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What Have You Learned This Week? SYEAGER1973 24 PROVERBS31JULIA
5/25/18 11:41 P
Feeling emotionally down for absolutely no reason MUSICLADY923 113 SMALLERMELORIE
5/26/18 6:37 A
With my #VirtaHealth protocol and the heat that we are beginning to see this late in Spring, I am ea PROVERBS31JULIA 1 PROVERBS31JULIA
5/23/18 7:00 P
Cukes&onions, salad, celery sticks, rhubarb- wow was it tart!, strawberries, asparagus IMLOCOLINDA 3 IMLOCOLINDA
5/24/18 1:15 A
Let's keep pushing, little by little I'm starting LUIS 124 LUIS
5/23/18 9:40 P
Holy butt 😂 not where I wanna be but what a difference 😊 I'm so proud of me and thankful for all o TMP0418 179 SADIEMYERS
5/20/18 8:55 A
Posted a goal NERDYMAMA2 17 TCANNO
5/19/18 3:55 A
5/18/18 6:18 P
Does this look ok? I'm know...that three letter word. Sorry, I don't have a full leng MARIAN326 30 GRAVITYFIGHTING
5/17/18 7:18 P
5/18/18 3:18 P
Posted a photo KHANSON10 25 JTHEALTHY1
5/16/18 10:37 A
I'm almost in tears! I have never been able to lose weight by counting calories and exercising more. DMSPEER93 158 JAMER123
5/16/18 10:58 P
Basically just had the one large meal at Mother’s Day buffet, keto/low carb as well as I could. Gobs PROVERBS31JULIA 2 EO4WELLNESS
5/14/18 11:28 A
Basically just had the one large meal at Mother’s Day buffet, keto/low carb as well as I could. Gobs PROVERBS31JULIA 1 PROVERBS31JULIA
5/13/18 8:39 P
Drinking some water with sodium (not table salt/sodium chloride) really does seem to rehydrate me be PROVERBS31JULIA 1 PROVERBS31JULIA
5/13/18 8:32 P
Still have a long way to go...but slowly i'm getting there AUDREYINCA 158 _RAMONA
5/12/18 2:18 A
5/12/18 9:28 A
Driving into the big city is 10-20 minutes to my first stop, and it gets hot. I invested in a gallon PROVERBS31JULIA 1 PROVERBS31JULIA
5/11/18 12:00 A
The spirit of Rube Goldberg is forever SYLPHINPROGRESS 6 PROVERBS31JULIA
5/10/18 11:37 P
Chia seeds... almonds...coconut flakes big fat chunks of steamed cauliflower smothered in ground tu PROVERBS31JULIA 1 PROVERBS31JULIA
5/9/18 11:42 P
Chia seeds... almonds...coconut flakes big fat chunks of steamed cauliflower smothered in ground tu PROVERBS31JULIA 2 EO4WELLNESS
5/10/18 3:00 P
Kansas State Chat room GRALLEN 3048 NASCAR_CHICK
5/16/18 3:57 A
Daily Chat/WaterCool er/Kaffeeklach - What's Up? PROVERBS31JULIA 4 PROVERBS31JULIA
5/7/18 5:04 P
Constipation SUNNY112358 5 MISSSVJS
5/7/18 9:59 A
April Open Studio - Come Post and Browse! FURRY_POLKADOTS 39 BECCABOO127
5/10/18 6:31 P
Hilly walk with the wife and the Labracadabrador. (Here is a little yellow echeveria succulent I fou BONNIEMARGAY 21 CKOUDSI617
5/11/18 4:30 P
Pear. Ronzoni SuperGreens Pasta (3 serv of veggies in every 100g portion - has broccolli, spinach, c PROVERBS31JULIA 1 PROVERBS31JULIA
5/3/18 7:54 P
Pear. Ronzoni SuperGreens Pasta (3 serv of veggies in every 100g portion - has broccolli, spinach, c PROVERBS31JULIA 3 CAROLYNINJOY1
5/4/18 11:07 P
Kaffeeklatsch, Chit-Chat and Water Cooler Snippets PROVERBS31JULIA 109 PROVERBS31JULIA
5/3/18 11:48 A
The view from our cottage over the weekend, a slice of heaven. NATASHA_D1 173 JAMER123
5/4/18 12:34 A
5/3/18 1:27 A
Finally going to the doc for a referral letter to do surgery for cervical erosion as the pain didn’ FITAFSAH 19 FITAFSAH
5/4/18 12:36 P
My dogs 'alert' me when someone is at the door or even around the house. Tonight around 8 PM, they c I-AM-TITANIUM 17 CATHYSFITLIFE
5/3/18 1:46 P
5/3/18 12:21 A
I'm also on the same 31 day Daily Fruit and veggies with another friend. I suppose the same 5 freggi PROVERBS31JULIA 2 EO4WELLNESS
5/3/18 4:14 P
Shiva Etiquette Question BOSS61 82 PHEBESS
5/11/18 12:40 P
Want To Play Tag? MRB2563 7 EO4WELLNESS
5/3/18 5:17 P
May Challenge: This or That? WOUBBIE 151 AMARANTH13
5/25/18 11:51 P
Got a new fitbit.. now to get back on track!! RGREWE73 17 RSTEINER1313
