SparkPeople Fantasy Books Addicts Team Messageboard Do you Love to read fantasy books? Then this is the place for you! You can discuss any books related to fantasy. This includes Fantasy Si-Fi as well! SparkPeople Fantasy Books Addicts Team Messageboard You don't have to feel guilty Here is a great article at (that mainly deals with speculative fiction, SFF and the like) but the sentiment applies to whatever genres are your favorites. <BR> <BR> Do you feel guilty that you haven't read your TBR pile? What about all the great new books everyone is always going on about? How do you Read All The Books? Because there are an infinity of good books, by an infinite number of great authors, you simply can't. <BR> <BR> Here's an excerpt from the article. <BR> <BR> "You ... Thu, 6 May 2021 13:28:26 EST Hellloooo out there! My name is Kristy and I am a work from home mom of a 5 (almost 6) year old daughter. I love to write and have had two books published. I generally write Fantasy and I absolutely LOVE to read Fantasy. As soon as I finish 77 Shadow Street I will be reading The Sword of Shannara. I can't wait to make some new friends! Fri, 1 Jan 2021 05:13:58 EST How is 2019 treating you so far? (0:3 How is 2019 treating you so far? (0:3 Sun, 27 Jan 2019 14:37:25 EST I heart my Kindle, but.... Ebook prices are just ridiculous!!! They are digital for crying out loud, once they are formatted what costs are there? <BR> <BR> Anyway does anyone use Overdrive and Hoopla through your local library? Overdrive is a pain, because you can go on a wait list for popular titles. Hoopla, you do not go on a wait list and they are always refreshing their catalog. <BR> <BR> I love it! <em>574</em> Thu, 21 Sep 2017 09:33:29 EST Red Flag Team Bonus Today Red Flag Team Bonus Today: 2 Thu, 6 Jul 2017 19:07:38 EST Anybody Out There? I'm pretty happy I found this team because, from looking through the posts it looks like everyone here likes the same type of books I do. I belonged to "A Book Club" for a couple of weeks but it didn't take long to figure out most women (especially those my age) don't enjoy the same books I do. I was hesitant to join though because it looks like the team is loosing momentum. Is there something we can do to revitalize it? There's a lot about me on my Spark Page and I post a lot of blogs so... Sun, 23 Jun 2013 21:34:04 EST Glad I Found This Hi, my name is Karl, I live in Vermont and I'm so glad to have found this team. I also belong to another book club spark team that reads a different book each month, but lately they have been reading books that I just can't get into. Fantasy and SF have always been my preferred genre (with fantasy being my favorite) to read. <BR> <BR> I'm looking forward to discussing and reading with y'all Sun, 26 May 2013 08:12:06 EST Message Removed Message Removed Mon, 20 May 2013 23:42:32 EST Message Removed Message Removed Wed, 10 Apr 2013 10:39:17 EST Message Removed Message Removed Sun, 27 Jan 2013 17:43:23 EST Uggh It has been a long and tiresome fall. I am finally done with school and I have received my degree. That meant I have also left the Denver area and moved to my new job as a Professor in SD. I have promised myself that next time when I move I will NOT do it myself, I will hire people. Unfortunately did the busy fall mean I had far too little time both for exercise and for being on SP. I plan on changing that as soon as possible, a first step is to post here. <BR> <BR> Christer Sun, 27 Jan 2013 16:27:04 EST Go Sparkpeople! Check it out, another article proclaiming Sparkpeople's Awesomeness! <BR> <BR> <em>252</em> <BR> <BR> <link><BR>dable-ways-lose-weight-183700110.html </link> Mon, 10 Sep 2012 23:07:38 EST Book Reviews I thought it would be nice to have a place we can share our thoughts after reading a book. <BR> <BR> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <BR> My Review: <BR> A song of fire and Ice series. <BR> <BR> So far I'm not impressed. (I'm about 1/3 of the way into the second book.) <BR> <BR> I was about half way through the first book before I really felt drawn in. Each chapter focuses on a different person (and goes back and forth between the different characters sometimes including new ones.) As soon as I start to '... Sun, 5 Aug 2012 12:02:18 EST Message Removed Message Removed Fri, 3 Aug 2012 09:49:04 EST Sorry for being quiet I am currently working on my thesis. I hope to be more active and vocal by the end of September, early October. In the meantime, please do forgive me! Thu, 2 Aug 2012 18:54:36 EST Difference Between Sci-fi and Fantasy My wife asked me what the difference was and I had to admit never really thinking about it before. I said that I think it has to do with the time periods the book is set in. If there is a medieval setting, it is usually fantasy; if it is set in the future it is usually science fiction. I have also heard the difference described as "sword v. laser guns". These are oversimplifications, but I wanted to see how the people here would describe it. Thu, 26 Jul 2012 07:58:33 EST Message Removed Message Removed Sat, 21 Apr 2012 14:20:16 EST Hello Hi, I am new to spark. I happy to find this group. I am currently reading Patricia Briggs "mercy" series. Tue, 13 Mar 2012 17:48:12 EST What ever happened to Piers Anthony? I grabbed "On a Pale Horse"by Piers Anthony off the shelf the other day. I guess I was feeling a little nostalgic. I read a ton of his books in sixth?seventh? grade. He was sooooo prolific at the time, felt like there was a new book every couple of months. So I got to wondering, whatever happened to Piers