SparkPeople Juice Feasters Team Messageboard The health benefits of juicing far exceed those of eating solids only. Treat your body to concentrated living enzymes & nutrition that speed healing and release of fat and toxins. Please Come Join Us! SparkPeople Juice Feasters Team Messageboard CHAT HEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOO<BR>O! Sun, 12 Jan 2014 19:31:18 EST Is anyone here? I was hoping to find some juicing friends here. <BR> <BR> Sun, 22 Dec 2013 13:33:09 EST How much $$$ for .... How much do you spend on produce each week / month? Sun, 5 May 2013 10:11:46 EST Nutritional Data for Juicing? Hello, all! <BR> <BR> I was wondering if anyone knows how to properly calculate the nutritional information when juicing? I juice a bunch of veggies for breakfast every morning, but I'm not sure how many of the vitamins, minerals, calories, protein, etc. are in each glass I'm making. Since the "pulp" is not part of the drink, I'm not sure how to calculate. Any ideas? <BR> <BR> Thanks in advance! :) Sun, 30 Dec 2012 10:52:27 EST NEED TO DETOX? Not sure about anyone else, but detox is in order for me. In fact in conversation with my sisters - we agreed we needed to purge. It seems that we all did some 'happy' eating of the same type of things, even though we were not all together at the same time - we ate the same. So, I made this juice and ummm - I know that I received my help to start - that is my story and I am sticking to it, as I have felt the rumblings of joy. <BR> <BR> This juice recipe comes from Cary Kingsbury of http:/... Thu, 27 Dec 2012 08:00:48 EST INTENTIONS FOR 2013 AND YOUR PREP I have had a wonderful 2012 - not to say that it was all unicorn's and roses - it was a year of enlightment. It was such a journey. I declared my intention that I wanted to be healthy and in my mind, I was only talking about weight. However, life and the universe had me on a journey to heal, my mind, soul and heart and such as it was, it for me yielded some wonderful fruit. So for 2013, what are your intentions and how do you plan to prepare. Thank you so much for sharing, as this share may ... Tue, 11 Dec 2012 16:04:56 EST Which Juicer brand would you recommend? I am new to this and have not bought my juicer yet. I want to juice kale. I heard there are some bands and models better for greens than others. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance Wed, 5 Dec 2012 18:19:59 EST Just completed today my 60 days juice fast!!!! Hi all I just completed today my 60 days juice fast and feel great. I only lost about 30 pounds - I wish it was more, but I did not do any exercise, purely out of laziness since I had tons of energy. I lost tons of inches though all my clothes are super loose or I can no longer wear them. <BR> <BR> My friends are calling me the "incredible shrinking woman" - lol. <BR> <BR> Someone else who started when I did and weigh the same lost 49 pounds but she walked every day. <BR> <BR> Still ve... Thu, 29 Nov 2012 22:30:49 EST Today... Just juiced a chunk of cabbage, 2 carrots, handful of spinach, some alfalfa sprouts (not sure how well they juiced) and 1/2 green apple. Not bad at all... mild and pretty tasty. Thu, 15 Nov 2012 18:28:29 EST Festive sweet potato and pear recipe from reboot This recipe sounds so good and festive. I will definitely try it! <BR> <BR> Ingredients: <BR> 1 large sweet potato, peeled <BR> 1 bartlett pear <BR> Small splash of Fresh Almond Milk <BR> 3 dashes of cinnamon Thu, 15 Nov 2012 11:37:03 EST How active is this team? Looking for a team for juicing with sharing, support, etc. Not seeing too much in the way of posts????????? Wed, 14 Nov 2012 18:20:08 EST How much variety is ok in a recipe.. .gastric issu Hello. Yesterday I made juice with I think too many ingredients and am still paying for it. It had kale, green beans, asparagus, parsley, carrots, nopales (cactus leaves). I am alternate juicing, the next meal was food... I had spaghetti squash and a spinach/swiss chard saute... Spending a lot of time in the bathroom. Think I need guidance on what a beginner juicer should be doing for sure! I read one thing that said no more than 3 ingredients... Need advice..... Also, what sh... Wed, 14 Nov 2012 15:45:44 EST Juicing 3 days a week..ok? Hi. I am currently juicing 3 days per week. Pretty much alternate days and skip Sunday. I start with a dinner. I juice 3 meals and eat three healthy meals and so on. I have been doing this for about a week and have felt better (mostly) and have lost 3.5 lbs. My goal is to have a healthier relationship with food, improve my health through juicing and lose weight. I plan to continue this method as long as it works for me. Not sure if it's ok to do this method on this team or not.....? Jo Wed, 14 Nov 2012 11:33:35 EST STORM CHECK-IN An e-mail was sent to you today as a request to check -in so we can assure one another that we are all okay or if we are not okay. Thank you <BR> <BR> We had some tree damage, lost light during the evening while sleeping, we are okay in Hugesville Md. One quadrant near our home is still out of electricity and that is about 1500 homes. My community is only 15 homes, so that got us back up pretty quick. <BR> Tue, 30 Oct 2012 11:08:31 EST NEEDS FOR THIS TEAM Hello All, <BR> <BR> I need some fresh blood or juicers for this team - Kneyrus left Spark and I have no idea of her status. I am here, but not juicing at this time, having some medical issues that have been very difficult, so I need you - <BR> <BR> Another team leader <BR> New ideas <BR> Recipes <BR> and some love from you. Tell me what you would like to see and let me know what you think. <BR> <BR> jacki Sun, 21 Oct 2012 19:03:58 EST Hello juicers.... I am embarking on a 60 day juice fast starting today. <BR> <BR> Just checking to see if anyone was interested in jumping in. Not necessarily now, but whenever over the next 60 days. <BR> <BR> We can do this thing together. Sat, 22 Sep 2012 18:31:39 EST Anyone Juicing these days? I will be beginning a 90 day juice feast under doctor's care. I have some medical issues that my medical doctor thinks will benefit from fasting, so I am game for it. I will be journalling as well as having a you tube channel. Anyone to join in as we go the journey? Wed, 12 Sep 2012 07:02:08 EST Juice Feasters (New Member) Hi my name is Melanie Louise Jackson aka (Grease31), <BR> <BR> I have joined this particular group, as i am going to try & drink more juices, on & 4 my sparkteam Juce Feasters Team. <BR> <BR> I have looked at/read through, different Juices recipes, in all the different weekly magazines, that i buy for myself, as a treat. <BR> <BR> I have