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Its my 66th Birthday today!!!! Staying home, staying safe, no get together...maybe next year. LOVE HOLLYBARKER1 274 JOANNEJI
9/18/20 12:16 A
Where is the Team? RENEETRU6 6 MRS_EVA_K
9/9/20 6:58 A
Dinner time! One extra again. Lol! cheaper to buy 4 then 3. Hope everyone's enjoying the holiday. CARLOSLAKELAND 29 AQUAGIRL08
9/9/20 7:42 P
9/8/20 2:54 P
Trying to eat healthier. 👍 #eattherainbow BONNIE1552 27 KESTRYLL
8/22/20 10:56 A
Do you wear underwear when you exercise? SPARK_MRUDY 812 GRANDMABABA
9/14/20 6:27 P
did you exercise today??...if yes..WHAT did you do BIGPOPPAPUFF 27452 ANNIEAFG
9/18/20 11:41 A
Are You Walking and/or Running Today? MJRVIC2000 34018 URBANREDNEK
9/18/20 9:13 A
Did you exercise today? GETTO140 94037 ANNIEAFG
9/18/20 11:40 A
Team Member Of The Week for July 26th-Aug 2nd TWEETYKC00 11 LOSEWEIGHT1212
8/1/20 1:45 P
How much do you weigh and what size do you wear? MOMOF2GIRLSLV 1406 CINNAMONXBUN
9/16/20 12:46 A
8/22/20 7:29 A
Good Morning 🌞 Just can't get past 185 !!! Been at this weight for a few weeks now ..I'll wait and DIANER62 13 MICHELANIE
7/22/20 8:38 P
Had another great walk when it's warm enough to wear shorts and a tank top..and I feel s TONIA_81 16 STIFFVA
7/22/20 1:43 P
T-shirt collection #16 SPEDED2 38 NANASUEH
7/23/20 10:39 A
Perfectly gorgeous summer day. After chores I went to the beautiful Rock Lake to relax a bit. Excell JEWELRYLOVER 37 SHOAPIE
7/23/20 8:06 P
Really been craving Mexican food lately. BETTYWI26 12 BONNIE1552
7/21/20 6:11 A
This is me. I'm new here and hoping to get healthy and lose some weight. WENDYPARSON35 122 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
7/18/20 6:20 P
Daily Check In CD12088329 5163 DEBBERNEBBER523
9/7/20 2:42 P
Starting over again, upgraded to Premium SP CD17012754 49 BANKER-CHUCK
8/9/20 11:09 A
Need suggestions for how to manage extreme hunger. GERRTIE 14 RENEETRU6
7/12/20 10:55 A
Message Removed CD26135184 7 PINKGIRL23
7/25/20 6:11 A
Is anyone else having this problem? LAGRAMMIEBEAR 12 ARMSTRJE3
9/1/20 10:34 A
Request for prayers for Lisa Hernandez and all suffering with Convirus and Convid-19. AOKDIET21 32 SPARKNB
7/11/20 2:56 A
Execution NOT Excuses!! Get it Done Sparkle People... the Grind includes Friday❣️💪🏼 #finishstrong STILLSPARKLEIGH 86 EVIE4NOW
7/10/20 11:33 P
Posted a photo DAN1964 37 CATWMNCAT
7/10/20 12:08 P
I've waited sooooo long to say this... ONEderland!!! FOTOLEXIC 236 RODRIGUEZ41508
8/31/20 10:25 P
Help! I'm back sliding. MOMPOIRIER 29 ARCHIMEDESII
7/11/20 1:58 P
7/5/20 11:37 A
What Motivates you to check in with SP every day? LOSINGSEVRYTHNG 252 SPARKLINGME176
9/5/20 9:08 A
7/3/20 6:00 P
Hi I have not been on for a few days. My son who will be 23 on July 16 ,Suffers from Schizophrenia a DIANER62 41 DIANER62
7/3/20 11:21 P
Good morning! At first I was so embarrassed😔 to post this pic but I know I need to be Brave and str LOPEZ2307 193 MBARTLEY7
7/3/20 6:31 P
Happiness is... GBOOMER 351 URBANREDNEK
9/18/20 9:16 A
6/23/20 12:06 P
Whereare all you members from? JENIREN 5734 GINA180847
6/25/20 4:10 P
Discouraged but still tracking!! RENEETRU6 6 SLIMMERKIWI
6/22/20 7:09 A
Are you feeling Positive or Negative today? BIGMAMA4U 62956 ROBBIEY
9/18/20 8:42 A
I think I over did it on my new Stationary bike. .Both Knees swelled up DIANER62 18 RENEETRU6
6/20/20 2:20 P
I finished this "painting" to help say good night to all you precious Sparklers! We'll all be back a RREDFORD5 54 RENEETRU6
6/20/20 2:19 P
