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So disappointed in myself. I am up to 260 lbs per the scale this morning which is a lot for a 5ft t DOLPHINAGGIE 10 GLITTER_PIGEON
2/3/20 9:44 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Friday!!!🎉🎉🎉 I just want to clarify I do love my job. Yesterd TEXASHSMOMOF3 37 TOMSGAL85
2/3/20 5:20 A
1/28/20 11:48 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Wednesday!! Well yesterday was body shots of how far I’ve come, TEXASHSMOMOF3 52 MLR_00
1/23/20 8:52 A
Snowpocalypse State of Emergency day 6. I am allowed to go to work! I do blood collections for peopl LITTLEMISSMOUSE 179 KAYDE53
1/22/20 6:28 P
#BeforeAndAfter look at me now DIETRISHA69 38 MAHEDAGO
11/6/19 5:54 A
#MotivationMonday 6 months difference man I've lost a lot wow. If I can do this anybody can! Make su CD24115281 31 ALLYLIZZY
10/29/19 2:30 P
425 start weight, 280 today! DELIGHTFULLY9 189 LE_SIGH
10/29/19 8:16 A
Is there anything better than beef stew in the slow cooker on a chilly day? :) Enjoying a nice Minne NEW_CATS_MEOW 17 DAWNWATERWOMAN
10/6/19 11:47 P
I meant to post this earlier in the week, but time just got away from me. It is truly amazing the c TARDISGIRL1 78 FUTUREFOCUSED
10/4/19 8:47 P
Sometimes circumstances interfere with my plans. Day 12 of this migraine. Getting an infusion (agai LESLIELENORE 36 SCOTTMAN5
10/25/19 10:03 P
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 17 GABY1948
9/22/19 9:17 A
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Wednesday!! 🎉 So yesterday was my one year BoxFit-aversary and I TEXASHSMOMOF3 209 JRDUPREE
9/19/19 9:57 A
Starting over again. I keep falling off the wagon. BLAPPLETON 8 GEORGE815
9/15/19 6:20 P
Horrible picture but I had to post .4th day of consecutive 30 minute exercise ! INKBUD1 29 INPRAYER
9/12/19 3:49 P
9/11/19 8:19 A
2/20/20 10:01 A
Goals for today. RBARNES12 493 AFERRARI
2/24/20 2:14 P
How's Your Weather? IMLOCOLINDA 1928 AFERRARI
2/24/20 2:20 P
Your mood.... emoticon it!! :) BELLACUDDLES 9856 WILDKAT781
2/25/20 1:07 A
2/24/20 5:46 A
Walkers, Runners, Joggers & Gadgeteers KALISWALKER 40 CERIUSLY
9/27/19 5:46 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! It’s Friday!!!! 🎉🎉 It’s weird that I wake up excited every Friday wo TEXASHSMOMOF3 47 TEXASHSMOMOF3
8/30/19 10:51 P
8/28/19 4:44 P
You’re probably on the right track if you feel like a sidewalk worm during a rainstorm. Larry Page ( CD16642186 4 ROSIEGRIER
8/28/19 7:34 A
Posted a photo QUARTERMASTER3 27 LIZZIE138
8/28/19 10:24 A
oh how I feel this, but I’ve gotten so much better! when I was especially tired, I used to reach for SHINEFROMWITHIN 28 ALLYLIZZY
8/28/19 1:02 P
8/28/19 1:00 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 21 PATRICIA-CR
8/28/19 4:42 P
#BeforeAndAfter SYLVIAPHT2000 118 TCANNO
8/26/19 8:05 P
2 years apart. PLANAR 144 PURPLEMOON1
8/27/19 12:10 A
Well I am pleasantly happy today b/c I finally got back below 180 lb again! Weighed 179.5 lb . My hi CZECHRN 7 CZECHRN
8/27/19 12:06 A
Size 18 dress!!! Non scale victory!!! CD23465143 21 CD23465143
8/25/19 2:22 P
Having a great first week back on Spark! One week can make a huge difference in our mindset. NEW_CATS_MEOW 10 JAMER123
8/24/19 12:08 A
I think my goal for this week is to start looking for more healthy options when I am hungry. I am a HYPOMOM35 9 ORTATK
8/19/19 9:23 A
Making my come back slowly but surely. LIGHTNINGRUNNER 6 LUCKYDOGFARM
8/19/19 10:55 P
So today is weigh in day for me. I’ve gained 2 lbs. I’m a bit indifferent about it cause I’m not sur MERCADESPATRAS2 7 ORTATK
8/19/19 9:21 A
One more hour and I'll be able to eat and drink like a normal person!! One more hour and I'll be abl HYPOMOM35 4 ALLTHINGSNEW81
8/19/19 8:25 A
Posted a photo QUARTERMASTER3 16 BLUE7684
8/19/19 9:35 A
Day One - Ready for a new healthier lifestyle. VTXBIKERCHICK 5 SHARI_D1
8/19/19 8:41 A
Posted a photo LALAP1012 20 SPARKLINGME176
8/19/19 12:10 P
