SparkPeople Indians Unite! JAI HO! Team Messageboard Wherever you are around the globe, if you're Indian, you've come to the right place. Come join us on this amazing journey to great health, a fit body and mind. Let's do it!! SparkPeople Indians Unite! JAI HO! Team Messageboard How many cups ? Hi frnds ! I am having a difficulty in filing in my daily calorie intake on SP. I eat 36 tablespoons of cooked rice. How many cups should I enter ? Wed, 17 Jul 2019 09:42:44 EST August Goals! Create a 7 lb deficit through food. <BR> Average 50-60k steps a week. <BR> Sleep 7-8 hours a night (so 8-9 since apparently i spend an hr awake each night!) <BR> Yoga/dance 2-3x/week, strength training 2x/week <BR> Reach out to a friend at least once a week to stay in better touch. <BR> <BR> Anyone else want to chime in? Tue, 31 Jul 2018 11:07:13 EST July Goals! Hi Team, trying to revive an old tradition here with monthly goals. Feel free to share your goals and update as the month goes on! <BR> <BR> For July, here are my goals: <BR> <BR> Stick with low carb (80 or fewer net carbs) until mid-July <BR> Maintain weight during vacation <BR> Finish out the month with low carb meals <BR> <BR> Do yoga 2x a week, continue strength training 2x a week <BR> Finish squat challenge &amp; maintain 100 squats/lunges/plies 2-3x a week <BR> Restart long weekend w... Mon, 2 Jul 2018 10:02:15 EST where's everyone from? i'm punjabi born &amp; brought up in the states :) Wed, 13 Jun 2018 11:43:12 EST Let's get going! Calling everyone to post! If you're an old member looking for camaraderie again, if you just stumbled across the team, or if you've been lurking and hoping for activity, post below! Let's get this team going strong again! Thu, 4 Jan 2018 10:49:28 EST Hello! Hey, anyone around? I know there have to be others wanting to get this group going again! Tue, 21 Nov 2017 10:10:55 EST Hello!! NewBie hey Everyone... <BR> <BR> I look forward to be a part of this challenges to stay healthy and fit.. Mon, 3 Aug 2015 12:54:04 EST Good *healthy* chaat recipes? Anyone have really good (& healthy) chaat/salad recipes to share? <BR> <BR> I wanted to spice up my salads and chaat/snacks recipe options. I've been making continental spinach/lettuce salads with fruits and veggies, but would love to try to "indianize" them. Thu, 4 Jun 2015 20:17:53 EST Is Nutrition Supplement is Good for Health? Someone suggested me to use nutrition supplement for bodybuilding.Is there is any side effect of it?I am confused that use it or not. Please help me to clear my doubt. <em>41</em> Tue, 26 May 2015 02:27:34 EST Weight Loss I am a thyroid patient and want to lose my weight. I'm on a diet and medicines. Do I still need to exercise? Tue, 28 Apr 2015 03:51:05 EST Natural fighters against harmful pesticides <BR> How can we protect ourselves when the food & fruits are full of pesticides? Nutritional supplements are full of harmful synthetic elements. Please tell me a good source for natural elements based supplement. <BR> Wed, 22 Apr 2015 12:25:51 EST Need to be fit I am an IT professional. I usually have packet milk to increase my immune system which in turn increases my weight. Could you please help me in finding a natural supplement which helps me to sustain required immunity without increasing weight. Wed, 22 Apr 2015 10:47:01 EST Survey to keep you naturally fit This survey Keeps you Naturally fit <BR> We and our close ones are consuming adulterated and zunk eatable things which results in reduction of our enthuse and immunity. <BR> <BR> Is this beneficial for us? or we need to intake some nutritions and physically fit food to have a healthy life and body. <BR> <BR> This survey is to understand the current nutritional intake pattern of an average Indian <BR> <BR><BR>php <BR> <BR> Tue, 21 Apr 2015 04:48:13 EST Hi.. I'm Lavanya Hi all am lavanya .. IT professional of height 156 cm and weight is 68.. <BR> i wanna reduce 10 kgs in 4 to 5 months.. <BR> i walk for 40 min and used to cover 4 km.. but still am not able to reduce weight.. <BR> need ur valuable suggestion and guideline to reduce my weight.. <BR> I got married 2 years back .. because of my weight am not able to get pregnant... <BR> Please advise on the same. Wed, 21 Jan 2015 07:38:32 EST Hi I am 33 years old residing in India and a mother of a one year old baby. Since college, I have always been on the heavier side. But the pounds piled up like anything during my pregnancy. I gained around 45 pounds during my pregnancy and at present my total weight is 185 pounds. <BR> <BR> My target is to reach 132 pounds (around 60 kilos). Need some support in my journey Wed, 21 Jan 2015 04:36:46 EST Working and Healthy Eating I weigh 189 pounds and need to lose around 67 pounds to reach my goal weight. My calories goal range is 1200-1550. I recently started working. Does anybody has an Indian meal plan for 1200-1550 calories? I do not get any time to cook in the morning. Wed, 14 Jan 2015 16:54:41 EST Pedometer Does anyone use a pedometer? <BR> <BR> Tried a few near by medical shops but didn't have it. There are no sport/fitness shops near by either. Looking to get it online. It would be great if anyone is using one so I can get some details about it. Wed, 26 Nov 2014 02:40:08 EST Joining the team with a cooking question I'm slightly embarrassed. After writing the note below, I searched Spark recipes and found several that indicate that cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla will be fine with coconut milk substituting for skim evaporated milk. It seems, though, that regular is preferred to light coconut milk. Embarrassed, but still happy to be saying hello. <BR> -------------------------------------- <BR> <BR> As a native New Yorker with no Indian ancestry, I hope I may be so bold as to bring my five-year Spark mem... Mon, 24 Nov 2014 21:01:29 EST 8 Weeks Challenge to New year 2015 Week #1 11/02-11/08 - 178 lbs <BR> Week #2 11/09-11/15 - 176 lbs <BR> Week #3 11/16-11/22 - 176 <BR> Week #4 11/23-11/29 <BR> Week #5 11/30-12/06 <BR> Week #6 12/07-12/13 <BR> Week #7 12/14-12/20 <BR> Week #8 12/21-12/27 Sun, 2 Nov 2014 17:43:23 EST Novemeber fitness minutes November 2014 <BR> <BR> 11/1/14 - stretching at home <BR> 11/2/14 - 5 min squats and lunges <BR> 11/3/14 - 35 min Elliptistrider <BR> 11/4/14 - stretching at home <BR> 11/5/14 - stretching at home <BR> 11/6/14 - stretching at home <BR> 11/7/14 - stretching at home <BR> 11/8/14 - stretching at home <BR> 11/9/14 - stretching at home <BR> 11/10/14 - 40 min strenth training dvd <BR> 11/11/14 - elliptistrider 15 min <BR> 11/12/14 - none <BR> 11/13/14 - 20 min strength training dvd <BR> 11/14/14 -... Sun, 2 Nov 2014 17:09:26 EST Weight Loss Buddy Needed The problem with me is that I have lost weight in the past. And by that I mean a lot of weight. But I have gained it again due to my carelessness. I am back on track again, but the momentum is not as it was the last time. So I need a buddy with whom I can track my progress and celebrate the journey of getting fit. <BR> Fri, 25 Jul 2014 00:22:36 EST First big step Hi...I am hoping to come over with my overeating through this program and become fit and healthy. Sun, 11 May 2014 15:06:31 EST Is someone adding restaurant dishes to tracker? One of the mail problem that I face in using Nutrition Tracker is in tracking nutrition for the food that I have at Restaurants. While I am trying to create nutrition profiles of the dishes available in Chennai restaurant, it will be great we can have a small team work on this. Sat, 3 May 2014 13:00:50 EST Exciting changes coming to SparkTeams! Hey fellow team members! <BR> <BR> Just received an email from Spark Coach Jen regarding changes coming to the SparkTeams. Read on below: <BR> <BR> We're very excited to announce that changes are coming to SparkTeam pages that will hopefully make the Team pages even better, give you a few new features you've been asking for, and engage your Team members in discussions even more! We wanted to give you plenty of notice about the changes coming (probably the middle of next week), so that you h... Thu, 24 Apr 2014 12:14:40 EST I have a Slip disc but still need to reduce weight Hi friends, <BR> I discovered this site while looking for solution to my slip disc problem for which I need to reduce almost 20kgs ASAP w/ doing much strenuous exercises. Can somebody suggest me how I will be able to achieve that. I am very depressed due to my situation n need your help n support. I m 36yrs Female, married, have 2 kids 11 & 7yrs. Pls advise. <BR> God bless, <BR> Priti Wed, 12 Mar 2014 19:40:04 EST hello friends freinds i have been good with diet and walking but not reaching to my desired goal , dont kno where i am wrong . please suggest Fri, 6 Dec 2013 01:16:12 EST Hello fellow sparklers Hello Everybody, <BR> <BR> I am a new member to this group and hope to really progress in my aim of shedding weight in a healthy manner. Well I met with an accident 11 months before, that left my shoulders in tatters, but now have rehabilitated. But due to accident and subsequent non activity i gained 20 kgs weight and now at 95 kgs. So hope that with active exercise, disciplined eating and co-operation i can lose my weight and gain my lost physique. Thanks <BR> <BR> <em>104</em> Sun, 17 Nov 2013 13:29:49 EST Lets start the workout again!! Hi All , <BR> <BR> With Diwali over and me above 10 kgs (of my ideal weight ).I promise to start my workout again .I will need your help and support to do this .For the coming 30 days ,i will post all my activities on this forum <BR> Please share your views and workout activity .we will be each others motivation . <em>381</em> Sun, 3 Nov 2013 23:38:58 EST November Goals! Goal: Have 24,500 cal deficit for the month! <BR> <BR> 1: 2.1 mi walk <BR> 2: personal training session <BR> <BR> 3: day off- DIWALI! <BR> 4: ellip l 9-10 40 min 3.66 mi + abs <BR> 5: ellip l 9-10 40 min 3.6 mi, lats/chest/abs <BR> 6: stoplight ellip l 7-8 40 min 3.18 mi, abs <BR> 7: ellip l 9-10 46 min 4.18 mi, abs <BR> 8: rest day <BR> 9: personal training session <BR> <BR> 10: ellip l 10-- 9 40 min 3.81 mi, abs <BR> 11: ellip l 10-- 9 40 min 3.88 mi; abs <BR> 12: ellip l 10-- 11 35 m... Fri, 1 Nov 2013 13:18:18 EST Changes coming: check them out Just heard from Coach's the heads-up <BR> <BR> Hi everyone! <BR> <BR> I wanted to make sure you all see this blog, so you have time to check out some changes to the site that will be taking effect next week: <BR> <BR> <link><BR>st=introducing_a_brand_new_sparkpeople<BR>_experience </link> <BR> <BR> Thanks! <BR> Fri, 18 Oct 2013 10:48:40 EST IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME One of the most disturbing ailments for working people with irregular food habits , Remedies are many but it seems to be a long term problem !!!!! Any solutions suggested will be most wellcomed. <em>2</em> Sun, 6 Oct 2013 06:21:47 EST October Goals! Monthly goals: keep up my streak- daily deficit avg = 1000 for 25/31 days. keep tracking! Hit at least 80 miles for the month! (setting up weeks monday - sunday to match up with gympact!) <BR> <BR> 1: ellip random l 1-12 45 min 3.88 mi <BR> 2: REST DAY! <BR> 3: ellip l 9-11 45 min 4.1 mi, butt lifts <BR> 4: ellip l 10-9 40 min 3.5 mi <BR> 5: ellip l 10 45 min 4.03 mi; delts & forearms; bike 3 mi l 12-10 16.5 min <BR> 6: ellip 45 min 11-9 intervals 4.02 mi; abs <BR> <BR> 7: rest <BR> 8: re... Mon, 30 Sep 2013 21:56:57 EST Hey... I'm a newbie Hi, i"m looking for sparkfriends to help me thru my fat loss journey... Pls add me if you are interested!! :) Wed, 25 Sep 2013 06:33:51 EST How u guys manage weight this festival season. So we Navratri and after that Diwali. So is it impossible to lose weight at this time. <BR> Wed, 25 Sep 2013 01:19:22 EST September So Far <BR> <BR> How's September taking you so far <BR> hope you are drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day <BR> eat balanced diet <BR> and exercise everyday Mon, 9 Sep 2013 21:40:40 EST Hi <BR> <BR> Hi, I had been MIA since a long time, Hi to all members and happy Sparking Mon, 9 Sep 2013 05:38:33 EST Devils Circuit 5K Run in India India's First Obstacle Run Series <BR> <BR> Obstacle runs, marathons, triathlons are dime-a-dozen, but do they scare participants with Audacity, intimidate runners with Difficulty, electrify health-enthusiasts with Thrill, provoke working professionals with Challenges, confront crazy with Wickedness. Do any of them match up to Devils Circuit? <BR> Devils Circuit is five kilometers of undisguised sadism. Mud, freezing water, fire, ropes, concrete wall will block your path and cause you agony.... Wed, 4 Sep 2013 10:19:13 EST New Member Hi, <BR> <BR> I have been a member since long but haven't used it. I live in Texas, US, working in the IT field. I have been trying to loose weight and loos about 10lbs and gain it back again. I have read Rujuta's book and trying to follow her diet. Looking to loose abou 30lbs. Tue, 3 Sep 2013 16:38:41 EST september goals! Monthly goals: keep up my streak- daily deficit avg = 1000 for 25/30 days. keep tracking! <BR> <BR> 1: full strength; ellip 50 min l 8-9 4.44 mi <BR> <BR> 2: ellip l 7-9 40 min 3.53 mi <BR> 3: ellip l 7-9, 50 min 4.45 mi; l 7 25 min 2.09 mi <BR> 4: out of town- hotel gym ellip l 4-7 30 min 3.47 mi; treadmill .53; bi/delts/tri/chest! <BR> 5: out of town <BR> 6: out of town <BR> 7: out of town <BR> 8: out of town <BR> <BR> 9: ellip l 7-8 35 min 3.11 mi; chest/shoulders/lats/abs <BR> 10: elli... Sat, 31 Aug 2013 18:37:47 EST Introductio to My team Hello Team, <BR> My name is Pallavi.I am 23 year old working in an IT company in Pune. <BR> I am very disappointed with my weight gain and have to reduce 15 kg to get back in shape again.I found SP very positive as well as my new team.I need your motivation and suggestion throughout this journey towards weight loss. <BR> <BR> Thank you all in advance. Fri, 30 Aug 2013 05:03:08 EST Hello, I am Loraine Rogers from India I am a writer. I am new to internet article and blogging. I am married and a mother of a girl. I give support to women suffering from uterine fibroids. Please go to fibroids in women dot com .I have been researching about the ailment and finding alternative cures to shrink fibroids. Tue, 27 Aug 2013 02:17:34 EST Attendance sheet Hi friends so as to monitor how our team is performing I would request you to mark your attendance. I hope it helps us monitor how well our team is performing and would also give info about how many active members were there daily. Wed, 21 Aug 2013 15:58:07 EST Bonus points Friends post how much bonus points you got today Wed, 21 Aug 2013 15:54:29 EST Login points Friends post your login points Wed, 21 Aug 2013 15:52:14 EST Bombay Hello. Anyone here from Mumbai especially in the chembur or ghatkopar area? Would really like to have a fitness buddy. Motivation has been horrible. Sun, 11 Aug 2013 23:19:19 EST EXHAUSTED !!! Dear frnds, <BR> hardly do i finish half a task and i start feeling exhausted. And i have to lie down for 30 mins at lest, sometimes an hour even. On many days this exhaustion starts before waking up itself. Or immediately upon waking up. i don't have high BP, diabetes, thyroid problem. i DO suffer from acidity and a condition called GERD that causes acidity. Plz can you help me ? Thank you ! Sat, 3 Aug 2013 11:48:27 EST August 2013 Exercise Goals & Tracking Monthly goals: track food, ST 2x/week (not incl personal training), min 12 mi/week, avg daily deficit = 1000 for 25/31 days. <em>381</em> <BR> <BR> 1: rest <BR> 2: guest <BR> 3: guest <BR> <BR> 4: guest <BR> 5: guest <BR> 6: ellip 9-10, 50 min, 4.56 mi <BR> 7: stoplight ellip l 2-4 intervals. 