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Busy time for me. It is official - Justin had his Eagle Scout Court of Honor last night. I am an E RUFFIT 9 GLORIAZ
6/24/18 10:26 P
Life is tough, but I've got the Spark to make me tougher! JSTETSER 25 JERZEEJAP
6/24/18 10:46 A
Let's finish strong!! We can do this!! RUFFIT 1 RUFFIT
6/20/18 9:34 P
Down 1/2 pound this AM. I will take it!! RUFFIT 8 GOOZLEBEAR
6/17/18 2:31 P
My 1st grandchild was born this week! Welcome Mila Elizabeth!❤ Just one more reason for me to get fi PEARL79 182 PWILLOW1
6/17/18 7:21 P
I cleaned 2 bathrooms and super-vacuumed the whole house (baseboards, corners, window-sills + floors DBEAU57 2 RUFFIT
6/17/18 1:43 P
After 41 hours of labor my beautiful Ava Lillyann has made it into the world. We are both fine just MELB1287 179 JOYWILLIAMS53
6/17/18 8:52 A
Yes it is a pawsome day!! RUFFIT 1 RUFFIT
6/16/18 9:32 P
Shock & Awe - Went shopping for business suits today, an PELESJEWEL 118 CATHYSFITLIFE
6/11/18 7:37 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 108 GEORGE815
6/9/18 6:13 P
So I’m new to this app. I have been using MyFitnessPal for the past year but it’s driving me crazy. CARIEITEL 283 CHEIVOUS
6/10/18 11:38 A
Woohoo did a 3Mile walk to Bug Light!! Longs way from when I could barely take a few steps!! Never DIANEDOESSMILES 25 MAYIE53
6/6/18 8:05 P
Happy Sunday to all!! Let's keep moving forward!! RUFFIT 1 RUFFIT
6/3/18 9:38 A
I know it creeps some people out when men post pics on here, but I haven't felt this good in a long HIVOLTFATMAN 272 ANGIEMARIEMALON
6/18/18 4:09 P
6/3/18 3:40 A
Not a great day food wise, nothing went as planned today. Will get back on track tomorrow. VIBRANT4LIFE 2 RUFFIT
6/1/18 10:05 A
We are doing great here!! Let's keep going.... WOO-HOO!!! RUFFIT 1 RUFFIT
6/1/18 10:05 A
This is me, about a month ago. I gained about 20l ISAMARISA 28 ISNESS
5/31/18 11:28 P
Spirited Under Dawgs KALISWALKER 43 CERIUSLY
6/16/18 7:20 P
I ran my first half marathon on Sunday! Ran in 2hrs 59 mins. I felt fantastic up until mile 8 or 9 t SOLITAIRE007 137 BIGRENTMAN
5/29/18 2:10 P
Let's start this challenge strong!! We can do this! RUFFIT 1 RUFFIT
5/28/18 9:11 A
Taking Rocky to the vet - just like last time, won't eat, abdominal pain, now bloody stool. Prayers UNICORN212 12 MORTICIAADDAMS
5/13/18 11:57 A
What was your login points today?? RUFFIT 295 RUFFIT
5/9/18 1:02 P
I had a chuckle this morning. I put on a T-Shirt yesterday for my walk with Heidi and it was a litt RUFFIT 3 PELESJEWEL
5/1/18 10:46 A
Let's do this!! RUFFIT 1 RUFFIT
4/26/18 9:16 P
Did my Calisthenics today!! RUFFIT 1 RUFFIT
4/13/18 5:07 P
I hope you will have a fantastic Friday. #goalfeats CAROLYNINJOY1 8 JUDY1676
4/14/18 12:09 A
Walked around track son's meet and rhen walked Heidi.when home. RUFFIT 1 RUFFIT
4/11/18 8:40 P
Walked my fur baby last night. Great way to get some much needed fresh air after being in the offic RUFFIT 1 RUFFIT
4/11/18 9:51 A
It feels like winter- snow and ice. Dreaming of spring. GARDENSFORLIFE 6 STEEPERSLOUNGE
4/11/18 1:08 P
Forgot to click this from last nights exercise/water entry. Took Heidi for her evening walk. Alway RUFFIT 2 MARYANNGI
4/10/18 4:49 P
"When writing the story of your life, don't let anyone else hold the pen. NANASUEH 10 JUDY1676
4/10/18 10:33 P
I pushed thru the longest hike ever in my entire 53+ years yesterday (9.15 miles/21,627 steps!!!) E RUFFIT 3 PELESJEWEL
4/10/18 2:24 A
So true. KOKONUT2018 12 MOGLO61
4/6/18 11:13 P
Happy Hunting Kiddies ! STEEPERSLOUNGE 118 MPLSKEN
4/2/18 12:50 A
To all who celebrate Happy Easter!! Hugz.. RUFFIT 2 GOODGETNBETR
4/2/18 12:51 A
You can and you will smash all your goals today! We’ve got this. BOHO_MOMMA 5 DRLMAZ
3/29/18 9:22 A
Wishing you a Happy Healthy Thursday!! 💜💜 PAMMIESUE81 127 CHUBICHICK
3/29/18 3:44 P
