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This is my day today. 4CONNIESHEALTH 15 GABY1948
9/26/17 8:41 A
Getting the rest of my 10K steps while I wait for the laundry to finish up. GREENSUBMARINE 10 REEDSKI
9/26/17 1:04 A
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was mini-trampoline. How about you? SPARKGUY 59 FOXBAY99
9/27/17 9:51 P
5 lbs from goal and feeling pretty good about that! Married 41 years today and headed out to eat wi DIROB57 155 2BDYNAMIC
4/26/18 5:31 P
When I started running I never thought it would ta APRILELLIS01 150 CHEIVOUS
9/27/17 9:36 A
I started out at 281 3 month ago and am now down down to 230. My goal weight is 150-160 lbs. This i HENRYFAMILY1226 93 TCANNO
9/26/17 7:02 A
Even though, I am frustrated about my sleep schedule, I took it out on my bow-flex. Did an hour with SBLACKWELL93 9 FEELINGSTRONGER
9/25/17 12:46 A
I think I ran 3 miles without ever getting anywhere when I found this @&$"!? in my kitchen sink! Cou ADUKE6 17 SADIEMYERS
9/25/17 12:15 P
Did ok today! Now to NOT snack when I get up tonight! FITMOMMAX2 6 FEELINGSTRONGER
9/25/17 12:08 A
Ran 3 miles cross country style on grass and hills for the first time since high school... not on a DEEDEEMOMMY23 20 DEEDEEMOMMY23
9/25/17 3:22 P
Almost perfect on the "carbs - protien - fat " chart πŸ˜† not an everyday thing for me.....usually wa STARFISH1961 13 LEE_PREVOS
9/25/17 7:16 A
Sis & I threw mom a 60th bday party. Great day out!!! πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΌ Even after such a long, busy day, my yo OVERDUECHANGE 44 JUNES-HOPE
10/4/17 11:43 P
Yesterday I asked my sister to take a full length picture of me. I looked at the picture and for a s THEJACKIEDEAN12 172 AMTHALL
9/25/17 2:01 A
Saw the world's biggest spiders on my walk yesterday! GRATTECIELLA 42 WHYTEBROWN
9/26/17 9:52 A
So good Sunday to all......316.6 is the weigh in today. Since I can aboard the first week in Septemb HISGRACE4METS 123 HISGRACE4METS
9/25/17 10:48 P
Well guys I was sick this week as you no if you seen my post. I ate horrible today " Fried chicken a BABYGIRL5555 10 KINYA4571
9/19/17 11:40 P
This is the first time ever that I hit the protein goal. I uaually am lucky to hit 10-12 percent if SHEBA3 15 LASTDIET2017
9/20/17 1:44 A
Today I weighed in at 162 - 30 weeks into my pregnancy. I started at 152 and am still on track for a C56984 16 MERLECHRIS
9/20/17 12:28 A
Yay! Day 1 back on track went great. Went on a 3 mile walk with family, ate healthy all day and tr DOLLIPS 18 CAROL333
9/20/17 1:31 A
Looking forward to getting extra steps by taking our new dog for a walk every day!!! VABEACHGUY 29 OCIKAT
9/20/17 1:24 A
9/20/17 1:22 A
9/20/17 7:32 A
This is 75lbs difference. PIXIEDGE6 193 _RAMONA
9/13/17 3:02 A
Just finished my workout! I started at 278.9 now I am at 232.3! It's not much but I feel a differenc M65000 163 MDOWER1
9/13/17 5:47 A
Had a fantastic day with our friend, TC and Mike at the cliff dwellings in Manitou Springs, CO. Went JAMER123 21 DAWNWATERWOMAN
9/14/17 6:21 P
11 weeks into this journey. 18 lbs and 23.5 inches MRSDCSUSEY 57 YMWONG22
9/12/17 10:48 A
Yeah yeah finally out the 40s even if it's not by much Im still winninπŸ’–πŸ’– HENNYFLOW29 82 YMWONG22
9/12/17 10:45 A
I've enjoyed reading about people's successes and now it's my turn. Today I'm taking the first step. TADA_POOF 287 MCNULTY2
9/12/17 2:02 P
Yesterday my bestie and I did a 7 mile walk never would have thought I could do it! So excited! JENIDEJ06 173 MLR_00
9/12/17 6:46 A
Delicious and filling dinner under 800 calories. Enjoying summertime favorites while they last! COSNERC 9 KCCAMERONCAM1
9/7/17 11:45 P
Posted a photo LAURENPAYNE1978 11 BARCLE
9/8/17 1:12 A
Posted a photo SPARKFRAN514 13 GODS-PRINCESS
9/8/17 9:50 A
Please pray for my daughter, son-in-law and grandchild as they leave here tomorrow to go to stay wit TBOYD5000 22 CINDY247
9/8/17 7:53 A
When life gets to be too much..go hide in the linen closetπŸ™‚ MBLANKFORD 59 TMP0418
10/19/17 9:18 A
9/8/17 9:50 A
I'm the little dot on the West coast with all the traffic back ups on the roads. We are staying put! PATTI7177 96 COWLEEN1
9/8/17 5:58 A
#deliciousdailymoment Broccoli with parmesean cheese, and a beautiful 4oz tri tip steack yumπŸ˜‹ TIFFY30 10 TENACIOUS10
