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This is our precious Jake. He gave up his fight with liver disease this morning. We just couldn't se RESTFINDER 54 ALLYLIZZY
6/5/21 1:54 P
Hey Sparkers! We also need these types of goals for a Happy & Healthy Lifestyle It's not always abou HAPPY-CATHE 21 ALLYLIZZY
6/2/21 2:49 P
I decided to rejoin Spark to keep track of my meals and exercise while I wait for my WLS, and then t AWOODSONG736 24 GOINGFORSKINNY
6/5/21 9:56 A
A Just For Fun..... What's Your Score 75HEALTHYME 12 JAMER123
6/1/21 11:38 P
Lean turkey meat, 1 oz. colby cheese, and lettuce sandwich with 1 cup pizole and water. 😋 Yummy. COWGRANDMA 6 KEKEIKO
5/29/21 5:45 P
I'm 59 years old and I'm planting my very first Garden! My new way of exercising LOL! MARVELLYNN 36 MT-MOONCHASER
5/30/21 12:19 P
I love salads! Sometimes I get in a rut eating the same salads over and over again. So this week I a TEMPEST272002 24 PEGSTER820
5/30/21 1:11 A
Love flowers ZZLEESCH 18 KOSHIE1
5/25/21 1:38 A
What Motivates you to check in with SP every day? LOSINGSEVRYTHNG 386 SPARKLINGME176
6/7/21 5:50 P
Had a great time with family at a hibachi restaurant. My 4 year old granddaughter was amazed by the TKLBRIDGET1 4 JERICHO1991
5/22/21 12:28 A
5/21/21 5:26 A
Today was a little stressful. I missed an important deadline at work. I’m still having trouble findi SSHAW004 7 SSHAW004
5/21/21 6:07 A
word association CHARLIE1357 4172 REDGINGER1
6/12/21 12:47 P
6/16/21 11:47 A
6/16/21 9:48 A
A to Z - ONE OF MY FAVORITES.. NAN041 4001 CHIP8790
6/15/21 10:54 P
6/9/21 2:17 P
Word Association Game SHARON632 10640 RMUL2013
6/16/21 6:58 A
6/8/21 4:19 P
Goodbye, my furry companion for 14+ years. I’ll miss you. 😢💔 4A-HEALTHY-BMI 64 DSJB9999
5/22/21 4:42 A
I just tried these and they are tasty😁 MZADAMS 12 HEALIN1
5/15/21 1:19 A
I've lost a total of 90 pounds - from 263 in 2016 to 173 in 2021! Through God's grace, I am continu JANZDIET2014 21 MADEINBRITAIN
5/15/21 6:37 A
Yesterday's hike was 2.25 miles at around 6500 ft. Desert type terrain very close to the forest. Lo LAURAKJ70 14 LAURAKJ70
5/17/21 2:58 P
Feeling off kilter mentally which is throwing off my eating and exercising. Trying to stay on track, HMKITTEN 13 TKLBRIDGET1
5/8/21 8:39 P
I didn't work out once today . I worked out one and a HALF times today . My workout partner beggggge ASHELYLADY 13 CATWMNCAT
5/5/21 8:31 P
Diastis recti tips? I was cleared to exercise this past Friday after a 2nd c section. ❤️ Currently a AMAYAKIYOSHI 14 EVIE4NOW
5/5/21 11:15 P
6/7/21 4:02 P
5/31/21 7:53 P
A - Z Words ending with "S" RMUL2013 1653 REDGINGER1
6/7/21 4:01 P
Name a song and the artist HMMRHEAD5000 381 REDGINGER1
6/15/21 5:46 P
A to Z Names of Cities. REDGINGER1 2898 BKRMKRLGHT
5/31/21 7:50 P
WORD ASSOCIATIO ...another game to play. :o) BARBEQUESUE 11209 REDGINGER1
6/10/21 8:02 P
What articles are found in the house: A-Z? STAMINAALREADY 1592 CHIP8790
6/15/21 10:53 P
Change a Letter Make a New Word HMMRHEAD5000 4715 MISSY455
6/16/21 12:51 A
SO, Look Out Your Window..What do you See? NAN041 2497 BKRMKRLGHT
5/31/21 7:52 P
Great workout, last night. Took way too long to finish though. I wanted to fight my trainer because LOTTALOX 8 TKLBRIDGET1
5/5/21 4:49 P
Just like a beautiful flower it's time for us to bloom! The time is now! (My amaryllis last Christm TROUTPOUT 19 TROUTPOUT
5/2/21 11:23 A
Happy, merry month of May! Here is our 'Fairy Garden" spot, in bloom last week! IN-Joy! SPARKLINGME176 35 -POOKIE-
5/5/21 8:11 A
Happy May 1st to all y'all. I've set goals for this my birthday month. Daily water challenge, and a DARLENEK04 17 DEE107
5/1/21 9:54 P
I am 5 lbs away from 50 lbs. lost! CNTRYBARB 11 COUNTRYGALINNY
4/23/21 4:19 P
Sorry for the long post. I am struggling today. I hurt my knee which resulted in a cortisone shot. CUPKAKE137 14 GEORGE815
4/18/21 5:46 P
Make A Sentence by using one word from last Post RMUL2013 347 REDGINGER1
6/5/21 5:08 P
