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Goal complete!βœ… #eattherainbow JACKJACK91 5 TOCONNER
4/23/18 6:48 A
Today: raspberries, blueberries, cherries, carrots and pea pods. #eattherainbow JULIENSMITH 8 ZUZUPETALS10
4/23/18 2:13 P
Huge salad for dinner: spring mix, kale, sw peppers, onion, cukes, celery, carrots & tomatoes. How J01344 4 BILLTHOMSON
4/23/18 9:02 A
4-22-18 Five+ Fruits and Veggies Challenge: 1. 2/3 C. Green Beans w/Spray Margarine 2. Onions/Gr. P ANNA4318 3 TOCONNER
4/23/18 6:45 A
Got in a number of veggies today: Spinach, Kale, Swiss Chard, Onion, Cucumbers, Olives, Garlic, Oreg EO4WELLNESS 8 BILLTHOMSON
4/23/18 9:02 A
I know it doesn't look very good but here's dinner; baked sweet potato with mozzarella and honey, pe PAMMIESUE81 11 TOMATOCAFEGAL
4/23/18 3:26 P
Fruits: 1/2 cup of Blueberries and 1 Banana. Veggies: 1/2 cup of Black Beans and 1 Sweet Potato pl PATRICIAANN46 7 BILLTHOMSON
4/23/18 9:02 A
I broke my toe, and was deadly afraid of losing ground so I started doing seated/lying down workouts MERLUSYNE 21 YMWONG22
4/22/18 10:06 A
Weigh in today! Down 3 pounds from last week!! Eating well and exercising more really is the key. H TREASGARDNER 16 ALLYLIZZY
4/22/18 2:27 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 23 PATRICIA-CR
4/23/18 8:42 A
Posted a photo PRVCY1961 13 JOC36BROWN
4/22/18 9:04 A
Good morning Sparkers Day 118 and still sugar free. Planting at the Botanic gardens today. Four h STEEPERSLOUNGE 36 -POOKIE-
4/23/18 4:20 A
New kettlebell has arrived! Very excited about having a play with it. It'll still be a while before K-BOBETTY 17 JOC36BROWN
4/22/18 9:04 A
It’s the first race day of the season - 5K today. NANHBH 44 ROCKYCPA
4/22/18 1:10 P
Good morning everyone! I hope that everyone slept well. I slept with squirt under my chin lol. Hes s WALTSGIRL74 23 AMYINTHEWILD
4/22/18 3:50 P
4-20-18 Five Freggies Challenge: Banana & 1 C. Frozen Spinach Smoothie, Stir Fry, Green Beans, Sweet ANNA4318 15 TOCONNER
4/21/18 8:35 A
Beautiful tossed salad with supper - check! Drank all the water - check! #eattherainbow #h2whoa SASSYBLONDE69 4 TOCONNER
4/21/18 8:35 A
Plate full of veggies and fruit with s small side of tuna noodle salad. πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺ🏽 #eattherainbow #e JACKJACK91 16 CKEYES1
4/21/18 12:00 P
7 servings of fruit and veggies today! #eattherainbow COYOTESPIRIT2 8 BONNIE1552
4/22/18 5:31 A
I need this because I am so close to being type 2 diabetic! #eattherainbow CHERYLL1949 24 BONNIE1552
4/22/18 5:31 A
The sun is shining and it has finally warmed up. Tonight we will grill some veggies with our dinner! TOCONNER 6 BONNIE1552
4/22/18 5:30 A
If you’re only in competition w/yourself, you will succeed. We are all unique, our needs are unique 1CRAZYDOG 20 LIVEDAILY
4/21/18 11:07 P
Breakfast: protein smoothie. Lunch: Salad. Drank 7 bottles of water. Exercised and ate all veggies & SUZEEQ13 6 TOCONNER
4/20/18 6:38 A
I tracked my foods, stayed in my calorie range, and made healthy choices! #foodfeats SUNKISSEDPATHOS 7 TOCONNER
4/20/18 6:37 A
Instead of a regular baked potato for dinner, I ate a sweet potato, only half though #foodfeats JEANETTESTING 8 TOCONNER
4/20/18 6:37 A
Nailed 12 out of the 13!!! Whoo-hoo!! #foodfeats TRYINGINTEXAS 5 TOCONNER
4/20/18 6:37 A
I actually look forward to checking in every day and spinning the wheel. Have a good day. #foodfeat DINIE123 4 LENNIEBINO
4/20/18 7:50 P
1. Veggies with breakfast 2. 9 cups of water 3. Stayed in calorie range 4. No unplanned snacking 5. ALLENCS 8 BRUCELANGLEY
4/21/18 1:41 P
Ate healthy breakfast, lunch & dinner. Drank 14 glasses of water. Got in all servings of veggies and SUZEEQ13 10 PAMMYLBEAR
4/20/18 2:01 P
I don't have time to make dinner tomorrow, so I spent my time after dinner making dinner AND lunch f BINARYSTITCH 11 PAMMYLBEAR
4/20/18 2:01 P
1) 4 goals set this morn. 2) Ate a healthy lunch 3) Will be cooking a healthy supper--baked orang TRYINGINTEXAS 8 LENNIEBINO
4/20/18 7:50 P
Feeling grateful.....Jogged two miles without stopping..started out not being able to jog at all bec SWEET_SHAN2003 142 DMDANGELO
4/19/18 2:11 P
Have a great THURSDAY NEPTUNE1939 5 DIROB57
4/19/18 7:51 A
Temperature is 34 headed to 57 NEPTUNE1939 3 SMORSEBVR