Anthony? Did he die? I haven't seen a new release by him since the early 90's.Is he just not popular anymore? Did I just completely outgrow him? <BR> <BR> Whenever I have a question like th... Fri, 9 Mar 2012 18:11:36 EST SciFiMom says hi... As you might guess from my name, I cut my teeth on traditional science fiction, but I love fantastic stories, too. Some of my current faves are Jim Butcher, Mercedes Lackey, Barbara Hambly, and William DePoy, but I love finding new authors, so do share. I also recently discovered the umbrella brigade and some other steampunk offerings that make me very happy. I joined Spark People to force myself up out of the easy chair and out the door to exercise, because there are too many books out th... Wed, 22 Feb 2012 10:28:46 EST Greetings and Salutations! Name's Lena :D I'm an MLIS student with a love for all things fantasy and sci-fi. I read an awful lot of it (if only that burned calories ... ( ._.) ) Besides reading, I also love gaming, anime, and fencing! <BR> <BR> In terms of what I read, it's all over the board. The best new(ish) fantasy author I've read is Patrick Rothfuss. I loved the epic scope of "Name of the Wind"....The only bad part is waiting for the next book :-/ I've read and liked many of the big authors (though only certain... Fri, 10 Feb 2012 09:45:28 EST Greetings from Member 200 Hi! <BR> <BR> I'm Jennifer and this seems like the place for me. I'm a fan of speculative/SF/Fantasy fiction writers from the late Roger Zelazny and Robert Heinlein to more contemporary authors like Connie Willis, Robin Hobb and Cherie Priest, but I'll read just about anything. <BR> <BR> Happy New Year all! Sat, 7 Jan 2012 13:15:37 EST Fantasy Fan I am new to the site, but I have loved fantasy since I was a kid. I thought it would be great to join this group to read/discuss more fantasy. Currently, my husband has been persuading me to read the Shanara series. <BR> <BR> I love fantasy books that really create a strong world with great characters. Yes, I am a Potter fan and enjoy some YA fantasy (I am a teacher). I love also Marion Zimmer Bradley and George Martin as well as countless other authors. <BR> <BR> Looking forward to chatt... Fri, 11 Nov 2011 20:37:51 EST Greetings to all Hello, everyone! <BR> <BR> My name is Dan (but people 'round here know me as Foxside). I've been looking for groups whose interests align with mine, and this one seemed perfect! <BR> <BR> My favorites include China Mieville, Jeff Vandermeer, James Blaylock, Tim Powers, Charles de Lint, and Terry Pratchett. Anything urban fantasy, steampunk, or sword and sorcery will surely catch my attention. <BR> <BR> I just recently got several of Jordan's Wheel of Time books on CD... that will get me th... Mon, 7 Nov 2011 10:20:12 EST *New Member Inside* Hey everyone! <BR> My name is Sarah, and I just joined this team. I'm a huge bookworm, and my favorite genres are sci-fi and fantasy. In terms of fantasy, my favorite author is Lois McMaster Bujold, but I'll read almost anything I find interesting. <BR> Anyways, I'm not sure what else to write here. I look forward to getting to know all my fellow fantasy fanatics! <BR> <BR> Sarah Tue, 6 Sep 2011 17:08:36 EST New Arrival-seeking a new author My name is Matt. Just joined the team, been on Spark for less than a year. <BR> <BR> I am looking for some new authors or like books, so I wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions. I do like the SCI-FI/Fantasy genre. I seem to levitate toward series more than the stand alone books. The last set of books I have read was to keep pace with my daughter so we could discuss them, so the past year I've read the Potter series and the Percy Jackson stuff. They were ok, but I will probably nev... Tue, 16 Aug 2011 23:42:37 EST Book-a-holic Hi everyone! I am a self-proclaimed book-a-holic, and fantasy is my favorite genre. I constantly have a book in my hand! I just started with Sparkpeople yesterday, and am looking forward to connecting with a group that has such similar interests as I do. Happy reading! <em>149</em> Tue, 2 Aug 2011 17:20:14 EST Hi from the Stressed Seams... I am a long time lover of fantasy books. I want to say hello to all the book lovers out there. I am currently re-reading one of my favorite authors, Mercedes Lackey. I am doing the Heralds of Valdemar series. My favorites are the Elemental Mage series. I love to read and would rather read and snuggle my dog than do anything else. I hope to share my love of reading to my little girls. I also enjoy reading new authors. I enjoy Rick Riordan, J.K.Rowling, Laurell K. Hamilton (mostly her M... Wed, 20 Jul 2011 15:39:32 EST I recommend this Hi, <BR> <BR> This is a thread for recommendations. You can recommend book, series, authors or even good transfers to audio books. I will start: <BR> <BR> a few years ago I stumbled upon a fantasy book written by someone I would not have expected to have written fantasy: The Sunset Warrior by Eric Van Lustbader. <BR> Even if it is a fairly unknown fantasy series I found it worth the time to read. I do have to give you a warning, the reviews are very scattered, so there are those that can't... Tue, 12 Jul 2011 09:32:39 EST K_CHRISTER new co-leader please take a moment to welcome K_CHRISTER as a co-leader. I appreciate him volunteering to give time to our team. <BR> <BR> <em>304</em> <BR> Sam Mon, 11 Jul 2011 21:19:41 EST ABC Book or Author List of SciFi/Fantasy A - Robert Asprin (Myth and MYTH Inc series) Sun, 10 Jul 2011 22:30:05 EST New to SparkTeam...not new to fantasy! Hello fellow Fantasy Addicts, <BR> <BR> I'm