SparkPeople Hoarding - More than Simple Clutter Team Messageboard Hoarding - when keeping things "protects" you and letting go of them creates anxiety or more. Discussion, support, resources. SparkPeople Hoarding - More than Simple Clutter Team Messageboard Do Hobbies Keep You From De-Cluttering? <img src=""> <BR> I'd rather work outside in my yard than in the house. Sat, 6 Jul 2019 23:21:16 EST How do you celebrate the 4th of July? Will BBQ some brats, have corn on the cob, potato salad, watermelon, watch the fireworks while the dogs stay inside away from the fireworks with the radio on. Wed, 3 Jul 2019 22:48:03 EST You Can Recover from Hoarding <link><BR>its-possible-to-recover-a-life-lost-to<BR>-hoarding/ </link> <BR> <BR> <BR> The article says in part: <BR> <BR> "The plan worked around a three-stage process of sorting by room, item and purpose. Leier then decided what would be saved, donated, sold or purged. Havens likened each room to a 5-pound sack of potatoes. <BR> <BR> I have a client on one side with 30 pounds of potatoes on the floor, and I’m 2 feet away with an empty 5-pound potato... Sat, 13 Apr 2019 15:41:53 EST How's Your Weather? Was 12 degrees this morning and got up to 26. Not too windy and the sunset was just gorgeous. Tue, 8 Jan 2019 19:19:12 EST Gratitude Challenge Let's add in a little "Gratitude Challenge" to our team this month. Just post one thing you are thankful for each day...and if you don't want to post it, just put a little emoticon in the box. <BR> <img src=""> Fri, 2 Nov 2018 14:27:59 EST Funnies! <img src=""> Wed, 5 Sep 2018 14:18:17 EST What Are You Reading? Just finished a book called "my grandmother asked me to tell you she's sorry" by Fredrik Backman. I picked it up in trade paperback at the VA hospital last week and will return it tomorrow when I go back for my knee injection. <BR> <BR> I have one in the car to go back to the library that I really enjoyed and it's about 'real' magic. I forget the title but sure enjoyed the story. I've always been fascinated by magicians and magic tricks. In fact I have bought myself some magic trick kits but... Sun, 17 Jun 2018 18:30:00 EST One Bag a Day for the Month of May!! I'm going to work on getting rid of one bag each day in May! So many rummage sale coming up I can donate to! I'll keep you updated! Tue, 1 May 2018 07:05:18 EST New to team Hi...I have too much stuff and want to downsize in a few years. Therefore I need to stay focused and declutter regularly. Sun, 25 Feb 2018 10:48:55 EST New Years Resolution Last year I made a new years resolution to go paperless since I tended to let things like statements etc pile up. I was especially bad about keeping credit card receipts and never reconciling them. <BR> <BR> This was the worst when it came to tax time causing me to wait until the tax deadline before I disciplined myself enough to go through everything to get ready. Sad really because I always get a sizable refund. <BR> <BR> My plan with credit card receipts was simple. I would keep them in... Wed, 20 Dec 2017 18:13:16 EST White Elephant Gift Exchange As we approach Christmas I'm reminded of white elephant gift exchanges. These are ideal for people who are hoarders or have clutter don't you think? The most ridiculous ones I got were workout videos and a furby. <BR> <BR> The craziest one I gave was a kitty litter box and scoop. See one time the place I worked at was having a potluck. I think it was in the summer. I saw this recipe for kitty litter cake. I thought it looked fun so I bought the ingredients which was a spice cake mix etc the... Fri, 15 Dec 2017 18:39:57 EST 10 Minutes of Declutter Challenge A little history first if you please? I have always struggled with hording and messes, yet I seemed to know where things were. I used to tease that if I were ever burglarized, the joke would be on the thief because finding the valuables in my house was like Where's Waldo. Well, over a year ago, I came home to find my home not only burglarized but trashed beyond recognition. Every drawer dumped, every box emptied on the floor, closet contents strewn. My daughter helped me tackle most of it, bu... Mon, 13 Nov 2017 08:19:17 EST What is a good clutter-free maintenance plan? Long story short, I had major plumbing problems so was forced to get half the house in proper order so a plumber could actually get to everything. I did this in two days. Every part of my body was sore. Of course, I didn't get rid of anything, just moved stuff and then did a detailed cleaning. Because of the condition of the house and me being too embarrassed to have anyone see it, I had to use restaurant bathrooms for those days since I couldn't use my own plumbing. It was ridiculous. If the... Sun, 13 Aug 2017 13:18:24 EST Do ONE THING. Sometimes half the battle is getting started, you know? I often find that if I can just get myself in motion and get myself to do ONE THING, sometimes that's all the momentum I need to keep going. So I have an idea. I will put one item on the day's To Do list. At the bottom of the list where I would check it off, I'll write a little bit of encouragement for myself, like a pat on the back. Something like, "Terrific! You've met your goal for the day! You can stop now, or you can do one m... Fri, 28 Jul 2017 15:43:24 EST Reducing clutter and demolishing the house too My neighbor of 20 something years SOLD to developers. Here in Los Angeles they are knocking down many of the old sweet homes of the old yester year of early days -1920's. My neighbor decided to sell ...what had been her sisters home. The last of years of stuff she re-removed late into the late night..and returned this morning to pick up I'm sure every last button or picture of scrap into the truck. And NOW.... its errily quiet, the wind blowing. Everything gone. I thought to my self, Well I c... Sun, 30 Apr 2017 15:14:56 EST My Greater Good is: Cheers to Linda for this idea. What is your greater good in delving into the clutter issue? <BR> <BR> My greater good is: <BR> <BR> having a house I can be proud of; <BR> <BR> having more worry free me time; <BR> <BR> having more money in the bank; <BR> <BR> having less stuff to clean; <BR> <BR> having a clearer mind with a clearer environment. <BR> <BR> I will hire the junk people to clear out my deceased brother's room. It would make a great exercise room. I need exercise! <B... Sat, 8 Apr 2017 11:51:59 EST The clutter accountability DAY we all dread .. My day of accountability arrived as the person I hoped would not ask to come in, -asked . Asked to use my restroom! I had been trying to declutter for the past three weeks with the thought that she was coming by early in the AM (on todays date) to pick me up, to give me (and another person) a ride. She called 20 minutes prior to say she needed to use my bathroom. I PANIC'd and at 630 AM began running around throwing trash and bags in to the already packed backroom and started cleaning the bat... Thu, 23 Mar 2017 00:58:40 EST Articles and Blogs to Share? [Stephanie Bennett Vogt] <BR> <BR> by Stephanie Bennett Vogt posted on Instagram <BR> <BR> Airplane rides. We’ve all been on them. Unfortunately, what we most focus on these days are the hassles: the packing, getting through security, making our connections, getting home on time. <BR> <BR> We have totally lost touch with the true marvel of sitting in a chair at 35,000 feet above sea level, hurtling through space at 500 miles per hour without as much as a hair getting out of place. <BR> ... Thu, 2 Mar 2017 22:20:21 EST 40 Bags in 40 Days <img src=""> <BR> Heading to the basement to get started on the clothes down there! Wed, 1 Mar 2017 14:09:36 EST I need help creating a plan I just joined some organization/clutter teams hoping to find some help. <BR> <BR> Long story short........ <BR> <BR> I moved all my stuff into storage so I could move in with my Dad who was diagnosed with cancer. After he died, I eventually brought all my stuff to the house. I have not been able to figure out how to organize all this stuff. It's been several years. <BR> <BR> I have my own stuff, plus both my parents' stuff. My stuff is mostly still in plastic stackable totes since there... Sat, 12 Nov 2016 19:53:05 EST 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge <img src=""> Thu, 3 Nov 2016 04:31:30 EST Inviting people over I have already shared this with someone already, so this will be a repeat for someone. But I thought this was something that I wanted to share with the whole group. <BR> <BR> I'm cleaning up a storm this weekend, and I made soup! I invited a friend to come over for lunch on Monday. I had told her a couple of weeks ago while I was cleaning for my maintenance inspection that after inspection, I would be more than happy to invite her over. When I told her that, she was bowled over. I go over... Sat, 29 Oct 2016 21:22:45 EST One Goal for This Week! Week starting October 24, 2016 <BR> Having a dream... Courage. <em>104</em> <BR> Visualizing your dream... Persistence. <em>386</em> <BR> Physically moving towards your dream... Guts. <em>306</em> <BR> Letting go of the "cursed hows"... Wisdom. <em>135</em> <BR> The look on your friends faces when they see your lovely organized home... Priceless. <em>248</em> <em>542</em> <em>343</em> <BR> Yeah, that oughta light a fire - <em>529</em> <BR> Have a great week! Sun, 23 Oct 2016 02:38:26 EST A little humor... I don't know if this will be too small to read or what, but I'll give it a shot. I thought this was pretty cute. I even found the humor in it even though I have a large cleaning project ahead of me. <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Son is raking, raking... Mom peeks in the son's room and asks, "Time to rake your room already?" The son replies, "Yeah. That year went by in a hurry." Sat, 8 