SparkPeople Viva Vancouver! Team Messageboard Vancouver (not B.C.) Washington (not D.C.) Living it up on the other side of the river! SparkPeople Viva Vancouver! Team Messageboard 2019! Welcome! ...share with the team! Hoping that the shorter work week is agreeing with folks! <em>595</em> <BR> I have a half day Thurs. Then back to a full day on Friday. Working to make the best of it, whatever turns up. <BR> <BR> I don't have any awesome plans for the year. But we do plan to keep working on getting rid of more stuff. -- My target is Spring Break to get through the rest of things stored outside. It will have to find a home somewhere else! <BR> <BR> Maybe adult son will be available to help empty out t... Thu, 3 Jan 2019 01:25:12 EST 2018 How was your day? I did get another walk in today! Out the door for another 2.5 miles! Every little bit helps! <BR> <em>311</em> <BR> Still digging out of our 30-year mess. -- Unfortunately, DH mentioned that it might be summer before the flooring is done. <em>39</em> <BR> Spent more time sorting and figuring out what else I can cut loose of, get rid of, give away, declutter, etc. etc. etc. (I'll let you know when I "see" daylight!) <BR> <em>40</em> Tue, 2 Jan 2018 01:07:15 EST A - Z Halloween Word relating to Halloween. We can skip X and Z if you wish <BR> <BR> Wed, 11 Oct 2017 23:04:14 EST A- Z words, any # of letters! - Be creative! A - androgynous Wed, 8 Mar 2017 21:54:55 EST Checking in! 2017 How was your day? Maybe we can keep conversation going here... Stop by &amp; check in! <em>211</em> Sun, 5 Mar 2017 01:21:05 EST 9-letter words, A-Z A - abduction Sun, 22 Jan 2017 17:12:49 EST 8-letter words, A-Z A - abandons Sun, 1 Jan 2017 22:15:46 EST 7-letter words, A-Z A - abandon <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> OK if we keep this "growing"!? <BR> <em>465</em> Mon, 5 Sep 2016 01:48:20 EST 6-letter words, A-Z A - anchor <BR> Wed, 17 Aug 2016 01:12:15 EST Spark Premium coming August 2, 2016 Hi everyone! <BR> <BR> I wanted to give you a heads up that we have a new feature, SparkPeople Premium, launching tomorrow! This new option will change nothing about the current site, which will continue to remain completely free. It's just an additional option for those of you looking for more from your SparkPeople experience. <BR> <BR> Look for a new blog to be posted tomorrow with all of the details. <BR> <BR> Thanks! <BR> <BR> Coach Jen <BR> Mon, 1 Aug 2016 18:57:11 EST 5 letter words, A-Z A - apple Wed, 13 Jul 2016 00:37:59 EST New Spark Header Hi everyone! <BR> <BR> We wanted to give you a heads up about a new header that will be launching on the site tomorrow. Here's a look: <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> The menus will work in basically the same way, except that there are a few new options like videos and challenges. Hopefully these changes will help you access the features you use even more easily! <BR> <BR> Thanks! <BR> <BR> Coach Jen <BR> <BR> Wed, 13 Jul 2016 00:19:58 EST What are you working on? I would LOVE to drop 10% of body weight by Christmas. It would get me out of the DANGER zone that I'm currently in... <em>39</em> <BR> <BR> I've been using intermittent fasting to see if my body will do better with lower amounts of insulin coursing through my veins and help with blood sugar levels. (My April Dr. appt/bloodwork indicated pre-diabetic + non-alcoholic fatty liver disease starting.) <BR> <BR> If I keep busy, I can go about 16 -19 hrs without eating &amp; without headaches. ... Wed, 29 Jun 2016 00:41:49 EST New Look to Spark Pages Hi everyone! <BR> <BR> This morning we launched an updated look for SparkPages. They hadn't been updated in quite some time, so we hope you like the changes! <BR> <BR> The main changes include: <BR> - Background image has now become your banner image, going from background to the top of the page. You can still edit/crop and change this image as you'd like. <BR> - When you view your own page (and you're logged in), you can click the pencil icon to edit different sections. <BR> <BR> You'll s... Wed, 18 May 2016 15:31:48 EST Tulip Trot 4/2/2016 5K (3.1 miles) in Woodland at the Holland America Tulip Farms. <BR> This is a fun run/walk along the levee above the tulip fields. Best part is that each participant gets a bouquet of tulips to take home. OK, it doesn't last as long as the medals that some events give out, but they sure look nice on the dining room table for a week or so. They've got really nice shirts, too. <BR> <BR> I'm planning to attend Wed, 30 Dec 2015 20:03:49 EST Ft. Vancouver 2016 12K Run or 5K Walk or Run Sunday, March 6, 2016 <BR> Let's hope it's sunny and dry! <BR> I got started on this run in 2010 when Kashmir and Capthammer first announced it. There's 5K and 12K races. <BR> 5K race is 3.1 miles and can be walked in 50 to 70 minutes. The route is level except for going over the Land Bridge <BR> 12K race is 7.5 miles and goes out to Wintler Park then along the River to the Land Bridge. Most people complete it in about 2 hours although the elite runners do it in about 30 minutes or so. ... Wed, 30 Dec 2015 19:56:51 EST December is here! What are your plans? I'm still working on a day-at-a-time for life in general. I tend to get too wound up with all things stressful and it wrecks havoc w/ my body. <BR> <BR> Today I went to my weekly acupuncturist appt. (Milwaukie) and tomorrow is a deep-tissue therapeutic massage. Thu, 3 Dec 2015 23:32:53 EST November's Thankful list! <em>465</em> <em>426</em> <BR> I forgot to get this started...and I know that every day should include gratitude, but I often forget to think about my blessings. <BR> <BR> 1 - Really thankful that our vehicles ran safely today getting everybody where they needed to be and back home again (4 of them!). <BR> 2 - Thankful for wood &amp; a warm fire on the cold mornings &amp; evenings. <BR> 3 - Thankful for a caring acupuncturist. <BR> 4 - Thankful for healthy food available to me. <BR> ... Wed, 4 Nov 2015 22:56:15 EST Walking buddy and/or group Hi everyone, I'm looking for a walking buddy and/or group. I live near 97th Ave. and Mill Plain. <BR> Thank you! Sun, 6 Sep 2015 21:13:03 EST new to the group Hello my name is leah and I am so glad that I found this page!! I am actually new to vancouver as well,I have lived here for 2 years now, and still get lost going all over town. I am excited to get to know you and help encourage you as well as get some help and encouragement too. i am also looking and hoping to make some new friends up here. I am from orgeon, just south of portland. I have a total of 5 kids and would like to find some people who would like to get together and walk togethe... Sun, 19 Apr 2015 02:50:40 EST Tulip Trot 5K Run/Walk 4/4/15 I've done two of these and they are a lot of fun. Registration includes a bouquet of fresh-cut tulips. <BR> It's part of the Woodland Tulip Festival and is at the Holland America Bulb Farm in Woodland, WA. The race starts at 9:00 am. <BR> I'm going, come and join me. <BR> <em>311</em> Wed, 11 Feb 2015 22:24:33 EST Sugar I have the worst trouble with staying away from sugar. I know in my head it's really bad for me. I just can't seem to stop reaching for it. It makes me sick but I keep doing it. <BR> <BR> Anyone else have problems with staying away from sugar? Fri, 30 Jan 2015 14:11:56 EST Ft. Vancouver Run 2015 I got started on this run in 2010 when Kashmir and Capthammer first announced it. New course and new start area this year, but in previous years we've run along the river and over the land bridge. There's 5K and 12K races. <BR> <BR> Here's the link for more information <BR> <link> </link> <BR> <BR> Margaret Tue, 6 Jan 2015 21:28:22 EST Spark Points for Today How many Spark Points did you get today? <BR> <BR> I had 51. <BR> <BR> That includes a bonus spin. <BR> <BR> (I thought I'd try to revive an old thread; the number of spark points for a given day doesn't really matter; what they show, however, is that you're making an effort and you're succeeding in some way that DOES matter.) <BR> <BR> Sat, 3 Jan 2015 23:43:53 EST What will you do in 2015? I am embarking on an 8-week personal challenge. Here's countdown to making a change that will last! <BR> <em>521</em> Tue, 30 Dec 2014 03:18:39 EST Hello Everyone! Interested in Holistic Nutrition? Hello there! <BR> <BR> My name is Shirley I am currently studying Holistic Nutrition here in Vancouver. <BR> I would like to know if any of you is interested about Holistic Nutrition and if you have thought about consulting a holistic nutritionist? <BR> <BR> I am asking you this because I am looking for volunteers to work with me as Clients! <BR> It is a great way to experience the holistic approach of nutrition. <BR> I am looking for serious volunteers who are really interested in this ap... Tue, 16 Dec 2014 22:48:22 EST Turkey Trot 11/27/14 Clark County Turkey Trot <BR> 5K walk/run 10K run <BR> Klineline Pond, Vancouver 9 am $25 registration <BR> <BR> 5th Annual Walk for Water Turkey Trot <BR> Ridgefield Church of the Nazarene <BR> 5K walk/run 10K run <BR> Registration 7:00 am, 10K 8:00 am, 5K 8:30 am $30/25 registration <BR> <BR> Sat, 15 Nov 2014 21:47:19 EST Fall Challenge The goal is to set a personal goal(s) and decide how best you want to be accountable. We can do this from now to Nov. 30th. <BR> <BR> * Ideas: weekly minutes <BR> or number of days of activity ea week <BR> or monthly total(s) <BR> OR however you find motivation to both MOVE IT and record it and get a pat on the back for your efforts! <BR> <em>224</em> Tue, 23 Sep 2014 20:05:23 EST Making Changes... again Hello fellow Sparkers! <BR> <BR> My name is Becky, I just got married, and seeing my wedding photos was something of a turning point for me. The wedding was beautiful, it was fun, and I adored seeing all my family, but the photos were very bittersweet for me. I had no idea just how heavy I'd gotten and now I mean to change that. Perhaps I can take new photos at our anniversary that I like better and then more a year after that. <BR> <BR> My Husband and I find that one of our biggest challen... Sat, 9 Aug 2014 13:22:33 EST Change to the Start Page from Coach Jen ... <BR> <BR> "We'll be making a small change on the Start page tomorrow, and I just wanted to give you a heads up. Some of you asked about the wheel disappearing this week from the left side of the page. We are going to move the link to spin the wheel as well as the total SparkPoints for the day over to the right side of the page under Step 1. It will still be very visible and still serve as a good reminder to spin. <BR> <BR> To access your team bonus points, you will have t... Wed, 16 Jul 2014 20:08:05 EST "Go for the Burn" July Challenge The July Challenge is to burn up at least 10,000 calories - tracking them however you choose. <BR> <BR> There is no official "winner" to these monthly challenges, just the knowledge that you've made the effort and you're benefiting from your progress. If you want to join the challenge, just reply and then stop by at intervals to let others know how you're doing. If you want to set a higher goal for yourself, that's great! <BR> <em>319</em> <em>318</em> <em>363</em> <em>311</em... Wed, 2 Jul 2014 15:11:58 EST Introducing.... Name: Trish <BR> Age: 58 <BR> Birthday: Oct 3rd <BR> Occupation: Hospice Nurse <BR> Location: Vancouver <BR> Married?: Yes, over 20 years <BR> Kids?: 3 <BR> Hobbies: making soaps, body butters, perfume oils, knitting, music, singing <BR> <BR> Favorites..... <BR> <BR> Food: everything....that's my problem :) <BR> Local Restaurant: Petra House <BR> Part of Vancouver: east Vancouver <BR> Actor/Actress: no faves <BR> Place to shop for clothing: Christopher and Barnes, Goodwill, make my own <BR... Wed, 11 Jun 2014 21:08:49 EST "Jump" into June Challenge Toward the end of the "Step" into May Challenge, several of us were discussing what to do for a June Challenge. <BR> <BR> The most popular idea seemed to be to have each participant pick their own goal and then report back on their progress in reaching that goal. Along the way, we can have sub-goals as well. <BR> <BR> Thus, your challenge goal for June could be to walk/run a total of 90 miles. You could have a sub-goal of doing at least one 5-mile hike per week. <BR> <BR> So - what is YO... Sun, 1 Jun 2014 23:26:17 EST Team Goodies Sent for May Yesterday, I sent 33 team goodies for the month of May. Please let me know if you received an emailed message from Spark saying you got a goodie! <BR> <BR> I sent the goodies in two groups. The first group was for those whose names are on the 30-Day list and who have Spark Pages (if you don't set up a Spark Page, I can't send you a team goodie). <BR> <BR> That list includes: ELRIGGAN, CLEANMOMMY, TSTUEHM, COUVERWOLF, TOWHEE, CHERRYSUN, CCLAYCAMP2007, JAZZENANA, COUVETWITT, GOOFIERNU, K... Sun, 1 Jun 2014 13:23:40 EST Anyone else in the Kelso Longview area? I am hoping that there are a few other people (or maybe just one other) that are here in the Kelso or Longview area. As much as I love going down to Vancouver, I would love to be able to meet up with someone locally. Walk the lake or one of the dike trails. I have a friend that I used to walk the lake with, but her toddler refuses to stay in stroller. Mine doesn't mind as long as he can get out to play at the end of the walk. <BR> <BR> If you are local and are up for walking (or runnin... Tue, 27 May 2014 11:54:34 EST Quick Challenge for May As I announced in a Wall message, here is a Quick new Challenge! <BR> <BR> Several people on this and other teams I'm on have noticed that some really old announcements got transferred onto the Wall. I think this is because they didn't get transferred as "announcements". I noted that the announcement I entered today has a note under it saying it will stay at (or near) the top for 48 hours. At the end of that time, it will either disappear or just lose its "announcement" status - Spark has... Sat, 3 May 2014 13:03:37 EST "Step" into May Challenge! Hi team! <BR> <BR> I know a number of you walk, run & ride. Since I'm not much of a social media person, I thought I would provide a spot to log your daily accomplishments. This puts us on track with the Spark People May Challenge. <em>211</em> <BR> <BR> <link><BR>st=step_into_may_with_a_new_challenge </link> <BR> <BR> Keep track here daily, and then if you want, post how many miles you accomplished during the whole month--on May 31st! <BR> <BR> ... Tue, 29 Apr 2014 02:51:23 EST New Look Coming for Team page Spark sent a message today to all team leaders about some changes that are coming mid-week. Basically, they've redesigned the look of the Team Page. The most noticeable feature will be the addition of a Team Wall at the "top" of the page. We'll have to wait to see just how it functions, but it looks like a place where we can make announcements, share photos, make comments, etc. The team Forums will still be there, and some items have been relocated to the side of the page instead of the t... Wed, 23 Apr 2014 19:43:27 EST Consider rebounding! ...a beneficial exercise! Found this in my Inbox today. Looks like a very reasonable, doable exercise to add in several days a