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Wishing all Spark Friends a very Successful Thursday....Whatever YOU are doing!!!! FLASUN 40 LIS193
9/20/19 4:04 A
Thoughts for the day! Take care to think of your thoughts when alone but more importantly be careful BOMBCHELL23 19 MUSICNUT
9/19/19 8:03 A
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Wednesday!! 🎉 So yesterday was my one year BoxFit-aversary and I TEXASHSMOMOF3 209 JRDUPREE
9/19/19 9:57 A
Power ~ Wisdom CLO333 19 PATRICIA-CR
9/18/19 2:37 P
Day one. Again. 226.7 pounds and 48% of it is fat. Gross. ALIP5775 24 49LINDA77
9/17/19 7:12 P
Some days I need a reminder of how far I've come on my journey to being a healthier me. Some days I KERRIBERRI86 121 DEBSANKS
10/9/19 9:48 P
This gorgeous girl I am lucky enough to call my daughter is coming home from college for the weekend LINSEYBAKER82 21 JULIEA7201
9/14/19 1:39 P
Enjoy your day Sparkers!! CHRISTINEM80 17 SUNSET09
9/13/19 2:27 P
9/13/19 5:57 P
As of yesterday morning. I am down just over 40lbs. No longer a member of the three hundred club l BENBRYANT888 182 _RAMONA
9/14/19 12:33 A
Just found out I'm expecting our second baby after 7 years! So excited and have really got the boost JEWCHI 21 TAZANGEL36
9/12/19 4:48 P
Posted a photo FMAX168 22 NEWBARBARA2017
9/12/19 1:51 P
After I walked the Cooper-dog I went for a solo walk on the farm roads. Still very cloudy. I liked i LESLIELENORE 69 ROCKYCPA
9/12/19 10:54 P
🐛Have a Tremendously Terrific Tuesday!🦋 CLO333 16 PATRICIA-CR
9/11/19 10:35 A
I dont know exactly where it's gone ALL wrong, I know I made some mistakes yesterday, but I've gain SWEETTEANFRUIT 65 GEORGE815
9/10/19 5:15 P
Every now and again you just gotta look at how far TMP0418 205 NVRGIVINGUP
9/19/19 10:31 P
So this happened last night - my watch was sliding around too much and I thought, out of habit and m DAD_AINT_HIP 144 CHEIVOUS
8/28/19 8:00 P
…::Taken from my yard. This has been the best summer and is going so fast! Enjoy your weekend everyo 2BDYNAMIC 66 GABY1948
8/20/19 1:17 P
Today is my 35th Birthday AMYMBUNCH 202 DLDMIL
8/17/19 7:54 P
I'm a little tardy on the post, but from June 26 to July 9 (14 days), I rode my bicycle from Memphis MNCYCLIST 49 FITWITHIN
7/21/19 7:05 A
This picture tells its own story. The funny thing about it is, this ruffled blouse is a a plus size ALLYLIZZY 87 JRDUPREE
7/20/19 1:56 A
Good morning so excited I officially got rid of 60lbs that will never get back on me ever again... S JASMINEFAT2FIT 188 FITWITHIN
7/21/19 7:03 A
Just for kicks ~ PS....I know I'd have 5 cats that would do this DGFOWLER 13 HAPPYSOUL91
5/17/19 4:48 P
5/15/19 1:32 P
Down 36 lbs, 4 pants sizes! Just need 10 lbs to go! MARICCANIEMIEC3 98 DLDMIL
3/21/19 7:43 P
Finally made to my first major goal. From 297 to 199 and into Onederland in 9.5 months! 2 more poun BEAGLEGIRL79 303 CONNIET88
3/21/19 10:03 P
The bag of sugar represents the 50 pounds I lost! #BeforeAndAfter SIXFOOT1 226 DLDMIL
3/21/19 7:42 P
ROCK Your Hump Day!!! #moveit SPARKLEIGH61 43 FLASUN
3/14/19 5:20 A
This was me before I started utilizing this app. I’ve lost almost 80 lbs. I was 353. I have about KARENBJACKSON20 295 GIRLINMOTION
2/26/19 9:29 P
Happy Sunday spark friends!! So it's no secret that I've been shy about sharing my before pics but I HELLOHOLLY76 88 MURRELLS
5/6/19 2:07 P
OMG I did it!!!! I hit my ultimate goal!!! I lost 80 pounds!! If I can do this we all can!! Happy da MOMS3KIDS 307 MCJULIEO
2/25/19 12:48 P
Here is to being another year older. Hopefully this is the year I hit my goal weight. I am a year ol KPARTX31 296 KPARTX31
2/14/19 10:39 P
Chat room for 2019 MARILYNS71 393 MARILYNS71
8/26/19 6:58 P
First workout of the day complete #fitness LOSEITENAM 33 GEORGE815
1/29/19 1:23 P
