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Change one of 5 letters and/or rearrange them RMUL2013 2879 RMUL2013
1/17/20 8:46 A
1/17/20 8:22 A
1/17/20 5:40 A
1/17/20 8:16 A
A to Z Names of Cities. REDGINGER1 2648 CREAKYCAT
1/15/20 7:00 P
Words that start and end with same letter. REDGINGER1 1367 REDGINGER1
1/15/20 2:17 P
A - Z Words ending with "S" RMUL2013 826 CREAKYCAT
1/16/20 9:29 P
Change a Letter Make a New Word HMMRHEAD5000 4264 CREAKYCAT
1/17/20 8:21 A
Celebrating our birthdays โค๏ธ. I started my birthday off on the right foot. An hour of strength train MOONMAMA43 40 LOSE82IN2020
1/11/20 10:38 P
What articles are found in the house: A-Z? STAMINAALREADY 1301 RMUL2013
1/15/20 6:12 A
I'd like to wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy New Year, may we all reach our goals this year. REDGINGER1 1 REDGINGER1
1/1/20 4:17 P
Posted a photo REDGINGER1 8 _RAMONA
1/1/20 5:59 P
Am I the only one with so much going on that I forget to log in here? Been eating right and drinking REDGINGER1 4 EVIE4NOW
12/28/19 11:38 P
Posted a photo REDGINGER1 13 GRANNYOF05
12/25/19 8:50 A
Four days back from a vacation in Las Vegas and Grand Canyon. It was so fun and breathtaking! While FITSTER9 31 GMACAMI
12/20/19 12:46 P
Humor or Humour ?? note: may need to be of a certain age to appreciate. 75HEALTHYME 30 TUBLADY
12/19/19 10:42 A
12/17/19 4:04 P
This made me laugh so I'm passing it on. REDGINGER1 22 EVIE4NOW
12/15/19 10:51 P
This may the funniest thing I have seen all week! lol 2BDYNAMIC 46 DEE107
12/16/19 12:13 A
I look at getting older a little different then most people do. First of all I am thankful for the 7 REDGINGER1 6 _RAMONA
12/13/19 3:30 A
I don't often announce my birthday..but I am grateful to have been given 70 years on this earth! KAMEL622 195 LAH1222
12/12/19 11:20 P
Sure am glad I have a lighted tree inside on a gloomy day outside! Can I keep it up until spring?! GRAMMY065 16 1CRAZYDOG
12/5/19 6:24 P
Didn't do a lot of "exercise" over the weekend, but this was quite a workout! My husband does the ic JANETEMILY 29 DRINKALOTH2O
12/3/19 11:03 A
Wishing everyone a Healthy & Happy Thanksgiving REDGINGER1 15 EMGERBER
11/28/19 7:29 A
Sometimes you really have to look where you were in the beginning to see where you are moving forwar DISCOVERING_VAL 38 ARNETTELEE
11/23/19 5:53 A
Because sometimes the whole fridge just needs a makeover!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Œ SIMPLYKEN32 30 EVIE4NOW
11/7/19 10:34 P
Getting my Christmas wish in early this year!!! REDGINGER1 26 EVIE4NOW
11/7/19 10:33 P
Make A Sentence by using one word from last Post RMUL2013 288 RMUL2013
1/13/20 6:56 A
Posted a photo REDGINGER1 8 GEORGE815
10/31/19 1:56 P
I turned 37 yesterday (in the middle, daughter to the left) took a short but sweet bike ride with a 2AWESOME4U 23 2AWESOME4U
10/14/19 8:03 P
10/14/19 8:14 A
Today I am 79 but feel about 30. May everyone have a wonderful day. REDGINGER1 277 GRVPLSV
10/14/19 9:30 A
Today is my birthday and I started the day with a walk on the beach, my favorite place in the whole MARCYP13 208 _RAMONA
10/2/19 1:07 A
130 pounds gone forever! My weightloss has slowed but I am still pushing through. I have 30 pounds BEAGLEGIRL79 249 DEEDEEGRAM
9/16/19 10:59 P
Name a song and the artist HMMRHEAD5000 309 REDGINGER1
9/10/19 12:30 A
Posted a photo FMAX168 24 KOALA_BEAR
9/7/19 11:36 P
I have completed my weight loss journey. I began this journey Nov 2017 weighing 251 lbs, as of this AARONGABBY 199 TEEZETOY