week. <BR> <link><BR>unding/ </link> <BR> <BR> There are a LOT of benefits AND I like that it can be done in 3-5 min intervals throughout they day! -- I'm headed out to get my mini-trampoline out of storage in the garage! <BR> <em>104</em> Wed, 19 Mar 2014 16:51:30 EST Tulip Trot, 5K Walk/Run in Woodland on April 6 I did this event last year and it was great fun. The course is very flat, except for the one place where you climb up onto the levee and then get off again. It's an out-and-back timed course. Everyone gets a tulip bouquet. <BR> <BR> For more information see <link> </link> Sun, 2 Mar 2014 18:54:49 EST Birthdays JANUARY <BR> <BR> <BR> FEBRUARY <BR> <BR> <BR> MARCH <BR> <BR> <BR> APRIL <BR> 11- akashelly <BR> <BR> MAY <BR> 19-mamadosninas <BR> <BR> JUNE <BR> 7 - GLJEWEL <BR> <BR> JULY <BR> 19 - LOU1DAY <BR> <BR> AUGUST <BR> <BR> <BR> SEPTEMBER <BR> <BR> <BR> OCTOBER <BR> 7 -- rjo1223 <BR> <BR> NOVEMBER <BR> 1 - Berry4 <BR> <BR> DECEMBER <BR> <BR> Tue, 14 Jan 2014 21:47:55 EST Ft. Vancouver Walk/Run March 2, 2014 I got started on this run in 2010 when Kashmir and Capthammer first announced it. It's a really nice run from the Fred Meyer Grand Central, along the river, over the land bridge, through the Fort and back to the Start/Finish line. There's 6K, 10K, and 15K races. <BR> <BR> Here's the link for more information <BR> <link> </link> <BR> <BR> Margaret Sat, 4 Jan 2014 19:14:57 EST New to Group Hello all, <BR> <BR> I'm new to Spark People and to this group! So glad to see so many people in my neck of the woods who are committed to losing weight and feeling better. <BR> <BR> Looking forward to seeing everyone's progress! <BR> <BR> AJ Thu, 2 Jan 2014 22:38:11 EST Bonus Points If you're one of those Sparkers who like to earn Bonus Points, don't miss out on the Start Page opportunities. <BR> <BR> You already know you earn points by spinning the wheel when you Log-in to Spark, and you earn points by tracking and making comments. However, when you go to the Start Page, you can earn points by clicking the pennants in Section 3 to give Team Bonus Points to your teams. If your team gets 50 points, so do you. If, when you start to click the pennants, you don't yet hav... Thu, 2 Jan 2014 19:23:28 EST New Year's Day Walk in East Vancouver Once again the Vancouver USA Volkssporters is offering a New Year's Day walk. They have three 5K loops and we can take one, two or all three. The start time is between 9 am and 1 pm at the McMenamins at 1900 NE 162nd Ave. <BR> <BR> I did this a couple of years ago and had a great time. Is anybody game? <BR> <BR> Margaret Fri, 27 Dec 2013 01:08:16 EST Hi, new here! Hello there. I'm not very good at doing things on my own. I really need a lot of motivation and support and I'm hoping I can find it here. Thu, 12 Dec 2013 19:40:09 EST Shutting Down the Fat Talk I saw a link to this on a blog for another team; it's worth looking at and considering how we should change the conversations we have with ourselves. <BR> <BR> For some reason, although I've tried inserting it a couple of times, the link isn't working. It does work if you can copy it to your browser toolbar and then click on it. I put it into Word and was able to do a CTRL-click to go to the website. <BR> <BR> <link><BR>lSBodVM </link> <BR> <BR> Any... Sun, 8 Dec 2013 02:56:24 EST Tired of being tired... Hi everyone! My name is Liann and I am beginning again on this journey of weight loss, getting healthier and self-discovery. I am so unsure of what I am doing that it is almost frightening. There is a lot of "do this, not that" stuff out there that I sometimes get confused. <BR> One step at a time is what they say, but sometimes those first several steps can be pretty scary. Sun, 8 Dec 2013 01:36:26 EST Hey, Viva Vancouver! Hello Everyone, <BR> <BR> My name is Bob, I'm 29 and I just joined Spark People and team Viva Vancouver. I'm excited to start exercising and watching what I eat. I need to get in shape and I'm ready to get started. <BR> <BR> I recently moved to the Pacific Northwest in July from Phoenix, AZ. I stayed in Portland for a few months, then just recently moved to Vancouver. The weather has been amazing up here so far. I wasn't sure what to expect with the Fall and Winter seasons. <BR> <BR> ... Wed, 4 Dec 2013 17:31:02 EST new cookware I know it sounds silly but I bought new stainless steel pots today. One of them is an 8 quart stock pot which I'm about to use to make some bean and veggie soup. It's so exciting to have something new. Makes me want to clean the whole kitchen to sparkling just to match the look of the pots. Just think how many calories that would burn! <BR> <BR> gl Mon, 2 Dec 2013 17:52:53 EST Spark New Member Welcome Guide By now, you're all familiar with the new look of the Spark Start Page. It has another new feature, a New Member Welcome Guide. <BR> <BR> For more information, see Coach Nicole's blog: <BR> <link><BR>st=earn_500_sparkpoints_with_our_new_w<BR>elcome_guide </link> <BR> <BR> All new members will be directed to this guide when they join Spark, but it's a good feature for those of us who have been around for a while, especially if we're leading a team (or t... Fri, 15 Nov 2013 15:12:57 EST New Look for Spark Start Page You may have noticed some changes to the Spark Start Page; the changes will all be rolled out by Monday, but I gather a few of them are already visible here and there. <BR> <BR> To learn more about what's coming, check out the video here: <link><BR>st=introducing_a_brand_new_sparkpeople<BR>_experience </link> <BR> <BR> If you're fairly new to Spark and/or if you regularly use the Start page, these do look like some well-thought-out changes. Fri, 18 Oct 2013 17:24:23 EST Emotional Eating A discussion on a team leaders forum today suggested starting a thread on the topic of emotional eating. I thought about it and decided it's something we haven't discussed as a team, so perhaps it's time. <BR> <BR> Here are some things that come to mind: <BR> - Does emotional eating affect you in any way? <BR> - Do you crave certain foods at certain times, just because they "make you feel better"? <BR> - What do you crave? <BR> - Does it help? <BR> - How do you deal with emotional eating? <... Tue, 15 Oct 2013 13:27:31 EST Hello and yes I am a new member... Hello everyone..... I am not in Vancouver right now but out at my beach house...... I stay here often..... In fact I just sold my house in couver and I am looking to buy another.... One level please..... anyway....Good to meet people in Vancouver...... I am really a Oregonian but well I need to live in Vancouver and call it my residency.... anyway.... I am still learn my way around... I like to camp,kayak, fish, walk ( a little slower these days ) garden , plants, collect rocks ( m... Tue, 8 Oct 2013 20:59:58 EST One Thing Challenge - September Wow! I was going to resurrect an old thread for the September challenge - and there wasn't one. I guess we've always fallen off the wagon in September, so this is a good year to get on it and stay on it! <BR> <BR> If you're new to the Viva Vancouver! team, the idea of this challenge is very simple. Pick one (or maybe two) thing(s) you are going to concentrate on for the coming month. Report in this thread from time to time on how well you are doing with your personal challenge. Of course, ... Mon, 2 Sep 2013 15:35:37 EST Hi, I am new. I am beginning my weight loss (personal) plan today. <BR> I live just across the Clark County line in Cowlitz county. Sometimes I drive north to Longview to walk around the lake there. Its a beautiful 3-4 mile walk. However, since I hate to drive that far just to walk, and I hate walking around my neighborhood, I purchased a used Reebok 8700 ES Treadmill and placed it on my covered deck. <BR> Rain or shine, I will be able to walk. <BR> <BR> My personal goal is to bring my weight dow... Thu, 22 Aug 2013 21:56:46 EST Team Goodies for July Oops! I just remembered this was one of the things I was going to do today! I got busy with one thing and then another (three bouts of "gardening") and just forgot about the team goodies. <BR> <BR> Anyway, consider yourself to have received a goodie for the nice <em>67</em> ! It's better than the <em>200</em> days of August! Here's hoping we don't get any <em>54</em> or <em>27</em> . At any rate, there will be lots of <em>67</em> and probably some <em>259</em> times... Thu, 1 Aug 2013 02:49:34 EST Hi Too bad this seems to be so inactive. ??? <BR> <BR> I joined Sparkpeople several days ago. I joined mainly because I had just bought a Rebounder and was looking for a Forum with others who also Rebounded as an exercise. I found them by googling. <em>30</em> So I've been on the Urban Rebounding!! Lets Sweat thread everyday and participate in their Team Challenge. <BR> <BR> As it turns out, I have found Sparkpeople to be quite the Forum with so much information and just plain fun. <BR> ... Wed, 17 Jul 2013 14:19:52 EST What activity / exercise did you do today? I walked 6229 steps all over the farm + gym time for ST. <BR> <BR> (With the farm in open for business, I only made it to the gym 1 day last week. Will try to improve on that this week!) Mon, 8 Jul 2013 23:37:55 EST Hello Name: Christie <BR> Age:64 <BR> Birthday: 11/24 <BR> Occupation: Semi retired/teaching fitness at several facilities (mostly seniors) <BR> Married: not at this time <BR> Kids: 2 Grown up I feed them and they became wonderful adults. <BR> Favorite Grocery store: mostly Safeway or Trader Joes <BR> Favorite place to shop: not a fan <BR> Favorite pass time, when one has time to pass: traveling, reading, TV, friends and family. <BR> Pets: 18 year old Beagle named Cleo <BR> Why do Sparkpeople: I f... Fri, 31 May 2013 11:16:13 EST Marree15 Hi, <BR> This is my first day with Spark People.....I am a 66 year "young" lady living in Washington state. I am wanting to lose 85 lbs. and it is not easy!! <BR> I lost my job four and a half years ago, and am now retired and have way to much time on my hands! I am a mother of five (5) grown kids, have fifteen (15) Grandchildren and two (2) Great-Grandsons. I am also divorced and live by myself, which is very nice. <BR> I look forward to hearing from some of you that want to share. <BR> Tak... Tue, 21 May 2013 14:05:29 EST Wendy lost her bandana I saw in The Columbian this morning that Wendy the Welder lost her bandana. <em>46</em> <BR> <BR> Every time I walk past her I think of the times that the Viva Vancouver team walked by her on our evening walks. I sure hope she gets repaired soon. <BR> Tue, 14 May 2013 11:58:53 EST Another day of sun..... let's get out and enjoy it!!! Definitely taking a walk today. Fri, 3 May 2013 14:55:56 EST Today I'm working on... mindful eating... <BR> <BR> I've been reading "Hunger Fix" by Dr. Pamela Peeke. A 2-word expression has hooked me to identify the "False Fixes" I use food for instead of a healthier alternative. Fri, 26 Apr 2013 18:52:46 EST Word Association Game It's been a while since we've had a game going on this team, so I thought we'd give it a try for a while. <BR> <BR> This is a little word association game, where I give the starting word and the next person to comment gives a word they associate with that word. If you want to include a brief comment as to why one word makes you think of another, that will make it all the more fun. <BR> <BR> For starters, my first word is: lifestyle <BR> <BR> because that's really what SparkPeople is all... Fri, 5 Apr 2013 13:30:36 EST Warrior Dash in Bonney Lake WA on July 20th I just registered to run the Warrior Dash in Bonney Lake WA on July 20th. I've never participated in any physical event. I've never ran with other people and I've never ran on anything but pavement. I can run 3.15 miles but I'm not fast at all. I've never been able to do a pull up. I can't even do a real, on the toes, push up with good form. And yet I have no doubt that I can finish this thing. <BR> <BR> I don't really know how to prepare. Is anybody else going? If you've done this before d... Wed, 27 Mar 2013 20:15:17 EST Tulip Trot 5K Walk or Run, Woodland, April 13 As part of the annual Woodland Tulip Festival, there will be a 5K (3.1 mile) walk or run. This is a good way to get started on your spring goals. The course is very flat and goes along the tulip fields, so it's pretty. <BR> <BR> I've signed up. Do you want to join me? Go to for more details. Tue, 19 Mar 2013 12:24:39 EST Team Goals - Time for New Ones? For a while there, I was really busy and stopped subscribing to all weekly Spark Digests. Recently, I saw a comment about outdated announcements that caused me to renew this team's Digest just to check what was listing. When I did, I took a good look at the page and realized that hardly anyone was either (a) tracking their goals, or (b) had joined the goals. <BR> <BR> The Team Goals list near the bottom of the team page, between the Team Forum and the Team Members. If you're entering this... Thu, 14 Mar 2013 14:43:08 EST March is here! What is your goal for the month? I'm hoping to walk 2-3 miles at least 3 days every week. <BR> <em>311</em> <BR> Daylight savings begins on March 10th. More daylight will be a good thing for me! Thu, 28 Feb 2013 03:12:34 EST Ft. Vancouver Walk/Run March 3, 2013 The Ft. Vancouver Walk/Run is coming up in two weeks (egads!) I'm already signed up. Is anyone else going to be there? <BR> <BR> This is a fun event that goes under SR14, over the land bridge and through the Fort. The highest elevation is the land bridge, so it's easy. <BR> <BR> Margaret <BR> Sun, 17 Feb 2013 19:30:35 EST New Team Leader BERRY4 has agreed to be one of the new co-leaders of the Viva Vancouver! team. <BR> <BR> Please join us in welcoming her and wishing her well! <em>235</em> <BR> <em>306</em> <em>345</em> <em>243</em> <em>381</em> <em>244</em> <em>250</em> <em>380</em> Fri, 15 Feb 2013 23:19:19 EST This is the year - anyone wanna join me? I think I am finally ready to get healthy! I quit smoking almost two months ago and am ready to get my body back into shape - a few years late....looking for people willing to meet up on a weekly consistant basis to exercise - any form is great! Also just got a membership at Planet Fitness so if you have a membership please shoot me a message as well! Just wanna do it right this year - this is my year - going to make it happen! Please friend me if you wanna be my workout friend - or even if ... Fri, 11 Jan 2013 02:37:42 EST My trainer is moving!!! My dear friend and trainer just told me that she is moving to Idaho. It won't be for several months, but I am so sad and don't know how I will keep the motivation to lose my final 25 lbs. One of my best friends also told me last weekend that she is moving to Ohio probably around the same time as my trainer so I am really trying to hang on to a positive attitude and stay motivated. Since we all live in "the Couve" I was wondering if anyone is up for meeting and kind of creating a workout group... Sun, 30 Dec 2012 23:11:42 EST Hello I'm new here Hi I'm Lisa and I'm just giving this a shot for support purposes. I've just recently moved to Washington and don't have many who live close enough to walk with me. After being in school for the