always wanted to try & make my own different Juices, but have not got around buying myself a Juicer Jug, (as of yet, do not own 1, but i sure will do soo... Sat, 1 Sep 2012 06:04:50 EST On drinking Water I saw this posted on another forum and thought you might enjoy: <BR> <BR> Correct time to drink water... Very Important. From A Cardiac Specialist! <BR> Drinking water at a certain time maximizes its effectiveness on the body: <BR> <BR> <BR> 2 glasses of water after waking up - helps activate internal organs <BR> <BR> <BR> 1 glass of water 30 minutes before a meal - helps digestion <BR> <BR> <BR> 1 glass of water before taking a bath - helps lower blood pressure <BR> <BR> <BR> 1 glas... Sat, 28 Jul 2012 15:31:26 EST 21 DAY MEDITATION CHALLENGE WITH DEEPKA CHOPRA You can sign up for FREE: <link><BR>ellers/LandingPage.aspx?BookId=169 </link> Wed, 11 Jul 2012 21:35:38 EST Juicing Kale & Spinach Hi Everyone, I have been juicing for 2 days now and wanted to find out if my juicer has an issue or if there is a very small yield when juicing these two greens. I get about a tablespoon from handfuls of spinach, and much smaller amount from kale. <BR> Thanks Mon, 9 Jul 2012 17:30:19 EST 15 day juice feast anyone???? I am going to start a 15 day juice feast Monday...Would love love love an accountability partner. Any one???? :o) Fri, 6 Jul 2012 12:58:16 EST SHORT JUICE FEAST - June 11 through June 14 Please sign up here for some wonderful time for you. Veterans, we need you as support. Newbies, you will get to experience something new, with all of the fresh produce available now. <BR> I hope you join in and if there is any way I can help, please let me know. Blessings to you Tue, 5 Jun 2012 09:23:43 EST I think I want to fast (feast) again... I started my son on a juicing regimen this week where he is drinking lots of juice and fresh raw fruits and vegetables. <BR> <BR> I realized once I started juicing so much that I missed it in that frequency. Not only that, I miss the way I felt when on the fast as well. <BR> <BR> I think I am going to do it again. My last time (earlier this year) it was 30 days and it went incredibly well. This time I think I will try to stretch it out 15 more days. <BR> <BR> Anyone else thinking of gi... Tue, 5 Jun 2012 00:10:00 EST Juicer Purchase Paralysis So, I've been waffling back and forth for several weeks on getting a juicer. I have a Vitamix and use it for green smoothies every day, but after watching "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead" and heading to the new Evolution Fresh shop (a new juicing shop that Starbucks is launching) yesterday, I really want to hop on the juicewagon. <BR> <BR> My problem is trying to figure out which one. Someone told me to just pick up a Jack Lalanne for $100, but my sister had that one and said it wasted a ton of fr... Thu, 24 May 2012 13:00:08 EST WEBSITES THAT PROVIDE JUICER COMPARISONS I may have missed it, but I wanted to give a comparrison of juicer- after all this is what this site is about. Both sites are excellent: <BR> <BR> <link> </link> <BR> <BR> <link><BR>l </link> <BR> <BR> QVC has a few juicers listed that allow you to do three payments. <BR> <BR> Jay Kordich, also has a great masticating juicer that does greens, the Power Grind - awsome, I have demoed this . He allows payments from his we... Fri, 11 May 2012 11:28:50 EST DEDICATED TO JUICES THAT MAY HELP MALADIES I started juicing because I wanted to heal my body and as a result it was therupetic for me. Jay Kordich talks about health maintenance and how his wife has some of the purest blood when she was tested in 2011, by Dr. Gaberial Cousens of the Tree of Life Rejuventation Center. Dr. Cousens is prolific in his journey: <link> </link> if you are interested. it is a great health maintenance as well. I am starting the list and hope that those who desire will add information ... Thu, 10 May 2012 10:30:48 EST ODD FREGGIES TO JUICE I recently had someone ask me about juicing potatoes and I had this thought, yuk - they are only good two ways to me, as french fries or in potatoe salad. Okay, so I got some food issues - that is why I juice to help with it. Anyway, it got me to thinking, potatoes are odd, and I found nothing about jucing them - but a lot about not eating or eating them. But there are some things, which many of you may have done, but others may have never though to try: <BR> <BR> Sugar Cane <BR> Sweet Po... Thu, 10 May 2012 10:19:53 EST Where's Karen (Organic 11LFRV)? Hi, team! <BR> I might have missed a posting by her, but I very much enjoyed reading Karen's daily updates on her Juice Feasting journey, and they just stopped suddenly last week. And now you can no longer get to her Sparkpage. I'm hoping that everything is cool with her life and she's flourishing as she finishes up her Feast, but I'd love to know if anyone knows what's up and if she is coming back! <BR> <BR> Thanks! Thu, 10 May 2012 09:41:38 EST Adding Stuff to Your Juices I have a warehouse of books on juicing. For the most part, I would just juice, however, with health issues and research, I have started adding spice, herbs, etc to my juices and it has been a wonderful experience. <BR> <BR> Here are some to try, and what I have found that they do, I will be adding more to the list, but I want you to feel free to add as well: <BR> <BR> Cinnamon -Health Boost: Can lower blood sugar, triglycerides, LDL, and total cholesterol in people with type 2 diabetes. Ai... Fri, 4 May 2012 11:25:13 EST Beyond Organic Beyond Organic is the organic food, Faith and mission driven company that has completely swept me off my feet and I feel very grateful to have found it and to be able to share this with you. I will be posting some AMAZING articles from them and I invite all of you to check the company out for yourselfs. If you would like to join our team within the company please contact me directly and I'll be more than happy to assist.. <BR> How they relate to juice feasting? They don't really, however th... Thu, 26 Apr 2012 22:01:43 EST New here ~ Just a hello Hello! <BR> <BR> I’m new to this group and Sweetlips has shared a lot of wonderful things about the leader of the group… so I decided to give it a try. I have been juicing for only 2 years now, and I took a break from juicing the moment I got sick. I didn’t know much about juicing when I started, and I wasn’t well read in the process of juicing. I just jumped out there and gave it a go with Sweetlips advice along the way. I learned I have to be careful of what I do juice and put in my body.... Fri, 20 Apr 2012 13:09:11 EST JUICEFEAST SUCCESSES We have a wonderful model here in our team