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Yup. Pretty much 😆😆😆 TAYGRL 14 ERIN_POSCH
7/4/20 9:26 A
Overnight Oats, Strawberries, Turkey Bacon and Coffee... then more pressure washing until the rains CATWMNCAT 14 GRAMMY065
7/3/20 9:13 P
Stay Safe this Independence Weekend 618LILY1 7 GEORGE815
7/3/20 4:37 P
Posted a photo TAYGRL 5 GEORGE815
7/3/20 4:37 P
Posted a photo LJBOWSER1 17 SILOBEND1
7/2/20 11:54 A
Good morning! It's a glorious Thursday morning, or even Friday-Eve. Make it a great day, stay posi BANEWLAND 27 AIYANASMAMA
7/2/20 11:19 A
Good Morning Sparkly Friends🌻🌺🌴 Fueling up then guns out💪... Pressure Washing and getting my tan CATWMNCAT 22 1BLAZER282005
7/2/20 6:04 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Thursday!! The sinus meds seem to be working and my head is get TEXASHSMOMOF3 74 ALOFA0509
7/3/20 12:21 A
7/2/20 4:50 P
My new favorite coffee brand... ☕️☕️☕️ TAYGRL 10 MOOKBALL
7/1/20 10:52 A
My goal was to get back down to pre pregnancy weight(147)...and I did it!!! Even lost a little more� MRSBTUCKER 132 WHITE-GREEN
7/1/20 3:36 P
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 90 GABY1948
7/2/20 4:57 P
Hubby told me yesterday. “You’re doing great watching what you eat”. That meant more to me than the LJBOWSER1 6 TAYGRL
6/30/20 9:56 A
Posted a photo TEXASJENNE 18 HOLLYM48
6/30/20 10:16 A
Celebrating A Milestone Today GO_GAL_GROW 98 GRAMMY065
7/1/20 1:18 A
Posted a photo 618LILY1 11 PATRICIA-CR
6/30/20 3:34 P
Good morning! What a glorious day. Take a deep breath, smile, and be all you can be. Seize the da BANEWLAND 9 SHIRLEYJG7
6/30/20 10:08 A
Day 18 of exercising every day for the month of June ST3PH 4 HOLLYM48
6/30/20 10:15 A
Enjoy all the things🖤 TAYGRL 11 GARDENSFORLIFE
6/30/20 9:05 P
Good morning! It's a awesome Monday morning. Smile, be all you can be, and make it a wonderful day BANEWLAND 16 TRAVELGAL417
6/29/20 9:49 A
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 14 GABY1948
6/30/20 1:08 P
I woke up and did not want to go for my walk. But my clothes were hanging on the back of the bathroo CAMN2010 7 LLESPY
6/29/20 9:57 A
Rise and shine. It's a beautiful Monday! HICKOK-HALEY 29 EDLEAR
6/30/20 4:50 A
6/29/20 1:22 P
Just a friendly reminder to get outside. It may do wonders for your mood. 🖤✊🏾🌈 TAYGRL 61 LSIG14
6/29/20 1:26 P
Working with others! #goalfeats JSTETSER 25 GABY1948
6/28/20 11:34 A
Yesterday VHAYES04 19 GMACAMI
6/26/20 12:55 P
Good morning spark friends, happy Friday! Let's go see how great we can make today. #letyourlight CARLOSLAKELAND 23 CGARR442
6/26/20 9:47 P
Good morning and Happy Friday. Be all you can be, smile, and make it a Fabulous Friday and an aweso BANEWLAND 10 JACKIEWALKS4FUN
6/26/20 8:10 A
Have a great day✌🏼✨ STILLSPARKLEIGH 51 TOMSGAL85
6/27/20 5:34 A
"Blessed is the man, who having nothing to say, abstains from giving wordy evidence of the fact."-Ge SWEETNEEY 26 ERIN_POSCH
6/26/20 11:04 A
There are very few reasons that I would be up at 5am. But when your grandson calls & asks you to t LJBOWSER1 18 CHERYLHURT
6/25/20 7:02 A
Inspirational Thoughts ~ DGFOWLER 21 TOMKAIT
6/25/20 10:20 A
Not my night for sleep. Was up at 4 am! Oh well must move onward. Have a busy day planned. Have an a GINNABOOTS 25 _RAMONA
6/26/20 5:27 P
Completed workout 4 of Morning Meltdown 100! My cat Oreo decided to keep me company. JACKIE_CEE 15 MLR_00
6/25/20 8:33 A
happy healthy Thursday everyone TRAILWALKERJO54 21 NIKKINIKKI136
6/25/20 11:56 P
I hope your day looks like this. 🥰🌻🌻🌻 TAYGRL 19 _RAMONA
6/26/20 5:28 P
6/25/20 7:24 P
Posted a photo TAYGRL 11 TAYGRL