always looking for new authors in the fantasy genre. I am an avid reader and often feel lost at the bookstore. <BR> I am a runner and trying to eat healthier. <BR> If you have any book suggestions for me, let me know. <BR> <BR> Sun, 10 Jul 2011 17:34:40 EST what book got you into fantasy and your top 3. the first book that got me into fantasy was David Eddings - pawn of prophecy - i just love the classic 'young lad turns out to be heir to the kingdom - now must learn to use his powers' <BR> <BR> his other series Sparhawk series remain in my top 3. <BR> I also love anything by David Gemmel <BR> and the anita blake books started so well - shame they trailed off. <BR> <BR> what about you? Wed, 22 Jun 2011 08:15:33 EST Summer Reads Are there any books that you feel are great summer reads? <BR> <BR> Maybe shorter ones, so you can spend more time outside, etc.... <BR> <BR> Not that it's short, but Dune has a nice hot setting. Mon, 13 Jun 2011 08:37:32 EST Game of Thrones SparkTeam! Hi all, <BR> <BR> Just wanted to get the word out that I am starting a Spark Team for fans of GRRM's Song of Ice and Fire (and the new HBO series A Game of Thrones). <BR> <BR> <link><BR>ndividual.asp?gid=50470 </link> <BR> <BR> If you are a fan, please stop by. If you are not a fan, but are interested in an epic, genre-bending fantasy saga, ripe with witticisms and intrigue, void of 'good' and 'evil' in the traditional sense, with realistic characters... Sun, 10 Apr 2011 22:05:04 EST fever series i just finished the fever series by karen moning. there are 5 books, they were light and entertaining about nasty fae, ghouls, dimensions, etc. and of course sex. they're good if you want to escape with a few fast reads. Mon, 4 Apr 2011 09:43:47 EST Audiobooks Hi everyone, <BR> <BR> in my quest to make life on the treadmill a little more interesting, I've joined audible and my local library in order to find good audiobooks. I've been given some suggestions, the top seems to be James Marsters reading Jim Butcher's Dresden books. I'm also going through David Tennant Doctor Who books as well. Does anyone have any other suggestions? <BR> <BR> -hollie Fri, 25 Mar 2011 12:53:15 EST Does anyone have a kindle or other e-reader? I just got a Kindle for Christmas and have been spending a lot of time reading the Indie fantasy that is offered on Amazon and Smashwords. There are some amazing books that are extremely cheap and I was just wondering if anyone else had discovered this wonderful resource. Tue, 18 Jan 2011 11:00:03 EST I'm new Hi. I am new to the team. I love to read all types of books, but find I read more Fantasy books than any other type. I am excited to be here. Sun, 16 Jan 2011 10:06:03 EST Good Day To Thee Hello Team FBA! I am Lil Erin Willow Raven. I am 23 and addicted to books. Particularly fantasy books. I chose this team based on that reason. <em>224</em> Sun, 19 Dec 2010 12:27:33 EST Harry Potter movie Has anyone seen the new Harry Potter movie? I saw it last night. I liked it better than the previous ones by this director. I'm curious what others think of it... Sun, 21 Nov 2010 11:24:36 EST Hi From Poe Daughter Hi, my name is Andrea and I am a Fantasy Book Addict. It started at a party one day, I thought I could just do a little, now I am hooked! (Joke about group name "addicts" in the title...) Hmmmm, a 12 step program for fun books? Not sure I want to kick that habit. Sat, 9 Oct 2010 06:32:40 EST love fantasy.... excited about this team. reading is a great way to exercise your brain and keep from eating. i am currently reading 'the sword of truth' series by terry goodkind. loved tv show 'legend of the seeker' and am currently on the 2nd book 'stone of tears'. Tue, 28 Sep 2010 14:11:01 EST Excited to be here! Hey! I just joined today. I love fantasy and science fiction. I just reread George R. R. Martin's Song of Fire and Ice series and I am eagerly awaiting the next in the series. <BR> <BR> Right now I'm reading a book that was recommended to me called Succubus Blues. So far I'm not really all that intrigued. Fri, 24 Sep 2010 19:21:38 EST Ideas for team goals List your ideas for team goals here.... <BR> <BR> <BR> Pick up a book instead of a snack. Thu, 23 Sep 2010 20:14:47 EST Ursula LeGuin! So, I'm a big LeGuin fangirl - it's not even rational. <BR> <BR> I love her way of combining sci-fi and fantasy and sociology/anthropology/psychology. It's the most REAL fiction I've ever read. <BR> <BR> Sometimes the writing is amazing, sometimes it's off, but her ideas are always great. <BR> <BR> Anyone with me? Any suggestions for who else to read? Tue, 27 Jul 2010 15:16:03 EST Comic Fantasy - Have You Read Any Lately? I'm eager to hear about any other comic fantasy writers I haven't tried yet. Here are my latest two reads... <BR> <BR> I finished K.E.Mills' "The Accidental Sorcerer" a couple of days ago. Enjoyed it the whole way through. Mills / Miller has joined Terry Pratchett as one of my favourite fantasy writers. I can't say she's worth a grin for every chapter like Pratchett, but she's second best so far. <BR> <BR> I followed that book with Piers Anthony's "A Spell for Chameleon", the first book ... Fri, 2 Jul 2010 15:42:38 EST New to this group Hi, <BR> <BR> My name is Linda and I love to read - especially sci fi and fantasy. I'm from DuBois, PA, recently divorced, new diabetic, with two wonderful children and one terrific grandson. <BR> Right now I'm reading C.S. Friedman's Coldfire Triology. Some of my favorite authors are: Tolkein, Anne McCaffrey, Robert Jordan, Rowling, and many others. I'm slowly losing weight, but it