32 min 2.5 mi; ellip l 7-8 30 min 2.56 mi <BR> 8: stoplight ellip 40 min int l 2-4/5, lats/chest/shoulder/leg press/calves/abs <BR> 9: stoplight ellip int 1-4 33 min 2.54 mi, bi/tri/delts/side be... Thu, 1 Aug 2013 09:24:51 EST hi... hi..I am yuri..I am 23...and have been in and out of getting into programs and giving up everytime..But now due to certain reasons..and to save myself more importantly....i have decided to sincerely give myself a chance to really do it...I have to lose till i am fit..absolutely fit...i am currently i am 62...and hate it!...ive been 62 for so many years now....and its time to change..I need a lot of motivation ive realised...and the result is that i am here...i dont want to dissappoint myself ... Thu, 4 Jul 2013 04:27:39 EST July Tracking! Monthly goals: practice dance 1 day/2 weeks, strength 2 days/week outside of personal training sessions, 'run' 12 miles/ week, start doing yoga 1 day/week, TRACK FOOD. <BR> <BR> 1: stoplight ellip l 2-5 35 min 2.5 mi; bi/tri/shoulder/chest/lats/leg press/calves <BR> 2: rest- SO SORE! <BR> 3: stoplight ellip l2-5 intervals 40 min 3 mi <BR> 4: ellip l 7-10 47 min 4.01 mi. & abs <BR> 5: ellip l 7-10 40 min 3.43 mi <BR> 6: rest day <BR> 7: personal training session <BR> goal met- 12.94 miles ... Sun, 30 Jun 2013 20:55:30 EST anyone tried spark solution book?? hi all <BR> <BR> has any indians tried the spark solution book? wanted to know how feasible/compatile it is with indian diets... read some reviews but all i could gather is that it has a lot of western cooking involved... would be nice if someone could help me with this...anyone who has tried... <BR> <BR> <BR> good day guys Fri, 21 Jun 2013 03:31:31 EST How much weight you want to lose friends I am planning to lose 15 kgs in the coming months Wed, 19 Jun 2013 02:25:36 EST June Exercise Goals & Tracking! Monthly goals: practice dance 1 day/week, strength 2 days/week outside of personal training sessions, 'run' 12 miles/ week, start doing yoga 1 day/week. <BR> <BR> 1: knee pain, so rest <BR> 2: ellip 40 min l 6-7 3.2 mi, bi/tri/chest/lats <BR> <BR> 3: ellip 50 min, l 6-8, 4.25 mi <BR> 4: off for my bday! <BR> 5 <BR> 6: ellip l 6-8 40 min 3.37 mi, bi/tri/chest/lats <BR> 7: ellip 40 min l 6-7 3.43 mi <BR> 8 (walked double my normal amount, but not counting b/c of bday weekend celebration!... Mon, 3 Jun 2013 10:20:52 EST May 2013 Tracking! May 1: 30 min resistance band workout <BR> May 2 <BR> May 3: 40 min elliptical, l 5-8, 3.25 miles <BR> May 4: 35 min personal training session + 1 mile walk <BR> May 5: 40 min elliptical. l 5-6, 3.22 miles- SO SORE from yesterday! <BR> May 6 rest! <BR> May 7: 40 min step workout at home. <BR> <BR> May 8: 35 min personal training session <BR> May 9 <BR> May 10 <BR> May 11: ellip 45 min l 6-7 3.6 mi bi/tri/chest & stretch (stupid calf cramp this morn = slow me!) <BR> May 12: ellip 40 min l 6-... Sat, 4 May 2013 09:32:28 EST very inspiring Hi All, <BR> <BR> I was very depressed abt my weight ..... and feeling odd one out... but here i find i CAN DO attitude people.And have started there journey towards the goal. <BR> Kindly share the diet chart ( Indian). <BR> Thank you in Advance Thu, 18 Apr 2013 07:35:41 EST saran86 hi everyone, i am saranya here from india. i have t2 diabetes for 14 yrs and now there is a mild retinopathy developing. Sun, 7 Apr 2013 13:40:13 EST April 2013 Exercise Tracking! Monthly goal: 12 miles/week, strength training 2-3x/week, including personal training session <BR> <BR> April 1: ellip 3 mi l 6-8 36 min, chest + biceps + stretch 20 <BR> April 2: ellip 4 miles l 5-6 50 min (stupid muscle pain! had to go slow so went longer!) + stretch for 10 <BR> April 3: GREAT workout! i feel so awesome! ellip 5-6 4.11 mi 50 min, shoulders/bi/abs + stretch 15 min <BR> April 4: a little tired today! ellip 6-8 40 min 3.3 mi + 5 stretch <BR> April 5: REST <BR> April 6: person... Mon, 1 Apr 2013 10:31:00 EST Barbecue Time Its my dad's 55th birthday this Friday, so going to fire up the brand new grill (Diwali gift from my sis). My first time in the kitchen (unless you count cake). Any suggestions??!! Tue, 5 Mar 2013 05:19:09 EST March 2013 Exercise Minutes Log! March <BR> Name-Mirfa <BR> Goals- walk for 30 mins/day for 100 days <BR> Continuing the walk after 28 successful days of February!! <em>311</em> <BR> <em>381</em> <em>386</em> <BR> <BR> 1 - 60 mins <BR> 2 - 85 mins walking, 20 mins stationary bike <BR> 3 - 40 mins <BR> 4 - 75 mins <BR> 5 - 60 mins <BR> 6 - 45 mins <BR> 7 - 70 mins walking, 15 mins stationary bike <BR> 8 - 75 mins <BR> 9 - 85 mins walking, 20 mins stationary bike <BR> 10 - 75 mins <BR> 11 - 85 mins <BR> 12 - 75 min... Fri, 1 Mar 2013 12:46:54 EST want to loose weight. I want to loose weight about 23kg, and stay healthy and look younger. Fri, 1 Mar 2013 05:33:58 EST Hi Fellow Indians...!!!!! Hi Fellow Indians, <BR> <BR> greetings...!!! <BR> <BR> Jai Ho..!! <BR> <BR> Wed, 20 Feb 2013 01:22:27 EST February 2013 Exercise Minutes Log <em>312</em> <em>320</em> <em>362</em> <em>417</em> <em>416</em> <em>414</em> <em>413</em> <em>363</em> <em>315</em> <em>182</em> <BR> <BR> February <BR> Name-Dr.Sadaf <BR> Starting-Weight-90 kg <BR> Goals-1500 fitness mins <BR> <BR> 1-30 mins Yoga <BR> 2-75 mins treadmill+yoga+ walk <BR> 3-38 mins taebo + walk <BR> 4-79 mins C25K+ treadmill+ yoga+walk <BR> 5-30 mins walk <BR> 6-30 mins walk <BR> 7-30 mins walk <BR> 8 <BR> 9-45 mins C25K + treadmill <BR> 10-31... Fri, 1 Feb 2013 11:10:01 EST Thank God for Bhangra!!! Had the most fun today at my Aerobics class!!! The instructor is an absolute genius and tends to spice things up by adding these amazing variations, today's addition being some good old desi Bhangra!!! Amazing to sweat this much when its 2 degrees outside, and not even feel tired!!! Just plain fun!!! Tue, 15 Jan 2013 08:53:10 EST January 2013 Exercise Minutes Log NAME: Madhu <BR> <BR> Starting weight: 56kg <BR> Goal minutes: 750 <BR> <BR> Jan 1. 1mile walk test + 3min step-up test + push-up test + crunch test = 30mins <BR> Jan 2. <BR> Jan 3. <BR> Jan 4. <BR> Jan 5. <BR> Jan 6. 40min walk <BR> Jan 7. <BR> Jan 8. <BR> Jan 9. 30min walk <BR> Jan 10. <BR> Jan 11. <BR> Jan 12. <BR> Jan 13. <BR> Jan 14. <BR> Jan 15 <BR> Jan 16 <BR> Jan 17. <BR> Jan 18. <BR> Jan 19. <BR> Jan 20. <BR> Jan 21. <BR> Jan 22. <BR> Jan 23. <BR> Jan 24 <BR> Jan 25. <BR> Jan 26... Tue, 1 Jan 2013 00:52:57 EST Track Indian food using SP nutrition tracker Hi, can anybody help me to track indian food using SP tracker pls..... Sat, 15 Dec 2012 00:55:14 EST On behalf of those underweight spark users Hi there, <BR> <BR> I am one of those users who are underweight with respect to age and height. <BR> <BR> I would like to know if this website is meant to help people lose or maintain weight. I would like to set my goals differently as I know how many calories, protein, carbs and fat I need to take everyday along with my fitness routine to gain muscle weight. <BR> <BR> I don't know what kind of meals I should be eating in order to achieve my target. <BR> <BR> I am an Indian. I am vegetar... Mon, 10 Dec 2012 21:51:23 EST December Exercise minutes Log <em>381</em> <BR> Starting weight-93 kg <BR> Fitness mins-1118 mins <BR> Weight lost-2 kg <BR> <BR> 12/1-72 mins walk <BR> 12/2-92 mins walk <BR> 12/3-sick <BR> 12/4-100 mins walk <BR> 12/5-94 mins walk <BR> 12/6-rest <BR> 12/7-rest <BR> Week 1 Total =358 <BR> <BR> 12/8-67 mins walk <BR> 12/9- <BR> 12/10 <BR> 12/11 <BR> 12/12 <BR> 12/13 <BR> 12/14 <BR> Week 2 Total = <BR> accumulated total=502 mins <BR> <BR> 12/15 <BR> 12/16 <BR> 12/17 <BR> 12/18 <BR> 12/19 <BR> 12/20-65 mins treadmill ... Sat, 1 Dec 2012 10:23:05 EST Happy Diwali!!! May this Diwali fill your life with joy and prosperity!!!Have a great one!! Tue, 13 Nov 2012 08:46:16 EST Hello !! I am from Bangalore and currently pursuing my Master's Degree in Germany. I am going to loose weight and adopt a healthy life style. I am happy to meet you guys and to be part of Indian community of SP. Looking forward to meeting great people who can help and support me in my small voyage to a healthy ME. :) Sun, 4 Nov 2012 16:55:00 EST November Exercise Minutes Log <em>381</em> <BR> Starting weight-94 kg <BR> Fitness mins-1799 <BR> Weight lost-1 kg <BR> <BR> 1-rest day <BR> 2-rest day <BR> 3-78 mins walk <BR> 4-96 mins walk <BR> 5-96 mins walk <BR> 6-102 mins walk <BR> 7-92 mins walk <BR> 8-20 mins Taebo <BR> 9-rest day <BR> 10-88 mins walk <BR> 11-97 mins walk <BR> 12-98 mins walk <BR> 13-97 mins walk <BR> 14-95 mins walk <BR> 15-61 min-53 mins jog by the sea + 8 mins SP cardio video <BR> 16-rest day <BR> 17-94 mins walk <BR> 18-95 mins walk <BR> ... Fri, 2 Nov 2012 01:17:43 EST Hello everyone! Hi, I have already lost about 60 pounds in the past 7 months and have another 100 more to go, any help is more than welcome..Cheers! Sat, 27 Oct 2012 10:14:58 EST November Challenge - Record Fitness Mins Hello, <BR> I am new to this community but have been on sparkspeople for years now and love this site. <BR> I have a good 20 pounds to loose and want motivation from everywhere, looking forward to being active in this community and finding all your support in my weightloss journey. Mon, 22 Oct 2012 15:03:24 EST Happy Navratri :) Holiday season has started :) Tue, 16 Oct 2012 11:52:23 EST October exercise challenge I am posting this challenge for myself, to keep myself accountable. My challenge is exercising (Cardio - gym/walk outside) 30mts 6days a week. Anyone who wishes to join is welcome. <BR> <BR> 1/10 - 0 <BR> 2/10 - 30 <BR> 3/10 - 50 <BR> 4/10 - 50 <BR> 5/10 - 40 <BR> 6/10 - 50 <BR> 7/10 - 0 <BR> 8/10 - 0 <BR> 9/10 - 0 <BR> 10/10 - 0 (my child was unwell, no exercise at all) <BR> 11/10 - 50 <BR> 12/10 - 50 <BR> 13/10 - 50 <BR> 14/10 - 0 <BR> 15/10 - 0 <BR> 16/10 - 30 <BR> 17/10 - 50 <BR> 18/10 -... Fri, 5 Oct 2012 01:34:04 EST Introduction Hi! All!I'm 67+ yrs old from India.Fitness ethusiast,working out in Zym indoor & running out door since June'2012.Goal is to run marathon. Tue, 11 Sep 2012 09:28:16 EST Let's all vote & make this a featured blog! Just click on the link to go to the blog and click on "I like this" button <BR> <link><BR>blic_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=50<BR>46459 </link> <BR> <em>381</em> <BR> <em>304</em> Thu, 6 Sep 2012 04:28:24 EST September 2012 Exercise Log! I'm behind this month :( <BR> <BR> September 5- ellip 35 min 3.22 mi strength stretch 42 min <BR> September 6- ellip 45 min 4.17 mi stretch 20 min <BR> -back hurting :( - <BR> September 11- ellip 35 min 3.06 mi stretch pt 25 <BR> September 12- ellip 35 min 3.23 mi strength stretch 40 <BR> Sept 15- ellip 45 min 4.1 mi stretch pt 25 min <BR> Sept 16- ellip 40 min 3.73 mi stretch strength pt 40 <BR> Sept 18- ellip 45 min 4.12 mi stretch strength 30 <BR> Sept 20- ellip 35 min 3.3 mi strength s... Wed, 5 Sep 2012 22:32:15 EST Pre Walk out Snack. What should it be? Should it? Hello There. <BR> <BR> I go on walks. Really LONG ones. I am an insomniac. <BR> <BR> 10-15 kms. What would be best for me to eat before I leave. Sometimes I have felt faint while on one such walks. <BR> <BR> Right now, at 345AM, I am having <BR> <BR> 1. a roti, <BR> 2. half catori dal, <BR> 3. half cube Amul cheese, <BR> 4. 1 Table spoon of VERY HOT Chilli Garlic Spread and <BR> 5. one glass of full fat milk with <BR> 6. 