6/25/20 12:46 A
Posted a photo TAYGRL 8 GINNABOOTS
6/24/20 8:52 A
6/23/20 11:15 P
6/24/20 2:57 A
Good morning and happy Terrific Tuesday! Attitude will always determine your altitude and the battl BANEWLAND 25 _RAMONA
6/23/20 11:45 A
Posted a photo 618LILY1 35 PATRICIA-CR
6/24/20 8:16 A
I chose watermelon instead of biscuits and gravy they had out for us at work this morning. WNCGIRL 143 JAMER123
6/24/20 10:44 P
Cardio workout today #fitnessfeats BIGRENTMAN 9 EVILCECIL
6/22/20 6:33 A
6/21/20 5:28 P
This year on Valentine's Day I had a health scare and a wake up call. I needed to lose weight or ris KEEKOBLUE 85 RUMBLETUMMY
6/25/20 9:36 A
Here’s what’s for lunch today, yummy 😋 JOYWILSON383 16 LINDA7677
6/21/20 7:08 P
First day of summer and along with it warm weather. So going to try to get back to my premenopausal LOISJC 7 SHERYE
6/21/20 5:35 P
Happy Fathers Day to all the SparkDads!!! 🥰 TAYGRL 12 GARDENSFORLIFE
6/21/20 11:14 P
Almost completed the challenge—five out of 7 days. Sometimes it’s more important to listen to your b TAYGRL 6 DWROBERGE
6/20/20 11:41 P
Just for anyone who may need this reminder today 😊 Stay Positive!!! This Too Shall Pass Friends / 2 STILLSPARKLEIGH 124 NEWRUNNERCLARE
6/21/20 6:18 A
Today’s scheduled class. Make it a great day, y’all!!!💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 #moveit TAYGRL 6 ELSCO55
6/19/20 8:42 P
In order for your life to look and feel different, something different must be done. Action is requi TAYGRL 22 GARDENSFORLIFE
6/19/20 10:45 P
Today, you are one step closer to your goal Today's Healthy-Happy 😊 Do List . . . 🌟 Eyeing Sum JAMESEVER 25 GIRLGETTINGFIT
6/19/20 4:07 P
Posted a photo RASMUSSEN5 18 DIANER62
6/19/20 10:58 A
Haven't been on in awhile, but I've lost a couple of pounds. HASN'T BEEN EASY! Just bought a new hou HPOFBC 5 AGEE1944
6/18/20 3:43 P 💯% of the time... TAYGRL 13 GEORGE815
6/18/20 8:18 P
Lost 1 pound in the last week. YAY!! #moveit DARCY-B 27 TAYGRL
6/18/20 3:07 P
😆😆😆 For Reals!! FINALLY feel like I am over a bout of sinusitis!!! About to onboard some MBW ☕️ a STILLSPARKLEIGH 62 JRDUPREE
6/20/20 12:30 A
STRETCHED myself: new fitness video today using dumbells. Good for me, self-talk; whoa, Nellie! from SMJTELLER 2 TAYGRL
6/18/20 3:06 P
Back at it after some much-needed rest. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your body is take a TAYGRL 15 DARCY-B
6/19/20 7:19 A
gardening, got a good bit of the yard cleaned up #moveit TXCURIOUS 6 BILLTHOMSON
6/19/20 5:59 A
My 5 mile walking trail #moveit 20KAREN 103 BILLTHOMSON
6/19/20 5:58 A
Feels good to start the day off right! 45-minutes and I’m not done for the day. Later, yoga. 🧘🏾‍♀️ TAYGRL 10 GARDENSFORLIFE
6/16/20 11:09 P
Going back to work today with my arm in a sling from a dislocated shoulder. This should be interest PICKLEFISH70 6 NANCY-
6/16/20 10:39 A
Quarantine Fun 🤣🤣🤣 That’s ONE way to do it!! Pssst..... did you remember the fancy Barnie’s flavo STILLSPARKLEIGH 88 FLASUN
6/17/20 4:54 A
6/16/20 11:50 A
Kind of wonder if his wife got my DH lol. EVIE4NOW 82 MDOWER1
6/16/20 3:15 P
Good Morning Spark Friends💕 CATWMNCAT 26 RREDFORD5
6/16/20 12:12 P
“Open your heart and mind like the wings of a butterfly. See then how high you CAN fly.” 🦋-Zeenat A NAVYWIFESKI 40 FLASUN
6/17/20 4:52 A
What a beautiful morning, this is my granddaughter going swimming for the first time! 2SPECL 102 KAYDE53
6/16/20 5:16 P
190 to 176 - slow and steady wins the race! (Although today back to 180, not sure why...) CFILLON107 151 JTHEALTHY1
6/17/20 6:31 A
I am in charge of my life #moveit 20KAREN 2 TAYGRL
6/15/20 4:48 P