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Made it through day three of my personal 14 day challenge (no chips) #keepimproving. WALKIN4JEANIE 13 ALLYLIZZY
11/14/19 2:02 P
completed day 2 of my no chip challenge. #keepimproving WALKIN4JEANIE 19 ROCKYCPA
11/13/19 5:24 P
Completed day one of my personal 14 day no chip challenge! I just want to see what happens! #keepmo WALKIN4JEANIE 7 GABY1948
11/12/19 2:35 P
Been on a bit of a back slide, but today got in an unexpected workout because our faculty meeting wa WALKIN4JEANIE 10 GARDENCHRIS
10/24/19 12:47 P
I got some hillwork in this morning! It's been awhile since I have been able to get out in the morni WALKIN4JEANIE 5 GABY1948
10/20/19 9:48 A
#BeforeAndAfter two different family weddings WALKIN4JEANIE 35 GABY1948
10/18/19 1:32 P
First day of my three day weekend! WALKIN4JEANIE 13 GABY1948
10/14/19 11:03 A
NSV - giving away clothing that is too big! WALKIN4JEANIE 11 HARROWJET
10/6/19 8:56 P
The sign outside of my school said 106 degrees this afternoon. I thought it was wrong, but I literal WALKIN4JEANIE 8 GABY1948
10/6/19 11:54 A
We are in the middle of a nasty heat wave. I really needed to get outside, so I did a short walk aro WALKIN4JEANIE 7 GABY1948
10/1/19 11:40 A
Started the decluttering process today. Spent two hours in our garage throwing things out. I must sa WALKIN4JEANIE 14 GABY1948
10/1/19 11:43 A
A bit of a crazy day today, but I am glad that my schedule has returned to some semblance of normal! WALKIN4JEANIE 6 GABY1948
9/24/19 4:12 P
I did a few stretches and body weight exercises before my morning coffee this morning. #keepmoving # WALKIN4JEANIE 11 SPEDED2
9/23/19 11:16 P
I binged last night, just let myself get overwhelmed. The scale read 3lbs heavier this morning šŸ˜Ÿ GOODFELINE 9 HAPPYCPA1965
9/21/19 1:18 P
Going to see Downton Abbey movie late this morning and then to a nice lunch in town. Time for this g WALKIN4JEANIE 5 GRLTAZ
9/22/19 8:05 A
We have been on the road every weekend since the last week of July. I didn't work out this weekend, WALKIN4JEANIE 8 GARDENCHRIS
9/3/19 4:15 P
2nd workout of the week! Body Groove 30 Day Challenge Day 15!! WALKIN4JEANIE 7 ROCKYCPA
8/22/19 11:14 P
Proud of myself. First full workout since I started back to school last week! #bodygroove #keepmovin WALKIN4JEANIE 10 GABY1948
8/14/19 9:36 A
This is my first day of my first full week back to work. #backtoschool2019 #wheredidsummergo WALKIN4JEANIE 20 GABY1948
8/9/19 2:06 P
Bahia Honda state park today. Took only pictures and left only footprints (8,631 steps) another be CARLOSLAKELAND 22 TEXASHSMOMOF3
8/1/19 1:06 A
Boy! Today's workout was killer! My legs are feeling it! #keepmoving #keepimproving WALKIN4JEANIE 7 GABY1948
8/2/19 9:22 A
I won second place in a street art competition yesterday! I could never have spent 7 hours crouching KNITTINGKITTY 201 CSROBERTSON621
7/28/19 11:53 P
Hill work today! I realized that my hill work walk is now what I do on SHORT workout days! A year ag WALKIN4JEANIE 6 KHALIA2
7/28/19 7:22 A
Its such a nice day today! I got in my walk with sprints this morning. #keepimproving #keepmoving #s WALKIN4JEANIE 9 KHALIA2
7/28/19 7:24 A
