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My lower body is going to hate me tomorrow after 25 minutes of lunges, squats and deadlifts this mor WANNATHIN 10 WANNATHIN
6/13/18 5:49 A
Still have the elbow pain, but the hand numbness is getting better. Perhaps I just over-did it at s WANNATHIN 7 WANNATHIN
6/12/18 7:55 A
So is coffee good for you when trying to work out and lose weight? SHAMILLER1 7 CHERYLHURT
6/12/18 6:50 A
I have visited the gym 260 times since 20 Nov 2016!! It's actually more, because there were days wh WANNATHIN 11 WANNATHIN
6/11/18 7:48 A
What does tennis elbow feel like? I think I have the squash version and it is really bugging me and WANNATHIN 5 LOVINSHERRY7
6/11/18 10:36 A
30 mins of cardio everyday now for the past 3 weeks. Down 10 lbs. Current weight 217lbs. Goal 180 JRIOS247 10 BANEWLAND
6/8/18 7:31 A
I am so proud of myself! This morning I did 4 x 8 x 160kg leg presses and 3 x 8 x 40kg lat pull dow WANNATHIN 13 LOVINSHERRY7
6/10/18 9:46 A
So last night I drank a whole bunch of wine and ate pizza for supper. This morning I ate leftover p WANNATHIN 10 LOVINSHERRY7
6/10/18 9:47 A
My hair isnt the cutest...but guess whos finally in a two peiceโค MYAK99 15 AUNTRENEE
6/6/18 7:55 A
Hello Spark Friends. Wishing all a wonderful Wednesday. PAMBROWN62 18 RAERAERAE62
6/6/18 9:47 A
Perfection is a Lie... I read this in someone's blog post this week and it really resonated with me WANNATHIN 4 LOVINSHERRY7
6/10/18 9:49 A
I always feel so relieved when I get home from my Monday morning workout, since I know I won't have WANNATHIN 3 1DAY-ATA-TIME
6/4/18 5:12 A
Answered from trivia questions and one was about burning more fat if you train on an empty stomach. WANNATHIN 8 TKFRIEND
6/2/18 7:43 A
Posted a photo INDYBUNNY 25 SPEDED2
6/2/18 10:54 P
I was so happy at the gym this morning! The 155kg leg presses I've been doing have really been stre WANNATHIN 3 YMWONG22
6/1/18 10:06 A
6/1/18 8:48 A
Before I went outside to do cardio, I did my morning yoga... so, I have two parts of my program acco LESLIELENORE 13 BONNIEMARGAY
6/2/18 4:51 P
Oh my goodness! My web browser is clearly on drugs! Advertising CHOCOLATE BARS on my Sparkpeople p WANNATHIN 11 WANNATHIN
5/30/18 7:29 A
40 minutes of hard cardio this morning. CARDIO is HARDIO! Friday it's STRENGTH DAY!!! Saturday mo WANNATHIN 9 KIPPER15
5/30/18 5:46 A
So I'm intensifying my plank workout with my sliders, like so: Assume the plank position on forearm WANNATHIN 3 TESSWILDFLOWER
5/28/18 6:34 A
Missed my 5am Friday workout due to an alarm mishap, but made up for it with two workouts on Sat, 45 WANNATHIN 5 L_DROUIN
5/28/18 4:34 A
I don't know whether I've shared this non-weight goal with SP, but I saw it on a list of such goals WANNATHIN 7 WANNATHIN
5/24/18 6:50 A
Yesterday was LEG DAY..... Save me!!! WANNATHIN 4 WANNATHIN
5/24/18 6:06 A
Have discovered an awesome 2-in-1 arm workout! Holding a 5kg dumbbell in each hand, I keep my arms WANNATHIN 7 GERRYH2
5/21/18 5:37 A
5/21/18 5:33 A
Made time to go to Bed Bath & Beyond to buy 48 pounds of Epsom salt with a $10 off coupon and a gift BONNIEMARGAY 10 CATHYSFITLIFE
5/21/18 12:43 P
Used my new slider pads for the first time on Saturday afternoon. They were all smooth and shiny bl WANNATHIN 4 SHELLLEY2
5/21/18 8:24 A
You know you did a strong chest workout on Saturday afternoon, when the treadmill hurts on Monday mo WANNATHIN 1 WANNATHIN
5/21/18 3:13 A
Watched The Greatest Showman last night and LOVED IT! Really don't feel like I'm doing what I'm sup WANNATHIN 6 LRJUSTUS1
5/18/18 11:52 A
I'm pretty sure I'm never going to lose the last 3kg.... I've weighed the damn same for 4.5 months WANNATHIN 6 LRJUSTUS1
5/18/18 11:43 A
Feeling those 3 x 8 x 155kg leg presses I did yesterday.... WANNATHIN 3 VICKICHICKI123
5/17/18 7:20 A
For everyone who swears by the scale and daily weigh-ins!!! Not that this doesn't work and isn't a WANNATHIN 11 WANNATHIN
5/16/18 7:47 A
It's my Thrift Store Shopping Day!! WooHoo!! Looking for those bargains! Hope you will come with me FLASUN 20 ROCKYCPA
5/16/18 11:03 P
Even if it's getting to go home after work!! WANNATHIN 15 JACKIEWALKS4FUN
5/16/18 8:40 A
Finally got back in the gym this morning and did a 4km in just under 35mins. Not terrible, but not WANNATHIN 6 MLR_00
5/15/18 6:39 A