Oct 2016 00:00:03 EST Simple Ways to Unclutter Your Life Overwhelmed by life's complications? It seems we have more and more things in our lives, but less and less time to spend with them. Simplifying your life will save you time, money and energy. Try some of these ideas: <BR> <BR> <link><BR>plicate-your-life/ </link> Sat, 1 Oct 2016 23:25:59 EST Pats on the back I want to take a moment to let you all know that you are doing a great job! I've been reading about what you are all doing, and I commend you for your tenacity. <BR> <BR> Often times I see these posts unanswered (I can blame myself for that), but I wanted to give all of you some encouragement to keep going. <em>247</em> <BR> <BR> <em>306</em> <em>381</em> <em>386</em> <BR> <BR> Maybe we can use this thread to post encouragement to others. We all need a pat on the bac... Fri, 16 Sep 2016 10:11:31 EST The Organizer Lady ( The Organizer Lady, Sandra Felton, has some good ideas on decluttering and organization. Her website,, looks like it might have some viruses or something attached because I'm getting lots of pop-ups saying I've won something (and stuff like that). So now that I'm on her page, I'll just copy her ideas here. <BR> <BR> (I just got a page blocked from my malware protection, so you ought to stay away from here.) <BR> <BR> Note: M.A. stands for Messies Anonymous. <BR> <BR> You fee... Sun, 11 Sep 2016 08:10:21 EST When emergencies force us to act I have a toilet emergency. It has been acting up for several days now but I've been ignoring it, hoping it would fix itself. It took forever and a day to finish refilling after flushing. It finally got to the point this evening when I realized that water was spilling out somehow. It may have been a problem with the water hose because I saw water dripping from the water shut off valve. I had to shut the water off so it would stop trying to fill and stop dripping. My bathroom was very clu... Sun, 10 Jul 2016 23:55:29 EST Hi I am a semi's is my husband that has the real problem (lol)...I have difficulty letting go of the things that mean something to me but really have no real use for anymore...I read quote once that I would like to share with goes something like this...Whatever God gives you hold it close enough to cherish it but far enough away if God asks you to part with would be willing...that is not the exact quote but close...oh yea I live in a small aprtment which helps me keep... Wed, 6 Jul 2016 09:35:08 EST Dollar stores I find that I buy many things at dollar stores (and by that, I mean the actual stores that sell things for $1). These items are so alluring because of their price. When I get the things home, though, I often find that they are so cheaply made that they aren't as useful as I thought they were when I saw them in the store. I might spend $20 on dollar store items and then end up throwing much of it away. What a waste of money! <BR> <BR> But there are some items from dollar stores that are s... Wed, 22 Jun 2016 08:10:24 EST Quiz and Questionaires DO YOU HAVE HOARDING TENDENCIES? <BR> The following are tendencies that are very common in those who struggle with hoarding, and to a lesser extent in non-hoarders. Read the questions below and note how many of these feelings resonate with you? <BR> 1. Do you have a hard time parting with items, even if you have never used them or they are broken? <BR> <BR> 2. Do you have many items around your house that don't have a permanent home? <BR> <BR> 3. Do you tend to make piles of things, to be d... Sat, 28 May 2016 16:10:46 EST The Dedication <BR> The dedication is just the tip of the iceberg as far as making you feel okay about your life in general!! <BR> "This book is dedicated to all of those individuals who struggle with clutter and compulsive hoarding; whose desire is to cultivate a more healthy relationship to their possessions. Know that you are not alone." <BR> <BR> She starts off by telling story on herself about how she is on her way to a client's home and getting ready to go and comes across her own 'dreaded Makeup Dr... Sun, 22 May 2016 22:18:54 EST Intro to the Book and the Idea A couple years ago we had a book discussion on the Emotional Eaters team around Linda Spangle's book, "100 Days of Weight Loss". I am going to discuss the book "The Hoarder in You: How to Live a Happier, Healthier, Uncluttered Life" by Dr. Robin Zasio who is the therapist on A&amp;E Network's "Hoarders" program. <BR> <BR> I hope some of you will get the book at the library or as an e-reader or buy a copy. It's in 616.852 section of the library (at least it was in my local library). <BR> <BR... Sun, 22 May 2016 21:55:45 EST "The Hoarder In You" by Robin Zasio I ran across this book, "The Hoarder in You: How to Live a Happier, Healthier, Uncluttered Life" by Dr. Robin Zasio when I was at the library donating books. I also checked out two others on hoarding but this is the best and has some fabulous stuff that I am going to share over the next few weeks. I found the book in the 616.852 section. Hope you can find a copy in your local library...or BookBub if you're doing only e-reading! <BR> <BR> The dedication is just the tip of the iceberg as far a... Fri, 20 May 2016 14:49:58 EST Does Retail Therapy Add to Your Clutter? In the materialistic world that we’ve been brought up into, we think that shopping is the answer to everything. Manipulative advertising has convinced us that buying stuff will satisfy all our emotional needs — it will bring us happiness, love, freedom, and anything else that we long for. <BR> <BR> This, however, couldn’t be further from the truth, and the sooner we realize it, the sooner we will be able to escape from the prison of materialism and live a more meaningful life, free from the ... Fri, 1 Apr 2016 21:01:55 EST Decluttering Game There was a post in 365 about a game of decluttering. While it sounds like fun, it was too specific for me. I think it would be fun to just play...and post items you declutter when you declutter them. Hope some of you will join me?? <BR> Fri, 1 Apr 2016 15:28:05 EST I'm new here... Hello! I have been off and on SparkPeople several times over the years, but I am brand new to this group. I have had an issue with hoarding since I was a child and I am finally doing something about it. I am proud of how far I have come, but I am also frustrated with how far I have to go. I look forward to being an active member of the group and being surrounded by people who understand hoarding. <BR> <em>41</em> <em>48</em> <em>532</em> Wed, 17 Feb 2016 09:06:25 EST Progress in 2016 <em>249</em> <BR> There’s something inspiring about the start of a new year that motivates you to promise yourself that you’ll eat better, exercise more, watch less TV OR in the case of hoarders.get the mess cleaned up — to name just a few of the more common New Year’s resolutions. But when reality (also known as January) sets in, it can be difficult to break less desirable habits and embrace newer, more constructive ones. You’re much more likely to make resolutions stick if you follow the... Fri, 8 Jan 2016 14:17:50 EST Year to Clear Course I signed up to take a course online called Year to Clear. I thought some here might be interested in it. The course is offered pay what you like ($10, $25, or $40) by the DailyOM. A friend on Facebook gave me the link. The instructor is Stephanie Bennett Vogt who also has a blog/website about clearing space. She encourages course participants to journal (which I've been doing) and to participate in the discussion boards associated with the course (which I haven't been doing). A more complete ... Thu, 7 Jan 2016 02:59:02 EST Reducing Stress by Reducing Things This is a new thing that came out today in the 365 Days e-mail blog so I am creating a new category for us to think about as we approach another year of holidaze. I get pretty stressed out because I have so much stuff and feel too embarrassed to unpack any more and let anyone in to share my mess. Here's to hoping that this year will be different! <BR> <BR> The silly season series ~ Part 1 <BR> <BR> Posted: 04 Nov 2015 07:00 AM PST <BR> <BR> As we enter the Silly Season I would like to kic... Wed, 4 Nov 2015 13:22:41 EST Back again Hi everyone! <BR> As many of you know, I have been absent quite a while. <BR> A not so brief history of the year and a half... <BR> In April of 2014 my partner of 15 years had COPD so bad we had to move from a large house I'd lived in for 22 years to a smaller one in the area - No storage, especially in the kitchen. With the help of four friends and two HUGE garage sales, I let go of a lot of stuff. And yes, it was anxiety provoking and painful. <BR> Last December, my sweetie died and the ... Sun, 25 Oct 2015 18:37:32 EST 'The Things I gave away HANGOVER!' Its been 4 days since I dumped off the few bags of my stuff at the charity. But I still am carrying around a kind of uncomfortable uneasy feeling of the loss of those 'things'...kind of like a hang over. The good news is I'm staying with the goal. I keep envisioning a tidy environment that I KNOW can happen IF I continue to declutter. But its difficult, the part about getting rid of clutter and mourning its disappearance from my life. Mon, 27 Jul 2015 22:33:41 EST Other peoples clean, organized homes ...I often imagine this particular woman's home I once saw. Her kitchen was spotless, perfect, shining, not a thing out of place and NO clutter. No clutter anywhere else either, I stood there and thought, "I wish my home looked like this.." Today I am faced with a dilemma that has come up many times before. <BR> Which is that -someone needs to 'come over' to my place tomorrow to help my friend who;s car is stranded (at my place) and they said they will be coming over to help with it which is... Mon, 10 Nov 