SparkPeople etsy lovers Team Messageboard This is a place for Etsy sellers, buyers, & friends to meet up and share the love for handmade items while supporting each other's weightloss and fitness goals. SparkPeople etsy lovers Team Messageboard Step challenge? How many of us use walking as a good source of cardio? Would you guys like a step challenge? I know there's a few good ones out there; I can do some digging for a good one, if you'd like! Tue, 28 Oct 2014 14:34:39 EST What would it take to get this Team Active again?? I'm kind of tired of seeing the little yellow box advising me to search for another team. <BR> <BR> OK, this is not the only team I belong to and I've been content to coast along and just post huddles, but is anyone else interested in using this particular Team to further their goals? <BR> <BR> I'd be willing to connect with anyone else who'd like to revive the Etsy Lovers Team. <BR> <BR> Please comment here or send me SparkMail and we'll see where it goes... <em>211</em> <BR> <BR... Sun, 9 Feb 2014 11:45:05 EST Crafting for good - Pay it Forward I am trying to collect items to donate to our Duck's Unlimited banquet in February. I was wondering if anyon would be interested in helping out with some donations. I can make jewelry, but I hate to have so many of the same things that I make. <BR> <BR> I am also going to make a couple tie blankets and some tie blankets. I've gotten bottles of wine donated, And oh.....A miche wristlett and wallet! I also got a Tastefully Simple gift card. <BR> <BR> Thanks Kris Thu, 3 Jan 2013 00:03:38 EST Message Removed Message Removed Fri, 20 Jul 2012 13:14:36 EST Started up Etsy Shop Or I restarted it. Any suggestions or advice? I was looking at some of the Etsy selling guidese. Has anyone bought any and were they worth it? I'm open to suggesstions. <BR> <BR> Thanks Kris <BR> <BR> <link> </link> Fri, 20 Apr 2012 17:19:05 EST Etsy 101: Sell Your Crafts on Etsy - Free Today! <em>55</em> <em>55</em> <em>55</em> <em>55</em> <em>55</em> <em>55</em> <em>55</em> <em>55</em> <BR> Free E-Book Today: <BR> Etsy 101: Sell Your Crafts on Etsy, the DIY Marketplace for Handmade, Vintage and Crafting Supplies [Kindle Edition] <BR> <BR> <link><BR>YIBKCY/ref=nosim/gagler-20 </link> <BR> <em>203</em> <em>149</em> <em>17</em> <em>203</em> <em>149</em> <em>17</em> <em>203</em> <em>149</em> <em>17</em> Tue, 17 Apr 2012 12:12:44 EST Ever Had an ETSY Transaction Go Bad & Not Know Y? I sell on Etsy all the time. <BR> <BR> This week I had a transaction go really bad and I am still baffled as to why. <BR> <BR> This man bought a small figurine from me paid and left a message saying that he would like some more if I was willing to negotiate the shipping, also that the items were to be sent directly to a little girl for her b-day. Since he was talking about getting more I offered to gift wrap his purchase for him and he asked that I include a short note - NO PROBLEM - the h... Thu, 2 Feb 2012 14:23:07 EST Hello Hello there Etsy Lovers, <BR> My name is Lucy I am a 35 year old British artist from Manchester, I have just started on Spark People and I also sell on Etsy.I am looking for friends to support me with my weight loss , I have given myself 6 months to lose 44lbs (or 20kg) And drop 4 dress sizes for the summer. I am on day 4 and so far no cheating. I like rock and roll, Japanese art, street art, tattoo art and fabric.Thats all I can think of telling you for now, please feel free to check out my ... Sun, 29 Jan 2012 14:28:08 EST A New Year... A New Sparkie... :) Hey Sparkies! My name is Kimberley. I'm Canadian. I am tired of being overweight. 2012 is the year that I get healthy .. no more excuses! I just hope now I have what it takes to get me to where I would like to be. (sigh!) <BR> <BR> Anyhow! Enough about me. ;) Time to join the party & have some fun. :) Thu, 12 Jan 2012 02:04:52 EST Message Removed Message Removed Tue, 18 Oct 2011 19:18:56 EST Hi.. My name is... Hi Everyone! ... My name is Kim. Been here before - needed a new start. I am hoping this time will be the time that my spark is re-lighted. :) I live in Toronto Canada with my husband. Don't have any kids but lots of stuffed animals. :) I am addicted to horror movies, facebook, hello kitty, black&white photography, reading, listening to music (all kinds), and apparently collecting stuffed animals. :) <BR> <BR> I am a binge-eater, late night snacker, emotional eater, addicted to food... Sun, 11 Sep 2011 22:42:31 EST Message Removed Message Removed Fri, 2 Sep 2011 10:46:11 EST Monthly Giveaway! Scrapbook Items! Hey everyone, <BR> <BR> I thought I would share with everyone here that if you were to join the Scrapbook Ninjas Team on Etsy, you could enter a giveaway for a bundle of scrapbook items! The team is for anyone interested in scrapbooking and we would be glad to have you as part of the team! <BR> <BR> Enter to win at the following link: <BR><BR>book-ninjas-monthly-giveaway/ <BR> <BR> Join the team at the following link: <BR> Sun, 21 Aug 2011 14:22:11 EST Etsy Addict Here! Hey everyone! <BR> <BR> <BR> I'm Jennie! I’m a computer geek, handmade nerd, scrapbook addict, wife and connoisseur of all things cute and wacky. I'm currently living in Nevada but I'm going to be moving at the end of this month to New Mexico with my wonderful husband. <BR> <BR> I've been on Etsy of and on for awhile now and I'm currently running my own little shop, theNaughtyPenguin. I sell handmade scrapbook supplies for both traditional and digital scrapbooking. <BR> <BR> I'm als... Thu, 11 Aug 2011 12:36:47 EST Local Annual Craft Fair. Stumped for Ideas! Every year there is a local craft fair for Christmas, it's a big event and draws a big crowd. One woman used to make 30 000$ in this weekend alone! The standards meeting (to see if my product is good enough) is on September 6th. So that means that I would have to have one of everything that I want in the craft sale ready to present to standards. <BR> I would like to get a table, it's only 80$ a day this year for a small table. But I have no idea what to make! <BR> I love to do hand embroider... Thu, 4 Aug 2011 17:27:02 EST Newbie Hi Everyone, <BR> <BR> First of all I have to say I've been on Spark People since Oct but haven't gotten overly involved with groups, though I joined several up front. Busy-ness keeps me from spending too much time on the site. <BR> <BR> I'm on a journey of good health, and for me its more than weight loss and nutriton. I love arts & crafts, but 10 years ago I returned to work after being a stay at home mom for over 20 yrs, and as a result, found myself so far from crafting that I feel