I completed my first 5K on Saturday! I wasnโ€™t last! ๐Ÿค— PINKETTLEBELL 16 ISNESS
5/28/18 3:32 P
My negativity about work is affecting what I'm eating. I am emotionally soothing myself with food. WANNATHIN 10 GOODGETNBETR
5/11/18 11:01 P
And also the fact that I can't see any photos or images on my browser is really causing me to be irr WANNATHIN 3 WANNATHIN
5/11/18 4:55 A
Yet another day where I'm feeling so damn miserable about work. Sales are non-existent and I'm just WANNATHIN 7 WANNATHIN
5/10/18 6:46 A
So excited to get home and try on the new workout lycra leggings I received from my online shopping WANNATHIN 3 WANNATHIN
5/8/18 1:17 A
Feeling good about my food choices so far today. Had two boiled eggs and 1.3 cucumber for breakfast WANNATHIN 9 GOODGETNBETR
5/5/18 4:36 P
Urgh! Had every good intention of getting up early on a Saturday morning so I could hit the gym for WANNATHIN 10 ORTATK
5/5/18 8:10 A
5/5/18 9:03 A
Ditch your boring toast and try these nutritionist-formulated super-quick breakfasts you can make at WANNATHIN 4 TESSWILDFLOWER
5/4/18 1:30 P
I just looked through a very extensive slideshow of celebs who have lost a large amount of weight an WANNATHIN 16 GOODFELINE
5/3/18 9:56 A
Posted a photo WANNATHIN 9 JEWELZEE-
5/3/18 5:34 A
Treadmill or outdoor walking BEACHLUVER4 82 ANGELDIAMOND122
6/24/18 12:44 A
This is the type of bathing suit I plan to wear by the end of 2018. It's modest enough for a 40 yea WANNATHIN 9 ALLYLIZZY
5/3/18 1:36 P
Please make suggestions of where to place my next tattoo. In the modern world, dragonfly tattoos ar WANNATHIN 6 WANNATHIN
5/2/18 10:18 A
Venting- I am 5โ€™3 135 pounds and my husband yesterday kept making rude comments about my weight and PLUMBO42 9 B_RAZORSHARP
5/2/18 6:28 P
5/2/18 9:29 A
Iโ€™m stuck in a rut. ๐Ÿ˜ . Anyone have any suggestions on how to get the weight dropping off again?? 67CHARTS 9 PGHMIMI1
5/2/18 7:05 A
Posted a photo WANNATHIN 10 MCFITZ2
5/2/18 4:27 A
5/2/18 4:57 A
Urgh.... slippery slope continues.... Did not go play squash on Tues since my husband felt my son WANNATHIN 2 KOFFEENUT
5/2/18 2:18 A
I've really enjoyed my "break" from exercise since I got my tattoo last week Wednesday. I have also WANNATHIN 7 WANNATHIN
4/30/18 7:00 A
Posted a photo WANNATHIN 13 PHATPAT18
4/30/18 7:04 A
Another new temporary foster who arrived this weekend: "Figaro." Saved after being chased and trap MIMAWELIZABETH 14 PATRICIA-CR
4/30/18 9:33 A
4/28/18 9:47 A
Got a huuuuuge tattoo down my side from my bra line down to my hip on Wednesday evening. Can't work WANNATHIN 3 WANNATHIN
4/27/18 5:27 A
So excited about the new tattoo I'm getting tomorrow night! Represents me changing for the better! WANNATHIN 18 ROX525
4/24/18 5:29 A
Playing 90mins squash with my husband later. Would've been done with our session already if I didn' WANNATHIN 5 MLR_00
4/21/18 7:56 A
Satisfying delicious cauliflower fried rice side....definitely fools the taste buds ZINASP1 18 WANNATHIN
4/20/18 3:29 A
Walked with my daughters to a book store. Nice Treat and came home with 5 books. :) I've been tryin SUSANSKI 7 BONNIE1552
4/20/18 7:35 A
Fell asleep on the couch last night with a crooked neck and woke up in SERIOUS agony with a muscle s WANNATHIN 3 JANIEWWJD
4/20/18 3:26 A
4/20/18 6:08 A
My husband took a video of me this past Sunday and I looked at it for the first time yesterday. The WANNATHIN 2 ZELDA13
4/19/18 2:46 A
First cut of the grass and at last some sunshine instead of rain and cold ANNEMAC5 6 ALLYLIZZY
4/17/18 2:20 P
For a website that's suppose to encourage support and community, I have on more than one occasion fe WANNATHIN 4 MADDIEBSMAMA
4/17/18 12:40 P
I work in a car dealership that occupies three floors and a very large footprint. I walk all day lo WANNATHIN 9 LUANN_IN_PA
4/17/18 1:21 P
Reward for my first stone lost (which was a while ago, but Iโ€™ve wavered a bit since then) - behold t BLEARY 23 DIXIE-LUSH
4/17/18 8:21 A
Posted a photo IAN2409 17 DALID414
4/18/18 1:26 A
Good morning ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜ KEENA47 33 EVANS1848
4/17/18 3:21 P
Was awake from 03:00 until 04:00 thanks to my toddler wanting to check for monsters under his bed... WANNATHIN 3 MARINEMAMA
4/16/18 4:14 A
Got some half decent sleep last night and my son slept 8 hours straight without wetting the bed! #w WANNATHIN 6 JEWELZEE-
4/14/18 6:10 A