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Noooooooo been so busy at work that I forgot to log in. 300+ logins gone 😭😭😭😭 RAWN13 9 ROBINVOTAW
5/13/18 8:43 A
Another new temporary foster who arrived this weekend: "Figaro." Saved after being chased and trap MIMAWELIZABETH 14 PATRICIA-CR
4/30/18 9:33 A
Some days it feels like they should sell these 😂😂 RAWN13 26 LIZZIE138
4/28/18 8:59 A
First time trying spiralizer. Had courgette n carrot (courgette is waaaay expensive this time of yea RAWN13 6 ZRIE014
4/28/18 1:00 A
I can work 6 days a week but take 4 days in a row off n get killer sore throat. Dr recommended these RAWN13 7 PGHMIMI1
4/23/18 9:08 P
Yay I'm allowed on Exercycle for 2-3 5 min sessions and modified laying leg lifts. It sounds extreme RAWN13 4 MISTRESSOHORROR
4/23/18 8:34 A
Decided to take a long walk by the river instead of a very stiff drink after a bad day at work. Mig LCWARREN50 21 GADGETCC
4/21/18 11:23 P
Finally finished January in my Johanna Basford calendar lmao RAWN13 14 GOODGETNBETR
4/21/18 11:11 P
Today, I am smiling, because my husband hugged me and said, "you feel like you've lost some weight." ZINASP1 76 DINIEPUCKETT
4/24/18 7:11 P
Yeah im pretty grumpy about all these workout related pains, especially these large painful ingrown YOGIOFFMAT 12 YOGIOFFMAT
4/22/18 3:55 A
REALLY irritated with the team points (continuing issue) - if I didn't get 25 points for 30 continuo RASPBERRY56 5 REEDSKI
4/21/18 7:15 A
Feels sort of weird but looking forward to it soo much RAWN13 13 HMBROWN1
4/21/18 7:45 A
Finally got to physio for knee the other day, I felt it lock on outer of left knee but when she was RAWN13 4 KAREN_EDMONDS
4/12/18 7:46 A
72 degrees and sunny 😎🌞. Feels like a German summer and it made me want childhood food after my sw DIALYSISCHIC1 15 DIALYSISCHIC1
4/12/18 3:52 P
4/8/18 7:17 A
Yay clocks going back one hr in New Zealand, great timing for knee n Easter! RAWN13 5 YMWONG22
3/31/18 7:27 A
Question? Does anyone think it's silly for me to w ST3PH 307 TESSWILDFLOWER
3/30/18 6:21 A
Ended up in emergency after knee locked when I tried to sleep n been told it's a meniscus injury. S RAWN13 9 RAWN13
3/29/18 5:42 P
Looks like this will be the year of injuries being a pain in the proverbial. Now my knee locks but RAWN13 4 CIERAPOET
3/29/18 5:59 A
Have a great day Sparkers CAJUNBUCKEYE59 14 JUDY1676
3/26/18 10:52 P
I have a cat on me and I can't get up. LOL 😅 My daughters cat never has much to do with me. Why now DIALYSISCHIC1 25 RAWN13
3/25/18 5:35 A
Made it to my goal weight. :) MOONSHADOWE 24 KATBRUNNER
3/25/18 1:00 P
Posted a goal ST3PH 5 RYCGIRL
3/25/18 8:34 A
Omg at long last my numbers on scale are nudging down. Bout time! Also hoping I lost xtra from all t RAWN13 3 MAREE1953
3/25/18 6:31 A
3/24/18 7:05 A
Posted a photo STAN_CALIFORNIA 6 RAWN13
3/20/18 6:57 A
11 weeks post foot surgery and I'm discouraged. I still can't walk much or do much exercise due to MARIAN326 19 DEVORA54
3/21/18 12:39 P
See what happens when I bake my own bread and rolls VS store bought? In January I didn't bake at al DIALYSISCHIC1 17 CHERRYKOOLAID
3/20/18 7:51 P
Thankfully sore back is only a sacroiliac ligament sprain n will heal RAWN13 8 RAWN13
3/15/18 6:55 A
My massive 🙄 step day. Sore back is going to dr tomorrow n they better fix it RAWN13 7 RAWN13
3/14/18 5:19 A
75 week 'no sick day' record broken thanks to a killer sore back. Not at all happy stupid back RAWN13 9 RAWN13
3/14/18 5:17 A
3/14/18 1:04 A
Do you have a favorite? Do you make it to pass traditions on? Changed it to make healthier or left LITTLEREDHEN8 34 SYLBA61
3/13/18 9:56 A
I am 1 kg from goal weight. My skinny jeans are baggy. So much relationship stress the last months a MOONSHADOWE 8 CONNIET88
3/13/18 8:11 A
Extra steps & exercise today. A pre emptive strike because it's a family gathering tonight with an i SANDYBFROMNZ 8 MLR_00
3/10/18 7:44 A
Down 13 pounds! JMLISZK4 8 ROBINVOTAW
3/10/18 8:21 A