as t... Wed, 16 Feb 2011 11:51:43 EST Hi I'm Erin and New to Etsy Lovers Team! Hi Etsy Lovers, <BR> <BR> I'm Erin from Bettendorf, IA. I make jewelry and trying to spread the word about my creations. I would like to attract an audience that are interested in buying any of my work. I heard about, but not sure how much it costs to start. Any and all ideas, encouragement and advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to start somewhere and could use some help. I have a sparkpage <BR> <BR> Thanks, <BR> Erin - EV1959 Mon, 7 Feb 2011 22:28:09 EST newbie My name is Lori Anne. I am a 33 year old mom of a 12 year old daughter and 3 year old boy-girl twins, wife, and 7th grade English teacher. I have fought my weight since my oldest daughter was born, and had just gotten to my goal weight when I discovered I was pregnant with the twins. They are 3, and I have fought every day sinceto get back to that weight. It is true. You turn 30, and your body just turns on you! <BR> <BR> So, here I am....AGAIN. I want my weight loss journey to be a lifesty... Fri, 14 Jan 2011 17:44:15 EST Any Canadian Artists in this Group? Hello All, <BR> <BR> Do you paint, draw, sculpt, scrapbook, do crafts...or anything artsy? <BR> <BR> I am a Canadian Artist and thought it would be fun to find out how many more Canadian Artists were on Spark. So I have started a Team called 'Canadian Artists'. <BR> <BR> If you are interested in participating in the Canadian Artist group please either look up Canadian Artists in the Teams or go to my Sparkpage and click on the Team to join. <BR> <BR> I'm looking forward to hearing from... Fri, 14 Jan 2011 11:24:47 EST Handmade Items I want to do a women's raffle at our Duck's Unlimited banquet next month. I am trying to think of things that I could make to put on the raffle. I'm hoping you all might have some ideas. <BR> I'm not much of a sewer. I have tons of beads and scrap book paper. <BR> <BR> Here are ideas I have so far: <BR> I have lots of jewelry already made <BR> I have jelly and pickles already made <BR> I have decopauged coasters already made <BR> wine glass charms <BR> Fridge magnets <BR> Greeting car... Tue, 4 Jan 2011 19:16:18 EST hi all! Hi i'm a newbie to the team. if you want to see what crafts I do check out my etsy shop: <BR> <BR> hey and If any of you are interested in buying, i will give you %10 off or a free gift, just put sparkpeople in the messages to sellers :) Mon, 16 Aug 2010 16:54:16 EST Hello Hi all! I make jewelry with my husband, and no we don't have an Etsy page. We feel like we'd get lost among all the other numerous jewelers on there, and we just enjoy going to festivals and craft shows too much. <BR> We may start to get some bead supplies from people on Etsy. Really trying to get away from Michaels and AC Moore, since they always seem to stop selling what we use the most. Sat, 14 Aug 2010 10:46:03 EST Bonjour Mes Amies!!! Hi fellow etsy lover! I'm newish, well new to this group and back on spark again after a 2 year hiatus. Anyway I love ETSY. I have been painting, crafting, and all that jazz for years but recently losing my day job I've been making a bunch of stuff and will be opening an etsy shop soon, very soon hopefully this weekend, if I could only come up with a name! I want it to be french but easily pronounced to non french speakers. Oh the dilemma! hehe! Wed, 23 Jun 2010 13:53:32 EST Attention dog owners new items in my store <BR> <BR> <link> </link> <BR> <BR> <em>338</em> <em>338</em> <em>338</em> <em>338</em> <em>338</em> Tue, 8 Jun 2010 10:13:44 EST Giveaway to Celebrate SWEET Things in Life Hey, Everyone: <BR> <BR> I've had some really GREAT things happen over the past few weeks. Part of that was weighing in and finding I have now lost 73.8 pounds. My middle child graduated from college and I am being published in 2 more books. To celebrate, I am giving away a "sweet" giveaway of handmade chocolate candy earrings on my blog: Just leave a comment there for a chance to win. :) Thu, 3 Jun 2010 21:26:14 EST I am a newbie- need Esty startup $ Hi fellow crafters, sewers, knitters....etc. I have sold some craft ideas to some magazines but it doesn't pay a whole lot in the long term. I learned about Etsy on TV and wondered if anyone has a good estimate for startup costs, is it easy to maintian, etc? I have a sewing room, basement full of stuff I need to make and sell. Can anyone help me out? <BR> <BR> Kathy Fri, 28 May 2010 14:39:18 EST newbie with a few questions =) Hi everyone! I'm new to the team, but not to sp... I've been around here for about 5 years or so. <BR> I joined this team because I'm considering an etsy store, but I was hoping to get a little advise. <BR> There are quite a few crafts that my hubby and I are proficient in, but jewelry is the main one. However, when I look through etsy, it semms like there's a lot of competition for that. <BR> I was also wondering about the fees. I've heard they're quite more reasonable than ebay, but then ... Mon, 10 May 2010 10:04:18 EST Hi, I'm Anne-Eliz. I've been cruising the team page and came upon this one, which jumped right out! <BR> <BR> I live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband, David; my assistance dog, Meka and our cat, Carolina. <BR> <BR> I've been on Sparkpeople for quite some time, but back again in true earnest for the past eight or nine months now. <BR> <BR> I've also been an Etsy devotee for several years now, both buyer and seller; my seller name is felden. <BR> <BR> I have a blog as well but have been a bit negligent about... Tue, 4 May 2010 15:21:12 EST Hi everyone! New to team and to Etsy I just opened my Etsy shop about a month ago (I'm blessed it was such a successful launch), and I thought I'd see if SparkPeople had an Etsy team - and I was delighted to see it did! I'm anxious to view the team shops and am hoping to swap marketing ideas, store critiquing (which I really need), and to find encouragement to keep my weight off! <BR> <BR> For my business, I recycle brand-name, natural-fiber sweaters into high-quality luxury yarns. I made a decision to keep my product 100% recy... Tue, 20 Apr 2010 14:57:30 EST Hi! I'm Tam! Actually, my name is Tamara but Tam just looks and sounds more energetic. <BR> <BR> I've been using this site for about two weeks and now that I'm totally vested in it (spending at least 30 minutes per day immersed in it's entertaining articles and calorie counter) I am ready to start participating in my communities on a more intimate level. <BR> <BR> I'm 24, in love with my own humanity, playful, energetic and all around joyful 50% of the time. 30% of the time