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Posted a photo CAROLINAGIRL69 9 LILIANN400
6/19/18 4:13 P
How do you handle cravings without giving in to them. I'm having cravings like crazy today! SARAHNRICKY1 7 OOLALA53
5/30/18 3:19 P
Today was a workout day. I was at the gym at 5 this morning because I miss my husband. He was out CASCOTT62 3 FITNFABMOMMY
5/30/18 5:27 P
Posted a photo CHELSIEFIRELAND 3 SUE5007
5/30/18 2:36 P
My breakfast was so good. Oatmeal, chopped prunes, yougert, wheat germ, chocolate chips and a little DARKOCEAN 8 SUNQUEE
5/30/18 3:05 P
Short cardio workout today BIGRENTMAN 11 PICKIE98
5/16/18 7:54 A
So. I was away for a long time because I got pregnant and was working full time, constantly in pain. AMAYAKIYOSHI 12 DLDMIL
5/2/18 1:52 P
Day 1: Not a breakfast person but I've got a reminder on my phone and a plan. RAUWOLF 17 MOUSE
5/2/18 2:41 P
I keep picturing myself trying to put on my wet suit to go diving. Ugh.. I refuse to buy a bigger s RAGLYDEAN 4 PAMMYLBEAR
5/2/18 12:49 P
I struggle with what to fix for dinner every night. My husband is strictly a “meat & potatoes” kinda KIMREYNA 6 SOUTHTXXRNNR
5/2/18 12:48 P
Bought my wedding dress and I'm finally back down to a size 12! My goal is still to lose 10lbs befor MARYHAWAIIAN6 28 MDOWER1
5/1/18 1:36 P
Feeling very discouraged. I just can't seem to get a grip on my eating, especially at nite. I set DBETTS68 187 TESSWILDFLOWER
4/28/18 6:22 A
I am trying to loose weight. I am 18 and have struggled with an under active thyroid and stress eati MAKAYLALEIGHHAL 10 SUE5007
4/27/18 8:06 P
I eat the kiwi intact! The skin is so yummy and adds a nice tart punch! YUMMY! Do you guys like it f JORIEFM 7 JORIEFM
4/27/18 9:35 P
Ready for my workout. Any suggestions on toning up arms? BETHAADKINS 5 LRJUSTUS1
4/26/18 1:41 P
The whole family went hiking in Golden, CO and what an intense workout!!! Can't wait to do it again! METALMIRI 8 WHYTEBROWN
4/25/18 5:30 P
I'm enjoying my day off! I'm spending the afternoon exploring some of the trails near my new home. R DREAMERSPIRITT 12 KITTYF54
4/25/18 5:36 P
Made it to the beach... first swim of the year... blummin cold! Lasted 7 minutes. LIZZIE888 9 SUE5007
4/19/18 12:26 P
Plan for texas roadhouse children's grilled chicken strips 150 calories and green beans 70 calories WALTSGIRL74 12 CGARR442
4/18/18 8:19 P
My stationary biking view for the week as well as lifting lol SCHMUNZELN 25 ALLYLIZZY
4/17/18 2:39 P
Focusing on water today! And living in the bathroom........ HEAGRE 7 MPLSKEN
4/18/18 3:13 P
Arm day! I'm exhausted lol #myarmsareweak #goodworkoutroutine LACYRENEE3 3 LALATIDAH
4/17/18 1:29 P
Homemade no added sugar, only fat from egg (no butter) wholemeal banana breakfast muffins. With drie -POOKIE- 14 RAWCOOKIE
4/17/18 3:44 A
Peanut butter, & banana with flax and chia seeds.under 300 calories DANNI3EE 6 ALICIA214
4/13/18 12:56 P
My main goal was to get up and go to the gym this morning before work, which I did, @ 6 am. I feel l CIARACYLIE 3 1965KAREN
4/12/18 11:53 P
Day one of this. I really need this. Im so worried about how weak and how much pain im in. 😞 how co NN6996 10 HEATHERR080
4/13/18 12:44 A
Hi Everyone! Just started today. Need to lose 30 lbs for my wedding in September and haven't been ab CIARACYLIE 4 TMP0418
4/11/18 3:04 P
How can I get recipes from sparks recipe to my nutrition log or get it to where I log all my food fo C47404 4 C47404
4/11/18 2:45 P
Les Mills workouts on Demand vs DVD SUE5007 4 SUE5007
4/10/18 1:39 P
Want to know WHY calorie counting works for me? Because I don’t want to have to track all the bad ch CAROLINAGIRL69 8 MIRAGE727
4/10/18 5:12 P
The Beach Cruiser. Low-tech, big fun. Worth the $15 rental to start the day with a nice long, single B_RAZORSHARP 16 DIALYSISCHIC1
4/10/18 3:54 A
My family hike to Mesa Arch, Canyonlands National Park. Easy trail. CANDINOEL 9 CANDINOEL
3/27/18 12:47 P
Fitness tracker users, ? about the apps SUE5007 10 I_ROBOT
3/28/18 7:48 P
Anyone have a Polar A360/370? SUE5007 1 SUE5007
3/25/18 7:58 P
Smoothie recipes and articles JSTETSER 235 JSTETSER
5/24/18 5:15 A
The Best Greens for Your Health TRAVELNISTA 4 JSTETSER
2/10/18 5:54 A
Traveling and Texture FTSOLK 17 JSTETSER
2/7/18 6:14 A
Green Smoothie Recipes TRAVELNISTA 91 CVRONEK
6/15/18 5:59 A
My lower back is killing me. Just sitting in the recliner hurts. Anyone know exercises that will eit MRSPOTATOHEAD83 5 DCT2018
2/6/18 3:30 P
Stayed on plan eating out for a spontaneous date night!! Asked Dear Lover to get ready first so I co SHRINKINGLULU 3 SUE5007
1/26/18 12:23 P
Just a poll.... What kind of fitness trackers do you all have? Do you like it? AMY_MOMMY2 12 AMY_MOMMY2
8/1/17 7:37 P
Progress! 3 hours yesterday and 2 hours today. Sadly I won't be able to work on it tomorrow but will ZUNKLES 10 AULAURUS
8/1/17 6:20 P
Day 5 no soda, no carbs, no sugar. Feeling great, not hungry all day like I thought I would be, and GIRL*IN*MOTION 6 GIRL*IN*MOTION
8/17/17 5:59 P
Who climbed this? ME!!! Who's hanging around the house today whimpering? ME!! Worth it, totally wort TIKITAMI 20 SUE5007
7/24/17 11:40 A
Question for women who run with a CHEST STRAP heart rate monitor: how do you prevent the strap from ADARKARA 5 ISNESS
5/5/18 11:16 A
School already? JANDIDEAN 2 SUE5007
8/18/11 5:19 P
Hobbler Half, 5k and Relay this July! SUE5007 1 SUE5007
6/3/11 4:21 P
What's your best workout bra? YDURAS 7 FINDINGBOBBIE
6/25/10 10:14 A
What is your dogs favorite food? PANCAKE732006 41 JUSTINE338
7/29/09 12:36 A
home made pure beef dog treat cheap NYAYNE 14 YELLOWDAHLIA
7/17/09 3:52 P
7/16/09 9:09 P
Nails and the quick DUMBELLE 14 SHELLYHICKEY
7/19/09 11:23 P
Weekend-non scheduled eating-any advice? ALMSTMORGAN 10 STACYR31
7/15/09 3:55 P