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Ready for a new healthy lifestyle !!! JESSICAGONZA8 5 TIBURONA
9/24/17 2:41 A
Chef Salad for dinner and fresh strawberries for dessert. RHOOK20047 6 MBPP50
9/24/17 4:37 A
Had a great day, but as day turned to night I became extremely stressed with my youngest and the fac LRYAN0696 10 INSPIRED26
9/24/17 9:35 A
50 lb weightloss before / after - since this photo MAINGIRL11 26 MAINGIRL11
9/24/17 11:33 A
Eating chicken nuggets and had 2 tbspns of peanut butter, the insomnia continues. I might look into JUSTSTICKWITHIT 17 ALUKOWSKY
9/25/17 9:23 A
So the wiener dog is now asleep on my knee he is sure snuggly tonight . Time for bed night all CTCOLL41 4 MOONGLOWSNANA
9/13/17 1:41 A
I have been doing so well but today my body was screaming for chocolate. I did it 2, yes 2, grandma LNDWOELLERT 4 TIBURONA
9/13/17 12:47 A
9/13/17 12:47 A
First day in months that I've eaten in my calorie range. Day one of tracking again, too. Seven month MINATHERED 5 TIBURONA
9/13/17 12:45 A
These storms have gotten me way off track with my food. Hope to be back on track tomorrow. Sad that MISSPEACHES3 5 4CONNIESHEALTH
9/13/17 11:27 A
Had an eye exam a few days ago and woke up this morning with what feels like an eye infection. Wonde COURTENAYE 4 MOONGLOWSNANA
9/13/17 1:40 A
Just 4 more pounds and I'll be at 200 lbs DBEERS1983 41 GEORGE815
9/3/17 6:28 P
I moved to Santa Fe! I'm so excited and determined to stay on track! The last few days have been dif CRASHPIXIE 11 TIBURONA
9/3/17 2:14 P
#newbie trying to lose 10% of my body weight first 😨 daunting task but I know I can do it! JLPARKER2128 8 MSWENDI42
9/3/17 8:51 P
I wish I could go outside. It's just too hot! 😥☀️🔥 BAYBNJOE2 2 TIBURONA
9/3/17 2:10 P
Making bags for people who have lost everything. This is heartbreaking. LAURENPAYNE1978 14 ENGELKUH89
9/4/17 8:31 P
We'll, not back to the starting point at least. I had bounced back to 316. Ugh! But I'm not giving u JAWSIEBOB 26 SEYTON84
9/3/17 4:44 P
So many post scale numbers but this a.m. glucose level is a huge victory for me. Used to be 160-185. NIGHTGLOW 26 SHERI46
9/9/17 11:12 A
Just joined today. I'm a stay at home mommy and have decided I need to get healthy for myself and my LIZZYHM 8 LASTDIET2017
8/31/17 2:30 A
Getting back on track, logging my food, and actually planning and sticking to my planned meals. Let' SELDETERRE 4 TCANNO
8/31/17 4:13 A
Life is finally on the way toward back to normal! What an insane week! My girls are Texas strong a MOMMACASSEY 10 KSTEVERSON
8/31/17 1:38 P
Hi! I'm new here. 79 years old and much much heavier than I want to be. I'm doing a make over! POPIRED 8 POPIRED
8/31/17 2:06 A
How do you handle potlucks at work? Think ahead & make something delicious, low calorie, & low fat! IOWA_MOM 9 ALEXA707
8/31/17 8:29 A
8/31/17 4:42 A
Since my chemo 3 years ago, I gained weight and struggled to get it off. As a result, I wasn't able BC3HAS 5 TIBURONA
8/29/17 1:35 A
#mobilechat My landscaper friend came over today & we mowed, weedeated, bushwacked about 3 acres & t LRJUSTUS1 10 7STIGGYMT
8/29/17 5:14 P
Had a sore foot for week and a exercise....However started up today. 30 to go. DARKCHILD63 5 TIBURONA
8/29/17 1:32 A
I need ideas for sit down exercise GWENDOLYN80 8 ABUELAMEMA52
8/29/17 5:06 A
well getting ready to go to bed have to get up early to pick up my boyfriend from work and go lookin LINGOD2010 3 TIBURONA
8/29/17 1:30 A
8/29/17 1:56 A
Washed my neighbor's car while I was outside washing and waxing my own. Got tons of cleaning and rep BIKEORAMA 4 TIBURONA
8/28/17 2:56 A
This is my what my Dad looked like in 2010 and what my Dad looks like now. He has come a long way. I ALLYLIZZY 37 JESSICA0431
11/29/17 3:11 P
35g of sugar in 12oz can of Canada Dry Ginger Ale. Ugghhh ALOFA0509 5 TIBURONA
8/28/17 2:56 A
8/28/17 2:54 A
One of my fave ways to get my veggies in is through roasting . So yummy!! NATE-JANINE 27 NATE-JANINE
8/28/17 7:40 A
I had a rough weekend with my food choice, but this week will become my turning point. I made sure I MEKABOO317 9 KATHYR46
