21:01:43 EST Mini-Cha allenges! Let's do the first challenge as 6 days - ending on Saturday, and then we can continue with starting challenges on Sundays and ending them on Saturdays. <BR> <BR> Feel free to update us on your successes here as well as your difficulties! I'd love to hear it all. A lot of times we feel alone in our 'failures', but there are many others out there that may be thinking the same thing! Sharing always makes me feel better, and it helps me not to ignore things! Good or bad! <BR> <BR> Challen... Sun, 26 Nov 2006 21:44:04 EST General Chat Hey there! Please put general chat messages here! That way we can keep our page neat and it will be easier to know where you are! <BR> <BR> Would you guys like to do any challenges? We could do a longer challenge, or mini challenges every week, or both? Let me know your ideas! <BR> <BR> Erica <BR> <em>104</em> Sun, 19 Nov 2006 13:02:05 EST Introduce Yourself! Welcome to all who come! I hope this page becomes a supportive and fun place for newlyweds to come and chat about whatever you feel like! <BR> <em>235</em> <BR> <BR> My name is Erica, I am 25 years old and got married to my love on August 18, 2006. I also just finished nursing school, and am doing orientation for my new job in a large urban hospital. I joined Spark People just under 3 weeks ago, but it has been a huge motivator for me! My starting weight is 170lbs and my ultimate goal ... Sun, 12 Nov 2006 02:44:57 EST