Good morning Sparkers Day 898 processed sugar and gluten free. Today, will be my last day posting o STEEPERSLOUNGE 30 RENEETRU6
6/20/20 2:17 P
Why ?! Why?! WHY?! started feeling like a sore throat 😷 was coming on yesterday , did not sleep wel DIANER62 18 DIANER62
6/20/20 7:21 P
Good night, sweet Sparklers everywhere! RREDFORD5 21 PCK12J
6/16/20 7:56 P
Beautiful day with the family. I stayed within calorie range, but I did have a tiny piece of bday c RENEETRU6 6 RREDFORD5
6/14/20 12:14 P
What made you smile today? MARINERSFAN 72981 JIACOLO
9/18/20 9:09 A
Trying to lose 5 more pounds to look great in a special dress❤️💃 TASHADSLOVE93 38 GABIRUSZCZAK
6/12/20 12:25 A
I have been pushing myself to remember why I started this journey, and remembering how I felt (phys FASHIONROADKILL 127 PURPLEMOON1
6/12/20 6:08 A
Seared Ahi Tuna, Sweet Potato and Broccoli... and of course Wine🍷... well it is Wine Wednesday😁 CATWMNCAT 27 CATWMNCAT
6/11/20 12:12 A
Has anyone tried the KETO diet? MARGIE246 116 VALMA2
9/9/20 6:35 P
do you buy new clothes while you are still losing? KIMOKIKO 266 MARYJOANNA
9/13/20 10:39 A
Good Morning Spark Family! Happy Friday!!!🎉 Y’all yesterday was a completely uneventful day! Wooh TEXASHSMOMOF3 222 AQUAGIRL08
6/7/20 7:50 A
I am losing Yay! But oh so slowly. The frustration is that the weight comes back on easily when I RENEETRU6 6 CONNIET88
6/5/20 3:44 A
I have trouble getting 10,000 steps in. :'( Today was a great day of walking and exercise and I st RENEETRU6 6 PAMBROWN62
6/2/20 3:11 A
Downright shameful the amount of junk that I ate today. The irony is I wanted to start the tame my MUSICLADY923 8 MUSICLADY923
6/3/20 12:26 P
Do you Track on Spark? SEAGLASS1215 218 SEAJAE
9/17/20 6:10 P
I have a messed up back that prevents me from being consistent with my exercises. :-( But today I RENEETRU6 5 COUNCILMAN1952
6/2/20 6:53 A
Irish members Group Forum DIPSY80 9484 -COURT-
9/12/20 1:58 P
New Binge-Free 21 Days Streak! Join us! MARYONE 42551 OOLALA53
9/18/20 12:45 A
Starting weight 290. Disgusted. It took me 8 years to gain 100 pounds back after my gastric sleeve. DDUNN917 215 MISSPIGGEY
6/1/20 12:19 A
Team Member Of The Week for May 31st-June 7th TWEETYKC00 7 KAYDE53
5/31/20 10:19 P
Healing follows forgiveness and is the best gift you can give yourself. Pat Bluth #goalfeats 1CRAZYDOG 20 GABY1948
5/31/20 6:35 P
Message Removed CD24167466 8 ECCOVISION1
6/28/20 6:12 P
ByPassed the 50# weight loss mark today~! AVEHURLEY 12 RENEETRU6
5/28/20 1:43 P
6/28/20 6:08 P
7/4/20 5:55 A
Time to get back on track. Admittedly, since the coronavirus hit, I've been eating garbage. But for POWERLVLOVR9K 18 DIANEDOESSMILES
5/28/20 1:11 P
I spent the day packing up my classroom for the year. When I arrived, the date of our last class was TAMERAF 6 GEORGE815
5/27/20 4:54 P
The beautiful gift my hubby gave me this morning for our 40th anniversary! BEEJAY49 69 FLASUN
5/28/20 4:13 A
Tuesday May,26, 2020 TBOYD5000 14 SRIVERS1
5/27/20 5:38 P
Good Morning Everyone, So when I began here 2 weeks ago, I weighed 195, this past Friday I was so Ha DIANER62 24 L1VEL1FE
6/26/20 11:51 A
Starting Yet Again REZNUT 5 REZNUT
5/27/20 1:16 P
I used SparkPeople five years ago, to lose over 50 lbs, and getting in shape (could run a ten minute JUSTAGUYNHIX 24 JUSTAGUYNHIX
5/25/20 8:54 A
5/24/20 2:49 P
It is super hot here in Da Nang Vietnam (104 degrees today). Getting my exercise done by water aerob MARCISGRATEFUL 22 METAFUKARI
5/21/20 6:04 P
SOme of my Iris are blooming. Can you tell I like purple? It is cool this morning and I will get m RUTHIEBEAR 52 AQUAGIRL08
5/22/20 2:44 P