2014 00:58:10 EST Sentimental and practical Items While sorting through stuff; as I continue to TRY to do day in, day out as the months roll by, I am faced with what to do with sentimental stuff and practical stuff ..and making DECISIONS about what to do with it or WHERE to out it. And this emotional type decision making is draining. Even small things, this Easter basket that was just recently given to me-it's clean, new , very well made (nice craftsmanship) but I have no need for it. There is no place for it so WHY cant I toss it? I feel s... Sun, 29 Jun 2014 00:53:14 EST Hoarding, eating, health, money, addictions, moods How is hoarding connected with eating, health, money, addictions, moods, relationships, getting out of the house, time, self-esteem, etc.? Mon, 23 Jun 2014 08:45:50 EST What makes a hoarder? How do you know someone is a hoarder? <BR> <BR> Do they admit they are a hoarder? <BR> <BR> Did they start out as a hoarder? <BR> <BR> Was there an event in their life which came before hoarding? <BR> <BR> <BR> Sat, 14 Jun 2014 15:06:18 EST 'important items' lost in charity bags? I have a bunch of bags (and boxes) of things in the car to be dropped off at the charity drop. But TWO times now when passing close to the place I avoided stopping there because of that uncomfortable feeling I get when I leave/abandon my things there. Somehow I also decided that I MAYBE have things in the bags that need to be reexamined again, to make sure that there's nothing lost/ or misplaced in the bags. I guess I have to go through them again but I hesitate because I might pull some othe... Sun, 11 May 2014 14:38:51 EST Back again I have joined and dropped this team a couple of times. Sometimes it just gets too quiet or I give up on my house in depression. Last night I deleted myself from about 20 Spark teams and 2 challenge teams. Now I have room for focusing on my house with this team and the flylady team. I don't do flylady yet due to the clutter, but it is my inspiration for the future. It feels good to simplify my Spark account and I'm glad to be back on the team. I have a lot of work to do and I think the be... Sat, 26 Apr 2014 11:47:08 EST Mouse in my (cluttered) house! So for the past couple of weeks I have been battling a mouse in the house. Its extremely upsetting to have realized that it was running around while I have been sleeping. Finally located its main entrance (under the kitchen sink area) and that and a few other spots were closed /sealed off by a carpenter which has cost quite a bit so far. Now, last night realized the mouse is trying to come in through a another way so that area needs to be worked on too. I don't want to put out traps, I just... Sat, 22 Mar 2014 16:17:20 EST Points you win for your spin for the team? <em>244</em> 20!! Mon, 10 Feb 2014 17:43:39 EST online support Has anyone ever taken an online structured "accountability" group where you sign in and post your progress on decluttering or whatever on a regular basis? I'm thinking of doing one but wonder if anyone has any feedback about something like this? I know we support and encourage each other here but the one I'm thinking of is more structured. <BR> Wed, 5 Feb 2014 22:47:08 EST What needs to be done, then today enjoy doing My new goal is do one thing I ought to do followed by one thing I want to do. <BR> <BR> Today I ought to make a healthy meal. <BR> After accomplishing my 'ought', I want to spend time with my honey putting together a puzzle. <BR> <BR> How about you? <em>30</em> Wed, 1 Jan 2014 16:56:56 EST Say one positive thing about yourself each day... I received an angel card. The word on it is "Enthusiasm". I start my day with enthusiasm. <BR> <em>380</em> Wed, 1 Jan 2014 16:29:38 EST New Year's Resolutions What are your New Year's Resolutions for 2014? <BR> Which do you believe you'll actually follow through? <BR> <em>52</em> Tue, 31 Dec 2013 14:58:26 EST Cluttery holiday, more organized new year Wrapping, paper, bags, clothes, things all over my home. <BR> I'm dreaming of...a more organized , less clutter new year-. In the meantime -Happy holidays everyone! Sun, 22 Dec 2013 03:41:23 EST RE new Team Leader message/ checking in I am very glad and appreciative of our wonderful Team Leader to care about us and our progress. As we too care about hers! We are all in this team together-and its VERY hard to <BR> keep progressing. But we can do it! I think 20 minutes a day is extremely good to do. Even 10 minutes, even 5... Just to be able to let go of so freeing.I have piles of projects and going to get back to working on it. I send everyone good energy and focus to keep <BR> on de-cluttering ! Lets all try t... Tue, 3 Sep 2013 18:24:05 EST I'm new and hoping for help My name is Linda and I live in a small town in northern Montana. I own the duplex that I live in and my mom lives on the other side. My side is a mess! Fri, 16 Aug 2013 02:57:38 EST Update From a Less-Tha n-Active Team Member Hi Lynn and all the other SparkTeam members! <BR> <BR> I saw your SparkMail about how low the participation on the team is. Personally, I have not been participating in any of my SparkTeams much. I was laid off 2 years ago and gained back all the weight I lost (plus about 15 lbs), so I was feeling guilty about falling off the wagon, so to speak. I have had a little progress in reducing our things, our hoard, though. <BR> <BR> In 2008, my then-boyfriend (now husband) moved into a new bigg... Thu, 20 Jun 2013 17:09:32 EST Summer Simplifying Today is the 2nd day of my summer vacation, and I chose to start it off with SparkPeople. I read my mal, and was encouraged to add a post since so few of us do post. I am motivated, and I want others to continue to motivate me and each other. So, here goes... <BR> <BR> WHat are you going to do this summer to simplify your life? <BR> <BR> I vow to myself and to you that I will not turn the TV on the minute I wake up. This causes me to waste time. I will, instead, work on silence or moti... Wed, 19 Jun 2013 09:34:12 EST Newbie here ... just started SP yesterday and I am a closet hoarder. <em>198</em> It ranges mostly from buying too much food at the grocery and then hiding non-perishables in my room cause the pantry is already overflowing. I also have an over abundance of sewing supplies and i still don't really know that much about sewing. I got my first ever sewing machine two years ago. I still only have one, thank goodness they cost too much money or I'd have about seven by now. The rest of my stuff is Books ... Fri, 29 Mar 2013 22:03:14 EST Just to let you know... I am still here This is a place to simply touch base and share what's up, challenging, status quo (no changes), better, great. Mon, 18 Mar 2013 05:50:51 EST I'm new to team-my issue is too much STUFF Hi all. I found this team and decided I should be a part of it. Hoping it will assist me in my quest to sort, organize, get rid of STUFF I have accumulated. I have been trying for a long time now to do this and just when I was making some progress-I was given a whole bunch of things as gifts that I dont need. It is all there in a heap. I don't mean to sound ungrateful for the gifts but I let everyone know that I didnt want anything.. Anyway, the new year is just about here..and I need to keep... Sun, 30 Dec 2012 14:22:36 EST Do Simplicity and Hoarding teach lessons? I received this article today in an email from Carole Hyder on living simply rather than with all our addictions. <link><BR>ply.html?soid=1011050621531&aid=qDrP7d<BR>Yu3L4 </link> <BR> <BR> Here is a quote from it... <BR> "What would it be like to be obsessed with simplicity? We wouldn't complain about small closets or the lack of cupboard space or inadequate storage." <BR> <BR> I know my home is composed of piles and trails through them, but I ofte... Thu, 15 Nov 2012 17:49:56 EST Free Sort-It-Out classes online Has anyone listened to these free classes on Clutter Clearing or Power over Paper? <BR> There are two sessions of each talk and I listened to all of them as she gives a few different tips in each one. Plus it helps me to listen twice anyway. <BR> Here is the link <BR> <link><BR>sses </link> <BR> <BR> I think my hoarding problems might be from my perfectionist tendencies (and since I can't do it right, I just give up) plus my ADHD scattered mind which... Fri, 2 Nov 2012 03:33:46 EST Do You Freecycle? For those teammates who are not familiar with the Yahoo groups called Freecycle, here is a link: <BR> <BR> <link><BR>tect=1 </link> <BR> <BR> They are free to join and you can post that you are offering something, want something, received an item or that an offered item has been taken. There is no fee to participate but nothing may be sold. <BR> <BR> Just today I dropped off an extra computer modem to a woman who had bought a used one on Ebay to find t... Tue, 30 Oct 2012 23:32:44 EST Flashlight Focus method Have you watched tv investigative shows where they enter the crime scene, never turn on the lights and search for clues or evidence using their flashlights? I was always yelling at the tv..."Why don't they just turn on the light?" Now I think I get it. <BR> <BR> I am easily distracted and I was reading a blog about paper and other things holding emotions. One of the hints was to imagine you are holding a flashlight and shining it on one spot. Concentrate on that spot until it is organized... Tue, 30 Oct 2012 18:17:32 EST New take on clutter and weight as energy I read this on a page trying to sell a program (I assume as I didn't click the link). <BR> So here was the source page<BR>l <BR> <BR> The gist was that overweight is excess body fat and excess body fat is stored energy. <BR> So being "overweight" gives you lots of stored energy to do all the things you want to do. <BR> <BR> Overweight and depression