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JUNE 2018-Gratitude, Appreciations-Post Here!! REBCCA 77 SLASALLE
6/24/18 11:28 A
6/24/18 6:01 P
Be careful out there in the sun SISSYFEB48 43 CHEIVOUS
6/22/18 5:13 P
If you’re searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror. SWEETHEART4321 11 SLASALLE
6/22/18 11:40 A
Six days of healthy eating! KRISKECK 3 SLASALLE
6/22/18 11:40 A
"In the depth of winter, I found that within me lies an invincible summer." Albert Camus NANASUEH 6 JUDY1676
6/22/18 10:28 P
Posted a photo CAROLINAGIRL69 9 GEORGE815
6/22/18 1:32 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 9 LUANN_IN_PA
6/22/18 12:58 P
Trying out a healthy version of tostadas for breakfast, could eat all three for about 600 calories b TAZGIRL92 9 TAZGIRL92
6/22/18 2:03 P
6/23/18 12:55 A
Today we are having spinach scrambled egg with rye GIGIT6742 8 PICKIE98
6/22/18 11:31 A
Nothing beats homemade sauce πŸ˜‹ the base is done now for the flavor TMP0418 18 CHEIVOUS
6/21/18 11:28 P
Since the gym is closed for a few days, figured I would try some videos. Did a 12 minute light impac NANCYKAYHERRERA 3 GEORGE815
6/21/18 5:30 P
I am trying this experiment where I eat majority o AMANDABOND0113 5 URBANREDNEK
6/21/18 7:24 P
Love my grill pan! #Veggie challenge. Since I get stuck eating the same thing all the time, I'm tr DJAYBX 13 DJAYBX
6/21/18 8:18 P
Hello everyone! I'm Connie and I am new to this site! I am beginning my new lifestyle of being a non CMSIGMAN 14 MDOWER1
6/21/18 5:39 P
Happy First Day of Summer! Taking advantage of all that gorgeous daylight for a walk. AMYINTHEWILD 18 EVANS1848
6/22/18 9:33 A
Lunch: Hami melon, thai-inspired rice noode bowl with char sui, bok choy, mushrooms, okra, onions # RECENTERED 10 RECENTERED
6/22/18 6:02 P
trying hard to exercise and eat right. VIRI1024 12 GEORGE815
6/21/18 5:15 P
Is veganism healthy? MINNIE_DO1 71 INTOTHENEW
6/22/18 1:28 P
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Happy Wednesday! (laughing burns calories) AMBERR_77 17 MLBSLK
6/20/18 2:54 P
…::Took my walk along the river today and crossed the bridge in the background. Felt wonderful! 2BDYNAMIC 38 1CRAZYDOG
6/21/18 1:24 P
Sad but true.... I use to spend money on making friends and now I spend it all on me 😊 I never fit TMP0418 53 BERBERDAISY
6/20/18 10:11 P
6/20/18 7:49 P
Back from vacation! It was so hot most days I didn't even feel like eating! Super proud of myself fo HEYITSLISA 4 GEORGE815
6/20/18 1:21 P
Today was Day 6 at the gym! I've been meeting a friend at 5:30am, Mon-Fri and I'm sore but soo proud SLKIRK487 12 HOWTH28
6/21/18 6:24 P
Onederland finally!!! I was nervous this morning but I should know better, this body is a fat burni JRGIGLIOTTI 160 DIGIT00
6/20/18 7:57 P
So this happened yesterday... a kitten about four weeks old hiding in the undercarriage of a large t MIMAWELIZABETH 188 DEE107
6/21/18 12:04 A
#BeforeAndAfter just so proud of myself. I have 34 more pounds to lose to hit my goal weight. Went SBALL6577 303 ROLLTIDE8586
6/20/18 10:39 P
New member without a support system at home. Help! KELLYJUNE73 3 KELLYJUNE73
6/19/18 2:24 P
Didn't lose anything last week, but seeing how far I've come has given me so much more confidence!! ESTEVES02 44 SUSIEMT
6/19/18 4:25 P
Big moment for me. I hit my 10% mark of my weight loss goal and I hit Twoland! FITSANDY26 20 ALLYLIZZY
6/19/18 2:02 P
9yr old son, 3yr old & 5mo old daughter ❀️ My reas LORRAINE9311 13 LORRAINE9311
6/20/18 11:55 A
#BeforeAndAfter My progress so far. I'm so close to my first 50lb goal, and I'm so proud of myself. NINJAKIDRA 33 ALLYLIZZY
6/19/18 1:50 P
Posted a photo IMMARRA 7 ONETHM
6/19/18 1:01 P
Posted a photo JAX420 14 JAX420
6/19/18 12:07 P
Reaching goals and always making new ones. #motivate #maintainer #keto SADIEMYERS 27 LOOBIRD
6/21/18 10:37 A