last 4 years I've gained so much weight that I am very uncomfortable and unhealthy; recently being put on two different BP meds and one heart pill. So now its time to match up my physical being w/ my emotional being. I am going to look into yoga as well as self defense classes like Karate as I have gre... Wed, 5 Dec 2012 22:34:43 EST Hot Buttered Run 5 & 12k <link> </link> <BR> <BR> The Hot Buttered Run is open for registrations now. I've got a couple of friends who might go, but I'm going either way. I think it'll be a really good exercise opportunity that I'll need right after Thanksgiving feasting! Sun, 28 Oct 2012 16:30:32 EST Introduction Greetings all! I signed up this past week and am just now getting around to all of the exploring stuff. I am a full-time teacher and single mother of 3. I am looking for accountability and support and I have been a bit of a yo-yoer when it comes to creating a healthy lifestyle. I want to create a healthy lifestyle that my children can emulate so they aren't continuing the weight struggle that some in our family have. Ideally I have 100+ pounds to lose but will settle for 5 pound increments as... Fri, 26 Oct 2012 16:20:33 EST Three VV members featured in Columbian Story Three Viva Vancouver members - KASHMIR, AKASHELLY, and CMERUN29 were featured in a story in today's Columbian. Here's the link <link><BR>irlfriends-half-marathon-brings-friend<BR>s-together/ </link> <BR> <BR> Congratulations to all three of you. <BR> <BR> Margaret <BR> Sat, 13 Oct 2012 22:49:50 EST Walking this Saturday, October 13th. Just making a new topic off the "walking buddies" thread so maybe more ppl will get the message! I didn't see another thread for general walks, so if I missed it, let me know! <BR> <BR> The weather forecast is still a tad unsettled for the weekend, but I'm going to try a Saturday morning walk unless it's pouring rain! Here's my plan-anyone who wants to join is welcome and I'm going to cross post this on the Portland Team forum as well. <BR> <BR> This is not a terribly strenuous walk, but i... Thu, 11 Oct 2012 16:06:56 EST 20th Annual Lyle's Myles 5K Run/Walk Hi all, <BR> <BR> After having an amazing time at Lyle's Myles this year, I can't wait for next year's. So much, in fact, that I've come on board as one of the coordinators of next year's race, the 20th, on July 13th, 2013. I just wanted to give all the local Sparkers the registration link. <BR> <BR> <link><BR>ver/20thAnnualLylesMyles5KRunWalk </link> <BR> <BR> The cost is just $12.00 ($10 plus a $2 processing fee), plus $10 for a Lyle's Myles T-Shi... Fri, 5 Oct 2012 21:59:45 EST Spark mention in another Shine story. Yeah! <link><BR>dable-ways-lose-weight-183700110.html </link> <BR> <BR> One of the things I do love about Spark and why I have kept up with it, even though I'm not doing as well on my weight loss as I was the first 6 months, are the logs and community team boards. If I could (I know, I know!) get back to planning out my meals ahead of time instead of logging them after I eat and seeing that I've eaten too much in a day, I could start losing weight again! Mon, 10 Sep 2012 22:01:27 EST Wine & Jazz Festival Anybody going to the Wine & Jazz fest this weekend? <BR> <BR> I'm going to go. Just wondering what all your strategies are for not eating/drinking too much in these kinds of situations? Weekends seem to always be my challenge when trying to restrict calories! I know I should be psyching myself up right now to NOT drink too much wine, NOT eat too much food, but really I'm looking so forward to trying different foods and cutting up a little on the vino! <BR> <BR> I just know it's one of ... Fri, 24 Aug 2012 21:28:58 EST Spark Get Together in Portland The Spark Portland team is going to get together on Sunday August 19 at 9am for a hike from Lower Macley Park to the Stone House and back in Forest Park. <BR> <BR> The hike will begin at Lower MacLeay park, and is on a mostly dirt and gravel trail, approx 1 mile uphill then 1 mile back down. For those who follow my blogs and my facebook posts, this is where I have been beginning my hikes this summer. <BR> <BR> Lower Macleay Park is at 29th and Upshur, there is on street parking in the neigh... Mon, 13 Aug 2012 16:50:56 EST New & in North Vancouver Hi Group! I lost 80 pounds and have kept it off for 10 years. I have used this site for years now to keep me accountable, but I'm just now diving into the "community" portion of the site. I love to run & workout over at the Marshall Center. My newest adventure is cycling. Perhaps I'll see a few of you around town as I'm out and about. We need secret Spark People shirts so we can identify each other. HA! <BR> Fri, 10 Aug 2012 21:06:32 EST AM Work out buddy anyone ? I will be turning 50 Wed 8/8 and Im vowing that the 2nd 1/2 of my life will be Amazingly better than the 1st 1/2. Already is Im married to a wonderful man we have 4 kids together 2 grand kids. I keep hearing its better to have a work out partner. I belong to a local gym. Also love to walk & get some fresh air. I have a strong faith in the Lord & just wondering if there are any other ladies having a hard time getting to the gym regularly and may want a workout buddy and possible new friend. <... Tue, 7 Aug 2012 00:07:20 EST Sparker on Yahoo Shine Found an article today on Yahoo Shine about a Sparker who has lost 115 pounds! <BR> <BR> <link><BR>-lost-115-pounds-gained-life-152800794<BR>.html </link> Thu, 2 Aug 2012 16:34:47 EST Workout Buddy Hi All! <BR> I am new to Spark and am looking for someone to help keep my on track, and be active with. Any takers? Wed, 25 Jul 2012 14:07:12 EST Introductions Good evening Viva Vancouver Team: <BR> <BR> I have just recently moved back to the Vancouver area after being gone for over 6 years. It is so nice to be back around friends and family. I have been living the past six years in a tiny town in Eastern Washington. (when I say tiny, I am talking about the downtown being 2 blocks wide by 3 blocks long.) The closest "Big" city to us was 30 miles away. It was extremely hard to take part in a Spark team over in that area, because I lived so far a... Thu, 12 Jul 2012 04:45:45 EST New Emoticons <em>381</em> ...... <em>386</em> ...... <em>345</em> ...... <em>285</em> <BR> <BR> In case you haven't noticed, we have some new emoticons to choose from. There are quite a few on each of the tabs, so perhaps it will be easier to get your messages across now! Thu, 5 Jul 2012 14:48:37 EST Hello Hi to everyone on sparkpeople. Hoping to find some perspective and help while trying to lose weight I have gained very quickly and without an explained reason. Seeing doctors but while they figure it out I am looking for some sort of control. Happy to be here! Wed, 27 Jun 2012 01:41:26 EST Team Spark Goodies for June Hi All, <BR> As you know, I usually give out the monthly Spark Goodies for the team on the last day of the month. However, I'll be gone most of the day on Saturday to a rose show (leaving early and getting home late and tired), so I'll give out the goodies early Friday evening. It's a 2-3 hour process, so I'll start around 4:30. For those of you who do lots of last-minute tracking, you might want to check that you have entered everything you can by that time, rather than wait til late Frid... Mon, 25 Jun 2012 13:49:57 EST Kicking butt in Van Wa!! Hi My name is Ken I'm still knind've new to spark but I wanted to say howdy to the team and see if there are any other Martial Artist in the group. I have been training in MA for 4 years and I am now a 3rd kyu or brown belt in shotokan karate. I find it very beneficial to my weight loss and muscle building and thought I'd find some compatriots. Sun, 24 Jun 2012 22:06:03 EST Just signed up I got on the scale today only to discover that I had gained the 30 pounds I lost over the past year! I am sure I have done this countless times. I am just so wanting this cycle to end! Wed, 20 Jun 2012 05:42:03 EST Lyle's Myles 5K Hi everyone! <BR> <BR> So I hope this isn't an inappropriate thing to post on here, but on July 14th, I'm going to be participating in Lyle's Myles. The 19th annual Lyle’s Myles 5K Walk/Run is a benefit for AIDS charities. It is held in cooperation with “Saturday in the Park”, Vancouver’s 18th Annual LGBT Pride Event, and with Referendum 74 advancing to the ballot this November, LGBT causes need our support more than ever. <BR> <BR> I’m asking, if you are able and so inclined, to help by d... Tue, 19 Jun 2012 18:30:31 EST My weight loss blog! Hi everyone! <BR> <BR> I just wanted to share my blog on here. There's some bad language on there, so be warned, but I think it'll help keep me honest, so if you'd like to read it, here it is! <BR> <BR> <link> </link> Tue, 19 Jun 2012 11:59:00 EST Welcome to the group, me! Hi all, <BR> <BR> I've been on SP before but this time I mean it for reals! I live near Hazel Dell (to be fair, this is a guess, since I've only lived here a little while and only vaguely know the neighborhoods). I'm doing Drew Magary's Public Humiliation Diet ( <link><BR>liation-diet-a-how+to </link> - LANGUAGE WARNING DULY APPLIED) and it's going pretty well so far. I'd love to find people to commiserate with, so say hi, then say some more! Fri, 1 Jun 2012 16:23:15 EST New here! Im Ashley and I just moved back to vancouver from california. Just gave birth to 2 beautiful twin girls. Looking forward to getting back into shape. Wed, 25 Apr 2012 20:17:40 EST Toward a Better Diet I decided to start a new thread - anyone can join in. <BR> <BR> The idea is to provide links to web articles we've read that provide good ideas we can apply to our daily eating. <BR> <BR> To start out, here's an article about some common "worse than white bread" foods to avoid: <BR> <link><BR>-without-cause-foods-worse-white-bread<BR>-142800370.html </link> Fri, 23 Mar 2012 20:56:55 EST Calorie counting is very eye opening!!! Hi there! I am joining Spark People to lose weight. I thought I ate pretty decent until I started using this website. I've heard trainers say you got to count your caloreies but thought "I don't need to do that, I'll just chill on the eating out and eat whole wheat everything, oh..and more veggies" But wow am I surprised to learn the amount of calories I was consuming! I am definately having a tough time right now...starving all the time! So basically this is my hell week and I know it's just... Fri, 23 Mar 2012 15:01:07 EST Joining Team Goals Have you joined the Team Goals for the Viva Vancouver! team? <BR> <BR> Not sure? <BR> <BR> Scroll down the team page to the Team Goals section to where the various team goals are listed. If, at the right of each goal, it reads "Join Team" you have not yet joined that team goal. This means that, even though you may be tracking how much water you drink, it isn't helping move the bar across the page. On the other hand, if it reads "Track Goal", then when you enter your steps for the day (in... Sat, 3 Mar 2012 20:40:57 EST One Thing Challenge - March If you're new to the Viva Vancouver! team, the idea of this challenge is very simple. Pick one (or maybe two) thing(s) you are going to concentrate on for the coming month. Report in this thread from time to time on how well you are doing with your personal challenge. Of course, you'll be doing lots of other things, tracking nutrition, doing cardio, etc., but this is 'one thing' you're working on. Fri, 2 Mar 2012 12:52:06 EST Yay i am new excited to get skinny and be a healthy mom Tue, 21 Feb 2012 15:52:11 EST One Thing Challenge - February If you're new to the Viva Vancouver! team, the idea of this challenge is very simple. Pick one (or maybe two) thing(s) you are going to concentrate on for the coming month. Report in this thread from time to time on how well you are doing with your personal challenge. Of course, you'll be doing lots of other things, tracking nutrition, doing cardio, etc., but this is 'one thing' you're working on. Wed, 8 Feb 2012 17:31:40 EST Duplicates on SparkPoints List I've been giving out team goodies today and have discovered at least 10 of our team members somehow got listed twice on the SparkPoints list. I've contacted Spark's Technical Team about this. If you're checking for your placement on this list and your listing number is over 50, it should be about 10 points higher. <BR> <BR> Also, I just became aware that some people who should be on the list aren't listed - me among them! <BR> <BR> Slightly later - not sure how often they run these lists;... Tue, 31 Jan 2012 16:51:42 EST Spartan Race Hey everyone! <BR> <BR> I have created a team for the up coming Spartan Race. If you would like to join us we are running the 10am course but you can do which ever you like and still sign up under our group name. :) <BR> <BR> I've created a team called Shoug Warriors for Pacific Northwest Spartan Sprint 2012, and registration is open now. You can join my team here: <BR><BR>race?e=1749102&pse=1749302&tid=1579104<BR>&tname=Shoug Warriors <BR> <BR> Yo... Mon, 30 Jan 2012 17:41:48 EST I am this years Arthritis Walk Grand Marshal I am going to be this years Grand Marshal for the Arthritis walk in Vancouver. I am both excited and nervous I have to give a speech in front of a lot of people. I would love for any of you to join my team. If you would like to donate to my page that would be great too. I never raise much so it would be nice to have some good numbers for the year I am the Grand Marshal. I am sure you can all understand that between now and then I will be working by butt off to be in the best shape I can by th... Sun, 29 Jan 2012 20:41:38 EST HOWDY! I just wanted to say hello to everyone since I'm the newest newbie in the group. Still have a LOT to learn but I wanted to have a positive place to get support for my weight loss efforts. After 3 babies and 2 bouts of postpartum depression, plus having the tendency to be an emotional eater my whole life, I'm at an all-time high and want to change. <BR> <BR> Just curious, any other fibromyalgia sufferers in the group besides me? Sun, 15 Jan 2012 19:57:11 EST Spark sharing of Blogs to Facebook and Twitter I just learned of a new feature on SparkPeople that automatically added a "Share Bar" to our blog entries. I do not like this feature. I want to choose when my blogs are shared on Facebook, and not allow someone else to do so easily. <BR> <BR> If you'll notice on your own blog now there is a "Share" bar at the top of the blog. That means if someone likes your blog entry they can "share" on their Facebook wall! <BR> Who wants his/her blog about losing weight or other personal info/thoughts/go... Sun, 15 Jan 2012 14:24:26 EST Walking at Vancouver Mall? Is there still a group walking at the Vancouver Mall? If so may I join you? When? Where? Wed, 11 Jan 2012 12:57:29 EST One Thing Challenge - January If you're new to the Viva Vancouver! team, the idea of this challenge is very simple. Pick one (or maybe two) thing(s) you are going to concentrate on for the coming month. Report in this thread from time to time on how well you are doing with your personal challenge. Of course, you'll be doing lots of other things, tracking nutrition, doing cardio, etc., but this is 'one thing' you're