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A - Z Occupations KAEDE... 121798 SLASALLE
2/26/20 4:55 P
Spelling Bee (10+ letter words A-Z) OMTIGGER 21665 SLASALLE
2/26/20 4:55 P
2/26/20 5:08 P
Avocado whole wheat toast--it's what's for breakfast! CREAKYCAT 16 _RAMONA
2/26/20 10:50 P
Good morning spark friends! Wishing everyone a wonderful Wednesday #letyourlightshine #sharethepe CARLOSLAKELAND 29 _RAMONA
2/26/20 10:52 P
Trying to strengthen my Core's Got me like this kitty... My Doctor advised every other day.... Tod CINDY247 30 ONTARIO1964
2/26/20 11:09 P
Congratulations SparkPeople team mates for all that you do to make yourself more healthy. And just k REJOHNSON3 4 SLASALLE
2/26/20 11:34 A
Well yesterday I deleted the app. Thought I needed a break. My financial and personal stress is gett HONEYD2 24 ONTARIO1964
2/26/20 11:07 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 11 JUDY1676
2/26/20 2:17 P
Posted a photo ANNEARIAS 33 _RAMONA
2/26/20 10:54 P
Posted a photo MRSTHOMAS8314 9 _RAMONA
2/26/20 10:57 P
Here's to being the best people we can be and appreciating the good in all of us. KATRENIAH 12 _RAMONA
2/26/20 11:00 P
FEBRUARY 2020 -Gratitude, Appreciations-Post Here! REBCCA 84 GBOOMER
2/27/20 5:37 A
2/27/20 5:43 A
Name a place: Alphabetically JANJAN80 99748 NASFKAB
2/26/20 3:31 P
Three Syllable Words A to Z FAITHSTORY 41714 BUTEAFULL
2/27/20 12:55 A
Honestly, I'm still dreaming. I even added a produce stand page on my pinterest. The pics make me w SWEETTEANFRUIT 13 GEORGE815
2/25/20 2:55 P
Posted a photo BBJ0718 18 PWILLOW1
2/25/20 6:40 P
Carrot dogs- they may not taste like hot dogs, but they are delicious on their own merits! πŸ₯° I love WILDBOTANIST 21 10XPERLB
2/26/20 11:50 A
12 Steps to Self Care: 1. If it feels wrong, don't do it. 2. Say 'exactly' what you mean. 3. D NANASUEH 20 GABY1948
2/26/20 10:46 A
#BeforeAndAfter Not sure I see it yet physically but according to the scale there is 10lbs less on t LYN135 34 GEORGE815
2/25/20 2:50 P
Have a great day friends. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 12 _RAMONA
2/26/20 2:27 A
Just for laughs πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ Good morning spark family hope you all have a super fabulous day 😘 TMP0418 73 10XPERLB
2/26/20 11:49 A
Posted a photo LIVINGLOVINLIFE 21 GABY1948
2/26/20 10:46 A
My poor babies are sick again one that's been deal TMP0418 35 _RAMONA
2/26/20 2:43 P
Remember to eat your fruits and vegetables everyda FWELLINGTON4 22 _RAMONA
2/26/20 2:40 P
Landline Day Maintenance Challenge JEANKNEE 416 NELLJONES
2/26/20 11:37 A
Spelling Bee (10+ letter words A-Z) CAROLYNCSN 4159 LIZOFSTAD
2/24/20 12:21 P
A - Z Things you buy at Walmart KAEDE... 39524 HILDEGARDE48
2/26/20 3:37 P
β€œI wish you enough,” she whispered in my ear. β€œEnough sun to light up your days, enough rain that yo KIMJ01 4 KIMJ01
2/25/20 1:36 P
Just for kicks ~ DGFOWLER 16 AZMOMXTWO
2/25/20 7:08 A
One step at a time! ANGELAM1980 10 _RAMONA
2/24/20 2:48 P
Gotta keep up with the dogs! NECYKAYM 7 KAYDE53
2/24/20 2:39 P
Posted a photo JUSJULS2020 14 _RAMONA
2/24/20 2:54 P
Good morning Sparkers, Happy Monday! I awakened this morning feeling a bit let down with myself. The HOWBADDOUWANTIT 72 SURFIE
2/24/20 7:52 P
So true!! Im making better choices today 😁 TMP0418 26 JRDUPREE
2/24/20 10:55 P
Down 140 pounds!!! I am in shock. It is more than just a number though. I feel amazing. I had sur BEAGLEGIRL79 209 KAYAKPIKE
2/24/20 11:11 P
Good morning spark family πŸ₯° Hope you'll have a super fabulous week!!! Cheers πŸ₯‚ to crushing your TMP0418 103 JRDUPREE
2/24/20 10:46 P
