SparkPeople NEVER TOO LATE TO GET FIT Team Messageboard PEOPLE IN THEIR 80'S AND BEYOND WHO WISH TO REMAIN HEALTHY OR BECOME EVEN HEALTHIER , AS LONG AS POSSIBLE! OUR MOTTO-NEVER TOO LATE TO GET FIT. SparkPeople NEVER TOO LATE TO GET FIT Team Messageboard New/old member. I was with you some time ago but.lost my name etc. Found an old post and now see I used BarbaraY as my name. <BR> Things have gotten out of hand with me. I gained 6 lbs. over the last 6 weeks. Not a good thing for me as I was substantially overweight before the gain. <BR> It works so much better having people to communicate with about this and recording my food helps keep me in line. So does not bringing ice cream and cookies into the house. :D <BR> Mon, 12 Sep 2016 19:22:16 EST How to prevent memory loss as we age Nine steps- <BR> 1-healthy diet-incluse fresh produce, lean protein, good fats, fat free dairy- <BR> Stay clear of added sugars in any form and any grain that is not 100% <BR> 2- get at least 30 min. of exercise.. <BR> 3- learn something new -try new skill , hobby, or route! <BR> 4- manage stress. <BR> 5- keep blood sugar levels normal <BR> 6- get enough magnesium-( brown rice, almonds, hazelnuts, spinach, shredded wheat, lima beans, and bananas. <BR> 7- take vitamin D-3 <BR> 8- sleep well ... Mon, 18 Jan 2016 11:33:41 EST WORDS I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR <BR> Thank you. <BR> <BR> You were right. <BR> <BR> Sun, 27 Sep 2015 13:19:00 EST HEALING THOUGHTS TO START MY DAY Thanks to wise authors as Louise L. Hay, Rhonda Byrne, and others. <BR> <BR> I think thoughts of well-being. <BR> I speak words of well-being. <BR> And I imagine myself completely well. <BR> <BR> <BR> There is always a new and better way for me to experience life. <BR> I forgive and release the past. I move into joy. <BR> <BR> <BR> Look for the gifts in everything, especially when you are facing what appears to be a negative situation. Everything that we attract causes us to... Sun, 27 Sep 2015 10:43:00 EST Inspirational ,Motivational, Funny Quotes <img src=""> Wed, 12 Aug 2015 07:08:46 EST WORD FOR THE DAY MINDFULNESS: BE WHERE YOU ARE ! ! ! <BR> <BR> Be mindful of the food I am eating today--does it taste good. <BR> Be mindful of where I am walking--be safe. <BR> Be mindful of my feelings--create happiness and joy. Smile at everyone I see. Think wellness, think enjoyment. <BR> Be mindful of how long I sit at my computer or watching TV--keep moving. <BR> Be mindful of where I put my keys! Put them in the same place every day. Mon, 6 Apr 2015 12:44:22 EST How to stay Happy! Be resilient! <BR> What ever problems life throws at us-we will find ways to deal with it!! <BR> Pat Sun, 1 Mar 2015 18:49:22 EST The funniest thing I have read all week! A quote from Our small town newspaper, The McGregor Mirror, Thursday, Feb 26, 2015 <BR> <BR> <BR> March 6- 1935 <BR> McGregor's Public Library was moved from City Hall to the restroom of First National Bank. <BR> <BR> The article said " the library has been of much value to the city of McGregor ever since it opened here and it is hoped that the new location will make it more convenient " ( That's really what it said.) <BR> Thu, 26 Feb 2015 14:11:28 EST Do You Overdo Christmas I borrowed this topic from another team. Sun, 21 Dec 2014 15:24:37 EST Not yet 80 There is no 70's Spark Team, only a 60's and 80's, so since I am closer to 80 I am joining this team if you will have me. I have about 35 pounds to lose, have to watch my sugar and my cholesterol. Am Pre-Diabetic inching up and my last cholesterol was too high according to my dr. so she advised a cholesterol lowering diet with more veggies. low fat and more fiber. I was on a low carb diet and after switching I did gain about 5 pounds but it's coming off now that I am getting used to the ne... Wed, 3 Dec 2014 13:48:42 EST TRIVIA CHALLENGE Today you have answered 3 of 3 questions correctly, 100% correct. <BR> <BR> This month you have answered 21 of 22 questions correctly, 95% correct. Tue, 7 Oct 2014 10:13:33 EST Weather in your neck of the woods??? <em>27</em> <em>257</em> <em>54</em> Or hopefully <em>67</em> Mon, 22 Sep 2014 10:35:54 EST Pedometer Steps Records I have not found a place to easily record my pedometer steps. I sync with Fitbit/SP and on goals, but no place to record steps! So I would like to keep track with mine here. I will keep a separate one for each week not day so as not to clutter this thread. <BR> <BR> Week of 09/07-13/2014: <BR> <BR> 09/10: <BR> 09/11: <BR> 09/12: <BR> 09/13: <BR> Wed, 10 Sep 2014 16:00:37 EST Detox food i have eaten today DETOX FOODS: <BR> <BR> Apples <BR> Asparagus <BR> Avocado <BR> Blueberries <BR> Broccoli <BR> Brussels Sprouts <BR> Cabbage <BR> Cilantro <BR> Carrots <BR> Cauliflower <BR> Dandelion Root Tea <BR> Garlic <BR> Grapefruit <BR> Green Tea <BR> Leafy Greens <BR> Lemon Water <BR> Olive Oil <BR> Pineapple <BR> Prunes <BR> Spinach <BR> Tomatoes <BR> Turmeric <BR> Walnuts <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> Wed, 3 Sep 2014 14:33:28 EST HOW TO PREVENT A STROKE From DR. Weil site. <BR> 1-eat green leafy vegetables. <BR> 2- and nuts and seeds <BR> 3-plus choose whole grain breads <BR> 4- eat Beans, black beans especially. <BR> 5 and eat fish. Fri, 11 Jul 2014 14:00:03 EST Chair Exercises by Anne Burnell <BR> <BR> Here is a list of all the Senior Exercise video clips from Stronger Seniors posted so far. <BR> PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT ON THIS TOPIC- <BR> <BR> Marching Exercise for Better Balance (3:08) <BR> <BR> ur <BR> nal_individual.asp?blog_id=4443672 <BR> <BR> Peyow Aqua Pilates Workout Basics (6:43) <BR> <BR> ur <BR> nal_individual.asp?blog_id=4434951 <BR> <BR> Arthritis Exercises for the Hands (4:06) <BR> w... Fri, 6 Jun 2014 10:02:53 EST "Let Food Be Thy Medicine & Medicine Be Thy Food" Hippocrates famous saying can be applied today! <BR> <BR> Make this our daily reality! From "Eating on The Wild Side" <BR> <BR> Dandelions, the plague of urban lawns, were a spring time treat for the <BR> Navajo, Cherokee, Iroquois, and Apache. The leaves were steamed or boiled and added to soups and stews. Compared to spinach, one of our modern day-super foods -dandelion leaves have eight times more antioxidants , two times more calcium, THRE times more vitamin A and five times more v... Fri, 30 May 2014 21:51:07 EST How many more steps today than yesterday? 