9/3/19 3:32 A
Posted a photo REDGINGER1 2 KATHYR46
9/2/19 9:47 A
Sometimes I get the feeling that there may be only a couple dozen active members on Sparkpeople. REDMANCHRONIC 25 PWILLOW1
8/28/19 6:23 P
Good morning spark family! I want to share that today is my birthday ..I'm 69 and blessed! I'm so g MHUMBERS1950 307 GMACAMI
8/3/19 2:07 P
Today is my bday and today is the day I got to open the letter I wrote to myself back in April. Some 2B-ME-AGAIN 225 KREAKYJOINTZ
8/1/19 8:23 P
This picture was from my walk earlier. The weather was perfect & got to spend time with my daughter MARSHA_LYNN 24 FROLICINFLORIDA
7/31/19 1:01 A
Wandering around my yard this morning looking for answers to life's questions, this little guy came CARLOSLAKELAND 24 CHIP8790
6/28/19 11:47 P
A to Z - ONE OF MY FAVORITES.. NAN041 3957 RMUL2013
10/21/19 9:37 A
Just had to share my beautiful clouds! JEWELRYLOVER 25 GMACAMI
6/9/19 2:57 A
A woman noticed her husband standing on the bathroom scale, sucking in his stomach. โ€œHaยญยญ! Thatโ€™s no REDGINGER1 5 ALICIA214
5/14/19 1:38 P
Posted a photo REDGINGER1 3 GEORGE815
5/12/19 5:41 P
For the happy couple,may you always have love. REDGINGER1 5 CHANGING-TURTLE
5/5/19 11:08 P
1st Crochet Project Completed Well, I finally finished the my very 1st crochet project. I think I MSGNIX 21 -POOKIE-
5/3/19 5:57 A
5/1/19 3:12 P
Getting a bit tired of logging this and watching that. I will snap out of it by tomorrow. REDMANCHRONIC 8 JESSICARAINE86
4/30/19 5:29 P
Posted a photo REDGINGER1 12 MOMMY445
4/21/19 11:31 A
Today was a good day. Dishes done, meals for the week cooked. Got a good walk in with the puppy (wal WATERHOLIC 28 PURPLEMOON1
3/18/19 6:38 A
Posted a photo REDGINGER1 7 KATTHOMAS2
3/17/19 7:33 A
A to Z Men's Names REDGINGER1 798 RMUL2013
8/21/19 6:32 P
Only about 75lbs difference here... it's the only full body pic I have of when I was bigger. (Curre ANIMAI27 16 SASYPHRAS
2/26/19 1:18 P
I use an air frier for almost all my food, has anyone seen a nutritional chart for air fried foods? REDGINGER1 5 REDGINGER1
2/23/19 6:20 P
In celebration of my 51st, I'm committed to 51 minutes of cardio at least 5x daily! I do it, I move JACQUELINEJAX1 83 JACQUELINEJAX1
2/18/19 9:00 A
Eat the rainbow ๐ŸŒˆ they I did! Happy birthday to me! ๐Ÿ˜‰ JUDYBEAR216 171 TMP0418
3/2/19 7:58 A
Wishing everyone a very Happy & Safe Valentine's Day. REDGINGER1 9 JANUT57
2/14/19 4:27 P
Everytime I go to grocery store and go past bakery or and goodies I ask myself this question. Will t REDGINGER1 5 POLSKARENIA
2/13/19 3:01 A
Posted a photo REDGINGER1 11 GRAMMYEAC
2/11/19 9:33 P
Posted a photo REDGINGER1 12 HELLOHOLLY76
2/8/19 5:28 P
The weight is coming off SO much slower now but still moving in the right direction! Not giving up u JESSICALEARLY02 242 123THERESA123
1/21/19 11:08 P
I'm thankful for a beautiful day, a good grade, an HARLEYQUINN2016 30 SEEINGTHEGOOD
1/18/19 11:43 A
WORD ASSOCIATIO ...another game to play. :o) BARBEQUESUE 10845 AMBER2020
1/16/20 8:42 A
word association CHARLIE1357 3860 RMUL2013
1/16/20 8:50 A
Word Association Game SHARON632 10174 MISSY455
1/16/20 10:20 P
6/5/18 11:47 P
SO, Look Out Your Window..What do you See? NAN041 2464 RMUL2013
1/5/20 4:13 A
Name a song and who it's by HMMRHEAD5000 177 FANCYQTR
3/3/18 6:54 P
2/1/18 7:34 A
Name A Christmas Song REDGINGER1 141 REDGINGER1
12/27/17 9:56 P
A to Z Women name's REDGINGER1 904 REDGINGER1
12/4/17 1:18 P
Emoticon :) your mood! BELLACUDDLES 13247 NELLJONES
1/17/20 6:45 A