often go together. <BR> Depression says, "I have all these things that I haven't done", and Overwei... Sat, 27 Oct 2012 13:59:59 EST Reigniting My Spark <BR> I've been here before, and let me say-I just can't stay away. I've had my success with spark, and slid down the slope once I thought I had it under control. <BR> <BR> Here I am reigniting my flame. I'm looking for a happier, healthier life. I know I can find the help I need here. And not only with my weight. I'm a smoker, a binge eater, struggle with mental health, a mother, a wife, a home maker and soon to be an employee once again(per finding a new job). <BR> <BR> I've never thought... Wed, 19 Sep 2012 17:36:34 EST Today I am grateful for... those who sent me emails letting me know our team is still important to them, even if they stay in the background or aren't working on their hoarding at this time <BR> <em>304</em> <BR> Lynn / sunsetinaz <BR> <em>67</em> <BR> <BR> <em>38</em> What are you grateful for? <em>38</em> Sat, 4 Aug 2012 05:29:53 EST 365 less things <link> </link> is a wonderful website which can help us meet our challenge of getting rid of at least one thing each day. <BR> <BR> How is the challenge going for you? <BR> Are you making this a priority every day? <BR> What gets in the way of getting rid of something today? <BR> What helps you get rid of at least one thing today? Thu, 14 Jun 2012 09:11:15 EST Is Hoarding an addiction??? Don't know why this popped into my mind but it has been bothering me all weekend. I wasn't feeling well & wasn't able to sleep. Here goes. <BR> Definition: Addiction is the continued use of a substance or behavior despite adverse consequences. <BR> Behavior addiction is compulsions that are not substance-related, such as compulsive shopping, sex, gambling,computer use, overeating, etc. This describes a recurring compulsion by a person to engage in an activity despite harmful consequences a... Tue, 15 May 2012 18:45:22 EST Do your things have a life of their own? I wanted some foil last night and found so many things on the shelf that did not belong. I don't know how they got there. Was it too crowded where they belonged that they crawled their way there to have more space? I really don't remember putting them on that shelf. <BR> Does this happen to you? Sometimes I feel I have gremlins in the house that move things around. Things will disappear only to be found in the most unlikely places. It can't be the girls evey time as they can't reach so... Sat, 5 May 2012 11:05:26 EST Sensitive subject (bras) Was reading an article in my paper about de-cluttering & the lady asked what was she suppose to do with the bras she maybe wore one or two times. Under garments aren't accepted at Goodwill. I have several bras that were bought to wear with certain outfits. These weren't cheap. Wore once & packed away, they haven't seen daylight in years. A bra shop had a bra collection where they sent the good ones to under developed countries for women who could not afford them. What wasn't in good co... Thu, 3 May 2012 17:13:36 EST My Emotional Hoarding I'm glad I found this group here, I'm on a few email groups on yahoo but I end up hoarding the emails and then reading them all at once for emotional support, which helps sort of but I end up not participating as much as I'd like to because instead of commenting, I'm reading 3 months behind. <BR> <BR> I know I have really strong emotional issues to deal with and that's a huge part of my hoarding. I know I inherited severe depression from both sides of my family and now I think I inherited h... Thu, 26 Apr 2012 11:15:37 EST And the winner is, Deju_Dike!!! My hoarding buddy just won the first round of the Hoarding Game! Way to Go! <em>244</em> She accumulated 100 points first! Yay!!! <em>244</em> Sat, 21 Apr 2012 15:40:39 EST Realistic goals When I see something that I feel needs done, I throw myself into it. Usually no plan or thought process. Then I get overwhelmed & get discouraged , throw my hands up & say why bother. I work like crazy on days when I have the energy & then can't do anything for a couple of days. My therapist keeps telling me to pace myself but as much as I try once I start I do not want to stop. Now using a timer for 15 mins at a time in each room helps keep the main living areas clean but it would take... Mon, 16 Apr 2012 11:33:03 EST links, ideas, etc. I love these two guys' blog: the minimalists <BR> this link has description of how they changed their way of life and cleared their life of clutter/stuff. <BR> It was very inspiring to me...their essays are easy to read and very thought-provoking. <BR> Hope you enjoy! Tue, 3 Apr 2012 18:03:51 EST life-made-easy /26-organizing tips<BR>rganizing-tips-actually-140700514.html <BR> <BR> Very cool article. I think it is important to have fresh new ideas to keep me on my toes. Mon, 2 Apr 2012 23:41:37 EST Thank you! Thanks you everyone who sent me wonderful birthday wishes! Sat, 31 Mar 2012 15:22:50 EST Looking Inside Clutter/Ho oarding... After reading ELIZRN's blog/public journal dated October 12. 2009, Looking Inside Clutter, <BR> <BR> <link><BR>urnal_individual.asp?blog_id=2471967 </link> <BR> <BR> This is one place you can share how her blog/public journal touches you, motivates you or, possibly, doesn't touch you. <BR> <BR> What did you discover? Wed, 28 Mar 2012 03:22:17 EST swap I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a buddy to motivate and challenge each other? I feel that I just need a buddy to be accountable to. ???? Tue, 13 Mar 2012 21:43:07 EST Water is not enough Read an article that said drinking 8 glasses of water a day is not as healthy as we were lead to believe. While it hydrates us, it has no nutritional value. It is better for us to get hydrated from foods with high water content like watermelon, cucumbers, oatmeal (yes oatmeal, it absorbs the water it is cooked in so we get hydrate when we eat it), etc. Some food for thought. <BR> <BR> Carol <em>491</em> <em>474</em> Sat, 3 Mar 2012 12:23:48 EST Hoarding and health In reading over past discussions, hoarding and health, including weight, may have definite connections. <BR> <BR> This is the place to share your observations, thoughts and feelings about this possible connection. Tue, 21 Feb 2012 05:32:54 EST What is one small change... <BR> What is one small change you could stick with or habit you can create for one month which would help you move forward? <BR> <BR> For example, for this month I am going to commit to not wasting money on Facebook. <BR> I'd rather do something real with the money or save it. Fri, 27 Jan 2012 14:47:27 EST Good Advice I Gave I Should Follow and Might Here is the advice I gave regarding. <BR> <BR> As far as hoarding goes... <BR> Be patient, but firm. <BR> Reward yourself as you begin to face and manage hoarding <BR> <BR> In no particular order, I work at using these guidelines - <BR> <BR> LETTING GO OF ITEMS <BR> <BR> Does it represent a memory which I wouldn't have with out the reminder? <BR> Is it creating a health hazard? <BR> (Mold, bugs, unwanted animals, piles which could fall, a fire hazard, <BR> no safe way o... Tue, 17 Jan 2012 09:55:13 EST Weekly Touching Base The name speaks for itself. <BR> <BR> You don't have to be working on hoarding to check in. <BR> <BR> Share a bit of what's going on with you and yours. <BR> <BR> Have you read a book you'd recommend? <BR> Did you learn something? <BR> Have you started a class? <BR> Any regrets this weeK? <BR> Do you have a new family member? <BR> Do you have something which makes you want to swear? <BR> Did someone do something you didn't erxpect be nice to you? <BR> Do you have a goal you ar... Sat, 7 Jan 2012 11:49:38 EST No Decisions Traditionally this is the time we make resolutions which we soon break, mostly because we set our expectations too high without a realistic way of reaching them. <BR> <BR> As many have said - baby steps. <BR> <BR> In case you missed it, one of our members, Helsdottir, had a great idea/experience which, in case you didn't read it, I'm going to share with you: <BR> <BR> "Yesterday I got a clue. Just straighten, neaten, sort, or clean. No decisions. <BR> <BR> Take 5 and sweep the floor. se... Sat, 17 Dec 2011 17:58:43 EST Your house is on fire ... Your family, including pets, is safe. <BR> <BR> You just have time to carry four (4) things out of the house. <BR> <BR> What four things would you choose? And (if you want to answer), WHY? Fri, 2 Dec 2011 07:43:53 EST Holidays The holidays can be emotionally charged - what we remember from the past versus what is, people unable to be with us, goals we want to accomplish versus what is realistically do-able, dealing with difficult people, should we or can we decorate for the holidays, weather, health, and whatever you can thhink of to add. <BR> <BR> When you think of holidays, what pops up? Sat, 19 Nov 2011 13:19:06 EST Hypnosis therapy A close friend of mine is studying to be a hypnosis therapist. She would like to use me as a practice patient in a few weeks. So, I'm considering what to focus on to make a difference in my personal journey in life. <BR> Well, there's that last 5 pounds to lose, dealing with difficult people at work and clearing my home of clutter! <BR> I'll report back if I feel that it has helped or not. It is worth a try. Sun, 13 Nov 2011 07:19:03 EST Touching Base Whether or not this is about hoarding, this is a place we can touch base and say whatever we have to say. <BR> <BR> It's up to each of us - nothing is off limits (although keeping swear words to a minimum would be appreciated). Fri, 11 Nov 2011 20:17:39 EST not finishing... We deny ourselves the pleasure of finishing. <BR> <BR> Because we focus on the never-ending "big picture", we forget that little pictures can be framed. <BR> <BR> Shared