1504 more steps today than yesterday -so far! <BR> <BR> Anyone else using the Activity Tracker-? <BR> Come join me in increasing our steps daily. Mon, 26 May 2014 20:14:13 EST Interesting (MUST SEE) movies or DVD's Last evening we watched-"Steve Jobs-The Lost Interview" <BR> In a television interview filmed in 1995 and believed to be lost, the charismatic Steve Jobs talks frankly about his early life, battles with Apple CEO John Sculley, competition with Microsoft and his vision for the future. <BR> <BR> What ever we think of his "personality" it is an awesome experience to hear this modern day "Einstein" speak of his life and his achievements of bringing about the computer itself . <BR> that he ... Sun, 18 May 2014 10:08:43 EST Eat like an Egyptian ! What are we doing to eat like the ancient Egyptians who lived to be well into their 100's heathy and active .? Tue, 13 May 2014 18:17:39 EST What can we do to help prevent DEMENTIA ? (This is a real concern to us as we reach our golden years!) <BR> <BR> Share care -ASKMED has some suggestions---- <BR> <BR> The first on list is WALKING. --45 minutes a day. <BR> I try to get in my 20 minute walk every morning before breakfast . This gives me a head start on the suggested 45 minutes a day <BR> <BR> What are your suggestions? <BR> Pat Mon, 12 May 2014 12:34:42 EST What are my goals today??? Today -back to my 20 minute indoor walk before breakfast! Sun, 11 May 2014 16:15:57 EST A MESSAGE FROM SPARK PEOPLE Just a heads up--Sparks will be redesigning the Team pages in the coming days. I've added a link to the Utube video that explains the changes, so feel free to click below and check it out. I'll be curious to see how our Team page will look--but from what I see, we'll keep posting and sharing our friendships, tracking and more as we have been--so, here's to a new and exciting Sparks' change! <BR> <BR> Thanks everyone!! <BR> <BR><BR>ur <BR> Thu, 24 Apr 2014 11:51:02 EST How do you keep yourself well hydrated? Special considerations for the elderly--- <BR> 1-people usually drink in response to thirst, but by age 60, if people only drink when they are thirsty, they may not get as much water as they need! <BR> <BR> Please let me know how you make sure you are getting enough liquids. Sat, 19 Apr 2014 15:09:33 EST WHAT ARE YOUR STRATEGIES FOR A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP? I have read books on how to get a good night's sleep, but none of the strategies have worked. I started on a regime of my own that might work. I am definitely sleep deprived and open to ideas that you might share. Looking forward to sleeping better and having more energy. <em>247</em> Roberta Sat, 22 Feb 2014 17:48:52 EST Points on the wheel This gets lost up in the first so I am putting it in the challenges. <BR> Let's use this forum instead of posting where we have been. <BR> Let's get the points for logging in+bonus points+let's vote for our team each day. <BR> I do but some days I get 1 point for the team, sometimes I can get 50. That could help put us on the leader board. <BR> It is fun and raises your own personal points also. Let's go team. <em>381</em> Tue, 18 Feb 2014 03:32:42 EST Member Birthday List <em>410</em> <em>144</em> <em>410</em> <BR> <BR> January 5 - Mani <BR> <BR> February 2 - Lois <BR> <BR> March <BR> <BR> April <BR> <BR> May 9 - Pat <BR> May 15 - Irene - England <BR> <BR> June <BR> <BR> July <BR> <BR> August 4 - Marsha B <BR> <BR> September 23 - Nadine <BR> <BR> October 18 - Roberta <BR> October 26 - Irene <BR> <BR> November <BR> <BR> December <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> Sat, 8 Feb 2014 02:00:02 EST Please post your birthday here. didmis October 26 <BR> <BR> Sat, 8 Feb 2014 01:46:40 EST From "Eat To Live " cookbook I made my first dish from Eat To Live cookbook that Roberta sent me. <BR> <BR> "Sicilian Stuffed Peppers." Page 292. <BR> I used sweet potato in place of eggplant .Still delicious and colorful . I used red ,yellow and gold <BR> Peppers. Served with side salad. <BR> DD joined us for dinner and both she and DH approved. <BR> Pat <BR> <BR> Next- Ukrainiun Sweet and Sour Cabbage Soup-- page 155 Mon, 3 Feb 2014 22:00:17 EST My action plan for WEIGHT loss --- 2014 2014 <BR> <BR> Let's make this the best year yet. <BR> <em>381</em> <BR> what we did today to make our goals happen.!!! <BR> <BR> I will EAT TO LIVE . <BR> I will do some version of my workout of choice daily. <BR> I will post my weight here once a week <BR> I will post my version of workout daily <BR> <BR> Please-Think about this and post your plan daily. Wed, 8 Jan 2014 21:40:32 EST Food for Thought I started re-reading "The Happiness Diet" by Graham & Ramsey, MD. From page XII of the Introduction: ". . . new chemicals have been added [to our food] that impair our brain functioning. . . . [that food] is largely responsible for skyrocketing levels of brain disorders." and " . . . sugar consumption contributes to the shrinkage of key areas of your brain responsible for everything from memories to mood regulation." That settles it! I'm going organic! No more brain fog for me! <B... Wed, 4 Dec 2013 11:39:20 EST New Member Introduction Hi I am an 85 year old 2 months shy of my 86th. <BR> I am pretty healthy except that i have mobility issues because I am over weight. <BR> I use a walking stick but have a phobia of falling after I had a knee replacement 5 years ago. <BR> So I insist that i have someones hand to hold when i walk, or i simply don't walk. Even if it means visiting the bathroom I need help - i think its only a phobia. <BR> Finally after six months I stepped out to the park for a walk. I had my cane in one hand a... Thu, 14 Nov 2013 08:10:06 EST When I am at my goal weight: When I am at my goal weight: <BR> I can cross my legs! <BR> I can get down and up off the floor. <BR> I can take a bubble bath. <BR> I can do my belly dance exercises. <BR> I can wear my beautiful, smaller size, classic clothes. <BR> I can go horseback riding again. <BR> I can go dancing again. <BR> I can climb and descend stairs. <BR> I will have energy to do all the things I want to do. <BR> I will feel beautiful. <BR> I will enjoy shopping for clothes. <BR> I will ... Sat, 9 Nov 2013 13:46:06 EST CHECK THIS OUT: From Shawn Achor's book, "The Happiness Advantage," he cites the work of his mentor, Ellen Langer, in an experiment called Counterclockwise. It is an amazing study of the power of the mind or mindset to improve the body--made the subjects look, feel, act younger. Love, Roberta <BR> <BR> <link><BR>=all </link> <BR> Sat, 14 Sep 2013 12:59:54 EST Let's share healthy recipes! This is our current absolutely favorite SOUP recipe from Dr.McDougell <BR> <BR> Chip and Salsa Soup <BR> Serves 4 <BR> Prep time-10 min. <BR> Cooking time 10 min. <BR> <BR> 3 1/2 cups vegetable broth <BR> 1 15 can black or pinto beans, drained and rinsed <BR> 1/4 cup chopped green onions <BR> 11/4 cups fresh salsa, mild