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In an effort to be totally honest, I have to say I CRASHED last night. I ate all kinds of stuff I sh WIZZLEWOLF1 12 SPEDED2
5/16/18 8:12 P
I've hit a wall I just want to get below 250. Two months and I have just plateaued. I should be happ ELLABEAN92 13 MDOWER1
5/2/18 5:37 P
I'm almost at my 299 goal, the pounds are slow, but I'm getting there. I'll be when I get out of the MAMACHANGED37 304 MAMACHANGED37
4/27/18 11:27 A
Ok has anyone switched from 1shift to a second shift while trying to diet. The struggle is real. I h JPAPUGA27 12 PSYCHNURSEJENRN
4/29/18 1:57 P
Im struggling this week, so I need some motivation. I went through some pictures and found some good AUDSROSE 163 MANGO1960
4/14/18 11:45 P
Lolol. Well, I'll STILL pass on the cake (hard, but I will....until Dad's birthday next month!). I f DRINKALOTH2O 13 1958TMC
2/8/18 6:40 P
View from dinner at pier restaurant last night. Had fresh steamed shrimp TEAMKIMME 15 FISHGUT3
11/4/17 10:20 A
It's that kind of day here. DINKER0798 20 ZRIE014
11/1/17 7:16 P
I work remotely which means it's super easy to sit down all day and hardly move 10 steps, but I'm ch JULESBEARRIFIC 14 ZRIE014
11/1/17 7:10 P
My dear friend lost his battle with pancreatic cancer last night. A month ago he was fine - didn't e AUGUSTAGLOOP 11 SWIFT6913221
10/28/17 10:49 P
Hi everyone... I am new to sparks people just trying to get ideas and keep the motivation in trying JAMESHOWARDBROC 63 DINZEL
10/19/17 11:12 A
I am feeling so down today. I am so angry at my husband. He has been talking to me in a very nasty w REDTEDDY 10 REDTEDDY
10/2/17 2:35 P
I turned 43 on Saturday, and I really want my 43rd year to be focused on healthy living. The problem LEESIENDURHAM 108 SKMINNY
10/2/17 10:22 P
Same shirt. Photo about a year apart. Shirt is qui LEMYNADE 11 PWILLOW1
9/28/17 1:31 P
It's my birthday today! I want thank God for life! 14lbs lost - closer to my goal! RAUNESCA 304 SMYLES5376
9/28/17 12:39 P
One of my loves. She came in and wanted my iPad. She loves spending time with me in bed watching her NPRINDIVILLE 7 GMAM48
9/27/17 12:47 P
Soooooo, this is the mess I'm working on trying desperately to regain my health back. I always avoid BOOHOOBEAR 286 KATHRYNGC
10/5/17 6:38 P
Starting over!! I turned 46 today. I’m so disgusted with myself. All the weight that I lost last yea DAWN27367 304 MESANDEE
9/25/17 8:43 P
A little difference 14 lbs makes? Maybe I'm my own worst critic but I don't see a whole lot of diffe ROBINLABELLE 246 _LINDA
9/7/17 5:33 P
Help! I overate again at a party yesterday. Social gatherings are my biggest eating challenges. T TIGERSEYEHEART 8 ENGELKUH89
8/29/17 11:26 A
It's my 25th birthday and I'm happy to say that I managed to lose 55 lbs. since January of this year MRS042515 21 DIROB57
8/29/17 11:08 A
Well, I am new to this, I just started last week and I already dropped a pound. I do have a long way PRISCILLAG84 8 ABUELAMEMA52
8/28/17 5:47 P
I'm on week #2 of my weight loss journey. Haven't seen a change yet so it's a little disappointing. NAN_WILSON_14 29 NAN_WILSON_14
8/18/17 9:55 A
I started this journey in August of 2008 right here on Sparkpeople. I lost 60+ pounds, met my husba QUESOSAUCE 112 C38622
8/12/17 12:43 P
My morning walking trail. In my happy place trying to get back on track. Have a beautiful day Sparke TEAMKIMME 143 UMUCGRAD
8/12/17 10:07 P
This is my before pic. I am really struggling right now. I'm not trying to sound like "poor me", but ROSIEPOSIE19 24 PWILLOW1
8/3/17 1:40 P
Officially 70 lbs lost today! I'm also down from a size 24 to an 18. KITKATPOUNCE 292 WFTGATL
8/3/17 9:31 P
So today start a new adventure to a healthier brighter future MRASHLEY401 25 CATHERINE5300
7/13/17 2:40 P
I'm feeling some kinda way today. I'm discouraged. FITSISTA79 316 LADYJLUVLIFE
7/14/17 4:00 P
I am a diabetic with glaucoma,in end stage renal disease and have fibromyalgia. I have social and ge DAYDAYFITZ 83 SHARESELSIMS
7/12/17 12:55 P
I just had a nasty gallbladder removed.. What now?? SUNRIZING 28 TATTED4X4
11/24/17 7:12 P
Still fighting to get under 200 BEXCANDO 226 MIRAGE727
6/21/17 4:52 P
I figured instead of being embarrassed about this sec pic I would just embrace it cause I'm not ther FITSISTA79 159 JACQUELINE14617
6/16/17 2:18 A
Can't run for more than 3 minutes off the treadmill and I can't make the bar touch my chest when ben B88895 5 B88895
5/24/17 8:44 P
How many minutes exercise have you done today? SUZ4NNE 81277 BIGPOPPAPUFF
5/23/18 3:30 P
Where (in Louisana) are you? MARIEPC 1243 LASSEMISTE
3/16/18 9:59 A