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Dart tourny all weekend. Will get lots of arm and standing movement! #fitnessfeats TOMATOCAFEGAL 4 GEORGE815
7/19/19 8:02 P
Back to the gym after about a year and it felt great! TECHERNO 17 GEORGE815
7/19/19 8:02 P
Sportin my messy beach hairdo today and excited to say......... I LOST ANOTHER 1.2 lbs this week πŸ˜ƒ MSJWALKER52 18 GEORGE815
7/19/19 8:01 P
This quote gives you a clue how I gave myself a pep talk. 618LILY1 14 618LILY1
7/20/19 8:24 A
I so didn't want to do any meal prepping this morning but I did it anyway. Roasted veggies in the ov ALLTHINGSNEW81 10 GEORGE815
7/19/19 8:01 P
I probably posted this in the past but it's worth the repost. Have a great weekend everyone! BOWK5150 15 GEORGE815
7/19/19 8:00 P
7/19/19 9:30 P
Worked out this morning on treadmill SWEETGABROWN1 15 GEORGE815
7/19/19 7:57 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 12 NANASUEH
7/20/19 10:35 A
In many states across the map, today & for the's hot, hazy & humid, with extremely dang HAPPY-CATHE 20 HAPPYSOUL91
7/20/19 10:03 A
7/20/19 1:09 P
I just made a healthy concoction lol... Carrots, homemade apple sauce, banana, and prune juice lol t JASMINE2019 14 JASMINE2019
6/28/19 4:38 P
Hello from Holland! KRISUA 34 KRISUA
6/30/19 6:25 A
Wandering around my yard this morning looking for answers to life's questions, this little guy came CARLOSLAKELAND 24 CHIP8790
6/28/19 11:47 P
This morning I PUSHED MYSELF!!! I did ANOTHER 30 minutes of HasFit HIIT workout! This is another one FROGROBYN 10 CHIP8790
6/28/19 11:48 P
Posted a photo KRISUA 24 KRISUA
6/28/19 12:10 P
Posted a photo LIZZZIE88 8 4EVERDIETER
6/28/19 7:52 P
Never lose hope, cling to it with all you have. Happy Friday friends β™₯️ LADYARTIST41 28 JUDY1676
6/28/19 11:41 P
I can’t imagine ever going back. ALLYLIZZY 109 JRDUPREE
7/1/19 10:45 A
Fixing my kids lunch is beginning to look like this!!! I don't even want to eat anything when it's s JASMINE2019 18 WINTERRAIN
6/26/19 8:53 P
I had to have surgery and suffered heart failure. I am starting to feel better and the visiting nur MYGRANDBABIESRG 5 SUNNYGOINGDOWN
6/26/19 8:40 P
Brunch. 517 calories (16 net carbs) 9 grape tomatoes, 1 small avocado, 1/2 c. Cottage cheese, 14 raw ANITAWIN1 19 KAYDE53
6/26/19 6:20 P
happy healthy hump day everyone -- TRAILWALKERJO54 7 1CRAZYDOG
6/26/19 8:29 P
Chicken Veggie Wrap w/Lemon Poppy Seed Dressing πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ WILD_ONE 10 AMYINTHEWILD
6/26/19 9:28 P
Us at the park on a nice day. Enjoy some play time LITTLEBABIES18 4 HAPPYDAZ1
6/27/19 8:23 A
My daughter gave me a makeover today! I feel so pretty πŸ˜†πŸ’‹ KERRIBERRI86 19 LILIANN400
6/26/19 7:43 P
Married my best friend Saturday. Now back to the plan. FINDING_SANDRA 53 -POOKIE-
6/27/19 7:55 A
Another pool day with these kiddos!!! POOKIE187 21 KAYDE53
6/26/19 6:19 P
I made it to Onderland. Finally!!!! LEIGHSDRAGON2 223 MIZKAREN
6/26/19 6:58 P
I am starting over. I was on weight watchers last year and lost 28 lbs before falling off the wagon GYPCGRL89 36 SUMMERCRAIN63
6/20/19 11:37 P
I'm sorry I've been distant. Its been hard to stay active here with you guys when I see myself faili HAPPILY_C 71 TIGERSEYEHEART
6/21/19 10:03 A
I will not let rude people come between me and my goals! At work- i was walking to the bathroom and 2B-ME-AGAIN 34 SALLYJMPR
6/21/19 12:11 A
Today is hopefully the 1st day of the rest of my life. Wish me luck! MARKUS_11111 56 KMF2019
6/20/19 11:04 P
Not quite before and after - more like - before and halfway. #BeforeAndAfter KNITTINGKITTY 82 123THERESA123
6/20/19 10:12 A
Got a run in after work and made some super healthy grilled salmon with lemon sesame dressing and a SHLEE24 11 CHEIVOUS
6/14/19 2:01 P
Dinner is chicken with spaghetti sauce and sauteed zucchinis to replace pasta. AIDACISNEROS 11 TAMMYWES