or medium <BR> 1tablespoon canned diced green chilies <BR> 1cup corn kernels <BR> 2 cups fat-free tortilla chips, broken into bite size pieces. <BR> 1cup AVACADO chunks <B... Fri, 31 May 2013 11:42:33 EST I am also a new member I am delighted to find a group in my age group. I have been trying to learn the ropes of this program and have been finding difficulty locating my place in the total program.. I am a great grandmother (first time) and primary caregiver of my wonderful husband. However, I have finally decided it is time for me to focus on my health care needs as well.. <BR> <BR> I really need to make time to exercise and I think this program is going to give me the incentive to keep moving. I am super stiff... Tue, 21 May 2013 19:07:34 EST IDEAS on How To Change The World For The Better ! Please share your thoughts here! I will start. <BR> <BR> 1-"Think of no one as THEM" Mon, 18 Mar 2013 14:10:46 EST WHAT AM I DOING TODAY TO IMPROVE MY HEALTH? I prepared a 5 Veggie Frittata for breakfast. Sparks recipe modified slightly by using vegan cheese . Very good . <BR> I used up the last of my chopped fresh veggies last evening on salad so will Make up fresh batch this morning which will last a few days. <BR> I still have cooked black beans and a couple servings of my veggie soup for one meal today. <BR> I will make sure I get my G-BOMBS in -GREENS!BEANS! ONIONS! MUSHROOMS! !BERRIES! AND SEEDS . THe more I eat of healthy foods the less ... Tue, 29 Jan 2013 11:14:01 EST What is your approach to good health? We each have our own interpretation of how to reach our goals to the best health and weight possible. <BR> I am sure you are tired of hearing mine. <BR> Please post your personal goals <BR> and what you are doing to get there. Sun, 20 Jan 2013 16:32:31 EST HOW DO YOU MANADE EATING OUT? LAST EVENING OUR FAMILY ATE TOGETHER AT A "CHICAGO TYPE" EATERY? <BR> WE CHOSE IT ESPECIALLY TO ENJOY LISTENING TO A FRIEND OF OUR DD SING. <BR> THE STAFF WAS INFORMATIVE AND HELPFUL <BR> Sun, 13 Jan 2013 12:17:43 EST My weight losses in 2013 Sorry to say that in the last 2 weeks of December, 2012 I overindulged and went from 145.5 to 148. As of 1/7/2013 I was back to 145.5. Yay!! <BR> Instead of reaching for a 10 pound loss for 2013, and not sure which # to use as my starting point, I will get to 135 this year. This is a 30 pound loss while with Spark, my overall goal as a Sparker. Tue, 8 Jan 2013 15:55:57 EST I will lose 10 pounds in 2013!!! <em>381</em> <BR> Lets post here now! Tue, 1 Jan 2013 21:30:06 EST 26 ACTS OF KINDNESS- WHAT CAN WE DO TO BRIGHTEN SOMEONES DAY? <BR> <BR> 1- WE CALLED ON A 92 YRAR OLD NEIGHBOR AND TOOK HER A HOMEMADE FOOD GIFT. <BR> <BR> Sat, 22 Dec 2012 10:39:57 EST Hi, I am a new member. My name is Mabel. I live in Boynton Beach, Florida. I am retired from municipal government. I have 5 children (one deceased), 13 grandchildren and 18 great grandchildren; and I am only 21 year olds. LOL They all keep me hopping, so I want to stay healthy. <BR> <BR> Anyone else live in Sunny Florida? Mabel Fri, 23 Nov 2012 11:46:19 EST Streak with us You may streak anything you want to. It is better to streak on something you battle with. <BR> I notice Pat has a streak going and I do also. <BR> we invite all of you to join in <BR> Irene Sat, 3 Nov 2012 23:44:19 EST HEALING FOODS I HAD TODAY OATS AND SEEDS <BR> ALMOND MILK AND ORANGE JUICE <BR> APPLE AND RASPBERRIES <BR> COOKED VEGGIES IN SOUP WITH ONIONS Mon, 10 Sep 2012 20:24:12 EST 10,000 STEPS TO OPTIMUM HEALTH MY PEDOMETER READING TODAY--- <BR> 10,399 STEPS BY 9:30 PM <BR> <BR> EARILIER THIS EVENING MY PEDOMETER READ ABOUT 8000 STEPS SO POOCHIE AND I WENT FOR A SHORT WALK IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD. (I ALWAYS CARRY A SMALL PLASTIC BAG JUST IN CASE :) I REACHED MY 10,000 STEPS AND POOCHIE WAS DELIGHTED TOO! <BR> <BR> PAT Thu, 2 Aug 2012 21:32:37 EST MY GOOD INTENTIONS The source for this thread is from a message I received today. I tried the exercise and it made me feel better right away. <BR> <BR> "Most people think to ask for health only when they don’t have it, but you can intend great health at any time. Use the power of your intention every single day and see yourself healthy and well. Intend health for you and intend health for others." <BR> <BR> My good intention is to be healthy, well, feeling good, walking easily and enjoying lots of energy... Thu, 12 Jul 2012 16:46:49 EST HOME REMEDIES THAT REALLY WORK WANT TO LOOK GORGEOUS ON A SHOESTRING? <BR> <BR> USE OLIVE OIL FOR AFTER BATH SKIN CARE. <BR> <BR> SOFTENED BUTTER AND WATER EQUAL PARTS FOR FACE <BR> <BR> OR- MASHED AVACADO <BR> <BR> OR MIXTURE OF 1/4 RIPE BANANA, 1/2 CUP YOGURT AND TABLESPOON OF HONEY FOR FACE AND NECK MASK. RINSE OFF AFTER 10 MINUTES <BR> <BR> ALOE VERA RIGHT FROM THE PLANT. (JUST BREAK OFF A SPIKE AND GENTLY DAB) <BR> <BR> YOUR KITCHEN CABINET OR WINDOW SILL MAY BE ALL YOU NEED :) <BR> Wed, 11 Jul 2012 20:10:41 EST smoothie recipes Again too much time has passed since I was on this forum. I should have a reminder in front of me at all times. If I let time pass before I do something it just leaves my head entirely. However you notice that I thought of you when I need something. An easy & good recipe for smoothies. I think these should help me with my diet instead of just eating everything I see. <BR> <BR> Can you wonderful people help? I sure don't want anything "exotic" like the new generation seems to think is t... Mon, 9 Jul 2012 17:37:54 EST Honey and Cinnamon Cinnamon and Honey <BR> Whoever thought? Honey is the only food on the planet that will not spoil or rot. What it will do is what some call 'turning to sugar'. In reality, honey is always honey. However, when left in a cool dark place for a long time it will "crystallize". When this happens loosen the lid, boil some water and sit the honey container in the hot water, but turn off the heat and let it liquefy naturally. It is then as good as it ever was. Never boil honey or put it in a microwav... Sat, 28 Apr 2012 10:35:01 EST DID YOU DRINK YOUR 8 GLASSES OF WATER TODAY? One person who belongs to this team said she had trouble getting her 8 glasses of water a day in. I started a thread on two teams I belong to and some who said they never could do it post each day and some are drinking 9 or 10 glasses. <BR> Please post your intake even if it is less and try to increase it until you do drink your water. <BR> <BR> I am working on my 6th glass today. Wed, 29 Feb 2012 11:55:18 EST definitely my forum I did a "general" posting yesterday and am all gungho to do my thing. Of course, I woke with a terrible cold so am not really working at my diet just