has been hard and slow. I'm also a member of the Bookworms, Keystone Slimdowns, Environmentalist, organic ... Wed, 23 Jun 2010 10:07:26 EST Newbie Hi there - for the record I hate writing internet introductions and these things as I always have the mental picture of someone cute and bubbly going 'Hi I'm.... I like long walks and sunrises.....' you get the picture :) either way - hate introductions <BR> <BR> So about me... I like long walks..... I'm a 36 6'3 man, born in HongKong, raised in the UK - moved to the USA in 1998 to marry, in 2009 my wife and I were put back in the UK for work reasons for 6 months. We're still here in 2010 t... Tue, 18 May 2010 11:31:10 EST New to the team Hi, everyone! <BR> <BR> New to this team but hoping this will be more of a fit than the dead teams I am on, LOL. <BR> <BR> I love fantasy books! Mercedes Lackey (Valdemar), Anne McCaffrey (Pern - though she says it is sci/fi), David Eddings (Belgariad) and Piers Anthony (Xanth) and the Harry Potter & Lord of the Rings series are my favorites. <BR> <BR> I'm also love The Twilight Saga, Christine Feehan's "Dark" series and the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. <BR> <BR> Just wanted ... Tue, 11 May 2010 22:47:51 EST Hi to all readers! I joined today and have a long history of both Scifi and fantasy readings. I love the old classics and re-read many of them. My favorite all time Fansasy series is the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the unbeliever. As with many series, they often falter after the 3rd or fourth book :( I feel this series is good enough for an MMO) I am re-reading alot of old Scifi and just finished some Ray Bradbury. Sat, 17 Apr 2010 22:47:37 EST Greetings! I am a newbie to the spark, and I figured that this would be the team for me. :) I am currently working on Kate Elliott's Spirit Gate series. I love epic fantasy series, especially Tad Williams, George R R Martin, L E Modesitt, and Robert Jordan. I am trying to lose weight for many reasons: before starting a family, to be able to wear a swimsuit, and to impress everyone at the next family event. I look forward to learning about new authors to read and discussing old favorites with everyo... Wed, 14 Apr 2010 18:06:49 EST Hello! New to the Team! Hello all! I have a very exciting April to look forward to. The new Dresden Files novel is coming out at the beginning of the month and the new Black Dagger Brotherhood novel will be released at the end of the month. Can't wait to curl up with these much anticipated reads! Woo hoo! Thu, 4 Mar 2010 08:21:22 EST Today's emotion <BR> <em>9</em> <BR> <BR> So I see this all over other teams and I think it's a great idea to start. Basically everyday just pop in and add an emoticon based on how you're feeling that day! Great way to keep people coming back every day! Tue, 2 Mar 2010 16:04:06 EST hi <3 So my husband has slowly started introducing me to the incredible world of Fantasy books. I really want suggestions for good books.. so far I've read.. <BR> Wheel of Time (books 1-5) still reading them <BR> Song in the silence (all three books)-Elizabeth Kerner (SO great!) <BR> A ton of Piers Anthony books <BR> Twilight series <BR> Inkheart series <BR> and I've just started on Terry Prachet, and I just bought Eragon. Sat, 20 Feb 2010 15:02:46 EST Hello all Just joined spark today and thought this was a good team for me. I read Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, and Eberron regularly. I also enjoy Richard Knaak, Weis and Hickman, Brent Weeks, Elizabeth Hayden, Abercrombie, George R. R. Martin, R. A. Salvatore, Brandon Sanderson, and many others. I highly recommend the Night Angel trilogy by Weeks and the Mistborn series by Sanderson although the Night Angel trilogy is very graphic and for adult readers only. Sun, 14 Feb 2010 17:04:16 EST Hey Eveyone!! Hey everyone <BR> <BR> I've loved fantasy books since i was little, from the brothers grimm and hans christian anderson as a to to the lord of the rings, the belgariad and anne mcafferys dragons as a young teenager. <BR> <BR> My taste has changed a bit since then and although the lord of the rings will always be timeless for me i prefer my fantasy with a bit of grit these days. George R R Martin (if he gets writing again), Joe abercrombie, Jennifer Fallon, Patrick Rothfuss, Russell Kirkpat... Wed, 10 Feb 2010 08:25:08 EST don't judge me by the books I read! Helya! I'm a Children's Specialist who works in a library~ so I read a variety of books for them, and work with a lot of teens, so yea.. I've read the Twilight books! But for me, I'm a huge Mercedes Lackey and Anne McCaffery fan! My goal is to 'crunch' the tummy that I grew birthing my kids away... while reading! lol (can I do that?) I'm currently reading the Legend of Drizzit series, but also love fluffy mysteries (Evonovich) and historical fiction (Eugina Price)are among my favorites Tue, 9 Feb 2010 00:00:04 EST New Dungeons and Dragons type team I expect that many of the members of this team enjoyed playing Dungeons and Dragons. I found out about a new team which incorporates real life healthy goals and actions into an adventure D&D/fantasy rpg. <BR> <BR> Basically, you’ll create a character and, through a series of quests, build your character. Eventually you’ll be able to go on adventures and battle evil creatures. But that is further down the line. For now, we’re starting simply and will add more features and quests throughout 20... Sun, 3 Jan 2010 09:21:21 EST Quiltmuse I've been reading fantasy and science fiction for over 50 years and am happily discovering new