leader, and there are others too. I beleive that as we read about others journies, it is a source of inspiration. I hope you enjoy and I hope that you also feel free to add to this list as well. Have a real nice and juicy day: <BR> <BR> <link> </link> Fri, 20 Apr 2012 11:24:44 EST GREAT JUICING IDEA I think this is a nifty idea - <link><BR>feature=relmfu </link> Mon, 16 Apr 2012 10:13:27 EST Amazing Idea for an Indoor Herb Garden <link><BR>urnal_individual.asp?blog_id=4836560 </link> <BR> <BR> Just had to share this! Sun, 15 Apr 2012 20:19:52 EST KEVIN TRUDEAU ARTICLE ON JUICING He does the subject great! <link><BR>ent/the-benefits-of-juicing/ </link> Mon, 9 Apr 2012 08:44:36 EST July 1st start date I'm currently doing a raw food and Beach Body Challenge that ends in time for me to start a juice feast for the summer. I'll use the time between now and then to really educate myself about juicing. I have the juicer, lots of recipes, support at Reboot Your Life, and an enema kit from Raw for Life. <BR> <BR> I've eaten a plant based diet for 4 years, with a real emphasis on nutrient dense foods for a year. I'm really excited to delve into this next aspect of health. Thu, 5 Apr 2012 09:31:25 EST A WONDERFUL ARTICLE ON JUICING! Great how to's and tips and fantastic recipes. <link><BR>tion/add-healthy-energy-to-your-life-b<BR>y-juicing/ </link> Thu, 5 Apr 2012 08:30:27 EST Amazing absoulty amazing I am on fire this morning!!! I am running on jet fuel!!! It has been a full week today that I have gone raw with smoothies and juice…In my excitement I bought way to many greens. This morning I juiced what was left. Wow what a blast that gave me. It kinda reminded me of the “ Mothers little helpers” of the 70’s…LOL if ya know what I mean… <BR> Two weeks ago I was ready to curl up,,,I was dragging myself up the stairs. This morning I woke up extra early, that is a surprise to me because... Fri, 30 Mar 2012 11:04:32 EST HOW HAS YOUR JUICING BEEN IN THE MONTH OF MARCH? Have you been juicing daily as an adjunct to a healthy eating program? <BR> <BR> Have you attempted a juice feast? Have you failed or succeeded at your plan? <BR> <BR> Have you started plans for a feast in the comming month? <BR> <BR> Have you decided to put the feast plans on the back burner? Why? Thu, 29 Mar 2012 07:33:03 EST CONFESSIONS OF A JUICE FEASTER What a wonderful and humorous, yet sincere article from a first-person perspective of her juice feasting journey. A must read! Here's the link: <link><BR>away-true-confessions-juicer </link> Mon, 26 Mar 2012 08:50:09 EST GREEN JUICE HITS MAIN STREAM NEWS PROGRAM Other than wanting to have a chat with the featured dietician, I think this is a wonderful little news program! <link><BR>am/kdaf-juicing-as-a-meal-replacement-<BR>20120321,0,5749853.story </link> Thu, 22 Mar 2012 08:31:07 EST I'm new and excited to find this team Hello Juicers. I am Kimmy. I was spark surfing looking for a good cleanse recommendation and ran onto this team. Ya hoo for me... I have been juicing for years. My mother was feeding me green juice when I was a child....My favorite was parsley, celery and pineapple. we would get that for a special treat..Yum <BR> My man is going to be gone for the next 6 weeks and I thought it would be the perfect time to do a juice cleanse. I have read all recommendations and am a little disappointed ... Wed, 21 Mar 2012 01:46:20 EST Antibiotics? I need some advice... and I know you're not medical people, but... my antibiotics are killing my stomach. Literally. Not only do I have diarrhea (pretty much everything I go to the bathroom), but my stomach gurgles. Literally, lots of noise, all the time. ESPECIALLY when I drink anything. I'm considering adding some probiotics to my drinks, like keifer (sp?) to help with the diarrhea, since I have to be on it for ten days (and I'm only halfway done). Plus, not to mention with this whole sore... Mon, 19 Mar 2012 17:01:01 EST YET ANOTHER GREEN JUICE RECIPE AND GREAT SITE! <link><BR>o-make-a-natural-energy-drink/?utm_sou<BR>rce=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=ho<BR>w-to-make-a-natural-energy-drink </link> Mon, 19 Mar 2012 08:31:28 EST ANOTHER GREEN JUICE DRINKER AND WONDERFUL RECIPE Yummmm! Here's the link: <link><BR>avorite-green-juice/#comment-1542 </link> Sun, 18 Mar 2012 08:34:40 EST Finding satisfaction! Okay, I know I'm slightly "forced" into this juice feast with the surgery, but let me tell you- I don't think I realized how much FOOD there was around us in advertising and everything, until I notice I can't eat it! Crazy :/ Had a weird nausea bit last night, think it's because I haven't had a BM since surgery, so we're working on an enema before I go out for our small group in a little bit. I'm hoping it'll help clear up some nausea, plus perhaps I'm not taking in enough liquids? It is a... Sat, 17 Mar 2012 12:53:33 EST WILD EDIBLES GREEN JUICE YOUTUBE VIDEO I'm just wild about FREE wild edibles that you can harvest many times from local areas - as long as you know what you are doing - PLEASE educate before picking! - and the area is not sprayed and far away from street and overhead traffic fumes and toxins. <BR> <BR> Here's the link: <link> </link> Sat, 17 Mar 2012 08:36:15 EST ANOTHER GREEN JUICE VIDEO. She has some great tips too! <link><BR>een-juice-101-for-cleansing-or-detox/ </link> Thu, 15 Mar 2012 08:48:54 EST Online resources?? There is so much information out there about juicing I'm just not sure where to go. <BR> <BR> What is a good online source, or book source, I can go to about juice feasting? Tue, 13 Mar 2012 01:30:40 EST Looking For Recommendations I am fairly new to juicing and have been wanting to buy a book on juicing to get more info as well as some recipes. <BR> <BR> Any recommendations on some good juicing books? Sat, 10 Mar 2012 18:13:23 EST Questions before starting??? I thought I'd start a thread prior to my beginning my juice feast just to have a place to collect all my questions, and hopefully answers. <BR> <BR> I got my nut milk bags yesterday and this morning made my first juice. I'm so glad I was able to do this today since my digestive system really needs to recuperate. See my most recent blog for the scurrilous details. <BR> <BR> So for starters, do you add any oils like coconut, or use any fatty fruits/veggies like avocado when you are juice feas... Tue, 6 Mar 2012 08:45:57 EST Enema Kit? I'm trying to get ready for juice feast, and I was wondering if there is a specific kit that is better than the other? <BR> <BR> Any advice is greatly appreciated :) Thank you! Mon, 5 Mar 2012 14:45:18 EST GREEN COCONUT WATER DRINK Here's another great site