8 inches of snow yesterday and now record breaking lows of -50 With the wind chill. I haven't missed HELLOHOLLY76 85 TMP0418
1/29/19 3:11 P
Posted a photo MISSYJ0507 26 ALLYLIZZY
1/28/19 11:54 A
Have a great Monday! HEALTHYME98 20 DEE107
1/29/19 12:11 A
TODAY again, Today... 10 lbs up, excuses of stress, laziness, tired of the struggle. I'm beginning m BEVERLY1501 37 ALLYLIZZY
1/28/19 11:45 A
1/28/19 8:55 A
Posted a photo DGFOWLER 26 HARROWJET
1/25/19 8:56 P
Posted a photo TINABEANA16 129 LADYARTIST41
1/25/19 4:26 P
Enjoy your day! LITTLEREDHEN8 31 OLDSKOOL556
1/25/19 9:39 A
Good morning Spark Family!!!! Have a Great FRIDAY!!!!! F5-FURY 33 CHEIVOUS
1/25/19 2:21 P
I am new here (again) it's been years.I'm a diet f MAVISGIRL2009 80 MAVISGIRL2009
1/17/19 6:26 A
Good morning Spark Family!!❤️❤️ Yesterday was a good day. But only because I made it one. A lot o TEXASHSMOMOF3 152 MDOWER1
1/16/19 4:32 P
I needed to remind myself of this... Life got pretty crazy for the past 3 months and I haven't real IMMARRA 17 ALLYLIZZY
1/11/19 12:20 P
I’m down 1.8lbs this morning! Yay me! #progress #excited AUBURNANGEL07 21 ALLYLIZZY
1/11/19 12:10 P
Crazy how different just my face looks! #BeforeAndAfter JACKIEJ8181 163 JACKIEJ8181
1/12/19 1:03 P
I worked in my yard yesterday for hours because the weather was so nice then my body hurt last night MYKDSRDRVNMECRZ 12 ASF220
1/7/19 9:22 A
I think I slept pretty good, considering I smashed my toe last night. I'm ready to conquer another d ST3PH 11 PIPPAMOUSE
1/7/19 10:43 P
It's OFFICIAL! I am now a Certified Wellness Coach and Registered Health Coach! HEALTHY4LIFE360 36 EDLEAR
1/8/19 5:04 A
Yesterday, Mom and I got rolled by " Old man raccoon" at Naples State park beach. We laughed so ha STEEPERSLOUNGE 13 VEGANNATURELOVE
1/7/19 5:29 P
1/13/19 8:15 A
One year ago I started my new lifestyle by joining a challenge at my gym. I’ve lost 80 lbs by tracki KTANAMJ 314 YMACIAS4
1/28/19 11:13 P
This is so true. Happy New Year to all. MISSPEACHES3 6 ALLYLIZZY
12/31/18 1:08 P
Posted a photo WIZZLEWOLF1 16 REBABE
12/31/18 3:12 P
#BeforeAndAfter Down almost 12 pounds so far! Working out has made a difference! FRITZYS_MAMA 103 WOODSYGIRL
12/31/18 7:04 P
A fruit platter my Stepmom made for a Christmas party a few days ago. ALLYLIZZY 39 NEXTBUTKUS
1/4/19 9:16 A
Happy New Year's Eve. Today is my birthday. Let the party begin. IAMAGEMLOVER 88 IAMAGEMLOVER
1/1/19 1:30 P
First Grandbaby born December 29 at 9:18 pm! Ocala Dawn Berry 😘 TRFAIRY4 31 DLDMIL
12/30/18 9:42 P
Good afternoon Spark Family!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Sunday mornings are crazy TEXASHSMOMOF3 30 TEXASHSMOMOF3
12/30/18 9:37 P
My Dad’s goal for the New Year is to get back to the weight he was when this picture was taken in 20 ALLYLIZZY 29 LORI-K
12/30/18 11:17 P
12/31/18 3:20 P
Here's the test lets see how well this air fryer oven cooks my meatloaf 😋 cant wait Gonna top it wi TMP0418 28 RDCAGAIN10
12/30/18 8:20 P
The day is finally here, today I turn 40! I’m trying to stay positive and happy today! Usually birth BE_THE_SPARK 265 1RETSGM
12/30/18 5:32 P
2018 Member Chat Room DETERMINED2019 631 MARILYNS71
1/29/19 12:14 A
#motivationalMonday "Let today be the day you give TMP0418 65 ALLYLIZZY
12/10/18 6:28 P
This afternoon in my corner of the world. RAERAERAE62 26 RAERAERAE62
11/30/18 9:34 A
11/27/18 9:17 P
My new baby 2019 Camry 😍😍😍 early Christmas 🎁 KEENA47 54 KEENA47
11/28/18 9:28 A
Happy Saturday! Follow my journey: @peacelovewindmills on Instagram Peace Love Windmills on Facebook WINDMILLS18 33 IGSBETH
11/25/18 9:19 P
Posted a photo RASMUSSEN5 40 ASF220
11/24/18 1:50 P
Does anyone else here crochet? I made these scarves for me and my sister LR237787 108 WANAKA
11/28/18 8:14 A
11/24/18 11:54 A
To those that celebrate/observe the day, #HappyThanksgivinig #eatsensibly #BeThankful RD03875 8 SUMMARAH
11/22/18 3:47 P