5/1/18 12:16 P
I was a little bummed that I lost 10 lbs in 10 weeks, so I printed out 10 of these and now I am EXCI BARB3284 19 TM403J
4/28/18 11:37 A
I have a new motivational tool. I built a wall/barrier/room without an exit from Legos. This is wh PGHMIMI1 42 PGHMIMI1
4/28/18 11:54 P
For all of our SparkPeople Mamas and Grandmas - You Are Perfect! PROVERBS31JULIA 12 ISNESS
4/29/18 12:24 A
Today I went under my goal weight of 148. I weighed 147.8. That means my BMI is in the normal range COLOGRAMMY 307 LIZZIE138
4/27/18 4:39 P
5/11/18 2:31 P
5/17/18 2:53 P
Daily Hello, Check-in &/or Kaffeeklatsch! PROVERBS31JULIA 558 PROVERBS31JULIA
4/25/18 1:21 A
Daily Hello, Check-in &/or Kaffeeklatch PROVERBS31JULIA 117 PROVERBS31JULIA
4/25/18 1:15 A
Today - apple, orange, and at Doc Greens, I had their Dr. Grilled Veggies - huge salad, grilled zucc PROVERBS31JULIA 1 PROVERBS31JULIA
4/24/18 11:31 P
Monday - HuHot for dinner, had a big bowl of chicken, with cilantro, green & red bell peppers, celer PROVERBS31JULIA 1 PROVERBS31JULIA
4/24/18 11:28 P
Saturday... oranges, garlic coleslaw, olives, coconut flakes, celery PROVERBS31JULIA 1 PROVERBS31JULIA
4/24/18 11:27 P
Just say hi.. Emoticon J_HENNINGTON 3 J_HENNINGTON
4/25/18 9:42 A
Edema or Ascites anyone? TERRIFICTONYA 4 PROVERBS31JULIA
4/24/18 8:05 A
Posted a photo SHINEFROMWITHIN 123 GEORGE815
4/24/18 4:55 P
Knights in White Satin? BOSS61 35 SUNNYCALIGIRL
5/7/18 3:47 P
My son is so proud of himself for cutting up a bell pepper and creating a beautiful dish of veggies! GRATTECIELLA 21 1CRAZYDOG
4/23/18 4:31 P
So this happened tonight ... how many calories burned watching a cow give birth? I was sweating !!! SHANDRA49 72 SHENTE
4/20/18 6:04 A
I am on total veggie burnout! ELIZABETHLAKE63 35 LISAG66
5/19/18 2:16 P
#keto day 109... had to fly for work. Room between MANNYDELACRUZ 23 BCARTER73
4/23/18 2:26 P
Excited to find the frozen "rice" cauliflower on sale at Wally World. It's not hard to make but just IMLOCOLINDA 2 PROVERBS31JULIA
4/19/18 10:58 P
Fajita for lunch with peppers onions and salsa and guacamole with the black beans. Then I had blackb PROVERBS31JULIA 1 PROVERBS31JULIA
4/19/18 10:56 P
I thought I was seeing things, but alas, it really was a tractor pulling a boat in the snow. We Wisc KATBRUNNER 140 PROVERBS31JULIA
4/19/18 10:50 P
Cauliflower soup night before was so good, my husband and I were splitting it for breakfast. So toni PROVERBS31JULIA 1 PROVERBS31JULIA
4/18/18 1:08 A
Found an awesome breakfast called "Just Crack an Egg Denver Omelette" from Ore-Ida. Quick, easy, tas JAY61 27 PROVERBS31JULIA
4/18/18 12:40 A
Two more runs and those Brooks will be mine, oh yes, they will be mine. SKRIBBLEZ 9 TSHAWGER
4/17/18 9:26 A
Chocolate Coconut Treats (1 g NetCarb) JUSTFURKIDS 6 MORTICIAADDAMS
4/19/18 8:06 P
Pear for snack about 1 am, apple and nuts for breakfast, big huge salad for lunch - red/orange bell PROVERBS31JULIA 1 PROVERBS31JULIA
4/16/18 4:22 P
Microplane Vs. Zester NUMD97 100 ECOAGE
5/26/18 1:37 A
Daily protein needs -JAMES- 10 NIGHTSKYSTAR
4/20/18 9:51 A
The Shoah Commemorated By Astronaut Drew Feustel NUMD97 29 PHEBESS
4/23/18 9:53 A
Some guacamole for breakfast. A pear for snack. Dinner was a big bowl of chicken veggie tortilla sou PROVERBS31JULIA 1 PROVERBS31JULIA
4/15/18 10:51 P
whew, just barely made it. Had some fruit salad at lunch/snack. Had potatoes, brocallini (sp? like l PROVERBS31JULIA 1 PROVERBS31JULIA
4/15/18 10:50 P
Jesus is a Jew GWYNLEE2 22 GWYNLEE2
4/16/18 1:56 P
Does peanut butter count as a "vegetable" (or "fruit")?? PROVERBS31JULIA 1 PROVERBS31JULIA
4/14/18 12:35 P
Ah! Yesterday's score was kinda low and then later in the day, we decided to meet my mom at Zoe's Ki PROVERBS31JULIA 2 BECCABOO127
4/15/18 4:29 P
5 years ago today I found my sweet little Omar on my morning walk. Best.find.ever! OBIESMOM2 23 REGILIEH
4/13/18 3:20 P