for juice recipes and healthy living and a wonderful green juice recipe adding coconut water! <link><BR>/ </link> Sat, 3 Mar 2012 07:42:40 EST ANOTHER GREEN JUICE SITE With loads of additional juice recipes: <link> </link> Fri, 2 Mar 2012 08:08:05 EST HUNGRY FOR CHANGE - NEW FILM I had to share this as soon as I got it. A new film staring all our favorite living foods people is debuting around the 20th of this month. Here's the link to sign up for the free debut: <link> </link> Thu, 1 Mar 2012 15:18:29 EST Some questions i dont like to many veggies probly about 5 different kinda at the most. i love fruit. <BR> <BR> since i dont like to many veggies should i even try juicing? <BR> <BR> how do i know what will taste good with other things? <BR> <BR> like mixing veggies with fruits. <BR> <BR> Wed, 29 Feb 2012 20:24:10 EST Gearing up to Start Hi everyone, I joined up a little while ago but have waiting to introduce myself until I became a bit more familiar with juicing and juice feasting. My motivation for doing a juice feast is simply to clean up my act. I am a healthy 70 year old with just a couple of minor ailments, but you don't get to be my age, or half my age, without accumulating all kinds of toxins in your body. I am on a couple of medications that I would like to get off, and if I were to drop a couple of pounds that woul... Wed, 29 Feb 2012 17:33:55 EST Gearing up to Start ooops...posted twice and can't figure out how to delete their Wed, 29 Feb 2012 17:32:54 EST SUPER GREEN JUICE YOUTUBE VIDEO i love how he mixes things when he juices. I do the same. <link> </link> Wed, 29 Feb 2012 08:35:05 EST Options? I was considering starting a juice feast soon (my first) but after making some juice this morning I am not sure what to do. All the details are in today's blog post but basically my juicer does not do a great job. I have a new blender that I got for green smoothies (also not the best but it tears up the greens better then the juicer did) could I use it instead? I was thinking I could blend everything with water and then strain out all the pulp. Is leaving the pulp in an option? That would be ... Tue, 28 Feb 2012 10:43:58 EST FEB REVIEW / MARCH DESIRES Another month is ending. How did your February go? Was it all you desired? Did you stay on track? Did you get derailed? Did you have great successes? <BR> <BR> What do you want for March? What is your plan for personal success? What do you want to accomplish for certain? <BR> <BR> Your team wants to know. <BR> Tue, 28 Feb 2012 06:55:31 EST JUICING YOUR GREEN GARDEN This is a Youtube video showing an incredible array of home-grown greens and demonstrating the proper way to juice them. <link> </link> Mon, 27 Feb 2012 08:10:07 EST THE BENEFITS OF GREEN JUICE This is a great little article touting the glorious glass of green goodness. Enjoy! <link><BR>should-drink-green-juice </link> Sun, 26 Feb 2012 20:26:50 EST DIFFICULTIES STARTING OR CONTINUING A FEAST Use this team and it's members and leaders. We can pull together as a unit and overcome obstacles that get in our path to health through juice feasting. <BR> <BR> Everyone encounters unplanned issues in the preparation for, or the actual feast itself. No one is invulnerable to life coming up and throwing us a curve ball. <BR> <BR> Most problems can be resolved, some cannot. How can you alone tell? You can't. <BR> <BR> So, come here and air your obstacles so you can overcome them. Sun, 26 Feb 2012 20:22:22 EST ARE YOU LOOKING FOR MOTIVATION TO ACTUALLY START? Juice Feasting that is. <BR> <BR> Theres a big difference between drinking a fresh glass of wonderful juice, juice FASTing, and juice FEASTing. They are all miles apart. <BR> <BR> It is a huge financial and emotional commitment to do a juice feast. Preparing is necessary and so is home front support and education. You need to know the whys, the whats, and the hows. <BR> <BR> If you are not sufficiently motivated you will not be able to overcome the obstacles that your mind especiall... Sun, 26 Feb 2012 20:18:34 EST An newbie to the team... Hi, My name is Kerri and I have just joined this team because I want to start out this 21 day juice feasting right. any help is much appreciated. I am not a newbie to juicing but maybe there is a bit of info that I lack is the reason I can't seem to stay on total juice for more then a few days at a time without craving solid food. Sun, 26 Feb 2012 11:19:15 EST DAN "THE MAN" GUIDING A NEWBIE ON JUICE FEASTING This is a very good 30 min Youtube interview video with Dan "The Man" giving a person new to juice feasting a great run down to how to's and grocery list, etc. Well worth watching. <link><BR>-weight-fast-with-juice-feasting-shopp<BR>ing-list-included/ </link> Sun, 26 Feb 2012 07:39:02 EST GREEN JUICE MAKING 101 - YOUTUBE VIDEO Easy to understand and to put into practice. <link><BR>feature=related </link> Sat, 25 Feb 2012 07:45:21 EST DO YOU KNOW OF SOMEONE WHO FEASTED? What was their story? Why did they do it? What was their experience or results? How did this motivate you towards seeking juice feasting for yourself? Sat, 25 Feb 2012 06:43:15 EST Newbie here Hi everyone, I joined because I'm getting into juicing-- I guess for health, and some for practical reasons. I'm going to be having my fourth jaw surgery on March 14th, and I'll be wired shut for at least 3 weeks (last time was 6). I'm very confident my healing will go much better this time around, as I'm now juicing... I have an Omega juicer, as well as a welles people's press. I guess I'm trying to get as much information as possible before undergoing surgery. I'm looking forward to learn... Fri, 24 Feb 2012 06:00:22 EST WHAT HEALTH IMPROVEMENTS HAS JUICING HELPED? The power of juicing! Amazing! Share what you have achieved with the natural goodness of the juices you make for yourself using the best that mother nature offers. Mon, 20 Feb 2012 07:07:48 EST 92 DAY JUICE FEAST - START DATE 2/19/12 I'll be posting updates daily that give links to my blogs here on Spark. Feel free to read of my journey to better health. <BR> <BR> Day 1: <link><BR>urnal_individual.asp?blog_id=4745393 </link> Sun, 19 Feb 2012 09:04:50 EST Beets I have read that you should not juice beets if you have had kidney stones in the past. I really would like to get anyone's input about this. I am a little nervous about trying beets in general. <BR> Also, do you juice the beet greens as well? <BR> <BR> <BR> Thank you in advance! Tue, 14 Feb 2012 15:08:26 EST 92 DAY JUICE FEAST INTERVIEW I found this wonderful interview on the net just now. What an inspirational one! <link><BR>ice-feasting-interview.html </link> Tue, 14 Feb 