8/28/17 6:12 A
After a tough workout! MJSCHULTE50 14 ELLENREGAN49
8/28/17 3:27 A
Same clothes, 26 days apart... I got excited when I saw this today! LINZHORN 57 STRNGNGRNDED
8/28/17 5:19 P
#mobilechat Remember that meals don't have to be elaborate, nor expensive to be healthy. Eat some go LRJUSTUS1 24 7STIGGYMT
8/28/17 3:29 P
Picked over 3 bushels of peaches today. BILLDREW4 75 _RAMONA
8/28/17 2:30 A
50.2 pounds down today! Feeling much better still have a long ways to go though! NICOLE8790 228 LINDASOUTHER
8/28/17 8:56 A
Day one was good. I was surprised at how much GOOD food I was able to eat and remain within my limit FINESMALLSTORM2 17 MYWAYHIWAY
8/26/17 12:30 A
Weighed this morning. Down 37.4 pounds some January 1st. Booyah! Roughly 17 pounds left! PHOUSE99 17 TEAGIRL49
8/26/17 1:44 A
8/26/17 1:41 A
FW and I spent some time at our local library. Good times! LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 12 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
8/26/17 11:38 P
After work this evening, I stopped by Maurice's to pick up a pair of jeans I ordered online. The gal PHOUSE99 67 SPARTANJAI
8/26/17 6:29 A
8/26/17 2:51 P
End of my week #8.... No soda..No fast food...No p BLANCO61 123 FRUSTRATEDAMI
8/26/17 7:08 A
I did it! I rode my bike. For the first time in "who knows how long". One day down, the rest of my BLONDEDOG 8 JVANAM
8/25/17 1:40 A
1.5 miles on the treadmill tonight. Not great, but I didn't skip it 😜 GOLDIEFOXX 19 4CONNIESHEALTH
8/24/17 10:55 P
Just finished an 85 minute combo of strength, hiit cardio, and abs!! For a grand total of **drum rol ABUCK6 17 MDCALIFORNIA
8/24/17 10:25 P
I received this at work today during our monthly meeting. ANGFAR 12 FROSTY99
8/24/17 9:41 P
#mealprep Cauliflower rice, turkey sausage, and bell pepper (a little tip: leave the bell pepper ra LORIHOLLINS 14 DIANEWITHASMILE
8/24/17 10:05 P
#deliciousdailymoment So today was my birthday. I wore this shirt for the first time! I bought it m LINZHORN 94 LINZHORN
8/25/17 2:58 P
Just left the doctor and despite the fact I ate before my visit and I was wearing my shoes during my THEJACKIEDEAN12 306 MCFITZ2
1/27/18 4:35 P
Omg omg omg!!!! I know this number is still VERY high, but this is a HUGE accomplishment for me as I TMOODY84 229 TWEDEE777
8/25/17 8:43 A
I started Sp a little over 2 months ago. Did not want to post my first picture but here goes. This i HEATHER09086 101 MYBABYDOLLY
8/24/17 4:14 P
8/25/17 9:11 A
Posted a photo CRYSTAL_R 64 COWLEEN1
8/24/17 7:00 A
Hubby and I moved a collective 23 pebbles tonight!! We have lost a total of 65.5 pounds on less than KATELYNNANN 39 MCJULIEO
8/24/17 10:27 A
I work a 12 hour desk job so I bought an under the desk cycle bike to help me with motivation. Does CARINA640 26 TSHAWGER
9/19/17 4:50 P
Sleep well...looking forward to hearing from many of you tomorrow. Sweet calories! POGIRL17 19 601MONTROSE
8/24/17 1:31 A
Non-scale goal yesterday! While at the grocery I decided to check my blood pressure, even though I h EATINRIGHT2017 13 RUSSELLFORD
8/24/17 1:42 A
I have met and exceeded my goal for September already as of this morning. So, I'm changing my goal t SHENTE 17 MICHELECARLYON
8/22/17 10:50 A
Gm everyone breakfast time πŸ’˜ it healthy lifestyle .y'alls have a bless day ty Lord SIMMON72 12 AK19611
8/22/17 11:25 A
Good morning my spark family β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž KEENA47 204 COOPERSHEILA
8/22/17 3:54 P
I am going to start doing a daily blog to hold myself accountable for my eating/exercise/feelings st MYSTIKALSHARYL 9 KJACKSN1
8/22/17 11:26 A
Another .5 down! Total 25 lbs in 14 weeks STARRYEYES1985 59 PRAIRIECROCUS
8/22/17 12:20 P
Good morning everyone... Hope your day is filled with many blessings.. LILMOMMA356 20 AK19611
8/22/17 11:24 A
Slowly but surely! MISHKA1212 149 BECKY_US
8/22/17 8:33 P
50lbs out of here! JHENYARD 258 GARGAMEL1234
8/23/17 8:05 A
Remaining diligent on tracking since breastfeeding a newborn has me sitting around most of the time. DANGEROUSLAMB81 4 NYLAURA1
8/20/17 11:11 P
Yes! Which is every. time lol ANTHROPOLOGY1 36 NYLAURA1
8/20/17 11:09 P
A friend of mine found this baby today. She can't keep her. I've been wanting a dog to go on walks w ROBINLABELLE 50 REESEK65
8/21/17 5:00 A