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Short walk, no incline, then knee told me to rest, ice and elevate BONNIEMARGAY 16 GOODGETNBETR
5/11/18 11:05 P
I haven’t been faithful to tracking my food for the last couple of weeks and I gained 3 pounds. But JAYLANJACKIE 4 SPARKNB
5/9/18 5:28 P
Posted a photo SPARKFRAN514 13 ILOVEROSES
5/10/18 8:28 A
5/9/18 5:34 P
Amazing day just got done at dr I am no longer diabetic all my blood work was normal. #reachinggoals MONI30LBS 146 BRITTNEYAJONES2
5/9/18 8:13 P
Weighed in today and lost another 1.6 lbs bringing me to a total weight loss of 35lbs! Which doesn't GIRAFFERULES24 302 RAYMOSSISTER
5/9/18 8:27 P
About to go on a walk when it started to rain, so watched political tv & got in some aerobics while SPARKNB 3 GEORGE815
5/9/18 5:17 P
190 calorie breakfast. I have always liked the cannon light and fit Greek yogurts and they are 1/2 t JBALL21 35 JBALL21
5/8/18 10:33 P
Had an off day. Back at it again tomorrow. ELF41978 4 SPARKNB
5/8/18 12:20 A
new to the team JSAC210 6 SPARKNB
3/8/18 1:42 A
#Vegan Fajitas with #5freggies (refried beans, green chili salsa (YAY Hatch, #NM!), orange bell pepp SPARKNB 3 LULUDOG3
2/28/18 6:38 P
Love SP show it USMAWIFE 1850 USMAWIFE
5/21/18 4:27 A
#inspired #inspiring #inspirational watching Parkland, FL kids on #realNews & i #march in place and SPARKNB 1 SPARKNB
2/21/18 3:45 P
Coffee Talk - Daily Chit Chat HAPPY_HANK 4523 SPARKNB
2/21/18 3:36 A
ABC's of Spring KPACE7 453 DEBO5511
5/21/18 1:48 P
Second hour of #snow shoveling today, bith times got full driveway to the walkway. Maybe 3rd time... SPARKNB 4 STEPHD3566
2/9/18 5:47 P
Thanks for well wishes everyone! I had a low-key #happyBirthday. Tho was not counting on shoveling # SPARKNB 3 DEBIGENE
2/9/18 7:02 P
AM #Snowshoveling, like 5 inches #snow, first of at least 2 maybe 3 times today. Bad visibility. Loo SPARKNB 2 BEANPOD61
2/9/18 11:00 A
Happy cardio to me: snow shoveling for an hour; meteorologists 0redict up to another 10 inches tonig SPARKNB 4 WLHOPE
2/8/18 7:40 P
Lots snow, even as I was shoveling, and after, more fell! SPARKNB 5 CINDYTW963
2/7/18 11:02 P
Watching recorded program, moving SPARKNB 4 MUSTANGMOM6
2/6/18 4:50 P
Picked up weights & amped up cardio by adding dumbbells to add strength training in at same time as SPARKNB 4 J38850
2/6/18 3:52 P
The Good News Thread WOUBBIE 500 WOUBBIE
5/21/18 9:52 P
Setting a new goal for myself of 20,000 steps a day. This is including a 10 hour work day, jillian M WHITEGREMLIN252 20 TMP0418
2/6/18 3:39 P
Trying to make up for over eating due to stress... the workouts are actually shovelling snow.. plus BRENNERJESS2 6 SISTERPRETTY
2/5/18 9:11 P
Watching end of recording of US Women's Nationals Figure Skating again in preparation for #Olympics SPARKNB 1 SPARKNB
2/5/18 4:48 P
Goals for day: 1) rest bodyclock earlie r 2) finish shoveling driveway 3) more movement to 2 hrs 3) SPARKNB 3 SPARKNB
2/5/18 2:19 P
Huh, according to today's tip, milk among others, counts as water, but only decaf java does. I did n SPARKNB 6 SPARKNB
2/5/18 2:11 P
Lots of snow going out to shovel! That should burn some calories ITALIANGAL44 118 FELICIA1963
2/5/18 3:41 P
Sunny and pretty winter wonderland, but still hard work! SPARKNB 2 SASHASMOM1122
2/5/18 2:24 P
#BeforeAndAfter I got a little discouraged this week until I found the picture on my timeline slow MSJOFUNNSEXY 219 MSJOFUNNSEXY
2/5/18 7:47 P
Did 95 min cardio earlier, now half the driveway shoveling for 40 (about 3 in, heavy) BUT I may have SPARKNB 5 MOLUX252627
2/5/18 10:05 A
Posted a photo SAINTBERNARD6 27 MNABOY
2/5/18 12:38 A
Feb. 4th, 2018 333.6 lbs Already lost 17 lbs since Jan. 4th BEVERLY1983 20 TASHAV73
2/5/18 5:08 A
2/10/18 1:50 P
Legs burning, in a good way, on this, my 2nd hour of cardio SPARKNB 1 SPARKNB
2/4/18 7:48 P
Thought I was gonna go shovel snow but not yet (got big tv, so re-watching (& moving along w) US Nat SPARKNB 2 NANCYPAT1
2/4/18 7:12 P
I finally did it! I hiked Mt. Rubidoux yesterday. Took forever but I did it. Also, the tail end of FIREBRTHR 301 NEWGIRL125