2012 06:11:47 EST THE IMPORTANCE OF GREENS I love to share! I joined up on Frederic Patenaude's classes. You will also be receiving as much information as I know I can share with you all. No need to take notes, LOL, Just copy/paste this information and save it on your computer. This was sent free to me for signing up so that is why I am sharing this in it's entirety. <BR> <BR> Why Are Greens So Important? I'd like to answer that question for you because as you will <BR> learn in the next days and weeks in this mini-course, you'll <B... Mon, 13 Feb 2012 17:58:08 EST PETITION TO FORCE LABELING FOR GMO PRODUCT I am passionate about NOT allowing GMO product which is why I shop local and organic. If they where so truly convinced this was safe, why don't they label it? In Europe they do. Most countries won't allow GMO product from the USA. They of course know better! <BR> <BR> Please go to this link and sign the petition. It takes minutes to do. Make your voice heard and vote! Thanks! <link><BR>59/636 </link> Mon, 13 Feb 2012 15:22:08 EST JAY, THE JUICEMAN, KORDICH'S SCHOOL OF JUICING Part of my healing is education. This man was taught by the best healer of the 20th century: Max Gerson. <BR> <BR> I've enrolled in Jay's School of Juicing that begins this week. It costs $29 down and $20 per month for the next 3 months. It is a 4 month school. <BR> <BR> For those interested in learning from a master juicer, here's the web site addie: <link><BR>7048-school-of-juicing?t=ad21a755&hop=0 </link> <BR> <BR> One of the main reasons we f... Mon, 13 Feb 2012 09:23:42 EST WHAT KIND OF JUICER DO YOU USE? I am getting a fancy smancy Omega chomp and spit, LOL I'll give you the model number when I bring it home. I'm very happy with this decision. Since I'm beginning my Juice Feast this Friday I wanted a better juicer than my cheapie. I couldn't afford a Walker which to me is the best. I also don't have cancer which if I did I would sell my cats and get a Walker. <BR> <BR> The juicer (the cheapie!) one I've been using sporatically is the Jack La Lanne juicer from J. C. Penny's. <BR> <BR>... Mon, 13 Feb 2012 08:43:57 EST FAT, SICK & NEARLY DEAD GREEN JUICE RECIPE Here's Joe Cross's basic green juice recipe from "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead": <BR> <BR> 2 cups Kale <BR> 2 cups Spinach <BR> 1 inch Ginger Root <BR> 1/2 Cucumber <BR> 4 Stalks Celery <BR> <BR> Please use ORANIC or home grown produce when you can. Most produce managers at your local produce market will discount bulk purchases when doing a fast/feast/cleanse. Mine is giving me 10% off and that is a blessing! Mon, 13 Feb 2012 06:39:33 EST RAW VEGAN EMBARKS ON FEASTING! Hello all! I am making the commitment to do a 92 day juice feast and would love to share support and ideas. I'm also joining Jay (the Juice Man) Kordiisch's web based juicing college for educational purposes. And, of course I am joining David Rainoshek's site. <BR> <BR> I'm excited for this journey to begin and take me to even healthier levels. <BR> <BR> Thanks for being here. Sat, 11 Feb 2012 09:32:36 EST day one... I got my new Hamilton Beach big mouth juicer and put it to the test today. I totally agree with consumer reports, this juicer is really great- especially for the price. $60 is a total bargain. I made some yummy juice with parsley, escarole, red pepper, cucumber, apples and celery, carrots, a hot Serrano pepper and some garlic. <BR> <BR> I think i got carried away with the garlic...very strong, but i i do have a nice little juice buzz going right now <BR> <BR> <em>334</em> <BR> <BR> Sat, 4 Feb 2012 12:47:29 EST Doing a weekend Juice Feast I bought the book "The Juice Lady's Weekend Weight-Loss Diet" By Cherie Calbom and plan on starting tomorrow night. It recommends starting Friday night and finishing Sunday afternoon with supper breaking the fast and having raw salad food. I'm excited and nervous. I've done a 3 day cleanse (drinking 3 protein shakes a day, eating 2 pieces of fruit and supper was salad with 4 oz of protein) As much as I've wanted to I've never done the fast/feast. So again excited and nervous! Will keep ... Thu, 19 Jan 2012 20:52:17 EST Items in the News! Check out this article about the Limp Bizkit front man doing a 60 day juice fast: <BR> <BR> <link><BR>-durst-documents-juice-fast-on-tumblr-<BR>20120112 </link> Fri, 13 Jan 2012 11:18:38 EST Started Yesterday, I made string bean, tomatoe, onion, cucumber and yam, cloves, apple, cinnamon, carrot , and Kale with lemon. I had a quart of thai coconut water with spirilina, white tea and lemon water. So far so good. Tue, 10 Jan 2012 14:18:41 EST Team leaders needed I would like to invite more active users to become team leaders and help out those just getting into juicing. There is a lot of misinformation out there and if you believe that you have the proper knowledge of the juice feasting and have done it yourself, then please join me in educating and answering questions. I love this team and it is such an honor to share my experience, but I have very limited free time right now and don't want any questions to go unanswered. Please spark mail me if yo... Tue, 10 Jan 2012 13:45:26 EST I AM GLAD TO HAVE FOUND Y'ALL I want to thank Kneyrus for being such an inspiration to me. I have led fast and done fast for many years in the past, but have not participated in anyone for just me in a long time, so tomorrow I begin. I have decided that I was born a healthy, whole baby and for 31 years I have had one malady after another, I have had cancer, radiation, and all kinds of meds and you know what, I am just sick and tired of being sick and tired. So I am glad to be here and raring to go. I will be posting m... Sun, 8 Jan 2012 19:11:21 EST Coming back...... Hi, <BR> <BR> I'm back at it with Spark People after an absence since September. No excuse, no reason, BUT I'm happy to report I've been consistently juicing since then! <BR> <BR> Unfortunately I've been consistently "pigging out" also and managed to put on another 8 pounds with the stress of the holidays. <BR> <BR> Planning a Juice Fast this weekend to detoxify..... but until then also working on decreasing cravings and calories. Mon, 2 Jan 2012 17:39:29 EST Juice Feasting in 2012 Who's in? Sat, 24 Dec 2011 21:43:28 EST Starting my juicing tomorrow! I am sooo excited! I bought my new Gita mix tonight and will start making my green smoothies tomorrow morning. My goal is to have one every morning (all veggies) with one pasture egg (cooked). And one at night with a tiny bit of fruit. I made roasted cheesy tomato basil soup (laughing cow cheese) it was amazing and a strawberry mango yogurt freeze. I