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The bands say it all! These pull ups are going down! Wow, even though I can do push-ups, I can’t co SAPHRAEL 3 SMALLERMELORIE
6/4/18 11:51 A
I love testing my limits. Powerlifting is an amazing way to do that! SAPHRAEL 9 SUPERWOMANSUE18
5/22/18 6:46 A
Good morning. One of my sister's and me struggle with our weight. But my other sister who is built m MAYBEWTIME 6 MAYBEWTIME
6/18/18 10:30 A
Yay, I just did that! SAPHRAEL 4 ALOFA0509
5/20/18 9:39 P
Deloaded this week to focus on form #liftheavy SAPHRAEL 9 SMALLERMELORIE
4/20/18 8:56 A
I lost 3 lbs this week after being stuck for a while. I believe it was because I weighed or measured COYOTESPIRIT2 10 CSROBERTSON621
3/31/18 11:41 P
My groin muscles showed up for the squat party this time! Whoah!! I didn’t pull anything, but They SAPHRAEL 5 BLEARY
4/1/18 4:43 A
I’m gonna need more plates soon😮 SAPHRAEL 4 MIKESL0V
3/27/18 9:35 A
Yesterday, I discovered this weightlifting thing is getting hard! And I absolutely LOVE ❤️ it!! SAPHRAEL 8 ALOFA0509
3/22/18 10:45 P
Restart number!!??? Idk. I'm going to keep restarting until i reach my goal. I'm back spark peopl ANGELWYNGS 2 SAPHRAEL
3/19/18 3:11 P
I squat and my house is clean. One of these is a lie.😂😂 #liftheavy SAPHRAEL 6 PKCTTS
3/19/18 11:41 P
Who is on the paleo diet? And is it anything we don’t know?? HELLODOLLY29 5 WLHOPE
3/19/18 12:09 A
Excited for tomorrow. I break 100 with my 5x5 squat and bench! SAPHRAEL 9 BARCELONAME
3/19/18 12:41 A
Thursday was the first day back from vacation and it was HARD even after reducing weight by 10%. Tod SAPHRAEL 3 ZUZUPETALS10
3/13/18 2:19 P
Today I’m incredibly grateful shopping day! I did a short 55 second wallsit today. I f SAPHRAEL 7 MUSTANGMOM6
3/11/18 8:19 P
Walked My Big Block with my daughter for the first time this spring. It’s spring now, right? 😂 SAPHRAEL 3 WHYTEBROWN
3/11/18 6:40 A
It's a beautiful sunny day! I'm sipping on my BPC and watching F play on his geo dome! 61 and a plea LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 18 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
3/11/18 8:00 A
10 minute meditation helped me let go of some animosity. #heavilymeditated SAPHRAEL 6 NEWSTART127
3/10/18 8:27 P
Bench and rows were super hard today. I don’t know about adding five more yet! SAPHRAEL 3 SUMMARAH
3/10/18 11:31 A
I listened to my virtual coach and deloaded since I haven’t lifted in six days. Happy to be back hom SAPHRAEL 7 MIKESL0V
3/9/18 9:03 A
Lessons in nature: Perspective is everything! I took this at the Manatee Springs Park in Florida the SAPHRAEL 8 GEORGE815
3/8/18 11:14 A
Oh, that overhead press!! SAPHRAEL 8 ZUZUPETALS10
2/26/18 12:19 P
People hear this all the time that fat loss is about getting your mind right. It’s sometimes a hard SAPHRAEL 7 GEORGE815
2/25/18 11:42 A
Power rack is installed #happylifter SAPHRAEL 2 LCDDUB
2/24/18 11:00 A
Still going down after a sliver of birthday cake. Yay!🎈🎂👌🏻 SAPHRAEL 9 REDROBIN47
2/24/18 10:40 A
All the way to the top baby yeah!!!👍 MARIEB441 19 QSHEPP
2/23/18 6:42 P
feeling good this morning! may be time to try a jump rope workout. KIMJ01 4 ZUZUPETALS10
2/23/18 11:57 A
If you had opened me up yesterday you would have found Wendy’s nuggets. I’m going to need to re-thi NEEDBU66 10 LGRIMM68
2/23/18 12:05 P
5 lbs down since Valentine’s Day! ❤️❤️ SAPHRAEL 21 WHYTEBROWN
2/23/18 8:21 P
My before picture! 😂 SAPHRAEL 4 KIPPER15
2/23/18 7:51 A
Failed my squats opting for safety. I’ll be back on top tomorrow when my new power rack arrives! SAPHRAEL 4 SUMMARAH
2/22/18 2:48 P
Using visuals does help us to reach our goals - I have a vision board focused on being AF and cuttin BEFITSPIRITED 13 CKOUDSI617
2/22/18 1:35 P
65 lbs down today! CARASMUS 54 LINDASOUTHER
2/22/18 1:15 P
Back on track! Thanks for the inspo, Spark fam! SAPHRAEL 14 BRITTNEYAJONES2