yet. <BR> <BR> This is definitely where I should be. I'm 83, still active with volunteering, social programs, etc. I'm glad to be with others of my age. As we say Seniors Helping Seniors. The only way to go. Wed, 18 Jan 2012 17:33:31 EST Motivational Magnets on my Fridge What you believe, you can achieve <BR> A woman's place is in control <BR> I'm not old, I'm a recycled teenager <BR> My goal is to weigh what my drivers license says I do <BR> <em>9</em> Sun, 15 Jan 2012 00:08:47 EST I WILL lose 10 pounds-2012! Post here-it keeps us accountable to ourselves and each other! <BR> our DAILY check off list <BR> Date-Jan. 1 <BR> <BR> 10 min. Cardio <BR> 10 min. Weights <BR> Track food intake-1200 calories or less <BR> 5 veggies, 2 fruits <BR> 2 protein, 2 carbs <BR> 1-Huddle daily <BR> 1-Chat daily Thu, 29 Dec 2011 10:53:32 EST Back home from cruise Hi, I'm back, 5 pounds heavier and with a severe head cold. Cruised along the Atlantic coast from Jacksonville to Charleston. Weather was clear and fairly warm most days, walked each day between 5000 and 6000 steps. Most I could do. Lots of food on board ship at each meal. Most of the time I requested half portions but it still was too much fattening food. Good though.... As I shed this cold, I'll get back to my routine. Much to see, lovely area!!! Tue, 22 Nov 2011 09:20:19 EST Joining this team..... Hello Hello all, <BR> This seemed to be the team with the most info to help me lose weight. I'm 84 soon to be 85, love to travel, especially be canal barge in Europe, love, love, love my computer, iPad, and iPhone. Can you tell that I and my 5 children are computer geeks? I've been up and down on the scale for the last 30 years. Lose 30 to 40 lbs and gain most of it back. Arthritis - knees - slows me down, especially on stairs. Ugh painful! Thank you all for being there, having great ideas fo... Sat, 29 Oct 2011 09:41:45 EST MY MORNING AFFIRMATION This resonated with me this morning: <BR> <BR> I lovingly release the past and turn my attention to this new day. All is well. <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> Please feel free to add yours to mine. Hugs, Wiser <BR> <em>214</em> Wed, 26 Oct 2011 11:28:44 EST Make someone feel good Say something nice about someone on your team each day. A different one each day. <BR> <BR> Mon, 10 Oct 2011 12:06:28 EST HUDDLE EVERY DAY YOU CAN It is so lonely huddling alone. Kind of like cuddling alone. Let's huddle every day we can. It takes little time and effort Sun, 28 Aug 2011 16:17:03 EST What do you do for fun? I miss some of my former fun activities--horseback riding, riding vacations, belly dancing, ballroom dancing, and golf--and wonder what else is out there now that is fun to do. What are you doing for fun? I would appreciate knowing. <BR> Thanks. Hugs, Wiser <BR> Sun, 21 Aug 2011 17:37:09 EST Your favorite find for healthy food. Post each time you find a new healthy food or one you already use. Tue, 2 Aug 2011 20:14:46 EST You are appreciated! Thank you both so much for your daily devotionals! <BR> Pat Mon, 25 Jul 2011 22:45:05 EST Another Great Grand Child on the way ! NOt only did we have a wonderful family get-to- gether but the " frosting on the cake ", so to speak, was the announcement of another Great Grandchild on the way. For this grandson and his sweet wife it will be the first child so it is extra special! <BR> Yes it truly was a Great Day After All! Mon, 9 May 2011 17:49:07 EST Great Day after all! When we got up this morning we found that our MicroWave had quite working. After several trouble shooting attempts it was determined we needed a new one. So we found one just like the new one we have in Texas. Plan on getting it when it comes in next week! <BR> Also our cell phone service that works fine in Texas doesn't work here at this location so we looked into and finally signed up with a new service. What fun tonight being able to finally call and receive messages here as well as see my... Thu, 28 Apr 2011 22:33:31 EST Trouble shooting the new spark pages set up I had trouble reaching your spark pages to try to send a goodie today. Discovered I could in most cases reach you by putting your names in the SEARCH box. Even that didn't always work. <BR> Any other suggestions for maneuvering the new set up. ?? <BR> I really like it for the most part. <BR> Pat <BR> Sun, 6 Feb 2011 16:23:46 EST Just Chatting Away I thought since I was't sure where to just chat that I would start one. If it isn't okay, can the owner/leader just delete it. <BR> <BR> Sometimes we need to just chat away, I rode my recumbant bike for 1.5 miles today. What did any of you do for the exercise to get fit? <BR> <BR> Marsha <BR> Mon, 31 Jan 2011 20:00:40 EST Happy To Be 83yrs Old!! Today I am very happy and grateful that at 83yrs of age I can still have a vision and a goal everyday. It is good to be here with others who are active in having a healthy lifestyle. I love to plan my healthy meals on my Nutrition page along with my exercise. I just feel really good today and wanted to thank all of you for being here. <em>213</em> Sun, 30 Jan 2011 16:04:30 EST New here I think I was trying this a couple years ago and now I am back. It feels good to be with my own age group that is focusing on staying healthy and active. I am using the Nutrition Page and tracking my food/calories. Also going to work on my Home Page. Remember: Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Our Lives. <em>213</em> Sat, 29 Jan 2011 10:19:09 EST Ways to Add Steps To Our Days? 1- Take your dog for a walk <em>313</em> <BR> What else can we do? Sat, 22 Jan 2011 12:31:19 EST NEW MEMBERS Please Introduce yourself! We are so happy to have you join us . We think we are the best team here for motivating people in our age group to get moving and improve our health! So please tells us a little about yourself and why you want to live a better life too! We try to lead by example so please feel free to read our Spark pages including our nutrition and fitness activities. We also like to see you posting in our Huddles too! <BR> So a big warm welcome and looking forward to meeting you. <BR> Team leader Pat <B... Tue, 11 Jan 2011 19:51:38 EST Goals for 2011-Easy steps to make it happen! As you may already know-The #1 predictor of success is to set goals for ourselves. <BR> We can increase our chances of success by using some smart goal setting techniques. <BR> <BR> Start with a Long Term Goal. <BR> Writing it down keeps the goal fresh and clear in our minds. <BR> <BR> Next Create our target date. <BR> Maybe set weekly or monthly goals to help us get there. <BR> <BR> Finally our short term action plan. <BR> These are our daily and weekly nutrition and fitness go... Wed, 1 Dec 2010 11:41:55 EST Ways to feel young again!!