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🎶My heart beating, my soul breathing  I found my life when I laid it down  Upward falling, spirit s AMYMBUNCH 6 KIMJ01
4/22/18 12:14 P
Posted a photo MLBSLK 12 BANEWLAND
4/22/18 1:33 P
Down 39.2 WooHoo! Sausage patty, cream cheese & salsa for breakfast :-) worked HARD yesterday buildi JUSTFURKIDS 25 PEPSAB
4/23/18 8:03 P
After one week of eliminating CHEESE and SUGAR I'm down 3 lbs. "Its working!!!" Working and playing HOLLYBARKER1 10 MARBEALL
4/22/18 8:56 P
Posted a photo JOYSWANN1 12 LILIANN400
4/22/18 1:37 P
Having candy for breakfast!😜 #fitvegan FITSISTA79 128 MJ7DM33
4/22/18 10:13 P
Hit Goodwill yesterday. My $4 outfit. Medium shirt and size 10 shorts, yes medium and 10... Not XL a VICKICHICKI123 182 MJ7DM33
4/22/18 8:54 P
I hit a goal today! Official out of the 200s! Its taken me almost 11 months but I'm down 69lbs! I st ITSASECRET6915 303 BLUEJEAN99
4/23/18 2:58 A
New here just posting a before picture, exited for my new journey and love the app so far KIM-ADEE 11 ROBINVOTAW
4/19/18 6:20 P
Posted a photo HARROWJET 6 GLORYB83
4/19/18 8:18 P
Got In ..Thank you Jesus for allowing me to exercise SHAYSHAY6444 3 EPSTAR2016
4/19/18 12:42 P
Posted a photo GOLFGMA 95 REGILIEH
4/19/18 7:49 P
I put together a new weight loss tracker. Each paper ring is one pound lost. NDSTOIC44 50 EPSTAR2016
4/19/18 12:41 P
I've lost 25lbs! KEETER4U_09 103 KEETER4U_09
4/20/18 10:59 A
Got me a couple dresses yesterday size 10 baby woo hoo 😊 Dont think these hips are going anywhere � TMP0418 188 PELESJEWEL
4/20/18 9:19 A
Gym time is my favorite way to spend a morning! SPRITEPRINCESS 2 FITEXCELLENCE
4/19/18 12:13 P
I'm going to try to get 10k steps a day this week! LIL1IAN 12 SPRITEPRINCESS
4/16/18 9:01 P
Snacktime! Gala apple and some vanilla astro yogurt (just enough to cover the apples) and sprinkled FITABULOUSJJ 10 STALBOTT48
4/22/18 3:46 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 17 NOCALORIES
4/16/18 9:34 P
shovelled snow all day! LEANJEAN6 38 IDICEM
4/22/18 8:45 A
I wrote this back in December, I still look at thi ELIJAHSMITH779 19 MOUSE
4/16/18 10:54 P
Tears of joy!! I am under 200 pounds...I haven't seen a number below 200 in nearly 20 years! I am PDLSTMPR1 310 RCPMFAN
4/24/18 6:00 P
Making progress. The before pic isn't even my heaviest but the only one I could find when I was larg ANNIM80 42 DCWILLIAMS831
4/12/18 8:14 P
Made these delicious stuffed peppers for dinner! Beef, quinoa, beans, corn and onion. Delish! AKIMBRE1 11 DIXIE-LUSH
4/12/18 1:37 A
My 1st time ever to have 100K steps in a week. Big achievement for me. JMSCHEM 16 KAREN_EDMONDS
4/11/18 11:14 P
Soooo... About 2 weeks ago now I found out I have PRIORITIZELIFE 13 DJ4HEALTH
4/11/18 10:54 P
Enjoyed this beautiful day!!! Took full advantage of the towns new walking trail and I found my new SARIESUE 69 LWLAR7
4/12/18 12:52 A
I found this great veggie mix on sale at the grocery store tonight. Pan roasted in a little bit of c GILLIEGRL4 29 BONNIE1552
4/12/18 8:53 P
Went on a 20 minute walk with my dog. Every step helps. ILOVEOCEANS 43 ADRIENALINE