6/13/19 9:50 P
Obviously not my pic but I've eaten about half a watermelon today. I regret nothing! PODO82 25 YMWONG22
6/15/19 11:52 A
Beautiful weather, and we’re all out enjoying it. AMYINTHEWILD 15 2CGARRETT2
6/25/19 5:40 A
This is the Culprit of course. Lol! ALLENJOSEPH 14 LITTLEWIND53
6/14/19 12:23 A
Didn't make it to the gym tonight but I did 20 mins fast walking with Leslie! I'm sweaty and tired t JASMINE2019 11 JASMINE2019
6/14/19 9:12 A
Flab-U-Less Summer ~ Chit Chat LOSINGLINNDY 332 MACRATDOLL
7/20/19 9:39 A
I’ve lost 3 lbs in 4 days, woohoo. In one week I have my heart cath surgery for the blockage in my a AUTISMMOMMA05 5 PWILLOW1
6/12/19 1:34 P
It is Wednesday already! #tomorrowIgetmyhairdone ;-) I know we're all going to crush our goals for t RREDFORD5 10 MAYDAY62
6/12/19 5:30 P
Made several different holders for my fit bit. Walked at least 3 miles per say, hoping to make it mo VICKYLIN511 6 LIZZIE138
6/12/19 10:59 A
For my job as a web applications developer, I sit at a computer 8+ hours a day. GHBARRATT 10 GLASSHUNTER
6/12/19 3:46 P
It's Wednesday right lol heeeeey everyone ❀️❀️❀️ KEENA47 8 BAILE1MA
6/12/19 9:39 P
Did the Tough Mudder 5K here in St. Louis, in May 2019 GHBARRATT 6 DLDMIL
6/12/19 7:29 P
A happy day. But I look so large in this picture. Want to make a change! DEEENGEL 10 BECK521
6/12/19 3:06 P
Posted a photo LT3AG4S 34 AMYINTHEWILD
6/12/19 7:43 P
Posted a photo SIZE8TOB 12 SLASALLE
6/12/19 11:44 A
My home gym (2/2) GHBARRATT 17 DLDMIL
6/12/19 7:26 P
The New You IS Ready! When I weighed 328lbs, I sat on the sidelines, watching. At 185, I’m out fr PELESJEWEL 99 NANHBH
6/13/19 12:40 P
Posted a photo RASMUSSEN5 53 MDOWER1
6/12/19 5:21 P
I am so not a morning person. BUT I got up and got my workout in this morning (rocking my TMNT pajam KERRIBERRI86 111 NIKO27
6/12/19 4:32 P
Got in 9,000 steps yesterday and over 10,000 the previous day. I haven't done that in over 6 months. TERRI1458 4 SPEDED2
6/12/19 10:33 P
6 - Win Tomorrow Check List KALISWALKER 34 MOSLEYG1
7/6/19 12:33 A
5 - Win Today Check List KALISWALKER 37 MOSLEYG1
7/6/19 12:32 A
4 – Update Your Page KALISWALKER 43 MOSLEYG1
7/6/19 12:31 A
3 - Healthy Eating & Nutrition Plan KALISWALKER 41 MOSLEYG1
7/6/19 12:30 A
2 - Exercise Plan KALISWALKER 56 MOSLEYG1
7/6/19 12:29 A
7/18/19 1:45 P
The picture on the left was at the beginning of what I call "my heaviest time." I have no idea how m WINDMILLS18 144 TESSWILDFLOWER
6/8/19 3:37 P
I still have more to go but it’s a big difference and I feel wayyyyy better#BeforeAndAfter EVYLOVESRUGER 119 JDB50177
6/13/19 7:22 A
#BeforeAndNow I'm wearing shorts! With a belt!! What the?πŸ‘Š Both have never happened like ever in m DOUBLELSMOM 162 _RAMONA
6/8/19 2:54 A
Posted a photo SARAJANE1982 28 SARAJANE1982
6/9/19 12:22 P
Champions in the Kitchen KALISWALKER 43 CERIUSLY
6/15/19 8:15 A
I've been going to the gym and hiking 5 days a week last week and again this week, then afterwards I KEVSHAS 4 BONNIE1552
6/4/19 9:00 P
My dinner. BLT no bread! :) NICKIDLP 26 NICKIDLP
6/5/19 1:36 P
6/4/19 5:32 P
6/5/19 12:10 A
So Who saw the Royal Family on TV? Did you enjoy the Downton Abbeylike scene? I always marvel at all DONNA_CPS2 4 DONNA_CPS2
6/5/19 8:46 A
Today is a good day for me to share something with spark family. I did my first trip around the park EVANS1848 36 VIRGINIAGIRL
6/5/19 9:05 A
I've lost a total of 49lbs so far. It's been a slow process but so worth it. I know I didn't gain al JEANNE320 83 JEANNE320
6/7/19 1:44 A
This is my first post on here. My healthy meal for tonights dinner is turkey 4 bean chilli beans! πŸ˜‹ NOWELLJANETTE1 6 GEORGE815
6/4/19 9:44 P
A little healthy prep Chicken breast in homemade sauce, collard greens with garlic and onion Sweet TMP0418 22 CONNIET88
6/5/19 8:21 A