Vanilla Greek Yogurt w/ Pear, Raspberries, Blackbe CATWMNCAT 21 GINNABOOTS
4/18/21 7:17 A
After at least 20 years with the first digit in my weight being a "2"... This feels really good. WINDOWPAIN 54 KAYDE53
4/17/21 7:31 P
I'm on Day 2 on SparkPeople. I love to read the posts. AUTUMNAGATE 7 TKLBRIDGET1
4/14/21 8:30 P
Friday and Saturday step count. My sons have been coming for my outdoor walks with me! Healthy fam j KIBBGIRL 13 TKLBRIDGET1
4/12/21 8:11 P
Saw a new trend where people #restart themselves. After a few months of feeling the effects of "push NELLEBELLE94 27 TKLBRIDGET1
4/12/21 8:11 P
A double rainbow looking out from our front porch yesterday DONNA_VT 57 JERSEYGIRL24
4/12/21 11:08 P
Happy Monday to you all and may you be blessed beyond measure on this day. As for me, it is my 82 BANEWLAND 65 TKLBRIDGET1
4/12/21 8:04 P
Awesome ride today lots of canter/trot transitions and worked over trot poles. ♥ #horselife #mares DISCIPLINE1979 17 JER-BER
4/13/21 6:20 A
Saved a bag of wilting spring mix by tossing it in stir fry of Thai garlic chili sauce and kamut whe MSMOSTIMPROVED 23 1DAY-ATA-TIME
4/13/21 7:55 A
I feel accomplished. I went to walmart and walked around for over an hour. This is the first time i SBLACKWELL93 4 KSE1018
4/12/21 8:19 P
If you would of told me 2 months ago when I was 343lbs I would take 11115 steps in a day I would of SIAMILLS 102 CHERRYZMB60
4/12/21 8:49 P
Friday Night Fun... Chicken Wings, Rainbow Carrots, Sweet Kale Salad w/ Skinny Girl Poppyseed Dressi CATWMNCAT 36 OHMEMEME
4/10/21 12:24 P
My goal over spring break was to walk 8 miles in one day and yesterday I walked 10!!👟🎉 SDAVISRIVERWALK 10 NOCALORIES
4/10/21 12:05 A
Got second vaccine, not as bad as it could’ve been but not quite myself for two days. Got sent home GCWILLI1 24 LANLEIMEE
4/10/21 4:26 A
Happy Friday! TKLBRIDGET1 22 LWLAR7
4/10/21 4:24 A
Today my husband and I quietly and lovingly celebrate our 62nd wedding anniversary. We are so thankf BONIFIANT 8 BILLIELDANN1
4/8/21 1:35 P
I’m just tired of it all REJOYCE429 8 GEORGE815
4/8/21 6:06 P
Sorry I haven’t been on the site. I've been a litt IAN2409 29 SPEDED2
4/8/21 9:31 P
This was a precious moment for my Dad! RKEKES1968 48 CINDY247
4/5/21 6:19 A
My Son and his GF at Church service this morning. 💜 He spent the whole day with her and her Mom 😊 DISCIPLINE1979 23 1CRAZYDOG
4/5/21 5:51 P
Weekly poll 3/20/2021 PRUPLEBEAR 7 PRUPLEBEAR
4/2/21 7:54 P
Cupcakes I made for my son's class party tomorrow. My first time doing grass with the grass tip. BECCAWEBB123 51 FURRYMOM1
4/1/21 2:09 A
I'm still NOWHERE near my goal weight of 160 🤣. I'm pretty sure I'm still up around 210 🤣. However KOBRIEN13 105 JEN-JENG
3/26/21 9:01 P
I fell off the wagon and had a few days where I wasn't tracking food or exercising, I feel really ba RYUNRYUNWILLRUN 6 TKLBRIDGET1
3/26/21 7:45 P
I just joined a few days ago. Found out yesterday I'm pre diabetic. I asked my mom who is type 1 di BLACKCATS81 11 SHARON.LELA
4/6/21 9:39 A
My neighbor’s Freesia is blooming like crazy! ALLYLIZZY 22 GINNABOOTS
3/27/21 8:05 A
My before and after (and still in progress). 1st photo in 9/15 when I was still putting on weight, ZTGF04 32 CAMRY2019
4/7/21 12:32 A
Restarting for what feels like the 50000000 time. Im trying not to get discouraged. Ugh wish me luck AMANDAA12 16 TKLBRIDGET1
3/26/21 7:31 P
Recommendation for a new scale I just bought - called a Renpho (on Amazon for $17.99) it's a smart s RNOCHICK 10 CD4747255
3/27/21 11:38 A
Frustrated at the gym. I swear I’m not a negative person but I try to be realistic and today felt l SORRYCORI 6 SORRYCORI
3/27/21 1:04 A
Posted a photo NAVA2021 234 TKLBRIDGET1
3/25/21 11:36 P
I made it to Onederland! It has been 15 years since I have been here. It's wonderful but kind of sca SOMEBODIES 38 ALLYLIZZY
3/26/21 1:07 P
My cat of 15 years, Carissma was put to sleep and out of great pain by my vet today. I drank lots of AOKDIET21 60 ALLYLIZZY
3/26/21 1:05 P