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What Motivates you to check in with SP every day? LOSINGSEVRYTHNG 63 SPARKLINGME176
10/12/19 12:41 P
I've hit a plato I've been at 80lbs lost for 2 months now and I'm starting to feel horrible like I RAGEFRIENDLY 6 LIZZYMITCH
8/9/19 7:29 P
I introduced my 11 year old grandaughter to ice skating, archery, and kayaking this summer. #cool60y SCRIMP1 7 _RAMONA
7/19/19 3:53 P
It took a month, but plateau now broken. Happy to lose 1 pound. SCRIMP1 11 PAULA3420
7/14/19 5:32 P
This is very powerful message, you have to be happy with you no matter what the outside looks like MISSYJ0507 99 CHERRYZMB60
6/24/19 5:15 P
After losing 101 of 140 pounds: My favorite dress slipped on with ease. I cinched the waist and sai SCRIMP1 15 WOMANOFLOVE
6/15/19 10:06 P
There are always fluctuations in weight throughout the day and I have to remind myself of that. This RANDERS33 6 GEORGE815
6/11/19 4:44 P
Finally broke the 200's!!! Was getting so frustrated but it happened finally!! KLAYTON7 9 ALLFORELIFE
6/11/19 8:24 A
In about 1 week my husband and I are traveling to see family, due to my step son is having surgery. LISAHEALTHY2019 6 SWEETGABROWN1
6/11/19 8:14 A
The scale keeps climbing higher. My clothes keep getting tighter. I keep feeling more and more unhap MELRAE2 13 VESTENRAIDER
6/11/19 11:09 A
Well yesterday mornin I awoke to the scale telling me I had lost 2 lbs n then this mornin it said I AUTISMMOMMA05 8 1CRAZYDOG
6/11/19 12:53 P
Finally I have entered Onederland! From 300 lbs Sep 1, 18 to 199.8 lbs. Ready to knock off the last SCRIMP1 212 GMACAMI
6/10/19 6:54 P
I am very pleased to say on Sept 1, 18 I weighed 300 lbs. Today June 8, 19, I weigh 200 lbs. It took SCRIMP1 210 CUPKAKE137
7/5/19 9:01 P
Any advice on breaking a seemingly unending plateau? I've been 18 pounds from my goal for 6 months n STACIT0571 13 SWEETGABROWN1
6/7/19 8:16 A
Another use for the light English muffin. With a scrambled egg and a small piece of cheese.......and CAJIRIK 13 ALLYLIZZY
6/6/19 12:40 P
6/5/19 12:43 P
Good morning! Sipping my first cup on the back porch. It's going to be an awesome day! BLUECAFE 57 KITT52
6/5/19 11:42 A
OMG I just added up my weight loss for the month of May. I lost 9.4 pounds for the month of May. Tha TABATHA_CAIN 8 ALLYLIZZY
6/1/19 2:26 P
Down 9 lbs in May. Today I have company and will allow myself to eat what I want, but I will not ove SCRIMP1 4 ALLYLIZZY
6/1/19 2:25 P
Doctor: hey dawn, why haven't i seen you in quite awhile? Me: was embarrassed to come see you becaus BARBIEIAMNOT 104 IMAJUSKEEPMOVN
8/13/19 9:32 A
Hallelujah! ONEDERLAND at TOPS this morning! It is OFFICIAL! I reached my goal for May 2019! Thanks, TREKPURRSON 39 1CRAZYDOG
6/1/19 2:00 P
10/13/19 2:53 P
I am asking for help to stick to my diet and exercise plan. I am not motivated at all....but I am wa CMINERD978 8 TAZANGEL36
5/31/19 12:14 P
Almost a year (6/11) and I am down 125lbs !!! ....I made it to 171 want to get to 165 by June 11th n SASSYSANAB 83 GMACAMI
6/1/19 2:50 A
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 24 _RAMONA
5/29/19 1:53 P