This made my day, I'm cracking up because it's SO true!!!! LMAO!!!! CROD1830 13 CHRISTOPHER63
3/26/18 8:48 P
1/2 hour to clear the snow off my car. Then I had to work on the ice. Looking for spring! GARDENSFORLIFE 5 HICKOK-HALEY
3/23/18 2:14 A
5/28/18 12:05 A
Well spring didn't get the memo... meteorologists were predicting 1 to 3 inches of snow. We woke up MWARNER211 31 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
3/21/18 12:30 P
Don’t quit! Keep pushing forward! You will get there eventually! AMYBRO1 144 AMYBRO1
3/21/18 2:32 P
shoveled snow this AM RUFFIT 1 RUFFIT
3/13/18 10:06 A
Its a coming on down .Love snow!! Its so purdy . I'm on the coast in Maine. This is taken from my l DIANEDOESSMILES 20 CHERIRIDDELL
3/9/18 1:33 A
Here comes the snow again... LESLIELENORE 13 CHERIRIDDELL
3/8/18 1:39 A
Spirited Under Dawgs KALISWALKER 45 CERIUSLY
3/11/18 7:02 P
Starting my day off wirh a banana. #eattherainbow JENNIFER2016 5 ANHELIC
3/2/18 12:12 P
The lights flickered in the elevator (on my way up to my apartment after walking the dog) right afte LESLIELENORE 11 CHERIRIDDELL
3/3/18 1:35 A
I had my morning work-out today. I swept our office parking lot. The sweeping truck is in the back RUFFIT 5 GEORGE815
3/1/18 10:18 A
Just an Off day for me 😞I need a hug . Has anyone RKHATERA01 196 RKHATERA01
2/28/18 10:15 P
#BeforeAndAfter I see a huge difference. but I have a long way to go.. I am so happy it's been 18 ye DOINITNOTGONNAS 307 JACQUELYNUNIS77
2/22/18 9:25 P
Sooooo, this happened over the weekend which completely threw me off track, lol!! (Dorky shirts cour DANYGIRL40 302 CHEIVOUS
2/20/18 5:42 P
This is my non-scale victory for today! SUNSPOT_BABY 9 EVAOLIVER
2/10/18 9:17 P
Oatmeal this AM. Just had some fresh apple and an orange. RUFFIT 1 RUFFIT
1/26/18 11:05 A
Who wants to Join Me?? RUFFIT 14 RUFFIT
1/23/18 11:36 A
Here is the chewed Fitbit. I ordered a new one. It was time for an upgrade. I just feel lost with RUFFIT 11 DEBBY4576
1/26/18 9:39 A
The first thing I saw.this morning was my Fitbit chewed to pieces. Guess it is time for a new one. T RUFFIT 5 GRLTAZ
1/15/18 6:06 A
It is a beautiful morning!! Had to share. RUFFIT 12 LESLIELENORE
1/7/18 4:28 A
My coworker tempted me with the delightful breakfast taco (potato and egg) and I told him “no thanks TXSUNSHINE512 15 TXSUNSHINE512
1/5/18 2:33 P
Do you know what is worst then spending 1.5 hours outside scooping/snow blowing the yard? Realizing SOTEIRA75 61 LEGGSMALON
1/5/18 2:25 P
Happy New Year! JSTETSER 15 LIS193
12/31/17 12:27 P
To those who.celebrate Merry Christmas Spark Peeps!! Many blessings to all!! Hugz... RUFFIT 3 JOC36BROWN
12/25/17 9:49 P
Took my sweet shepherd to the vet. She is doing better. Have a great night sparkers!! RUFFIT 6 CRABBYABBIE
12/23/17 11:37 P
Introduce Yourself TANIKEYA 53 MRSETERRELL
1/1/18 8:18 P
Is it wrong to be glad that Thanksgiving is over and leftovers disappearing fast? I struggled and fa MINATHERED 6 RUFFIT
11/27/17 7:29 A
Today, I need to take my elderly cat, Georgie, to the Vet... He's lost so much weight and started CANNINGNANNY 28 LIVEDAILY
11/27/17 11:05 P
Beautiful Monday morning!! Let's do this!! RUFFIT 23 EJOY-EVELYN
11/28/17 8:56 A
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 22 KITT52
11/28/17 11:30 A
snow on top of Mt. Washington, NH JSTETSER 48 DEE107
11/26/17 9:09 P
My new workout shoes! @BRIANSCHARP look! And got the insoles ECVILLAESCUSA 28 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
11/18/17 1:09 A
11/6/17 1:48 P
Happy November!!!! #imback #newmonthnewgoals JENNGETSFIT13 5 JANTHEBLONDE
11/1/17 11:04 A
Good morning hope your all having a wonderful week. God bless TMP0418 34 TMP0418
11/4/17 7:16 P
Good morning!!! Happy Wednesday!!! I am back and I am on a mission. So let's get started babbbyyyy! MIMIGEE2 40 1DAY-ATA-TIME
11/2/17 8:56 A