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me today EVIE4NOW 49 _RAMONA
3/16/20 6:33 P
Seen on my walk yesterday. ❤️ ALLYLIZZY 90 BOGADAWN1
3/17/20 7:42 A
Money I saved by growing my own veggies this year and cutting out the processed junk food. Wow STEEPERSLOUNGE 53 LOVENHWOODS
10/9/19 3:44 P
My husband was born with cancer and we recently found out there’s a lump on my cervix, so we decided SHELLEYERWIN 51 GEORGE815
10/8/19 7:57 P
This is my baby daughter and her oldest grandchild.. he is only 10 ..he had been having some problem MHUMBERS1950 33 RAERAERAE62
10/8/19 9:28 P
Oooh la la, went to Paris for vacation last week. Indulged in a bowl of French onion soup. ARCHIMEDESII 17 MLAN613
10/8/19 3:25 P
Hi everyone I am new here and jumped right in. I am doing a walk with me challenge. Walk 30 minutes LOVEKAT 7 KAREN_EDMONDS
10/7/19 9:36 A
Happy Monday, Spark Fam! Hope everyone had a great weekend, and if you didn’t, it’s a new week...per MIAMI_LILLY 26 BILLIELDANN1
10/7/19 1:41 P
Got this little sweet girl Tuesday night- lost 2lbs this week from just adding play time with her. DELLA35 144 EVIE4NOW
10/5/19 8:40 P
Good morning! #foodfeats JSTETSER 17 LIS193
9/22/19 4:09 A
Good morning! #goalfeats JSTETSER 29 LIS193
9/22/19 4:09 A
Do you have a Friend like this? LITTLEREDHEN8 33 JOYCEHARRIS3
9/22/19 6:57 A
Hello beautiful people. I accidentally stumbled upon this site. In 2015 I was a healthy weight (I lo MELISSAW79 14 ALLYLIZZY
9/15/19 11:18 A
It's ALMOST that time again. Ugh! Lol SIMPLYME_LORI 22 TBOYD5000
9/15/19 9:44 A
Look at my beautiful feral Tuxie boy!!!! Out from under the bed and couch, willing to sit closer to MIMAWELIZABETH 22 PATRICIA-CR
9/15/19 11:08 A
Posted a goal JAYBALCAZAR 14 -REBECKA-
9/15/19 9:37 A
After I walked the Cooper-dog I went for a solo walk on the farm roads. Still very cloudy. I liked i LESLIELENORE 69 ROCKYCPA
9/12/19 10:54 P
Supper last night. Local caught speckled trout and oven roasted vegetables. So yummy! SYLVIEGIRL 33 EO4WELLNESS
9/12/19 3:05 P
This is where I'll be Saturday! I'm especially exc CINDY247 37 1STBUCKETITEM
9/13/19 1:53 A
I love trees! REDWHALEY 21 CD12282919
9/12/19 7:18 P
Still working on me! Conquering goals!! SHIRLEYABAGWELL 23 INPRAYER
9/12/19 3:52 P
Here is updated before and now pictures. GRIDERAMBER1981 102 LLOURAY
9/12/19 9:29 P
The World Trade Center south tower (L) burst into flames after being struck by hijacked United Airli 618LILY1 9 DEE107
9/12/19 12:11 A
9/11/19 12:28 P
Seriously! You can’t afford to be sick! #wellnesswednesday SPAUKEN 11 GEORGE815
9/11/19 6:31 P
did my walk- LEANJEAN6 28 LIS193
9/10/19 3:02 A
Our sweet Kinsale passed away last night. Our hearts are broken MARYJOHANNAH 29 PWILLOW1
9/9/19 8:43 P
Posted a photo ZYNDALL 19 GEORGE815
9/9/19 3:33 P
When your workout partners are your dogs! UPTOIT59 27 REGILIEH
9/9/19 8:57 P
Two hours at the gym Small group training and zumba Feeling strong today SUGAMAMA1976 14 GEORGE815
9/7/19 5:04 P
Getting up early for a long run; totally worth it! Lake Superior Sunrise #exploreminnesota #sunrise J2002HEIDS 121 MOMMACAT57
9/7/19 8:38 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Monday!!!! It’s Weigh In Day for me, and I officially weighed in TEXASHSMOMOF3 204 MADEINBRITAIN
8/20/19 4:10 A
One more hour and I'll be able to eat and drink like a normal person!! One more hour and I'll be abl HYPOMOM35 4 ALLTHINGSNEW81
8/19/19 8:25 A
It's time to Sparkle Ladies! CINDY247 38 LILIANN400
8/19/19 4:13 P
Today is my 35th Birthday AMYMBUNCH 202 CD12282919
8/17/19 7:54 P
Feeling extremely discouraged. I have been working very hard at trying to eat healthier and to exerc SANDYCBAS 15 GEORGE815
8/13/19 10:25 P
Tip: if you like red onions & love avocados here i GINGERMONKEY21 22 GEORGE815
8/13/19 10:19 P
Ok so I think my brain has finally caught up to the reflection in the mirror! I was sorting throug DOUBLELSMOM 283 SONIAPALMER55
9/24/19 11:39 A