authors all the time. I currently seem fixated on vampires and werewolves but am still faithful to authors like Mercedes Lackey and J. D. Robb. <BR> I only recently read Twilight but find it rather Harlequin romance for me -- all that teen age angst! <BR> I have on hand Laura Resnick's 'Disappearing Nightly' and one of Alan Drean Foster's Pip and Flinx novels. I have a lot more books on my queue... Sun, 20 Dec 2009 11:13:56 EST A new member Hello everyone, my name is Andreas and I'm 24 years old and I live in Sweden. I obviously love fantasy books and I'm excited to have found this community here:) At the moment I am reading Toll the Hounds by Steven Erikson and the "A Man of his Word" series by Dave Duncan. Fri, 18 Dec 2009 13:22:01 EST Xanth Hi. I am a book lover and have to read each night before I go to bed. I read almost anything I can get my hands on... <BR> In 1989, I asked my sister for a book to read. She gave me the 1st book in the Xanth Trilogy (by Piers Anthony). I read it and looked for more. She only had the first 3, so once I had finished them, I went and bought the rest... His trilogy was up to 13 at the time. I now have all the books to 29 and am looking forward to finding and reading the last 5 that are out. When ... Mon, 14 Dec 2009 13:57:47 EST Always looking for new books... Hello, I am a 40 year old married mother of 2, martial artist, small business owner, and avid reader. If I don't have my next few books lined up, I panic a little. The last series I read was by Maria V. Snyder. The Poison Study series. *EXCELLENT* Most of the books I read have a strong heroine. I have also read the Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games series. I enjoyed the Twilight stuff and read the The Host as well. I also liked Libba Brey's Gemma Doyle trilogy. Currently, I am reading A W... Wed, 14 Oct 2009 07:41:22 EST Hello fellow Readers Hi, my name is Becky. I am 46 yrs. young, with 5 children the youngest just started Kindergarten and I have a 3 yr. old granddaughter also. I love to read and have recently got hooked on Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series. I hope to get sexy and aguile like the female's in the books. Ha Ha I look forward to getting to know you all. Blessings, Becky Wed, 23 Sep 2009 12:13:47 EST new member... Hi all! I love fantasy and am hoping to pick up a few new authors. I guess my some of my favorites are Terry Pratchett, Brandon Sanderson, Garth Nix, and (like so many!) J. K. Rowling. I like writers with a sense of humor, but also with strong characters...any suggestions? Wed, 12 Aug 2009 00:55:07 EST Couldn't resist this one... My hubby is all about biographies and true life stories. I say how boring can you get! When I open a book, it's because I want to leave this world not think more about it! Wed, 22 Jul 2009 15:00:36 EST Hello from newcomer! Hi! <BR> <BR> My name is Nahni, I am new to this site, I love reading Fantasy and Sci Fi books. I loved the Blegariad and the Mallorean Series by David Eddings. i also enjoyed The Spellsinger series by Alan Dean Foster, and The MYTH series by Robert Asprin. <BR> <BR> Im still trying to figure out this website, any helpful tips will be welcome! I hope to hear from some positive people soon! Have a great day!! Mon, 22 Jun 2009 01:25:11 EST Feeling like a challenge? I've been plateauing and generally not getting enough done either on my healthy lifestyle or my work. Anyone up for a fantasy-themed challenge? Any ideas? <BR> <BR> I vote we do something that is NOT the Walk to Rivendell--I'm already in that on my other teams. Maybe we can do strength training for fun and swordplay? I'm more asking for help than generating good ideas on my own at this point. Sat, 6 Jun 2009 12:46:29 EST Oh yay! OK, I admit that I read other genres as well, but fantasy/sci-fi are my favorite. <BR> <BR> My current favorite series is the Malazan Book of the Fallen series by Steven Erikson. <BR> <BR> I've got about 100 lbs to lose and have been on-track for about a week now! It's going well so far! Thu, 4 Jun 2009 23:11:53 EST Fantasy Based on Real People I'm reading Elizabeth Bear for my fun books right now--her series of novels of the Promethean Age. Overall, pretty enjoyable. Lots of myth and folklore. Also some real people--Kit Marlowe, and now Shakespeare is a central character (in Ink and Steel). <BR> <BR> I usually find this sort of thing annoying. However, there are exceptions--like Gaiman's use of historical (as well as literary) figures in *Sandman.* What do others think of this subgenre? Any really good (or bad) examples of t... Tue, 21 Apr 2009 21:36:53 EST Irish Fantasy In honor of Saint Patty's Day, anyone want to discuss Irish fantasy? I enjoyed Juliet Marillier's Daughter of the Forest (start of the Sevenwaters trilogy). It's Irish, and romantic--and one of the best adaptations of a classic fairy tale into a modern fantasy novel that I've read in a long time. It's based on one of my favorites, the Seven Swans. Tue, 17 Mar 2009 11:40:30 EST Introduction Hi. My name is Holly and I'm from MN. I love to dance (West Coast Swing), cook, and read. My favorite authors include Anne Bishop, David Eddings, Terry Brooks, Michelle West, and George RR Martin. Wed, 25 Feb 2009 00:01:56 EST Jacqueline Care I just bought two of her books, they've looked interesting and I've had people recommend her books for me to read. <BR> <BR> My question is, does anyone else like the rose tattoo on the back of the character? You know the one that's on the front of the book? I think it's beautiful, if I were to get a tattoo, I think