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Hi. I just signed up. I just had major surgery and can't exercise right now but want to learn as muc 807796 5 IMAPLAYER53
5/16/18 10:20 P
Trying a new diet hope everything go well to lose more weight _KANDY 8 REDBIRDFLY
5/16/18 7:50 P
Corn, Green Beans, Carrots, Black Beans, Blueberries, Walnuts, Almonds...... These are all full s REDBIRDFLY 3 BONNIE1552
4/10/18 3:58 P
One cup Blueberries, large tomato, 1/2 saute onion, whole green pepper, apple & a orange. I thinks REDBIRDFLY 6 BILLTHOMSON
4/9/18 7:49 A
4/9/18 7:49 A
Super frustrated! I know it’s not all about the scale but let’s be honest - everyone wants to see th SANDEELOO 14 SANDEELOO
4/8/18 9:40 P
Darn you runners knee... ice, massage, elevate - uncool for this to be happening this late in my tra SHELLLEY2 12 MOLUX252627
4/11/18 11:18 P
Today was hard, body tired haven't had a break but I did do 10 minutes on the bike to loosen up unti BIGREDBYTHEC 6 1CRAZYDOG
4/9/18 7:08 A
Loving the SparkRecipes ap!!! MSHIVER 3 REDBIRDFLY
4/8/18 5:43 P
Most of Canada are numb and in shock this weekend. A bus carrying young hockey players was hit by a LJKSHS 10 PATRICIA-CR
4/8/18 9:13 P
My husband is noticing that I am losing weight but I don't know how because it is only 4 pounds. WALTSGIRL74 4 WLHOPE
4/8/18 6:49 P
So while it may not be the way I wanted to reach onederland having an upset gallbladder has gotten m RACHAROO702 4 GOODGETNBETR
4/8/18 9:17 P
Hello everyone. I was wondering how many calories I should have burned shopping at Walmart ? I spent TRACYMACEDOARVI 5 LUANN_IN_PA
4/8/18 5:38 P
Just getting started but following a strict diabetic plan fir eating, so far so good only 1 pound in SKEETER201011 12 GEORGE815
4/8/18 5:24 P
Heading to a baby shower with an open bar. (I know that’s weird :-)) this post is to remind me to ea GRATTECIELLA 22 SHELLLEY2
4/10/18 3:34 P
First pic.... day #1 MELDIDHAM 11 MELDIDHAM
4/8/18 6:25 P
How do you weight in! Just lost my first 2 lbs PMACG333 5 REDBIRDFLY
4/8/18 1:26 P
I hope everyone is having a good weekend. SHARONB76 3 REDBIRDFLY
4/8/18 1:25 P
Fat-free cottage cheese with roasted grape tomatoes and balsamic vinegar for lunch! NICOLESHIRMAN 7 PWILLOW1
4/8/18 2:35 P
No weight loss this week. That is ok. Going to take it one day at a time. Keep eating as healthy as ILOVEOCEANS 9 MOMMY445
4/8/18 2:34 P
Today is a sad day for me. Today I am breaking free from the love of my life, bread. Seriously thoug ALLMYMISTAKES 17 GOODGETNBETR
4/8/18 9:19 P
Inspirational Sunday.... Reflect. What did you "give up" to get where you are now? Me: I gave up.... ELF41978 11 HFRANCE1
4/8/18 2:35 P
I found this page to be highly educational about healthy substitutes in baking and other recipes...c REDBIRDFLY 4 WLHOPE
4/8/18 1:40 P
My Sister may be in her last hours. Hospice has given Carolyn 3 day's, maybe. We'll be with her toni BEVERLY1501 269 LRJUSTUS1
4/9/18 11:54 A
I have been doing Shape Reclaimed. I am successful, yet, I’m not 100% sure if I want to continue. I SUZQ9903 11 SUZQ9903
4/11/18 6:08 P
My oldest son Tajee he is 26 💕💕💕😍😍 KEENA47 12 LILIWHEELER
4/8/18 6:07 P
good morning fellow sparkies hope@everyones weekend has gone good , I’m excited for this new week co GLENDAK72 6 TNCOUNTRYLIFE
4/9/18 3:11 P
30 degrees in San Antonio Texas area last night real feel which is below freezing. 40s our now. AOKDIET21 13 AOKDIET21
4/8/18 5:03 P
Scrambled egg with an orange yum. #eattherainbow FRANZEN21 6 _LINDA
4/8/18 6:02 P
My breakfast mix with milk. LILSTAR_28075 7 _LINDA
4/8/18 6:01 P
How I feel after my workout. 20 lbs down..... LAM200514 6 _LINDA
4/8/18 5:59 P
do you track your food? Really helps keep you honest and change up your nutrition where it's needed 1CRAZYDOG 15 TOMATOCAFEGAL
4/8/18 6:17 P
Yep! And the saddest part is I hear most people lose weight from the face down.... smh 🤷🏻‍♀️ PRIORITIZELIFE 7 REDBIRDFLY
4/8/18 12:42 P
Day 1 of "small changes" suggestion from community/sparks. Increase protein nix flour. #cleaneating HPERIWINK5757 2 REDBIRDFLY
4/8/18 12:41 P
Day 1 Putting on boots and heading to mail box (used to have others bring it to me) 1/4 mile round t HPERIWINK5757 3 REDBIRDFLY
4/8/18 12:41 P