2 tea spoons of Nescafe Select. <BR> <BR> I will start at 4:30 is... Tue, 28 Aug 2012 18:37:09 EST 1200 Calorie Diet Hi All, <BR> My diet range is from 1200 to 1500 calories, but considering my lifestyle, I decided to stick to 1200. <BR> For the last week or so, I am just not able to meet this and am averaging around the 1800 mark. <BR> Can you let me know if you have any sample Indian diets for 1200 cal? <BR> (I am a south Indian, so rice is an important part of my family's meal). <BR> <BR> P.S Sorry, just realised this is filed in the wrong forum (under time period challenges), is there any way I can cha... Tue, 7 Aug 2012 00:36:55 EST August Exercise Minutes! August 1- ellip 45 min 4 mi stretch 10 <BR> August 2- elliptical 55 min 4.7 mi 30 min strength stretch <BR> August 4- elliptical 55 m 4.86 mi 30 strength stretch <BR> August 6- elliptical 65 min 5.74 mi 55 strength stretch <BR> August 7- elliptical 65 min 5.7 mi stretch 20 stretch <BR> August 9- elliptical 45 min 3.96 mi 40 strength stretch <BR> August 10- elliptical 40 min 3.6 mi 25 min strength & stretch <BR> August 11- ellip 30 min 2.75 mi l8 15 stretch 5 min walk <BR> August 12- elliptica... Wed, 1 Aug 2012 09:23:03 EST HI Hello Fellow Indians, <BR> <BR> This is Bhargavi from Mumbai. My Spark ID Bhagi75 should tell you that I'm seeing my weight everywhere. And for someone who is getting married this Nov, it is has become a challenge to reach my target weight by that time. My main weakness is motivation and greatest adversary is time. Hope, the new friends I make here will motivate me. <BR> <em>30</em> <em>381</em> Wed, 25 Jul 2012 06:30:17 EST Accountability Team Challenge <link><BR>urnal_individual.asp?blog_id=4944050 </link> <BR> <BR> Let me know if anyone is interested in doing this as a team within the SAC 3 Challenge. <em>381</em> Sat, 14 Jul 2012 05:35:31 EST July exercise minutes July 1 <BR> July 2 - 20 min treadmill <BR> July 3 - 40 min treadmill ~ 2.5 miles ~ 275 cal <BR> July 4 <BR> July 5 - 30 min treadmill ~ 1.84 mil. ~ 200 cal <BR> July 6 <BR> July 7 <BR> July 8 <BR> July 9 <BR> July10 <BR> July11 <BR> July12 <BR> July13 <BR> July14 <BR> July15 <BR> July16 <BR> July17 <BR> July18 <BR> July19 <BR> July20 <BR> July21 <BR> July22 <BR> July23 <BR> July24 <BR> July25 <BR> July26 <BR> July27 <BR> July28 <BR> July29 <BR> July30 <BR> July31 Wed, 4 Jul 2012 03:34:26 EST Nithya !!!!!!!!! Hi All, <BR> I am very new to this sparkpeople site but inspired by seeing the professional and personality development, health , fitness suggested and motivated by you all...........I am so happy to utilize this opprutunity to groom myself with all your advise, suggestion and motivation........I am getting married by August-2012 till that time I need to reduce 8 kg atleast as I am in the starting stage of obese.....please help me to work out this goal....... Wed, 20 Jun 2012 00:14:31 EST a 1200 cal sample indian diet hi guys.i m new here.need a sample 1200 cal diet chart.plz don't send me links.wud b gr8 if u cud simply write a sample plan.thanx a ton Mon, 11 Jun 2012 13:13:44 EST Anyone from chennai Hi <BR> I would like to know if there are any members from chennai and at present living in chennai..It would be useful to know if there are any activities planned out of chennai Mon, 7 May 2012 06:29:43 EST Hi All Hello Friends, I am new to the group. Want to lose 174 pounds.pls help me with the diet. Sat, 5 May 2012 11:55:55 EST May 2012 Excercise Minutes Challenge Name: Apurva <BR> Goal: 55 Kg by 31st May 2012 <BR> <BR> May 1 : 58Kg/128lb (weigh in): 30 min stairs (180 cals) <BR> May 2 : (Period) REST DAY <BR> May 3 : 30 min stairs (180 cals) <BR> May 4 : 30 min stairs (180 cals) <BR> May 5 : 30 min stairs (180 cals) <BR> May 6 : REST DAY <BR> May 7 : 30 min stairs (180 cals) <BR> May 8 : (weigh in) 57 kg <em>334</em> 30 min stairs (180cals) <BR> May 9 : REST DAY <BR> May 10 : 30 mins stairs with heavy weights (210 cals) <BR> May 11 : REST DAY (I... Tue, 1 May 2012 01:08:59 EST Personal Goals Challenge WEEK ONE (April 30 to May 6) : <BR> 1. To stay within my calorie range (1400-1600) <BR> 2. To excercise at least 5 times a week (either 300 minutes or 1500 calories) <BR> 3. NO added sugar in coffee/tea or any sweets <BR> 4. To sleep by 11pm EVERY day except weekends Thu, 26 Apr 2012 15:50:17 EST New to Spark Hi all, <BR> <BR> I am gayathri from India and I am also in the process of losing weight and to maintain a fit and healthy body which helps me be more active and have more confidence in me. Hence joined this site when I came across it in google. I am sure I will definitely reach my target though it may take time with all the support that I get from various articles here, my diet , exercise and so on.. <BR> <BR> thanks <BR> Gayathri. Wed, 25 Apr 2012 00:21:40 EST DAY DREAM - What's Yours? I'm Day Dreaming to be 111lbs and Get a boyfriend. Realistic? I made this youtube video to hopefully help out the process. they are both quit large goals! Heres the link: <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> Leave me comments, likes, let me know what you think. feed back is always fun! Wed, 11 Apr 2012 03:56:24 EST hi there hi friends..need ur love & motivation <BR> and want to melt away the pounds in time ... <BR> thank you <BR> <BR> a/s/l <BR> 30/f/India Fri, 6 Apr 2012 06:52:42 EST Hi Hello everyone, <BR> <BR> My name is Rashmi and I work for a renowned software MNC. I am currently residing in Pune, Maharashtra. Its good to see all Indians on this forum. <BR> I am looking forward for adopting a healthy lifestyle as you might be aware that we software people are prone to problems occurring due to sitting all the time. Flabby tummy, bulky hips and thighs. I am seriously looking forward for a tremendous weight loss and healthy body. <BR> <BR> However, my eating habits are ... Wed, 4 Apr 2012 00:14:00 EST Great workout videos Wanted to share these workouts from fitness blender on youtube. I simply loved them. Let me know if any of you have tried these? <BR> <BR> <link><BR>=fitness+blender&oq=fitness+blender&aq<BR>=f&aqi=g4&aql=&gs_l=youtube-psuggest-r<BR>educed.3..0l4.3867l6136l0l6457l15l15l0<BR>l6l6l1l434l1177l5j3j4-1l9l0. </link> Tue, 3 Apr 2012 03:14:44 EST April Exercise Minutes Challenge Name: <BR> Goal: <BR> <BR> Apr 1 : <BR> Apr 2 : <BR> Apr 3 : <BR> Apr 4 : <BR> Apr 5 : <BR> Apr 6 : <BR> Apr 7 : <BR> Apr 8 : <BR> Apr 9 : <BR> Apr 10 : <BR> Apr 11 : <BR> Apr 12 : <BR> Apr 13 : <BR> Apr 14 : <BR> Apr 15 : <BR> Apr 16 : <BR> Apr 17 : <BR> Apr 18 : <BR> Apr 19 : <BR> Apr 20 : <BR> Apr 21 : <BR> Apr 22 : <BR> Apr 23 : <BR> Apr 24 : <BR> Apr 25 : <BR> Apr 26 : <BR> Apr 27 : <BR> Apr 28 : <BR> Apr 29 : <BR> Apr 30 : <BR> <BR> TOTAL EXERCISE MINUTES : <BR> <BR> ... Sun, 1 Apr 2012 08:03:39 EST Old joinee with new intentions Hi, I am Titli. I have had an issue with my weight for years. I never stick to any weight loss program for more than a week. I joined SparkPeople way back but never really used it. I am pulling my socks and gearing up right now :) Sat, 31 Mar 2012 13:17:21 EST week 1 .... to loose 25 kg hey Guyzzzz , this is my 1st week to loose my target weight of 25 kg. I tried lots of time, but alwayz failed. This time for sure i m gonna stay committed. So on my 1st week I am 78 kg & to stay committed I am gonna include green tea for 2 cups daily & start walking as much as I can do. Thu, 8 Mar 2012 12:31:41 EST hi Hey guys I have just joined SP and I am already loving it....The only trouble was to track my calories with Indian food but....yes you are right....I have you guyz and your posts and recipies to help me out!...Please let me know if there are any tips that you would like to give me for a start up....I am trying to get a flat tummy and the rest is fine...I would also like to strt eating healthy so that I dont have to go through the wieght loss issue again. Sun, 4 Mar 2012 23:45:39 EST March 2012 Exercise min challenge !! Name :: Rupa <BR> <BR> Target exercise min :: 800 min <BR> <BR> March 1 :: <BR> March 2 :: 20 min <BR> March 3 :: <BR> March 4 :: <BR> March 5 :: <BR> March 6 :: <BR> March 7 :: 40 min <BR> March 8 :: 35 min <BR> March 9 :: 35 min <BR> March 10 :: <BR> March 11 :: 45 min <BR> March 12 :: 40 min <BR> March 13 :: <BR> March 14 :: 30 min <BR> March 15 :: 30 min <BR> March 16 :: 20 min <BR> March 17 <BR> March 18 <BR> March 19 :: 35 min <BR> March 20 :: <BR> March 21 <BR> March 22 :: 30... Thu, 1 Mar 2012 00:34:59 EST Introduction Hi friends, <BR> <BR> This is Aparna Jorkar from India. :-) <BR> <BR> I've been associated with SP for past 2 months, but never felt better than today. I can not express my happiness in words, when i found out that there are so many Indians like me out there, who all are part of the same mission. :-) I always failed to keep my nutrition track upto date, as all the food items mentioned are totally different from the Indian meal options. Finally i'm with the people who are just like me in te... Tue, 21 Feb 2012 07:23:57 EST how do i?? please folks help how would i change my wieght ticker when i was creating by mistake i have entered some wrong information but how do i rectify it help me Wed, 8 Feb 2012 23:07:45 EST diet plan hi <BR> plz send me indian food diet planner chart to my mailbox <BR> <BR> Cheers <BR> hema Wed, 8 Feb 2012 07:08:03 EST Happy To Join You All Hi, <BR> Its great to find such thing...I am Bipasha...i joined this for reducing my weight and get in shape ASAP...i am 65 kg and 5ft 4inch in height...i am non-vegg eater and urgently needed a diet plan so that i can jump start my weight loss prog..... <BR> <BR> Bipasha. Wed, 8 Feb 2012 05:03:10 EST Joined newly Hope to lose weight fast by following simple steps Thu, 2 Feb 2012 06:53:29 EST February 2012- Monthly exercise min challenge !! Hi evryone <BR> Join me for feb exercise min challenge, wish to see more ppl this time <em>30</em> <BR> <BR> Name :: <BR> <BR> Target exercise min :: 700 <BR> <BR> Feb 1 : 35 min <BR> Feb 2 : 35 min <BR> Feb 3 : 30 min <BR> Feb 4 <BR> Feb 5 <BR> Feb 6 :: 30 min <BR> Feb 7 :: 25 min <BR> Feb 8 :: 30 min <BR> Feb 9 :: 35 min <BR> Feb 10 :: 35 min <BR> Feb 11 : 35 min <BR> Feb 12 :: rest day <BR> Feb 13 :: 30min <BR> Feb 14 :: 30 min <BR> Feb 15 :: 25 mn <BR> Feb 16 :: 30 min <BR> Feb... Mon, 30 Jan 2012 23:25:58 EST Guddi here... Hello All, <BR> <BR> Guddi here from Cal....trying to loose 15 pounds in 6 months.... <BR> <BR> Mon, 30 Jan 2012 12:36:47 EST Hello Everyone I am Deepali Prabhu Desai from India. I am a Software Engineer. I have just joined SparkPeople Community with the aim of losing a lot of weight and being healthy and fit. Thu, 26 Jan 2012 13:14:00 EST Need advice (HELP) Wishing to start this for all those who need to ask one thing or other regarding the exercise regime to follow the diets to follow and just about anything to keep oneself fit. <BR> <BR> My docs advised me as follows: <BR> 1. At least 30 mins of moderate exercise 5 times a week. <BR> 2. TO improve my cholestrol profile. <BR> 3. For optimum health lose weight to reach a BMI of 20-25 from the current 36 <BR> 4. For a start try to lose 5Kgs. <BR> 5. Avoid Excess salt intake. <BR> 6. Eat at leas... Tue, 17 Jan 2012 05:31:18 EST good workout dvd Hi all, <BR> <BR> I am looking for some good workout dvds. if anyone knows pls let me know and where i can get in mumbai. <BR> i m looking for aerobics, yoga and other workouts would also do. Wed, 11 Jan 2012 00:10:53 EST Jan 2012- Monthly exercise min challenge !! Hello evryone !!! <em>213</em> HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!! Hope u all had a good vacation, it's time to be back in action again . <BR> Lets start the 1st monthly challenge of this year, join me <em>30</em> <BR> <BR> Mon, 2 Jan 2012 23:41:54 EST hi all hi, <BR> <BR> i am new to this community....glad to know there is a Indian community here... Sun, 11 Dec 2011 23:48:57 EST searching for buddis for weight loss competetion Hello friends, <BR> <BR> I am looking for buddies who can join me for a very friendly yet a strong weight loss competetion. I used to participate in challenges like that and lost a lot of weight that way. We can set up either a six week biggest looser or 4 weeks or 8 weeks or 12 weeks. I had in my mind a 4 week competetion two or three times as it really takes good 12 weeks or 90 days for a proper weight loss. <BR> <BR> I am 157lbs (BMI 30.7) and want to be 120 lbs (BMI 23.4). I am very st... Tue, 6 Dec 2011 20:56:56 EST December 2011 exercise minutes promise/ hallenge Hello everyone, <BR> I am challenging myself to exercise daily atleast 30 min for the last days of year 2011. Please join me in this challenge and help motivate me as well as other people who can use support. <BR> <BR> DEC 1st - 40 min elliptistrider <BR> DEC 2nd - 30 min stairmaster + 10 min upper arms with free weights Fri, 2 Dec 2011 23:21:41 EST Hi all !!! M a 32 years old mom of a 28 months old daughter. Want to get back in my pre-baby shape now. M a housewife now after baby though I was a business analyst earlier. I have been rigorously working out in the gym 4 d past 2 months to no use and so was feeling frustrated. Now M here for help. I want to be back in my shape by my 33rd B'Day which is on 23rd Feb '2012. My weight gain has also resulted in low confidence and less desire for going out and meeting people. I feel good to be here and hope ... Fri, 25 Nov 2011 07:03:41 EST November 2011- Monthly exercise min challenge !! Month :: November <BR> <BR> <BR> day 1 : <BR> <BR> day 2 : 35 min <BR> <BR> day 3 : 35 min <BR> <BR> day 4 : 35 min <BR> <BR> day 5 : 25 min <BR> <BR> day 6 <BR> <BR> day 7 <BR> <BR> day 8 : 35 min <BR> <BR> day 9 : 35 min <BR> <BR> day 10 <BR> <BR> day 11 <BR> <BR> day 12 <BR> <BR> day 13 <BR> <BR> day 14 <BR> <BR> day 15 <BR> <BR> day 16 <BR> <BR> day 17 <BR> <BR> day 18 <BR> <BR> day 19 <BR> <BR> day 20 <BR> <BR> day 21 <BR> <BR> day 2 2 <BR> <BR> day 23 <BR... Tue, 8 Nov 2011 01:56:52 EST Newby! Hello everyone. My name is Nikki and I am 25 years old. I am looking to lose about 100 pounds though im pretty sure i might give up before i even lose any. I am a hindu but i do not speak hindu though i would love to learn. I am married with no children and im looking for a friend to help me on this journey. I know how much i need to lose, but i just dont know where to begin. Should i begin with workouts?? shudi begin by changing my eating habits??? shud i do both... who knows. I dont have a ... Sat, 5 Nov 2011 13:19:35 EST hi i am Ramya 21 years old from AP, currently preparing to enter PhD. trying to lose my weight in healthy manner. I am happy to find SP and this team.had problem with tracking food and looking forward for meal plans in veg Indian Cuisine.and all the best to every one in the team in the journey of weight loss and to better life style. have a good day Sat, 5 Nov 2011 06:56:13 EST Hi my name is sirisha, very happy to find fellow indians on sp, have a tough time trying to track all the rice i eat :) because of which i need to lose like 30 kgs :( my main problem is exercise or rather lack of it, this time i am gonna do it i will try to meet the weekly goals of exercise rather than focus on weight loss. good at not eating junk food, just the regular rice and pickles (south indian )during lunch times kill me . <BR> <BR> looking to make friends and get some mutual help <BR... Tue, 25 Oct 2011 18:37:16 EST October 2011 . Monthly exercise min challenge !! Hi frnd <BR> <BR> I knw we r half way through October, sorry for being late. here is the thread, pls join and keep motivating each other. From nxt month we shall be on time..:) .. <BR> <BR> Thanks !! <BR> <BR> Month October : <BR> <BR> 1 <BR> 2 <BR> 3 <BR> 4 <BR> 5 <BR> 6 <BR> 7 <BR> 8 <BR> 9 <BR> 10 - 30 min <BR> 11-35 min <BR> 12- 35 min <BR> 13 - 30mim <BR> 14-35 min <BR> 15 <BR> 16 <BR> 17- 35 min <BR> 18- 35 min <BR> 19 - 30 min <BR> 20 <BR> 21 <BR> 22 <BR> 23 <BR> 24 <BR> 25 <BR... Mon, 17 Oct 2011 00:50:15 EST Kiki's Fresh Start Hi... So glad to find people who share my same concerns. I am dying to be motivated to run this race. I have totally changed my life style to lose weight and so far, I'm not hating it... Just need all the motivation I can get... Sat, 15 Oct 2011 14:29:18 EST Hi folks !! hi frnds <BR> <BR> I m back after a long brk , but a bit lost. I didnt find the "monthly exercise min challenge" topic