by helsdottir who suggested the topic of 'not finishing' <BR> <BR> Is not finishing something you wrestle with? Wed, 19 Oct 2011 10:35:02 EST Feng Shui, anyone? Has anyone had any experience with using Feng Shui to help in decluttering? I have read some stuff, and am familiar with some of the principles, but I'm wondering if some of you have some experience and feedback on how it worked for you. <BR> <BR> Some of the things I've read suggest that places in our houses where our stuff is most cluttered reflect areas in our lives where we are stuck, or overwhelmed, or unfulfilled. That being the case, it would make sense to focus on those areas first... Fri, 14 Oct 2011 14:18:17 EST The epic journey I totally love that gecko commercial, with the punchline: <BR> <BR> "Well, I'm out of the parking lot. That's a good start." <BR> <BR> I think I'll post that in large letters someplace, and practice saying (or paraphrasing) it whenever I've crossed something off my list. Fri, 14 Oct 2011 10:24:00 EST Hello All... :) I think I may be a hoarder, I'm pretty sure I am a hoarder. It's really hard for me to admit it, even though I think the evidence is right before my eyes...but maybe it's something else? <BR> <BR> Ever since I was little I've lived in a disgustingly messy bedroom. I'm remembering now, that when I was much younger I loved everything neat and clean and in its place. As I grew up, it became more disorganized, I had to hold on to everything, I remember my father looking at me in disbelief, askin... Mon, 3 Oct 2011 11:16:47 EST Finding things So, we all know that one of the big drawbacks to having a house full of disorganized clutter is that we can't find things when we need them, but as soon as we acquire a replacement, the lost one seems to show up. <BR> <BR> So, I had some vacuum cleaner bags put away somewhere. Couldn't find them. Looked everywhere three times. These are for an older model and not available at the supermarket. Finally gave up and ordered from internet yesterday. <BR> <BR> Just now, I was looking for the ... Tue, 27 Sep 2011 15:18:38 EST Finding the Lion Here is a quotation from Michael Bungay Stanier of Box of Crayons, who is paraphrasing Michelangelo about sculpture.. <BR> <BR> “I just carve away anything that doesn’t look like a lion, and I’m left with a lion.” <BR> <BR> It comes to me that this is what we are trying to do, whether with our homes, our bodies, our lifestyles. Carve away that which does not fit our image for ourselves. <BR> <BR> First thing, of course, is to seek that image. I rather like the lion, or rather lioness, a... Sat, 10 Sep 2011 10:10:51 EST Septembe /October Challenge The words for these months are: <BR> "consistency" <BR> "progress" <BR> <BR> Move from surviving to thriving by <BR> making progress on your plan <BR> to create a habit which includes <BR> the accomplishment of <BR> managing your hoarding every day <BR> <BR> Remember - it helps to take baby - make your goal/plan reachable... <BR> Not "My whole kitchen will be clean today" (too big/overwhelming) <BR> However, depending on the shape your kitchen is in, <BR> "I will go through a pile and d... Wed, 7 Sep 2011 11:27:33 EST New to Group I have been on SP for just over 6 months and have had many ups and downs due to getting off track. I have been having the same trouble with my hoarding especially since I moved in with my boys back to my parents place. They are also hoarders but not willing to admit it. I have been attempting to keep my areas fairly organized but all 3 of our rooms are at about a level 2 close to 3. I seriously need to get back on trackan go thru what we have and need now. Mon, 5 Sep 2011 18:17:41 EST Semi-organized hoarder I need to remember "You cannot organize clutter; you can only organize things you love." <BR> I know I'm an hoarder because I've hidden from myself the fact that I have 4 monopoly games. One very old aka collectible, one traditional Atlantic City, one Olympia, WA, one NYC. <BR> I also had until recently 8 Bibles. I've gotten down to three by donating 5. It's the decisions; it's the self talk of "Oh this I'll use to read in bed, this I keep at the desk. <BR> I found several bags of yarn I d... Mon, 29 Aug 2011 09:11:43 EST Hello I have more than clutter for sure. <BR> Hope to share ideas and motivation with this team. <BR> I have many hobbies, artwork, collections, lots of paper, books and I lost about 30 pounds so a lot of clothing that no longer fits. <BR> <BR> I know life would be simpler if I'd let go in a graceful way, however, that's where I get stuck. Hard to make decisions. <BR> <BR> Today I photographed every area in the apartment that needs addressing and I'll tackle each area and take another photo when... Mon, 29 Aug 2011 08:55:32 EST Clearing it out. I realized a few years back that I was a hoarder and I was making some progress, but then lost steam. I have believed that most of my problems are all interconnected. Part of being overweight is that your house isn't clean enough to be preparing healthy meals and you move small since everything is so crowded. I'm off work this week and have decided to wade into the kitchen again and clean it out. If your kitchen is clean, you can start to function again. When I finally cleaned it out afte... Mon, 29 Aug 2011 04:47:48 EST too hot to go out so I had to stay inside Since I had to stay inside I couldn't but notice the mess. I started cleaning and found it really wasn't as emotionally hard as I thought it would be. I got my son to bring heavy boxes over to the bed where I sorted them then he took the trash to the car so I could make 1 trip to the dumpster. I cleaned until the car was full of trash. I now have things inside neatly boxed to go to donation or some place other then my place. <BR> I went and looked at houses over the weekend and found one that... Fri, 22 Jul 2011 10:01:38 EST Improving our team, our site, our participation Hi everyone <BR> <BR> Our team has been active for two and a half years. <BR> <BR> Lately, our team participation has been dwindling significantly. <BR> <BR> Please share what would make us a better team to meet your needs. <BR> <BR> What would encourage your active participation? <BR> <BR> If you are a hoarder or know someone who is, what parts of our team page would you go to? <BR> <BR> What other comments do you have? <BR> <BR> <em>304</em> for making us a better team! <BR... Wed, 22 Jun 2011 15:22:58 EST Ways to assess the level of hoarding Here are some links for you: <BR> <BR> For some reason, my Link Button isn't working, but you can still cut and paste these into your browser. <BR> <BR><BR>.pdf <BR> <BR><BR>tected/hoardingcir <BR> <BR><BR>ardingscale/nsgcd_clutterhoardingscale<BR>.pdf <BR> page down to page 3 <BR> <BR><BR>hoardinglivingroom <BR> <BR> http://... Tue, 17 May 2011 19:02:59 EST Sugar and Addiction workshop ElizRN leader of the Sugar and Addiction team just started an Interactive Workshop about Sugar and Addiction and learning how to move forward. She is an excellent writer and motivator - definitely worth checking out. <BR> <BR> She blogs the lessons/afirmations on her webpage. Or you can receive them through Sparkmail. <BR> <BR> It's not too late to check it out! <BR> <BR> Here is the link to the first lesson: <BR> <link><BR>urnal_individual.asp?blog... Wed, 26 Jan 2011 07:25:53 EST How do you choose? Ok, I just finished reading the inspiration question, what inspires you to move ahead? <BR> <BR> but the question facing me is, how do I decide? <BR> For instance, my desire is to have two tiny clean countertops in my kitchen. I want to be able to use them. <BR> <BR> what are my baby steps? <BR> clear off the clutter <BR> Clear off the floor in front of the counter. <BR> and realistically I also need to clear out the cabinets below and above and re-prioritize. <BR> <BR> That's a... Sun, 23 Jan 2011 12:33:05 EST What inspires us to move from thought to action? What inspires us to move from thought to action? <BR> <BR> It is easy to find quotes or stories which touch us. <BR> <BR> But it is challenging to get from reading/seeing something to taking action in life. <BR> <BR> This is the place to share transitions into action. Sun, 23 Jan 2011 07:45:49 EST Food, weight, activity, health and hoarding - Hmmm <em>235</em> <BR> This topic is created to explore if and how food, weight, activity, health, and hoarding might be connected. <BR> It is a temptation to compartmentalize each of these categories into their own separate boxes. Perhaps boxing each separately serves a purpose. <BR> This is the place to explore. <BR> <em>306</em> Wed, 19 Jan 2011 07:22:02 EST Word /Phrase of the Week A school I pass changes their sign each week. <BR> For one week, all their lessons revolve around the "Word of the Week." <BR> <BR> What is your word this week? Thu, 13 Jan 2011 07:48:54 EST Laundry Sorter Let me start this post off by telling a bit about my situation. <BR> <BR> I'm a 20 year old student, and I live with my grandparents currently. I moved out of my mom's house about 2 years ago, but a lot of my stuff is still sitting at my mom's house because nothing will fit here. I have a large room in the basement, with a few tubs in the storage room. <BR> <BR> My grandmother was the one who pointed out that I have a hoarding problem. She decided to help me by buying me a laundry sorter. ... Mon, 10 Jan 2011 21:36:24 EST Oh, I belong here. Hi, everyone - my name is CJ, and I'm a thirteenth generation hoarder. I know this, because there are things in my (or my mother's) house that go back that far, and really - it's got to stop. Mostly because I'm the last of my line - there's no younger relatives to push things on to, and we have two houses full of things we either won't ever use, or can't use because we