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After 41 hours of labor my beautiful Ava Lillyann has made it into the world. We are both fine just MELB1287 179 JOYWILLIAMS53
6/17/18 8:52 A
Barely got it in but hey, 10000 steps it is. Here's to a new streak. Thanks for all of the encourage JUSTSTICKWITHIT 54 VIRGINIAGIRL
6/12/18 2:19 P
I turned 40 today. πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ It’s not so bad, being a year older. Better than the alternative! And yes, DARAELISE 114 DJ4HEALTH
6/9/18 9:58 P
This sweet baby passed away today. She was my mom’s dog we inherited her when she passed away she’s SCHMID70 44 DWROBERGE
6/5/18 10:07 A
Today's my 28th birthday happy birthday to me πŸ‘‘ TONYASALMONS199 201 BRENHICKS2010
6/4/18 12:54 P
I am being brutally honest with myself. I never have pictures taken and I’ve got to say I’ve been cr TIFFANYCH27 273 ELLEYANNA
5/24/18 1:57 A
Got the bike out for exercise today. Was doing real well until a city bus pulled out in front of me SANDOMINGO 51 JAMESAUBREY
5/21/18 5:23 P
I am starting this program today. I weight 231. My goal is 120. Let's see how far I can go. RCCKLAHORST 168 FBAILEY24X
5/18/18 7:37 A
I finished 4 weeks of Bodyboss pre training.. I see a little change not much. I even gained a pound. LINDAG2018 103 LINDAG2018
5/5/18 10:39 A
I just had my first haircut at the salon since losing my hair to chemo almost three years ago. My h TIGERSEYEHEART 179 CHERRYKOOLAID
5/16/18 5:16 P
Just saying eating healthy is hard sometimes. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 24 PATRICIA-CR
4/30/18 9:57 A
Today is our 44th Anniversary. Dinner & $1 'ritas 🍹at Applebee's! PYNETREE 217 TERRACOTTAGE
5/8/18 9:00 A
42 yrs today and the first healthy birthday ever! I'm gonna make the best of this day thank you spa TMP0418 308 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
5/1/18 7:57 A
30 days PiYo= 2 lb loss and 7" overall.. Mini vaca at grandfather mountain Linville NC, "top of the ALEOPARD 150 YBBHAPPY
4/20/18 11:50 A
Look what showed up near my house !! What a beauty !!!! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ SANDYGG75 112 GPALMER29
4/15/18 8:27 P
4/9/18 10:27 P
So today my first day of trying to lose weight. I just got married and I and so sad how big I am in KELLYREYNOLDS03 191 MARIAN326
4/8/18 8:10 A
Sorry not a good week for me HONEYBUNMINI 2 SVELTEWARRIOR
4/6/18 8:52 P
Tuesday I ran, I also did strength training and yoga. So far today (Wednesday) I completed 20 minute BDTHOM 3 BDTHOM
4/6/18 1:35 P
Wednesday evening I joined a group hike. I didn't keep time, but I'd estimate 2 hours hiking. We wen BDTHOM 2 SVELTEWARRIOR
4/5/18 10:27 P
Well I turn 41 today! πŸŽ‚. Where does the time go? Hope everyone has a great day!! KENNYBARBIE12 290 JULZ09
4/6/18 11:56 P
I hit my first big goal. #BeforeAndAfter AJS747 158 NEWJANN2DAY
4/8/18 1:48 P
Happy Birthday to me! I turn 32 today and I am the healthiest I have EVER been in my entire adult li KERRIBERRI86 302 CHADZBINDEN
4/4/18 4:27 P
Posted a photo LAMONT77 304 JUS_ME2
4/4/18 4:26 P
Welcome Everyone!!!! Brian, you just have to keep bugging Andy to join LOL SVELTEWARRIOR 2 BDTHOM
4/4/18 10:47 A
Gm..... It’s my 48th birthday πŸŽ‚ πŸŽπŸŽπŸŽŠπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚ KEENA47 307 TEENY2018
4/2/18 9:15 A
My beautiful son passed suddenly a few days ago - my heart is broken - I can’t begin to think when f MOMS3KIDS 308 MOMS3KIDS
5/6/18 8:05 P
280 today is my day to start wish me luck MRSKEENEY90 247 PRIMROSE128
4/14/18 10:00 A
3/4/18 11:27 P
Taking a lighter day. Strength workout was only 5 minutes, though it included a 3 minute plank. 35 m BDTHOM 2 SVELTEWARRIOR
3/2/18 11:19 P
At 59589 step this week I'm in second place HONEYBUNMINI 2 SVELTEWARRIOR
3/1/18 10:49 P
Tuesday was putting down floor tile. Lots of steps going to the basement for more tile. And up and KITTYLADY1259 2 SVELTEWARRIOR
3/1/18 10:49 P
Busy exercise day. I'll go with the highlight, after work run 35 minutes BDTHOM 2 SVELTEWARRIOR
3/1/18 10:48 P
15 minutes of cardio HIIT and 15 minutes of yoga. I took advantage of the time since I was up early. BDTHOM 2 SVELTEWARRIOR
2/28/18 11:00 P
Been doing steps challenge with my fit bit HONEYBUNMINI 2 SVELTEWARRIOR