So – how do you hold yourself accountable to do at least some exercise during your day? I personall 1CRAZYDOG 11 WALLAHALLA
4/8/18 3:47 P
Ok ... I've never posted on here...but need some encouragement to get back on track! Got out of my JILLBUG422 9 JILLBUG422
4/8/18 8:29 P
4/8/18 9:32 P
Produce for the coming week! KAMINKA 14 KAMINKA
4/8/18 1:01 P
A gain this week. Grrrrrrrr. It's been a tough week the whole way around so I will own it and move JUDY535 9 STARDUST53
4/21/18 12:40 A
I've lost 20 lbs. Only 80 more to go. :-) MS_TEJ 58 SUNSPOT_BABY
4/8/18 5:52 P
TIP I slow poached a whole chicken w skin removed overnite in my slow cooker That gave me just unde REDBIRDFLY 2 LUANN_IN_PA
4/8/18 12:41 P
I made two smoothies each containing spinach, cabbage, blueberries (and some hot chocolate powder, w GINA180847 9 CKEYES1
4/8/18 11:51 A
20K through streams, muddy hills, fog and really c TIKITAMI 22 JKEMMA
4/7/18 10:26 P
#BeforeAndAfter Down 60 pounds!! I bought size 16 pants this weekend. Haven't been that size in 10+ CONCOOP74 52 UMUCGRAD
4/7/18 10:57 P
3 months, 21 lbs. So thrilled! THATGIRL254 81 MARIAN326
4/8/18 8:11 A
This has been a very difficult & emotional day. I’ve been a hockey mom for 15 years. The boys in thi FATTIPATTI2BY4 11 PWILLOW1
4/7/18 9:03 P
Saturday breakfast! 2 eggs, 2 bacon and potatoes. I actually measured my potatoes, 1/2 a cup. It was DIXIE-LUSH 14 -POOKIE-
4/8/18 3:07 A
Did a little bit of motivational reading.☺️📖 ST3PH 12 IWANNABE_ALICE
4/7/18 7:34 P
Still got the bulge in the middle Waiting for the day its history LISA_WAS_HERE 18 SPRITEPRINCESS
4/7/18 8:16 P
Back after a winter break. The good: didn't need to pull out last year's clothes, which I saved bc I WIDOWSREVENGE 9 COMEBACKKID12
4/8/18 9:45 P
4/8/18 11:18 A
So today my first day of trying to lose weight. I just got married and I and so sad how big I am in KELLYREYNOLDS03 191 MARIAN326
4/8/18 8:10 A
I switched to a plant based diet 2 weeks ago. I've lost 8 lbs and all the pain that I've had for yea REDBIRDFLY 23 REDBIRDFLY
4/7/18 3:52 P
company arriving today and staying overnight. I would like one weekend alone. lol AFERRARI 6 WALLAHALLA
4/7/18 9:34 P
Started when my scale said 289 and now i am at 273.6. When i went to the dr a week ago, they said i BFOSTER616 15 LANNEMACK
4/7/18 3:05 P
4/7/18 4:08 P
This is Easter with my husband and father in law! I have started my spark again and I am working on CNTRYGAL41 14 CNTRYGAL41
4/9/18 3:28 P
4 mile run on the treadmill A year ago I was trying to lose weight. Now I'm maintaining KITTYLOVERAJA 17 PELESJEWEL
4/7/18 3:45 P
Enjoyed an awesome workout wirh the hubby this morning. It was a lengthy workout with 8 warm up on t BFOSTER616 17 PELESJEWEL
4/7/18 3:44 P
What do you do when the water weight fluctuation is making you discouraged😕 just last week i was 19 KARISTUMP2008 11 KARISTUMP2008
4/7/18 12:08 P
4/7/18 12:05 P
4/7/18 12:05 P
Ok so yesterday my scale said just under 170. Today 168! There is no way I lost a pound and a half MTBUTTERFLYROSE 9 REDBIRDFLY
4/7/18 12:04 P
Posted a photo CARANEM 5 KSUE33
4/7/18 2:24 P
We are in this together for life! Both down 17 pounds! UPTOIT59 16 GRLTAZ
4/8/18 11:41 A
This is what $24 looks like from the market! #publicmarket #veggies ZIGGYSTARSHAY 12 MSMITCHELL2696
4/7/18 2:30 P
On my first road trip since i started on sp. Going to do my best to stay on track. DEBBIEZ39 7 REDBIRDFLY
4/7/18 12:00 P
Morning treadmill, weights, floor exercise all done #moveit OLDSKOOL556 11 EO4WELLNESS
4/7/18 8:27 P
Happy Saturday!! I'm still excited to be a SP** Sp AELDER122 3 AELDER122
4/7/18 1:36 P
I am wondering if I should start this keto diet I hear so much about I am within 9 pounds of my goa FUZZYHAPPYKITTY 6 LRJUSTUS1
4/7/18 2:42 P
Posted a photo NURSETARA0322 41 MDOWER1
4/7/18 2:52 P
Tried my hand at smoothies today for breakfast looking for a break from my everyday oatmeal. Made a CHRISJ14 4 BILLTHOMSON
4/7/18 8:30 P
Does everyone out there, especially newbies, have a small food weight scale? I find mine to be indi REDBIRDFLY 3 MSMITCHELL2696
4/7/18 2:24 P
Took my girl dress shopping for her spring concert. Then grocery shopping. I am pooped. She wanted DIALYSISCHIC1 16 DIALYSISCHIC1
4/7/18 8:48 P