I'm pissed off at the world ... Sat, 6 Mar 2010 10:36:51 EST Hello EtsyLovers!! Hey everyone, <BR> My name is Billy and I am on a journey to get my weight back to a good range after having my 3rd baby. I am so excited that you guys are here, I LOVE etsy!! I have my own shop on etsy called boosrecords , I am always open to suggestions so take a look at it when you get a chance and let me know what you think!! I look foward to taking this weight loss journey with all of you!! Fri, 5 Mar 2010 16:34:38 EST Etsy store owners Did you know you can have both an Etsy store and a Zibbet store. At Zibbet there is no listing fee or sales commission ever. For more info go to Tue, 2 Mar 2010 13:19:55 EST Faceboook Fan Pages Who else has a Facebook fan page? Please post the link here! Love to find some new ones! <BR> <BR> <link> </link> Mon, 8 Feb 2010 09:17:50 EST Which is right? I went to the gym yesterday and spent 30 minutes on an Eliptical Trainer. In that 30 minutes I completed 2 miles and it said I burned around 368 calories. I came home to enter my work out into the Fitness Tracker and it said I had burned about 656 calories! it didn't ask me how far I had gone or how fast I was going so I'm assuming it's wrong. When I entered walking a 15 minute mile for 30 mins in it was at about 315 I put 13 minute mile in and it gave me about 360...much closer to ... Wed, 20 Jan 2010 13:36:52 EST Christmas Crafts Did anyone buy something off Etsy as a Christmas gift? Or hand make something for someone? <BR> <BR> I hand made necklaces for my mother and sisters in law (each using their favorite colors in dyed freshwater pearls, as well as other beads) and made "bento beginner kits" for my mom and siblings. Everything was a hit and I had a lot of fun putting the gifts together. <BR> <BR> My brother gave me a $25 "Etsy gift certificate" so now I got go shopping for something awesome for myself. Mon, 28 Dec 2009 11:25:46 EST What does everyone make? Hi, I am new here and fairly new to sewing. I just opened an etsy shop but do not have anything in it yet since I am fixing to do a craft show this weekend. I plan to list everything once I am done with the show. This has probably been asked before but just wanted to know what everyone makes to sell on etsy. I sew mainly children's clothing and accessories. I love forward to hearing everyone's responses. I love shopping on etsy!! Mon, 30 Nov 2009 04:17:38 EST Deleted <em>40</em> Tue, 10 Nov 2009 16:46:05 EST Etsy mini? I know some people have etsy mini's on their facebook do they do that? anyone know here? Thu, 20 Aug 2009 18:55:05 EST Hey! Just joined the team! Hi! <BR> I just found a couple weeks ago. I have to say I LOVE some of the designers. I am going to lose weight and then buy some outfits as rewards to myself! <BR> i LOVE the designer- Sandmaiden. Funny, she's actually based in Seattle! Where I live! <BR> I'd love to know your favorite designers on Etsy. <BR> Michelle Sun, 16 Aug 2009 14:01:17 EST How to put food plan to paper? - sign-in is hard I love the Sparks food plan for each day, but it's difficult to keep logging in and deal with slow connections. Is there a way to print of the basic plan, and then other pages with the food options/portions/calories for the times we want to substitute? If not able to print the Sparks page, is there another place you can refer me to? Mon, 20 Jul 2009 11:15:30 EST Question... Okay two ?s. <BR> <BR> first, how to I change my signature to say my etsy shop? I looked last night and could not find it...I have my blogs on there, but I forget how I got them there. <BR> <BR> And..what do you do to promote your shops? I can't get traffic to mine, there are too many shops lol. I posted something new yesterday but no luck, so did 50 million other shop owners lol. <BR> Shannon <BR> <BR> Tue, 14 Jul 2009 08:59:02 EST Help. I'm New Hi. I'm new to sparkpeople and I found this great group. <em>244</em> I have checked out Etsy several times and I was wondering how you know how much postage to charge? Do they have a postale scale? Also do you have to accept credit cards or what kind of payment options are there? One more question do you have to ship world wide? I love to crochet and wanted to sell my crochet items. <em>304</em> Thu, 2 Jul 2009 18:46:51 EST Diary 2010 Project I just signed up for this - looks AWESOME so I thought I would share the love :) <BR> <BR> <link> </link> Tue, 23 Jun 2009 20:58:47 EST Treasury West with our team members I created another treasury <BR> <link><BR>room_id=57769 </link> <BR> This time it is mostly Interior Design but it includes three items from SparkPeople Shops. See if you can find them. Wed, 17 Jun 2009 09:43:22 EST First Word that Springs to Mind? Easy game. <BR> <BR> Write down the first word that springs to mind when you see the word left by the prior spark team mate. <BR> <BR> <BR> Spring Tue, 9 Jun 2009 00:15:01 EST Sparkteam Treasury I created a treasury with sparkteam etsy members in it. The next time I catch either the main treasury or treasury west I will post it. The title will be: "Way to go Sparkie" Sat, 6 Jun 2009 20:50:54 EST Hi , I'm New :) Hi I'm new and want to say Thanx for letting me be a part of this team. <BR> <BR> I was thrilled to see and ETSY team here.I love ETSY and love to create and see what everyone else has created. <BR> <BR> After an injury I'm anxious to get back to being healthy and get to a weight that I feel my best. <BR> Tue, 2 Jun 2009 16:01:35 EST WHAT ARE YOUR EXCUSES? Here are a few of mine! <BR> <BR> 1. I don't like to exercise with someone else in the house. <BR> 2. It's raining out <BR> 3. I have something broken on my body. <BR> 4. I don't feel like it.......... Mon, 1 Jun 2009 18:18:49 EST I challenge you to.... Who is up for a challenge? <BR> <BR> My challenge to you through next Friday, is while you are watching TV, during the commercials get up and something. You can step in place during all the commercials; do squats, lift weights or cans of veggies. Just do some activity that you would not normally do. <BR> <BR> Who is up for this? If you are, sign up here. Every evening come on and let us know if you succeeded that day. <BR> <BR> This is easy and can be fun to do. Fri, 22 May 2009 10:44:06 EST IDEAS FOR A CHALLENGE I see that while I was gone that Ann was so kind as to set up a walking/miles how hard could that be since everyone walks/treadmill/bikes/hikes/etc on a daily basis???? BUT..I don't see any takers..what a shame... <BR> <BR> I say it's a great challenge..any other ideas? <em>38</em> Wed, 13 May 2009 09:40:56 EST Twitter Accounts Since I Tweet about my Etsy stuff a