2/28/18 11:00 P
Hi everyone! Mon - Ran Tues- Boot-camp Wed - Ran Guess what I'll be doing on Thurs? ::smile:: MJK0430 2 SVELTEWARRIOR
2/28/18 11:00 P
3/3/18 12:05 A
34 minute walk and 15 minutes of HIIT strength training. BDTHOM 2 SVELTEWARRIOR
2/27/18 11:15 P
Mo, Thank you so much for thinking of me. I washed down kitchen ceiling and walls. I was climbing KITTYLADY1259 2 SVELTEWARRIOR
2/27/18 11:15 P
2/26/18 2:13 P
You invited me back. I feel so honored. BDTHOM 2 SVELTEWARRIOR
2/26/18 2:13 P
Thank you both for joining. You both did great! SVELTEWARRIOR 1 SVELTEWARRIOR
2/25/18 10:48 P
Still sticking to getting in my steps. Still have a bit of a cough from the pneumonia so I don't wa SVELTEWARRIOR 5 SVELTEWARRIOR
2/25/18 10:47 P
Parkrun (5K) in 27:34. That's a personal best! Came home to do my knee and hip strengtheners, 15 min BDTHOM 3 SVELTEWARRIOR
2/25/18 10:46 P
Went on my first hike in over two years. Man, am I sore! I have another one this morning. ::lol:: MJK0430 3 SVELTEWARRIOR
2/25/18 10:46 P
Breast cancer survivor, need to loss weight and get A1C down to have reconstruction surgery. #Befor LADYK52764 56 DJ4HEALTH
2/26/18 9:24 P
I took a 34 minute walk at lunchtime today. After work I did 20 minutes of cardio hitt and a bunch o BDTHOM 2 SVELTEWARRIOR
2/24/18 9:04 P
Said goodbye to a sweet kitty today. SASSYBLONDE69 90 WLHOPE
2/26/18 9:09 P
This challenge is for you Mo. At least it made me think of you. 10 mins, throwing 560 punches on the BDTHOM 2 SVELTEWARRIOR
2/21/18 2:23 P
Not the normal progress photo on here, but thought I'd share my pictures from recovering from an eat LITTLEEMI2 245 RAMONA1885
2/21/18 11:56 A
Hello Brian, Glad to have you here! SVELTEWARRIOR 1 SVELTEWARRIOR
2/19/18 11:07 A
I got my 10 minutes in. I just got my invite here today, will this continue next week? SVELTEWARRIOR 2 BECCABOO127
2/18/18 4:00 P
I feel that this year is going to be my year! AMYSUZEQ 262 LWLAR7
1/29/18 2:26 A
My mother just passed this morning. I’m flying the 1100 miles to stay with my dad. Been passing th NEEDBU66 252 SMILINGBEAR
2/27/18 10:52 A
It's my 26th birthday today!!! Goodbye 25! I have 4 years left until I am in my 30's, and I will try ALLYLIZZY 301 CHEIVOUS
1/13/18 10:21 A
Hi just joining the feed. I'm starting my journey again. I've reached a high of 276 lbs, and i'm don MSNET2222 89 BOOKNUT52
1/7/18 3:03 A
Here is the start. Ugh. I can do this. I know I can LW102916 189 ANDEELYNN4646
1/5/18 5:47 P
1/6/18 2:21 A
Been waiting and working a long time to say this.. JHAACK39 190 KMILLER31
4/1/18 10:39 P
Today is my birthday. πŸ™‚ My husband got me these headphones as a gift. I listen to music while exerc FILMINGLIFE 160 TASHA147
11/9/17 5:20 A
Celebrating my princess today! Good morning!! Have a blessed day! ANOJAG 250 JAZZEJR
11/8/17 9:36 P
Feeling pretty down on myself today. Last night I overheard my ex discussing with his family how muc ASHWOO32 309 BOOTSIE15
11/4/17 11:04 P
The infamous Landmine Exercise. This is a Double Arm Press I'm doing here. I've done, using this pie BOOHOOBEAR 94 MILLER-S
11/4/17 11:16 A
Arias Reine Lopez is finally here!!! I'm one over joyed grandma THELMA6430 136 MSCANDI_99
10/25/17 6:23 A
Skipped my workout today. My 12 year old basset hound wasn't eating and has been lethargic. Found ou LASTDIET2017 64 LASTDIET2017
9/16/17 1:38 A
Happy 54th Birthday to ME! DYANNE4293 211 DYANNE4293
9/22/17 1:43 A
It's my birthday so I got up, made breakfast and worked out with leg lifts and crunches! I feel grea MRSJENKINS8587 303 CJS1MOMMY
8/30/17 3:36 P
My sweet hubby passed 8-19-17. We had been together 41 yrs; married 40. I took off work this week an VHAYES04 306 JTHEALTHY1
8/23/17 6:57 P
61 and feeling great! -PAULA 262 KATHYJO56
8/22/17 12:18 A
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 220 REGILIEH
7/15/17 10:26 P
43:50 for my 5K today. Shaved about 2 minutes off my last time! INVICTUS_VII 61 LIVINGLIFE47
7/15/17 2:52 P
Yahoo broke my stall, loss , 8 pounds since my stall. Total weight loss 100 pounds. S02526 302 INPRAYER
7/12/17 11:38 P
7/9/17 11:30 P
7/8/17 10:21 P
Serious vulnerability alert! Day 1. 220 lbs. I can do this! Right? NEESIE2PT0 287 JOCELYNH711
6/27/17 8:15 A