-- Be "Young at Heart!"Remember Frank Sinatra singing this? and Bob Dylan "forever Young"? They both knew you are only as old as you feel. We know we can't dodge the birthdays from adding up but it is how we approach life each and every day that can make the difference. Researchers have found that "Some people never feel old, despite their chronological age" No matter what your stage in life, staying active and being positive will help keep you in a youthful frame of mind. <BR> These ideas ar... Sat, 11 Sep 2010 22:25:08 EST Is it possible? I've had computer trouble so haven't been in touch. <BR> <BR> Now an observation. I've belonged to TOPS for a long time and the pounds go off & on. The past couple of weeks I got so disgusted that I just didn't pay attention to what I eat. As a result I've been losing. Is it possible that we get so hung up on food that we defeat the purpose. <BR> <BR> I like my new way of thinking. After all, at my age I should be enjoying myself not stressing, especially about poundage. Thu, 12 Aug 2010 17:38:05 EST blueberry juice Have any of you heard that drinking 2 cups of blueberry juice a day will lead to a 5 lb. weight loss. Seems a little far-fetched. Mon, 2 Aug 2010 15:58:53 EST summer dieting We've had really hot weather and I have a problem watching what I eat. To really add to the problem it's much to hot to exercise. Am I alone in this? Sun, 25 Jul 2010 14:10:15 EST BYE NEIGHBOR We have just come back from having a block party for our dear neighbors who live next door to us and are moving. Thank goodness not too far from us. They just can't handle the outside work anymore and are moving into an apartment. They have lived there for some 23 yeas and it is a very difficult move for them. We will miss them dearly. <BR> <BR> I can relate to their feelings because we had to sell our home in the country and move to a city. My husband is not in good health and we moved ... Sun, 18 Jul 2010 20:08:36 EST massages Just had my massage today and am wondering how many of you get them. Such a wonderful feeling. I get one every month and, starting in Sept. I get my facials. No facials during summer months. My face doesn't need more moisture when the temp. & humidity are way up there. <BR> <BR> The older I get, the more I like pampering myself. Fri, 16 Jul 2010 17:05:03 EST exercising I try to do muscle strengthening exercises and tai chai. However, we're in the middle of a heat wave so they're sort of put aside. My legs don't make it easy to do much walking and my back isn't much better. I never know what "they" mean by keep moving. I do a lot of volunteer work which keeps me mobile and, also, day to day errands. Is this sufficient? Fri, 9 Jul 2010 15:59:03 EST Hi fellow golden girls My friends call me Jo. I live in a very safe and pleasant retirement home with my little black pug dog who is the light of my life. <BR> <BR> Since starting with Spark People, I am feeling better which is my main goal in joining. I wish all of you luck in getting fit and staying happy. Fri, 9 Jul 2010 01:17:46 EST Brain Games Our Sunday paper had a website for brain games to keep our brains in "working condition". The site is Lumosity and I played some of the games and love them. Supposed to be free but I guess to get more advanced games there is a fee. Are any of you familiar with this site and do you have any info for me, e.g., is it worth it? Fri, 2 Jul 2010 18:17:02 EST my mini vacation For the past few days I've had the worst summer cold so I'm giving myself permission to forget diet, exercise, etc. and just concentrate on my coughing, which is consuming me. I just found out that I'm not the only one coughing & sneezing. Seems this is another one of those "something going around" diseases. Oh, just to sleep, perchance without coughing. Thu, 24 Jun 2010 15:34:31 EST getting back on track I think I'm losing the battle (unfortunately not the lbs. or inches). I love animal crackers and eat them by the fistfuls. Instead of throwing them out I ate them all in about 1 sitting. This is what I mean by losing the battle. Today I allowed myself 1 delicious cookie. Too bad. So delicious I couldn't stop at 1. <BR> <BR> Help. Fri, 18 Jun 2010 18:54:16 EST Exercise DVD Forgot to post that I won the Exercise DVD today on Sparkpoints spin. Naturally, I don't have a DVD player but my computer will do. Sun, 13 Jun 2010 13:14:30 EST new to this forum Maybe this forum will do the trick. I know at my age losing weight isn't easy, but I do need motivation. Wrong thinking about age doesn't really motivate. <BR> <BR> Being with people who understand should do keep me on track. I think a good diet and exercise plan. The trouble is putting it in action. Mon, 31 May 2010 19:10:06 EST hoping good morning everyone. <BR> this is quite new to me and I will do my best to stick to it all <BR> hope to enjoy all the blogs' <BR> keep me in touch <BR> <BR> bye <BR> beyeco Fri, 14 May 2010 08:34:51 EST A Personal Goal to Achieve in May Come join me in establishing one or two new healthy habits for May-In 21 days we can hopefully make a big difference in our lives. <BR> Choose something that will help YOU personally to reach YOUR goals on our team. <BR> Join me in our new challenge if you are interested. <BR> As I said in the team letter- <BR> My goal is to get to bed by 10:30 (rather than Midnight) <BR> and to add protein to every meal and snack. <BR> Are you game? Let me know. Pat Tue, 27 Apr 2010 12:53:07 EST Silence ! <BR> Hi all, <BR> <BR> I have not seen any new blog or new post for few days except mine blogs and posts. Just wondering what happens to all my teammates. Are you all doing well? <BR> <BR> Nilanka Sun, 25 Apr 2010 23:04:13 EST Mothers are Heaven's Scent I watched this 3 mins video today. thought to share with you all. <BR> <BR> <link><BR>ys-_-WK-_-4.24.10-_-MAHSmovie </link> <BR> <BR> Hope you enjoy it <BR> <BR> Nilanka Sun, 25 Apr 2010 22:39:22 EST Eat that Frog I got this 2 mins video from my friend today. Thought to share with you all. Hope you enjoy it. <BR> <BR> <link> </link> Thu, 22 Apr 2010 20:07:03 EST Really Sorry I did a mistake yesterday. I got so excited with a testimonial of my SilverSneak about a product that sell in my company. So I put a blog about it. I did realize today I accidentally advertise. The blog has already removed. Thought to confess about my fault. I am really sorry about it. Thu, 22 Apr 2010 19:03:29 EST Motivational Quote of the Day April 8th <BR> <BR> "You get the best out of others when you get the best out of yourself." <BR> <BR> Regardless of your job