2/22/18 8:14 A
Good morning!! The sun is up somewhere on this beautiful planet. Just not here yet! I’m grateful SAPHRAEL 10 CHERYLHURT
2/22/18 7:12 A
I did not do well on my meal choices Today 🤔🤐 LRUELAS 8 SAPHRAEL
2/21/18 5:09 P
Ok, new to this, HELP! Trying to figure out how to add fitness goals? Not how to mark what I’ve toda CATARACTMOM 3 SAPHRAEL
2/21/18 10:16 A
2/21/18 4:26 P
#newbie I am new just joined last night. I have to get my weight under control. I am very modest and HIDIETDENNEY 8 LOSERLADY73
2/25/18 9:43 A
Just heard Billy Graham dird he was 99, great man of God. POSEY440 3 ROBINVOTAW
2/21/18 10:08 A
I have no idea what is going on, I'm not losing any weight, seem ti be gaining it. I eat right, chic EPSTAR2016 15 TMP0418
2/21/18 1:44 P
I just started a weight loss challenge through my work. I’m motivated!! SAPHRAEL 17 WHYTEBROWN
2/22/18 6:26 A
Whoop! Whoop! Lunch break stairs for the win!! SAPHRAEL 3 MIKESL0V
2/20/18 8:31 P
2/20/18 3:19 P
Iron Maidens Group Forum KELLY_R 3940 SMILES4383
5/26/18 7:56 P
Stronger and stronger! #5x5 #squatsrule SAPHRAEL 5 GEORGE815
2/18/18 10:44 A
2/16/18 4:32 P
Working on strengthening my legs/ankles trying to keep my balance standing on a wobble pad. CATHYSFITLIFE 3 BONNIEMARGAY
2/17/18 2:35 A
Managing evening calories...ugh, I have to crack this code. I do well all day and then I settle int SAPHRAEL 7 WLHOPE
2/16/18 7:46 P
Happy birthday to me!! 🎂🎈🎊 Ready to get this baby moving downward!! ⬇️ JUDYBEAR216 9 NIKKINIKKI136
2/16/18 6:55 P
Also, how do those of you with sit-all-day desk jobs get your steps in? I live in a Western town tha WORDGRRL71 8 GOODFELINE
2/16/18 7:00 P
Slow, but consistent progress SAPHRAEL 7 CHERYLHURT
2/16/18 4:28 P
My heaviest was 268 back in the early 2000's. It always amazes me when the weight starts coming off JUNES-HOPE 21 SAPHRAEL
2/9/18 7:33 A
2/8/18 10:29 A
When it’s been too quiet in your guided meditation SAPHRAEL 1 SAPHRAEL
2/7/18 8:48 A
Time: 50s Today, I’m incredibly grateful for 1. Positive message from husband’s eye doctor 2. My hom SAPHRAEL 3 POSEY440
2/7/18 9:20 A
Im just not doing well with healthy choices. Im not seeing the scale drop so Im just like ohhh screw EMILYB8136 7 MSMITCHELL2696
2/6/18 5:06 P
Time: 1:18 Today I’m incredibly grateful for 1. Silly surveys that make you go hmm 🤔 2. The health SAPHRAEL 4 SILLYFILLY7
2/6/18 10:07 A
#Day5 #planksandthanks Time: 1:10 Today, I’m incredibly grateful for 1. The abundance in my life. Se SAPHRAEL 2 MEAGOP
2/5/18 9:12 A
#5x5 #liftheavy SAPHRAEL 10 SAPHRAEL
2/4/18 5:55 P
I wonder how i can stay within the guidelines of cal, fat, protein,etc and still do not loose much w 130LBCHRIS 5 WLHOPE
2/4/18 11:34 A
Question? How do you do your workouts? Do you alternate daily or do you switch up workouts when you GLMOM2 11 HAPPYSOUL91
2/4/18 9:44 A
Posted a photo TINABEANA16 37 REDROBIN47
2/4/18 12:12 P
#Day4 #PlanksAndThanks Time: 1:30 Today, I’m incredibly grateful for 1. My husband’s help with some SAPHRAEL 5 MLR_00
2/4/18 9:13 A
2/3/18 6:06 P
What do you do when cravings hit? TLUGO2015 5 SAPHRAEL
2/3/18 11:53 A
Vitamins, vitamins, vitamins TLUGO2015 6 SAPHRAEL
2/3/18 11:50 A
Protein Shakes and Smoothies TLUGO2015 12 SAPHRAEL
2/3/18 11:44 A
Anyone still around? DELETED2255 4 SAPHRAEL
2/3/18 11:32 A
2/3/18 11:19 A
I am ready for the weekend! After a long week of making some much needed choices, I need some downt DANCIN2ANEWME 14 SAPHRAEL
2/3/18 10:01 A
Have a great weekend! GARDENSFORLIFE 7 SAPHRAEL
2/3/18 9:58 A
22,311 steps today. That's a lot for me, the most this year. Body still sore from yesterday's kickbo SHANTRA7 25 SHANTRA7
2/4/18 11:56 A
#Day3 #PlanksAndThanks 1:26 plank Today I’m incredibly grateful for: 1. The health and safety of my SAPHRAEL 5 BOOKNUT52
2/3/18 6:24 A
Biggest Loser Challenge - SIGN UP PEPPERMINTFIZZ 44 LOSINGME73
2/28/18 3:30 A