working on. Sun, 1 Jan 2012 01:27:57 EST Ft. Vancouver Walk/Run March 4, 2012 I just got the announcement that the next Ft. Vancouver Walk/Run will be March 4, 2012. They are offering 6K, 10K, and 15K races. Several of us have participated in prior years and it's really a lot of fun. Go to <link> </link> for more information. Wed, 14 Dec 2011 20:22:58 EST Sad Member News Some of you may have been around long enough to remember SING4U57 (Lisa). She was on her way to becoming a star Spark loser when I joined the team. She ended up losing 190 pounds! <BR> <BR> Anyway, her posts stopped a couple of years ago, as she and her DH moved to Eugene (she is still a Spark member, but appears to have been inactive the past year or so). I heard from KASHMIR today that Lisa's husband passed away a few days ago. She returned from work to discover him in a coma; he was... Thu, 1 Dec 2011 17:28:17 EST new here Hi there im mike im new here and working on losing wieght this time really trying lost 5 pounds so far this week Wed, 23 Nov 2011 22:25:33 EST One Thing Challenge - November Guess we were all busy in October, but let's try to stay on track before the holidays. <BR> <BR> If you're new to the Viva Vancouver! team, the idea of this challenge is very simple. Pick one (or maybe two) thing(s) you are going to concentrate on for the coming month. Report in this thread from time to time on how well you are doing with your personal challenge. Of course, you'll be doing lots of other things, tracking nutrition, doing cardio, etc., but this is 'one thing' you're working on... Wed, 2 Nov 2011 17:49:46 EST Veteran's Day Walk, Nov 5 For any interested walkers on our team, the Vancouver Volkssporters are sponsoring a Veterans Day walk next Saturday, Nov 5. <BR> <BR> There are two 5k loops starting at the VA Med Center off Fourth Plain. <BR> <BR> Additional details at the link below: <BR> <link><BR>asp?eventid=89773 </link> Thu, 27 Oct 2011 13:11:57 EST No more excuses Hello Spark Community. I'm ready to hold myself more accountable and really just want the support of others...someone to talk to who's going through the same challenges I am. I am 37 years old and have always had a problem keeping my weight under 200 pounds. My goal is to lose 70 pounds in the next 12 months and keep it off. I enjoy participating in RAGNAR races like Hood to Coast (relay-type long distance walking or running), also doing half marathons. I'm at a comfortable exercise leve... Thu, 20 Oct 2011 11:09:54 EST Hello All! Hi I just wanted to say hello. I've been around for a while but I cant say I've been very active on the site. I am going to try to be more active and get my personal site updated completely. I look forward to being more active and getting to know you better. Sat, 1 Oct 2011 22:48:27 EST One Thing Challenge - October Guess we were all busy in September, but let's get this going again. <BR> <BR> If you're new to the Viva Vancouver! team, the idea of this challenge is very simple. Pick one (or maybe two) thing(s) you are going to concentrate on for the coming month. Report in this thread from time to time on how well you are doing with your personal challenge. Of course, you'll be doing lots of other things, tracking nutrition, doing cardio, etc., but this is 'one thing' you're working on. Sat, 1 Oct 2011 18:42:22 EST Ticker News Spark has a new Ticker feature. <BR> <BR> At the bottom right corner of a previous post, you'll now see the words 'Edit Ticker'. Click on them and you'll go to a new page where you can not only edit your Ticker, you can switch to any of several new ticker options. Only one ticker at a time, but you can swap them around as you progress. <BR> <BR> For instance, if you're training for a special run/walk event, you can have the Event Countdown Ticker display in the time leading up to the even... Sun, 11 Sep 2011 11:45:05 EST Here I am again. Well it has been about 4 years since I joined SP. My husband just bought me a bunch of new work out clothes.... I didn't ask for it. I think he's trying to tell me something. Earlier this year, I had walking pneumonia and the doc put me on Prednisone. That was an almost instant 10lbs for 10 days of medicine. I got bigger and better at the same time. Now it is time to stay better and get smaller! Thu, 8 Sep 2011 13:44:49 EST Hi all Hi all, well as you can probably tell I am very new. I was searching for a place were I can get a little help on this train I am about to get on. the Losing weight train that is. By now its more the obvious that I have no clue what nutrition is nor how to manage my own daily diet. I'm kind of worried really because, I have no clue what or how I am suppose to be starting <em>39</em> . I've been on diets but it's always been diets where I am told what to do, what foods to eat and avoid. This t... Fri, 2 Sep 2011 03:24:20 EST DIET TIP OF THE DAY AUGUST 21-2011 <BR> <BR> While you may think that you are working hard to rid yourself of that pesky weight, you may be fooling your own body into failing without even knowing it. Here's five reasons that may be why you're not meeting your weight loss goal. <BR> <BR> 1. Are you drinking enough water? <BR> You may not be getting enough to keep your body burning the calories and fat you've been trying to get rid of. Keeping hydrated will help you to keep your metabolism going and the calo... Sun, 21 Aug 2011 11:37:35 EST Bonus Points? I've noticed several teams have threads related to how many Bonus Points you got today. <BR> <BR> So, how many points did YOU get today? Tue, 16 Aug 2011 13:13:21 EST Viva Vancouver Underdog team? Hey everyone, I'm thinking of signing up for an Underdog sport like dodgeball or something. Before I do that would there be any interest in perhaps starting a Viva Vancouver Underdog team? Mon, 8 Aug 2011 21:58:35 EST One Thing Challenge - August Sorry I'm late getting this started, but no one's been clamoring for it, either! <BR> <BR> If you're new to the Viva Vancouver! team, the idea of this challenge is very simple. Pick one (or maybe two) thing(s) you are going to concentrate on for the coming month. Report in this thread from time to time on how well you are doing with your personal challenge. Of course, you'll be doing lots of other things, tracking nutrition, doing cardio, etc., but this is 'one thing' you're working on. Sun, 7 Aug 2011 17:06:46 EST Intro Name: Kristy <BR> Age: 32 <BR> Birthday: Nov 1 <BR> Occupation: Lead Imaging Tech <BR> Location: Salmon Creek <BR> Married?: Happily 8 years <BR> Kids?: 2 daughters ages 15 & 13 <BR> Hobbies: photography, reading and crocheting ..... I also LOVE playing in the yard with my girls and animals, having date nights once a month with my husband :) <BR> <BR> Favorites..... <BR> <BR> Food: I'm a sucker for chinese food <BR> Local Restaurant: Panda Express <BR> Part of Vancouver: Salmon Creek <BR> A... Mon, 1 Aug 2011 17:44:53 EST Water - How Much? Have you ever killed a plant by overwatering it? When I was in grad school, my roommate and I were both going to be gone for a week. I had a sansevieria plant (also called a snake plant or mother-in-law's-tongue). It doesn't need much water, but I watered it before I left and then again when I got back. The plant would have been OK, but my roommate left a day later and came back a day earlier, and she watered it both times as well! We meant well, but it died anyway. <BR> <BR> Spark has ... Mon, 18 Jul 2011 12:01:17 EST I need an accountability Partner please My husband isn't the best help due to his work and sleep schedule ( he works swing and graveyard) and my friends and coworkers are all doing diet pills. :( They're no help. I will go for up to a week of exercising everyday, drinking plenty of water and endulging every once in a while and then I'll crash. I know it takes 21 days to make or break a habit, I am not the healthiest eater, nor the best exerciser. Any help? <em>303</em> Sun, 17 Jul 2011 15:40:00 EST One Thing Challenge - July July is here, so it's time get cracking on a new 'One Thing' Challenge. <em>283</em> <BR> <BR> If you're new to the Viva Vancouver! team, the idea of this challenge is very simple. Pick one (or maybe two) thing(s) you are going to concentrate on for the coming month. Report in this thread from time to time on how well you are doing with your personal challenge. Of course, you'll be doing lots of other things, tracking nutrition, doing cardio, etc., but this is 'one thing' you're working o... Thu, 30 Jun 2011 21:31:19 EST RUNgirlRun On ý8/21/11, Run Girl Run 1/2 Marathon & 5K is happening in Ridgefield, WA. A portion of the proceeds from Run Girl Run will go to Girls on the Run, a life-changing, character development program for 3rd - 8th grade girls in the Portland Metro area. Wanna join me for the 5K...walk, not run, that is??? <BR> <BR> It would be wonderful to put together a couple teams for this event. I'm in the 300lb+ range and wanting to set a goal of doing this 5k... Mon, 27 Jun 2011 20:27:55 EST LaCamas Lake Hey team there is a LaCamas Lake run July 24th its a 4 miler or half marathon, is anyone already running it or interested in putting together a group? I believe that I have two other people already wanting to do it so I would only need atleast one more to make the discounted rate! Sat, 18 Jun 2011 12:02:58 EST Hi Everyone! Nice to meet you all! I am here I have alot of weight to lose and love this site! I am off to a good start and just need to stay motivated! Wed, 8 Jun 2011 12:50:56 EST Virtual Party Hi team. We've reached 5000 members, it's June, summer IS coming, so let's have a party. <BR> <BR> Tell us what kind of party you'd like to attend (beach, BBQ, picnic, ?????), what you'll bring, and what activities we would participate in. <BR> <BR> Let's see how wild and crazy you can get. <BR> <BR> Margaret <BR> Wed, 1 Jun 2011 19:45:42 EST vancouver girl Juat retired this year. Like to ride my 3 wheel bike,walk and read books, water exercise thats easy on my knees. Take care of my 2 grandchild when I have them over. I'm trying to work on a schedule with so must time on my hands. I'm tried of being on food plans. I just want to be health and do things with my grandchild they are 7 a 4. I'm 68 hyrs old. I have 2 total knees . I have a cat named Poppet 2 years old. <BR> Born in vancouver,wa. <BR> I'm having hard time working the web page. Tue, 31 May 2011 23:34:37 EST One Thing Challenge - June June is here, so it's time for a new 'One Thing' Challenge. <BR> <BR> If you're new to the Viva Vancouver! team, the idea of this challenge is very simple. Pick one (or maybe two) thing(s) you are going to concentrate on for the coming month. Report in this thread from time to time on how well you are doing with your personal challenge. Of course, you'll be doing lots of other things, tracking nutrition, doing cardio, etc., but this is 'one thing' you're working on. <BR> Mon, 30 May 2011 16:07:15 EST second go round Hi! I did sparkpeople 4 years ago after I gave birth to my daughter. I lost 70 pounds and kept it off for 3 years. During those 3 years I gave birth to a son. I lost all the weight in 3 months. That is where it all went down hill. Life stressors got to me and I again turned to food. here I am 70 pounds overweight and ashamed of myself. I've been in phase 1 here for awhile now and don't seem to be able to do it "right". I feel overwhelmed and like, how am I going to do this again? I ... Mon, 30 May 2011 11:16:50 EST New to Spark People! Hey all, I'm Rob, 21 years old and of course am here to lose weight. I have done many many diets in my life trying to find the right one that just worked. When i realized diets don't work its about changing how you eat that really works. I have "yo-yo" Dieted for years. A year and a half ago I was 350 Lbs dieted like crazy and was down to 250. Then the holidays came around and that was the end of that, it was one after another and before i know it i'm back to 350. So i am here not to diet, bu... Mon, 23 May 2011 13:35:24 EST Vancouver USA Marathon Volunteers needed I received this email from Tracy Bryant the other day. you can contact her at <BR> <BR> <BR> We need volunteers!! The Vancouver USA Marathon is June 19th. Do you want to volunteer at the expo and/or on race day? Here are the shifts we have available: <BR> Friday: 12 pm to 4 pm or 4 pm to 8 pm (at the Expo held at the downtown Vancouver Hilton) <BR> <BR> Saturday: 8 am to 1 pm or 1 pm to 7 pm (also at the Expo) <BR> Sunday: Multiple shifts between 6 am and 3 pm ... Mon, 23 May 2011 08:44:04 EST Vancouver USA MArathon Hello, <BR> <BR> Just curious if any one is running or walking the full or half marathon on 7/19. I know Kashmir is.... <BR> Thu, 5 May 2011 19:20:32 EST Not losing weight...still. Sorry, I'm not really sure where to post this. I'm wondering why my fiance is not losing weight. We work out at least 6 days a week, ten minute mile, on top of cardio weight lifting. We are at the gym for at least an hour. We also walk our dog a mile and a half a few times a week. He eats less than 2,000 calories a day, and we eat healthy. He is gaining muscle in his arms and back, but his stomach/waist is not losing size. Tue, 3 May 2011 01:12:02 EST One Thing Challenge - May May is a new month, so it's time for a new 'One Thing' Challenge. <BR> <BR> If you're new to the Viva Vancouver! team, the idea of this challenge is very simple. Pick one (or maybe two) thing(s) you are going to concentrate on for the coming month. Report in this thread from time to time on how well you are doing with your personal challenge. Of course, you'll be doing lots of other things, tracking nutrition, doing cardio, etc., but this is 'one thing' you're working on. <BR> Sun, 1 May 2011 19:12:56 EST SW Washington Alphabet Game - Version 2 In April we did the alphabet game that was a daisy chain. I noticed that some letters didn't get used, while other letters were used a lot. So this month lets just go through the alphabet and see what we can come up with. <BR> By the way last month I learned that Clark County has TWO Green Mountains. Did anyone else know that? <BR> I'll start us off with : <BR> <BR> A - Amboy <BR> B - Bells Mountain Sun, 1 May 2011 17:54:19 EST Never give up I have tried several diets, I am currently trying the hcg diet ,has anyone tried it with good results.I'm not hungry but I find that the drops give me a stomach ache. Tue, 19 Apr 2011 19:32:59 EST Arthritis Walk 2011 Hello everyone, <BR> There is a local walk coming up that is very close to my heart. The walk is May 15th at Marine Park right here in Vancouver. Arthritis is just a small part of the group of diseases that the arthritis foundation supports...There are so many auto immune diseases that fall under the name arthritis... <BR> I have Rheumatoid Arthritis...rheumatoid arthritis is a serious autoimmune disease...40% of patients are disabled within 10yrs of also has the same mortalit... Tue, 12 Apr 2011 00:19:55 EST Hello Hi. <BR> So my name is Cassi and I am 20 year old. I am doing this with my mom to become more healthy and fit. I am new to this and looking for some new people to meet. I have been going through a lot of stress the past 3 weeks and I