title, consider yourself a leader. No matter your talents and skill sets, you are a mentor. Whether you have children or not, you are a role model. Start defining your life by these roles, and it will change how you view the world. You'll get considerably more respect, appreciation, and productivity from everyone you meet. Jim Fannin shows you how you can achieve all ... Thu, 8 Apr 2010 18:30:34 EST What Did You Do Today To Make You Real Proud? Like the Biggest Loser motto says- Let's see what each of us can come up with daily. What was your personal accomplishment today??? <BR> <BR> Thursday- April 8 <BR> For me- We got up this morning at 6:00 to drive off to another town to watch our beautiful granddaughter compete in a tennis tournament-THEN came home and worked out this afternoon. Thu, 8 Apr 2010 17:36:31 EST The simple Truth about Money I have just watched a video about money. Most people think, wealth measure according to their property, house, land, money. But here is the simple truth about money, that I believe. <BR> <BR> "Possessions do not determine your wealth and that plastic credit cards are “debtrimental” to your health" ~ The Simple Truth <BR> <BR> What do you believe? Sun, 4 Apr 2010 18:57:06 EST SparkStreaks for Drinking at least 8 cups of water <BR> I created a SparkStreaks for drinking at least 8 cups of water for a day. But it did not count even I put data into nutrition track. I also do not get sparkpoint for drinking 8 cups of water for day. <BR> <BR> Please, let me know, if someone did know how to fix this problem. <BR> Fri, 2 Apr 2010 15:25:27 EST Your Why should be bigger than Your But Have you ever think about the statement "Your Why should be bigger than Your But"? <BR> <BR> If you wanted to achieve any goal, your reason should be bigger than your excuse. Otherwise you will never achieve any goal. this statement I learn when I was small. It helps me to achieve all my goals. more information, see my Sparkpage. <BR> Thu, 1 Apr 2010 21:44:27 EST MARCH into Spring Challenge First week! It is Never Too Late To Get Fit! Start today!! <BR> <BR> March 1st-Today is the day for YOU to take charge. <BR> Make up your mind to get healthier- Your brain will lead the way!! Your body will thank you. Post what you have made up your mind to do. It all starts and ends with you. <BR> <BR> March 2nd-Plan your meals and snacks for 3 days- including rainbow colors of fruits and veggies. Click on SPARK recipes to find a favorite recipe. Shop for what you need. Post what you came up with. <B... Mon, 1 Mar 2010 11:56:14 EST Chat, this and that I wrote a blog on how our local team met. The title is "We met" Hope you read it. Sat, 9 Jan 2010 06:38:58 EST I'm not new, but I'm back I've been using my daughter's computer ever since I got here, almost a year. It is in the family room and that is where my grandkids and their friends hang out. I use the computer only when necessary. But I finally brought my own computer into my bedroom and can go on-line whenever I want. So I will be logging in more regularly now. <BR> <BR> I'm leaving for Honolulu for 10 day stay, and 2 Days after I return, my son and 3 grandkids will be visiting. So I won't do much with Spark Peopl... Sun, 22 Nov 2009 12:42:40 EST HOW TO STAY YOUNG Keep only cheerful, postitive friends. The grouches pull you down. Keep this in mind if you are one of those grouches! <BR> <BR> anymore suggestions? Please post. team leader-Pat Sat, 21 Nov 2009 14:41:17 EST How many Log In Points Post the number of points you get from spinning the wheel. Thu, 1 Oct 2009 17:35:20 EST What inspires us to keep on going? For DH and me it is knowing we have to keep healthy to take care of each other in our old age that is upon us now. I know this is a blessing because for many of us that is not now an option. So what does keep us going? Let us list the ways: Tue, 29 Sep 2009 09:59:19 EST sukie12 Hi everyone, I have been busy finding my way around the different sights. this is a big one. I have been tryig to get my scales to move downward but it wont do it. but the good news is it does not go up . IL like to do flower gardening , crocheting, and I enjoy the outdoors. I feel blessed to have lived 80 years and to have good health (well for 80 it is good) i will try to get back to you ---now that I know where to look. and I want to spend more time on steps and exercise. Sat, 18 Jul 2009 20:51:23 EST A Simple Plan To Stay Healthy Aerobic Exercise 5 days a week- Monday through Thursdays? 30 min. of walking or using a machine <BR> <BR> Strength Training-2 days a week-Mondays and Fridays? <BR> 8 to 10 exercises, 8 to 12 reps each <BR> <BR> Flexiblity and Stretching- 2 to 3 days a week-Tues., Thurs. and posssibly Sat.? <BR> <BR> Friday- July 10- <BR> I, Pat , will do 30 min. Aerobic---- Done <BR> Thu, 9 Jul 2009 23:50:26 EST Doin' Better Saw my doctor yesterday and I've lost 3 lbs since the 20th. Widh I know haow to activate the weight tracker. Because I have limiter mobility, he has prescribed water exercises for me to help get my bs down. What a great day! Fri, 26 Jun 2009 10:02:01 EST Just Arrived It was a pleasant surprise to find this team. I was beginning to think the only folks on this website were young and already thin. Mon, 15 Jun 2009 10:57:09 EST Where is home? I am new to SparkPeople, so am still learning the ropes. Currently I am facing (1) staying in my home or (2) moving to an independent living facility. This has had a great affect on my eating habits, my mental attitude, etc. What is happening in your life, really has a rebound on your health. So I've decided to work on my health and let fate decide where I will be living out the rest of my life! Wherever it is, I will still handle it better if I am taking care of the one body I will ever... Tue, 9 Jun 2009 23:03:04 EST Love it or Hate it! (as pertains to exercise!) Gardening? <BR> <BR> (Just say whether you Love it or Hate it and post a new kind of exercise) <BR> <BR> Team leader- Pat Sun, 31 May 2009 13:14:56 EST June Challenge -Favorite form of exercising Please list here- <BR> <BR> Mine right now is Gardening! <BR> What's yours? Thu, 28 May 2009 22:42:09 EST How to LIVE to reach 100. None of us would mind that if we can remain active and be in fairly good health! A new study from British Medical Journal shows that you can cut your risk of stroke in half by doing the following things- <BR> being active 30 minutes a day <BR> eating our 5 fruits and veggies <BR> avoiding cigarettes and excess alcohol! <BR> Sun, 3 May 2009 18:11:36 EST May Breakfast challenge May 1st <BR> Breakfast today-- <BR> 1/4 cup Kashi Go Lean and 2 T. Fiber One cereal <BR> 