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#BeforeAndAfter ☺8 pounds down this month, Slow but steady 67 pounds down total in 6 months,I never OLIE07 310 QSHEPP
5/18/18 5:06 P
Just finished my first 5k! JLJAYNES0529 181 IRONADONIS
4/30/18 8:06 P
You can always keep progressing. This 2 week medical setback won't stop me. In 2 weeks, I'll be back SCHNOOKIEPIE 34 SCHNOOKIEPIE
4/23/18 10:27 A
#BeforeAndAfter decided it's time for another progress photo. 😁 MCOOPERMOM 13 MCOOPERMOM
4/18/18 4:08 P
Tears of joy!! I am under 200 pounds...I haven't seen a number below 200 in nearly 20 years! I am PDLSTMPR1 310 RCPMFAN
4/24/18 6:00 P
One year ago today, I married the most amazing man. He waited for me for to come to my senses and s CRYSFOOTE 152 PIPPAMOUSE
4/11/18 11:39 P
My walking buddy, this face melts my Heart everyday! NISSANGIRL 125 GRANNY2SK1
4/11/18 1:49 P
Another 3 pounds gone this week 😊 total 60.4 All this was done by eating healthy, tracking food an TMP0418 295 THATBROTHER46
4/18/18 8:26 A
First day i could jog 2 miles straight #NSV REANNA087 14 MDOWER1
4/9/18 3:56 P
I got a great report my cardiologist I'm healthy my weight is down to 223.0, EKG great me chilling i EVANS1848 66 AKGIRL362004
4/21/18 5:29 A
Really wanted a sandwich, but trying to stay away from bread. Found a pouch of salmon on my shelf. F NEWMOMMA0810 64 NEWMOMMA0810
4/10/18 5:34 P
Posted a photo 1DAY-ATA-TIME 146 COMEBACKKID12
4/9/18 8:20 P
So far... I went from 305 to this! Almost in the 2 ANGELICMOMMA 147 CSROBERTSON621
4/9/18 8:51 P
I started to reach for one & a little voice said do you really want to do that? I put it back RAEPENNY59 204 DINA-MAMA1
4/9/18 7:51 P
Im struggling this week, so I need some motivation. I went through some pictures and found some good AUDSROSE 163 MANGO1960
4/14/18 11:45 P
Ate so much Easter candy that I feel sick. Tommorow the challenge begins. I gotta be accountable as JUSTSTICKWITHIT 33 VIRGINIAGIRL
4/3/18 3:58 P
No matter how much my family puts my weight down and says I need to lose more. I just gotta remind m AMYMBUNCH 66 SOVERYBLESSED23
4/2/18 11:26 P
This is me before and after. Keep up the good work and stay strong. The results will show up slowly DOLLYIII 107 GOINGFORSKINNY
4/2/18 2:37 P
Super proud of myself right now. Made it to the gym for a little cardio. What I'm most proud of is 3 BFOSTER616 82 PATSYGO
4/2/18 5:43 A
Went out to a once in a life time hike today a place called the wave. Spent around 8 hours there our 2AWESOME4U 56 EDLEAR
4/1/18 4:36 A
Still have a ways to go but 67 lbs down and still more to go! JMSKREDE 105 MIYAMO
3/30/18 9:26 P
August 19, 2017 (247 lb) vs now (194 lb) 86 lb down total from my heaviest (280). 14 to go to make m M86265 26 M86265
3/28/18 9:27 P
Relaxation #mobilechat QSHEPP 23 POGIRL17
3/29/18 10:19 A
Spent the afternoon yesterday with my kids at the ALLYSNEWLIFE 4 WOOZKAT
3/27/18 3:36 P
I've lost 110 pounds! Went from 234 to 124! Now I've gained back six pounds and am at 130. Need to t SILVERCHEF34 176 NMESANDY