lot... <BR> <BR> <link> </link> <BR> <BR> Feel free to add me! Anybody else? Wed, 29 Apr 2009 11:53:41 EST Hello fellow ETSY lovers! I'm so glad there's a team for ETSY lovers! I try to spread the word on ETSY every chance I get, I just love it so much!! <BR> <BR> I joined Spark Sept 07, and once i had lost my first 15lbs, rewarded myself with this cool silver ring with a pearl in it...hard to describe, but it almost looks like a silver flower with a pearl nestled in it. <BR> <BR> Anyway, I wear the ring every day, and it serves as a reminder that I CAN lose weight if I keep at it, and I'm thinking I'll plan another ... Tue, 28 Apr 2009 16:18:07 EST A Virtual Walk "Chateaux de la Loire" Welcome to our virtual walk. Be sure to use this <link><BR>rsion.aspx </link> to convert your exercises into steps. <BR> I don't know yet how long this challenge will be but once we are finished with the castles, if anyone else has a place they would like for us to visit, that would be great! <BR> Saturdays and Sundays will be time off, that is, we won't be visiting castles. Feel free to keep track of your steps those days as well, if you want. <BR> I'll... Sat, 18 Apr 2009 22:05:25 EST Finally! 10lbs lost = gift from Etsy! I told myself that every 10lbs I lose, I was going to get myself a present from Etsy. I lost my first 10lbs a while ago and finally found an item I wanted. <BR> <BR> Thanks to martialarts, who makes Japanese themed jewelry, I now own the most wonderful origami crane necklace! Thu, 16 Apr 2009 11:23:42 EST New Here! Hi all! I'm new here to this team, but not to SP. I am a 41 year old homeschooling mom, known as CalicoPrairie on Etsy. <BR> <BR> I am needing to lose about 20lbs, and I've just bought the Hungry Girl book. I'm planning on losing those pounds by eating 1200-1550 calories per day. My problem is I don't eat enough, so my metabolism is really slow. <BR> <BR> Good to be here with you all! Sun, 12 Apr 2009 14:11:46 EST HI everyone! New girl here :) HI all! My name is Jenn and I am new to SparkPeople and so far loving it! <BR> I am glad to have found this team! <BR> I am on Etsy as: <BR> mouserkinsmagic <BR> jnilsson06 <BR> weewoobies <BR> -and- <BR> fairylanddreams <BR> <BR> I am also the leader of the new Eclectic Artisans Team on Etsy (EART)! <BR> <BR> Looking forward to getting to know you! Tue, 17 Mar 2009 11:59:10 EST I'm back!! Hi everyone! <BR> <BR> Just wanted to announce that I'm back!! The holidays, a new relationship, events I've been selling at and life in general had me off track for a while. I'm happy to announce though that I haven't really gained any weight! Maybe like .6oz which is AWESOME since I didn't do anything to try to lose weight while I was gone! <BR> <BR> Anyhow, hopefully you are all well and thinner! <BR> <BR> Kayte Tue, 3 Mar 2009 00:55:40 EST I'm back!! Hi everyone! <BR> <BR> Just wanted to announce that I'm back!! The holidays, a new relationship, events I've been selling at and life in general had me off track for a while. I'm happy to announce though that I haven't really gained any weight! Maybe like .6oz which is AWESOME since I didn't do anything to try to lose weight while I was gone! <BR> <BR> Anyhow, hopefully you are all well and thinner! <BR> <BR> Kayte Tue, 3 Mar 2009 00:55:34 EST I'm back!! Hi everyone! <BR> <BR> Just wanted to announce that I'm back!! The holidays, a new relationship, events I've been selling at and life in general had me off track for a while. I'm happy to announce though that I haven't really gained any weight! Maybe like .6oz which is AWESOME since I didn't do anything to try to lose weight while I was gone! <BR> <BR> Anyhow, hopefully you are all well and thinner! <BR> <BR> Kayte Tue, 3 Mar 2009 00:54:53 EST Hello Everyone! Hi, my name is Scotti, I am 27 and live in E. TX. I have a wonderful husband and 10 year old daughter. My husband and I are expecting our first together...and it's a boy, due June 13. I joined Spark late June and lost 15 pounds before getting pregnant. Now I am trying to just be healthy and gain healthy through this pregnancy so I can get right back on track! <BR> <BR> I have always had a creative spark in me, though I am a perfectionist and feel it is never good enough. Silly I know. I di... Mon, 19 Jan 2009 15:45:20 EST hi! My name is carla and I make jewlery and body products. My etsy site is<BR>62 and I am so happy to be here~ Thu, 15 Jan 2009 17:04:34 EST BLC9 SIGN UPS BEGIN JAN 3RD If you want a team where you don'thave to read posts or participate, you definitely should not join BLC9. This challenge is for people who can commit to changing their lives over 12 weeks with the help of a team. The purpose of the team is to get outside of yourself and talk to people going through the same struggles as you that you can talk to 24 hours a day who truly understand what you are going through and care about your success. You should WANT to read their posts, because you never kno... Mon, 29 Dec 2008 16:22:26 EST has anyone see this new challenge team?? hey all <BR> i just came across this new you bootcamp team and it starts jan 4th <BR> <BR> <link><BR>ndividual.asp?gid=27524 </link> <BR> <BR> just wondered if anyone had joined it sounds like a good challenge but if a new BLC is starting soon I did tell them i wanted to do the next round I'm worried about doing both and my regular workouts? <BR> I want to step up my workouts alot more come january since the beginning of each month here i have ste... Mon, 29 Dec 2008 02:26:49 EST LOVE YOURSELF Love yourself <BR> <BR> "If you had a friend who talked to you like you sometimes talk to yourself, would you continue to hang around with that person?" <BR> -- Rob Bremer <BR> <BR> "Unkind criticism is never part of a meaningful critique of you. Its purpose is not to teach or to help, its purpose is to punish." <BR> -- Barbara Sher <BR> <BR> "You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection." <BR> -- Buddha <BR> Tue, 16 Dec 2008 00:20:36 EST Need help with a name Some of you may know, I make and sell candles. My candle sales are doing really well, and I think its time I come up for a name for my business. Any suggestions? <BR> <BR> TIA! <BR> ~Lace Sun, 14 Dec 2008 17:41:25 EST A Christmas Poem Being the proud wife of an Army Veteran, a proud Navy Mom and soon to be a proud Marine Mom, I would like to share this with everyone, please say a prayer for all our men & women in uniform and their families. <BR> HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE <BR> <BR> TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, <BR> HE LIVED ALL ALONE, <BR> IN A ONE BEDROOM HOUSE MADE OF <BR> PLASTER AND STONE. <BR> <BR> I HAD COME DOWN THE CHIMNEY <BR> WITH PRESENTS TO GIVE, <BR> AND TO SEE JUST WHO <BR> IN THIS HOME DID LIVE. <... Sat, 6 Dec 2008 15:52:28 EST Holiday Scavenger Hunt..HAVE SOME FUN!! found this on another tean and thought you all might have some fun with it here as well. <BR> <BR> The rules are simple, I will start things off by naming something relating to christmas/holidays/new year etc, and then the next person will search the internet for a photo of that item, and post the link on this thread. They then will pick the next christmas item for the next person to find. The goal is to find as many holiday items as we can by christmas eve . <BR> <BR> I will kick things of... Thu, 4 Dec 2008 10:23:06 EST Article might be of importance to some I haven't done research into this but I just read this in a forum on etsy <BR> <link><BR>w-product-safety-regulations-that-affe<BR>ct-all-manufacturers/ </link> Fri, 14 Nov 2008 13:07:59 EST Pedometer Recommendations Hi Everyone! <BR> <BR> I was wondering if you all had pedometer recommendations. I am interested in seeing how far I walk on a daily basis. <BR> <BR> TIA .... <BR> HugZ <BR> Kary Wed, 15 Oct 2008 19:26:25 EST 1/2 Marathon DONE! Well, hello fellow Etsiers! <BR> <BR> Finished the 1/2 Marathon and beat my last time. <BR> 4 hours 4 minutes. AND got to do it with my twin sister. <BR> If you are interested, here's a link- she is in tie die. <BR><BR>le-half-huge-success-2/3201/ <BR> <BR> Mon, 13 Oct 2008 11:40:16 EST Having your own webiste I'm not sure if anyone else has this but...I've wanted to have a site for my shop for a while now and I'm not all that html friendly and I don't have the money to go out and hire someone to build one for me. Anyhow, yesterday I stumbled upon this website <link> </link> and it's totally free! And there aren't annoying ads all over the place like other sites. They give you the tools to make your own site and you can make it go to a .com address that you purchase from somewhere like ... Wed, 8 Oct 2008 17:01:42 EST Message Removed Message Removed Thu, 2 Oct 2008 13:39:59 EST LAST CHANCE TO SIGN UP FOR BLC8!! TODAY!! <link><BR>sageboard_thread.asp?board=-1x26028x18<BR>713298 </link> Thu, 2 Oct 2008 11:28:20 EST Making Time How do you make time for everything in life along with losing weight? <BR> <BR> I have a full time job, a work from home part time job, plus all of the Etsy/crafty stuff I do (I have 6 events I'm selling at before mid-Dec and 1 of them I'm running!). There is so much going on in my life right now it's hard to really focus on losing weight but if I don't do it now, then I never will since I only see myself getting busier! I keep track of what I eat and make healthy decisions (for the most pa... Wed, 1 Oct 2008 19:14:54 EST HOLIDAY SHOPPING When do you start your holiday shopping? Do you shop online or in the stores or both? <BR> <BR> When do you start adding more items to your Etsy store? <BR> <BR> Thanks <BR> Kylie <em>185</em> Wed, 17 Sep 2008 18:40:20 EST What Fun Things are You Doing this Weekend? I have a wedding (of which I probably won't party now!!) And I'm going to list a few things this weekend and work on a new project too. <BR> <BR> How about you..what you doing? Wed, 17 Sep 2008 14:24:11 EST BIGGEST LOSER CHALLENGE 8.. In a few weeks they will be taking names for the BLC8..if anyone is interested I'll post on this thread as soon as I know. Since I'm on the POWERFUL PINK NINJAS..some of you may or may not want to be on the same team and that's fine. But it's something that we might all have in common as the challenges are the same for all teams. It would be fun to have others join us for a discussion group. <BR> <BR> I find its a very challenging and rewarding team to be on. It makes me accountable for the ... Wed, 10 Sep 2008 19:26:10 EST ((( FOOD ))) CHALLENGE!!! Eat at least 5 Servings of fruit and vegetables per day <BR> One serving equals: 1 medium piece of fruit 1/2 cup fruit (raw, canned, or frozen) 1/2 cup cooked vegetables (canned or frozen) 1 cup raw vegetables 1/4 cup dried fruit 4-6 oz. of 100% juice (serving size depends on the type of juice) 1/2 cup cooked peas or beans <BR> <BR> This will be added to the TEAM GOALS.... <BR> <BR> Fri, 5 Sep 2008 08:36:04 EST ((( FOOD ))) CHALLENGE!!! Eat at least 5 Servings of fruit and vegetables per day <BR> One serving equals: 1 medium piece of fruit 1/2 cup fruit (raw, canned, or frozen) 1/2 cup cooked vegetables (canned or frozen) 1 cup raw vegetables 1/4 cup dried fruit 4-6 oz. of 100% juice (serving size depends on the type of juice) 1/2 cup cooked peas or beans <BR> <BR> This will be added to the TEAM GOALS.... <BR> <BR> Fri, 5 Sep 2008 08:13:26 EST New to Team Hi! <BR> <BR> I'm Rosemary and I'm trying to lose 40 lbs I regained this past year. I've really been struggling, but my daughter will be getting married next fall and I want to be healthy. I love Etsy! Sat, 23 Aug 2008 07:00:54 EST I am a newbie!!! Hi, I am a very new newbie. I just joined sparkpeople, like 5 minutes ago. I was sent here off of an etsy forum and I am so glad that I am here. I'm still trying to learn the site, so any help would be awesome!!! Thanks guys. I can't wait to get to know you all!!! Wed, 13 Aug 2008 15:30:39 EST I KARATE CHOPPED MY NEIGHBOR... What did you do today? <BR> <BR> Pick the month you were born: <BR> <BR> January-------I kicked <BR> February------I loved <BR> March--------I karate chopped <BR> April----------I licked <BR> May----------I jumped on <BR> June----------I smelled <BR> July-----------I did the Macarena With <BR> August--------I had lunch with <BR> September----I danced with <BR> October-------I sang to <BR> November-----I yelled at <BR> December-----I ran over <BR> <BR> Pick the day (number) you were born on... Tue, 5 Aug 2008 22:13:15 EST Weekends... Weekends seem to be the hardest time for me to stay on track. From the constant running errands which causes eating out to birthday parties/get together's. I try to make healthy choices but sometimes I just don't. I'm trying not to be too hard on myself and to give myself some leeway and "free" meals. What are some tips you have for staying on track during the weekend? Mon, 14 Jul 2008 14:07:12 EST Ball Exercises I was wondering if any of you have exercises you like to do on the ball? My apartment's gym has them in a variety of sizes (of course, the one for short people like me is deflated), but I'm not really sure what to do on there. I'm going to do some more research but wanted to check with my wonderful group. Thanks, everyone! <BR> <BR> -Brigid- Thu, 10 Jul 2008 13:56:43 EST