have lost weight but then would gain it right back. I need some encouragement and tips to help me through this rough time. <BR> <BR> Thanks Cassi Sun, 10 Apr 2011 04:35:50 EST SW Washington Alphabet Game I've noticed that lots of teams have some simple games; people enjoy playing them (and getting Spark Points while they participate). Often, the games don't have any bearing on either changing the lifestyle or the nature of the team. A couple of days ago, a game occurred to me that DOES have a relationship to the Viva Vancouver! team. <BR> <BR> It's a typical alphabet game, with a SW Washington/Portland area twist. The basic idea is that the next answer begins with the last letter of the... Sat, 9 Apr 2011 19:42:25 EST One Thing Challenge - April It's April, so it's time for a new 'One Thing' Challenge. <BR> <BR> If you're new to the Viva Vancouver! team, the idea of this challenge is very simple. Pick one (or maybe two) thing(s) you are going to concentrate on for the coming month. Report in this thread from time to time on how well you are doing with your personal challenge. Of course, you'll be doing lots of other things, tracking nutrition, doing cardio, etc., but this is 'one thing' you're working on. Fri, 1 Apr 2011 01:03:07 EST weight loss challenge is tomorrow aim looking for someone in Vancouver we do it with or go for walks support person I go to chucks i love that place or lets join 24 fitness together Tue, 29 Mar 2011 17:41:10 EST My 2nd trip to Chuck's Produce & Street Market Ok, so I dissed on Chucks a bit a few months ago. <BR> I went back yesterday morning when it was not crowded and I could spend a lot of time just looking at everything..... <BR> I have to say it truely is a cool store, I had so much fun looking and reading packages. <BR> Honestly, if I was rich as Oprah I would probably do all my shopping there. <BR> I did buy some Falafel Chips ($4.50 a bag!) and they are delicious (with hummus). Tue, 29 Mar 2011 12:30:55 EST One Thing Challenge - March It's a new month, so it's time for a new 'One Thing' Challenge. <BR> <BR> If you're new to the Viva Vancouver! team, the idea of this challenge is very simple. Pick one (or maybe two) thing(s) you are going to concentrate on for the coming month. Report in this thread from time to time on how well you are doing with your personal challenge. Of course, you'll be doing lots of other things, tracking nutrition, doing cardio, etc., but this is 'one thing' you're working on. Mon, 28 Feb 2011 18:50:25 EST Team Goodies I just gave team goodies to a bunch of new members. Towhee and I have been doing this for several months now. Occasionally, I go back and look for folks who have set up Spark Pages in the interim, so sometimes the 'Welcome' goodie seems a bit late, but the newcomers are always welcome. <BR> <BR> Our team now numbers 4581 members! That seems like a lot, but about 4400 of these team members are inactive! I kind of wish Spark would remove the inactive members, but having them there has gi... Thu, 10 Feb 2011 20:54:04 EST Wanted to say hello and introduce myself.. Hi Everyone! <BR> <BR> I'm new to Sparkpeople and want to jump right in and start working on changing my lifestyle. It's really motivating to see so many other people in my city with the same goals. The last several times I've started down this road, I stopped after losing around 20 pounds. I found myself feeling a little better, and then went and celebrated with my friends and family.. doing the same old things like going out to dinner, buying a cake at Safeway because I've 'earned' it..... Thu, 10 Feb 2011 14:26:40 EST What's Your Favorite? Weekly Question Here's a fun little bit for us - and a way to get to know each other better. <BR> <BR> Each week, I (or one of the other leaders) will ask you what your favorite something is (your favorite book, movie, food, etc.). In your response, you can explain why it's your favorite. <BR> <BR> We'll start with something dear to all of us - food! What is your favorite food? What food do you naturally gravitate toward, even if you know you shouldn't? Or, because you know it's good for you? Why? Wed, 2 Feb 2011 01:35:37 EST One Thing Challenge - February Time for a new 'One Thing' Challenge. <BR> <BR> If you're new to the Viva Vancouver! team, the idea of this challenge is very simple. Pick one thing you are going to concentrate on for the coming month. Report in this thread from time to time on how well your are doing with your personal challenge. Of course, you'll be doing lots of other things, tracking nutrition, doing cardio, etc., but this is 'one thing' you're working on. Tue, 1 Feb 2011 14:00:06 EST In-text message links gone If you've been annoyed to discover those in-text links that have been popping up in posts and blogs as well as articles on Spark, you'll be relieved to know they are gone (at least from our messages and blogs, not sure about the articles). <BR> <BR> These linked words appear in blue with a double underline; if you move your cursor over the word, a small screen pops-up, linking the text to something totally unintended by the writer. <BR> <BR> They've been appearing in the articles for some ... Mon, 24 Jan 2011 15:47:57 EST Exercise/Wal king/Running Buddies Wanted We don't have anywhere specific to post a message about wanting an exercise buddy, so this is it! <BR> <BR> If you're looking for an exercise/walking/running buddy, you can post a Reply to this message. It's a 'sticky' thread, so it will always be shown on the team page. <BR> <BR> Let folks know what you're looking for, the area you're looking in (i.e., near your home, near your gym, etc.), and any time constrictions (i.e., morning exercise, evening, weekends, etc.). Sun, 23 Jan 2011 15:01:06 EST Team Goals It's been a while since we discussed Team Goals, and we have a lot of new members who may be wondering about them. <BR> <BR> If you look on the team page, below the forum listings, you'll see a section marked as Team Goals. These were set by the team captains some time back. You have the option of joining these Team Goals and having your points count for each month. <BR> <BR> The Viva Vancouver! Team Goals are: <BR> 1. Drink 8 cups of water a day (enter this on your Nutrition page) <BR> ... Thu, 20 Jan 2011 17:07:29 EST Kashmir Motivator of the Day! Congratulations to our very own Kashmir for being selected the Spark Motivator of the Day today. Drop by and let your fellow Vancouverite know how proud we are of her achievements! <link><BR>SHMIR </link> <BR> <em>243</em> <em>252</em> <em>312</em> Wed, 19 Jan 2011 11:18:54 EST Shamrock Run March 13 Hi everyone! I am embarking on my very first 5k in 2011 and would love to have you be part of my team! <BR> <BR> Visit to register. Choose to register with a team of 15+ and our team registration number is 1530. If you get stuck send me a message and I can walk you through. You can choose which event you want to participate in. I am doing the 5k run. <BR> <BR> One last note. Make sure to let me know if you sign up as shirts,bib numbers, and chips are being ... Tue, 18 Jan 2011 10:02:26 EST 2011 Girlfriends Half Marathon This race doesn't take place until October, but it typically sells out really fast. <BR> <link><BR>girlfriends-half-marathon-2011?int=29-6 </link> <BR> This is a well organized women only race in downtown Vancouver and is open to both walkers and runners. Mon, 17 Jan 2011 09:31:49 EST FtVancouver Run & Walk -- March 27 Sunday, March 27 <BR> Second Annual Fort Vancouver Run & Walk <BR> <BR> A group of Viva Vancouver walkers had a great time doing this last year . <BR> Beautiful (flat) course circles around Ft Vancouver traveling the riverwalk along the Columbia with start/finish at Fred Meyer <BR> <BR> 5 & 10k $32 (January registration $25) <BR> 15k $40 <BR> <BR> Anyone interested? <BR> <BR> For complete info and registration: <BR> <link><BR>n/ </link> <BR> <BR> Fo... Fri, 14 Jan 2011 17:06:51 EST Guidelines for this Forum I liked the suggestion to create a 'Coming Events' forum, so here goes! <BR> <BR> Use this Forum to let others know of any kind of upcoming event - 5K, walk in the park, garage sale, fundraiser, etc. - that other Sparkers would likely be interested in attending and/or participating in. <BR> <BR> Generally speaking, it wouldn't be a 'for profit' event, unless it also has that Spark appeal. Use your common sense in posting here. <BR> <BR> <em>227</em> <em>227</em> <em>227</em> <em>227</... Fri, 14 Jan 2011 13:04:10 EST New Format for Team Pages You've probably noticed we have a new format for the team pages. Any comments? Any suggestions we can pass along? <BR> <BR> Here are mine: <BR> 1. The Team Stream is distracting. I'd like to be able to STOP it. [They listen; it now has a Never Scroll the Team Stream checkbox.] <BR> 2. When I change it to Links Only (no links, so nothing to display), it stops the display, but it also clears the current screen. I have to restart whatever I'm doing. [Same thing happened when I first che... Mon, 10 Jan 2011 15:03:07 EST Vancouver Vipers Did you know that Vancouver has a minor league football team? In case you didn't... WE DO! <BR> <BR> We are practicing right now, games start in a few months. <BR> <BR> -CB Sun, 9 Jan 2011 05:22:59 EST Hello to the community HI again, I'm finally starting to really use this site, even though I signed up a long time ago. I think I got exasperated before really taking the time to find things out. Now I'm seeing it's not so tough and I am going through the process of hooking everything up. Rather fun really and even though it seemed too time consuming at first, I can see now how it is all going to layer up and that there is no deadline, just evolution. My goal is #1, to become more healthy. Since I need to lose a 10... Fri, 7 Jan 2011 20:42:55 EST Reminder about Private Pages This is just a reminder about Private pages. A Private page is fine - IF that's what you want. If your SparkPage is Private, only those people who you have asked to be your Friends can access your page. <BR> <BR> Other team members may want to visit your page to see your photos, to make a comment on your success, or to give you a goodie, but unless you have asked that person to be your Friend, they cannot do this. <BR> <BR> How do you find out if your page is set to Private? <BR> Bring ... Thu, 6 Jan 2011 18:18:51 EST Shamrock Run 2011 Hey is anyone here going to do the shamrock run? I want to do this one but don't know anyone doing it? <BR> <BR> Wed, 5 Jan 2011 11:27:44 EST Spark People Trivia Game If you haven't come across it yet, Spark People has a daily Trivia game for you to play - for Spark points. To find it, go to the Healthy Lifestyle home page and scroll down. It's an intriguing way to test your knowledge about health and lifestyle. Mon, 3 Jan 2011 16:12:45 EST One Thing Challenge - January Time for a new 'One Thing' Challenge. <BR> <BR> If you're new to the Viva Vancouver! team, the idea of this challenge is very simple. Pick one thing you are going to concentrate on for the coming month. Report in this thread from time to time on how well your are doing with your personal challenge. Of course, you'll be doing lots of other things, tracking nutrition, doing cardio, etc., but this is 'one thing' you're working on. Sat, 1 Jan 2011 16:32:39 EST December Goodies I just completed a marathon session of giving out team goodies! <BR> <BR> Usually, I go through the posts, the blog list, and the huddles and give goodies to everyone on the team who participated. I usually end up using some of my own goodie points, but that's OK with me; I have plenty. <BR> <BR> Today, I had the spare time and so I decided to go through the Team Leaders listing for December and give a small goodie to everyone who hadn't already received one. What a list! <BR> <BR> 176 V... Fri, 31 Dec 2010 20:23:26 EST Colon Cancer Screening Recently, I joined the Colon Cancer Screening team. The main goal of this team is to encourage people to get screened for colon cancer. Team members are submitting their personal stories. <BR> <BR> If you're age 50 and you haven't been screened for colon cancer, you should consider it. There are several types of screening procedures, and the team members refer to all of them. Lots of times, people are afraid of the screenings, having heard stories about the potential discomfort involved.... Fri, 10 Dec 2010 15:23:29 EST New to Viva Vancouver Hi My name is Shelly and I live in West Vancouver not too far from the Lake. I signed up back in October and have not really done anything on the site. I decided that I need to get this moving, so here I am. <BR> <BR> Mon, 6 Dec 2010 19:09:15 EST Resolution Run 10K or 5K run/walk in Battle Ground on 1/2/2011 at 10 a.m. <BR> <BR> Registration fee until 12/26/2010 is $28.00 otherwise the fee is $32.00 <BR> <BR> The course is pretty flat, so it should be an easy run or walk as long as it isn't snowing or pouring rain. <BR> <BR> It is organized by Battle Ground Fitness and sponsored by Battle Ground Village. <BR> <BR> Register at or at Battle Ground Fitness. <BR> <BR> *************************************** <BR> <BR> I think it would b... Sun, 5 Dec 2010 18:34:21 EST One Thing Challenge - December It's been a while since we did our 'one thing' challenges, so I thought this might be a good time to reinstate them. For those not familiar with how it works, you pick One Thing you are going to concentrate on over the coming month, and then you report back at intervals (of your own choosing) as to how you are doing. <BR> <BR> Your 'one thing' can be anything - related to Spark or not. It could be 'drinking and tracking the daily water' or 'doing strength building three times/week' or 'kee... Mon, 29 Nov 2010 17:44:51 EST Chucks Produce & Street Market Have you checked out the new Chucks? It's in the old GI Joes building on Mill Plain. <BR> I went last Sunday with high hopes, but came out disappointed. Wed, 20 Oct 2010 10:33:47 EST Hello everyone! I'm excited to try this out! I gained 60 lbs after having a hysterectomy. I'm 4'11", so that's an awful lot of weight to gain for my height. To put it into perspective, I gained TWO THIRDS of my normal body weight. This is the first time in my life I've ever been overweight. Since I'm pretty sure my new-found weight issue has to do with my surgery, I'm not sure if I'll be able to lose it.....but I'm going to try! <BR> <BR> My family and friends mention my weight every time they see me. My Dad asked me, "How are you... Fri, 8 Oct 2010 14:22:53 EST Hood to Coast 2011 We are looking to field 3 Spark People teams for Hood to Coast in 2011. One team will be put together by our Canadian runners from this year, and we have enough runners to for one full team entry, but we are still short for the third team. <BR> The deadline is looming so if you are interested shoot me a Spark Mail! Also if you would be interested in being a volunteer for the relay, let me know. Volunteers who sign up early can typically get the location and times they want. <BR> Here are two... Thu, 30 Sep 2010 12:47:42 EST 24 hour fitness: Andresson/4th Plain? Hey fellow Vancouver Sparkers. <BR> <BR> Is there anyone around that would like to