4/2/18 3:11 P
Had this nice dinner at Red Lobster.. and then I s JOHANNA76106 7 CHRISTOPHER63
3/27/18 7:21 P
#BeforeAndAfter I'm still chubby, but things r getting better PSYCHNURSEJENRN 5 LAURELANN54
3/31/18 8:59 A
Lost 1 lbs. today, 122 lbs. of fat lost with way more progress to make. My body is slowly yet, vis PELESJEWEL 72 LJSHRINKS
3/28/18 12:56 P
Almost 5 years apart. Left is March 30, 2013. It was my first picture taken to be used as a progres SHADOW2SOU1 211 LAXADRIANALOVE
4/2/18 10:00 P
Lost another 4 inches off my body. For a grand total of 9 inches off my body since I started on 2/13 MCOOPERMOM 17 MCOOPERMOM
3/26/18 9:12 P
3x on left, 2x on right. Still slowly pushing forward folks! F5-FURY 24 SADIEMYERS
3/27/18 6:47 A
Happy 57th birthday to me...a healthier version. 35 pounds down since last year. #BeforeAndAfter MARIAN326 203 SRAEWEBER
3/27/18 11:03 A
#BeforeAndAfter The picture on the left was taken at the gender reveal for my anxiously awaited gran IDREAMINPURPLE 76 GBENN777
3/27/18 7:13 P
Broke that 20lb plateau!! Down 22lbs today!! πŸ™Œ TDEKOTER 12 TDEKOTER
3/23/18 9:15 P
Spark People Paprika Pork!! 211 cal per serving. Entire plate is under 450 cal. Some salads can hav DIALYSISCHIC1 19 TMP0418
3/26/18 2:56 P
Yesterday my walking partner and sweet child Patches took his last breaths after a very short illnes PANSEEVEE 54 SYLBA61
3/23/18 10:17 P
Celebrating FRIYAY! with brand new a non-plus line! No more specialty stores for this gir GOODFELINE 60 JOSIEPOSIES
3/23/18 10:37 P
So tomorrow is my birthday. My goal was to lose 40 LIVEITUP2017 302 RASHA35
3/25/18 2:16 A
My favorite dessert is strawberry shortcake. Found a way to still have it. 96 cals/ 0 fat. I used su MELB1287 10 -POOKIE-
3/23/18 3:33 A
Me at 190 lbs in November 2017 PASQUALE51 10 PBVHCCVH
3/23/18 1:12 A
@MWARNER211 ....ok Mel, a deal is a deal. My makeover from my 9 year old niece 11 months ago. She is JUSTSTICKWITHIT 37 PAULINECHAVEZ78
3/29/18 2:57 P
It has been one year since I started healthy eating and adding excercise to my day, I had a few mo M36435 79 BOHEMIANCHICK7
3/23/18 6:23 A
On the left, weighing in at 310 pounds, ladies and gentlemen, THE OOOOOLLLDD ME! And on the right we SUNSPOT_BABY 120 LINDASOUTHER
3/23/18 11:54 A
In March 2016, I weighted at my heaviest of 440 lbs, for a 5'6 person that's way beyond borderline o LUIS 304 MAMA-DE-8
3/28/18 1:10 P
One day of over eating is not going to ruin all of my hard work. #BeforeAndAfter DGIGGLES3 161 DIPAFRODITA
3/29/18 11:56 A
I'm so fat I could punch someone. I mean scream. Ugg, why are there full length mirrors at gym? PSYCHNURSEJENRN 10 WLHOPE
3/17/18 10:53 P
Thank YOU everyone who cheered my earlier post on slinking into a straight size 16. I take this WIN PELESJEWEL 25 SEMPER_PRORSUM
3/19/18 8:27 A
Hello new here looking for encouragement and accountability!!! REDE2GOYELLOW 69 EVIE4NOW
3/17/18 10:27 P
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 9 JAMER123
3/17/18 12:26 A
