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Got my steps in....barely! Have a great night my friends and thanks for your support!! JUSTSTICKWITHIT 21 DIALYSISCHIC1
3/1/18 6:48 P
Happy March 1st everyone. After having 2 months of ups and downs I believe I am finally in the place NEWYEARNOFEAR 11 GAILTALIAFERRO1
3/1/18 5:19 A
My boyfriend and I want to start exercising in the morning for 30 min. What are the best type of exe NESS1008 13 SPARTANJAI
3/1/18 4:03 A
Thursday! Have a great day. ๐Ÿค— LIL1IAN 11 LIL1IAN
3/2/18 1:39 A
2 lbs down my first week back! Spark works when you work it! Down from 201 to 199. Getting there wi KAYBRITMOODY 29 YMWONG22
3/1/18 5:59 A
This is what is cooking in my crock pot for Thursday dinner. Vegan lentil soup. About 139 calories p DIALYSISCHIC1 33 L_DROUIN
3/14/18 7:43 P
Even though it is mid week, itโ€™s a new month. We can shake off any February disappointments and foc PAMBROWN62 20 COMEBACKKID12
3/1/18 10:55 P
Hi Friends, going to my first bible study tommorow and kind of nervous. I hope I don't look like a JUSTSTICKWITHIT 172 1CRAZYDOG
2/28/18 2:18 P
I'm focused lol my little dinner compared to my fa DOLPHINZ68 12 L_DROUIN
2/27/18 8:20 P
My fitness for today was multiple. I bagged foods at the Food Bank for 2 hours lifted and stored bo GOLFGMA 5 CEILIE2
2/28/18 7:34 A
#BeforeandAfter 80 pounds. I still have about 20 to go. AUDSROSE 138 PLCHAPPELL
2/28/18 5:14 A
11 pounds down since 1/1/18 GLENDAK72 7 GLENDAK72
3/1/18 9:19 A
10 Cups of Water today YEAH #h2whoa SMELLETTE 6 EDWARDS1411
2/27/18 9:05 P
Excercise and eating healthy amazes me how much I can eat, and how light I feel. I don't feel as blo SZTAMBURSKI 4 OOLALA53
2/27/18 9:31 P
New to the community, but started my 100lbs weight loss journey on October of 2017. Iโ€™m 45lbs down a MAKIKI04 202 ROMCGHEE69
2/28/18 3:49 P
I love gardening! It's my fitness in spring. It's a great way to break a sweat and have something be ASHLIE_STRONG 6 KAWAZEE2
2/26/18 8:27 P
I havnt posted in awhile, but I'm coming back full force with no excuses. I havnt been eating right, ECOLLINS117 6 SPARTANJAI
2/26/18 7:31 P
45 days on SP, lost 14 pounds. VANIEUMRAO 43 VANIEUMRAO
3/2/18 8:47 P
Ran into my son's boss (haven't seen in 3 years) & he did a 2nd & 3rd take then said "Oh my God! Is LRJUSTUS1 60 BLESSOME
2/28/18 11:43 A
YEAH!!! No Longer obese!!! I started at morbidity obese(288 lbs) back in 2010. I'm older with man DIANEDOESSMILES 249 ZUZUPETALS10
2/27/18 3:43 P
Zip and I took a walk down the road for the first time in a long time. CRISPYO 23 GEORGE815
2/27/18 4:36 P
I am getting over the flu--Yeah! LEANJEAN6 18 CKOUDSI617
2/27/18 3:34 P
Todayโ€™s Bento: ground chicken and zucchini noodles with pesto sauce, cauliflower fried rice, tomatoe BENTOBANQUET 12 SPARTANJAI
2/26/18 6:49 A
Day One, Feb. 24th. Thank you, JLERobertson, for TESSWILDFLOWER 16 ANNIEANNYANNEE
2/25/18 12:04 A
Down 67 pounds and feeling strong and fit! SKIPASTORY 170 PBVHCCVH
2/25/18 12:25 A
Even two months ago I never thought Iโ€™d have the m PROJECTMH2018 10 SPARTANJAI
2/24/18 8:05 P
--trying so hard to get over the flu-- LEANJEAN6 27 PATRICIA-CR
2/25/18 1:53 P
Homemade eggplant lasagna cooked in the crock pot! Delish! See my blog for how it was done. BECCABOO127 8 A-NEW-OLD-LAURA
3/6/18 4:59 A
I have been struggling with breakfast because I feed a multitude of children every morning. I found AWMMA1 6 ANHELIC
2/23/18 1:17 P
2/23/18 7:25 A
2/23/18 11:43 A
National Banana Bread Day NEPTUNE1939 8 PATRICIA-CR
2/23/18 11:43 A
Staff meeting yesterday. A bunch of my coworkers didn't recognize me because I've lost so much wei ILARIAMARCUCCI 17 SPARTANJAI
2/23/18 7:23 A
Weighed in this morning... Down to 188! A total of 54 lbs lost! ๐Ÿ’ƒHappy Friday everyone! ๐Ÿ˜„ KERRIBERRI86 20 ROBINVOTAW
2/23/18 9:55 A
First full day back! Feeling motivated & encouraged! I can do All things through Christ who strength HEAVENSCENT12 5 CHERYLHURT
2/23/18 7:38 A
Vacation starts at 3! JSTETSER 19 1CRAZYDOG
2/23/18 2:35 P
Weather being good for a nice walk outdoors. Helps me be in a better mood. WALKINGBOUT 10 MIZKAREN
2/23/18 8:27 A
2/22/18 7:17 P
happy healthy Thursday everyone TRAILWALKERJO54 5 CLO333
2/22/18 5:04 P