that we used to have earlier , can some one fwd me the link. or if we r not having any such challenges can the team leads start a thread like that.pretty pls . <BR> I gained lots of wt nd have to lose them all. need all of ur support nd motivation, pls be with me. <BR> thanks..:) <BR> <BR> Rupa <BR> Mon, 10 Oct 2011 00:48:34 EST back after 6 months hi <BR> I need support and a diet plan ? <BR> 30 /f <BR> <BR> x Tue, 27 Sep 2011 08:43:17 EST Should Daal be used during weight Loss? Hello dear friends! <BR> I started my weight loss fight around 4 years back by starting to think that I should loose weight. But the real fight begun just in May this year.. when I seriously decided to change the way of living . Till now lost around 10 KG and need to loose around 10 more KGs to be in the best BMI range. <BR> <BR> 1) I keep experimenting. One experiment I started couple of weeks back. I started including large quantity of Daal in my each meal( One full bowl for each meal ). N... Sun, 18 Sep 2011 00:21:53 EST Food tracker Hello, <BR> <BR> I have just joined SP to create healthy lifestyle habits.Can someone share the food tracker please? <BR> <BR> Pooja <BR> Thu, 15 Sep 2011 23:10:37 EST Determined to lose weight I have had hypothyroid and PCOD (cysts in the ovaries) due to which I gained so much weight in my 20s. I just turned 30 and really want to usher in a new decade by losing all these pounds. I work as a banker and it is a stressful job. My biggest goal is to manage the stress and esnure that I do not indulge in emotional eating anymore! I have joined Spark to be inspired by all you wonderful people who also want to become fit. I hope and pray that I fulfil all my goals!! <BR> Sat, 10 Sep 2011 11:43:44 EST Indian Food Chart to lose weight Hi! When I initially joined SP , I was looking for a food chart which would give me a calorie count and help lose weight. I could not find one then (2009) . Since then I have received one from a professional hospital dietitian. Have put it up on my blog, the link of which I have put at the bottom of this article. I do hope you find it useful, as I found it . This is for 1200 Kcal . The veggies are typical western India (Gujarati) . For non veg , add 30 gms of non-veg , which is non-fried an... Thu, 8 Sep 2011 22:12:31 EST How to start the real Weight loss program? Hi all, <BR> I have been a Sparkpeople member since long,I enrolled in for weight loss,I followed for like a week and then abandoned...and kept gaining weight..Now again I am back as I am helpless trying to find a way out to lose weight.I had tried so many techniques before but abandoned them because no results came out and was really disheartened.I am here again and finding myself losing it all again.I DO NOT WANT THAT TO REPEAT AGAIN.At some point I was a sport person,use to play basketball... Mon, 5 Sep 2011 03:44:18 EST Hidden pitfall in your house DANGER!!! Hidden pitfall in your house. Oh, it is a normal no think about it item we buy and use daily. . . That is a food scented air freshener. I bought a vanilla air freshener for my kitchen---Wrong! Now I think of food when I walk in the kitchen, not good. I am just glad that I didn't buy "Apples and Spice". Is this a danger in your home? Maybe a flower or breeze would help keep your mind off food and on your goal. It would mine. Mon, 29 Aug 2011 12:47:10 EST Hello Hi all, <BR> <BR> Great to find an indian forum out here. I am a 36 year old living in dallas. I am diabetic and want to increase my commitment to healthy eating and exercise. As a spark newbie i am looking forward to learning a lot from you all and hope we all help each other achieve our goals. <BR> Sun, 28 Aug 2011 19:32:35 EST Low on Calcium? I was running below what I should on calcium so I added calcium and vitamin D via a little pill--one in the morning with breakfast another with my dinner. You see I dropped the cheese the double glasses of milk etc. so that I could lose some weight. Oh I still eat some cheese & some milk (I hate skim) but not what my body needs. I added the calcium and vitamin D to my favorites and and click on it with my meals. <BR> Are you low also? What are you doing to correct it? Tue, 16 Aug 2011 16:13:22 EST Hello fellow fatties !! A shout out to all my fellow fatties out there... here's to all of us for at least thinking about losing weight. If there's anyone out there whose done really well on this website while eating a staple Indian Food diet, please connect with me.. <BR> <BR> All the best to everyone.. Tue, 9 Aug 2011 06:54:23 EST Away with the Chubbiness! i'm not sure if Chubbiness is even a word! i hope it is, well, i'm a 20 year old Student and have been "chubby" (!) all my life. which is sort of sad, i mean when i look at my baby pictures i think i was cute, but dude! enough with the cuteness already, i think its time the 'Oh! you look so cute!" changed to "Wow! you look Hot/Awesome/beautiful" <BR> Also both my grandfathers have diabetes, and my mum's just been diagnosed with it so i really think i'm in a risk zone, and want to stop it bef... Tue, 9 Aug 2011 01:08:13 EST Good to see an Indian community here Hey All, <BR> <BR> It has been 2 months since I have joined SP. I am feeling so good to see all of my indian buddies here. :) Wed, 3 Aug 2011 22:10:49 EST Has anyone tried the 17 day diet? My friend told me about this diet. I was wondering if there were any Indians on this diet. It basically goes in 3 cycles of 17 days each. Cycle 1 is the hardest (at least IMO for Indians) since it is 0 cabs. Being that rice or wheat is staple in Indian homes, I was wondering if anyone had tried this diet and succeeded. If you did, how did you manage cycle 1? Wed, 3 Aug 2011 14:46:13 EST hi Hi my name is Georgia Tue, 2 Aug 2011 11:33:43 EST I am new. Hi Spark Family, <BR> <BR> My Spark name is Luvngmenow. I have joined this group because I have Indian in my blood line. I am currently looking into this culture and learning more about my life and where I come from. I have many different races in my blood line and I am proud of them all. I hope I am accepted here and will be able to make friend and learn from you all. <BR> <BR> Many Blessings!! Mon, 1 Aug 2011 06:51:49 EST Hiii....Well I m here to start a new active life!! I am a mother of two boys under 5 years of age.Though these two always keep me occupied but now I think its the time to look after myself also.Basically I hail from Delhi, the Capital of India and now settled in Gulf with my family.I am on this board to make myself fit and active.I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in 2008 and since then I am struggling for weight loss.I am on Eltroxin-75 mcg/daily and go to gym also (3 times a week). <BR> hope to hear from someone who can advice. Thu, 28 Jul 2011 06:23:44 EST What to do when life kicks you in the butt? What to do when life kicks you in the butt? <BR> <BR> Last Monday the kitty that I fed by eyedropper in Mexico six years ago came up missing. And I am now missing a part of my heart. Every night she would join me in the bed for a goodnight cuddle. I believe, as this is the second kitty to do this, a copper mouth snake bit her as with the first. <BR> <BR> Now that is bad enough but on Thursday I was told that I have breast cancer. The cancer is about the size of a golf ball. How did I miss o... Mon, 25 Jul 2011 07:06:48 EST January 4 January <BR> sorrry !! <BR> that got posted wronlgy <BR> anyways thats my bday Wed, 20 Jul 2011 07:53:12 EST Hi All, Hi all... I am S/W engineer... I need to reduce 20 kgs from my weight and i need a buddy who can help me on the same.. Tue, 19 Jul 2011 07:25:35 EST Health-A Way of Life Hi, I aspire to be fit and healthy and that does not seem to be getting fulfilled owing to the sedantry lifestyle I have. More than half of the day I am in front of the PC and I dread having a bent spiral bone. My other set of fears have actually become real. I had this terrible fear of having a small flab and I have it now :( ....I want to change my routine completely, stay fit and extremely happy! Need a deadly combination of time, will and total relaxation to drive it. I know I have a resp... Tue, 19 Jul 2011 06:35:47 EST Hey Everyone! Hey everyone! My name is Tanisha and I'm a 21 year old medical student in India. I weight 253lbs or 115kgs. Being a medical student I have all the information I need to lose weight. I always start my weight loss journey but never complete it. I know the importance of losing this weight being in the medical profession but I lack the motivation to complete what I've started multiple times. I need your help to keep me accountable to my goals. I hope to lose all this weight my May 2012. Thank You... Sun, 17 Jul 2011 12:17:44 EST Hey !! Lets buddy up! I am not new to the dieting or wieght loss world. Infact, I remember it being a part of my life even more than my husband or mom :( However, this time I am doing few things differently. I have a end date in mind but the mission does not expire there if goals are not met. Second, I am taking it slow and not letting dieting and weight loss control my life. I wanna do it in a fun and easy way. Cheating and spiking is allowed in a controlled and responsible way. <BR> About myself, I am 32 years ... Fri, 24 Jun 2011 10:17:51 EST :) :) Thu, 2 Jun 2011 06:54:28 EST Keeping on track on vacation Hi all, <BR> <BR> I am a new member of SparkTeam and on track a weight loss programme for the last one week. It has certainly not been easy with all the work pressure and other challenges. <BR> <BR> I am scheduled for vacation on a hill station for 4 days and am getting realli concerned about keeping the food calories intake under control with all oily food generally served at hotels and restaurants. <BR> <BR> Any suggestions would be welcome !! <BR> <BR> Thanks. Fri, 27 May 2011 05:10:07 EST what are your childs fav school lunch box recipes? I in search of more Indian healthy recipes for my kids lunch box. <BR> he enjoying have variety. please share ur experience. Sat, 14 May 2011 03:32:13 EST Plzzzzz Help Doll here..M of 78 kg need to reduce my weight.Living in hostel cannot continue with feasible diet plan. <BR> <BR> Please do help me in formulating my diet plan... <BR> Breakfast-oatmeal / paratha oil free <BR> lunch-fruits <BR> snacks-brown bread / biscuits <BR> dinner-2 chapati + Veg / Curd <BR> <BR> Brisk walk for 30 minutes Tue, 26 Apr 2011 06:39:20 EST Weight ticker Hi, <BR> <BR> Can anyone help me with weight ticker, I am unable to move it to show how much I lost. If I decrease my weight then it takes that weight as starting weight..I do not see any other option to do it. <BR> <BR> Would appreciate your help. <BR> <BR> Cheers!!! Sat, 23 Apr 2011 05:53:18 EST Gudi Padva run Friends, <BR> <BR> I decided to do a 11kms Gudi Padva run upto S'Vinayak and back for three special reasons. <BR> <BR> 1. With a Wednesday defeat there must have been some elements that were still bristling on Saturday. With a World class event in Mumbai it was not at all difficult to breach security and create disturbances in the city with a view to mar our image in international eyes. I was really happy that nothing of that sort had happened. I felt a sort of thanksgiving was in order.... Wed, 6 Apr 2011 08:39:58 EST swetlana hi iam new to this message i want lose 30lbs Tue, 29 Mar 2011 04:26:46 EST Hello everyone! I am new to SPARKPEOPLE... NAME: Deepesh Kumar Singh <BR> SPARK NAME: deepeshk <BR> ANY STORY BEHIND YOUR SPARK NAME: Just to make login easy by sniping surname, thats all! <BR> <BR> FAVORITES <BR> <BR> COLOR: Black, Blue & Green <BR> FOOD: Vegetarian (Indian, Chinese, Mexican & European...) <BR> FRUIT: Black current, Fig, Kiwi, Alphanso & Strawberry <BR> VEGGIE: Lady Finger <BR> HOLIDAY: Pondicherry (would like to go to Ladakh) <BR> MARITAL STATUS: Single <BR> <BR> CURRENT WEIGHT: 86 kgs <BR> GOAL WEIGHT: 62-68 k... Mon, 14 Mar 2011 07:38:18 EST PLEASE HELP!! i'm wriring a paper about Sita and i need your opinion!! Doesn't matter how much you know, just answer based on what you remember, your opinion is all that counts. THANK YOU!! <BR> <BR> 1) Do you remember when you first heard the story of the Ramayana? <BR> 2) From whom did you learn the story of Ramayana for the first time? Family members, school, personal research, other… <BR> 3) Which version of the Ramayana are you most familiar with? (Valmiki, Tulsidas, mixed, tv, etc..) <BR> 4) Do you ... Tue, 8 Mar 2011 07:05:48 EST VIBES Madhu lost her nani (grandmaa)....sending love and my condolences to Madhu. <BR> XOXO Fri, 4 Mar 2011 11:04:45 EST Help me plz... Hi I am Suma, <BR> <BR> I need you people's support to lose weight. I am 30 kgs overweight. after my second kid I went on putting I weigh 90kgs...I want to go back to where I was which is 60kgs. I have been a foodie all thru my life...I hated exercising. But not 2009 I lost 15 kgs by starving and walking...but it all came back with double the I want to lose this fat the right way...and I need your support. I shall keep my routines posted...thankx in advan... Fri, 25 Feb 2011 00:21:45 EST how do you manage your food when you workout hi, <BR> <BR> I try to workout 3-5 times a week and eat healthy. <BR> I have a tough time with portion control and carbs. <BR> I feel that whenever i workout the next couple of days I am very hungry and inspite of eating healthy foods like veggies, fruits and beans, I end up eating more calories someway or the other. <BR> So my weight doent really go down. If I dont go the gym or workout, i can manage my diet well, but i want to workout. <BR> Any suggestions? <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> Tue, 15 Feb 2011 15:52:59 EST Small is big Hi everyone, <BR> I am someone who's exercised in a big way for almost all my life -till I got married and ended up with the relationship gut, along with a lot of other undesirable pounds in a lot of places. <BR> <BR> Anyways, to cut to the chase, these days I have been following a slightly different plan from my pre-marriage exercise strategy of an hour or 2 of cardio in the gym --that of taking a half an hour walk around 3-4 times a day. And guess what, it seems to be woking even better :... Tue, 15 Feb 2011 03:38:12 EST Hoping to succeed atleast this time Hello there, I am Sangeeth from India. I am currently 87Kgs and 5'3. Obviously I am obese. I have tried many times to reduce my weight. Every time it starts great but after 2 or 3 weeks I just