can't get to them. I'm tired, Tired, TIRED of living like this. I'll be reading through everyone's stories and advice over t... Fri, 7 Jan 2011 11:29:49 EST Three... Three is what we can share. <BR> <BR> They can be serious - silly, relevent websites, things you want to reinforce, types of anything, part of a bucket list, recipes, jokes, feelings for today, things you have too many of, bloopers, people you admire, parts of your space you like or don't like... <BR> <BR> I think you get the general idea. Each day you put in an entry you get a SparkPoint for posting. <BR> <BR> Give it a try. Mon, 27 Dec 2010 15:00:16 EST Is your home depressing you? Found this great article and thought I'd share. <BR> <BR> I admit that my home and I feed off of one another and things just keep getting worse. <BR> <BR><BR>articles/depression-your-surroundings-<BR>what-you-need-know?printArticle=true Fri, 10 Dec 2010 12:33:18 EST What do you say to your mirror? I saw this as a blog and thought it would be a good topic... <BR> <BR> What do you say to your mirror or what should you be saying to your mirror? Tue, 7 Dec 2010 02:56:56 EST I have a FAT house I was happy to find this team. I actually wasn't going to try to start losing weight until I got my house in order. I finally just started to try to care for myself. I watched Hoarders on TV and know I'm not as bad as on the show but I know I could be. I believe strongly that my clutter has a lot to do with my weight. I haven't quite figured it all out yet but I know that it does. Today I started in my kitchen and plan on working my way through this house. I need support! Like most peo... Tue, 16 Nov 2010 21:31:36 EST CAN THEY MAKE OVER A MOBILE HOME FOR A CHANGE??? I live in a Mobile home and need a MAKEOVER ...Why can't they have one on a Mobile Home for a change...I am just venting all.... Sun, 14 Nov 2010 10:10:22 EST Word for Nov - Commitment I posted my commitments for the holidays Nov thru Dec. <BR> I am challenging everyone to make a commitment to do one thing everyday. It does not need to be big. Baby steps will help get to our goal. Mine are to deal with my mail right away everyday, keep my counters clear by putting everything away after use & to get & keep the area by my chair neat & not overflowing. After commiting just post if you met your goal or not. I'm trying to get in the good habit of dealing with a couple of th... Wed, 3 Nov 2010 21:52:09 EST Question and Reflection : ) If you came home to find all your stuff gone and your house cleaned, how would you react? <BR> <BR> Once you got over your initial reaction, then what? Thu, 28 Oct 2010 04:16:36 EST Clean House Today I saw a show called clean house. They showed the before rooms & they looked a lot like hoarding to me but they were calling it clutter. The people invited the show to come & get rid the their things & redo their homes with money raised from yard sale selling the clutter. Only saw the 1 show but some of the places looked the bits & pieces I've seen of Hoarders. Wed, 27 Oct 2010 15:29:47 EST Six impossible things before breakfast I started a thread like this on another forum. It's to report and celebrate steps of progress that have been accomplished before breakfast. <BR> <BR> I find that there is an excitement about the time around dawn, an impetus, that helps me "just do it", particularly if I make the plan just before bedtime. <BR> <BR> It really seems as though procrastination, cluttering, and hoarding are frequently kissing cousins, and there is something about doing something before breakfast that is quite en... Mon, 25 Oct 2010 20:25:13 EST Hi, not sure this is the place I should be- yet! I am not an "official" hoarder, but I can see where I may have that tendancy. I went thru a horrible divorce/mess about 9 yrs. ago- husband was alcoholic and we lost everything- home, business, etc. (He didn't pay taxes- unbeknownst to me). So what was left, my furniture, etc.- I just "cling" to- it's all I have. I already was a "keeper" so this just brought it out worse. I don't hoard, but I can see I keep getting "stuff" and can't let go of anything most of the time. I have been worki... Mon, 25 Oct 2010 12:17:22 EST Forgive & forget Hi everyone. <BR> <BR> Just a thought. Do you forgive yourself when you miss the mark on what you planned to do? EI: Wanted to declutter nursery closet, removed 2 items & got caught up in a phone call that required me to do something for DH & never got back to closet. Do I kick myself or say today is another day & do the best I can. We can't change the yesterdays but we can change today. Each new day gives us a chance to change ourself & our habits. Today is the most important day. Ca... Mon, 25 Oct 2010 11:14:05 EST view from another ones eyes i have been talking with Lynn back and forth thru air mail about me trying to get started on cleaning my way around the house and i had decided a way to help me see thru a another person's eyes <BR> <BR> i got a notebook to fill with pages of pitures that i am going to take of the different rooms in my house as well as sections of each room so that i can see it thru another persons eyes and to help make it seem not as scarey because it would be of portions instead of the whole thing. This wa... Mon, 4 Oct 2010 16:03:10 EST Do you beat yourself up? I have been upset with myself for not doing much. I'm doing a little so each day is not a complete wash out. But I can't enjoy what I've done because all I seem to see is what still needs done. My house is looking much better since I've joined this team & it is not just the clutter, I'm actually parting with things & controling my buying much better. But I want perfection, won't happen because we live in this house & family visits & leaves things behind. The house gets used. Why can't I... Sun, 3 Oct 2010 10:36:27 EST Thank you's Hi everyone. <BR> <BR> Lynn huddled that we should thank each other for the support we receive. I'll be sending a goodie to one person each day during Oct as a thank you, so watch for your message. Thanks in advance for everything you have all done to help me. Carol Sun, 3 Oct 2010 09:47:38 EST Email Clutter Hi everyone. I just spent about six hours last night and this morning deleting Spark mail. Down from 87 pages at 10 per page to barely 3 I want to save. Now I need to get ruthless with personal emails I've received, sent and saved. I'm sure many are outdated. <BR> <BR> Sure feels great to at least have SP mail under control. <BR> <BR> Is this a problem area of cluttering for you too? <BR> <BR> Lou Tue, 28 Sep 2010 12:38:39 EST hello from the new one well i guess this is the place for me to be i can difinitely say that things are stacking up around here and i can walk past it day after day. I wish it looked better but that is the stopping point. See if i can join and hopefully lower the stacks of my cluttered life from around me. Sat, 25 Sep 2010 19:18:07 EST Inspirations to release our possessions I was inspired to create this topic by a quote from a friend. <BR> &#8206;"When our desire is to give instead of get, our core belief is that we have so much abundance, we can afford to give it away. The subconscious mind takes its clue from our core beliefs, and brilliantly manufactures situations that reflect them. Our willingness to give directs the universe to give to us." ~Marriane Williamson <BR> <BR> Perhaps for some of us replacing our fears/feelings of deprivation with a mindset of... Thu, 23 Sep 2010 09:09:31 EST Decisions - Let's talk about making them Decisions can be hard when there are so many possibilities and influences involved. <BR> This topic is a place for us to think out loud, ask for feedback, share experiences when faced with a similar decision, and get and share inspiration. <BR> We are not therapists, but we do have valuable experience managing hoarding, extreme clutter, and learning how to release. <BR> Welcome to Decisions! Thu, 9 Sep 2010 21:05:57 EST On the Map Was just looking at the team map, and noticed that not many of us are on it. (If you haven't checked out the team map before, click on the team map button at the bottom of the main team page.) It's interesting to me to see a visual of where everybody is. Thu, 26 Aug 2010 16:58:47 EST Farmville: Cyber-cl uttering This is either the best therapy or the worst indulgence for a hoarder/clutterer. <BR> <BR> One of the things that is really cool is that a player receives by giving, and there are co-operative tasks. <BR> <BR> Another thing that is cool is that the items acquired take up no room in the physical world, they can be accumulated, moved around, stored, sold, given away with a simple click of the mouse. <BR> <BR> The down side to this game is that it can be addictive, and consume a lot of time t... Mon, 16 Aug 2010 10:30:36 EST What have you done for you today I have a tendency to make sure others get what they need but put off doing things for my wellbeing. I'm not talking about what clutter I've worked on. I'm talking about my mental, emotional & physical wellbeing. Yes clearing the clutter & get our hoarding under control is impotant but we need to take care of ourselves as we would others who need things done. Start today doing something nice for you. Did you take time to take a walk, call a friend or even ask for a hug. I change or cance... Thu, 12 Aug 2010 22:41:03 EST Scheduling For the month of August, anyone who would like to try scheduling time to manage hoarding can post their results (and make a SparkPoint for the post) under this topic. <BR> <BR> Scheduling: <BR> <BR> If you stuck to your schedule that day, type 'yes'. <BR> <BR> If you didn't stick to that day's schedule, type 'no'. <BR> <BR> There is no shame in not sticking to your schedule. Remember, the schedule is just a tool. Each day we can