I went to a university in our area for a teacher seminar today. The seminar was great, but my bigges WALKIN4JEANIE 8 GABY1948
7/26/19 11:07 A
There has been a nice break in the heat! I got in a good walk + sprints in today! 1.82 miles! #keepm WALKIN4JEANIE 8 KHALIA2
7/28/19 7:25 A
Day 8....flexibility. Perfect for this dreary rainy day. #keepmoving #keepimproving #summer WALKIN4JEANIE 7 _RAMONA
7/25/19 11:13 P
Good workout this morning! Body Groove Day 7!! #keepmoving #keepimproving #summer #getyourgrooveon WALKIN4JEANIE 8 ROCKYCPA
7/22/19 11:53 P
Didnt react well to today's allergy shot. No cardio for me. Dosed up with meds and sleepy. I may try WALKIN4JEANIE 9 GABY1948
7/22/19 1:19 P
NSV??? - "Mom, that shirt is cute, but you can't wear it anymore. It is a MILE too big!" - 22 year o WALKIN4JEANIE 14 1CRAZYDOG
7/21/19 10:50 A
Why is it that when I do LESS during the day, I sleep MORE?? Yesterday was rest day & boy am I gett CINDY247 35 PATRICIA-CR
7/20/19 6:36 P
Today is total relaxation day....haircut, facial wax, and a mani-pedi. #summer #takingcareofme #redu WALKIN4JEANIE 6 HOLLYM48
7/20/19 6:54 A
I did it again!! I met my fit points. That's not bad for someone who sat in long meetings for two fu WALKIN4JEANIE 32 HOLLYM48
7/20/19 6:54 A
Back from my long weekend camping. Hiked, walked, kayaked and ate too much. But, we had a great time WALKIN4JEANIE 12 ROCKYCPA
7/16/19 3:51 P
I made my activity goal! I am increasing it another 10% for next week. #keepmoving #keepimprovin WALKIN4JEANIE 23 ROCKYCPA
7/12/19 2:31 P
Complete Groove Challenge Day 4!! #keepmoving #keepimproving WALKIN4JEANIE 4 ROCKYCPA
7/11/19 11:57 P
Day 3 of Groove Challenge done!! #keepimproving #keepmoving WALKIN4JEANIE 5 ROCKYCPA
7/10/19 11:18 P
Got in a quick mile this morning. It is cooler this morning but extremely humid! #keepmoving #keepim WALKIN4JEANIE 4 ROCKYCPA
7/6/19 9:05 P
Completed a 1.5 mike walk with sprints early this morning. Followed with a big bowl of fresh berries WALKIN4JEANIE 10 ROCKYCPA
7/6/19 9:08 P
R.i. p. Tazzie 2005 - 2019. By far the hardest th CARLOSLAKELAND 162 RIPDJEANSNROSES
7/6/19 8:39 P
Its a rest day so, I got in some fitness in by doing some much neglected yard work this morning! #ke WALKIN4JEANIE 5 GARDENCHRIS
7/5/19 1:48 P
1.98 miles of HILLWORK!!! #keepmoving #keepimproving Almost double my usual! WALKIN4JEANIE 7 GABY1948
7/4/19 10:19 A
It was already extremely hot at 8:00 AM. So, I tried a new workout video today. This is the first ti WALKIN4JEANIE 6 GABY1948
7/3/19 10:37 A
I was able to trick my brain into thinking I hadn't gained weight for many years by wearing regular WALKIN4JEANIE 11 ROCKYCPA
6/27/19 12:09 A
Really wanted ice cream from the grocery store today. I knew if I bought even a small container that WALKIN4JEANIE 11 GARDENCHRIS
6/26/19 12:47 P
Today was short walk (hilly) and strength training day. #keepmoving #keepimproving #summertime WALKIN4JEANIE 5 SPEDED2
6/25/19 11:47 P
Great walk out there today! Added a little (emphasis on the little) more running. Got that heart rat WALKIN4JEANIE 6 ROCKYCPA
6/24/19 11:21 P
Posted a photo LADY_KATHY 10 GEORGE815
6/22/19 4:53 P