I will be happy until 7:43 when I walk into work... So over my supervisors sad depressed pity me lif 2B-ME-AGAIN 60 BCHARIE
5/29/19 9:29 A
Weekend Breakfast 330 cals. 2 Crisp bacon, 2 eggs, and 3oz shredded hashbrowns cooked with 1 tsp bac SCRIMP1 21 YMWONG22
5/29/19 1:59 A
4 Pease in a Pod RONDAJO56 1010 PAULA3420
10/13/19 11:23 A
How are you feeling about your progress? SPARK_COACH_JEN 4344 SPARKLINGME176
10/13/19 1:35 P
I know it's recommended to weigh weekly but I weig JDRANCHER 15 KAYLO1052
5/27/19 10:47 A
One day at a time got me here. I still have bad days but they no longer turn in to bad weeks or even DOUBLELSMOM 203 DOUBLELSMOM
5/24/19 7:21 A
Looking for Buddies to check in with each day BODDHISATTVA123 10565 DEBBYHS
10/13/19 6:32 P
Recently my U/A indicated +1 Ketones. I am not on a keto plan, just low carbs 1200 cals. Am I in Ke SCRIMP1 3 MOUNTAINFARMER
5/21/19 10:43 A
Decided to try oatmeal again. Added a bit of brown sugar in hopes of making it more palatable. Blech HIGHWAYGIRL2004 8 HIGHWAYGIRL2004
5/18/19 11:44 A
This is the house that I’ll be the docent at on the House Walk today. Built in 1926 by Robert Seyfar NANHBH 70 _RAMONA
5/23/19 3:58 P
I freaking did it. I'm almost out of my three hund JASMINEFAT2FIT 238 AGONZALES2
5/21/19 11:08 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Saturday!! Oh my, yesterday was a great day!!! 1. I ❤️ you gu TEXASHSMOMOF3 122 AMYINTHEWILD
5/19/19 12:37 P
Drain and rinse canned beans until the starch bubbles are gone and water runs clear. SCRIMP1 3 CONNIET88
5/18/19 9:02 A
Today was weigh-in day, and I was expecting a loss. I have kept on point with my eating, exercised COUNTRYKID3 8 LUANN_IN_PA
5/6/19 10:09 A
Lost 90 lbs since Sept 1; 98 lbs if I count 8 lbs regained and then lost on a December vacation. SCRIMP1 71 DLDMIL
5/5/19 7:37 P
Love my new small air fryer. Fried marinated chicken legs in about 22 minutes. No breading.Tasty! SCRIMP1 16 WOMANOFLOVE
5/2/19 2:40 P
I'm contemplating setting monthly goals for May. Have you set any? If so, which ones did you set? FREEDOMSKEY 6 KITTY5060
5/1/19 9:57 P
Linking Fitbit and Sparkpeople JUNIORSSISTER 877 ELLYMOUSE
9/30/19 2:17 P
For spring break we went on vacation. It set me back and now I'm struggling to get back on track. An TISHAADDAMS 17 MYTURN19
4/18/19 5:11 P
I made the "Hungry Girl" Cold Sesame Zucchini Noodles for dinner. I added Shrimp. Delicious and no c SCRIMP1 17 GEORGE815
4/16/19 8:04 P
I'm down to 333.6lbs started weight 358lbs.. 24.4lbs lost I'm super excited. My goal is to get to 32 JASMINEFAT2FIT 162 EO4WELLNESS
4/16/19 6:51 P
I'm 60 and have taken up ice skating. I started lessons in Feb. I love watching the figure skaters SCRIMP1 7 ALLYLIZZY
4/12/19 3:04 P
OFFICIALLY ENTERED ONEDERLAND! I have not been under 200 I think back for at least 40 years... I adm SLIMMER150 119 RUGBUG95
4/8/19 5:02 P
Good morning sparkers. Sticking with my plan. I am open to new suggestions and ideas but I will re STEEPERSLOUNGE 8 SPEDED2
4/8/19 11:10 P
Was 300, now 219. Every pound lost is significant. I love updating my visual trackers in my kitch SCRIMP1 129 KNEESOCKS1945
4/8/19 5:23 P