8/28/17 8:52 A
Went out tonight and went over on calories. Counting it as a cheat meal and moving forward. Had fun MEMA2017 6 RACHELLENH
9/7/17 3:45 P
8/28/17 2:53 A
I'm on a road trip right now and I'm having a hard time staying in my calorie range. I packed a lot MYTIMEOK 7 SMITIM
8/28/17 4:34 A
Trying not to be a slave to the scale. Was weighing everyday. I know how disappointing that can be FUN4ALL 6 ISABEAUSROSE
8/25/17 6:53 A
I'm Back LEAVELL110 5 CGARR442
8/25/17 9:03 P
21lbs down and 3 pant sizes! Amazed! You guys, I've dieted a million times and have never seen r DAISYPOWER2 19 YAHUBAM
8/25/17 6:37 A
Had a wonderful evening went to our local county fair and walked thru all the booths so I ended up o CTCOLL41 12 BOOKNUT52
8/25/17 4:21 A
Couldn't eat dinner my daughter keeps having panic MCATLEDGE 8 MCATLEDGE
8/25/17 6:47 A
Actor...Movie. ...Actor...Movie BUTIFULDAWN 14765 ONEDAY_ILLWIN
4/21/18 2:07 P
Actor... Movie... actor... movie MYSTRAL_CERCE 34997 ONEDAY_ILLWIN
4/21/18 2:10 P
Movie...Actor. ...Movie...Actor BUTIFULDAWN 18112 ONEDAY_ILLWIN
4/21/18 2:08 P
A - Z Occupations KAEDE... 113809 JTHEALTHY1
4/21/18 5:19 P
Quick! What's the first word that comes to mind? LEANLIVIN 48467 JTHEALTHY1
4/21/18 5:22 P
Actor and Movie - Lets Get 500,000 Posts! TARANITUP 186058 ONEDAY_ILLWIN
4/21/18 2:51 P
Don't know when I'll be able to walk again because I tore the medial collateral ligament in my knee. AGARDENGIRL 4 ILARIAMARCUCCI
8/23/17 1:24 A
8/23/17 7:03 A
Any woman here on Intermittent Fasting that has had some health issues from it? I've been reading on CINESINA 5 LRJUSTUS1
8/23/17 3:44 A
So I'm preparing to be successful tomorrow. Today my breakfast wasn't filling enough and I ate almos GLOMEKAAL 10 LASTDIET2017
8/23/17 1:40 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 11 PBVHCCVH
8/23/17 2:05 A
#deliciousdailymoment It is neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so. - William Shakespeare JVANAM 3 TIBURONA
8/23/17 12:40 A
My goal for tomorrow is to walk home in 35 minutes or less. What's your goal? SIXLESTER69 4 LRJUSTUS1
8/23/17 3:35 A
Racey was ready for the moment but then shared his glasses with the kids across street so th SPARKFRAN514 9 1CRAZYDOG
8/22/17 4:49 P
Watching the eclipse with my pup 😎 LINDYIN17 7 TIBURONA
8/22/17 2:38 A
How funny... our old lady Dinky is far more tolerant of new baby boy Scrappy than our first kitty Ta MIMAWELIZABETH 8 LADYBUG1943
1/12/18 11:52 A
nice little swim tonight RLKARMAN 5 EDLEAR
8/22/17 3:17 A
Been ill for a week, finally got to feeling a little better. Liguid Diet for 3days, soft food 3 d PATRIC10669 9 SMITIM
8/22/17 4:40 A
Great. Day with friends and family. And plenty of exercise and healthy food too... COURTENAYE 16 PLCHAPPELL
8/22/17 5:30 A
Finally able to test my sugars, night all! ILARIAMARCUCCI 5 RAPUNZEL53
8/22/17 5:23 A
Prior to embracing a healthy lifestyle food tasted like crap. No matter what I ate it was not inspir DEBYDOINGIT 2 TIBURONA
8/20/17 10:21 P
Froze over 11 pounds of green beans that we grew in our garden. BILLDREW4 31 MPLSKEN
8/21/17 12:59 A
Had the best night's sleep! About 9 hours! JUDY1676 5 TIBURONA
8/20/17 10:13 P
Ran my first ever 5k race today!!! What an amazing experience to smash a goal I never dreamt I'd re FREEANGEL3 63 LASTDIET2017
8/21/17 2:01 A
Posted a photo TIFFY30 12 MAZUR157
8/20/17 10:36 P
I hear it's going to be a tough snowy winter. Two things I hate 😭 MANDIETERRIER1 6 MANDIETERRIER1
8/21/17 5:46 P
I usually have a snack in the evening, for the last few days I have been wondering why when I'm not LYKINSJADE 4 CGARR442
8/20/17 10:15 P
Day 3 no sugar. This is big for me because I love sweets. GOLDENYEAR66 10 ROBINFITZWATER_
8/20/17 6:01 A
8/20/17 4:01 A
My kids got to my water bottle today, so now I don't know where I'm at with my water consumption... TANGLEDMIA 3 LITTLEREDHEN8
8/20/17 4:00 A
Well injury and winter have taken their toll, lol I was injured but then I got lazy. DABUTTER 11 POCKETFULOFSUN
8/20/17 7:13 A