Tried a short yoga video today! #keepmoving #keepimproving #trysomethingnew WALKIN4JEANIE 5 GARDENCHRIS
6/23/19 10:15 A
6/23/19 12:53 P
Did hill work in my neighborhood today! #keepmoving #keepimproving #1stdayofsummer WALKIN4JEANIE 6 YMWONG22
6/22/19 8:45 A
I hope everyone has a wonderful start to their summer! WALKIN4JEANIE 13 GARDENCHRIS
6/23/19 10:20 A
I know that I need to bump it up a notch. So, today 1.25 miles of hillwork followed by some body wei WALKIN4JEANIE 4 ROCKYCPA
6/18/19 5:36 P
6/18/19 5:37 P
Got in a nice walk with a LITTLE running added in for good measure. A little more running than last WALKIN4JEANIE 7 GARDENCHRIS
6/18/19 11:29 A
Good morning! I am back from my awesome trip to Poland! I promise to share pictures soon! WALKIN4JEANIE 12 ROCKYCPA
6/16/19 10:58 P
How do I keep myself distracted from snacking in the evenings? I have taken up coloring. #distractor WALKIN4JEANIE 47 ROCKYCPA
6/7/19 5:54 P
Not feeling well the last 3 or 4 days Hoping to feel some lessening of symptoms by tomorrow. PYNETREE 9 TUBLADY
6/6/19 8:41 A
I added a LITTLE BIT of running to my walk today. The trail is very windy but there is a straight pa WALKIN4JEANIE 6 ROCKYCPA
6/5/19 10:43 P
Hi spark family. I have never been a smoker or drinker but my only addiction is Doritos chips almost MAKEMAMMAPROUD1 7 MOJOZEN
6/4/19 9:58 P
Daughter's grad party is this afternoon. Then, the neighbors are having a family friendly movie nigh WALKIN4JEANIE 9 WALKIN4JEANIE
6/2/19 9:38 A
Morning hill work in! #keepmoving #keepimproving WALKIN4JEANIE 6 SPARROWCARES6
6/5/19 5:13 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Thursday!!! I am about tired of this crazy weather! Several torn TEXASHSMOMOF3 34 REYNAJUST4KIX
5/31/19 12:16 A
Youngest daughter - who just graduated May 11th - got a permanent part time journalist job right aft WALKIN4JEANIE 10 GARDENCHRIS
5/31/19 11:16 A
I really wish I hadn't chosen to show my belly, but here's my progress photos! I'm down 72 lbs by ea BEACHYBLONDE 231 KARREN415
5/30/19 9:22 P
#BeforeAndAfter My before and after picture as of today !!! QUADCMOM 109 123THERESA123
6/6/19 8:54 A
Quick short walk this morning. I want to get into WALKIN4JEANIE 4 ROCKYCPA
5/30/19 11:57 P
I had German Cucumber salad at lunch today. It was so good! I decided to share the recipe. I followe WALKIN4JEANIE 5 ROCKYCPA
5/29/19 10:28 P
5/29/19 2:03 P
Got all the way through my Body Groove video today!! I am proud of myself!!#keepimproving #keepmovin WALKIN4JEANIE 7 SPEDED2
5/28/19 6:02 P
Nice walk this morning. Got out before it gets too hot. #keepimproving #keepmoving WALKIN4JEANIE 22 DLDMIL
5/27/19 7:10 P
Iā€™m having a tough day mental health wise. Went for a long walk hoping it would help. And it did mom COLORADOGIRL95 22 DLDMIL
5/25/19 7:51 P
The moment I've been dreading. I put on last year's swimsuit. I am thrilled! The swim shorts are pul WALKIN4JEANIE 7 COOKWITHME65
5/30/19 6:48 A
Good morning all! I hope everyone has a great Saturday! It is going to be a scorcher here in the sou WALKIN4JEANIE 5 ROCKYCPA
5/25/19 8:33 P
started my summer vacay with some hill work! I was half way up the toughest grade in the neighborho WALKIN4JEANIE 9 PICKIE98
5/25/19 12:08 P