A Virtual Walk from Denver Colorado to Washington A Virtual Walk from Denver Colorado to Washington D.C. in July! <BR> <BR> OK, Here it is! <BR> <BR> Our Virtual trip has 10 "legs to it!" Anyone who lives on the route please be sure to speak up and let us know when we are getting close... or you could "Invite Us To Stay" <BR> <BR> <BR> Day 1, we gather in Denver, Co and hit the road! <BR> <BR> Denver, colorado to The Kansas Border... our first stop is Kanorado - 170 miles! <BR> <BR> Then onto our next stop: <BR> Sheridan Kansas - 120 m... Thu, 10 Jul 2008 00:20:24 EST newbie here! hello everyone! <BR> <BR> my name is lesley and i just joined spark people about a week ago. so far it is going pretty well... i have lost about a pound and a half :) <BR> <BR> my shop on etsy is 315thomas. i make jewelry, cards, art prints and more. i am so excited to be a part of this group! Mon, 7 Jul 2008 11:00:37 EST (((NO REPLY))) thread JUST for Etsy USERNAMES !! <link><BR>3 </link> Thu, 3 Jul 2008 10:28:03 EST QUESTION FOR YOU ALL If you had all the money in the world and could go anywhere..where would you go and why? <BR> <BR> Mine is a child I read a book and it was about Maine. So I've always wanted to go the fall when the leaves were changing and I want to be near the ocean also! But there are a million and one places and if there is nothing to hold me back I'd go EVERYWHERE! But Maine is my first choice! Thu, 26 Jun 2008 20:50:19 EST new to group and need help with a blog name My name is Leslie. I am wanting to start a blog for all things creative. <BR> There will be knitting ,doodle embroidery, jewelry making, stitching, painting, drawing, writing,photography, recycled projects, baby things... <BR> <BR> I can't for the life of me come up with a name though and I am getting discouraged. <BR> <BR> I am stuck on the name dimples and dandelions but that is already taken. <BR> <BR> here are some of the things/words I like that might be helpful. <BR> swirls <BR> twir... Mon, 16 Jun 2008 22:07:32 EST JOKE OF THE DAY <BR> The Moped <BR> <BR> An elderly man on a Moped, <BR> Looking about 100 years old, <BR> Pulls up next to a doctor at a street light. <BR> <BR> The old man looks over at the sleek shiny car and asks, <BR> ' What kind of car ya got there, sonny ?' <BR> <BR> The doctor replies, ' A Ferrari GTO. <BR> It cost half a million dollars ! ' <BR> <BR> ' That's a lot of money,' says the old man. <BR> ' Why does it cost so much?' <BR> <BR> ' Because this car can do up to 320 miles an hour !' ... Fri, 13 Jun 2008 16:52:00 EST New to group, new to Etsy! Hi, everyone! I'm Heather and I just joined this group. Yesterday, my SPARK buddy and I decided to start our own Etsy shop. We are both very excited but we aren't sure where to start! lol We are too ambitious, I think. lol But that's OK!! <BR> <BR> I'm 23 and I live in Homewood, IL. She lives 2 hours south of here, still in IL also. <BR> <BR> We met on the team Done Being the Fat Girl and have been DONE buddies ever since and now we're going to be "business" partners. hehe <BR... Thu, 12 Jun 2008 12:17:29 EST THIS OR THAT..NEW GAME! This is kind of a fun, get-to-know-you exercise. The game is called This or That? and this is how it works. You ask a question, listing 2 choices, and the next person chooses her preference, then asks a new question. Any topic is up for discussion. I'll start: <BR> <BR> Wallpaper or paint? <BR> Sat, 7 Jun 2008 19:00:33 EST WHEN YOU THINK YOU WANT TO GIVE UP <link> </link> <BR> <BR> <BR> I got this from SP Team for Team Leaders: <BR> <BR> There is a member of my team who I think deserves special recognition. His daughter had GBS and this January he decided he was going to do a 5K run for her as she is no longer able to run. <BR> Well, 6/6/08 was his goal date, and he made a YouTube video for her as he couldn't be with her physically. <BR> <BR> (Sorry I don't know what GBS is but I know it's not good!) <B... Sat, 7 Jun 2008 12:27:18 EST Has anyone tried this? Hey I was wondering if any of ya'll have tried the "True Lemon" packets for water? It is awesome! <BR> I found it in my grocery store near the Splenda. It is 100% natural which means no sugar or sweeteners. There has been so much press about Aspertame being bad and True Lemon has none of that. It is real lemon just in a powder form. Comes in little packets. Sure helps getting all your water down. Just wanted to share my great find. <BR> <BR> Lynn Wed, 4 Jun 2008 11:57:11 EST THIS IS THE THREAD WE WILL DO ALL OUR WHINING!!!!! We can all come here to discuss our challenge and whine and get MOTIVATION from each other..right!!! RIGHT.. <em>211</em> Tue, 27 May 2008 20:17:40 EST 5 POUND WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE!!! SIGN UP HERE This is a challenge for all of us! We kinda maybe mighta eaten a little too much this weekend and need some incentive to lose a little bit..right? So WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE? Exercises are your choice..we'll weigh in once a week and show what's going on..OK? <BR> <BR> Kylie BW 166.4 - GW 161.4 Tue, 27 May 2008 20:16:22 EST AMAZING VIDEO ! WHO SAYS YOU CAN'T???? <link> </link> Tue, 27 May 2008 09:19:26 EST New ew to this team but not to spark. Have lost 88# since 06 Mon, 26 May 2008 01:43:50 EST LETS CELEBRATE SOME WEIGHT LOSS!!!! <em>192</em> <em>242</em> TO ANNE!!! <em>243</em> SHE LOST 1LB!! <em>247</em> <em>9</em> Fri, 23 May 2008 17:04:09 EST FUNNY VIDEOS! <link> </link> Thu, 15 May 2008 22:50:14 EST bonjour! new to Spark, new to the team, and fairly new to Etsy (joined in January). it's been a year of new experiences and goals, and I'm loving every minute of it! <BR> <BR> thanks for letting me be a part of the team. Thu, 8 May 2008 16:39:10 EST GOALS!!!! Hello everyone! I'm excited..if you look at our main team page'll see team now all we have to do is decide after this challenge is over what goals we would like to have as a team!! I think thats losing a total of 20lbs in a month? We could do that right? So think of some other goals? <BR> <BR> I'm excited.arent' you ?????? <BR> <BR> What's your suggestion?? Tue, 22 Apr 2008 13:06:32 EST THE MOVIE GAME??? Found this game in another team -- if you like it - let's play! <BR> <BR> One person writes the name of a movie. <BR> <BR> Next person writes the name of an actor from that movie. <BR> <BR> Next person writes the name of a movie starring that actor. <BR> <BR> And so on........ <BR> <BR> I'll start..... <BR> <BR> PRETTY WOMAN <BR> <BR> Wed, 16 Apr 2008 21:37:55 EST I CHALLENGE YOU TO Welcome 5 new people to Spark People on the Community Message boards 'Introduce Yourself' threads! Come back and tell me when you're done!! <BR> <BR> WE can welcome them on their spark pages too! Just go to Community and SparkPages and click on one of the newbies! <BR> <BR> <BR> Thanks..everyone needs a welcome!!! <BR> Kylie Sun, 13 Apr 2008 16:44:43 EST SENTENCE GAME same as anagrams. Use the bottom word from the post beneath you, make a sentence using each letter of the word. Then repost using the word you used posted above your sentence and a word starting with the first letter of the last word you posted in your sentence at the bottom of your sentence. Sun, 13 Apr 2008 14:30:47 EST ARTICLES YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED In case you missed seeing this article in today's HealthDay, I thought it was important enough to pass on. <BR> <BR> <BR> TUESDAY, April 1 (HealthDay News) -- Despite appearances to the contrary, more than half of normal-weight Americans have a high percentage of body fat. And, like their overweight contemporaries, this makes them susceptible to heart disease, diabetes and other metabolic disorders, a new study says. <BR> <BR> Men whose body fat is greater than 20 percent and women whose b... Tue, 1 Apr 2008 13:08:11 EST 1/2 Marathon Training Hello fellow Etsiers, <BR> I'm currently in training for my first half marathon. <BR> This year I will be walking it, next year, running. <BR> I've been photo journaling my progress and found it quite interesting. <BR> Here is my FLickr set if you are interested in checking it out. <BR><BR>titchery/sets/72157603966816479/ <BR> <BR> Mon, 31 Mar 2008 09:55:44 EST SPRING...POST HERE! THIS IS THE THREAD TO POST IN RESPONSE TO MY EMAIL! THANKS!! <em>67</em> <em>126</em> <em>27</em> <em>184</em> <em>257</em> <em>125</em> Sun, 30 Mar 2008 10:22:15 EST POLLING QUESTION FROM JAE AND KYLE QUESTION: WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE A CHANGE IN THE ETSY LOGO/PICTURE FOR OUR TEAM? <BR> <BR> DO YOU THINK IT WILL DRAW IN MORE MEMBERS OR CONFUSE OTHERS? <BR> <BR> THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING.. <BR> <BR> JAE/KYLIE <BR> YO LEADERS <em>185</em> <em>201</em> Sat, 29 Mar 2008 09:45:17 EST etsy page well i have finally set up my page on etsy and have 5 items for sale so far. please take a look. my info there is under craftersnook. enjoy the rest of your evening Thu, 27 Mar 2008 20:19:21 EST ETSY TEAM - "MARCH MILES" REPORTING & MOTIVATION <em>201</em> <BR> This is the thread where you will report your miles & post comments, motivation, challenges, triumphs, etc. This thread is for the "Etsy Team" during the "March Miles" Challenge!! More later - Jae Sat, 15 Mar 2008 16:04:14 EST CAPTAIN'S THREAD - MARCH MILES <em>201</em> <BR> Hi, Everyone!!!! This will be a thread for the CAPTAINS' use ONLY!!!! This is where we will report our teams progress & be able to communicate without weeding through volumes of posts!! I will have more info coming out soon!! Good Luck!!!! Hugzz - Jae Sat, 15 Mar 2008 15:55:39 EST hello just wanted to wish everyone a happy weekend and happy st pats day. Fri, 14 Mar 2008 18:45:31 EST WEIGHT LOSS HURRAYS!! <em>104</em> <em>244</em> <em>250</em> <em>247</em> TO QUEENANNE1953 Congrats to you on your weight loss! We're PROUD!! Ya signed up for the Challenge..all ya have to do is put the pedometer on!! That should help too!! It will be added with all your other excercises you do..conversion table will be here or one can ask about conversions.. <em>224</em> Thu, 13 Mar 2008 12:02:38 EST Official Sign-in Thread for Big Challenge Okay, Everyone, please copy & paste this list & add your user ID & your name. We need to find out who is joining us on the WONDERFUL Journey to Weight-loss!!!! Thanks!!!! Jae <BR> <BR> <BR> JAEBYRDS = Jae <BR> KYLIEMC8 = Kylie Thu, 6 Mar 2008 14:36:01 EST "MILES & MOTIVATION CHALLENGE" - Reporting Thread This is where we will report our mileage & whatever else our Leader, Kylie, decides!! I will post our official list of competitors after everyone signs up on the Official Sign-up Thread!! Please don't forget to sign-up!!!! Thanks - Jae Thu, 6 Mar 2008 14:33:24 EST SOLVE THIS RIDDLE The person who solves this riddle will get to post the next riddle ...LETS HAVE SOME FUN! <BR> <BR> <BR> I'm a riddle in nine syllables, <BR> An elephant, a ponderous house, <BR> A melon strolling on two tendrils <BR> O red fruit, Ivory, fine timber! <BR> The loaf's big with it's yeasty rising <BR> Money's new minted in this fat purse. <BR> I'm a means, a stage, a cow in calf. <BR> I've eaten a bag of green apples <BR> Boarded the train there's no getting off. Wed, 20 Feb 2008 17:20:00 EST Hi There! I'm new to this team... Hi...I'm Cheryl and I live in Las Vegas. I knit, crochet and sometimes make jewelry. I am a wannabe sewer, just not very good at it yet. I haven't sold anything yet, but some day I will. I just love Etsy and have made quite a few purchases...especially jewelry. Wed, 20 Feb 2008 15:40:29 EST What was your spark? What sparked your decision to lose weight? Was it a defining moment? <BR> Mine was I weighed myself at 199 (for a 5'3", that is alot) and decided to myself that I just couldn't see the scale even one pound higher. I started losing then. It's been a very slow process, but then again, so was putting it on. Mon, 18 Feb 2008 21:07:21 EST BIG CHALLENGE As of March 1st we will be having a challenge between three teams, Etsy, Chatty Crafters and BeadsVille & Bonding. <BR> <BR> Please have a pedometer handy for this one as it will be all walking..any walking.. <BR> <BR> I'll update you later...Thanks for participating..I'm hoping that we will <em>216</em> some serious bootie.. <em>211</em> Fri, 15 Feb 2008 08:39:36 EST REACHING GOALS THIS WILL BE WHERE YOU PUT DOWN YOUR WEIGHT LOSSES! Fri, 15 Feb 2008 08:35:15 EST MINI CHALLENGE This is our first mini challenge, I'm just moving things around.. <BR> <BR> What were your total SparkPoints for the day? <BR> <BR> Fri, 15 Feb 2008 08:34:18 EST The value of our work Does anyone else have a hard time putting a price on their work? I have a really hard time bringing myself to sell something, but I can gift it no problem...So I know it's not about letting go, I think it's about not wanting to put a price on something I've spent alot of time making. Fri, 15 Feb 2008 02:42:38 EST TODAYS HEALTHY REFLECTION "The true measure of an individual is how he treats a person who can do him no good" Ann Landers <BR> <BR> What are your feelings on this Healthy Reflection? <BR> <BR> I always treat everyone the same. I do have some minutes where I would like to just walk away. But there were times I was there too and needed someone like