I would get that but NOT covering my entire back. Sat, 14 Feb 2009 20:00:42 EST Has anyone? Has anyone ever read any Jim Butcher books? <BR> <BR> I went to Barnes & Noble today and found a couple books of his that seemed quite interesting/good. So I want to know if they are good or just seem like they're good. Sat, 14 Feb 2009 19:55:41 EST Hi, just checking in I've returned to sparkpeople after a lot of stressfull complications. I'm still dealing with financial problems, but decided to get back on track with my health. If you visit my page, you'll see some of my favorite books - Terry Brooks' Shannara collection and one of the characters from David Eddings' Belgariad and Mallorean. I also enjoy J.R.R. Tolkien's Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogy and loved J.K. Rowlings' Harry Potter (until the end of the 5th book when my favorite character was pu... Thu, 12 Feb 2009 19:26:10 EST New member Hi, my name is Virginia and I enjoy reading books (whenever I can find the time). Right now I'm working on the Sword of Shannara trilogy by Terry Brooks and haven't been able to continue due to school and the fact that I now have an essay due tomorrow, an exam Thursday, a quiz Thursday, and another exam next week. I just wish I could read all the time, but there is just too much going on in my life right now. Tue, 3 Feb 2009 20:13:25 EST Hey, I'm new Hi there! <BR> <BR> I'm Megan. I LOVE reading fantasy, I started reading it maybe 6yrs ago and have loved it since. I started reading the Scions of Shannara by Terry Brooks and have since become a huge fan of his books, he's now my favorite author. I have since grown to like Juliet Marillier and R.A Salvatore. <BR> <BR> I'm 23yo, a mom of a wonderful 1yr old little boy and wife to a wonderful husband. Mon, 2 Feb 2009 13:17:01 EST Suggestions would be greatly appreciated Hi, I'm a mother of one beautiful girl who is turning five. I am also a high school teacher. I just happen to be teaching a Science Fiction and Fantasy class beginning on Monday. I created the course and have had three trial runs. Each one filled with its own zany cast of characters. The most consistent gap, according to my students, is that the course is a little slim on fantasy. Mostly fantasy short stories. Partly the problem seems to be that the students have a pretty narrow defini... Sat, 31 Jan 2009 06:38:54 EST Realistic Fantasy? Personally, I prefer my fantasy novels to be... well, fantasy! When I read a fantasy where the hero ends up on the lowest wrung of a library with his true love dead by his hand(The lady in Gil) I am left somewhat dissatisfied. I like there to be happy endings, where the core group at least lives happily ever after. David Eddings is a good example of happily ever after endings, Where everyone even ends up with their true love. Does anyone like too much realism in their fantasy? A little versus... Sat, 31 Jan 2009 01:19:30 EST Fantasy Books to Read Aloud So, reading the introductions I was reminded that back, lo, these many moons ago, I read the Belgariad out loud to my friends in middle school. When I was very little, my favorite record was the read-along record of The Hobbit (based on the Rankin-Bass movie), and of course the novel was originally begun as bedtime stories for Tolkien's sons. Despite the tendency of many authors to create nifty-looking names that are practically unpronounce-able (see The Tough Guide to Fantasy-Land on this ... Sun, 25 Jan 2009 19:31:14 EST New member - love anything fantasy Hey, I just joined this team and just love fantasy books. I'm currently rereading the Shannara collections by Terry Brooks (a series that I got started on in High School and only read the 2nd collection then). I also love Sara Ash's Tears of Artamon series, David Edding's The Belgariad and The Mallorean, and of course I am an addict for J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter. I also love C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia. Fri, 23 Jan 2009 20:10:11 EST Beedle the Bard Is anyone reading the new "Harry Potter" book Beedle the Bard? <BR> <BR> I'm a 4th grade teacher, and I'm doing a fairy tale unit right now. I can't wait to share a couple of these stories with my class. I have a few who have read the Harry Potter series, maybe this will spark some more. <BR> <BR> sam Sat, 6 Dec 2008 09:05:12 EST Hello everyone! Hey good to see so many fantasy readers out there..I am 33 in the USAF here in Biloxi, MS. I have been reading fantasy since I was able and before I could, my oldest sister would read the classics to me like The Hobbit and Riddle of the Stars. I enjoy a lot of the older series by Asprin, Feist, Eddings, Brooks, Jordan, Williams, Weis and Kurtz. I have been trying to find newer authors to read like Butcher, Goodkind, Erikson etc. Thanks for having me. I look forward to talking with you all Fri, 5 Dec 2008 21:59:06 EST Love it Ok, dont laugh, I am 37 and love to read fantisy fiction. My favorites are Dragon Lance and R A Salvatore. I also love Marion Zimmer Bradley just to name a few. I have been looking for a book club like this. Mon, 24 Nov 2008 11:44:03 EST HI I'm a married father of 2 teens.My wife intoduced me to SparkPeople 2 weeks ago and I'm doing well..added bonus is seeing book lovers here too.My favorite authors are RA Salvatore and Raymond Feist but I like lots of others as well.I hope to see some good discussions here and get good book tips.See ya round the boards!! Tue, 18 Nov 2008 02:06:29 EST Hi! I am an avid reader. Unfortunately all the years of reading and not exercising have packed