2/4/18 10:08 P
Warming up to go and shovel snow; we had 2-4 inches overnight and falling thru the day, but it's col SPARKNB 1 SPARKNB
2/4/18 6:10 P
What type of tea did you last drink? MADEINBRITAIN 115 DJ4HEALTH
5/19/18 2:48 A
Snowing since 2:30 this morning. Had to let the dogs out. Very pretty outside, good day to drink wat ROSALIE28 6 SPARKNB
2/4/18 5:23 P
2/4/18 1:28 P
I feel great today! I scored on my diet eating healthy meals and snacks and worked out for an hour TIRZAHHEYWOOD 6 FRISKYCRITTER
2/4/18 6:24 A
10 @ 1 min intensity boosters in my hour & half workout SPARKNB 1 SPARKNB
2/4/18 1:36 A
How do they get all those SparkPoint ts?!?!?!?! WOUBBIE 6 WALLOWA
2/3/18 11:34 P
Mission accomplished. ELF41978 13 SPARKNB
2/3/18 9:30 P
2/3/18 9:28 P
One last tidbit of advice from me today before I go start my day... Remember, every choice you make ELF41978 7 SPARKNB
2/3/18 9:26 P
Posted a photo HIPPICHICK1 9 SPARKNB
2/3/18 9:24 P
Lol, I lied. One more post. Kudos to all the sparkers today, whether its your Day 1, or Day 1,000, ELF41978 10 SPARKNB
2/3/18 9:22 P
Progress ELF41978 143 ZRIE014
2/4/18 1:01 A
10 @ 1 min intensity boosters in my hour & half workout SPARKNB 2 MUSTANGMOM6
2/3/18 9:25 P
watching tv analysis (#maddow, #AMJoy) on reasons for #yoMemoJokes, and marching in place 80 min SPARKNB 3 DGRIFFITH51
2/3/18 9:30 P
In October i was 250lb now I'm at 218! Still a long way to go but I'm happy with how far I've come. TYLYN00 35 TYLYN00
2/2/18 7:33 P
Don't let the journey ahead scare you, take it one day at a time. #BeforeAndAfter DAPHNE192003 189 -POOKIE-
2/3/18 5:15 A
Feeling a little unmotivated today, so it's Flashback Friday! #BeforeAndAfter GOODFELINE 272 CHELAPUG1
2/5/18 8:42 A
Just an inch of snow in driveway, so shoveling was only half an hour.... Gonna have to come up w alt SPARKNB 3 COMEBACKKID12
2/2/18 6:10 P
I cant sleep so im will workout im gonna do it this time down 3 lbs since i started 10 days ago MRSBLACKFUL 3 YMWONG22
2/2/18 6:56 A
By losing 15 pounds I no longer need oxygen during the day. This is a win win for me. MISSBEAR43 14 FRISKYCRITTER
2/2/18 8:47 A
I have a bad problem . I crave sweets when the husbands works nights .. need to quit doing it i just RUNNERSWIFE116 14 RUNNERSWIFE116
2/2/18 3:32 P
Hope you all had a Great day and are ready for a Fantastic Weekend ahead! It's my Bedtime, so its Go JUDITH316 12 GARDENCHRIS
2/2/18 7:29 A
Let’s have a positive and productive Friday. Only one day to go to the weekend. Enjoy it. PAMBROWN62 13 1DAY-ATA-TIME
2/2/18 8:23 A
Went from 3x to 1x an now a l I just keep getting thinner 030312 29 GOODGETNBETR
2/2/18 10:51 P
instead of watching the orange nighmare tonight... APONI_KB 8 SPARKNB
2/2/18 12:06 A
Stole idea from another member. Thought it was a great idea to keep accountable. ELF41978 24 HOLLY61FIRE
2/1/18 6:50 P
Waiting List for a Spring Challenge Team Closed LOSINGLINNDY 161 SLEEPINGBLOOTY
3/20/18 6:10 P
Beautiful Amethyst Butterflies!! BLUEEYEDBETTY 8 CAROLYNINJOY1
2/11/18 1:19 A
I have switched to quinoa and brown rice instead of white. I love making salads with quinoa and blac MARYGOLD5 2 SPARKNB
2/1/18 1:24 A
Went to hot tub for 2 hours; was very sore from 2 hour workout from yesterday; elbow has been sore s SPARKNB 3 SPARKNB
1/31/18 10:42 P
Hot tub yoga: warrior1, triangle, snake poses mostly - could really hold for long time in tub SPARKNB 2 TCANNO
2/1/18 4:28 A
A rare Super Blue Blood Moon starts about 0350 tomorrow morning - ends about 10 minutes before sunri DESERTDREAMERS 30 SPARKNB
1/31/18 10:24 P
Woohoo! I can't believe I really did it! Finished SO MUCH adulting and sorting and organizing and re BONNIEMARGAY 8 SPARKNB
1/31/18 10:18 P
So proud right now. My weight loss journey has encouraged my wifey to lose weight too. Also, becau JUSTDOINME2018 5 7STIGGYMT
1/31/18 10:18 P
Meditated in hot tub :) SPARKNB 1 SPARKNB
1/31/18 10:09 P
Okay so I’m trying to prevent myself from looking stupid, but there’s really no other place that’s b JUSTDOINME2018 4 SPARKNB
1/31/18 9:39 P