Three days at 219 lbs so the number is real. Glad for this breakthrough as I countdown to Onederland SCRIMP1 2 SHARI_D1
4/7/19 4:21 P
I'm find that some of my clothes are not getting "looser" but instead getting longer?!?! I put on a KOBRIEN13 6 JRDUPREE
4/6/19 9:43 A
Thrilled to reach the teens! SCRIMP1 16 LIZZIE138
4/5/19 10:34 A
I dident weigh myself this morning because I woke up late but I did it guys!! UNDERLAND I AM HERE! ✊ NEKOMINI 62 KAS10001
4/4/19 11:42 P
Scale moved 2 pounds this week! Happy! SCRIMP1 5 ALLYLIZZY
4/3/19 11:02 A
Good morning Sparkers. I am thinking that I hit my set weight . I went from 289 pounds to 167 pound STEEPERSLOUNGE 83 ANGELICMOMMA
3/27/19 12:45 P
Only 1 pound down this week. I was a bit too lax on my food this week. Ugh. Gotta get my daily calor MDTHEHUFFLEPUFF 16 LT3AG4S
3/25/19 6:23 P
I am thrilled to have lost 75 pounds so far. My body at 60 can lose weight! SCRIMP1 9 GEORGE815
3/23/19 3:18 P
I never get a "cold" anymore. Its been at least 20 years since I have had one. SCRIMP1 1 SCRIMP1
3/22/19 8:25 A
I'm really doing it this time and feeling fabulous. 53 years old is looking great on ME...💝 #Before NOLAGEM1 154 BROSEH139
3/16/19 7:50 P
The day is mine to do as I please. I will go on my daily walk of 2.5 miles and enjoy my improved hea SCRIMP1 3 ALLYLIZZY
3/14/19 5:20 P
My calories are in check today... however... well... I'm having 3 slices of pizza today but I'm also ANGELICMOMMA 6 TANGERINESPY52
3/9/19 3:09 P
69 lbs to go, a lot better than 140 lbs. I've crossed the midpoint! SCRIMP1 5 ALLYLIZZY
3/6/19 1:23 P
I like my one a day Biscuits , this is how I make them. 1 4th cup oil Eggs Flour I use glutten fr TANGERINESPY52 5 TANGERINESPY52
3/4/19 9:17 A
I've lost half of the weight I need to lose. Down 70 lbs since Sep. 1, another 70 to go. SCRIMP1 197 WOMANOFLOVE
3/5/19 4:30 A
One pound: Begone by Friday and let me meet my interim goal! SCRIMP1 2 WOMANOFLOVE
2/27/19 1:01 P
My 1yr mark was on February 22, 2019. My goal was to lose 100lbs in the year. I only made it to 89l JENNMELREILLY 14 PWILLOW1
2/26/19 9:01 P
Almost halfway there, 1 more pound to reach 70 lbs lost, which is half of the weight I need to lose SCRIMP1 3 WOMANOFLOVE
2/26/19 7:53 A
What do you use your countertop Convection Oven for? Thinking about getting one thats on sale today SCRIMP1 4 NITEMAN3D
2/17/19 12:41 P
I'm feeling like giving up. I gained 2.5 today. I think PCOS is not letting me lose weight. I also a LOVEMYMOMLIFE 12 RREDFORD5
2/17/19 5:30 P
After losing 64 of 140 pounds I am on my first plateau of 1 week. Will try my best to blast throough SCRIMP1 3 QUADCMOM
2/15/19 8:28 A
Decided to treat myself to a cut & style. Wish I had the knack to curl it like that myself. Down 62l CANADIAN73 32 SUNWARDWINE
2/9/19 8:54 P
I have been stuck at 265 for about 4 mos. I wasn’t able to find a fitness routine that helped me tak NEIGHBOR1587 6 IMATHLETE
2/9/19 6:08 P
If the scale didn't budge today, do not fret. There is more to good health than a number that stares ARCHIMEDESII 18 AMANDAMCKPRE
2/7/19 5:03 P
Some times eating right...isnt easy... Found out I'm better off eating cauliflower by its self vs... JESSALOU 3 NANCYANNE55
2/5/19 3:49 P