Just checking out some before and afters MAMACRUZ87 16 WIN2LIVE
8/11/19 6:07 P
Day one starts today. I do it for myself first and in turn for our son and my husband. Losing weight DRDEEDEE 26 DRDEEDEE
11/14/19 11:29 A
Can anyone see a difference? I see a little but not a lot. MAMACRUZ87 112 CHERRYZMB60
8/10/19 11:00 P
One month ago I was 340lbs. Today at 315lbs. Down 25lbs in one month. I am pretty happy with the BENBRYANT888 164 BENBRYANT888
8/11/19 9:13 A
I feel like this morning just doing some confession .😔.i was up .8 this week & I had gained a litt MHUMBERS1950 11 MHUMBERS1950
8/9/19 10:37 P
Much better than Skittles! #foodfeats NANHBH 36 ROCKYCPA
8/9/19 11:57 P
It’s been a minute since I’ve been on SPARK PEOPLE, but I still used the tools that I learned. Still LISA_SC1 24 LISA_SC1
8/8/19 1:16 P
I’ve Lost 84lbs! From 214 lbs and now 130!!! A ti MOMS3KIDS 262 GMACAMI
8/7/19 11:51 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Monday! It’s a fresh new week full of hope and possibilities, I TEXASHSMOMOF3 53 TEXASHSMOMOF3
8/6/19 12:13 A
“The most important key to achieving great success is to decide upon your goal and launch, get start DGFOWLER 17 BARB4HEALTH
8/5/19 11:42 A
I'll be honest- I haven't posted a weigh-in for a IDGEEK87 13 CD12282919
8/4/19 7:04 P
Longer hair, years later. JONEC14333 13 FLORIDASUN
8/4/19 7:33 P
Posted a photo KLYNNACE5 32 READY201811
8/4/19 6:36 P
...and a really colorful flower NITEMAN3D 22 CGARR442
8/4/19 9:53 P
Peaceful Sunday! MSROZZIE 34 MSROZZIE
8/5/19 10:24 P
8/4/19 11:07 P
Posted a photo DRICH7140 10 FITNESS_NINJA
8/7/19 9:22 P
I love dogs! And they love me. New goal to get back in the habit of walking them. This picture is of JAVNMICH1969 14 LIFEJOURNEY4ME
8/3/19 4:08 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 25 GABY1948
8/5/19 12:27 P
Always have. Always will ❤ LALAP1012 13 GEORGE815
8/3/19 5:24 P
I asked my husband to bring me lunch from the cafeteria, expecting a sandwich. His guidelines were 4 GOODFELINE 11 GEORGE815
8/3/19 5:21 P
Baby had a good day yesterday. He has Bronchiolitis, an infection of the lungs caused by a virus, ex GOODFELINE 113 CGARR442
8/3/19 9:45 P
Taking a break from food & digestion really does help my body find healing & reduces inflammation. I BERRY4 6 TERMITEMOM
8/3/19 9:58 P
Using glass jars for healthy items is a huge help GINGERMONKEY21 19 GEORGE815
8/3/19 5:17 P
Peaceful Saturday! MSROZZIE 29 HOLLYM48
8/4/19 8:02 A
Her bowl of food is full, but this is how it's got to go!! CECELW 19 MHUMBERS1950
8/3/19 10:44 P
Hello Sparkers! Just wanted to drop in and say hello and I haven't been posting much but I sure enjo CASHEERSMITH11 13 CASHEERSMITH11
8/4/19 7:32 A
Happy weekend Sparkers! My nutritionist recommended this awesome healthy snack...a new favorite for KAS10001 15 GEORGE815
8/3/19 5:13 P
Wedding make up, yay or nay? PEREZJPRZ19 40 CZECHRN
8/9/19 11:32 P
my 2 before photos. the one on th4e left is me a 2 years ago, the one on the right is me a year ago. CD24890088 171 MHUMBERS1950
8/3/19 10:39 P
Today, I decided to reset my goals, and decided to deleted my one-time and self-reported trophies. T LIZLOVEROSES 24 LIZLOVEROSES
8/2/19 11:58 A
Today is a new day! I struggled last night and did some old, trusty habits that no longer help me - FEARTOLOVE77 13 SHANDOO
8/2/19 3:17 P
I'm feeling better today about my weight loss journey. Weigh in showed I lost 1.8 pounds! KARENR317 4 JANTHEBLONDE
8/2/19 11:53 A
Neighborhood walk MCOLLINS28 14 GMACAMI
8/3/19 2:09 P
Thank you for your prayers! We're in our regular room now, babe is breathing well enough on a low en GOODFELINE 30 CD24549838
8/3/19 12:38 A
Who doesn't want to wake up to this every day? Storms surrounding us but the sun prevails for a litt J2002HEIDS 27 KHALIA2
8/6/19 12:12 P
Good morning spark family! I want to share that today is my birthday ..I'm 69 and blessed! I'm so g MHUMBERS1950 307 GMACAMI
8/3/19 2:07 P