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup orange juice and 1 cup coffee <BR> 1/2 banana, and 1 TB. Walnuts <BR> Tomorrow I hope to catch the exact nutrients for breakfast on our Nutrient page before I add lunch and dinner! Hope you join in. Pat <BR> Fri, 1 May 2009 23:32:19 EST One a day-strength training OK team- Lets's get ourselves stronger to prepare for May activities: SPARK People tell us that strength training helps us to lose weight faster! <BR> Are you ready for the challenge? <BR> <BR> Wed. April 22-Do 12 Seated Knee Lifts (or one of your own choosing.) <BR> You can find a demo of this from your Fitness page-Click on "change exersizes" at the top of Fitness page- and choose Lower Body . Then Click on the one you are looking for and it will appear on you fitness page where you ca... Tue, 21 Apr 2009 13:50:17 EST April Challenge- Developing Healthy Habits Challenge begins April 3( but you can go back to April 1st if you wish) <BR> 1- we can start by using our Nutrition tracker by posting a previous automatic breakfast! <BR> 2-also post a previous automatic lunch! <BR> 3-Post total calories burned today <BR> 4-post minutes walked <BR> <BR> Here is my Example: <BR> 1-Breakfast 1/4 cup each of Total cereal and Fiber One cereal, <BR> 1/2 cup each non fat milk and cranberry juice plus Tb. each raisins and Walnuts- 1 cup coffee and 2 water <BR> ... Fri, 3 Apr 2009 00:30:48 EST 10 minute challenge Here is my input <BR> 3-1 15 minutes on Gazelle <BR> 3-2 <BR> 3-3 <BR> 3-4 <BR> 3-5 <BR> 3-6 <BR> 3-7 <BR> 3-8 <BR> 3-9 <BR> 3-10 <BR> 3-11 <BR> 3-12 <BR> 3-13 <BR> 3-14 <BR> 3-15 <BR> 3-16 <BR> 3-17 <BR> 3-18 <BR> 3-19 <BR> 3-20 <BR> 3-21 <BR> 3-22 <BR> 3-23 <BR> 3-24 <BR> 3-25 <BR> 3-26 <BR> 3-27 <BR> 3-28 <BR> 3-29 <BR> 3-30 <BR> 3-31 Sun, 1 Mar 2009 21:57:10 EST 10 minute Challenge Hi! Yes, I would like to be in the 10 minute challenge. <BR> 3-1 15 minute Gezelle <BR> 3-2 <BR> 3-3 <BR> 3-4 <BR> 3-5 <BR> 3-6 <BR> 3-7 <BR> 3-8 <BR> 3-9 <BR> 3-10 <BR> 3-11 <BR> 3-12 <BR> 3-13 <BR> 3-14 <BR> 3-15 <BR> 3-16 <BR> 3-17 <BR> 3-18 <BR> 3-19 <BR> 3-20 <BR> 3-21 <BR> 3-22 <BR> 3-23 <BR> 3-24 <BR> 3-25 <BR> 3-26 <BR> 3-27 <BR> 3-28 <BR> 3-29 <BR> 3-30 <BR> 3-31 <BR> Yours In Health, Marilyn. <em>9</em> Sat, 28 Feb 2009 14:45:08 EST March Challenge--10 minutes a day Let's build a fitness HABIT by consistently working out in some way 10 minutes most days of the week! <BR> Heavy housework,Walking,Treadmill, Elliptical, Stationary bike, Swimming, Working out with weights- (whatever gets you moving for 10 minutes straight) I will keep track of the posts. If you go over your ten minutes all the better. I will post an example. Have fun as we work together to get healthier day by day! Pat Sat, 28 Feb 2009 10:31:19 EST New to Team Hi, I'm only 52 but I liked the name of your team and I'm here to feel more energized and healthier; and maybe along the way drop a few pounds. My focus is on healthier living though. Hope I'm not too young for this team. <BR> Vicki <em>213</em> Fri, 6 Feb 2009 09:34:16 EST Nutrition tracker I stayed on track with all of my meals today. For breakfast I just ate was in my meal plan for today. <em>277</em> This was supposed to be grapes for raisins ate in my cream of wheat cereal. Mon, 2 Feb 2009 17:44:30 EST EMOTICON CONTEST Happy February! Using as few words as possible, list all the healthy foods you had for breakfast daily in February using only EMOTICONS! <BR> As one of your leaders, I will add up the score the last week of Feb. (not counting Joe's or mine-although we will post) and 3 winners will receive a luxury Emoticon from me! Good Luck! <BR> Pat Mon, 2 Feb 2009 11:34:29 EST Workout Thread. Sweating to the goodies This is to post your workouts or any exercises you have done for the day. <BR> <BR> I did: <BR> New you Boot Camp Video Day 5. <BR> 30min on a stationary bike. <BR> The Video Calf Hop. Thu, 8 Jan 2009 19:49:57 EST I'm 62, can I join? Hi, everyone! My name is Sue, and I live in Portland, Maine. I just joined the team -- I liked the name and the idea that it's never too late! I didn't notice that in the description it says that it's a group for people in their 80s. I'm 62 and am wondering if you mind if I join the group? It looks like a wonderful team. <BR> <BR> I'm the oldest person in many of my aerobics classes. But it feels really good to be getting fit and stronger! My mother started running in her 50s and continued i... Tue, 16 Dec 2008 10:13:57 EST Christmas Poems This one is from Dog Lovers Site <BR> <BR> Tonight's my first night as a watchdog <BR> And it is Christmas Eve <BR> the children are sleepin' all cozy upstairs <BR> while I'm guardin' the stockin's and tree. <BR> <BR> What's that now?-footsteps on the rooftop? <BR> Could it be a cat or a mouse? <BR> Who's comin' down the chimney? <BR> A thief with a beard- <BR> And a big sack for robbin' the house? <BR> <BR> I'm barkin', I'm growlin'I'm bitin' his butt! <BR> He howls and jumps back in his ... Tue, 9 Dec 2008 16:27:10 EST Attitude of Gratitude November, and especially Thanksgiving Day, is the time for us to remember our many blessings. <BR> <BR> So what are you thankful for? <BR> <BR> I am thankful for my health. I do have some of the ailments related to aging, but in general I feel pretty well. I am thankful for that. <BR> <BR> I have a wonderful husband, a wonderful son, good friends, charming grandchldren, etc. All of this I am thankful for. <BR> <BR> I have a sweet black cat that loves me. He is a delightful friend, and... Mon, 10 Nov 2008 19:58:50 EST Spit or Swallow <BR> We play this on another Team & it's fun. <BR> <BR> To Play start by naming a food. The next person posts whether they would SPIT or SWALLOW it depending on if they like the food or not. Make sure you post a choice for the next person. <BR> <BR> <BR> Let's begin... <BR> <BR> pinto beans Thu, 30 Oct 2008 14:55:37 EST Spit or swallow We play this on another Team & it's fun. <BR> <BR> To Play start by naming a food. The next person posts whether they would SPIT or SWALLOW it depending on if they like the food or not. Make sure you post a choice for the next person. <BR> <BR> <BR> Let's begin... <BR> <BR> pinto beans Sat, 18 Oct 2008 14:17:40 EST Election Day Challenge 1-VOTE to walk every day between now and Election Day.! <BR> 2-CANVAS your food choices daily and make it easier by making your breakfast and lunch choices automatic from a previous day. <BR> 3-NOMINATE strength training one hour for one day a week! <BR> 4-WIN by making your health and well being your number one priority! You can measure your success by taking your waist measurement today (Post or not if you wish and again on election Day.) Please