hit the 24 fitness on 4th Plain & Andresson together once or twice a week? <BR> We could use the equipment, shoot hoops, take a class, or just hit the pool & sauna. I don't mind going by myself but it would be cool to have another person around to keep the motivation up. <BR> Mon, 27 Sep 2010 09:25:05 EST 6th Annual K-Rod Run/Walk 2010 Clark College 6th Annual <BR> Kalani Rodrigues Memorial Scholarship Run/Walk <BR> September 26, 2010 <BR> <link><BR>p </link> <BR> The K-Rod Run/Walk is a cause Kalani Rodrigues aspired to before his far too early and tragically unfortunate death due to brain cancer. Kalani was a 4.0 student and an award-winning track star at Clark College. <BR> <BR> Start Times/Location <BR> The starting line for the 10K K-Rod Run, the 5K K-Rod Run, and the 5K K-Rod Walk is at the ... Fri, 10 Sep 2010 17:39:34 EST Tuesday Mall Walks Stopping Unless we hear a loud hue and cry to the contrary, TOWHEE and I have decided to discontinue the regular Tuesday morning walks at the Mall. It's been difficult for me to make it the past month, and that doesn't appear to be changing anytime soon. If you want to meet one or both of us to walk at a given time/place, please post a message and we'll see what we can work out. - Lou Wed, 8 Sep 2010 14:29:26 EST Turkey Trot Hi guys! I signed up for the Turkey Trot 10K yesterday! I am so excited!! This will be my first organized run and I am really looking forward to it. Is anyone else planning on signing up? Sat, 4 Sep 2010 14:52:34 EST August Team Goodies I just finished giving out the team goodies for August. As promised, I gave out some nice ones thanks to an extra 1100 goodie points I won spinning the wheel this month. So, some of you received the Piggy Bank from the team, and some received it from me, but think of it as coming from the team! Go ahead and follow the suggestion in the goodie message - save $1 in a piggy bank for each day you log on between now and a 'special' day of your choosing. I'm going to do it as well. Not sure wh... Tue, 31 Aug 2010 17:17:40 EST FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT HAVE PETS FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE PETS, THIS IS A TRUE STORY. <BR> FOR THOSE THAT DON'T, IT IS STILL A TRUE STORY. <BR> <BR> The following was found posted very low on a refrigerator door. <BR> <BR> Dear Dogs and Cats: <BR> <BR> The dishes with the paw prints are yours and contain your food. <BR> <BR> The other dishes are mine and contain my food. <BR> <BR> Placing a paw print in the middle of my plate of food does not stake a claim for it becoming your food and dish,nor do I find that aesthetic... Thu, 26 Aug 2010 08:17:48 EST kicking, screaming, raising and loving Hello, I just turned 40, I am married, the mother of 5 wonderful children, and living in Vancouver. I enjoy working out, I practice kickboxing, tkbo and I run 3 miles when the weather allows.. I don't have a ton of weight to lose but it seems that my crazy schedule is making it really hard for those last 10 lbs to come off... Hopefully by joining the spark community I'll find the support and the extra push to reach my goals :) Mon, 16 Aug 2010 22:35:10 EST Making a change I want to lose 60lbs in one year. I hope I can do it! I know it will take my will power and Gods power to accomplish it. :) Fri, 13 Aug 2010 19:42:11 EST New Years Baby wanting new life Hi, Up until 10 years ago, I was a great weight, before that I was always underweight. Never in my life did I ever believe that I would be 100 lbs more than I was 20 years ago. This lead to knee problems, which lead to lack of exercise, weight gain and low self-esteem. I could really use encouragement, and hear about realistic success stories to motivate me. Thu, 12 Aug 2010 12:26:49 EST Ready to begin Hi everybody. I am excited to have found this site thanks to Yahoo news and the recent research posting how people part of a site have better success in losing weight and keeping it off. It is the keeping it off that I need to get better at. I have four kids and have lost the weight after each one, but gain weight whenever I have an injury or get a busy schedule. Time for a life change. Wed, 11 Aug 2010 13:15:57 EST Need to get going again. Hi I'm Christina. Oh boy, it's been a few months at least since I even logged my food and I'm maintaining somewhat but would like to lose about 10 and tone at the same time. Oh, and I'm not 130 lbs any more. I'm about 5 or more pounds over that now. :( So mad at myself. <BR> I'm on a sort of gluten free regimen from my doctor so I've given excuse to not log food. I think I'd better though. <BR> <BR> Anyone here run? How do you lean and do weight work while running about 3 times a w... Fri, 6 Aug 2010 04:32:48 EST What made you better? What did you do today that made you better than yesterday? What are you going to do tomorrow that will make you better than today? Mon, 26 Jul 2010 02:45:12 EST New goodies! Maybe it's just been a while since I gave out goodies, but today I noticed there are many, many new goodies. Lots of fun things to give out, and most of them are for 5-50 points - very reasonable if you're wanting to give out a lot of them for any reason! Sun, 25 Jul 2010 18:56:32 EST Pedometer So I finally got a pedometer and have now been trying to figure out where is the best place to wear it? I looked on line and some say directly above your knee and others say on your hip, so what do you guys say? Where do you wear your pedometer? <BR> Thanks everyone Sat, 24 Jul 2010 13:37:20 EST New Vancouver Saturday Market? Saw an ad in The Columbian for a Vancouver Saturday Market starting July 31. It's going to be at 11314 N.E. 49th St. <BR> <BR> Has anyone heard anything about this? Wed, 21 Jul 2010 00:24:43 EST Donating stuffed animals Does anyone know of any place locally that I can donate the dozens of stuffed hippos that I used to collect? They've been boxed up for years and it's time to give them to someone who can use them. Wed, 21 Jul 2010 00:19:33 EST Time to loose weight ~ Vanc., WA I'm 39 y.o. I work 4/10's and eat horribly. I'd rather work than eat so I tend to eat on the go A LOT! I think all the fime about exercising but rarely get myself motivated to do it. All in all I need to loose over a hundred pounds. Hopefully I can commit to using Spark to get myself going. Sun, 18 Jul 2010 10:19:26 EST Hello! I've been sparking since late January but just now found this team, and since I live in the 'Couve, here I am! My name is Colleen, I started my journey in late January, and I am 56 pounds into my 150 pound goal. I feel great and I hope you all do too! Wed, 14 Jul 2010 18:19:28 EST What is you biggest hurdle? In regards to your weight loss/maintence journey, what is your biggest hurdle? <BR> <BR> It can be anything from food to excercise, work to the family. <BR> <BR> What is your BIGGEST hurdle? <BR> <BR> <BR> Mine is "Getting discouraged." <BR> When I work out really hard, but yet the scale doesn't show it. I can feel it physically, but the scale doesn't. I am doing the Insanity workout program right now, but I have only dropped 2.5 lbs. Yet, I have more than doubled all of my fit test sco... Tue, 13 Jul 2010 03:15:13 EST Hoping for advice from more experienced sparker So I just joined spark people on Wednesday. I have been getting more frustrated over the last few days because it feels like when I finish out for the day I am under in all my categories (cal/fat/carbs). To some extent I don't mind being under a little if my pie chart looks about right, but I am struggling to get enough potassium and less sodium. I found the meal planner that tells you meals that they want you to eat, but what I would really like is a way to put all my stuff in for the day an... Sun, 11 Jul 2010 01:44:28 EST Diane's Produce on 5-corners! WOW! If you haven't been there, you simply MUST check it out! Her produce blows grocery store produce out of the water. I really like the idea of shopping local. Diane has a good thing going. <BR> <BR> 7702 Northeast 94th Avenue, Vancouver, WA 98662-2947 <BR> (360) 944-3916&#8206; <BR> <BR> She has cherries that are picked in hood river, local strawberries (ripe to the core), HUGE heads of romaine, low prices on apples, oranges, nectarines...the list goes on. <BR> <BR> Just thought I'd shar... Thu, 8 Jul 2010 02:23:56 EST Fresh blueberries! We have a U-pick farm, east Vanc. Opens Thurs. <BR> 6310 NE 232ND AVE. 254-0223 <BR> (I don't intend to offend by posting this here.) Sorry in advance if someone takes it wrong. Tue, 6 Jul 2010 21:40:36 EST July Challenge - Let's Huddle! I've noticed that not many of us are using the Spark Daily Huddle feature (I'm guilty of that as well). For the month of June, the most that huddled on any one day was only 4! <BR> <BR> So, for July, let's make it a point to Huddle every day, and to see how many Huddle comments we can amass! An extra bonus - when I make out the team goodies at the end of the month, everyone who huddles gets a team goodie! Wed, 30 Jun 2010 15:52:56 EST Nutrition Comparison I discovered something interesting today - a quick way to compare the nutritional values of various food items. <BR> <BR> On the Healthy Lifestyle menu, click on Nutrition. Then, about halfway down the Nutrition page, click on Food Choices. You can click on any of several categories (Snacks, Veggies, Fast Food Favorites, etc.) for a list of common items. Then, you can compare and select the best choices - fewer calories, more protein, etc. <BR> <BR> One nice thing - the lists are printab... Mon, 21 Jun 2010 18:30:24 EST Curves Summer Bazaar - 6/19/10 9am - 2pm Hi all! <BR> <BR> I know I don't post much so hope no one minds that I'm posting this, but I wanted to give you all a chance to have a little fun outside! :o) <BR> <BR> Curves in Salmon Creek is having their annual Summer Bazaar on Saturday (June 19) from 9am - 2pm. <BR> <BR> Address: <BR> 1313 NE 134th Street, Ste. 110 <BR> Vancouver, WA 98685 <BR> 360-566-8333 <BR> <BR> I'll have a table selling some cute pillowcase dresses and other stuff to rise money for our local Relay for Life eve... Fri, 18 Jun 2010 01:58:50 EST New to this Hi. here I am again attempting a lifestyle change to become a healthier person. I have recently cut most (not all ) of the alcohol from my diet and the next two are to get control of my weight and diet and also to quit smoking. My sister raves about this site so I thought I would join too. Tue, 15 Jun 2010 21:43:51 EST My Introduction and First Goal Hello, I'm joining this site to be accountable for my goal of wanting to lose weight. I know I am an emotional eater and would like to find help for dealing with that, as well as motivation for getting in shape and keeping on track. Thank you! Tue, 15 Jun 2010 18:59:54 EST santabill i'm 73 yrs young and work as Santa in Nov & Dec Sun, 13 Jun 2010 19:40:02 EST May Team Goodies Sometimes we get too busy, and forget to do things. Other times, we simply forget. I'd like to think I forgot to give out the May goodies for the first reason, but I'm afraid the second one came into play! <em>20</em> <BR> <BR> At any rate, I decided I had plenty of goodie points racked up, so since those May points are gone (they don't carry over), I gave out bouquets of flowers to everyone who contributed to the team in some way during May. <BR> <BR> If you want to get in on the goo... Wed, 2 Jun 2010 16:06:11 EST I'm finally here...Hello hello Hello all of you wonderful lovelies! My name is Molly and I’m 25 years old. <BR> <BR> I am fat. (Yes I used the F word. ooOOoo) I am not afraid of saying it. I don’t look at it as a negative term either. Fat is just a description, and one that just so happens to describe me…for now! I have always been big…and I mean always. I was a fat baby for peeks-sake. Just because I am plump doesn’t mean I have to be out of shape or unhealthy. (Some of us are just born big) This is exactly why I am her... Thu, 27 May 2010 23:53:14 EST Ever Have Your Colors Done? Last week, as we were walking at the Mall, TOWHEE and I got to talking about the colors we do (or don't) wear. For instance, I don't wear either white or black near my face, as it washes me out. With natural dark auburn hair and fair skin that freckles, I'm drawn to the teals, the olive greens, and the rust tones. TOWHEE, on the other hand, had just purchased a couple of new dresses, one all black, the other with a black top and colored print skirt. She avoids teals, but we were drawn to ... Wed, 19 May 2010 17:43:35 EST Feeding Ducks? Okay, this is random at best but I've tried to find the answer online but oddly enough the city and county websites don't address this question: <BR> <BR> Is there any place in Vancouver to go to feed the ducks? Mon, 10 May 2010 12:11:32 EST Good morning from your newest member! Hi, I'm Stephanie, a SAHM living in Fisher's Landing. I am so excited to meet new people who share the same goals as me! Hope you all have a great Saturday - hope the weather will be gorgeous today! Sat, 8 May 2010 11:03:29 EST One Thing Challenge I'm thinking we should start this up again. <BR> <BR> The idea of a One Thing Challenge is to pick just one thing that you'd like to become a habit, and work on it (or to pick a habit you'd like to break and work on it instead). You could choose to up your water intake, exercise daily, stop eating sweets, clean up the clutter, meditate for 10 minutes each day, etc. <BR> <BR> You state your goal here and then report back at intervals on how you're doing. I'm going to think about what I n... Thu, 6 May 2010 10:40:42 EST Turning 30 i've been skinny before. after long hard work. then i got comfortable again, doing nothing. it's time i work on me for a while. so far i'm liking it. Mon, 3 May 2010 04:01:56 EST April Team Goodies Each month, SparkPeople gives the teams a number of points to give away as goodies to team members. The number is based on team size, and our team gets 500 points. <BR> <BR> There are no "rules" as to how the team leaders give away the points, so for April, every member of the Viva Vancouver! team who posted a blog or a message on the team message board has received a goodie from the team. Also, I realized I could look back at all of the huddles for the month, so the regular huddlers are re... Fri, 30 Apr 2010 20:34:26 EST Nice to meet you all! Ugh, I'm so nervous! Hi guys! My name's Liz, I'm 19, and I need to lose a loooot of weight. I'm a stress-eater, mostly - the more stressed I am the more I want to eat. And eat some more. Since I'm a full-time student in a stressful home situation, I like to eat a lot! <BR> <BR> I'm already using the nutrient tracker and plan to use the fitness tracker starting tomorrow - Tuesday/Thursdays are my "in school all day" days, so no time to exercise here quite yet! I'm currently completing pre-nursing classes and am e... Thu, 29 Apr 2010 15:09:59 EST Support Group I am planning on starting a working out, exercise and a place where people can get together and communicate, and counsel each. I am wanting to use this as a starting point of a small group from my church but anyone can join, that doesn't go to my church. but I have lost a lot of weight on this website, and I