4/12/18 12:13 P
Made it to the gym!! I normally go before work so I have no excuse to not go but today I promised my SPRITEPRINCESS 4 GEORGE815
4/10/18 5:56 P
Its pouring down rain! I walked my kids to the bus stop this morning instead of driving them and the SPRITEPRINCESS 3 7STIGGYMT
4/10/18 12:34 P
Snacked on vegetables today!! It's a big deal because I normally can't stand veggies unless they are SPRITEPRINCESS 7 LENNIEBINO
4/9/18 1:06 P
Starting over again. Not at my all time high but pretty close to it. Here’s to getting on track and HOLLY_171984 148 ROX525
4/9/18 5:21 A
Winter is still lingering on the trails today. 4.68 miles hiked today. Two weeks in a row I have ach MSMITCHELL2696 17 -POOKIE-
4/9/18 4:05 A
Just finished 30 minutes of shovelling snow (AGAIN!!) and not tracked! Arg! (Charged it at the offic FATTIPATTI2BY4 4 GEORGE815
4/8/18 5:13 P
Just recently started taking a #magnesium supplement. Already feeling the much needed benefits... to FITDIGGITY 14 SAN47BEE
4/15/18 10:32 P
First pic.... day #1 MELDIDHAM 11 MELDIDHAM
4/8/18 6:25 P
So my mind & 97% of my body was set to walk 4 miles today. The 3% that is my Achilles tendon said "N DAWN1830 8 EO4WELLNESS
4/9/18 12:30 P
Produce for the coming week! KAMINKA 14 KAMINKA
4/8/18 1:01 P
Well she used to be a 4 mile dog but I felt like anything more would have been cruel. Poor girls get 2AWESOME4U 10 EDLEAR
4/9/18 3:35 P
Down 14 lbs for the year so far. Feeling better, less aches and more energy. ELLENGRAY54 22 IWANNAGOAT
4/10/18 8:20 A
I've lost 20 lbs. Only 80 more to go. :-) MS_TEJ 58 SUNSPOT_BABY
4/8/18 5:52 P
Looking to remotivate myself to get back on track! I haven't been on here for over a year but today SPRITEPRINCESS 7 9CRYSTALEE21
4/8/18 2:32 P
Still got the bulge in the middle Waiting for the day its history LISA_WAS_HERE 18 SPRITEPRINCESS
4/7/18 8:16 P
I went to BJ's restaurant and had a Riley steak, asparagus, and green beans..... Who says Keto is KAKONOLADY 6 WLHOPE
4/8/18 12:04 A
Horrible eating day! Cake, chips! Back to business tomorrow JPATENAUDE1215 6 LKEITHO
4/7/18 8:17 P
Hot, muggy, overcast, and perfect for a long walk. Rediscovered how effective a two walk day can be. GGRSPARK 5 GARDENCHRIS
4/8/18 2:26 P
So for awhile I tried losing wieght alone, got a little depressed so now I want to get back to the r LILACLICIOUS 10 -POOKIE-
4/13/18 4:10 A
20K through streams, muddy hills, fog and really c TIKITAMI 22 JKEMMA
4/7/18 10:26 P
My goal is to lose 76 lbs. What's your goal? JERRIDAWN1014 4856 RSSSLHB
2/26/18 9:59 A
What state do you live in? CHRISSYANNE3 67 TLARNOLD1974
4/5/18 9:48 A
14.2 mile walk/ride outdoors :) spent the majority on the phone to my sister 😄😄😄 burned 548 TORRIESJOURNEY 22 CGNYGIRL
6/6/17 11:56 P
New to the team? Introduce yourself here! OUTOFCONTROL 1582 OVERDUECHANGE
6/5/17 1:33 P
Mirena IUD and weight gain BIJOUX7 708 GG0995
4/18/18 9:13 A
How motivated are you today? Scale from 1-10 OODELETEDOO 46475 ROCKRS
4/25/18 5:56 P
I'm at 164 pounds today. I started at 329 pounds o AUTIEJ 3057 ROSIEOSOCAL
2/27/18 3:34 A