This is with my doctor!! Top picture 524 lb bottom picture 300 lb lighter!! Don't tell me you can't GPALMER2019 70 WALKINTOFIT
8/23/19 10:23 P
Good morning Sparkers Day 602 processed sugar and gluten free. Last day of home repairs! Downstairs STEEPERSLOUNGE 52 LAPPEROO
8/25/19 2:37 P
I was working yesterday, helping my wife assemble some shelves at the Archives and she snapped this DJSTARRIDER 290 VIRGINIAGIRL
8/19/19 12:26 P
Starting again today! Hoping to make better choices! I'm happy for any encouragement and followers! TAMMYGIRL64 7 TOMATOCAFEGAL
8/16/19 5:14 P
ENCOURAGE ME PLEASE. I've lost 40 pounds and have 10 to go -- my goal is by October 12. Thanks! RUTHIE254 214 QUIETDEE
8/13/19 6:45 P
I'm not doing well at all lately. My biggest challenge is eating less sugar. I've been eating way to RUBECCAL 10 LIZZYMITCH
8/12/19 9:21 A
This is a husband told me yesterday he was going to have to tell me I am too skinny! I'm ROSIEGRIER 8 1CRAZYDOG
8/12/19 4:20 P
Getting back on track. Today is a new day and a fresh start tomorrow. Have been neglecting diet and ANGIEBIGGS8174 4 ROSIEGRIER
8/11/19 4:08 P
I’m new here, but not new to the weight loss struggle. I’ve lost with another popular program, left BECCI7190 8 LIZZYMITCH
8/12/19 9:27 A
Only I can fix me. Here's to determination. ERROZER 14 ROSIEGRIER
8/10/19 8:46 A
Yet another journey to take off weight which has crept back on.... Doing this for my health, to stay SMOGGYROCK 25 ROSIEGRIER
8/10/19 8:45 A
I am on a Prednisone Dose pack right now for my RA. All I wanna do is eat. I can't sleep and I feel NELLAGIRL11 9 URBANREDNEK
8/10/19 10:41 A
Needing some motivation. Every time I workout with anything to do with my legs or lower back its sev ALEXANDER909 10 ROSIEGRIER
8/10/19 8:42 A
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 25 PATRICIA-CR
8/10/19 8:30 P
Posted a photo TXGAL1950 7 SHARI_D1
8/10/19 9:20 A
Happy Saturday friends!! Get up and get out or stay in but whatever you decide to do get it done!! G GPALMER2019 30 MEAGOP
8/18/19 1:20 P
Scheduling things like a car wash need to be done more’s one of those things on a long li ANNIEONLI 13 GEORGE815
8/10/19 1:01 P
Walked on the treadmill this morning and waiting for everyone else to get up do I can mow....maybe I ROSIEGRIER 5 AMYINTHEWILD
8/9/19 3:51 P
#BeforeAndAfter from right about when I started really hitting it to now. T10366 45 VIRGINIAGIRL
8/12/19 1:17 P
Posted a photo DRICH7140 128 ARNETTELEE
8/8/19 7:34 A
Posted a photo CD12282919 30 TEXASHSMOMOF3
8/7/19 11:38 P
August resolutions: 1. Eat less mashed potatoes. 2. No sweets, except a little chocolate sometimes. BOOKNUT52 7 ALLYLIZZY
8/7/19 10:50 A
How do you like to make the time go by when working out? My husband prefers audio books. I’m not hip STUFFY864 9 HUNNIBEE003
8/7/19 4:58 P
My FAVE day!!! Going Thrift shopping!!! Hope everyone has a Happy Wednesday! FLASUN 32 LIS193
8/8/19 3:56 A
8/8/19 1:36 P
Last year I was a size 18-20. I couldn't fit into my size 16 clothes anymore. A year of Sparking lat GINASPARK3 16 MICAROO
8/7/19 10:29 A
Ain't that the truth! MISSA526 29 ALLYLIZZY
8/7/19 10:23 A
This morning makes a total of -130 POUNDS!!! Praise God! I still have 60 to go, but WOW! DJSTARRIDER 220 REVMAN1971
8/7/19 9:03 P
This probably doesn't belong on here, or maybe it does, because it goes along with health... Mental OPTICALXILLUSIO 29 AMYINTHEWILD
8/7/19 3:01 P
I love dogs! And they love me. New goal to get back in the habit of walking them. This picture is of JAVNMICH1969 14 LIFEJOURNEY4ME
8/3/19 4:08 P
my 2 before photos. the one on th4e left is me a 2 years ago, the one on the right is me a year ago. CD24890088 171 MHUMBERS1950
8/3/19 10:39 P
Throwback Thursday - My older sister and younger brother are both gone...My younger sister next to m FLASUN 42 MADEINBRITAIN
8/2/19 5:13 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Thursday & Happy New Month!!! Yesterday was a busy day, but it w TEXASHSMOMOF3 35 TOMSGAL85
8/2/19 7:06 A
11/1/19 4:46 P