thought it would be cool if we could be accountable in a face conversations and real discussion. reply to this thread if are interested. Wed, 21 Apr 2010 12:25:08 EST New member - Tortoisegirl Hi all, <BR> <BR> My friend introduced me to this site today. We are both working to lose weight. We started last fall with a program called Take Shape for Life. I hit a bit of a bump in the road. She's doing great!! It's a great motivator to see what can be done. I think this site is excellent! I'm excited about using it and getting involved. <BR> <BR> TG Tue, 20 Apr 2010 18:31:38 EST New kid on the block Just wanted to say "Hi"... my name is Ginger and I live in Vancouver...I have family in MN that got me hooked on this journey. I already have found many useful ideas and am confident the "sparkpoints" will keep me going. Fri, 2 Apr 2010 17:59:48 EST March Team Goodies Each month, SparkPeople gives the teams a number of points to give away as goodies to team members. The number is based on team size, and our team gets 500 points. <BR> <BR> There are no "rules" as to how the team leaders give away the points, so for March, every member of the Viva Vancouver! team who posted a blog or a message on the team message board has received a goodie from the team. <BR> <BR> This month's goodie for all is the orchid, a symbol of affection and appreciation. <BR> Wed, 31 Mar 2010 18:34:28 EST Hello HI am 21 and over weight an think it is time to get fit!!!! need to get on track an stick to it any advise would help Sat, 27 Mar 2010 23:14:43 EST Hey from the 'couve' well I thought it was time to say Hi to you all it has been just a few days since I joined Spark and am very excited. I am looking for a great new way to loose weight and live a healthier life style for me and my family. I have struggled many times trying to loose weight and nothing really stuck. I am hoping to find some great support and new ideas with Spark and look forward to meeting as many people as I can. Sat, 20 Mar 2010 19:42:41 EST Hey from the 'couve' It is great to see people close by, I am in real need of some help and support to loose this weight. I do have good friends and family but have always found it hard to talk with them about my weight so when I found out about Spark I thought this could be a good way. Look forward to meeting you all. <em>213</em> Sat, 20 Mar 2010 19:35:18 EST Bi-Weekly Get togethers Today, Towhee and I met at the Vancouver mall an did two laps, which was about a mile. We are trying to see if there are any other people out there, that would like to join us. <BR> <BR> Our goal is to meet at least twice a week and maybe help each other reach the team goal of 5,000 steps a day. <BR> <BR> Each week, we will pick a place to go. Like the mall or park near me, or walking trails near you. <BR> <BR> Come and Join us. Sign up here if you want in. If you work, most of ... Tue, 16 Mar 2010 16:06:52 EST Hi There! Hi, I'm Joann. Since I started working at a health and fitness company 7 years ago I have gone up 3 sizes! I want to look good in a swimsuit again and now that I am 40 i am determined to do so. Tue, 16 Mar 2010 13:47:55 EST March One Thing Challenge! It's been a very long time since we did one of these! Hopefully I won't fall off like I have in the past. We only have 15 days left, lets see what we can accomplish! <BR> <BR> For the rest of the month of March, pick one thing you would like to place your focus on. One thing you would like to turn from a Challenge into a Habit! <BR> A few ideas are, Walk for 20 minutes every day. Drink 8 cups (64 oz) of water every day. De-clutter for 20 minutes every day. Track your meals each day. Take 20... Mon, 15 Mar 2010 17:38:56 EST I am new to the team Name: JoAnn <BR> Age: 47 <BR> Birthday: 2/18 <BR> Occupation: unemployed but collections supervisor <BR> Location: Vancouver <BR> Married?: No <BR> Kids?: 2 grown but am raising grandson 6 mo <BR> Hobbies: music, scrapbooking, cake decorating, sewing, ceramics <BR> <BR> Favorites..... <BR> <BR> Food: Chinese <BR> Local Restaurant: Skippers <BR> Part of Vancouver: Hazel Dell <BR> Actor/Actress: Sndra Bullock <BR> Place to shop for clothing: Fashion Bug <BR> Place to shop for groceries: ... Mon, 15 Mar 2010 16:48:32 EST dedicted and redy hello everyone i am angela i have a lot of helth problems and am redy to look beter and feel berter Fri, 12 Mar 2010 12:37:56 EST Dedicated and ready Hello Everyone!! My name is Amber, this is my motivation... I have so many medical issues to deal with that would be so much easier to deal with in shape.... So i am very ready to feel and look better. Fri, 12 Mar 2010 11:24:39 EST Newbie: LynneW Name: Lynne <BR> Age: 57 <BR> Birthday: 04.01.52 <BR> Occupation: Life Coach <BR> Location: Close to Vancouver COSTCO <BR> Married?: Yes <BR> Kids?: Yes, grown and gone <BR> Hobbies: Knitting <BR> <BR> Favorites..... <BR> <BR> Food: Thai <BR> Local Restaurant: Dak Koon Thai <link> </link> <BR> Part of Vancouver: Cascade Park and St. Johns Road <BR> Actor/Actress: None <BR> Place to shop for clothing: QVC <BR> Place to shop for groceries: Winco, Fred Meyer, Whole Foods <... Fri, 5 Mar 2010 20:46:23 EST Important - Please Read!!! <em>215</em> <em>215</em> <em>215</em> <em>215</em> <em>215</em> <BR> Message from Coach Jen below. This is very important to remember when you are copying from another website, book, or magazine to your blog or posts. <BR> <em>215</em> <em>215</em> <em>215</em> <em>215</em> <em>215</em> <BR> <BR> Hi Everyone! <BR> <BR> Recently we've had a number of issues with members posting copyrighted information- primarily in their blogs. The original authors have been contacting us, aski... Fri, 5 Mar 2010 14:22:21 EST Let's Go for a Walk I know this is short notice, but it looks like it will be a nice day to go for a walk this Saturday, March 6. <BR> <BR> I propose that we walk the Stewart Glen section of the Burnt Bridge Creek Greenway (see <link><BR>ion/parks_trails/trails/pdf/stewart.pdf </link> ). <BR> <BR> We'll meet 10:30 a.m. at the parking area at NW Bernie Rd and NW Fruit Valley Rd. The first part of the trail is 2 miles one-way, but it connects to the rest of the Burnt Bridg... Wed, 3 Mar 2010 11:44:54 EST Thank you Half marathon Volunteers!!!! Many Many thanks go out to the volunteers who came out today! The weather was perfect and though the course was a bit daunting (Tracy LOVES HILLS), A good time was had by all. <BR> With out you volunteers helping along the course, these races are not possible. Having you come out means the world to us runners and walkers!!!! <BR> <em>304</em> <em>247</em> <em>304</em> Sun, 28 Feb 2010 18:47:32 EST February Goodies Each month, SparkPeople gives the teams a number of points to give away as goodies to team members. The number is based on team size, and our team gets 500 points. <BR> <BR> There are no "rules" as to how the team leaders give away the points, so I try to vary it a bit each month. For February, every member of the Viva Vancouver! team who posted a blog or a message on the team message board has received a goodie from the team. <BR> <BR> <em>242</em> and <em>304</em> <BR> <em>220</... Sun, 28 Feb 2010 18:17:55 EST Ft Vanc Walk/Run: Still time to join TeamSpark Just wanted to remind everyone that we have formed a team to participate in the Ft Vancouver 5k Walk-5k/10k Run on Sunday, March 28. We currently have more walkers than runners, but anyone participating in either the 5k Walk, 5k Run or 10k Run can all register with us at the reduced rate. <BR> <BR> The group rate to register is $28 which includes: <BR> Food/Snacks, T-Shirt, "Goodie Bag" and After Party Music & Fun! <BR> <BR> If anyone is interested in joining us the information about the ev... Fri, 26 Feb 2010 14:50:47 EST Let's take another stab at health Hi, My name is Stephanie and I have struggled with my weight pretty much since I can remember being aware of my weight. I suppose I can remember it all the way back to about the 8th grade...perhaps sooner....I've gone up much further than my "roof". In high school I had an "if I reach this weight I'll do whatever it takes to get back down" weight...well I surpassed that about 9 years ago. Over the years I managed to get a good 70lbs over that roof, and even 50lbs over the extended roof. It's ... Mon, 22 Feb 2010 22:25:17 EST New Member Renee Hi Everyone. My name is Renee and I just joined SparkPeople tonight. I live in the southwestern part of our city and am so pleased to find there is a team right here!! I'm still finding my way around the website. I briefly saw the team's goals but can't find them again. Please point me in the right direction :-) <BR> Mon, 15 Feb 2010 01:54:20 EST Wanting the change of a lifetime! Hi! My name's Michelle and I joined Spark 6 days ago after watching my sister succeed with this program over the last month. I've had a weight problem for most of my life. I love to be active and play sports, and feel I have been very inhibited due to my weight. It has effected my confidence level (although I'm sure my family and friends would be surprised to hear that), and been a source of frustration for me. Although I've lost the weight twice, it's returned both times. I love healthy food... Sat, 13 Feb 2010 17:08:31 EST Ready to start Hi, my name is Jill. I had my 3rd child almost 5 months ago and I'm now ready to get back into shape. Mon, 1 Feb 2010 11:48:26 EST hello well iam back again desperately need to do it this time going to try low carb help Thu, 28 Jan 2010 14:19:12 EST Ft Vancouver 5k Is anyone planning to participate in the Fort Vancouver Run on March 28. <BR> <em>311</em> It includes a 5k run/walk that sounds interesting. Wed, 27 Jan 2010 20:40:18 EST Running Shoes Interesting article: <BR> <link><BR>7/sc_livescience/runningshoeschangedho<BR>whumansrun </link> <BR> <BR> It's about how modern running shoes have changed the way people run. <BR> <BR> I found this intriguing for a couple of reasons - first, of course, is the simple concept that the shoes we wear have changed the way we were evidently intended to run. <BR> <BR> The second is a bit more personal. I'm part American Indian (a very minor part, to be ... Wed, 27 Jan 2010 15:10:03 EST All about Kathy Name: Kathy Frith <BR> Age: 63 <BR> Birthday: 4/4/1946 <BR> Occupation: Retired <BR> Location: Lincoln District <BR> Married?: Married <BR> Kids?: Gretchen 41, Kim 39, Corie 37, Suzie & Karrie 35, Inger 35 all married and have given me 13 wonderful grandchildren. <BR> Hobbies: Gardening, piano lessons, decorating, antiques, pets <BR> Favorites..... <BR> <BR> Food: ethnic <BR> Local Restaurant: Olive Garden <BR> Part of Vancouver: NW Neighborhood, <BR> Actor/Actress: Don't have one! <... Tue, 26 Jan 2010 12:00:44 EST I HAVE LOST 61 LBS AND HAVE A LONG WAY TO GO... I just found this site, and am hopeful it will help me get over my platau for over a month. I have lost 61 lbs since June and have a long ways to go. I have work out 3+ days per week for 45 min. I am on a low carb plan I came up with myself, however I have found it is very simular to the Metabilizm miracle. Mon, 18 Jan 2010 01:21:21 EST Hi! I'm Christyna! Nice to be here, to be inspired by all of your efforts to be strong and healthy! Sat, 9 Jan 2010 23:52:26 EST Tracking nutrition in a social setting So I will be going to an appetizer party tonight. I, of course, will bring the fresh veggie dish, but I know there will be all sorts of other dangerous food items to tempt me. I am realistic and know I cannot refrain from eating some of it. Does anyone have a good way to track random food items in a situation where you're inundated with mini sandwiches and unknown warm pastry bits? I don't want to be writing every little bit down in front of 25 party-goers, but I'd like to get as accurate o... Sat, 9 Jan 2010 16:32:18 EST Hello, Im Kayla and i just singned up. Like i said in the message title my name is Kayla :) Im 20 years old and i would like to loose 20 pounds. I am still in my healthy weight range but i want to be at the lowest weight i can be at to still be healthy. I am almost back to my heaviest weight and i dont like it here. I am used to my slim figure and i want to be that girl again. I have hard times sticking to any weight loss plan but i really like the way this website is built and i think i can stay motivated this time. Wish me luck! Wed, 6 Jan 2010 23:34:12 EST Want to play some football? We are playing today (Dec 27th) @ noon, on the football field @ Hudsons Bay High School. Come on down and play! Sun, 27 Dec 2009 04:15:28 EST Let's not forget what CHRISTMAS is really about. I had to share this with you, it was to good to keep to myself, to many forget what it is all about.... <BR> <BR> Click on the link and see just what I mean. <BR> <BR> <link><BR>ode=2018261431186&source=jl999 </link> Sun, 20 Dec 2009 11:35:06 EST ShrinkingCurves is joining Sparkpeople I joined just 1.5 days ago and already members are encouraging and motivating. I'll try to do the same for you. I've been overweight for 20 years and obese 15, while morbidly obese most of those, it became a crisis after I had twins almost 10 years ago. I am taking a new step & joining this support site to surround myself with successes & reminders that I'm not alone in my quest. Mon, 16 Nov 2009 01:51:48 EST East Vancouver Walking Partner I'm a stay at home mom living out by 164th/Mill Plain area. We are currently down to one car as my husband's car kicked the bucket for the time being so transportation during the day is pretty limited. I am looking for someone close by who would be interested in walking. I have free time from 10am to 2:30pm, then again from 7pm to whenever. Anyone game? Thu, 24 Sep 2009 20:40:31 EST i'm here at last here we go let's ger getter done!! Mon, 21 Sep 2009 19:09:47 EST Jogging Partner Is anyone else looking for someone to jog with during the week? I'm not very experienced so we'd have to work up to it but I'm willing to push myself. Mon, 14 Sep 2009 11:54:52 EST Fairygrandma1 Hello to everyone I'm just getting started here. My daughter told me about sparkpeople and so far so good. I just want to thank her for getting me motivated and started in this. So much information! I haven't checked out everything yet but I have figured out how to track meals and exercise. I am an old lady with a lot to lose!! Thu, 10 Sep 2009 13:15:26 EST Monthly Weigh-In We've had a request for a Monthly Weigh-In thread, and since we have an extra "sticky" in this forum, here it is! <BR> <BR> Even if you're reporting weekly, sometimes it's good to step back a bit and look at the changes on a monthly basis as well, so feel free to contribute to both message threads. <BR> <BR> Also, don't limit yourself to your weight; you can report any other measurements of your success! Mon, 31 Aug 2009 13:45:25 EST Another newbie I just joined and and a great time setting up my SparkPage. Hope I can keep the motivation going! Sun, 23 Aug 2009 00:51:49 EST Might be posting this in the wrong spot. Today I was given an opportunity that I couldn't pass by. It was the NW health challenge and I filmed an interview with them tonight. The problem I have to get letters of recommendation from some of m