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Daily check in - are you on track today? SEARCH4BALANCE 7830 TAMMYAND
8/24/19 6:08 P
Last full day of vacation today. Going home tomorrow morning. VICKYLYLES 2 SLETTS
8/5/19 10:27 A
What is your exercise plan for today? INSHAPE4LOVE 29797 KRISUA
8/25/19 5:42 A
7/1/19 10:34 A
6/22/19 10:37 A
Treadmill or outdoor walking BEACHLUVER4 280 KRISUA
8/25/19 5:43 A
Adding/Trying different veggies and different recipes to keep food interesting. MST_617 63 123THERESA123
6/22/19 11:43 A
Did you walk today? RICK1947 130268 MIZKAREN
8/25/19 9:30 A
What are you planning for dinner? LOVECAROL 643 RUSTY_WOODS
8/25/19 3:05 A
Walk in Clearwater, Montana CGARR442 14 FLASUN
6/17/19 5:14 A
half way through challenge goal; personal goal is 16 cups, so a quarter done! Using my new gallon ju AMINAHRAE 6 BONNIE1552
6/14/19 7:32 A
If I want to change my body and get leaner, stronger and healthier, I have to eat vegetables. Veggi SLETTS 4 EO4WELLNESS
6/3/19 2:20 P
Its 44 degrees O/S. NEPTUNE1939 3 URBANREDNEK
5/31/19 11:06 A
It doesn't matter how often I have failed in the past. My past does not equal my future. SLETTS 3 EO4WELLNESS
5/31/19 1:14 P
Well I managed to maintain my weight after the long weekend, but I've lost my motivation to exercise MIKKYB1984 5 NEBRASKANNIE
5/28/19 9:29 A
Breakfast this morning. Watermelon and scrambled eggs with salsa mixed in. Water and decaf coffee to LIMDUR 10 FISHGUT3
5/24/19 10:35 A
My favorite meal prep quinoa greek salad and tea after a cold workout! COLORADOGIRL95 12 GEORGE815
5/20/19 6:08 P
Eggs and fruit for breakfast for energy to start my day. SLETTS 4 ALLYLIZZY
5/20/19 1:37 P
I am going through an anxiety episode on and off t CECILIALUCIA 3 HOOAH19766
6/11/19 6:38 A
I read a bit about antioxidants this morning. I have a better understanding and will make sure to in SLETTS 3 SLASALLE
5/19/19 11:09 A
Staying away from trans fats, cheap sugars, excess sodium and additives that I can't pronounce. SLETTS 6 IMPROVINGME
5/18/19 6:21 P
We worked in the yard ALLL day long! Weeding, mulching and some landscaping! The yard looks beauti CINDY247 19 ISNESS
5/19/19 11:03 A
Amazing how fast 10 pounds creeps up while your being unaware of your daily consumption and indulgin MAINSTREETGAL 4 GEORGE815
5/18/19 4:45 P
Happy Friday Sparkers!! EMORRETI 9 ALLYLIZZY
5/17/19 11:39 A
Focusing on choosing vegetables, fruit and lean meats. SLETTS 5 SNS1968
5/17/19 1:48 P
Said no to a snack offer! No unhealthy crap for the next two weeks. I have a goal to meet. SLETTS 2 ALLYLIZZY
5/16/19 11:01 A
I did a 30 Minute The Firm Sculpt and Tone Pilates this morning. I am still sore from Tuesdays Teakw FROGROBYN 3 DALLASMAINE
5/16/19 10:04 A
I am at the starting line (again) in the race to get slim and healthy. I stuck to my guns yesterday SLETTS 4 ALLYLIZZY
5/15/19 3:58 P
Working on some healthy eating habits, the old ones are hard to break. SLETTS 3 TABATHA_CAIN
5/14/19 9:54 A
Mother's Day chuckle OBIESMOM2 41 _RAMONA
5/13/19 3:03 A
Happy Saturday! Today I'm looking forward to my Taekwondo class, having lunch with friends, and work HAPPYSARAHBERRY 10 LILIANN400
5/11/19 1:28 P
This is what I call Breakfast with a view! Happy Friday!! LUCKEE50 13 GMAM48
5/10/19 12:36 P
How did you start your day??? PUYALLUPSARAH 13353 LOVECAROL
8/25/19 9:32 A
Some photos from our weekend away. I hiked 17km yesterday. SLETTS 18 LWLAR7