My best day of walking EVER!!!! Friday march 9th. SKALSCHEU 9 MLR_00
3/10/18 7:43 A
3/8/2018 I could have easily skipped the gym today. When I got there, I realized that I had forgott STINAPAG 20 SANDYBFROMNZ
3/9/18 2:54 A
Finally got a pic done, bit hard when fibromyalgia makes hands hurt tho RAWN13 11 BONNIE1552
3/6/18 6:35 P
#MadeTimeForMe The complete picture ST3PH 8 TCANNO
3/6/18 3:59 A
3/5/18 4:52 A
#MadeTimeForMe ST3PH 18 ST3PH
3/5/18 6:42 P
Oct 14th 2016 my 5th birthday, 20 oz Prime Rib...I wanna make it to at least my 7th JRJAC1960 19 MOGLO61
3/4/18 9:57 P
Yesterday I had a woman come into the gym that is LYONSFARM 20 RAWN13
3/3/18 8:20 P
Schnitzel, asparagus salad and a little broccoli rice for me. German green beans with a sage butter DIALYSISCHIC1 19 MAIZIEPAIGE
3/3/18 3:51 P
3/3/18 9:37 A
I was awakened from a deep sleep at 2:35 p.m. yesterday to smoke detectors sounding off, because of FITWITHIN 10 BONNIEMARGAY
3/3/18 4:40 P
Have some kind of fever chills thing this week which has thwarted my gym efforts. On the upside my s MOONSHADOWE 10 RAWN13
3/3/18 1:11 A
Made it to the gym! IAN2409 14 -POOKIE-
3/3/18 2:46 A
Took me 2 days #MadeTimeForMe🙂 ST3PH 9 RAWN13
3/3/18 1:07 A
Creamy chicken & spinach soup with some quicky, microwaved cheddar/jalapeño crisps. It's what's for LRJUSTUS1 23 PIPPAMOUSE
3/3/18 1:56 P
It's time for my monthly before and after picture. Still making progress stay strong eat healthy and PINNIXTSP 20 CHERRYZMB60
3/3/18 1:50 A
Yay won the week all up. RAWN13 7 DIALYSISCHIC1
3/3/18 3:24 A
Trying to win my week n then I can sleep on Sunday, yep all day Sunday lol RAWN13 7 MLR_00
3/2/18 6:42 A
Trying amino acid, feel more awake than I have in last couple of years. Might try half serve tomorro RAWN13 3 DIALYSISCHIC1
3/3/18 3:23 A
Amino acid supplements - what are they exactly? Apparently if u have fibromyalgia u are low in these RAWN13 4 RAWN13
3/1/18 4:21 A
Sore day today. Wondering how much turmeric is too much lol? Not going to take NSAIDs cause my knee RAWN13 10 RAWN13
2/28/18 5:27 P
I'm coming back to Spark on Saturday, March 3rd! I'm hoping this time will be the charm... DREDZONE71 10 CONNIET88
2/28/18 7:00 A
Well, down 4 lbs this week. Not a lot, but its a good start in the right direction. I need to figure PEAPIE4LFE36 21 PEAPIE4LFE36
2/28/18 3:46 P
Fitbit day#3: WINGSDREAMS 10 JAMER123
2/27/18 9:56 P
Worked on my day off yesterday and feel flat so need the coffee. It says 21.8g sugar but 15.3 is lac RAWN13 10 SUESALLA1
2/27/18 2:47 A
Got the steps in, now to plan my meals and exercise for the rest of the week. We got this💪 JUSTSTICKWITHIT 24 COMEBACKKID12
2/27/18 9:42 A
So just to update those who have followed my story so far. My husband and I are taking some time apa REDTEDDY 19 REDTEDDY
2/25/18 8:42 A
Yay leaves done. Flowers to go 😊 RAWN13 26 FRISKYCRITTER
2/25/18 6:57 A
2/25/18 3:35 A
Fitness tracker needs to be charged but I did 45 min walking and 15 min elliptical while listening t JUSTSTICKWITHIT 18 VIRGINIAGIRL
2/26/18 9:37 A
Fitbit rocks! MFREELAND13 11 MJ7DM33
2/24/18 11:45 P
Won a free lunch, pan fried fish with sautéed potatoes n salad n tried kombucha for first time RAWN13 10 DIALYSISCHIC1
3/3/18 3:22 A
Hello, my name is "St3ph" and I'm a "COLORHOLIC"🙂 ST3PH 11 PIPPAMOUSE
2/28/18 8:57 P
5 hour ride from Charleston to Atlanta doesn't give one a whole lot of opportunity for activity! LYONSFARM 8 MWARNER211
2/24/18 7:04 P
Today is my 3rd day.Fell off track yesterday. MIDVADE 13 KAYBRITMOODY
2/24/18 11:13 A
Hot bath with Epsom salt and a few more chapters of Dark Tower. (I buy about 24 pounds of salt at a BONNIEMARGAY 14 BONNIEMARGAY
2/24/18 9:22 P
Meet my new friend. . . RAWN13 6 SHELLLEY2
2/23/18 6:16 A
My new ouchy from trying and failing on a bike. Fell to the left (sore knee) side and got stuck in a RAWN13 15 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
2/23/18 8:08 A
Whoo hoo limped my way to glory today RAWN13 21 LTRINH9
2/23/18 8:22 A