support team and I dont have much of one at home so I'm looking to all of you. Just a brief letter recommending me to the show sent to and giving my full name which is Jason Simpson....I dont expect anyone to help me out but I am grateful to anyone who even considers ... Wed, 19 Aug 2009 01:52:57 EST The start of a long journey Hi everyone, I am new here and am introducting my self so that I can find friends who will help me stay on track to lose this weight. I have been a large person all my life so I know that I will not have any images of being twiggy, but I do want to get healthy so that I do not need to take blood pressure or other medicines. <BR> I have a husband with head injury and dementia and share a home with daughter and children(who are the joy in my life). I work outside the home so my days are us... Tue, 18 Aug 2009 23:06:38 EST Low Carb bread choices I just found out I have type 2 diabetes and it scared me into getting serious about losing weight. How ever I love bread, pasta and crackers. Is there some good low carb alternatives? Also where can I get a decent tasty whole grain pasta? Is that even a possiblity? Tue, 18 Aug 2009 04:47:08 EST Daily Inspiration for Motivation Some days we are very motivated to accomplish goals and other days we're not. Life would be wonderful if we felt motivated enough on a daily basis to accomplish our dreams and goals but there will be many days when we feel frustrated and defeated. <BR> <BR> If your goal is to lose a certain amount of pounds by following a sensible diet, there will be days when you don't feel like following your plan. So how do motivated people stay motivated? <BR> <BR> Their emotions don't ruled them. Suc... Fri, 14 Aug 2009 07:25:04 EST Committing to healthy living Hi, I am fighting off an ice cream binge, which has been going on for a month or more. I am trying something new, because it has got to stop. As my mom used to say, digging my grave with my teeth. Today, I commit to myself to eat heathy food. I'm not going to worry about portions right now, just stay away from sugary things, and white flour. I hope that if I eat three really healthy meals a day, plus healthy snacks if necessary, this craving will quit. I feel like I am possessed! The t... Thu, 13 Aug 2009 16:37:40 EST Daily Inspiration for Motivation Daily Inspiration for Motivation <BR> <BR> Some days we are very motivated to accomplish goals and other days we're not. Life would be wonderful if we felt motivated enough on a daily basis to accomplish our dreams and goals but there will be many days when we feel frustrated and defeated. <BR> <BR> If your goal is to lose a certain amount of pounds by following a sensible diet, there will be days when you don't feel like following your plan. So how do motivated people stay motivated? <BR... Wed, 12 Aug 2009 11:42:55 EST Hello From Carson Washington! I just started Sparkpeople and started my new diet on Monday, June 22, 2009. <BR> <BR> I weighed myself for the first time on August 1, 2009 and have lost 22 pounds so far. <BR> <BR> I am really excited to see if I can loose the weight that I need to loose and to make some friends along my weight loss journey too. <BR> <BR> I hope to correspond with people that have the same goals and interests as myself and that we develop a good friendship too. <BR> Wed, 12 Aug 2009 11:14:05 EST This or That Spark People has new polls! If you've been taking Spark polls and have just about run out of polls to take, SP is offering some new ones. We'll run a question a day here on the team forum for discussion, but to get credit for the poll, go to the Healthy Lifestyle page and click on 'Go To Poll Center' - lots to choose from! <BR> <BR> Today's poll is: <BR> <BR> Salt Cravings <BR> Sugar Cravings <BR> Other Tue, 11 Aug 2009 15:08:38 EST Hi <em>148</em> <em>67</em> <em>30</em> <em>9</em> Mon, 10 Aug 2009 01:08:21 EST Today <em>41</em> <em>30</em> <em>9</em> <em>30</em> Fri, 7 Aug 2009 18:25:18 EST outdoor steps Hi everyone I have a Q. Dose anybody know were I can find outdoor stairs to exercise? I am new to this area and having hard time to find it. <BR> Thank you!!! Tue, 4 Aug 2009 16:25:44 EST SparkPage: Private or Public? Often, I've gone to a new member's SparkPage to give them a welcoming goodie, only to discover it's set to Private. <BR> <BR> That's OK, if that's what you want, but it means that only those who you have designated as your "Spark Friends" can visit your page. Others, such as your teammates and/or team leaders, can't access your page, so they can't give you Spark goodies and they can't comment on your successes. <BR> <BR> If you've set your page to Private and want to change it to Public,... Tue, 4 Aug 2009 14:49:15 EST Team Goodies - How to Use them? Spark has added a new feature with goodies - team goodies! The available goodie points per month is based on team size; our team gets 500 per month! <BR> <BR> Only the leaders (that's LOU1DAY and KASHMIR) can give out these goodies. My question to you is this: how should we give them out? Suggestions are welcome. Mon, 3 Aug 2009 16:46:05 EST August 1 Thing Challenge We haven't done any of these Challenges for a while, and most of us probably need to get back on track. So - for the month of August, pick one thing to work on and report back here as often as you can. Alternatively, pick one thing per week to work on for that week. <BR> <BR> For me, it will be recording my steps daily. I tend to slack off and get lazy about recording things, and that transfers to the rest of my activities. For August, I will record my steps, with the secondary goal of wo... Mon, 3 Aug 2009 14:09:46 EST Norm - nkp555 Hi everyone - I lost 30 lbs January 06- July 06 and have kept 20 of 'em off. I have returned to jogging after a 4 year layoff, and would like to chase those 10 lbs away and maybe a couple more. I think I'd be too skinny at 6-4 188, so I upped the recommended weight to 195. (I'm at 210). Should be fun! Fri, 31 Jul 2009 19:02:39 EST Race for the Homeless FYI, there is a 5K run and/or walk and a 10k run "Race for the Homeless" at Marine Park on Saturday, same day registration begins at 7am. There is a group of us Sparkers who will be running and walking this one. <BR> <BR> <link> </link> Mon, 27 Jul 2009 12:47:21 EST Summer has shown the light.... and it needs help So my name is Shaunette and i have been on the chunky monkeys team from the start. Its sort of falling off the wagon and im posting to myself every day. I really need people to talk to and keep me going as ive now regained 10 pounds. I dont know if its muscle or what but i dont like it. Right now i rejoined my old gym to get back on the schedule i was before and im loving it. Now i need to get my food intake back into check! This is where im hoping some of you might be willing to help. <BR> ... Tue, 21 Jul 2009 11:57:41 EST An Open Letter to the Team - Thank You All I just posted this as a blog, but I want as many of my Spark Sisters and Brothers as possible to see it. <BR> I'm so happy I'm giddy today....I've done what I set out to do, and more. <BR> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <BR> Just received an email from our HR training coach from my USA Fit training team. I'd sent him my VO2 Max graph, and he is going to plug in my training zones, and my anerobic zones, and give me some more detailed training to do for speed and endurance....anyway....his response ba... Mon, 20 Jul 2009 14:13:01 EST Vote for our Vancouver Farmer's Market Please! Hi - I just voted in the "Love Your Farmers Market" contest sponsored by and to help my favorite market, Vancouver Farmers Market, win a grand prize of $5,000. I care about promoting fresh, local and healthy foods, and I need your help to get enough votes to help Vancouver Farmers Market win. Please vote here:<BR>efer=24843.04.1247328085.259835. <BR> Sat, 11 Jul 2009 12:35:45 EST I am a Newbie here Wow, this site is amazing! I am really confused as to where to go and what to do. I seem to keep losing the page I am on. :) But anyhow, I am a married mom with 3 kiddos. I am 38 and have always had a weight problem. It just really seems to be getting out of control and I am ready to be done. I am noticing my children having weight issues also. I don't want them to have this struggle always so I am going to make changes and if they make a healthy lifestyle a habit when they are young,... Sat, 11 Jul 2009 11:29:14 EST Girlfriends and Dudes sprint triathlon Hey All, <BR> <BR> Is anyone else besides me doing this on July 19th. <BR> <BR> Its put on by NW PErsonal Trainers and is a fundraiser for the Janus youth foundation..... <BR> <BR> Still not too late to sign up its only 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike and 3 mile run down along Frenchmans bar. <BR> <BR> Or just come down to cheer me on.... Tue, 7 Jul 2009 18:36:25 EST Hello! Just wanted to say hi! Excited to get started! Sat, 4 Jul 2009 02:32:49 EST Losing Motivation- Help!!! Hello Everyone, <BR> I haven't logged logged food or visited for a while. Although I have here and there. I would like to lose the about 10 pounds more. <BR> <BR> Maybe I need a kick in the butt but what is wrong with me. I really don't have any accountability except to myself. I don't know what to do. I feel like sometimes maybe people are not as supportive because I want to lose 10 instead of 100 or 50 or something high. I used to be 193 after my first baby so I know I've come a long... Mon, 22 Jun 2009 01:23:42 EST Running/Walking Trails Hey all, <BR> I'm new to the area, originally from Corvallis, OR. I was hoping that you could point me to some nearby non-paved trails. I'm out in Fisher's landing area and need to get away from the pavement. <BR> <BR> If anyone is familiar with Corvallis and the Mac-Dunn, I'm looking for something similar to that. Even though this might not be really feasible. A bit of a drive is okay, not ideal but I'm in the middle of suburbia, what should I expect. <BR> Thanks! Thu, 18 Jun 2009 14:49:36 EST Hi I am new <em>30</em> I live in vancouver wa work nights and have gained weight and need to lose it and learn to eat right. I need a buddy for walking. Sat, 6 Jun 2009 06:21:03 EST Walking buddy in Salmon Creek Hi--For me, it's easier to walk with a buddy. I live near Fuller Park and would love to walk with someone for 30-60 min a day. Anyone game? It would have to be after 6:00 for the next few weeks. I have a variable schedule. I work in health care. Sun, 31 May 2009 10:29:57 EST New Members Wow! I go away for a few days and we get lots of new members! <em>235</em> to SparkPeople: KNITGEEK69, LOLASCH, HEALTHYSHELLS, SHANDO6116, PAPPHEM, LOLLYANN53, JENNEYE, PSPICER, OSTUFFNFLUFF, GRANDMACAR, BEADNLDY, SAYNOTOCOOKIES, DIANA42, KATE.CRAVEN, and RBOSSERT! And these are only the ones SP sent me messages about! (For some reason, I don't get a message for each new member, so don't feel bad if I left your name out - we have more new members than just these 15!) <BR> <BR> We're ha... Sat, 30 May 2009 19:01:20 EST June - ONE THING CHALLENGE! For the month of June, pick one thing you would like to place your focus on. One thing you would like to turn from a Challenge into a Habit! <BR> A few ideas are, Walk for 20 minutes every day. Drink 8 cups (64 oz) of water every day. De-clutter for 20 minutes every day. Take 20 minutes for just me every get the idea! <BR> <BR> Tell us what your One Thing will be, and come back to this message thread and let us know how you are doing through out the month of June! On average, it O... Thu, 28 May 2009 13:31:13 EST The Biggest Loser-?? Don't get me wrong, I love the Trailblazers BUT once again we will miss the Biggest Loser this Tuesday. Does anyone know if it is repeating sometime during the week? On ch.8? (I don't have cable tv) Sun, 26 Apr 2009 10:05:54 EST Lacamas Lake Run/Walk The lacamas Lake run/walk is coming up July 26. There is a 4 mile or 1/2 marathon. <BR> Anybody participating? <BR> I hope to jog the 1/2. Sat, 18 Apr 2009 17:59:28 EST Statins and Energy Loss I just saw an interesting video on Yahoo (from about the relationship between taking statins for lowering cholesterol and energy loss. It really hits home for me! Turns out drs are now realizing the two go hand in hand. <BR> <BR> The video lists 5 things to consider doing: <BR> 1. Talk with your dr; check the side effects, and perhaps consider a different treatment <BR> 2. Take Co Q-10 - the cells need this enzyme and the statins remove it; according to the video, there is n... Tue, 14 Apr 2009 17:11:21 EST Spring into Summer Challenge Set your goals here and report in daily/weekly as to your progress. They can be very specific, or general; the goal is accountability - setting goals and reaching them. Tue, 14 Apr 2009 16:50:47 EST New Reports Have you seen the new reports? WOW! The folks at SparkPeople have been busy. Now we can see a variety of things over time, and even see a comparison of calories in versus calories burned (LOVE that one; it shows just where we need to boost our efforts). <BR> <BR> If you haven't seen them yet, take a few minutes to go to the Reports page (in the My Tools menu) and check out a few. Tue, 14 Apr 2009 14:16:13 EST Hi, I'm Brett My name is Brett and I have been a member here for quite a long time but have never posted. <BR> <BR> I have been on SP for an even longer time on and off. <BR> <BR> I joined 24hr Fitness for the 2nd time via the Costco certificate. <BR> <BR> I would like to have a workout partner if anyone is available. <BR> <BR> Thanks, Glad to be here! <BR> -CB Sat, 11 Apr 2009 03:53:40 EST Hey Vancouver, any plans for Easter? I'm going to Hillsboro Oregon to spend the day with family. We're having a brunch at my aunt's house after church then going to a movie before dinner at my cousin's house. Yep, it's going to be a day filled with food. I plan to cut loose and enjoy myself. How about the rest of you? Fri, 10 Apr 2009 12:03:38 EST Login Points I don't usually make a big deal about login points - after all, what can you really say about 1 or 2 points a day for weeks on end? <BR> <BR> But - yesterday and today I got 20 points each day, just for logging in! <BR> <BR> How many did you get? Sun, 29 Mar 2009 12:38:20 EST What is your favorite form of Exercise? Share with us all what you do to stay active that you really enjoy! <BR> <BR> At the moment it is still Running for me, but with the change in the weather soon it will turn to working in the yard. Maybe...I joined Portland Fit <link> </link> so it may well remain Running this summer!!! I am really looking forward to training with a group! Sun, 29 Mar 2009 11:03:59 EST Changes Coming for Spark SparkPeople will be rolling out several changes over the next couple of weeks. <BR> <BR> One major change will be the appearance of the Team page, with more tabs, links, photos (you can add them), etc. <BR> <BR> Another change will be the creation of a My Friends page, where you can share specific information with your mutual friends. None of this info is new; it's currently shared with your friends anyway, but they are putting all of it on one page! You'll be able to limit any and/or al... Mon, 9 Mar 2009 15:20:58 EST