I completed the half yesterday and enjoyed time in Epcot. Several miles were on heavily sideways sl RUNNINGBEARS80 155 FIREBRTHR
2/24/20 6:14 P
A-Z girls names JENNYDREDFUL13 258673 BIKE4HEALTH
2/26/20 3:34 P
"Maybe I don't even like cheese! Maybe I'm lactose intolerant and prefer a nice quinoa muffin. Did NANASUEH 11 KHALIA2
2/24/20 1:55 P
Posted a photo ANNEARIAS 31 KAYDE53
2/23/20 6:44 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 13 KHALIA2
2/24/20 1:55 P
Good morning. Beautiful walk this morning. LSTONRSTREET 21 _RAMONA
2/23/20 3:30 P
Posted a photo IOWAGIRLRUNS1 22 _RAMONA
2/23/20 3:31 P
#SnackTime On the ball today! TITANIA23 22 KAYDE53
2/23/20 6:42 P
2/23/20 4:42 P
What the heck?? First time this has ever happened to me!! VHAYES04 29 PWILLOW1
2/23/20 10:32 P
Vacation time! It's not anywhere exotic, but it's a welcome break from work drama. Plus, I get to sp FLUFFY83 13 GEORGE815
2/22/20 2:43 P
"Could you not teach too much today? I'm running low on available memory." NANASUEH 20 GABY1948
2/25/20 9:40 A
Good morning Spark friends. Happy Saturday! hope everybody's feeling good and having a great day. I CARLOSLAKELAND 22 GEORGE815
2/22/20 2:38 P
Posted a photo BBJ0718 31 SLASALLE
2/22/20 10:50 A
Hi, A great gramma here. Trying to restart. Need to loose 30-50#. Hard time breaking long term h JOBUNCE4243 7 SLASALLE
2/22/20 10:45 A
A chilly day but we still got up, took a long walk, played a while and ate some fruit. My son said β€œ ELORA101 8 GEORGE815
2/22/20 2:45 P
I'm anxiously dreaming and waiting for the produce stands to open up πŸ˜πŸ’œ SWEETTEANFRUIT 101 MOMMACAT57
2/22/20 2:41 P
Anyone tried the boxed/delivered meals (Blue Apron ABLESSEDLADY 6 MICHELLEXXXX
2/22/20 12:24 A
ACCURATE!πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ Just Another Nut πŸ€ͺ Here Standing Her Ground! #growgrowGROW!! Happy Friday All 😁 STILLSPARKLEIGH 62 JRDUPREE
2/22/20 1:22 A
Happy Friday Spark Friends! PELESJEWEL 37 CHARLEYGIRL5
2/22/20 5:51 A
I should work from home more often! My fiancΓ© made me a crab and shrimp omelette! Yum!!! KIMMYG420 16 BYEFATNANNY
2/21/20 12:34 P
I started in September at 174. Size 12 now size 6. MIRANDAM1986 25 QSHEPP
2/21/20 4:58 P
"What is Life? They say it's from B to D, From Birth to Death, but what's between B and D? It's a NANASUEH 8 GABY1948
2/23/20 6:29 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 16 GABY1948
2/23/20 6:30 P
I was out with a pretty nasty chest cold earlier t DAD_AINT_HIP 35 SURFIE
2/21/20 8:20 P
Good morning spark family 😘 I've been having a ro TMP0418 228 6PACKKKK
2/24/20 10:19 A
I havent been feeling too certain the of progress HUFFELPOWELL16 148 EDWARDS1411
2/21/20 8:39 P
Good afternoon spark friends . All 4 pictures are in the same one mile walk. Is it partly sunny or CARLOSLAKELAND 16 AQUAGIRL08
2/21/20 5:44 P
Went on a 3 mile walk with my toddler in his stroller and then we went to his gymnastics class. I wa ROWDYRONNIE 9 EVIE4NOW
2/20/20 11:16 P
2/27/20 1:06 A
Scat,my 13 yr.old, 19 lbs. fur baby. I have had him since he was born. REDGINGER1 7 KAYDE53
2/20/20 5:34 P
Tille looking longingly at my seaweed snacks. She loves them! KACEYSW 8 KACEYSW
2/20/20 6:13 P
Ghost likes to sneak around unseen GOODFELINE 9 CEEDEEJEY
2/20/20 5:43 P
So far today, I've had red for strawberrys and tomatoes (salsa), green for cilantro and lime juice a SWEETTEANFRUIT 14 GOLDTAG1
2/21/20 9:49 A
REPLACE A LETTER (but do not rearrange letters) CRUISIN2LOSIN 119490 PATRICIAAK
2/26/20 8:43 P
A to Z Things in or around your house LAURA44851 945 BOSTON481
2/25/20 8:04 A
A-Z Name Fruits or Vegetables REDPEPPERQUEEN 1999 BARBIE115
2/25/20 9:10 A