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Birthday Club? DONEPAT 7927 DOOLITTLE42981
5/29/18 12:50 P
5/12/18 7:58 P
Biggest Loser Challenge - SIGN UP PEPPERMINTFIZZ 44 LOSINGME73
2/28/18 3:30 A
Hey everyone! I’m new to this community. I’ve been on my journey for awhile now, but the past year KRISTEN_1211 306 MOMMY2JJ2
2/1/18 9:32 P
My Christmas present to myself! STACIEHUDSON13 11 RUSSELLFORD
12/18/17 8:58 P
Every morning I start fresh, but by evening I'm spent; here's to maintaining motivation all day long KIRHASUTTON 3 MUSTANGMOM6
12/15/17 11:04 A
Trying to get back into the swing of things!! I’ve been on track for the last 4 days now and so many TODAYIAM 12 JACKIEWALKS4FUN
12/15/17 1:03 P
Well here it goes, after deciding I need to lose weight about 5 times, I've decided to start for rea CHRISTOPHERNALL 195 KATHIFAYE
11/8/17 5:21 A
Every time I workout at home and start doing floor exercises, I have a helper. 😊 2KATSAM 28 IGOT2START
10/24/17 12:32 A
Everybody doesn’t like these but I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #brussellsprouts MZADAMS 79 CHERIRIDDELL
10/24/17 1:42 A
Me at 248...10/16 Yesterday 120.... 10/17 DIANEPAG 296 GOIN4IT233
10/9/17 2:45 A
Hi everyone. I'm new to the party. 30 years old, 400 lbs, ready to change. BLAKE87 236 SARAHNRICKY1
10/9/17 9:27 A
This was on my walk by the river. LOISLEL 17 4CONNIESHEALTH
10/7/17 7:09 P
I'm super tired after my late night last night and a crazy day at work, but time to hit the treadmil PRAIRIEGIRL17 10 LARKDC
10/6/17 9:01 P
#keto Y'all, today I had my birthday cake straight out of the microwave and sprinkled with some pump MOMMACASSEY 20 MOMMACASSEY
10/8/17 5:45 P
10/7/17 12:41 A
Yup! ADUKE6 20 ZRIE014
10/3/17 1:42 A
I'm in New Jersey, USA How far reaching is this post?❔☺ POGIRL17 245 CAJUNBUCKEYE59
10/3/17 7:11 P
Posted a photo SLVRMANE 22 DJ4HEALTH
10/2/17 12:16 A
Yesterday I got a new bike and a trailer for the kiddos! Tonight I towed both my girls at a combine GWEN4REAL 53 JULIETTE93
10/2/17 5:41 A
Still working for the change ✌️ LANJVC 20 YAHUBAM
10/2/17 7:28 A
First time ive nailed my macros😃. Began Keto in earnest three weeks ago. Had to stop for a few day PKMOAR55 7 PKMOAR55
10/1/17 3:33 A
Addiction is hard to over come. Been struggling since I was 10. But now I have a positive solution t AMYMBUNCH 115 MORTONDH
10/1/17 5:47 P
Don't you? I look at this at least once a week! SMCMAHON8 8 MCFHARPIST
9/29/17 1:15 A
9/28/17 10:51 P
Today I weighed in at 162 - 30 weeks into my pregnancy. I started at 152 and am still on track for a C56984 16 MERLECHRIS
9/20/17 12:28 A
First attempt at a healthy dinner. What can i improve on? 1 cup of yellow rice, bell pepper, onion, TIANNAMICHELLE1 30 SOUTHTXXRNNR
9/19/17 6:33 A
Posted a photo CBNDGUY 15 ONESTEPUP
9/18/17 9:14 P
I been working out since March and changing my eating habits. I lost 30 so far and still got plenty CAROLINAGIRLJNT 223 STORCH2000
9/18/17 11:03 P
What are some ways to lose belly fat? AMYMBUNCH 7 FEELINGSTRONGER
9/13/17 11:36 P
93 pounds gone forever. Love this Healthy new lifestyle! It was hard work. Now to maintain. I have m MISAIS 231 TRANSPO12345
9/14/17 11:37 A
Quit smoking 5 years ago today, a lot has happened in that time (a death, near death of child, near 2AWESOME4U 35 TCANNO
9/13/17 3:32 A
Just finished my workout! I started at 278.9 now I am at 232.3! It's not much but I feel a differenc M65000 163 MDOWER1
9/13/17 5:47 A
This is 75lbs difference. PIXIEDGE6 193 _RAMONA
9/13/17 3:02 A
I have a question I have not come across an answer to. Are pickles ok to have on the #keto diet? TINKERFAN1968 7 TODAYIAM
9/11/17 12:01 A
Posted a photo GODDREAMDIVA1 12 COWLEEN1
9/11/17 6:38 A
9/11/17 4:32 A
Finally came up with a visual aid for my weight loss. KATIE520 75 KATIE520
9/11/17 9:52 A
Found my drivers license while cleaning my wallet. Thought I would do a face comparison. Amazing the HRODGERS4 150 SADIEMYERS