5/6/19 12:17 A
#BeforeAndAfter Long 3 year journey so happy with my progress. Just a bit more to go. KRISTIZEMAS8 59 123THERESA123
5/6/19 10:17 A
On the trails in Jasper AB with these two. SLETTS 7 MJ7DM33
5/3/19 10:22 P
Walking up and heading out for a walk in the mountains was so good! Looking forward to hitting the n SLETTS 11 TASSIE123
5/3/19 4:29 P
Sweetening coffee DLEE72 15 MISSLORI5
5/2/19 12:55 A
Halfway there! Made ginger tea today. #h2whoa LIBERALGODDESS 3 CHESTER47
4/22/19 6:39 A
Happy Easter! He is Risen!! POOBUS 2 SLETTS
4/21/19 2:17 P
As we recharge and renew today for the week ahead...remember how amazing your body is. Now, get your LADYARTIST41 18 RAERAERAE62
4/14/19 4:49 P
What are you grateful for today? ALLEYCATTUS 1949 JIACOLO
8/14/19 10:10 A
Exercise Inside or Outside Today? TRIKEMAMA1 55413 MIMIOH
8/25/19 9:12 A
Did you eat breakfast? If so what? LITTLE-SASHA 97989 LOVECAROL
8/25/19 9:28 A
Skiing for two days. Good exercise and beautiful views. SLETTS 21 TEEDEE911
3/30/19 11:05 P
I'm not sure if I burned more calories walking the dog or giving him a shower to wash off all of the SLETTS 3 _RAMONA
3/26/19 1:56 A
Fit in old clothes LIVINGHEALTHY16 3 SLETTS
3/25/19 10:58 A
8/25/19 9:54 A
Yoga is a challenge for me, but I thought this was funny 😁 MABRYSMOMMA0329 12 YMWONG22
2/24/19 11:31 A
Good morning!! I am back after taking way too much time off. I have decided that today is a new begi MSJOSIEFOREVER 12 MSJOSIEFOREVER
3/5/19 8:09 A
Do You have a Part Time Job ? ARCHIMEDESII 293 SUNSHINE99999
5/15/19 9:00 P
Look! An outfit that breaks all the fat lady fashion rules. And it looks cute on me NDSTOIC44 33 DLDMIL
2/10/19 6:55 P
We woke up today to -30C. This frigid trend has been about two weeks now, with no break for another PETERMORRIS966 7 GEORGE815
2/10/19 1:30 P
I have had three stressful days and I have noticed that having a cup of coffee made me feel even wor SLETTS 3 LASOLA1
2/3/19 10:20 P
8/23/19 12:38 P
That’s a third of the shoveling. And it’s still snowing! SLETTS 13 SLETTS
2/1/19 9:23 P
What is your favorite snack? CLMART3 62 REJOHNSON3
8/8/19 8:06 P
Any other Disney World or Disneyland fans? CINNAMINNY 15 PTREE15
3/10/19 10:47 A
I lost only 10 pounds but I didn't regain it MCOLLINS28 4 DEBWONDER
1/1/19 11:57 A
4 mile run in the book for today! PLMITCH 29 MOMMY445
12/4/18 10:59 A
10/25/18 2:00 A
This was a fun SnapChat Filter!..Well, the day has finally come...I turned 50 yesterday. What I'm POGIRL17 143 AKELLY45
10/19/18 7:17 A
What's your favorite pizza? QUEEN-AM 1811 GABY1948
4/29/19 6:44 P
How did you feel when you woke up this morning? TWININGS12 12207 MISSDAISY23
8/25/19 12:26 A
For ONE week, I RESOLVE TO...(finish the sentence) JESSICA_G23 101 BANKER-CHUCK
8/1/19 8:55 A
2/21/19 1:20 P
9/28/18 8:41 A
water WELL2018 90 NASFKAB
8/1/19 10:36 A
There just shouldn’t be snow yet SLETTS 27 SASSYJIVEL155
9/21/18 12:21 P
A nice walk while it was still cool...going to be another HOT one. MARYJOHANNAH 5 MARYJOHANNAH
9/16/18 3:08 P
Have you ever been called fat? MELISSAFTS 453 ELFISHER56
8/22/19 1:38 P
Did you get your workout in? OLDSKOOL556 881 NYARAMULA
8/25/19 1:03 A
Favorite Podcast? -KARMA- 16 -POLEDANCEGIRL-
9/12/18 2:37 P
Coffee and weight loss DOLLYMELISSA1 5 TOPAZANN
9/4/18 6:46 A
Which type of scales do you use? Electronic or not ALLEYCATTUS 45 AMYISSUCCEEDING
2/6/19 7:41 P