on a lot of weight. Now I am looking to balance things out and lose the weight. <BR> <BR> I work part time at a used book store and glean lots of the fantasy books before they ever hit the shelf. On my goal list presently is to read all Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar series. Thu, 6 Nov 2008 08:26:51 EST HELLO I'm NEW AND LOVE DRAGONS AND FAIRY'S Sat, 25 Oct 2008 13:01:32 EST Saying a simple hello Just wanted to introduce myself, and hopefully get to know the rest of you. My name is Amy, I love to read anything, but Fantasy most of all. I just finished The Legacy by R.A. Salvatore, and before that The Icewind Dale Trilogy, and before that The Dark Elf Trilogy. I have become utterly obsessed with what Drizzt is doing next. <BR> I am new to Spark and really excited about it. I hope to hear from you! Sun, 12 Oct 2008 19:46:48 EST What are your favoiot books Mine would have to be the David Eddings Series The Belgariad and the Mallorian, and any books pertaining too those two Series. Tue, 30 Sep 2008 11:43:32 EST Other Groups Don't get me wrong I love this group and will keep on using this group. But I have created a group for Recovering Drug Addicts. As we all know most of us turned to drugs for help in losing weight, and now that we are in recovery we have gained a lot of weight. This group are for those people. Also if you are from Washington and the Spokane and surrounding areas. Mon, 29 Sep 2008 14:37:21 EST Newby here--under protest This group makes me feel sooo old but age is only a state of mind--Bibliophile history: Started with mythology and fables read Aesop at age 4, age 12 saw sSputnik go up and I sitched to sci-fi got punished for reading such frivolous stuff PTL Victor Hugo was on the school reading list(fantasy had not yet come into its own) I continue to read sci-fi but my real love is fantasy. Have spent the last 5 years working on self-confidence problems now am ready to wok on the physical <BR> Favorite fa... Fri, 26 Sep 2008 13:41:54 EST Greetings! Newbie here, just peeking in to say hi and wave at all the other fellow booklovers. No no, no need to bookmark that page and set your book aside, I'm just leavin'. Cya around on Spark! Tue, 26 Aug 2008 20:00:07 EST Hi I love fantasy novels - I grew up reading mythology (my father is a librarian and an English professor), and it's a short step from myth to fantasy. I saw the Anne McCaffrey topic heading and that decided me - this is a place I should be! Wed, 30 Jul 2008 22:10:38 EST I love my Amazon Kindle Has anyone tried the new Amazon Kindle? I got one for Christmas as a new gift, and I love it. I can get any book on it and download it in seconds. I can keep all the books I've read in one easy to carry place. I'm always reading, but the book always changes. I would often put it down to do something and couldn't find the current one because my house would end up littered with books. I have boxes and boxes of books to unpack since my move in January. It's great to have the Kindle and I... Thu, 3 Jul 2008 08:07:16 EST Can't believe I finally found a fantasy group! I'm new to the program, and I'm a fantasy book addict and have been for about 30 years! I'm so excited to find this spark team. I've been looking for a reading group and have never found one with books I was interested in reading. I don't want to read or discuss the books on Oprah's list! I'm never far from by book and usually read about 200-300 pages a week. It's the greatest escape. If only I could lose weight as fast as I go through books! I'm currently in the midst of "No Humans In... Wed, 2 Jul 2008 18:17:52 EST R. A. Salvatore Does anyone have a list of R.A. Salvatore's books (in order)? <BR> <BR> Thanks! <BR> Syl Mon, 9 Jun 2008 15:10:41 EST Hello, I'm new to the group Hello, my name is Sylvia and as all of us here, I love science fiction and fantasy. Two of my favorite authors are Terry Brooks and R.A. Salvatore. :O) I'm starting a new book called Mistress of Dragons by Margaret Weis. Anyone read any good books lately? <BR> <BR> Hope to hear from all of you! <BR> <BR> Syl <BR> Mon, 9 Jun 2008 14:57:21 EST Love to read & write Hi, <BR> Looking for a place to talk about reading fantasy, especiall fantasy sci-fi. Love to write as well. Sun, 1 Jun 2008 02:37:09 EST Getting rid of books for charity I ran across this site booksale.I guess they have them in different cities.They collect books and sell them for a $1.00 at a store.The store in my area is only open Friday and saturday.I loked up a drop off site and they have one in my city so im going to get some and drop them off.Then i can go and buy some more.Half of what they make goes to charities that have drop off containers.So another to place to get rid of books.I usually donate to the library.They have several ... Mon, 28 Apr 2008 22:26:46 EST hello Im new on here. But I love to read and usually read science fiction or mystery. I love Terry Brooks, Robert Jordan, Margaret Weiss and Tracey Hickman. Well you get the idea.What book are yall reading next? And what does it mean to follow a thread? hope that doesnt make me sound stupid, not real great with computers. Thanks, Im so excited to have people to talk books with!!!!!! Fri, 18 Apr 2008 17:12:10 EST Anne McCaffrey There were some people interested in a plot chronology list for Anne McCaffrey's Pern books. I figured I would share it with you all just in case someone else was interested. <BR> <BR> Here it goes: <BR> <BR> Dragonsdawn <BR> Dragonseye (alt title Red Star Rising) <BR> Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern <BR> Nerilka's