start anew <BR> <BR> Add an emoticon. <BR> <BR> I... Sat, 7 Aug 2010 09:05:46 EST Milestone achieved I am so proud of me. Usually when I got the fair I get bags and bags of free stuff and boatloads of brochures. This year at the fair I only brought home 1 small bag that was mostly empty. Before I even picked up an item I asked myself "well yes it's cool but what am I going to do with it?" I ended up with 2 pencils for my nephew, 2 brochures for a friend, 1 water bottle which I am using everyday and a pink parasol which I am using to keep from getting sun burnt again. That's a BIG step I thin... Fri, 30 Jul 2010 16:05:01 EST Hi I'm new here. Hi. I have a problem. I don't know if I'm more of a clutterer or more of a hoarder. All I know is that I have a problem. My house is full of clutter. <BR> When I try to go through it, I have a terrible time discarding stuff that might have a potential use to me or someone else. <BR> I attempted the flylady program, but felt that they were just trying to sell stuff. I didn't feel they dealt with my problem. <BR> I'd like to hear what is working for the other members of this group. <BR>... Thu, 29 Jul 2010 20:35:49 EST How others see and react your hoarding I wanted to talk about this because the last post in my blog, I happened to send it to facebook so that some of my friends who are aware of my issues could read it and also they know how well I've been doing purging things for this move. <BR> Well, I've had some NEGATIVE response from my sister, my husband and my oldest daughter who is 21. <BR> <BR> See my husband's sister's husband's mother--have you got that? HAHA she responded about my blog and so I went on to talk about how for many ho... Mon, 12 Jul 2010 21:24:51 EST Introduction I am defiantly a hoarder. Some times I can see why I have collected something or why I haven't kept up with something. Other times when I am cleaning I come across something that I have no idea where it came from, why I have it or even what it is. <BR> I began to make good progress on a consistent basis when I had a social worker coming to my house weekly. She helped me to actually see the mess around me that I had been ignoring; not really seeing or comprehending just how bad it was. <BR> AF... Tue, 6 Jul 2010 01:22:33 EST My name is Joe, and I'm a hoarder! Hoarder, Clutterer, it doesn't matter any more - it's OUT OF CONTROL! <BR> <BR> I am "living" in total CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome). If anyone saw the inside of my "home", they would have it condemned, and have me committed! <BR> <BR> The disorder has put me into a deep depression, making it very difficult to get into motion to address anything - counseling/therapy is out of the question, as I am on the brink of bankruptcy, living barely from payday to payday. <BR> <BR> I made ... Mon, 5 Jul 2010 02:42:11 EST HOLY MAGAZINES BATMAN! Well, you all know I've been working on purging magazines since March! I think I'm finally done! <BR> I already had gotten rid of a bunch of ladies magazines in April and May and gave them to the school. <BR> Well, since we started packing yesterday my husband came in the office with a box and said here's a box for your sewing magazines, I just hope you aren't taking them all. <BR> So I started purging. All I can say is WOW I can't believe how many I was able to part with!! I only pulled s... Mon, 5 Jul 2010 00:51:31 EST Hoarding is an addiction When you get right down to the basic core of hoarding it has things in common with all addictions, drugs, food, cigarettes(you it the idea). The items we "collect" give us a high but it doesn't last. We need more. AND in the long run it is a destructive behavior because it causes us to hide what we are doing, it cuts us off from others,& affects our health. The first step to kicking the addiction is admitting you have it. You need help & support & that is what our little team is about. S... Wed, 16 Jun 2010 10:03:16 EST Procrastination I apologize if there is already a thread on this subject, but it just occurred to me that procrastination can be a form of hoarding, especially when it involves putting off a decision. <BR> <BR> Or maybe in some cases, hoarding is symptomatic of fear of making a decision. ???? <BR> <BR> Any thoughts on the relationship between hoarding, procrastination, and fear of making decisions? Tue, 8 Jun 2010 11:35:36 EST 4 Clutter zones to tackle now These suggestions were in my morning paper. Will help get rid of some clutter but not sure how well they will work with hoarding. These aren't instant fixes. <BR> <BR> 1 A kitchen drawer: Take out all your little gadgets you bought & thought you would use & couldn't live without ei melon baller, pizza cutter,etc. Put them all in a box (but not the turkey baster if you do use it for basting as most of us only cook turkeys a few times a year. When you use an item in the box put it back i... Sun, 6 Jun 2010 12:05:34 EST More on "loss" A friend and I had a brief conversation last night about eating to soothe sadness. I am reminded of when my grandmother died (50 years ago), and everybody in the neighborhood brought...FOOD! <BR> <BR> More food than I had ever seen in my life. I had been a skinny little kid a few years earlier, never seemed to have enough to eat, always hungry. <BR> <BR> So here it is, the deep grief of losing my most precious person in the world...stacked against what should have been the joy of being ab... Fri, 28 May 2010 11:11:56 EST Cluttering article in LHJ I read an article about clutter today. The author said it was clutter but it sounded a lot like hoarding. Kitchen & living room in good shape but other areas were piled full. She listed three reasons for clutter. The 3 P's. Passivity, Procastination, & Perfectionism. She also said that clutter is not a space problem but a psychological issue. Not a long article just a couple of pages Carol Wed, 5 May 2010 20:42:29 EST Where are you on the hoarding scale? Here is a resource for all of us to use to assess where we are today and what our goal might be for each of us individually. There are three rooms (livingroom, kitchen, and bedroom). <BR> <BR> A) <link><BR>rdinglivingroom </link> <BR> <BR> B) <link><BR>rdingkitchen </link> <BR> <BR> C) <link><BR>rdingbedroom </link> <BR> <BR> Where are each of you today on the 1-9 scal... Sat, 24 Apr 2010 08:56:27 EST TV Show: Hoarding Buried Alive (HBA) <link><BR>-alive/?campaign=GGL|hoarding+tv|Hoard<BR>ing+-+General|GGL+HA+Branded+Show+-+Ho<BR>arding+-+General </link> <BR> <BR> This show has moved from A&E to TLC on Sunday nights 10 PM East Coast and 9 PM Central. <BR> <BR> This topic is a place to share your reactions, thoughts, and feelings about this show and how it might relate to your life or the life of a hoarder you know. <BR> <BR> For some, this show may be frightening and for others, they ... Sat, 13 Mar 2010 14:49:04 EST Purging magazines question OK I realize I should have asked you all instead of my friend this question. I asked her Thursday about purging my magazines and if she thought one magazine a day was not enough or just right and she said I need to do 5 magazines a day. That is just way more than I can commit to per day considering all that I do each day and considering it takes me 6 months to read a magazine sometimes! <BR> I will say this...I did NOT renew any subscriptions in over a year now and I have restrained myself f... Mon, 22 Feb 2010 16:35:02 EST WOW wait til you read this! OK, I'm going through a HUGE amount of stress lately. Between my 11yr old losing her glasses..well, she says I took them off her face and then lost them, so we had to get her new ones. I had to get myself new ones because my eyes are getting worse and learned I also need bifocals. My son has been having issues at school and as of today was put into alternative school in the system for behavioral issues. My excursion has been in the shop for over a week and the last estimate I heard from the d... Mon, 22 Feb 2010 15:59:01 EST Team Survey Hi Members! <BR> <BR> This is a 7 question survey only going out to all members of Hoarders - More than Simple Clutter. <BR> <BR> It's purpose is to clarify where each of us is at in the process of hoarding/clutter and learning to manage it. I am looking for trends, for what we have in common - perceptions, <BR> <BR> I am going to post the survey questions as a topic so that anyone is free to share his/her insight. <BR> <BR> However - if you want to participate confidentially, your ... Mon, 22 Feb 2010 09:25:00 EST Hoarders, the TV Show My husband (DH) has the TiVo set to record every episode of Hoarders this season. We've watched several of the episodes. DH said that watching it usually makes him a bit depressed, but he keeps watching anyway. We also watch Clean House and a couple other cleaning shows (all of which DH has set up to be recorded on the TiVo). I can definitely see what the difference between Hoarders and Clutterers is after watching these shows. For the Hoarders, their hoarding affects their lives (kids t... Mon, 11 Jan 2010 16:39:39 EST I'm a closet hoarder As I was going through storage areas and totes I realized that my hoardering is secretive. Yes there is clutter out in the open that I work at, but please don't open most of my closets or storage rooms, they are packed full. Since almost no one but me (sometimes DH or one of my kids) gets in there for anything most people have no idea I have so much hidden. <BR> <BR> I have to get this all under control. I need to stop buying and use what I have. If it is no longer useful to me, I need t... Tue, 8 Dec 2009 11:54:48 EST December Challenge I don't normally suggest a challenge in this group, but I am going to offer a goal. With the holidays nearing, that means getting together with friends