My most personal share to date.... Transformation can happen, for me it's slow, steady, working at i PELESJEWEL 104 RAYLINSTEPHENS
3/19/18 8:09 P
I went from over 270 lbs in 2014 to this currently TXSUNSHINE512 157 QSHEPP
3/16/18 6:57 A
Day 17 & i lost my first 10 pounds! So proud of myself. 40 more to go to reach my goal! Everyone hav SANDERSKD88 24 SANDERSKD88
3/15/18 12:43 P
This picture is me 6years ago after using sparkpeople and losing 25lbs. Fast forward to now. I have MAGOLIVE 23 BAILE1MA
3/14/18 8:51 P
My hubby is happy with me at this size. Since joining Spark People Sept. 2011, I have gone from 210 CHANGING-TURTLE 39 THANKFUL2018
3/17/18 2:44 P
292 to 221... goal is 175! KIMBERLYDAWSON2 137 FITNFABMOMMY
3/14/18 9:38 P
Out of the 200's!!!!!; CELTIC79KITTEN 302 RUTHSHEPHERD1
3/14/18 4:49 P
I weighed myself this morning, 468.6lbs! A total of 32lbs lost since 2/26! And my husband went from MRSBRAINARD429 197 FRABBIT
3/7/18 8:09 P
#BeforeAndAfter 10.2lbs down so far this year - so happy!! SHAPEUPCHELLE 11 ROSEANNECARLSON
3/7/18 8:22 P
I reuse my daughter's empty juice container so that I KNOW, I can visually see myself drinking 8 cup STARGAZER838 8 KELLIEBEAN
3/7/18 7:07 P
Today was tough to get into the mindset of interval training. But I knew what i had to do and put as KATBRUNNER 18 ALOFA0509
3/8/18 1:43 A
Dinner tonight stir fry veggies added chicken breast only 200 calories HJUDIE1 6 FRABBIT
3/7/18 8:07 P
3/8/18 8:36 P
Dinner is thin chicken breasts, garlic, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, Montreal chicken, 2 pats of b JUSTSTICKWITHIT 22 JEMMSIE
3/8/18 1:23 P
I found this recipe on for this delicious pork tenderloin, broccoli onions and CINDY247 12 PATRICIA-CR
3/8/18 10:42 A
I guess it’s one last hurrah for CT!! Lots and lots of snow ❄️ I hope everyone had a good day! NANCYANND55 22 MBLANKFORD
3/24/18 9:00 A
3/7/18. So this is what I currently look like. I’ RUSTICBEAUTYQ 13 ALLYLIZZY
3/7/18 9:24 P
Just starting out wish me luck. 276 lbs yesterday 270.5 today. RICKC0 92 SISTERPRETTY
3/7/18 10:27 P
Still down 100 pounds! I never thought I would love the way I look. Thank you for all your support οΏ½ MADDIECHICK 14 MADDIECHICK
3/8/18 12:32 P
Down 26lbs. Finally starting to see and feel results. #BeforeAndAfter SWORTHING6 131 SWORTHING6
3/10/18 3:09 P
101 lbs. Lost with Spark People since 2/2015 back to reach goal weight.... 32 lbs. to go! Thank you ACLARK2415 250 ACLARK2415
3/28/18 11:02 P
Do you see this?!? I did it!!! I did it!!!!! I finally dipped into the 150s!! I have been cruising a JESSICA_G23 206 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
3/4/18 9:53 P
6.5 months of clean eating, walking, biking, kickb M86265 134 RAZZOOZLE
3/4/18 11:43 P
Finally in size 12 jeans! Down from size 18. Goal is size 10. MUSICLADY923 150 MUSICLADY923
3/28/18 8:38 P
#BeforeAndAfter HOPE77X7 224 BEEPBEEPRICH
3/5/18 4:36 A
I so sad and kinda proud of myself I'm 54 and I never ever tried for my Driver License until Friday JMO070163 11 JMO070163
3/5/18 6:56 P