post your progress here on our message board... Fri, 17 Oct 2008 23:46:12 EST How is every one Doing? It's getting a little warmer. So I went for a walk today. What are you doing? Thu, 18 Sep 2008 16:53:24 EST Let's Huddle!!! OK team, Let's see if we can huddle with our team once a week! <BR> It will be fun hearing from all of you. <BR> Team leaders, Pat and Joe Tue, 9 Sep 2008 18:12:48 EST Weekly weigh ins We weigh ourselves once a week and post it/or the change. You may post the weight itself or the change. Such as "I gained 2 pounds this week" or " I lost 2lbs. this week". <BR> This is to help us keep motivated. Thu, 28 Aug 2008 13:09:41 EST To What Do We Owe Our Longevity? You know when you look around we are a very fortunate group . Most of us are over 60 and get up every morning determined to stay active and healthy. <BR> Let's hear from you one of your secrets to a long life! Lets see how long we can make this list. I am waiting to hear your ideas!! Wed, 23 Jul 2008 21:34:21 EST Need Ideas Does any one have a idea for a team challenge? <BR> Something you would like to see the team do, that is fun. Looking forward to your posts. Sun, 20 Jul 2008 15:32:28 EST 40 Point Challenge Here is a challenge I think you will like. What we do is Post how many Sparkpoints you get each day. Than post that number each day. Trying to get at lest 40 points each day. Have fun. <BR> <BR> JOE <BR> <BR> I'm doing this with the Central Illilnois team. Sun, 13 Jul 2008 18:53:28 EST New Co-Leader Hi I thought I would post this. I looking for some ideas for challenges we Can do together. If you have one please post it here. <BR> <BR> JOE <em>220</em> Sun, 13 Jul 2008 14:43:14 EST Favorite subjects to chat about! Welcome and let us know what is on your mind. Your weight? Your strength? Your health? Your faith? Your family? Your friends? Your pets? Your everyday chores? <BR> For me it is all of the above so we can talk about just about anything here. These are all important but sometimes they can be a struggle too. With the help of each other we can do most anything we set our minds too regardless of age. <BR> Let us know how you get through the many demands of the day. <BR> <em>247</em> Pat Fri, 11 Jul 2008 09:58:41 EST You think you can't? I think you can! I just want to share with you this wonderful story passed on to me by another team leader,MRSHONEYC <BR> A son asked his father.Dad will you take part in a marathon with me? the father said yes in spite of a heart condition. they went on to complete the maraton together. Father and son went on to complete more marathons together Finally completeing the toughest marathon of all, The Ironman. The videos are listed below. I hope it touches you as it has us! <BR> Sat, 5 Jul 2008 10:32:54 EST One thing we are doing to help save the earth!. Pat--we have replaced all our light bulbs with energy efficient ones. <BR> What else can we do? Tue, 22 Apr 2008 14:23:44 EST A March challenge for Never Too late To Get Fit! Let's start March 1st and record our cardio minutes! <BR> Our goal to reach 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week. <BR> Please specify : walking,treadmill, housework-whatever you want to take credit for. Most of all have fun while we motivate ourselves to get movin" <BR> Team leader Pat <BR> Here goes: <BR> March 1st 30 minutes of cardio and 10 minutes of stretch and warm up <BR> March 2nd-30 minutes of cardio <BR> March 3rd-30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of heavy cleaning <BR> March 4th- 3... Thu, 28 Feb 2008 14:07:43 EST Hello My Daughter just signed me up and I am new to this so I will need some help and patience - thank you. I am 89 and looking forward to meet people with like interests <BR> ghoppi18 Fri, 15 Feb 2008 11:33:41 EST Let's Share our success's! Hi everyone, Just checking in to see how we are doing. Hope everyone has found a daily activity that will gradually give us more strenght. Lets share our success stories with each other what ever it is. Here is mine. <BR> Last evening I had to climb 3 flights of stairs at my daughters house and was amazed that I made it this time with hardly getting out of breath like before! My efforts are finally paying off!! <em>231</em> Tue, 7 Aug 2007 17:27:18 EST Chit-Chat Today has been a rather lazy day in Wonderful Wyoming. But this noon I will be able to do my regular noon swim in the neighborhood pool. I do enjoy the noon swim because it is for adults only and though I love kids I do not like to swim with them. <BR> <BR> Let's all stay as active as possible. Thu, 12 Jul 2007 13:38:33 EST Happy Fourth of July The Fourth of July is a day to celebrate, and we are flying our flag proudly. <BR> <BR> My husband is a veteran of World War II, and my daddy was a vereran of World War I. So Fourth of July is a day to honor our veterans, and to remember our country's proud history. Wed, 4 Jul 2007 10:07:54 EST Summer Activities for Seniors I've been swimming a lot in the neighborhood pool this summer, and I just wondered what sort of activities others who are seniors are doing. <BR> <BR> Are you striving to stay fit through the summer months? <BR> <BR> Have you found new exercises that you like doing during the summer months? <BR> <BR> Are you enjoying the summer? Fri, 29 Jun 2007 18:42:35 EST Basic Metabolism Rate I am joining the 80's team in an effort to learn about the BMR (Basic Metabolism Rate) of people our age. A recent article in SparkPeople says that the BMR in the human body is about ten times one's weight. If that is true for a 40 year old, is it also true for an 80 year old? It seems that our slower cell regeneration should result in a lower BMR for people our age, and my reduced appetite as I age would seem to support that view. Would someone please tell me? Fri, 1 Jun 2007 01:40:03 EST Hello, everyone I'm new to this group, and I wonder if we can make this a more active forum. I'm 80, almost 81, and in fairly good health. I exercise at Curves for Women at least three times per week, and maintain a fairly active lifestyle. <BR> <BR> Hope to hear from others in this group. Wed, 23 May 2007 11:58:34 EST new to; the team I joined last night and thought I introduced myself, but don't see any message. So, we are ther only ones on the team so far, Huh! <BR> <BR> I'm 81, a widow after 58 years married to George. <BR> <BR> When he passed away 4 years ago, I moved to FL to live with my mother. She is 100 now. I'm trying to eat healthy foods and lose weight. Mom likes "plain cooking", which includes whole milk, regular oleo, etc, and won't eat my recipes with brown rice, whole wheat flour, olive oil, etc. So ... Sat, 21 Apr 2007 00:12:27 EST