My first cauliflower pizza crust. We're having pizza for supper. I'll snap a picture when I get it m CHITWN1 14 JORIEFM
2/22/18 5:33 P
Finally felt well enough to exercise today. FROMNOWONFIT 9 MDOWER1
2/22/18 5:47 P
Had weigh-in so didn't want to eat too much before it.Thus, put a few slices of peaches, pineapple, KATHRYNGC 8 ANHELIC
2/23/18 1:18 P
My 10th month and progress so far even though Iโ€™d plateau for almost 2 month, that wonโ€™t hold me bac AMERICALDS 190 VRACHAL
2/26/18 10:54 A
My highest weight was 187 and today I am 166.. 21 pounds lost! I feel so much better and I can't sto DANYALE_29 107 NUTTYGIRL2105
2/22/18 7:36 P
#BeforeAndAftergoood!!!!!!! 50-60 more!! AIXA0609 64 CHERRYZMB60
2/22/18 7:55 P
I am ready, the cooking begins in 1 hour. My wife gets home in 2 hrs. Anniversary dinner menu: Steam SLYDE-GLYDER 13 DEVONSCOTT3525
2/22/18 5:53 P
Well guys, it has been a long journey but I'm down 47 pounds since last May. I started at 201 and CGILGER1 116 NUTTYGIRL2105
2/22/18 7:32 P
#icandothis So I was busy and a bit pooped and I thought a quick workout will have to do!๐Ÿ˜„I thought COMEBACKKID12 16 SPEDED2
2/22/18 11:44 P
9 glasses #h2whoa CIROHIO 5 SPARTANJAI
2/20/18 8:52 P
I am enjoying my keto diet and I have gotten off my plateau. My scale is moving again. LMILLER33 6 SADIEMYERS
2/20/18 11:18 P
I have reached my goal. Now I need to make sure I maintain it. 175 lbs. #BeforeAndAfter HOLLYWOODCORKER 307 HEAVENSCENT12
2/23/18 3:10 A
Lunch was really yummy DOINITNOTGONNAS 17 LAH1222
2/20/18 11:49 P
~~๐Ÿ’•~๐Ÿ‡~๐Ÿ’•~ ๐Ÿ™‹ ~๐Ÿ’•~๐Ÿ‡~๐Ÿ’•~~ ~~~~~~~~ Waving Hello ~~~~~~~~ Good Morning ~Wishing Everyone ~ ~ a Very --DEBY-- 6 REGILIEH
2/20/18 9:06 P
2/21/18 2:09 P
Dinner - fish tacos (yes we eat ours like a burrito). Yum! Under 300 calories ๐Ÿ˜‹ JULZ09 16 TMP0418
2/21/18 8:31 A
I had a pity party of one today because we had an ice storm over night which ruined my plans to driv KATBRUNNER 16 KATBRUNNER
2/21/18 8:35 A
Marinated Chicken on skewers ! Mmmm so good! RKHATERA01 8 CHRISTOPHER63
2/19/18 8:07 P
The Sweetheart 10k. Felt strong and happy. Bring on my 48th birthday this Saturday! Let's see what m PUDINTAYNE 15 ALABAMASUSAN17
2/19/18 10:29 P
6 years and counting ... cancer free. Get your annual mammogram. That 1 hour of inconvenience could MTN_KITTEN 23 FOCUSONME57
2/21/18 5:19 A
Going to stop dreaming and start doing today! MACMAGGIE601 13 PAULA3420
2/19/18 9:38 P
Roasted veggies with some turkey sausage for dinner. KETOCURIOUS 10 MIYAMO
2/19/18 10:14 P
OMGOMGOMG. I was a size 12 by the time I was 12, and maxed out at a size 22 in my mid-20s. Today, th MUFFIY831 177 MUFFIY831
2/21/18 10:57 A
Hot bath with Epsom salt and a few more chapters of Sleeping Beauties BONNIEMARGAY 7 SPARTANJAI
2/16/18 10:56 A
Ok so been doing this spark thing for 3 weeks and as of today I am down 10 lbs eating very clean but KIMIEZ72 3 SILVERSPARROW04
2/16/18 10:57 A
Wake up the right way. #staymotivated #eatright #food #eggs #isolates BBELFITT 15 BBELFITT
2/16/18 11:57 A
For those of you who have been so kind to be praying for my Sis, she has been taken to a nursing hom BEVERLY1501 14 BEVERLY1501
2/16/18 7:35 P
Was craving junk food really bad. Luckily I bought some Special K chocolatey delight. One cup of tha PAMMIESUE81 11 SPARTANJAI
2/16/18 10:52 A
Goodmorning my Spark Friends. I've fallen off recently and now I'm on the cusp of 260! This is my hi JUSTSTICKWITHIT 60 ABUELAMEMA52
2/17/18 6:05 A
Have decided that instead of sitting on my posterior end during break time I will now take a nice wa ME2SHORT2 5 CKEYES1
2/16/18 7:53 P
I started exercising January 8th, and from that time to now February 16th, I have lost a total of 15 LATEASHA2 205 MADDIEBSMAMA
2/16/18 9:22 P
I have great News I was given a red heart it was a Reese's peanut butter heart and I didn't eat any BOBBI_63 14 BOBBI_63
2/12/18 2:05 P
Itโ€™s official Iโ€™ve broken 200! Down below that. 1st goal met. Now10 more till the next goal. LTAPIA81 10 CATHERINEKIRBY
2/11/18 7:46 P
Can someone tell me how to curb a sweet tooth? TWATTS5 8 SPARTANJAI
2/11/18 3:45 P
Told hubby I was going out to get some Vitamin D. ASH2HEALTH 9 KILTORE
2/11/18 4:52 P
NSV! I exercised ... and was able to finish the whole video. I know that doesnโ€™t seem like much, but ROMAN122B 11 CLAYMACT
2/11/18 4:55 P