can't wait to start my days with green smoothies! I loved to juice but couldn't stand losing all that fiber, but now I don't have to worry abo... Mon, 12 Dec 2011 23:25:18 EST Thank you for being here! Seeing your team on Miss Yolanda's page was exciting. I have just purchased a new juicer and a book or two but no one I know around here does juicing. I used to - maybe 20 years ago - and have forgotten so much I was a little afraid to start again. I know I will learn a lot from all of you and will be looking at my juicer with delight rather than apprehension! Meri Thu, 8 Dec 2011 18:03:37 EST Hello Hi everyone!! New to this team but not SP. Preparing to start a 3 day juice feast. Excited and hoping for willpower to do so!! Sun, 4 Dec 2011 16:20:05 EST December Juice Feasting I know this may be the worst month, but i have started my feast yesterday. This is my first juice feast and I do need a lot of support and tips. I'm going for 30 days and depending on how I feel I will go on to 60 days. Once I set my mind to something failure is not an option! <BR> <BR> Did anyone else start this month? Thu, 1 Dec 2011 18:31:29 EST Team Goodie Recipients & Why... Team Goodies for Team Leaders in Fitness Minutes ranking Nos. 11-20: <BR> <BR> 11) CHIFANG130 869 11,630 23,785 <BR> 12) THEANTIDIVA 633 3,402 3,402 <BR> 13) KNOCKOUTROSE55 623 5,317 5,317 <BR> 14) MFTAGGFREEZE 533 3,825 4,805 <BR> 15) TOPAZDIVA 480 5,403 11,955 <BR> 16) HOPE2BSKINE 376 716 716 <BR> 17) BLUEYONDER3 376 546 1,023 <BR> 18) PIXIEDUSTLADY 339 1,952 2,430 <BR> 19) THINANDFITEMILY 315 4,326 10,405 <BR> 20) MISSCUS 301 6,577 8,633 <BR> <BR> Way to go! <em>243</em> <em... Wed, 30 Nov 2011 21:17:07 EST lemons Hi when juicing lemons in a juicer do you peel them or juice rind and all thanks Wed, 23 Nov 2011 18:17:21 EST starting a 55 day feast Day one of all juice is today-- aiming to go 55, which will take me up to just before christmas. I'll need some moral support on this one, but I am determined to make it! I'm going to blog it on my page-- something I've never done, but it feels like it will help. Wed, 26 Oct 2011 13:34:34 EST Hello All So happy to find this team! I have not done a juice feast yet but that is my goal. I have been juicing sporadically and will make it a daily habit. I had the mean green juice today and for breakfast a fruit smoothie. I am looking forward to exploring all the information here, sharing, learning and supporting. <BR> <BR> I'm in my 40's and suffering from several autoimmune diseases. I have a wonderful husband and two amazing little boys. We live in Chicago. Fri, 21 Oct 2011 20:22:40 EST Yay-- doc gacve ok for a juice feat! Well, I went to the doc Monday & asked her about juicing-- I am newly diagnosed hypothyroid & hypo-adrenal and working on trying to restore my energy from a long time low and months of nearly zero. I wasn't sure what she'd say, but she said it might be too much stress on my body right now & tank me, but might be ok & help a lot, and as long as I watch it & agree to stop if I get flu-like symptoms that don't resolve in a day or two and include a whey or plant-based protein powder, she thinks ... Thu, 20 Oct 2011 00:20:26 EST recipes for recovery from a cold I have had a horrible time with upper respiratory junk this week & just feeling drained. Any recipes for recovery from such situations??? Thanks in advance! Wed, 19 Oct 2011 18:41:54 EST thinking about juicing... Hi! I have never juiced. I'm now contemplating it! For now at least, I'm thinking of doing meal replacement with juicing- like breakfast and/or lunch as a way to cut calories and get more freggies into my diet (and of course less processed foods). <BR> <BR> Any recommendations on juicers? Any recommendations for either books with juicing recipies or websites with recipes? Also are frozen fruits or veggies an option sometimes? <BR> <BR> Thanks! Sat, 8 Oct 2011 14:55:30 EST Successes: Goals Met & Strides Taken Please join me in congratulating TOOFATFORFORTY; today is her 60th day of a 60-Day Juice Feast! How awesome is that! <BR> <BR> Please stop by her page and congratulate her... And bookmark her blog as it will be inspiration to all of us when we are ready to make that kind of commitment. <BR> <BR> <em>248</em> <em>250</em> <em>248</em> <em>243</em> <em>248</em> <em>244</em> <em>334</em> <BR> <BR> Her Page: <link><BR>OFATFORFORTY </link> <B... Tue, 4 Oct 2011 06:19:01 EST October 2011 Juice Feasting, 3-30 Days How many are up to share insights and support for early-fall and pre-holiday juice feasting? <BR> <BR> I've been preparing myself for intense October juice feasting for both healing and weight loss. I'm relatively new to juice feasting after stumbling upon the documentary 'Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead' late July. In July and August I did 3 successful shorter juice fasts (3-5 days) with cleanse days before and after. In September I focused on truly cleaning up my eating by following Dr. Fuhrman... Sun, 2 Oct 2011 16:44:47 EST Hi There, I'm New to the group Hi Everyone, I am new here. I have a juicer, a lot of carrots, some celery, and some fruit and I made a promise to myself to juice at least once a day....Here we go.... Sun, 25 Sep 2011 16:20:24 EST Juice alternative to chicken soup? Is thete a juice alternative to chicken soup for when you are sick? Or are there any immune boosting recipes? Flu season is coming up Mon, 19 Sep 2011 08:42:12 EST Juice from greens? So I have been doing a TON of reading on juicers and juicing greens. I have a Breville centrifugal juicer and in general I love it. From what I have read there ware several kinds of juicers with the two main ones being centrifugal and masticating. The masticating are slower and more efficient. They are the preferred way to juice greens. <BR> <BR> What I am wondering is: how much am I losing by juicing greens with a centrifugal juicer? Is it worth saving up to buy a masticating juicer to... Wed, 14 Sep 2011 10:33:52 EST Got Team Goal or Team Challenge Ideas? Hello Juice Feasters... <BR> <BR> As I look at the Goals and which ones we tend to track, we are light on a few. So, please share some ideas to what we could chose as Team Goals to track for the next month. <BR> <BR> What do you all think will be challenging enough to stretch us, but not so challenging that very few will want to or be able to complete them. <BR> <BR> Thanks for the input! <BR> <BR> This is OUR team. <BR> <BR> <em>220</em> <em>306</em> <em>304</em> <em>104</em> Tue, 13 Sep 2011 17:00:00 EST New person to group, but not to juicing. Hi, I'm Pam and I've been juicing since the beginning of July, ALSO because of the Movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. VERY INSPIRING! I went on a 2 week juice fast,and lost 12 lbs, which I was VERY HAPPY with, not to mention the fact that I can now, at 57 yrs old, grow fingernails! <BR> <BR> GoldenAngelFish wrote in and suggested the Carrot/Apple/Ginger juice. I have had this many times, and it is awesome. Ginger Root has great anti-inflammatory properties, which not only helps me, but a... Sun, 11 Sep 2011 17:14:19 EST Just starting! Doing my research and loving what I'm reading. Sounds like a lot of work, am I wrong?? My husband is saying it is going to cost us a lot of money?????? I can't see that happening when I wont be eating all the other garbage. I watched the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dieing and I just loved seeing the health benefits to all of it. I have gotten on his site for Rebooting and am going to go at this at a slow pace so I don't stop doing it. I feel I do better when I can work my way into things.... Fri, 9 Sep 2011 14:09:58 EST Question.... I am very very new to this and still doing all my research before I start. My question is, I am passionate about chia seeds, can I add these to my smoothies? Does that defeat the purpose of juicing? Wed, 7 Sep 2011 21:16:33 EST 9 day Cleansing Diet FYI: <BR> This is an effective diet that helps with healing, and with weight loss. Typically people tend to lose about 1 pound a day. <BR> <BR> It is an example of an cleanse used before there were power juicers to extract the juice. I offer this because it is effective, and because it will be very helpful for those on a budget who might not easily afford a juice feast at this time. (Though a juice feast is MUCH cheaper than any health problem!) <BR> <BR> Mary <BR> <BR> Nine-Day Cleansi... Sun, 4 Sep 2011 16:40:32 EST Intermittent fasting Hi all, <BR> <BR> "Intermittent fasting" is a concept that can be applied in various forms. <BR> <BR> "Half Day Diet": Today I stopped eating before 2 Pm, and I now am fasting on zero calories until tomorrow morning. So - I could have clear tea, etc. Or I could add some lemon to my water, etc. (That amount of cheating is okay - lol) <BR> <BR> Other times I will have some fruit at night, to take the edge off. It kind of depends on how I am feeling that day, and how much I've been restrict... Sat, 3 Sep 2011 18:43:53 EST Drink Enough Water? Might Wanna Update the Tracker Below are a few interesting facts about the water we need. When you get a chance, visit this Water Intake Calculator to see just how much you should be drinking for effective fat loss at the size you are now... 8 glasses a day is only enough for someone weighing 128 pounds... <BR> <BR> <link><BR>Intake-Calculator.aspx </link> <BR> <BR> Daily Water Consumption <BR> <BR> Note: Heat and Activity <BR> <BR> If you participate in fitness activities or s... Fri, 2 Sep 2011 03:50:38 EST Links to Sparkers Juicing Blogs Some Team Members have very informative and/or inspirational blogs prior to joining this group that should be shared. Since our Stream only covers blogs made while a member, let's use this thread whenever we come across other Sparkers entries that might inspire us. <BR> <BR> Try to include the Sparker's User Name, a little about each person, a link to their blog and why you are sharing. <BR> <BR> Hope this helps inspire us all. <BR> <BR> <em>252</em> Thu, 1 Sep 2011 15:21:28 EST When to Journal or Blog on Your Juice Feast/Fast Keep a journal on your fasting journey for your own future reference regarding your health is invaluable. A blog is a great way to share your journey with others who can benefit from knowing they are not alone in their own journey. Your desire to share will benefit folks in ways you may never know... <BR> <BR> This is an important part of your juice fast--keeping a journal on your fasting journey so that you can look back some time in the future and see how you've done. <BR> <BR> With ea... Thu, 1 Sep 2011 00:03:03 EST The Power and Goodness of Carrots The power and goodness of carrots - Carrots have many important vitamins and minerals. They are rich in antioxidants Beta Carotene, Alpha Carotene, Phytochemicals and Glutathione, Calcium and Potassium, and vitamins A, B1, B2, C, and E, which are also considered antioxidants, protecting as well as nourishing the skin. They contain a form of calcium easily absorbed by the body. Finally they also contain Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorous. and Sulphur - better than a wonder drug!!... Fri, 26 Aug 2011 12:03:05 EST Protein powders I am wondering if anyone adds protein powder to their juice and what their favorites are. Even before I started juicing, I was having a hard time meeting my protein requirement as I try to avoid dairy. Any suggestions/comments are greatly appreciated. Tue, 23 Aug 2011 19:29:22 EST 30 Day Juice Feast (September 2011) Hello everyone! <BR> <BR> Wanna join me on a 30-Day Juice Feast? <BR> <BR> I joined KNEYRUS as an additional Juice Feasters Team Leader. This wonderful opportunity will help me to be more accountable to the group which will help my commitment level as I hope to lead by example -- I will, at a minimum, be very transparent in this journey we share. <BR> <BR> I will post a daily written or video blog for each day of September. I will also share my nutrition recipes and any fitness minut... Mon, 22 Aug 2011 15:56:42 EST Newb Hi all, I am new (of course) to the team and juicing. I watched Fat Sick and Nearly Dead last week and was very inspired by Joe Cross and Phil. I went out and got a Breville compact juicer the next day and started the entry program of juicing and eating fruits and veg last thursday. I am having a real hard time finding a green juice combo that I like, any suggestions would be very helpful. I am on Day 8, have lost 8 lbs so far and my energy is thru the roof!!! I actually feel like exercising.... Thu, 18 Aug 2011 09:07:28 EST tracking I am drinking juice today. My husband and I decided we would juice on Weds. for a day of rest. <BR> <BR> I am wondering how you track the juice. <BR> <BR> He made a large amount of juice today for us. Probably about 3 quarts of juice from the following fruits and vegetables: <BR> <BR> cabbage, carrots, celery, apples, bell pepper, zucchini, tomatoes, hot pepper, oranges, plums <BR> <BR> Thanks, Cheryl <em>9</em> Wed, 10 Aug 2011 12:21:00 EST Sources of juicing recipes Prepping for the 10-day juice plunge on Sunday so we'll probably be spending Friday and Saturday getting the produce together to create our concoctions for the next few days. Need a source of juicing recipes so we can have some