Ok so this is totally embarrassing to me but I’m posting for accountability. No judgements here righ ILOVEP17 239 DGARLITZ14
6/19/18 8:06 P
15 Minute Walk #moveit ANNAJUNE1218 11 SLASALLE
6/18/18 3:34 P
60 minutes done today with high impact step, resistance trainers, and elliptical. Feeling strong. # SEEKINGGIRL 5 SADIEMYERS
6/18/18 4:24 P
60 minutes of strength training, almost all compound exercises! Love getting the most bang for my bu SLASALLE 1 SLASALLE
6/18/18 3:33 P
Watermelon honeydew cantelope black berries strawberries grapes blue berries and one I'm not sure of CARDH8TR 7 SEEKINGGIRL
6/18/18 4:56 P
Five fruits and veggies completed by lunch time. Sure there will be more to follow with dinner #eat JUSTUSAJLL 5 SEEKINGGIRL
6/18/18 4:54 P
smoker needs help FOOTTREKKER 12 FOOTTREKKER
6/18/18 1:00 P
#frickensportsbras I still have flasbacks... ARM DAY AT THE GYM. Need I say more? Probably not; but J2002HEIDS 9 DIXIE-LUSH
6/16/18 2:38 A
Work lunch of spinach, chicken, olives and olive oil. #lowcarb #keto SADIEMYERS 17 MIRAGE727
6/16/18 11:34 P
Prep time 6 pieces of chicken breast with cauliflower, onions, garlic, carrots and chili sauce. In t TMP0418 14 CHEIVOUS
6/15/18 7:32 P
Starting photo The hard work begins tomorrow. πŸ’˜ WARRIORQUEEN60 12 WARRIORQUEEN60
6/16/18 2:59 A
I finally broke 150!!! TATIANALEVI5417 144 K-BOBETTY
6/15/18 6:43 P
Combined some leftover long grain rice (that no on MADDIEG0721 7 HOTPINKCAMARO49
6/15/18 4:46 P
After a mentally exhausting day .. came home with my goal of 5000 done .. but figured there is a dif PRINCESSPP 23 LAPPEROO
6/17/18 3:44 P
Posted a photo _KANDY 12 K-BOBETTY
6/15/18 6:41 P
I did it, I REALLY DID IT!! I've lost πŸŽ†50πŸŽ† pounds! I can't believe it! PAMMIESUE81 143 REVMIKE10
6/16/18 8:45 A
Restart week # 1 walked 30 minutes. DIANCY 7 PELESJEWEL
6/13/18 1:04 P
Taken 6/13/18 PEGASUS60 3 GMAM48
6/13/18 12:06 P
Bicycle to Jazzercise! 3 mi each way. BTINCHER2001 15 ILARIAMARCUCCI
6/13/18 3:51 P
"It's your road, and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you." NANASUEH 9 ILARIAMARCUCCI
6/13/18 3:50 P
Just wanted to share our fur babies today. KIMMYG420 17 TMP0418
6/13/18 2:10 P
It’s amazing how much can change in 2 years. #BeforeandAfter ALLYLIZZY 89 ISNESS
6/18/18 2:31 P
Hummor to start the day CTMOM 97 DEMONCLOWNZ666
6/13/18 4:06 P
My dad dropped off the first pick of fresh strawberries this morning. I cannot wait to dig in! KATBRUNNER 136 DOLPH79
6/13/18 8:47 P
WiW. Losing very slowly. NDSTOIC44 137 DEMONCLOWNZ666
6/13/18 4:02 P
Joined a womens work out class. We ran sprints. I MARIAMICHELL0 6 GEORGE815
6/11/18 5:39 P
Whoda thunk switching my fork for some iceberg wou WHERESTHECOFFEE 9 GEORGE815
6/11/18 5:37 P
I finally hit the 20 pounds lost mark!!!!! Now I have17 pounds to go. Wish me luck. ELIZABETHLAKE63 5 GEORGE815
6/11/18 5:37 P
207# starting over again. SISSY1182031 21 GEORGE815
6/11/18 5:36 P
6/12/18 11:07 A
I was told not to run or go for any long walks until Tuesday to allow it to heal a little...debating FINDINGBOBBIE 15 HAPPYSOUL91
6/12/18 9:55 A
Haven't been on here in months. This time last year I was down 60 lbs, now I'm back up 40. I'm on he LEEANNA79 16 EM899
6/9/18 1:12 A
6/8/18 11:38 P
Me in 2015 to my current photo. 110 pound difference. Still got a long ways to go but I'm off to a g REDROSE86 286 KIMBERLEYDENYCE
6/11/18 3:57 P
Just introducing myself. I went to a foot surgeon on May 1 he told me I was too heavy and needed to STAHLY104 26 MOMMAKW
6/9/18 2:28 A
Decided it was time to add to the home gym collection. 8 lb weights and resistance bands. I'm excite COLEYBANANA 17 NOCALORIES
6/8/18 7:36 P
I burned 219 just by weeding my spice garden. LSTONESTREET1 17 LAH1222
6/8/18 11:48 P
Lemon barley with grilled shrimp and carrots OPTICALXILLUSIO 15 ROCKRS
6/8/18 8:35 P