give up. Hope this time I reach my goal. Mon, 7 Feb 2011 04:28:56 EST 28 days to a new me!! Ok...this is a challenge i setup for myself. Anyone who's interested, can join in. This is a 28 days challenge program - aimed to improve consistency and build persevearance. <BR> <BR> My goals: <BR> Daily workout - 1 hr <BR> Daily nutrition - less than 1500 calories <BR> Daily study - 2 hrs <BR> <BR> Timeline: 1 Feb 2011 to 28 Feb 2011 <BR> <BR> I know i'll be able to do this!!! <BR> ----------------------------------------<BR>--- <BR> Mon, 31 Jan 2011 04:52:53 EST hi i am seeking for a practically possible wait loss program please suggest me Wed, 19 Jan 2011 09:47:03 EST Tried andTested tips that work I understand that something that works for one person doesn't always work for another, but we won't know that unless we try. For me, I really had a sucessful day if, at the beginning of the day,I plan everything I will eat that day, put in the nutrition tracker, adjust if needed. Same thing with exercise. I found it much easier to follow the plan. Please share what has worked for you. Tue, 18 Jan 2011 11:59:12 EST fitness tools,ac essories or machines u use? Hello, <BR> <BR> which fitness tools or machine do you use regularly. Thu, 13 Jan 2011 05:44:48 EST SparkPeople Fitness Starter Set Did anyone purchased SparkPeople Fitness Starter Set? <BR> How did u find it? useful? <BR> How do they deliver it ? Wed, 12 Jan 2011 04:50:27 EST Recipes - Spicy Beans with chicken Guys <BR> <BR> i am adding some low calorie and indo-thai recipes in my site <BR> today i added Spicy Beans with chicken <BR> wanted to share with u all <BR> <BR> <link><BR>on-vegetarian/21-spicy-beans-with-chicken </link> Tue, 4 Jan 2011 02:45:29 EST Hi - New to this site Hi All, <BR> <BR> Wish you a very Happy 2011 !! <BR> <BR> Let me introduce myself briefly. I am a 36 year old male from Mumbai, India and am into ERP consulting with one of the global top IT and Consulting firms. <BR> <BR> Although this is my first time here on SparkPeople, the weight loss battle is old with me. When I married about 10 years ago, I was about 96 kgs. in weight. The lowest point in my weight from then till now was a point in 2003, when I could come down to about 78 kgs. Sinc... Sat, 1 Jan 2011 22:03:39 EST Healthy Indian Snack Hi all, <BR> <BR> I was wondering about the healthy indian snacks. Most of our snacks are fried in oil. Please suggest some healthy ones. <BR> <BR> Thanks! Fri, 31 Dec 2010 15:34:42 EST WANT TO JOIN ME??????? HI PEOPLE! <BR> <BR> I want to lose 5 kg's taking one step at a time. one kg at a time! <BR> <BR> my first step would be yoga every morning. <BR> <BR> next step stop coffee and have tender coconut insted. <BR> <BR> I need company to do this! <BR> <BR> anyone joining me????? <BR> <BR> we can do this together! Tue, 21 Dec 2010 11:11:14 EST What is your favorite cooking website One of my new year goal is to learn cooking. Please share your favorite websites for healthy cooking. Mon, 20 Dec 2010 22:05:28 EST When and where is the next Walkathon scheduled? I am planning to enrol into a Walkathon. Do any of you have details of the next one scheduled in Chennai? Mon, 20 Dec 2010 05:29:44 EST What is your favourite source of Vitamin B12? Some of the good sources of vitamin B12 are: calf's liver, sardine, snapper, venison, salmon, beef tenderloin, lamb loin, scallops, shrimp and hallibut. <BR> <BR> What is your favorite way of getting your daily dose of Vitamin B12 in India? Thu, 16 Dec 2010 14:44:47 EST What is your New Year Resolution This year? Do you make any new year resolution? if yes what is that? Wed, 15 Dec 2010 02:12:13 EST December Christmas Carnival Exercise Minutes Name: <BR> Goal: <BR> <BR> 1 Dec - <BR> 2 Dec - <BR> 3 Dec - <BR> 4 Dec - <BR> 5 Dec - <BR> 6 Dec - <BR> 7 Dec - <BR> 8 Dec - <BR> 9 Dec - <BR> 10 Dec - <BR> 11 Dec - <BR> 12 Dec - <BR> 13 Dec - <BR> 14 Dec - <BR> 15 Dec - <BR> 16 Dec - <BR> 17 Dec - <BR> 18 Dec - <BR> 19 Dec - <BR> 20 Dec - <BR> 21 Dec - <BR> 22 Dec - <BR> 23 Dec - <BR> 24 Dec - <BR> 25 Dec - <BR> 26 Dec - <BR> 27 Dec - <BR> 28 Dec - <BR> 29 Dec - <BR> 30 Dec - <BR> 31 Dec - <BR> <BR> T... Sun, 5 Dec 2010 04:55:08 EST Health is wealth Hi i am chinesh. I am an ACSM CPT. Sat, 4 Dec 2010 20:36:50 EST I will, so I can... Hi! I am Uma, in mid-thirties, a working professional and mother of two, living in Bangalore. I am not a fitness freak or anything, but spend a lot of time and effort every day for providing nutritious food to my family. I have just started exercising, for the past 3 days; Like a smoker who quits smoking many times in life, I have also started and stopped exercising many times. I am here at Spark People hoping to be more committed this time, lose weight, reduce a couple of sizes and feel ligh... Fri, 3 Dec 2010 03:21:12 EST Weighty Woes HI I'm at 105 kgs -that haven't crept up overnight , although it seems like. OK -starting today I will keep a rein on myself -no stress eating, greater control I will ensure i eat healty and excercize some. Looking forward to keeping you posted on how i do :) Thu, 2 Dec 2010 02:48:06 EST My training program FACT 1: 70% of all runners suffer from some form of injury. <BR> <BR> FACT 2: Folks with deskbound lifestyles suffer from back / neck pain at some point in their lives <BR> <BR> FACT 3: I am currently at the cusp of the above two Facts. <BR> <BR> Short story: I have been advised not to run, until further orders <BR> <BR> Long Story: It started in the third weekend of Oct. The day before I ran the 37 kms, Bushy Dam to Amby Valley run I started developing pain in my left back and radiat... Sun, 28 Nov 2010 12:10:33 EST November Diwali Dhamaka Minutes Name: Rekha <BR> Goal: 1000 minutes <BR> <BR> 1 Nov - - <BR> 2 Nov - 35 <BR> 3 Nov - 35 <BR> 4 Nov - 35 <BR> 5 Nov - - <BR> 6 Nov -- <BR> 7 Nov -- <BR> 8 Nov - 75 min <BR> 9 Nov - 40 walk + 15 yoga <BR> 10 Nov - 40 walk <BR> 11 Nov - 30 yoga <BR> 12 Nov - 15 walk + 15 stair climbing <BR> 13 Nov - 30 walk <BR> 14 Nov - -------- <BR> 15 Nov - 30 yoga + 45 JMW <BR> 16 Nov - 35 walk <BR> 17 Nov - 45 min circuit trng <BR> 18 Nov - 35 min walk + stair climbing <BR> 19 Nov - 30 - SP wokouts <BR> 2... Tue, 2 Nov 2010 04:05:08 EST less weight need to improve weight i am 20yrs old and lossing weight may be due to depression. <BR> i walk daily 3kms. <BR> please asist me to increase my weight. <BR> what food i have to eat <BR> Fri, 29 Oct 2010 10:37:49 EST Why You Shouldn’t Use Olive Oil in Your Stir Fry? Good read, check this out.. <BR> <BR> <link><BR>houldn-t-use-olive-oil-stir </link> Thu, 28 Oct 2010 02:53:38 EST Hey ppl!! Hi!! i have joined SparkPeople today.... Mon, 25 Oct 2010 06:51:25 EST OCTOBER Exercise Minutes Challenge Log Name: Madhu <BR> Goal: 500mins? <BR> <BR> 1 Oct - 0 <BR> 2 Oct - 0 <BR> 3 Oct - 0 <BR> 4 Oct - 0 <BR> 5 Oct - 0 <BR> 6 Oct - 0 <BR> 7 Oct - 0 <BR> 8 Oct - 10mins <BR> 9 Oct - 30mins <BR> 10 Oct - 0 <BR> 11 Oct - 0 <BR> 12 Oct - 0 <BR> 13 Oct - 0 <BR> 14 Oct - 0 <BR> 15 Oct - 0 <BR> 16 Oct - 0 <BR> 17 Oct - 60mins <BR> 18 Oct - 40mins <BR> 19 Oct - 20mins <BR> 20 Oct - 0 <BR> 21 Oct - 30mins <BR> 22 Oct - 40mins <BR> 23 Oct - <BR> 24 Oct - <BR> 25 Oct - <BR> 26 Oct - <BR> 27 Oct - <BR> 2... Mon, 4 Oct 2010 11:59:06 EST Indians need to exercise more <link><BR>-indians-need-to-exercise-one-hour-in-<BR>order-to-be-fit </link> <BR> <BR> <link><BR>th-news/838-new-indian-guidelines-lowe<BR>rs-the-bmi- </link> Wed, 29 Sep 2010 02:58:51 EST My 18+ 9 kms run <BR> Friends, <BR> <BR> I know that the subject heading might be a bit confusing at first but as you read on, it might become clear. <BR> <BR> The plan was to do a 27 kms run today. 3 Kalina loops. In keeping with the program of training for the full marathon this time. <BR> <BR> I started with Prabha at about 6 am and I must add that we did 2 loops without any issues at all. It was designed to be a training run...and LSD. We kept slow and steady pace and stopped for just ... Sun, 26 Sep 2010 08:50:24 EST Ladies special This one is for all the ladies in the group. <BR> <BR> FACT: Cardiovascular disease kills more women over 25 than all cancers combined. <BR> <BR> 8 Steps to a Healthy Heart <BR><BR>-Steps-to-a-Healthy-Heart.htm?cmp=16-5373 Fri, 24 Sep 2010 12:52:41 EST Hello I am posting at the message board roughly after 4 months of logging in to this community. I am a 27 year old doctor who gained nearly 70 pounds over the last 3 years. Mostly I did some emotional eating and chewed on loads of chicken when preparing for my competitive exams. since getting back to work, i have lost some weight but i am still overweight by nearly 50 pounds. I am not a frequent exerciser, although i am into yoga and we do not have much space or time to do it with our hectic schedu... Tue, 7 Sep 2010 21:16:46 EST Drop your healthy recipie Hi Kirti here.Drop your Recipie in this thread.Thanks. Tue, 7 Sep 2010 03:22:35 EST Post your daily diet to motivate other members. Hi Kirti here.I'm new here & I still not find diet which suitable for Indians.Please post your daily diet to motivate other member so they can easily follow diet.Along with diet post your exerciese also.Thanks.Drop nice recipie which u know in different thread.Thanks Tue, 7 Sep 2010 03:20:29 EST Complete these 10 steps everyday for weightloss Complete all these every day. <BR> <BR> 1)Drink 2.5 to 3 ltrs water. <BR> <BR> 2)Eat 5 serving of vegetable <BR> 3)take 50% of ur carbohydrates from whole grain <BR> <BR> 4)take your oil intake up to 2 tsp/day <BR> <BR> 5)Drink 2 glass skim milk(any form) <BR> <BR> 6)Do not eat carbohydrates after 4 p.m. <BR> <BR> 7)Eat 2 serving of fruits. <BR> <BR> 8)Do Kapalbhati pranayam for 10 mins.If u r new then serch in for kapalbhati pranayam.Try both time morning & evening.B... Mon, 6 Sep 2010 04:38:11 EST Nirvana in the clouds v/s Mumbai local Friends, <BR> <BR> After the exhilarating 30 kms run of last weekend, so aptly titled Nirvana in the clouds, today I attempted to do a 24 kms run in our local streets of Mumbai. Here is how they compared across various parameters. So difficult not to do this comparison test. <BR> <BR> 1. Distance: <BR> <BR> Last Sunday, I covered 30 kms with ease. Often wondered where they went and also, kicking myself in the butt that I did not grab the opportunity and do more. Kinda strike when the ir... Sun, 5 Sep 2010 09:12:19 EST HUM HONGE KAMYAB.. WE SHALL OVERCOME Hi! I am 47 year old. I seek to attain my perfect weight of 60 Kgs and would like all the motivation I can get from SP to reach my goal. I do a 1 hour walk everyday around Kachrali Lake near my house, I have not followed the correct eating habits, which seems to go haywire, particularly on a day when I am more aware of the need to follow a healthy diet. Please help, Sat, 4 Sep 2010 22:55:00 EST SEPTEMBER Exercise Minutes Challenge Log Name: <BR> Goal: <BR> <BR> 1 Sep - <BR> 2 Sep - <BR> 3 Sep - <BR> 4 Sep - <BR> 5 Sep - <BR> 6 Sep - <BR> 7 Sep - <BR> 8 Sep - <BR> 9 Sep - <BR> 10 Sep - <BR> 11 Sep - <BR> 12 Sep - <BR> 13 Sep - <BR> 14 Sep - <BR> 15 Sep - <BR> 16 Sep - <BR> 17 Sep - <BR> 18 Sep - <BR> 19 Sep - <BR> 20 Sep - <BR> 21 Sep - <BR> 22 Sep - <BR> 23 Sep - <BR> 24 Sep - <BR> 25 Sep - <BR> 26 Sep - <BR> 27 Sep - <BR> 28 Sep - <BR> 29 Sep - <BR> 30 Sep - <BR> <BR> TOTAL EXERCISE MINUT... Wed, 1 Sep 2010 11:35:20 EST 30K Nirvana run in the clouds Fellow Desi Sparkers, <BR> <BR> I did a 30K run up the hills of Lonavala close to Mumbai. My wife Usha did a 28K. It was one of the most beautiful events of my life. And part of my training towards the first full marathon that I hope to run in Mumbai on Jan 2011. <BR> <BR> I normally write my own narrative, but this time I will cut paste something that my fellow participant Dan Vaz did write about. <BR> <BR> Venkat <BR> <BR> ++++++++++++++ <BR> <BR> It is important for me to draw paralle... Mon, 30 Aug 2010 09:42:46 EST Do as one! Stumbled upon this interesting website, do check out...I loved the Om room and the laughter room.. <link> </link> Mon, 30 Aug 2010 06:22:06 EST Happy Birthday Madhu 27th Aug <em>236</em> <em>236</em> <em>236</em> <em>410</em> <em>410</em> <em>144</em> <em>144</em> <em>19</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>410</em> <em>26</em> <em>26</em> <em>214</em> <em>214</em> <em>218</em> <em>218</em> <em>218</em> <em>475</em> <em>44</em> <BR> HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADHU! <BR> HAVE A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY AND MAY ALL YOUR WISHES COME TRUE <BR> VIDYA. Thu, 26 Aug 2010 21:06:11 EST One Good News To Share With You All Hi Friends,I have one good news to share with you all ,After finishing my course in sports nutrition i was just contemplating what to do now my DH and instructor at academy suggested to start a website as i will be able to utilize what i have learned as I am a web designer also i liked the idea and started working on it although so started working on my website <link> </link> it is up now i would request you to see it and pls give me suggestion how i can improve it. Thu, 26 Aug 2010 08:19:13 EST My LSD 21K run...RPE 4-5 Folks, <BR> <BR> I have not been running for the past 2 weeks or so. Longest gap I have had in recent history..other than ofcourse when I am travelling or some such. The last long run I had was the 22.58 K I had done two Sunday's back. Unfortunately work has been the culprit with too many late nights etc. <BR> <BR> Today morning I was determined to do 3 Kalina loops of 9K each, so that I can make it 27K. And was hoping that with a 27 under my belt, I should be able to do a 30 or more at L... Sun, 22 Aug 2010 22:36:19 EST facebook.. who all are there on facebook? Fri, 6 Aug 2010 00:45:19 EST Hello all Sparks I am Sangeeta. I have been visiting SparkPeople for many years, reading the articles. Finally I decided to join and start tracking my food and exercises. Andin 2 weeks time I notice that it started working as I clearly know what I am putting myself to. Feels great. I hope I will be successful. Thu, 5 Aug 2010 19:40:31 EST August Exercise Minute Challenges Name: Rekha <BR> Goal: 1000 exercise minutes <BR> <BR> August 1 : Day off <BR> August 2 : 40 W + 30 yoga <BR> August 3 : 25 ST + 30 yoga <BR> August 4 : 40 W + 30 y <BR> August 5 60 JM w/o <BR> August 6 ------- <BR> August 7 --------- <BR> August 8 -------- <BR> August 9 - 30 W <BR> August 10 - 30 ST <BR> August 11 - 30 W + 30 Y <BR> August 12 - 30 y <BR> August 13 --- day off <BR> August 14 - 60 y <BR> August 15- 60 y <BR> August 16- 30y <BR> August 17 - 30 y <BR> August 18 - 30 walk <BR> A... Mon, 2 Aug 2010 02:04:53 EST Today's i-Race Friends, <BR> <BR> Today me, my wife Usha and my second son Vighnesh ran the i-Race in IIT Mumbai campus. While my son ran the 5K segment, myself and Usha did a 10K run. <BR> <BR> The i-Race itself is gaining wide popularity and each race is getting more and more popular. Today's event had more than 500 participants. <BR> <BR> The campus itself was at its beautiful best. The greenery all around was even more enhanced due to the rains. The temperature was much milder and with a constant ... Sun, 1 Aug 2010 07:48:14 EST HAPPY BIRTHDAY Padmaja (PAM1864) Dear Padmaja, <BR> HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU <em>276</em> <BR> HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU <em>335</em> <BR> HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU <em>339</em> <BR> HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU <em>144</em> <em>410</em> <em>144</em> <em>410</em> <em>218</em> <em>410</em> <em>144</em> <em>19</em> <em>407</em> <BR> SENDING LOT'S OF GOOD WISHES YOU WAY! <BR> HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY AND A HEALTHY YEAR AHEAD! <em>220</em> Sat, 31 Jul 2010 23:13:44 EST Today's 24kms Gurupoornima run Today is Gurupoornima and mine and Usha's run is really dedicated to our Health Guru, Dr Ajay Kharat. <BR> <BR> We started off at 5.30 am as against the scheduled 5 am. <BR> <BR> The goal was to do 24 kms and we did it without any issues at all. <BR> <BR> One the way out, I achieved another first....I did not stop at all for the entire 12 kms distance from MIG club to Haji Ali signal. Many factors helped, the most important being Ajay Pimple running along with me. We did a real slow LSD al... Sun, 25 Jul 2010 06:33:22 EST Visiting New Delhi Soon Hi Friends <BR> Going to New Delhi soon. Any advice on healthy food finds? Or good restaurants that I shouldn't pass up? This is the first time I'm going without a real purpose so have time to venture into the city. <BR> Thanks! <BR> Rainy Sat, 24 Jul 2010 15:57:38 EST HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY Rainey (RAIN454) JULY 21ST <em>236</em> <em>236</em> <em>144</em> <em>410</em> <em>409</em> <em>107</em> <em>144</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> <em>214</em> <em>218</em> <em>218</em> <em>408</em> <em>408</em> <em>44</em> <em>44</em> <em>475</em> <em>475</em> <em>236</em> <em>236</em> <BR> <BR> HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAINEY! <BR> MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS AND WISHES COME TRUE! <BR> HAVE A WONDERFUL YEAR AHEAD! <BR> VIDYA. Thu, 22 Jul 2010 13:01:30 EST My Sunday run - Another first Folks, <BR> <BR> I know that it is highly unusual for me to post my Sunday's run after 3 days have gone by. <BR> But I have been extremely busy at work to indulge in the pleasure of the narrative. <BR> <BR> I had wanted to also keep up my commitment of doing a half marathon every month and thus I decided to run along the usual route. Also since I had done 24 kms in the sun last month, I thought this time I will up the ante a little bit and try to do 27 kms. <BR> <BR> The run started off ... Wed, 21 Jul 2010 11:13:54 EST Heylooo!! Hi Everyone, <BR> I am Richa from Bangalore..A die hard food lover..who is finding i very difficult to give up on the temptation of junk food..and the temptation of not exercising. <BR> And I am sure,interacting with all the positive people here will help me change my lifestyle and outlook..and get me started towards a healthy lifestyle!! <BR> Tue, 20 Jul 2010 07:32:08 EST Where r u from? lets know eachother hi, <BR> Iam from davangere, Karnataka.. Right now residing in pune, maharastra. <BR> <em>41</em> Tue, 20 Jul 2010 05:33:15 EST need help with arms to make my arms slimmer i tried pushups and weights...but instead iv ended up looking very muscular and my arm girth has actually shoulders and hest have also become broader...any suggestions??? Mon, 19 Jul 2010 00:55:29 EST Compare food, calories and nutrients - Great site! Check out this link, I liked it.. <BR> <BR> <link><BR>GVz/bWFuZ28= </link> Thu, 8 Jul 2010 08:28:16 EST JULY Exercise Minutes Challenge Name: <BR> Goal: <BR> <BR> July 1 <BR> July 2 <BR> July 3 <BR> July 4 <BR> July 5 <BR> July 6 <BR> July 7 <BR> July 8 <BR> July 9 <BR> July 10 <BR> July 11 <BR> July 12 <BR> July 13 <BR> July 14 <BR> July 15 <BR> July 16 <BR> July 17 <BR> July 18 <BR> July 19 <BR> July 20 <BR> July 21 <BR> July 22 <BR> July 23 <BR> July 24 <BR> July 25 <BR> July 26 <BR> July 27 <BR> July 28 <BR> July 29 <BR> July 30 <BR> July 31 <BR> <BR> TOTAL EXERCISE MINUTES : <BR> <BR>... Thu, 1 Jul 2010 12:22:42 EST 24 kms in the Sun We should have started one hour earlier. We targeted a start time of 5.30 am and instead ended up starting at 6 am. We should have started at 5 am instead. <BR> <BR> Let us do a little bit of flash back first. <BR> <BR> Many of you know that Usha and me have had this New Year resolution of doing a half marathon ( 21 kms ) every month. We did the Feb one as a Valentines' day special. March and April went of OK subject to some ITBS issues. In May we ran 21K in Lonavala along with the Comr... Sun, 27 Jun 2010 11:38:32 EST Interesting, worth reading For your information..... <BR> <BR> AFTER YEARS OF TELLING PEOPLE CHEMOTHERAPY IS THE ONLY WAY TO TRY AND ELIMINATE CANCER, JOHNS HOPKINS IS FINALLY STARTING TO TELL YOU THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE WAY .... <BR> <BR> Cancer Update from Johns Hopkins <BR> <BR> Every person has cancer cells in the body.These bad cells donot show up in the standard tests until they have multiplied to a few billion. When doctors tell cancer patients that there are no more cancer cells in their bodies after therapy... Fri, 25 Jun 2010 05:28:59 EST Happy Birthday Srabanti! <em>144</em> <em>409</em> <em>410</em> <em>44</em> <em>255</em> <BR> <BR> Happy Birthday Srabanti, are you enjoying your strawberry cake? Hope the year ahead is filled with joy and happiness! <BR> <BR> <em>144</em> <em>409</em> <em>410</em> <em>44</em> <em>255</em> Fri, 25 Jun 2010 00:35:35 EST Happy Birthday Rekha (SONPARI1) <em>236</em> <em>236</em> <em>410</em> <em>410</em> <em>236</em> <em>236</em> <em>236</em> <BR> Here's to celebrating you Rekha! <BR> Wishing you the happiest of birthdays. <BR> May all your dreams and wishes come true. <BR> <BR> <em>236</em> <em>236</em> <em>410</em> <em>410</em> <em>144</em> <em>144</em> <em>218</em> <em>218</em> <em>236</em> <em>236</em> Mon, 21 Jun 2010 21:50:35 EST The irony of it all <BR> When two motorcyclists stand next to each other at a signal, and one of them has a new model of a bike, the conversation inevitably begins with 'kitna average deta hai' ( how much is the average ). Again when a new car is purchased by friends, we inevitably ask this question. We pay a premium for diesel vehicles because they give better average. A Toyota Prius is a cynosure of most eyes because of its average using cool hybrid technology. Why the absurdity of it all....even guys who buy... Sun, 20 Jun 2010 08:14:10 EST My PB Friends, <BR> <BR> Today was day of great joy and exhilaration for me. <BR> A dream of more than 2 years came true today. <BR> <BR> The story of my today's run can be told in two time dimensions. <BR> <BR> The First: <BR> <BR> From about two or more years before, I have been always wondering why I cannot run as fast as many of the others in the group. What is it that happens at a muscular fiber level that makes me slow and tired easily and not the others. I started reading and educat... Fri, 18 Jun 2010 08:33:21 EST Sparker in Dallas area? I am looking for a running buddy... :-) if you are in the dallas area and woould like to workout or run please write back :) Thu, 17 Jun 2010 13:45:03 EST Kalina loop in the rains Friends, <BR> <BR> Today myself and my running partner Prabha did Kalina loop in the rains. <BR> The joy and exhilaration cannot be expressed in mere words in an email. <BR> <BR> To do full justice to that we need to site over a hot drink ( chocolate... not what you think :-)) and kanda bhajia. <BR> <BR> It was raining all along and while there were school children with mothers in raincoats and umbrellas huddled under bus stops we were just running by as if it were normal to do this all ... Wed, 16 Jun 2010 21:53:22 EST Running in the rains On the above topic, I had posted, couple of days back in our running group board <BR> <BR> ++++++++ <BR> <BR> Here are my top reasons to run in the rains. <BR> <BR> 1. The air feels purified. <BR> 2.You run faster to stay warm. <BR> 3. People think you are crazy. <BR> 4. It makes you tough. <BR> 5. You do not want to slip on your fitness levels. <BR> 6. You are wet anyway when you run...whether with sweat or with what is the difference? <BR> 7. You do not get tanned with the sun... Wed, 16 Jun 2010 21:52:03 EST indian/hindi workout songs need some indian workout songs.. till now just listening to punjabi songs for fast pace and sone slow oldies.. but need more songs..any suggestions. Tue, 15 Jun 2010 14:46:39 EST Hi there, Barun from Bangalore Hi folks! Lets lose and win!! Tue, 15 Jun 2010 14:17:33 EST Today' run As I sit down to write this email of today's run, I must say that I am thrilled on two counts. <BR> <BR> 1 = About the run itself <BR> 2 = About being reminded by SMS to write about the run from one of my regular readers. <BR> <BR> As I got up today morning at 5 am, I could hear the wind whistling through the cracks in the windows. This was soon followed by the sound of heavy bass sound of pouring rain. A distance thunder and some lightning completed the audio effects. <BR> <BR> My hea... Wed, 9 Jun 2010 06:48:04 EST My Kalina loop of 9Kms Friends, <BR> <BR> Today I ran the usual Kalina loop. But other than the route, things were quite different....just shows how each run no matter how banal it may seem can still throw in something that makes you keep coming for more. <BR> <BR> It starts with last night..I got late ( again as usual ) and as I was going to nod off, my inner alert sounded that I had not kept electral ready for tomorrow's run. I was in two minds, whether to go off to sleep or to get up and rectify the situation.... Wed, 2 Jun 2010 08:50:01 EST Am Hypothyroid Hi All...Long time since i posted. I've been lurking on the message boards everyday...but wasn't quite active. reason - i had nothing to write about. No major progress in my weight loss journey, no major progress in my attitude. In fact, everything is going wrong at the moment :) Its a downward spin...till i finally ended up with body aches and stuff that afflicts people with sedentary lifestyle - a bloated body, sluggish mind, depressed thoughts and a feeling of emptiness. The pain in my han... Wed, 2 Jun 2010 08:17:20 EST June Exercise Minutes Challenge Name: <BR> Goal: <BR> <BR> June 1 <BR> June 2 <BR> June 3 <BR> June 4 <BR> June 5 <BR> June 6 <BR> June 7 <BR> June 8 <BR> June 9 <BR> June 10 <BR> June 11 <BR> June 12 <BR> June 13 <BR> June 14 <BR> June 15 <BR> June 16 <BR> June 17 <BR> June 18 <BR> June 19 <BR> June 20 <BR> June 21 <BR> June 22 <BR> June 23 <BR> June 24 <BR> June 25 <BR> June 26 <BR> June 27 <BR> June 28 <BR> June 29 <BR> June 30 <BR> <BR> TOTAL EXERCISE MINUTES : <BR> <BR> June 1st Star... Tue, 1 Jun 2010 07:36:18 EST Happy Birthday SRITHI97 (vidya) <em>407</em> <em>410</em> <em>44</em> <em>76</em> <em>291</em> <BR> <BR> Happy Birthday VIdya, May u have a fit and faulous year ahead, Enjoi! <BR> <BR> <em>407</em> <em>410</em> <em>44</em> <em>76</em> <em>291</em> Mon, 31 May 2010 00:17:16 EST My 2H + 2S + 1 Z run <BR> <BR> In case you are wondering what the initials in the subject line are...please read as <BR> <BR> 2 Hills + 2 Seafaces + 1 Zig Zag run. <BR> <BR> I had a good run today morning of about 9 kms which I did in 1:19. <BR> <BR> Started at 6:18 am while I had scheduled a 6 am start. The route was from Lands End in Bandra, Up Mount Mary, then to Turner road, Carter Road and up Pali Hill. A side sweet diversion to the Zig Zag road, no prizes for guessing why this is so cal... Sun, 30 May 2010 03:33:31 EST HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARU (CHARU_M ATHURIA) 30th MAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU <em>276</em> <BR> HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU <em>335</em> <BR> HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU <em>339</em> <BR> HAVE A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY CHARU! <BR> MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS AND WISHES COME TRUE! <BR> HAVE A FIT AND A HEALTHY YEAR AHEAD! <em>236</em> <em>236</em> <em>410</em> <em>144</em> <em>410</em> <em>409</em> <em>144</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> <em>44</em> <em>493</em> <em>475</em> <em>236</em> <em>236</em> <em>220</em> Sun, 30 May 2010 00:07:02 EST HAPPY BIRTHDAY Charu (CHARUV81) and Jen (JENINRUSS Friends, please join me to wish Charu and Jen on their Special Day. <em>236</em> <em>236</em> <em>236</em> <em>236</em> <em>409</em> <em>410</em> <em>144</em> <em>410</em> <em>409</em> <em>144</em> <em>26</em> <em>218</em> <em>475</em> <em>44</em> <em>493</em> <em>236</em> <em>236</em> <em>236</em> <BR> HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARU AND JEN <BR> Have a Fit and Healthy year Ahead, and May all your Dreams come True. <BR> <em>220</em> <BR> vidya. Wed, 26 May 2010 23:29:58 EST Comrades Ultramarthon Hello, <BR> <BR> For those who are new to the world of running and Ultramarathons here is a primer. <BR> <BR> A Marathon is 42 kms as most of us know. An UltraMarathon is a run that is more than 42 kms. The Comrades Ultramarathon is 89 kms run and is one of the biggest sporting events in SA. <BR> <BR> To know more about it go to <BR> <BR> Until last year there was NO Indian who went and took part in this run. Last year Amit Sheth of Juhu Vile Parle made a valiant... Mon, 24 May 2010 08:12:37 EST 8.7 ughhh kms Friends, <BR> In what can be considered rather unpleasant circumstances where even ordinarily committed folks may falter, I am proud to say that our running group did the Pali Hill circuit. <BR> <BR> Besides me the hardy few consisted of 6 others. <BR> <BR> The doctors orders were to do 3 Pali Hill arcs ( as the new term in vogue is ). I thought of upping the ante