variety. Would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks folks! Mon, 8 Aug 2011 08:12:04 EST Juice Fast and Working Out Hi All! <BR> <BR> The hubs and I are preparing to begin the 10-day juice fast starting Sunday, 14 August. My question is can we do the juice fast and still maintain our current level of physical activity. We work out 5 days a week to include both cardio and strength training. I'm just wondering is it going to zap our energy? Would love to hear about everyone's experiences. Have a wonderful day! Mon, 8 Aug 2011 08:06:25 EST questions... I have a question. I am having my first green juice today. It contains the following: <BR> <BR> tomatoes <BR> celery <BR> apple <BR> carrots <BR> romaine lettuce <BR> cucumber <BR> <BR> It has a lot of pulp in it. My fruit juice didni't have any. Is it because of "what" I am juicing or is it an issue with my juicer? <BR> <BR> Thu, 4 Aug 2011 12:45:11 EST We've caught the bug to juice! Bug juice, get it? Hi All! <BR> <BR> So the hubs and I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead recently and we want to give juicing a try. I'm currently shopping for a good juicer, a co-worker suggested a Breville since that's what he uses and he's been very satisfied with it. Ok, no problem. Now where to purchase produce in bulk without breaking the bank? I'm open to any and all suggestions. Glad to meet all of you! Wed, 27 Jul 2011 09:56:21 EST New member Good evening everyone! <BR> <BR> I hope I'm posting correctly. I started the juice fast from the fat, sick, and nearly dead documentary on Friday and have gone from 313 to 304 in four days. Honestly I haven't stuck entirely to juice, today I had a salad and some stirfry so we will see what effect that has tomorow morning when I get on the scale. I NEED motivation and support. My friend C is doing the juice fast with salads/raw foods modification. So I have some support here, but so... Mon, 25 Jul 2011 19:52:36 EST Vitamins in your ingridients This is a list of ingridients that have high concentration of listed vitamins. If you craving those, you might want to look into defitiency in one of these vitamins. <BR> <BR> Garlic, spinach, celery, parsley, and bananas – Potassium <BR> Kale, Parsley, oranges, grapefruits, green pepper, parsley – Vitamin C <BR> Ginger, garlic, parsley potatoes – Zink <BR> Beets, greens, parsley, spinach, garlic – Magnesium <BR> Kale, spinach, sweet peppers, turnip greens – Vitamin B6 Fri, 3 Jun 2011 19:21:58 EST Good juice for hair growth My mom has been dealing with a hair loss, so I found this recipe on <BR> <BR> 3 leaves of dark green Lettuce <BR> 1 handful of alfalfa sprouts <BR> 2 leaves of kale <BR> 1 handful of baby spinach <BR> 1/2 of a green pepper <BR> <BR> This is very GREEEEEN and very dense, so I would recommend to add celery and cucumber and if you want to make it sweet - some apples. Fri, 3 Jun 2011 19:18:35 EST Juice Feaster's Challenge 2011 Would you DARE to join us on our Juice feaster's Challenge? <BR> <BR> 1 day, 1 week or 1 month of juice feasting. How long will you nourish your body? The choice is yours. <BR> <BR> Prior to starting please review the proper way to start and break juice feast and let the team know, so we can support and motivate you along the way. <BR> <BR> Wed, 1 Jun 2011 15:37:27 EST Juicing June This challenge with include 3 different parts, I hope that you enjoy it. <BR> <BR> 1. Drink at least 24oz of green juice a day <BR> 2. Post once a week your favorite juice recipe. <BR> 3. Once a week try new juice from fellow feaster's recipes. <BR> <BR> Let's juice it up team and don't forget your greens <em>4</em> Wed, 1 Jun 2011 15:27:14 EST What is your favorite green juice recipe? Here's mine: <BR> <BR> 2 stalks celery <BR> 2 sprigs mint <BR> 2 tangerines <BR> 1/2 English cucumber (long cucumber with ridges) <BR> 12 spinach leaves <BR> 5 leaves romaine lettuce <BR> <BR> Juice the above ingredients, alternating the celery and tangerines with the green leafy vegetables. (If your juicer produces a wetter pulp like mine you can reprocess and get more nutrients from the second run if you want.) <BR> <BR> Transfer juice to blender and add: <BR> <BR> 1/2 cup broccoli <BR... Wed, 1 Jun 2011 12:00:22 EST Proper way to start and break your feast Starting and breaking your juice feast properly is as important as feasting itself. <BR> <BR> DO NOT! Start feasting the next day after eating Standard American Diet (SAD). You will need to ease your body into the juice feast and allow it to slowly work through detox and releasing of old waste. <BR> 3 days prior to Juice feasting: start by eliminating out of your daily diet all of the processed foods as well as all the meat, dairy and seafood. <BR> 2 days prior to Juice feasting: start y... Wed, 18 May 2011 23:25:37 EST Your Daily Juice My morning juice is: <BR> <BR> chard <BR> apples <BR> cantaloupe <BR> <BR> and probably some coconut water later on <BR> Mon, 16 May 2011 10:50:06 EST Sweet Juices Chocolate milk Green juice <BR> <BR> This one is from the Matt's and Angela's video and I was very skeptical till I tried it ( this is so rich!): <BR> <BR> Juice few cups of spinach <BR> few carrots <BR> Romain lettuce (optional, but help to dilute) <BR> <BR> I use about 1-2 carrots per 1 cup spinach ratio. Mon, 16 May 2011 10:47:35 EST Savory Juices My favorite savory juice recipe so far is: <BR> <BR> 2 beets <BR> 1 clove garlic <BR> 1 lemon/lime <BR> <BR> The flavor is very strong and you do have to like beets to enjoy this. You can sneak in lots of greens in this one and it's not going to taste *green* at all. <BR> <BR> Mon, 16 May 2011 10:37:52 EST Green Juice Ingredients from Green Juice 101: <BR> <BR> Greens Ingredients: <BR> Arugula - spicy, grassy <BR> Basil - sweet, spicy <BR> Bell Pepper - hydrating, sweet, zesty <BR> Cabbage - mildly grassy <BR> Celery - zesty, hydrating <BR> Chard - grassy, sweet <BR> Cilantro - sweet, fragrant <BR> Collard greens - grassy <BR> Cucumbers - hydrating, sweet/sour <BR> Endive - bitter <BR> Fennel - anise, zesty <BR> Green apples - very sweet, tart <BR> Green grapes - very sweet, tart <BR> Green onion - zesty, spicy <BR> ... Mon, 16 May 2011 09:59:25 EST May Challenge Juice feast at least 1 day per week. Mon, 16 May 2011 09:52:56 EST Welcome! This team was started after I successfully completed my first 10 day juice feast and had other people on SP tell me that they'd love to join me on the next one. My goal is to juice feast 1 day every week throughout a year, as well as do longer juice feasts during summer months. Join me in nourishing our bodies with the best nutrition possible! Mon, 16 May 2011 09:47:43 EST