me to be there. Wed, 13 Feb 2008 09:48:38 EST MIND AND BODY I found this article this morning and wanted to share, since I fit the category! <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> Lifestyle Change Strategies <BR> <BR> <BR> Suppose you have the healthiest set of habits you’ve ever had. You’re eating more veggies than Bugs Bunny. Your sleep is so consistent that the neighbor’s rooster doesn’t get up until you do. You exercise so often that your gym shoes start lacing themselves. It’s tough to think that something could still get in your way. <BR> <BR> Something ca... Tue, 5 Feb 2008 07:46:11 EST OUR WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE THIS WEEKS( 2/4-2/8)***** CHALLENGE ***** IS TO: <BR> <BR> STRETCH, THERE ARE 5 UPPER AND LOWER STRETCHES AVAILABLE. <BR> <BR> UPPER: ISOMETRIC SHOULDER HOLD W/TOWEL 1 SET OF 10 <BR> CORE: STANDING SIDE BEND W/TOWEL 1 SET OF 10 <BR> LOWER: CALF RAISES W/CHAIR <BR> <BR> PLEASE CHECK IN A TELL ME HOW THEY MADE YOU FEEL! AND IF YOU WERE ABLE TO DO MORE <em>104</em> <BR> <BR> LETS DO IT!! (SORRY LATE START THIS WEEK!) Mon, 4 Feb 2008 22:43:28 EST What have YOU done today to make yourself PROUD? I've walked 75 far. After falling on the ice on my knee last night! <em>104</em> Sat, 2 Feb 2008 15:19:20 EST WHAT IS YOUR ETSY SELLER/BUYER NAME? itsacharmedlife <BR> <BR> Everyone can be added and add everyone as favorites so we ALL get more coverage! <em>211</em> Sat, 2 Feb 2008 15:03:02 EST CHALLENGE!!! Welcome to our first mini challenge! <BR> <BR> The CHALLENGE IS: A POINTS challenge..everyone logs in once a day with the prior days total points! <BR> <BR> I had 103 Sat, 2 Feb 2008 14:58:09 EST GOOD MORNING TEAM MEMBERS! <em>67</em> HAPPY SUNNY WEEKEND TO YOU ALL! I think everyone has been way way too quiet on here and needs a little perking up! Where are you all? <em>39</em> Sat, 2 Feb 2008 08:14:57 EST REACHING GOALS Congrats to LADYPIPPIE..she's reached a goal!! We're proud of you! <em>243</em> <em>104</em> Wed, 30 Jan 2008 21:25:47 EST Crafting the pounds away! Woot! Chello all! Greetings from south louisiana! <BR> <BR> I am in L-O-V-E with esty!!! What a fab site! I actually have not purchased anything.. or put anything up for sale for that matter, but I visit esty regularly for inspiration! <BR> <BR> I love being crafty! I have currently gotten back into crocheting and am working on a funky lap throw. When I start to have a craving, I pick up my yarn and crochet for a bit... I keep saying.. ok.. a few more stitches, then it will be snack time... ... Wed, 23 Jan 2008 17:55:10 EST Crafting the pounds away! Woot! Chello all! Greetings from south louisiana! <BR> <BR> I am in L-O-V-E with esty!!! What a fab site! I actually have not purchased anything.. or put anything up for sale for that matter, but I visit esty regularly for inspiration! <BR> <BR> I love being crafty! I have currently gotten back into crocheting and am working on a funky lap throw. When I start to have a craving, I pick up my yarn and crochet for a bit... I keep saying.. ok.. a few more stitches, then it will be snack time... ... Wed, 23 Jan 2008 17:53:25 EST New chickie here! Hi! My name is Heather, and I am getting started on a serious path to losing weight. Up until about 1998 I was always thin and fit. Then I took a series of desk jobs and started porking out. For someone who got all her exercise with whatever she was doing for most of the day, this made it really hard for me. <BR> <BR> I had always had active jobs, worked at a vet's office, had to walk to class, lived on a farm, did set construction, and did outdoor activities. Suddenly I was in a stressful ... Wed, 23 Jan 2008 15:02:26 EST Hola Chicas ~ Spark & Etsy an Awesome Combo!!! Hiya! <BR> I'm for you fellow etsians & CharlinDarlin for the spark peeps!! <BR> These two sites have changed my have I ever gotten along without them?? <BR> <BR> Hope to continue to learn, create, excell, motivate & be motivated and become healthy & fit...and of course meet and share with people who share the same intrests & goals!!! <BR> <BR> Please stop by either site and say "Hi!" <BR> <BR> Hugs ~ Char Sun, 13 Jan 2008 01:25:38 EST Hey, I am new I have been a member of spark people for a fairly long time... but I have been doing my usual avoidance/procrastination thing! :D <BR> <BR> So, today is my first day actually using spark people! <BR> <BR> I am Sat, 12 Jan 2008 19:25:59 EST MAGAZINE ARTICLES ABOUT SPARK PEOPLE! GOOD MORNING JAN 12TH 2008 - ETSY LOVERS <BR> <BR> Normally I wouldn't copy and paste to another team, but I thought this would be fitting for this, it's about our SP People..BUT THIS IS GREAT! <BR> <BR> <BR> I wanted to let you know about two amazing magazine features that are on newsstands now! <BR> <BR> 1. Woman's World features as "America's Hottest Diet Club." <BR> <BR> This January 21 issue, on newsstands now through January 18, features three SparkPeople members: B... Sat, 12 Jan 2008 07:37:34 EST New to the group Hi. My name is Kim , on etsy it's kimseven. On etsy I'm just a buyer who loves reading the forums. I been wanting to join the group but I guess I'm a big chicken. <BR> <BR> Thanks for letting me join. <BR> <BR> Kim <em>30</em> Fri, 11 Jan 2008 09:30:20 EST What are you busy making? I stitched a small mouth bass today. What are you working on? Mon, 7 Jan 2008 01:38:34 EST Post a link to your blog What is your crafting blog address? <link> </link> <BR> <BR> Click the add link button. Mon, 31 Dec 2007 01:17:34 EST Whats your next handmade project going to be? Now that the worst is over, what will your next project be? <BR> <BR> My project is going to be a 'princess' charm bracelet for a little girl. I made one for my grand niece and everyone loved it. So maybe it will be a seller on Etsy. I also have another wire working project sitting in wait for my hands to get better or bandaids on them! <BR> <BR> Hope to hear from you! <em>213</em> Wed, 26 Dec 2007 21:05:06 EST " Sister on The Move " Hi my name is Jackie, <BR> I'm so glad to join your group. <BR> I love sewing, cooking,and all types of crafts. <BR> Being a Wedding Consultant is my greatest joy. <BR> 90 percent of the items for the Weddings I make. <BR> Helping others to save money is one of my goals. <BR> Looking forward to chatting with you. <BR> <BR> God Bless <BR> Jackie Thu, 29 Nov 2007 07:46:05 EST New to group Hi my name is Debi. I'm from Christmas, FL. I own and operate my own candle business. I do all kinds of crafts from knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking and quilting. Thanks for letting me join your group. Tue, 2 Oct 2007 18:36:27 EST