a little bit and doing 3 arcs + 3 zig zags. <BR> <BR> Fatigue set in quite early due to thermoregulatory strain and I ended... Mon, 24 May 2010 08:01:48 EST My 9K run of today Friends, <BR> <BR> Today myself and my running partner Prabha did the mandatory Wed morning 9K Kalina loop. <BR> <BR> We intended to start by 5:45 but ended up starting at 5:53 am. <BR> <BR> The sky was overcast and it looked like it might rain, but it only increased the humidity. We decided to run a slow LSD. Timing was not important. <BR> <BR> We did quite OK as runs go. But even at a slower pace, exhaustion set in and we had to resort to 3 small walk breaks. <BR> <BR> We finish... Wed, 19 May 2010 06:53:47 EST INTERESTING & ENJOYABLE LETTER SHUFFLERS..... MOTHER IN LAW = WOMAN HITLER Mon, 17 May 2010 02:26:31 EST Do I look like a freak? The word fitness is always associated with the adjective in FitnessFreak. <BR> <BR> Why is a negative connotation associated with a concept of respecting your body...which is the only thing that is guaranteed yours in this entire life? <BR> <BR> Is it because of the nice sounded alliteration? If alliteration is at play then why not FitnessFan? or FitnessFriend? <BR> <BR> Is it because the food and the drink industry want to throw a negative spin on good health? Is it a Goebbels... Sat, 15 May 2010 02:32:49 EST Happy Birthday Mr. Gulati (FITNESSFREAK) Uncle! <em>236</em> <em>236</em> <em>236</em> <em>410</em> <em>410</em> <em>409</em> <em>44</em> <em>236</em> <em>236</em> <BR> HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU <BR> HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU <BR> <em>276</em> <BR> HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU <em>276</em> <BR> HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gulati Uncle! Hope you had a great day! <BR> Fri, 14 May 2010 09:29:07 EST Coming Back to Life!!! Hi All, this is my first day at Sparkpeople, and I already feel comfortable and cared for. Thank you! Till now, I felt that no one understood what I was goin through...Not anymore! :) My current last weigh in was at 266lbs...and my target is to go from 266lbs to 149lbs in exactly 11months & 12days from today!!! That would mean that I would have to lose 117lbs on the way to getting there...that's like an entirely whole person!!! Which by the way, I am plannin' on getting rid off, with God's G... Thu, 13 May 2010 08:17:30 EST My really sloppy 9K of today Friends, <BR> <BR> I did a 9K run of the Kalina Loop today which was probably one of the slowest ever in recent times. <BR> In fact I am wondering the word run is even suitable to describe the sad episode. <BR> <BR> In fact I was determined to do better than last Wednesday. I had set a target the previous night of doing it in 65 mins as against the 73 mins of earlier occasion. I was quite confident when I went to bed of doing it within my target time. <BR> <BR> But in the morning the st... Wed, 12 May 2010 08:24:07 EST Plantar Fasciitis - help! I had an acute pain in my heels since 15 days and I ignored it hoping that it's a minor pbm. Once the pbm aggravated, I decided to see a doc and he diagnosed it as Plantar Fasciitis, a commnly occuring pbm among those who run. I am beginning to worry if I can ever get back to intense cardio workouts. Just curious to know if any of you have faced this pbm and found a solution. Wed, 12 May 2010 04:47:44 EST Lonavala "Comrades by Proxy" 21K run Friends, <BR> <BR> Myself and Usha today ran 21K at Lonavala. We ran this in the company of Amit Seth, Neepa and Sushant Karkera who is a very fast runner himself and pacing Amit and Neepa in preparation for the Comrades. <BR> <BR> I call this run a 'Comrades by proxy' run since myself and Usha may never run the Comrades Ultramarathon and this is the closest we can get to the real thing. A bit like "shaking the hands that shook the hands of the Prime Minister" :-) <BR> <BR> Myself and ... Sun, 9 May 2010 09:35:30 EST My 9K run of Wed morning Friends, <BR> <BR> I did the usual quota of 9K Kalina loop today morning. Running along with me was Prabha. While we both parked outside MIG club and did the traditional circuit in a clockwise direction, my elder son, Vivek started a little later from home in Kalina and came to MIG through the long path via BKC. <BR> <BR> We started at around 6:07 am, slightly delayed due to my late night and then having some difference of opinion with the alarm clock in the morning :-) <BR> <BR> The run s... Wed, 5 May 2010 07:48:42 EST Holiday Quick Food <BR> <BR> i am going on a 15 day holiday to beach and the hotel room has a small kitchen too, so i am planning to make some snacks during our stay there instead of eating 15 days from outside <BR> <BR> i am making a list of food that can be prepared with few ingredients and less time <BR> <BR> 1. Peas Pulao <BR> 2. Bread Pakora <BR> <BR> <BR> Please advise me other options.. Wed, 5 May 2010 02:10:03 EST Chocolate Protien powder i have got a box of Chocolate Protien powder, and i don't like the taste of it, is there any way i can use it, i don't want to waste it Mon, 3 May 2010 04:00:37 EST My 13K on a summer morning Friends, <BR> <BR> I had a run today morning that was very nice. <BR> In describing the run, I will not use the two H words since in this weather that is a given. <BR> <BR> Starting the run at about 5.38 today were me, my wife Usha, my elder son Vivek and our friend Prabha. We started from Kalina. While Usha wanted to do the Kalina loop and get home early, the rest of the 3 decided to do the same route to Juhu via BKC and Bandra West via SV Road and Linking Road. <BR> <BR> Myself and P... Sun, 2 May 2010 04:22:42 EST May Exercise Minutes Challenge Name: <BR> Goal: <BR> <BR> May 1 <BR> May 2 <BR> May 3 <BR> May 4 <BR> May 5 <BR> May 6 <BR> May 7 <BR> May 8 <BR> May 9 <BR> May 10 <BR> May 11 <BR> May 12 <BR> May 13 <BR> May 14 <BR> May 15 <BR> May 16 <BR> May 17 <BR> May 18 <BR> May 19 <BR> May 20 <BR> May 21 <BR> May 22 <BR> May 23 <BR> May 24 <BR> May 25 <BR> May 26 <BR> May 27 <BR> May 28 <BR> May 29 <BR> May 30 <BR> May 31 <BR> <BR> TOTAL EXERCISE MINUTES : <BR> <BR> May 1st Starting Weight: <BR> May... Sat, 1 May 2010 12:51:33 EST My Wed morning 9K Kalina loop Friends, <BR> <BR> Today morning, I went for my 9K Kalina loop. It was hot and boy was it humid. I could have wrung sweat out of my socks, leave alone my underwear. <BR> <BR> I did it quite well without the dreaded ITBS rearing it ugly head. <BR> <BR> After the run, my exercise group did legs exercises. A good number of squats, lunges followed sprinkled with a dressing of fantastic stretches. <BR> <BR> My Garmin captured the run here <BR><BR>077 <B... Wed, 28 Apr 2010 08:19:36 EST My not-quite-21K run Friends, <BR> <BR> I had a New Year resolution of running 21K once every month. <BR> <BR> Myself and my wife did Feb run on Feb 14th as a Valentine day special. <BR> <BR> In March we ran on 21st and it was quite hot, but more than that I came down with a serious case of ITBS. <BR> <BR> I then went into rest and recuperation and alternate strategies to recover from the injury. After a 3 week period I decided to do a 9K last Wednesday to see if the ITBS reappears. I was happy to note tha... Sun, 25 Apr 2010 12:30:32 EST A next door guy... Hello everybody, <BR> <BR> I am 24 years old working in an MNC in Pune, India. I always wants to be fit but, due to my lazy behavior i just cannot. I want a proper V-shape body. currently i have a cylindrical kind of.. <BR> I always busy with nothing. i dont know whether i am able to get into shape someday or not. That's my dream.......... Fri, 23 Apr 2010 01:45:31 EST My 9K run - No ITBS Friends, <BR> <BR> I am member of a running and fitness group that is more than 6-7 years old and based out of the MIG Cricket Club in Bandra East, Bombay. <BR> <BR> I am also a regular runner. My wife also. We take part in half marathons etc regularly and run at least twice a week for long distances. <BR> <BR> I have not been running for the last 2-3 weeks due to a recurring ITBS issue. <BR> <BR><BR>band_syndrome <BR> <BR> It started occuring dur... Wed, 21 Apr 2010 23:41:23 EST Manavi here!! Hello, My name is Manavi. I am a Research Scholar. I am not too overweight but gaining weight by my lethargic lifestyle i.e. sitting in front of computers for too long. I keep awake at nights and get up very late that is again not so good for health. I want to overcome my weakness and get in shape through this site. Hope I will be able to achieve the goals I have set soon. Sat, 17 Apr 2010 13:57:58 EST Hello from Mumbai I am 54 years and a professional self employed. I maintain a healthy lifestyle, clean habits. No smoking, drinking, non veg or fast food. I am a cardiac patient having done my Bypass surgery 3 years back. I live and work in Mumbai in the Western Suburbs. <BR> <BR> I also run regularly and do a half marathon regularly. Like say every month. <BR> <BR> I am now 62 kgs and would like to see myself at 59 kgs. I am slim as it is and healthy, but I want to get to my perfect racing weight. <BR> <B... Tue, 6 Apr 2010 04:39:19 EST April Exercise Minutes Challenge Name: Madhu <BR> Goal: 500 mins <BR> <BR> Apr 1 : 30min WATP-2 miles + 10 min ST arms <BR> Apr 2 : <BR> Apr 3 : GILAD's 9min warm-up + 9min Arms + 9min back + 3min Callanetics + 30min Walking <BR> Apr 4 : 30min WATP-2 miles <BR> Apr 5 : 20min Yoga <BR> Apr 6 : 25min WATP-1 mile + 10min ST arms & shoulders <BR> Apr 7 : 15min walk <BR> Apr 8 : 30min Squeeze + 5min each warm-up & cool down <BR> Apr 9 : 20min walk <BR> Apr 10 : 20min walk <BR> Apr 11 : 25min Yoga (Renewing our Rhythms) + 40min w... Thu, 1 Apr 2010 11:59:38 EST April: Basic 5 Streak Challenge HI everyone, <BR> <BR> This month you set your own goals within the defined frame. Go ahead and challenge yourself for a slimmer YOU! Of course, the other team mates will chip in to encourage you or give you a kick when you need one.. <BR> <BR> <BR> 1. Min. X glasses of water <BR> 2. Min. X serv. of fruits and veggies <BR> 3. Track all food eaten for the day (does not have to be in range) <BR> 4. Do at least X minutes of cardio <BR> 5. Strength Training (any amount) <BR> 6. Gratitude/Posi... Thu, 1 Apr 2010 09:35:43 EST Two day Special Diet Hello all, <BR> <BR> This is a good diet to follow and gives great results. Needs to be tried on consecutive 2 days. I do it on weekends so i dont harm my good efforts. <BR> <BR> 7 AM- Tea with Half spoon sugar <BR> <BR> 8.30 AM- 2 egg whites omlettes and brown bread <BR> <BR> 10 AM - 1 cup cows milk <BR> <BR> 12.30 - 1 small fruit <BR> <BR> 1 PM- 2 dudhi parathas without oil, Skimmed milk curd, salad <BR> <BR> <BR> 3.30 Pm : fruit optional <BR> <BR> 4 PM : tea <BR> <BR> 5.30 ... Thu, 1 Apr 2010 02:54:01 EST good it is to lose weight? HI folks <BR> <BR> I have just started learning 'swimming', but many r telling it may nt b an effective way to lose wt, like runnung or jogging ....true or false? <BR> pls share ur personal experiance abt swimming if any. Mon, 29 Mar 2010 01:11:17 EST Roll Call <em>213</em> <em>223</em> <BR> As I am creating this thread, I see that we are 3 members short of reaching 5400. But not many of us are present, or active on this team. <BR> <BR> So after taking the suggestion of SRITHI97, let's introduce the old-school system of attendance...ahhh nostalgia ! <BR> <BR> Remember the days when in school for roll call/attendance ? <BR> <BR> "Present Miss" <BR> <BR> "Yes, teacher" <BR> <BR> "Yes, Ma'm" <BR> <BR> This thread is just say "HI", "HELLO", or... Fri, 26 Mar 2010 10:20:26 EST indian breafast ideas please!!!! !!!!!!!!!! tired of oatmeal, cereal and egg.. carving indian breakfast that can be made earlier or quick fix in the mornings.. <BR> thank you Wed, 24 Mar 2010 06:07:08 EST calories in Gajak/ Rewdi do u have idea of calories in Gajak/ Rewdi <BR> <BR> thanks <BR> :) Mon, 15 Mar 2010 11:22:42 EST HAPPY BIRTHDAY Nivedita (NIVEMUKH) <em>236</em> <em>236</em> <em>410</em> <em>144</em> <em>410</em> <em>144</em> <em>410</em> <em>144</em> <em>410</em> <BR> HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIVEDITA <BR> MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS AND WISHES COME TRUE! Mon, 8 Mar 2010 21:53:28 EST Recommend home workout DVDs?? Hi! I've been hunting the internet for home workout dvds available in India? I've checked Amazon, but most don't ship to India (Turbo Jam, Jillian Anderson, Biggest Loser to name a few)and some of the others have coding enhancements which make viewing difficult on dvd players outside US and Canada..sigh sigh.. <em>24</em> <BR> I'm in Hyderabad and I've gone and checked out a couple of Planet M but have found nothing!! Can anyone help?? I can only workout at home due to various reasons, so a... Mon, 8 Mar 2010 11:59:50 EST Daily check point Hi All... <BR> This is a daily check point for my accountability towards my goals <BR> <BR> 1. Exercise for 30-45 mins <BR> 2. Stay within calorie range <BR> 3. Study for BB <BR> 4. Finish pending work for the day <BR> <BR> Friends...if you see me fail consistently, just help me to get back.... <BR> ---------------- Mon, 8 Mar 2010 05:32:31 EST Happy Birthday Anita (ANITAS66) mar 8th <em>236</em> <em>410</em> <em>144</em> <em>410</em> <em>144</em> <em>26</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> <BR> HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANITHA!!! <BR> HAVE A BIRTHDAY BLAST <BR> MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS AND WISHES COME TRUE!!! Sun, 7 Mar 2010 19:47:32 EST Required suggestions for low-carbs meals & snacks Hello everyone! <BR> <BR> I have stopped having rice for meals since a month and that has made a difference. I have also tried to cut down other sources of carbs and it seems to be working. But I still require some suggestions for low-carb meals & snacks. <BR> <BR> Some low-carb snacks are pop corns, roasted chanas, moong dal cheelas, khakras, but I need some more filling and interesting variety for my snacks. <BR> <BR> Please post your suggestions. Fri, 5 Mar 2010 09:16:41 EST Glycemic Index of Indian foods Found this interesting articles, check it out.. <BR> <BR> <link><BR>2.pdf </link> <BR> <BR> <link> </link> Fri, 5 Mar 2010 00:06:47 EST Happy Birthday Meera (ATMANI) <em>236</em> <em>410</em> <em>144</em> <em>410</em> <em>410</em> <em>236</em> <BR> May today be filled with Sunshine and Smiles, <BR> Laughter and Love. <em>41</em> <em>334</em> <em>26</em> <BR> HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEERA !!! <BR> May all your dreams and wishes come true. <BR> <em>236</em> <em>410</em> <em>144</em> <em>410</em> <em>129</em> Tue, 2 Mar 2010 22:23:11 EST Home body fat test If you are looking to chek out your body fat..try this link and let me know if it was useful <BR> <link><BR>me-body-fat-test-2774-143.html#accurate </link> Mon, 1 Mar 2010 22:52:47 EST March - Exercise Minutes Challenge Name: Rekha <BR> Goal: 1000 mins <BR> <BR> March 1 - 40 ST + 30 W <BR> March 2 - 30 W <BR> March 3 - 20 SC + 30 ST <BR> March 4 - 30W <BR> March 5 <BR> March 6 <BR> March 7 <BR> March 8 - 30W <BR> March 9 <BR> March 10 <BR> March 11 <BR> March 12 <BR> March 13 <BR> March 14 <BR> March 15 <BR> March 16 - 35 W <BR> March 18 <BR> March 19 <BR> March 20 <BR> March 21 <BR> March 22 <BR> March 23 <BR> March 24 <BR> March 25 <BR> March 26 <BR> March 27 <BR> March 28 <BR> March 29 <BR> March 30 <BR>... Sun, 28 Feb 2010 22:49:55 EST Happy Birthday Malathi (DANCING*PIXIE) Hi malathi, <BR> On your special day... <BR> May all the nicest n' sweetest surprises <BR> come your way! <BR> HAPPY BIRTHDAY MALATHI!!! <em>410</em> <em>144</em> <em>410</em> <BR> Have a Great day! <BR> Cheers <BR> vidya. Sun, 28 Feb 2010 19:29:14 EST HAPPY BIRTHDAY Khusi (HAPPY1202) 24th Feb <em>236</em> <em>144</em> <em>410</em> <em>144</em> <em>410</em> <em>144</em> <em>475</em> <em>44</em> <em>236</em> <BR> HAPPY BIRTHDAY KHUSI! <BR> HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY! <BR> Tue, 23 Feb 2010 20:34:42 EST Happy Birthday Manasa (SAASHA17) 20th feb. <em>410</em> <em>410</em> <em>236</em> <em>410</em> <em>410</em> <BR> HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANASA <BR> <em>44</em> A Wonderful Birthday <em>475</em> <BR> A Happy and a Healthy life Ahead <em>30</em> <em>334</em> <BR> A Bright Future and Everlasting Happiness... <em>67</em> <em>334</em> <BR> That's What you are Wished For Today and all year Through! <em>137</em> <BR> HAVE A GRRRRRRRRREAT DAY MANASA. <BR> <em>410</em> <em>410</em> <em>144</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>410</e... Fri, 19 Feb 2010 23:05:16 EST 300 -400 kcal Indian meals & looking for a buddy Hi! I joined 10 days ago and so far the ride has been interesting. I've got a copy of the book too and that has been my bible everyday because I don't get to log in every single day..though I try. <BR> <BR> Now I have a hectic schedule - I'm a single mom to a 3 year old and have a demanding home and work schedule as I work full time as well. Therefore I cannot prepare separate meals for myself and have to eat what is cooked for my family. We are all fairly health conscious but I'm at a loss ... Wed, 17 Feb 2010 08:34:18 EST Happy Birthday Raksha (RAKSHAR) 17th Feb <em>409</em> <em>410</em> <em>144</em> <em>44</em> <BR> Happy Birthday Raksha! <BR> May all your Dreams come true. <BR> Have a great day! <em>236</em> <em>410</em> <em>144</em> <em>410</em> <BR> <em>129</em> <BR> vidya. Tue, 16 Feb 2010 17:06:00 EST Happy Birthday Vidyarp Happy Birthday vidya. <em>410</em> <em>409</em> <em>407</em> <em>144</em> <em>410</em> <BR> Have a great day! <BR> <em>129</em> <BR> vidya.(srithi97) Tue, 16 Feb 2010 07:56:17 EST Keeping Track of Indian Food Hey Everyone, <BR> I am new to Spark. How do you guys manage to keep track of Indian food. I always have a difficulty with it and portion size too. Any ideas and suggestions you can share to help me with the weight loss is greatly appreciated. <BR> <BR> So far what I read and learnt I am loving this site. Thu, 11 Feb 2010 13:22:23 EST Heyy...I'm on a mission lose weight!!! Hi everyone....Its fantastic to see such motivated souls here.....I'm currently fighting my laziness,back aches and incorporate exercise as a natural process in my build stamina,lose weight,get fit n GORGEOUS!!!Haha!!I need all ur motivation n advice...God bless n all the best for ur goals....I'll keep u posted with mine!!!Go on give ur best!!! Thu, 11 Feb 2010 01:06:33 EST Heyy...I'm on a mission lose weight!!! Hi everyone....Its fantastic to see such motivated souls here.....I'm currently fighting my laziness,back aches and incorporate exercise as a natural process in my build stamina,lose weight,get fit n GORGEOUS!!!Haha!!I need all ur motivation n advice...God bless n all the best for ur goals....I'll keep u posted with mine!!!Go on give ur best!!! Thu, 11 Feb 2010 00:46:23 EST Looking for a buddy Hi friends <BR> I am looking for a workout buddy (preferably female) in or near Anaheim/Orange. <BR> Please send a spark mail if you are interested. <BR> <BR> Wed, 10 Feb 2010 14:51:04 EST Confort eating I would like to lose weight and girth. My emotional problems have caused me to eat for solace and over the years the pounds have slowly creeped up to an unhealthy level.I do not eat to live but live to eat. I realize after eating that I have not eaten because I am hungry but just to soothe my fears and phobias. I then feel very guilty but this unhealthy pattern soon repeats itself and goes on this way. Eating provides temporary comfort. I want to break this pattern and take pride in my looka ... Fri, 5 Feb 2010 23:04:42 EST hey people hello everybody, <BR> im pallavi(20) from india..hoping to lose weight with motivated and fit people like you guys!! <BR> cheers <BR> pallavi Mon, 1 Feb 2010 10:59:03 EST Thanku Team!!! HI Team, thanks fr giving me the 'Spark Goodie'for my Jan exercise efforts. It makes me even more greedy.....I want it again in nxt mnth...:) <BR> <BR> Love u frnds. <em>304</em> Mon, 1 Feb 2010 00:22:51 EST FUN in FEBRUARY Exercise Challenge All workouts should be a minimum of 30 minutes <BR> <BR> Feb 1: Monday Madness—Get a balance challenge with stability ball training <BR> <link><BR>ost=improve_your_balance_in_3_simple_s<BR>teps </link> <BR> <BR> Feb 2: Two-fer Tuesday—Do exercises that work two body parts at once <BR> <link><BR>exercise_demos.asp?exercise_type=core </link> <BR> <BR> Feb 3: Weights Wednesday—Go heavy with weights for the lower body ... Sun, 31 Jan 2010 06:59:24 EST Basic - February Exercise Minutes Challenge Name: Madhu <BR> Goal: Become consistent with exercise <BR> <BR> Feb 1 - 5 mins <BR> Feb 2 - 40 mins <BR> Feb 3 - <BR> Feb 4 - <BR> Feb 5 - <BR> Feb 6 - <BR> Feb 7 - <BR> Feb 8 - 40 min walk <BR> Feb 9 - <BR> Feb 10 - <BR> Feb 11 - <BR> Feb 12 - 25 mins <BR> Feb 13 - <BR> Feb 14 - <BR> Feb 15 - 55 mins <BR> Feb 16 <BR> Feb 17 <BR> Feb 18 <BR> Feb 19 <BR> Feb 20 <BR> Feb 21 <BR> Feb 22 <BR> Feb 23 <BR> Feb 24 <BR> Feb 25 <BR> Feb 26 <BR> Feb 27 <BR> Feb 28 <BR> <BR> TOTAL EXE... Sun, 31 Jan 2010 05:11:33 EST Multivitamins Supplements i was checking a few articles on Multivitamins, as we should be eating everyday or not.. <BR> but some of the articles end up saying that its good for nothing... <BR> <BR> check this out.. <BR> <BR><BR>an <BR> d-families/health-news/multivitamin-su <BR> pplements-a-waste-of-time-1605377.html <BR> <BR> Please share ur reviews on Multivitamins Supplements Fri, 29 Jan 2010 04:29:19 EST QUOTABLE QUOTES . Change the changeable, accept the unchangeable, remove yourself from the unacceptable. Thu, 28 Jan 2010 07:58:29 EST Hi! This is Nidhi from Kolkata, India. Hi! This is Nidhi from Kolkata, India. <BR> <BR> I currently weigh 81 kgs and desperately need to lose some weight. I have always been a little overweight but this time I have even crossed the weight which I had before the delivery of my daughter 3 yrs back. <BR> <BR> Now that I want to have my second child, I want to lose at least 15 kgs before conceiving. I am here to seek the motivation and help to achieve my target. All the member here are doing a great job and I hope I can achieve th... Thu, 28 Jan 2010 06:43:11 EST Namaste So you are probably looking at my Spark pic and wondering why I would join an Indian forum. Well even though I am not ethnically Indian, I feel Indian. My hubby is from New Delhi, where we got married, over two years ago. I cook and eat lots of Indian foods, watch Bollywood films, go to temple on occasion and can even speak in Hindi a modest amount. That totally qualifies as Indian! Jai ho, new friends! <BR> <BR> --Melissa "Missi Roti" Handa Mon, 25 Jan 2010 12:27:19 EST Hi Everyone Hi All, <BR> <BR> I just joined SparkPeople today and hope to have a good experience here. I am presently at about 212 lbs and have a goal to get to 164 lbs by mid-July 2010. <BR> <BR> Looking forward to your support and guidance. <BR> <BR> Best Regards, <BR> <BR> Turin Mon, 25 Jan 2010 04:13:24 EST Hi everyone I am Ravinesh (Manu for my friends) . I am now residing in gujarat and feel like i am on the last journey of my road to a healthy being. I logged in to SP by mistake but the website has been an eye opener to me in the unique ways it keeps its memebers motivated to keep on losing weight the healthy way of which i am a great follower. I would love to eat 6 times a day and lose weight rather than go on a diet. So friends wish that you all achieve your resolution targets this year. Wed, 20 Jan 2010 03:14:00 EST motivation When i read all these messages I really get motivated to reduce weight. But this Ikeep only for a week or so. and then again to junk foods. I really want to reduce say 10 kgs. give me some tips. Sun, 17 Jan 2010 03:09:13 EST have a question hello everybody, <BR> I have a question? I am from South India and I am primarily a rice eater. since i am dieting i am trying to limit the intake of rice. i am not able to quantify how much is 1 cup of cooked rice. In general how much is 1 cup of cooked rice? is it 1 thali katori or 1 cereal bowl size or should i just measure the cooked rice in a normal measuring cup?? <BR> <BR> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. <em>481</em> Fri, 8 Jan 2010 20:23:14 EST Prevention Magazine Walking / Running Challange i saw this challenge and would like to share, its sounds great, i am starting from monday <BR> <BR> check out <BR> <BR> <link><BR>200907/?folio=84#pg84 </link> <BR> <BR> or <BR> <BR> <link><BR>ness/cardio/turn-your-walk-into-a-run-<BR>and-drop-a-size-in-4-weeks/article/1b5<BR>2700d2a381210VgnVCM10000013281eac____ </link> Fri, 8 Jan 2010 03:34:02 EST Jan 30 day Challenege 5 days of Jan have gone by, but its never too late to start a challenge.. <BR> <BR> I subscribe for fitness spotlight and they have started a 30 day challenge...which involves 3 steps.. <BR> The 30 day challenge is split into 3 phases: <BR> <BR> * Phase I - Eliminate and Detox <BR> * Phase II - Reintroduce and Rebuild <BR> * Phase III - Adjust and Maintain <BR> <BR> Anyone interested in hopping in? <BR> <BR> here is the link to the site.. <BR> <link> Tue, 5 Jan 2010 22:40:33 EST Jan 2010 Exercise Minute Challenges NAME:Rekha <BR> <BR> Goal: <BR> <BR> Jan 1. holiday <BR> Jan 2. holiday <BR> Jan 3. holiday <BR> Jan 4. 40 W + 10 ST <BR> Jan 5. 40W <BR> Jan 6. 40W + 20 ST <BR> Jan 7. 30 ST + 20 Y <BR> Jan 8. 30W <BR> Jan 9. --------- <BR> Jan 10. ------ <BR> Jan 11. 40W <BR> Jan 12. 40W <BR> Jan 13. 60W <BR> Jan 14. <BR> Jan 15 - 40 W <BR> Jan 16 - - <BR> Jan 17. 50 W <BR> Jan 18. 35 W + 20 ST <BR> Jan 19. 40W <BR> Jan 20. 15 SC + 30 ST <BR> Jan 21. 40 W <BR> Jan 22. 20 ST <BR> Jan 23. 30W <BR> Jan 2... Sun, 3 Jan 2010 23:08:23 EST pam1864 Hi friends, <BR> <BR> WISH YOU ALL A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR. <BR> <BR> I am an Indian from Pune, staying in Saudi arabia with my husband and younger son. There is no outdoor activity here so I put on extra weight which I am going to loose soon with the help of SP exercises. <BR> <BR> I am 45 and my weight is 76kg. Even though I am fit and fine now, its high time to loose weight. My target is 59kg. Hope to achieve that. <BR> <BR> With warm regards, <BR> Padmaja Sat, 2 Jan 2010 04:48:41 EST pam1864 Hi friends, <BR> <BR> WISH YOU ALL A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR. <BR> <BR> I am an Indian from Pune, staying in Saudi arabia with my husband and younger son. There is no outdoor activity here so I put on extra weight which I am going to loose soon with the help of SP exercises. <BR> <BR> I am 45 and my weight is 76kg. Even though I am fit and fine now, its high time to loose weight. My target is 59kg. Hope to achieve that. <BR> <BR> With warm regards, <BR> Padmaja Sat, 2 Jan 2010 04:47:02 EST WELCOME 2010 WISHING ALL TEAM MEMBERS A VERY HAPPY , HEALTHY, PROSPEROUS AND PEACEFUL 2010. <em>479</em> <em>150</em> <em>288</em> <em>434</em> <em>292</em> <em>270</em> <em>240</em> <em>276</em> <em>268</em> <em>433</em> <em>90</em> Thu, 31 Dec 2009 07:41:56 EST ANYONE ready for a tamil Anthakshari HI everybody, <BR> i know there is an anthakshari going on but thought it would be nice if we can play a tamil anthakshari.I used to love it when i was in college. Enna paatu Padalama <BR> anybody ready. <BR> vidya. <em>276</em> Tue, 29 Dec 2009 19:07:58 EST Another fitness freak that is me!! hi everyone i am APURVA from India.I recently came across this wonderfull website via youtube since i was looking for some fitness programs to tone up my body.I think it is wonderfull and i hope i am going to benefit from it.This is my first time in this site and i am looking forward to getting inspired and becoming healthy!!Wish me Luck!! :) Mon, 28 Dec 2009 23:58:22 EST Healthy Recipes Lets share some healthy recipes out here <BR> <BR> Sun, 27 Dec 2009 00:26:37 EST Easy weight loss ideas # Make water your favorite drink. A person must have a minimum of 8 glasses of water in a day. Avoid taking soft drinks or carbonated beverages; moreover replace them with water. Water helps in reducing weight in the most effective manner. <BR> <BR> # Don't stuff yourself with food in a single sitting; instead have 5 to 6 small meals or snacks in a day. Eating several small meals helps the body to release less insulin, which keeps blood sugar steady and helps to control hunger. <BR> <BR> # ... Wed, 23 Dec 2009 03:23:08 EST Help!! Not able to plan my meals.. i've been working out consistently for the past 1 month. Have tried to bring about this consistency before attacking my BIGGEST challenge - eating right. I plan well, i start well and then i screw up royally. It makes me so mad to see all the efforts go down the i thought of seeking help here... <BR> <BR> Here's the problem - I wake up at 5AM - workout, get the kid ready, get the breakfast ready and leave for work at 7:30AM. Till now, i have a glass of milk. No time to co... Tue, 22 Dec 2009 07:42:00 EST