9/11/17 10:40 A
On another day I might have... but today I was victorious!! today I said no!! #justsaidno TODAYIAM 35 COMEBACKKID12
9/7/17 10:57 P
I'm down to 409!! Just 68lbs being gone has already improved my quality of life. I'm so thankful f AWALKER83 301 FARAHI1955
9/5/17 7:31 P
Got to exercise today with this lil cutie at the park this evening!!! AMYMBUNCH 17 PBVHCCVH
9/4/17 3:40 A
Just got back from a wonderful vacation. Back at it tomorrow! TTBUTTS-CP 5 TODAYIAM
9/4/17 2:17 A
It's my birthday so I got up, made breakfast and worked out with leg lifts and crunches! I feel grea MRSJENKINS8587 303 CJS1MOMMY
8/30/17 3:36 P
Yep.. all day today TODAYIAM 7 COMEBACKKID12
8/28/17 11:14 P
Kinda healthy DEMONA 7 ALOFA0509
8/27/17 4:15 P
Went to a concert with my sisters last night and I felt really pretty and fit for once in my life. I THEJACKIEDEAN12 136 TIGERSEYEHEART
8/22/17 5:53 A
It's Monday! Let's get motivated! You can do it, you're doing it right now! Keep on keeping on, you' SHENTE 14 _LINDA
8/21/17 12:26 P
Got my workout in this morning before work...hope everyone has a great Monday!!! CHERYL4846 59 KINDGIRL56
8/21/17 4:18 P
Anyone tried one of these yet? I grabbed one because it was on sale just to try.. it's not bad, not TODAYIAM 7 _LINDA
8/21/17 12:27 P
Today I am 61 years young. Where have all the years gone? IAMVICKIB 313 RAINBOWMF
8/22/17 2:19 P
I know my little belly bump from my c-section will never go away. And therefore I'll never get down KTERHUNE09 5 CAMPING0178
8/18/17 11:37 P
Ugh.... so I went to the doc because this cold has been getting really bad and I have bronchitis, a TODAYIAM 10 SILLYFILLY7
8/18/17 11:40 P
My grandkids made a cake LKUNICALJUBICA8 38 TENACIOUS10
8/27/17 11:26 P
I've been sick since Tuesday.. feels like someone is pushing on my chest and the cough and runny nos TODAYIAM 10 LRJUSTUS1
8/17/17 11:32 P
My cardio workout today BIGRENTMAN 12 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
8/18/17 7:51 A
Hope everyone had a good day cant wait to work out in the morning COOPERSHEILA 2 TODAYIAM
8/17/17 6:58 P
Beef and broccoli..hit the spot ..!!! ELLA_LO 10 JFAIT3
8/17/17 8:27 P
Sugar problem. My A1C 12.9 I realize that I'm not eat enough clean food, I'm inhaling sugar. PATTIBUS447 28 CINDYTW963
8/18/17 1:13 A
I blew it today Gave in to temptation Was hungry and in a hurry so ate what I should not of DORA 6 AULAURUS
8/17/17 7:04 P
#deliciousdailymoment my sons first day of school 😍 TODAYIAM 6 FOURSTICKS71
8/17/17 8:21 P
Made a noodle free shrimp alfredo! #keto FRUGALMOMMY7911 18 SYLBA61
8/15/17 3:52 P
Snack time Because sometimes you just need a slice of homemade (made from scratch) chocolate cake.. ST3PH 6 ALOFA0509
8/13/17 9:23 P
Today is my birthday - I'm counting my blessings and while I'm going to enjoy my birthday cake - I'm HEALTHYMOMMABEE 305 KARENWILL2
8/15/17 2:34 A
Well I didn't get a chance for the I was a little I have stomping around. Up to 7000 s REDDYOUNG 3 SASHASMOM1122
8/10/17 6:05 P
If anyone is interested in recipe for YELLOW SQUASH PIZZA CRUST... you can the recipe in this databa HERNEENEE 2 TODAYIAM
8/10/17 4:47 P
Keeping steady!! Gonna get it done!! TODAYIAM 4 GAYLLYNNE
8/10/17 5:21 P
These are my new yummy addiction 😱 TODAYIAM 11 KERRIBERRI86
8/10/17 2:06 P
Bwahaha, if only! BRENDA196122 11 DREA4119
8/9/17 5:47 P
This morning I took my Little One on his trike to his swim lesson instead of driving the 3/4 mile. I LILDEVAROO 5 TODAYIAM
8/9/17 12:05 P
Day 1, here we go O0LYSSA0O 6 MTN_KITTEN
8/9/17 12:59 P
Posted a photo CYNDI2017 16 BOOKNUT52
8/9/17 1:39 P
#friendfinder Hi I'm new! Yes my photo is me in costume. I'm here to get on the right track to eatin NYIMYA 2 TODAYIAM
8/9/17 11:57 A
Nothing says happy birthday like a walk on the treadmill!! What??!! 🙌🏻👊🏻 TODAYIAM 19 UNICORN212
8/9/17 11:06 P
Posted a photo SJOYOUS 100 BOOKNUT52
8/9/17 1:38 P