Story <BR> The Masterharper of Pern <BR> The Renegades of Pern <BR> Dragonflight <BR> Dragonsong <BR> Dragonquest <BR> Dragonsinger <BR> Dragondrums <BR> The White Dragon <BR> All ... Tue, 1 Apr 2008 21:39:54 EST Hello All Hi my name is Heather and I am from WA. I have read fantasy for most of my life. I was introduced to it through Ann McCaffrey then David Eddings. I have since read, of course, Harry Potter and Terry Pratchett (sp?) though not all of his yet. <BR> <BR> My boyfriend is always complaining because my nose is stuck in a book and while reading that is my world, everything else doesn't exist. I hope to be able to join in many chats with you all and look forward to catching up on the posts. <... Wed, 26 Mar 2008 19:46:36 EST Any interest in a chapter by chapter book club? I'm not really sure how else to describe it. What I'm thinking is to pick a book and read a chapter a week for discussion (maybe more chapters if they're short.) <BR> If so, I'm wide open for book selections. One of my favorites is "Mists of Avalon" by Marion Zimmer Bradley. I've been wanting to reread it. Sun, 9 Mar 2008 15:46:29 EST New girl in town Hi all. I'm Georgie and I'm from Jacksonville FL. I love fantasy fiction. Terry Brooks is one of my favorites, and a real nice guy. I had the pelsure of meeting him several years ago when the Durids of Shannara series first came out. I also love Piers Anthony and his Xanth series. I started reading that in High School. Lately I've been reading some Christian fantasy fiction which has been very good. It's a series by Karen Hancock called the Guardian-King. Sat, 1 Mar 2008 20:42:09 EST Always with a book Hello all. I just joined SparkPeople today and am having a great time exploring the site. My family wouldn't recognize me without a book somewhere nearby. The piles of books in my house drive my mother crazy. She doesn't understand how I can be reading more than one book at a time. <BR> Fantasy/Sci Fi is probably my favorite genre. No matter what I'm reading, I always come back to my first love. <em>149</em> Fri, 29 Feb 2008 19:12:25 EST Fantasy Rules..... oh and by the way, I'm new Hi All, <BR> <BR> I'm Keren, just found this team, been reading the back threads and am really excited. <BR> <BR> I love fantasy, have about 500 books all fantasy or SciFantasy. (but i should point out here that i cant spell and will butcher names, titles and authors... sorry) <BR> I first read the Belgariad when i was 11, since then i love anything by terry brooks, Eddings, david gemil, robert jorden, terry pratchet, Anne McCarthy, mercadies lackey, tad williams, marrion zimmer bradley, le... Sat, 23 Feb 2008 14:28:19 EST Used Book Sales So last night my SO and I went to a used book sale, it's a fundraiser for the Children's Hospital. So $130 later we have a lot more books to our collection. We haven't updated Library Thing yet, this weekend it'll be done. I discovered Jo Walton and Chris Bunch, the books looked interesting, has anyone read them? Fri, 8 Feb 2008 12:00:41 EST Hi all Just joined sparks and very glad to see a team that has the same love for fantasy that I do. Looking forward to some of the discussions. Some of my favorite authors are David Eddings, Mercedes Lackey, Terry Brooks, Anne McCaffrey ( I think I spelled her name wrong), and L.E. Modesitt, Jr. just to name a few off the top of my head. Thu, 7 Feb 2008 23:23:41 EST New in MA! HI all! Been with Spark a few weeks, and am thrilled to find this group! Love any Shannara and Tolkein. Looking forward to chit chatting! <BR> joanna in MA Mon, 4 Feb 2008 14:11:21 EST First time here Hey all just found this group and thought it would work well for me since I have read sci-fi as long as I can remember. I hope by using sparks I will loose this unwanted wait and have fun doing it. thanks for listening......... Mon, 28 Jan 2008 20:48:04 EST Terry Goodkind I'm a big fan of the Dragonlance books, and Weis/Hickman in general. I was discussing this with a girl I met over the weekend and she told me that I should check out Terry Goodkind...I read some reviews of his stuff on Amazon, and it seems very hit or miss. <BR> <BR> Is there anyone here that can push me in either direction...? Mon, 28 Jan 2008 18:29:26 EST I'm new... ... And I think Mercedes Lackey is a genius! Fri, 25 Jan 2008 01:23:01 EST Hi My name is Bri and I'm in Perth, Western Australia. <BR> <BR> I signed up to spark people earlier this week and its been an interesting journey so far. Its shopping night tonight so I'm going to stock up on what is needed to help me. <BR> <BR> I love reading and have quite a large collection of books that I'm working my way through. When I get my exercise bike put together, I'm going to see how I go reading while riding. I'll keep you posted on that <em>211</em> <BR> <BR> While I'm not ... Thu, 6 Dec 2007 05:24:25 EST ME ME ME ME ME Ha ha I am the First!!!! <BR> OK <BR> Name-Lacey <BR> Current wt.- 210 <BR> Goal-135 <BR> Favorite Exercise-martial arts <BR> Favorite Author(s)-Kim Harrison, Andre Norton, OSC, Sherry S. Tepper and so many people. <BR> Favorite Book - Gate to Women's Country Thu, 13 Sep 2007 11:44:13 EST Welcome to the Team! Hello everyone, and welcome to the fantasy book addicts team! A team for all of us who just can't keep our noses out of fantasy books. <em>20</em> <BR> And of course, those of us with weight loss goals, and/or just want to get healthy and fit. =) <BR> <BR> When you join up, please introduce yourself in a NEW thread in the introductions forum! <BR> <BR> Have a great day! <em>30</em> Thu, 13 Sep 2007 03:24:19 EST