and/or family. In order to accomplish that, we need a common area safe and clean for them to be in. <BR> <BR> For those of us who truly hoard, it is not a matter of simply clearing piles off the furniture, but of dealing with everything in the spaces between and under the furniture. For hoarders, the challenge is to create a circle of welcom... Wed, 2 Dec 2009 07:16:53 EST What will your life be like when... I have a picture in my mind of my house being clear of clutter and everything in its place, easy to clean and easy to get to, very simplified, like in a model home where there is not an excess of "stuff" taking up room. <BR> <BR> My stress will be lessened, my pleasure increased, if I can only get rid of all of the "stuff." I will then be able to read, watch TV or just relax without feeling guilty that I'm not cleaning out a box or two of things. <BR> <BR> What will your life be like when a... Wed, 21 Oct 2009 13:28:05 EST Please respond, I need some help Hi everyone, I need some help making decisions on de-cluttering my life. Your input would be greatly welcomed. <BR> Here is my problem(s). How do you know when it is time to let go of things? In this case, different groups I belong to(not SP or SP teams). I'm feeling guilty about dropping some of my groups. I belong to 3 different senior centers but haven't really used 2 for almost a year. The 3rd I use once in awhile, but not weekly as I once did. I've belonged to Red Hats for years b... Wed, 14 Oct 2009 12:27:46 EST What moves you? <em>40</em> <BR> We have been blessed with many challenges to make us strong. <BR> For us, success requires daily work, physical and emotional. <BR> was created to help us be successful at whatever our goals are. <BR> This is the place to share what sparks us, motivates us, gets us off our behinds to do what we need to do. <BR> Share what moves you when you get paralyzed. <BR> Speak up! Thu, 10 Sep 2009 08:06:57 EST Am I a Hoarder or a Clutterer? I saw previews of a TV show about hoarders and I'm not like that. I know there probably are various degrees of hoarding. I don't keep everything, I don't go to garage sales and buy up things because of the very low price just in case I might need it in the future, I don't pick up things from the curb on trash day because it is still usable and looks too good to be thrown away. You can walk through my home without problems. People can stop in unannounced and I don't need to feel ashamed beca... Mon, 7 Sep 2009 07:47:29 EST Checking In I am really fighting making a schedule and working on my hoarding and tardiness issues daily. I can do spurts, but having to be consistent scares the heck out of me. <BR> I know all the right stuff to say and even what to do if I miss a day or 30.... get back on the horse and start again with small, manageable steps . <BR> <BR> Push came to shove, forcing a spurt.... <BR> I finally got my computer desk clean, but it took having my computer break down so someone was coming to the house and... Mon, 27 Jul 2009 07:23:31 EST The battle against hoarding and OCD behaviors I learned something new today. Did you know that chronic lateness can be an obsessive compulsive behavior? <BR> <BR> I was describing how, no matter how organized I get and how much extra time I leave to get someplace, I am almost always late. <BR> <BR> I could have my purse organized, my purse my cell phone, and my keys together, my clothes that I want to wear set out, the car gassed up and ready to go, the food I needed made and ready to go, and give myself 10 minutes extra travel tim... Thu, 23 Jul 2009 02:43:20 EST 'Just in case' stuff and independence survey 1) What is your 'I keep this just in case' stuff? <BR> <BR> 2) What would it be like if you blinked and all your 'Just in case' stuff were gone? <BR> <BR> 3) Can you make your 'Just in case' stuff disappear? <BR> <BR> 4) Would you do it? Why or why not? <BR> Sat, 4 Jul 2009 09:44:09 EST Positive Loss Positive Loss <BR> <BR> The discussion focus is geared to the specific monthly goal of getting rid of 30 pounds (2.6 kilos) of any combination of body weight and clutter/hoarding stuff. <BR> <BR> 1) Are you willing to try this for one month until July 7th? Yes or No <BR> <BR> 2) Do you have any questions about what counts as included? All questions are welcome! <BR> <BR> 3) Is the amount of the body/stuff weight goal reasonable? Should it be lower? Higher? <BR> <BR> 4) What are... Sun, 7 Jun 2009 13:25:08 EST Has anyone checked out the website Tue, 10 Mar 2009 12:23:01 EST What can hoarders learn from clutterers? Learning how not to hoard is an ongoing, daily process. <BR> <BR> At best, it is challenging. <BR> <BR> One of the byproducts of hoarding can be clutter. <BR> <BR> Here is a forum to see what we, as hoarders, can learn from clutterers. <BR> <BR> So post those things Progress is slow. Sometimes we backslide or just get stuck. <BR> <BR> Anything we can do to get back on track is worth considering. <BR> <BR> Most clutterers are not hoarders. <BR> <BR> Most hoarders are also cluttere... Tue, 10 Mar 2009 07:07:14 EST How IS hoarding different from cluttering? <em>38</em> <em>38</em> <em>38</em> <BR> You can be a clutterer without being a hoarder. <BR> <BR> Can you be a hoarder without being a clutterer? <BR> <BR> This is the place to reflect about the two concepts: hoarding and cluttering <BR> <BR> You can use this as a blog on one or both. <BR> <BR> You can throw out a thought or question. <BR> <BR> See what others think. <BR> <BR> Get a dialog going. <BR> <BR> Share what you find is humorous or ironic about this topic. It'... Tue, 10 Mar 2009 04:40:24 EST Team Poll/Survey Hi! <BR> <BR> I need your input. Please share what you have to say by replying to the new category on the team page or by private email to me. <BR> <BR> As the team leader, I want the team to meet your needs. <BR> <BR> Our team isn't big which is fine. But I haven't heard from more than two of you for a while. <BR> <BR> I am posting a poll which you can answer on the team page or in your reply to this email. Here are the questions: <BR> <BR> For this SparkTeam: Hoarding - More th... Mon, 9 Mar 2009 09:16:25 EST Committing to action Often we let our feelings get in the way of creating success. <BR> <BR> To commit to success is to commit to action. <BR> <BR> Here is a place to talk about commitment to action - what that is; what that means in terms of every day life; what we will do when we falter (everyone falters); and what we get out of making a commitment. <BR> <BR> What are your thoughts? <BR> Mon, 16 Feb 2009 07:04:22 EST Take part in a study (survey only) on hoarding <link> </link> <BR> <BR> They are doing a study in the U.K. on hoarding and want your input! <BR> <BR> Then, if you want, share your thoughts on the survey? Tue, 6 Jan 2009 07:50:03 EST New Year's Resolutions? Do New Year's resolutions work for you? <BR> <BR> What are yours for 2009? <BR> <BR> <em>249</em> Wed, 31 Dec 2008 07:04:46 EST Confessions of a holiday hoarder - And you? Today is the first of December which means the end of Thanksgiving and the beginning of the holidays. <BR> <BR> I hoard leftovers from thanksgiving, sometimes until they get moldy or get freezer burn. <BR> <BR> And let's not forget leftover (from previous years) holiday cards - heaven forbid I might want to use them sometime in the future and they might not be available. <BR> <BR> Then there is that multitude of Christmas decorations that take up boxes of space including broken outside b... Mon, 1 Dec 2008 09:48:09 EST Obstacles and progress This is a discussion topic for us to share what gets in our way and the baby or big steps we have made in our quest to deal wih hoarding. <BR> <BR> By sharing this, we can help ourselves begin to manage our lives. <BR> <BR> Another goal is to remove the shame we associate with hoarding. <BR> <BR> Finally, we can share information with people affected by people who hoard. <BR> <BR> In creating this understanding, we no longer have to feel alone because we are creating a community. <BR> ... Tue, 28 Oct 2008 21:21:17 EST Resources about hoarding List a resource you find and rate it: <BR> <BR> 1) What is the resource and where can we find it? <BR> 2) How much did this resource relate to hoarding? <BR> 3) Did you learn anything new from this resource? <BR> 4) Would you recommend this resource to this team? <BR> 5) Why or why not? <BR> <BR> What additional comments do you have? Tue, 7 Oct 2008 04:59:31 EST Introduce yourself <em>235</em> <em>199</em> <em>229</em> <BR> <BR> Whether you are a hoarder, live with one, have general questions, or are just curious, introduce yourself and share what brought you to this site. Wed, 1 Oct 2008 05:04:13 EST Tips to Overcome Compulsive Hoarding <em>220</em> <BR> <BR> Tips to Overcome Compulsive Hoarding <BR> <BR> Hoarding can take years to overcome, says Dr. David Tolin, director of the Anxiety Disorders Center at The Institute of Living at Hartford Hospital. He offers these tips to those who may be feeling overwhelmed by the task of cleaning their homes: <BR> <BR> Just because you can think of a use for an object, doesn't mean you need to keep it. <BR> <BR> More is not necessarily better. <BR> <BR> Categorize items into pile... Wed, 1 Oct 2008 04:08:34 EST Hoarding Self-Assessment <link><BR>115_tows_hoarding </link> <BR> <BR> Hoarding Severity Scale <em>204</em> <BR> <BR> Photo: iStockPhotoDo you have a problem with compulsive hoarding? Use this self-assessment to find out. <BR> <BR> For each question below, choose the word that corresponds most closely to your experience during the past week. <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> 1. How much of the living area in your home is cluttered with possessions? (Consider the amount of c... Wed, 1 Oct 2008 03:59:07 EST