4/19/18 7:49 A
Posted a photo LITTLEREDHEN8 27 SYLBA61
4/19/18 10:54 A
I love seeing pictures of people's food. It gives me different ideas to try... my breakfast today is KERRIBERRI86 28 GLASSHUNTER
4/19/18 11:51 A
I’m on a bike 🚲 FRANGIORDANO 17 AQUAGIRL08
4/19/18 8:18 A
"Without gratitude, what was extraordinary yesterday becomes ordinary today. Without gratitude, a se NANHBH 42 LINDASOUTHER
4/19/18 11:47 A
Some days I'm soooo tired! I think the lack of sunshine is wearing me down. I sure hope we get les SWALLIS7 8 LIVEDAILY
4/18/18 10:18 A
Woohoo!!! Second day of my challenge completed. I have noticed that everytime I feel stressed, such ROOHI245 12 YMWONG22
4/18/18 9:14 A
Happy Wednesday morning workout done SPORTY_1 19 MADEINBRITAIN
4/19/18 4:15 A
I’m going to try yoga for the first time today. It’s supported yoga-anyone ever do it? PASTORVIC 11 STAN_CALIFORNIA
4/19/18 1:00 A
Got my run in. Glad I did it but man I’m ready for this race to be over and done JRKESTLER 23 JRKESTLER
4/18/18 11:21 A
Spending birthday with grandchildren...πŸ’•πŸ’• TLFEIN21 43 SHELLEYMCELROY6
4/18/18 8:43 A
10 miles on the bike this morning #exercisebike #cardio #fitness #exercise #bike #health #weightlos GOLDIEFOXX 106 TESSWILDFLOWER
4/18/18 12:13 P
Posted a photo DEALCRAZY 33 FISHGUT3
4/18/18 9:50 A
42 yrs today and the first healthy birthday ever! I'm gonna make the best of this day thank you spa TMP0418 308 JAY61
4/18/18 8:14 P
4/17/18 10:06 A
Monday I burned about 850 calories, but again consumed too too many calories. Don't know what's up ABTRACK 4 MERRYPINK
4/17/18 7:13 A
Reward for my first stone lost (which was a while ago, but I’ve wavered a bit since then) - behold t BLEARY 23 DIXIE-LUSH
4/17/18 8:21 A
Nonweight victory: My cheeks are now flat(ish) when I smile. Woot! 😁 TIGERSEYEHEART 23 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
4/17/18 9:36 P
No mum.... I don’t want to get up and go on a walk. RCPMFAN 26 FISHGUT3
4/17/18 9:13 A
Good morning 😘😘😘😘 KEENA47 33 EVANS1848
4/17/18 3:21 P
Sweaty morning workout, feels so good! P_CLARK 22 TMP0418
4/17/18 8:19 A
It a new week It a fresh start Let's not do it for others But do it for ourselves REN0303 13 TSHAWGER
4/16/18 7:04 A
Teaching two yoga classes this morning. Happy Monday everyone! GERRYH2 4 TOCONNER
4/16/18 7:00 A
Starting my plan today! Spent all last week preparing this weeks menu and preparing me (I think that CGRANT2014 5 TOCONNER
4/16/18 6:59 A
Bring joy to the world today! NANHBH 13 ROCKYCPA
4/16/18 11:50 P
Have a wonderful day! DGFOWLER 20 HAPPYSOUL91
4/16/18 11:46 A
Happy Monday ya'll! So I weighed today instead of Wednesday... Monday's were always my weigh- in da RUSSRV21 16 LSMITH2017
4/16/18 8:06 A
Have a great week sparkers ! KERMIE67 106 ALICIA214
4/16/18 12:06 P
Make the most of your Sunday Sparkers!!! CAJUNBUCKEYE59 14 JUDY1676
4/15/18 7:19 P
Every morning for two weeks now, I do a set of squats each time I am waiting for the coffee to brew. WALKIN4JEANIE 15 SPEDED2
4/15/18 9:43 P
Posted a photo GYPSYMOTHER76 19 ORTATK
4/15/18 8:41 A
Got in my 64 ounces on Saturday! #h2whoa BONNIE1552 15 PHATPAT18
4/15/18 8:57 A
The Cooper-dog says good morning... even though the hu-mom is being lazy, just sitting there watchin LESLIELENORE 26 MIMAWELIZABETH
4/20/18 10:35 P
What people think of you is not nearly as important as how you feel about yourself. Maria Akopyan * 1CRAZYDOG 16 SPEDED2
4/15/18 9:41 P
Just did Jessica Smith's 1 Mile Power Walk☺️ ST3PH 8 RYCGIRL
4/15/18 10:29 A
Eating the rainbow :) Halo mandarins, fresh corn on the cob, sweet peas, watermelon, prunes #eatthe BONNIE1552 16 TOUGHLIKEOX
4/15/18 5:37 P
GOOD MORNING!! πŸ™βœ¨β˜€οΈ β˜•οΈ πŸ’—βœ¨πŸ™ #happysunday SARASMILING 26 75HEALTHYME
4/16/18 2:14 P
Posted a photo DRAMAQUEEN926 18 LAURAFOOTE
4/14/18 9:16 A
Started my "Sparky life" 51 days ago at 278.7 and now at 255.5 ! Do I dare dream? This is no dream. CINDYBEEBEARDS7 28 FELICIA1963
4/14/18 11:02 A
Missing my dear Mom, 93 years young passed away March 30th LOSEWEIGHT1212 19 JOC36BROWN
4/14/18 4:07 P
The worst storm of the season here! DEERLADY45 18 REGILIEH
4/14/18 11:38 A
Happy Saturday sparklers!!! Let's make today count!! STARGAZER838 7 ZUZUPETALS10
4/14/18 2:19 P